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Well then from now on feel all the pain you will so have and use it to become a man beyond what you are. Then nothing will stop you..."he says stopping a car and knocking the person out and putting him on the side if the road leaving a 20 in his pocket" now lets role"he says getting in the car.
  nazo / 4y 297d 21h 24m 10s
"I've had felt awful..." he said sorrowfully, folding his wings slightly.
  Maximum Ride / Belmont / 4y 297d 21h 31m 11s
Why is it to obvious! I hate one thing about all things that live in this world can not under stand the word pain. Even when they see in front of there eyes they try to ignore it over and over like it is a dream. Your leader max she is one of them. She says she has been through pain but you don't to get to feel the real pain...not untill you kill a person. I know it is harsh but in this world everything will eventually die. No matter if I do it or nature dose. They say killing a baby is a bad thing but what if was going to be raised into some one like Hitler then what would you do? And the worst part is I am forced to do this...protect all those weak creature's with a sword of justice or I will be hinted down like an animal and killed...its either be weak and live or be strong and die!"he says his speech with all of his anger inside of him before calling down" those kids are not old enough to under stand all of this...yet they are being forced in mechanical suits to fight weak men wars...i want to save them from that fate...and I cant die lets go get a car..."he says walking off to the high way"
  nazo / 4y 297d 21h 33m 10s
Fang followed him and placed a hand on Evan's shoulder. "You seem to be very upset..."
  Maximum Ride / Belmont / 4y 297d 21h 45m 5s
Okay then fine...lets go fang."he says as the RV is landing. Evan begins to walk out of the RV...
  nazo / 4y 297d 21h 46m 43s
"No you won't..." Fang said. He stood up and cracked his neck. "You won't do this alone..." he told him.
  Maximum Ride / Belmont / 4y 297d 22h 15m 16s
You have to get use to this line of work. You are being chased by things who want to poke you with needles and mess with your organs just like those kids that we saved. One slip up and your dead! And I can't die yet untill I find out who is doing all of this and gut him like the damn monster he is...besides you don't have to stick around. I can handle the rest of this all by my self.
  nazo / 4y 297d 22h 21m 36s
Max still was horrified by his actions and turned away from him.
  Maximum Ride / Belmont / 4y 299d 38m 42s
Why any of you want some one to mistake from us and she can jump out and fly to Sam and tell them we are coming and just kill us all in the air...besides she has been working with merchoff so no mercy"he says opening the door and throwing the body out into the sky and closing the door.
  nazo / 4y 299d 1h 5m 51s
They don't believe that he killed her. "Why did you kill her?" Max said aloud.
  Maximum Ride / Belmont / 4y 299d 1h 15m 55s

  nazo / 4y 299d 1h 18m 28s
She screeched in pain as she died a slow painful death.
  Kohana / Belmont / 4y 299d 1h 29m 32s
Sam is going to die soon as well...and besides I am only doing this because I know no matter what I do now. My guys are garneted to die by the end of the world.
  nazo / 4y 299d 1h 31m 1s

  Kohana / Belmont / 4y 299d 1h 32m 54s
She just said all she knew was where Sam was at...she seems useless to me...besides what's your fascination about this bat girl? Why dose it matter if she dies now or later?
  nazo / 4y 299d 1h 34m 19s

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