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  Kohana / Belmont / 4y 299d 3h 38m 36s
Really? You do know I am killing her for good reasons...
  nazo / 4y 299d 3h 51m 6s

  Kohana / Belmont / 4y 299d 3h 59m 31s

  nazo / 4y 299d 21h 38m 43s

  Kohana / Belmont / 4y 299d 21h 44m 39s
And with that his sword stabs into her chest piercing her heart"in the next life mercy to an enemy...
  nazo / 4y 299d 21h 46m 44s
"I swear I won't! I will take a blood oath!" She said quickly, hoping to change his mind.
  Kohana / Belmont / 4y 299d 21h 50m 9s
Sorry kid there are two things why I do this. One is because if I let you live you will tell merchoff that we are coming...and two."he grabs her collar and brings her close"I really hate Sam!"he says going in for the stab
  nazo / 4y 299d 21h 51m 33s
"WHAT?!?" She shouted, obviously terrified of his decision. "Don't do it!!! I worked for him because he saved my life!"
  Kohana / Belmont / 4y 299d 21h 55m 27s
Florida...had to be Florida"Kyle says shaking his head"that's a problem...we can't fly over and we cant use the that means Evan will not only have to go in solo but become a criminal...oh I guess I have to let you guys off and kill the bat girl"Kyle says and even gets ready to thrust his sword.
  nazo / 4y 299d 21h 56m 56s
"Last I heard he was heading to Florida!" She shrieked, making his ears hurt.
  Kohana / Belmont / 4y 299d 22h 25s
Bull shit! Now you will tell me where the hell he is or I will rip off your wings with my bare hands!"he threatens...angel looks into Evans mind and sees it is very unstable right now...
  nazo / 4y 299d 22h 4m 22s
She looked terrified and she tried to back up from the blade. "I don't know...he just left without saying anything..." She said.
  Kohana / Belmont / 4y 299d 22h 8m 54s
I did a quick decision...the guy had a gun at his head...the boy gave me the okay to make sure that I saved all those kids and the brains. He knew what I did was for the greater good. What else would you have done? Just wait and let all the kids die?! Some times life is not full of easy"he takes his sword and points it at the bat girl"where is Sam...
  nazo / 4y 299d 22h 10m 15s
Max and Fang were glaring at Evan, they would never forgive him for killing the boy. "What were you thinking Evan?!?" Shouted Max and Fang.
  Maximum Ride / Belmont / 4y 299d 22h 18m 54s

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