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They do just that and wait for his signal. They hear the guards talking about where they kept the prisoners at.
  Maximum Ride / Belmont / 4y 300d 3h 51m 34s
well we got to find out who's responsible first..."Evans says as he walks down some corridors and cuts open a hidden door in the wall and heading in. They go down a hall way and open a door into a large room with three guards right below a upper platform that the team is on."okay you guys fly above and when i do the signal we pounce down on them like kitty cats."he says his plan to max and fang.
  nazo / 4y 300d 3h 53m 3s
Max was enraged by the thought, and she tore a gun off of a wrecked robot and loaded it. "I'm going to blow their brains all over the place..." she said grimly.
  Maximum Ride / Belmont / 4y 300d 3h 57m 40s
"Evan rips out the power core of one of the bots as his sword chops the other in half as max bashes the mutts head out and a small ball of a robot with three arms dashes away from them...evan crushed the power core and blue electricity corded through his body and he walks towards where fang went with the boy. At first the boy calls Evan and max a hero but Evan ask how he got here. The boy explains how he was tricked thinking he would get a job from some shady guys. But he says that instead they took him and the other children to harvest there organs and sell them off to a black market. After that info heard bye the group and the RV through Evans ears they tell the kid to hide as nudge is going down to retrieve Evan walks away from the boy max thinks of what the kid said and pictures these monsters ripping out angles organs...
  nazo / 4y 300d 4h 52s
Max smashes one's head with the thick pipe, while Fang gets the kid out of there.
  Maximum Ride / Belmont / 4y 300d 4h 10m 13s
"Evan runs ahead of the team and looks down the hole to see a young boy around 8 down there and Evan runs down the hole and destroys a robot trying to grab him and he is facing off with three mechanical dogs." Go Ninja go ninja go!"says the heaps of boy behind them." Getting. Him out of here fang max"he shouts and goes into battle with the machines.
  nazo / 4y 300d 4h 11m 58s
"What?" Max asked quietly, and she started to feel the presence of something. "There is either someone or something down here with us..." She said.
  Maximum Ride / Belmont / 4y 300d 4h 16m 47s
So that's what those Mexicans call the black crocodile...okay now we got to be stealthily about this now...stay behind me..."and with that he sneaks around and kills more of those gorillas and eventually gets to a gate like area where Evan cuts it down when Kyle calls" guys there's a boy in the sewers...
  nazo / 4y 300d 4h 18m 20s
Max and Fang quickly help him up. "I have no idea what the hell that was..." said Fang.
  Maximum Ride / Belmont / 4y 300d 4h 23m 7s
Apparently like a pipe from max is doing...hey Kyle what's it like smoking pot?"he ask Kyle"how should I know I don't do drugs..."he answers and as Evan is walking across frontal he sees some rocks fall down into the water above him and when every one looks up they some sort of black mechanical gorilla" son of a-" and with that the giant monkey tackles Evan and grabs him by the neck and starts squeezing but Evan flips it over and stabs in in the head before cutting into pieces" what the hell was that?!
  nazo / 4y 300d 4h 24m 44s
Max grabbed a pipe that she found laying on the floor and decided to use it just in case.
  Maximum Ride / Belmont / 4y 300d 4h 28m 53s
Evan is the first to land in the swears and you can see a giant steam of dirty water on the floor that Evan lands on"damn and I just got this suit..."he says watching the other two flying above the water and Evan starts running down the swears."so hows the smell?"Kyle ask over the radio"I don't know I turned off my nose before we went down here"Evan says.
  nazo / 4y 300d 4h 32m 38s
"Loud and clear base...we're going in..." She said, and with that, the three descend into the sewers of Mexico.
  Maximum Ride / Belmont / 4y 300d 4h 36m 53s
Marcoff like I said. Or the winds of destruction... Its a mercenary group that dose whatever some one pays them to do...the only thing I have to question is why they would abduct children...not only angle but several others...any ways we are almost there and Evan needs a disguise...

"when the RV stops at the entrance to the sewers in Mexico Evan walks out with his new robotic suit and a sumbraro. He is also accompanied by fang and max while Kyle stays in the RV with the rest." In here we will be able to communicate and give updates to the ground team from here...hows the head set falcon one?"Kyle speaks in the head set to max as Evan goes down the drain pipe.
  nazo / 4y 300d 4h 38m 48s
Max nodded. "Who took her?" She asked, very concerned about her adopted little sister.
  Maximum Ride / Belmont / 4y 300d 4h 42m 35s

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