Beauty is only Skin Deep

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Slight AU "What would happen if ____" Rumbelle plot.

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The young brunette listened to Rumple as he listed off all of the things that he would like for her to do, and she nodded to show that she understood, her hands reaching out to pick up the pot of tea that she had made previously. From the list that Rumple was giving her she had decided that this was at least bearable. She could do all of those things.

She had begun to pour the dark brown liquid into the cup as he mentioned that she would have to skin the children that he hunted, as she put the teapot down she knocked one of the many cups onto the floor and she cringed as she quickly scooped down to pick it up.

The edge of the cup had become chipped and she bit on her lip as she stood up, an apologetic look etched onto her face as she looked to Rumple, hesitating a moment before she spoke.

"I....I'm sorry it's chipped.." she mumbles as she held it out to him tentatively, almost as if she was dreading the consequences.
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By the time Belle returned, Rumpelstilstin had situated himself so his feet were up on the table and he was leaned very far back into the chair.

He looked over his feet at her while she poured the tea, wondering if she would remember his instructions.

He felt now would be a good time to distract her from her duties and tell her her other duties, so he listed off each duty one by one.

"You will serve me my meals, and you will clean the castle." He pointed out first, feeling those were the most important.

"You will dust my collection, and launder my clothing" Also fairly important.
"You will fetch me fresh straw when I am spinning at the wheel."

To him that was important. But that really seemed like all he could come up with for her. Nothing else needed to be done. He dared not send her out on errands, for he knew she would definitely run, and aside from those things, there wasn't really anything she needed to do...

But hey, why not have a little fun?

"Oh!" He said, faking a sudden inspiration. He put on a completely serious face as he continued "And you shall skin the children I hunt for their pelts!"

It was something he had come up with on the spot, drawing from one of the many rumors that had circulated about him over the years.
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Belle only hesitated slightly as she felt the beasts hand on the small of her back, she didnt know what to make of it, but it seemed slightly odd for a man of Rumplestiltskin's reputation. She bit on her lower lip, allowing him to lead her out, refusing to look back behind her knowing that if she did she may just actually change her mind.

Once the two of them were outside of the castle, she took a deep breath of the fresh air and she turned to ask Rumple a question, but as she opened her mouth she was overwhelmed by the smoke, and when it had cleared, they were in the Dark Castle. She blinked, watching as Rumplestiltskin took his place at the head of the table, and she listened to his words.

Tea? She was not sure why that demand took her off guard so much, after all, it was just tea, maybe it was because it seemed so unlike someone like him to drink something as plain as Tea. She opened her mouth about to explain she had no clue where she had to go to find the kitchen, when he made a small noise causing her to jump slightly, and nod as he told her where to find the kitchen, and she hurried out of the room following the way he had told her.

The kitchen despite being told where it was was a lot harder for her to find, but she had finally found it, and managed to rummage together all of the things that she would need to make him a fine cup of tea. Four sugars and no Cream? She could do that perfectly fine.

Once the tea was in the teapot, she set it on the tray along with some fine china cups and carried them out to him and set it down on the table, and begun to pour him a cup oof tea, not once looking at him.
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Rumpelstiltskin couldn't help but grin at the turn of events.
"You know, she's right. A deal...Has been struck!" He pointed out, accentuating his words with another flourish of his hand.

He strode over to Belle and placed a hand almost gently on her back, like a true gentleman would.

"Come now dearie. It's time we took our leave" He said, before pressing strongly on her back to force her to start moving. The gesture in itself was hardly gentlemanly at all, and greatly contrasted to the gentlemanly placement.

Once bell was out the door, though, he quickly removed his hand, scowling at it for a brief second before snapping his fingers, creating a reddish cloud around them so as to teleport them to the dark castle.

"Now then. Fetch me some tea and then I shall tell you of your duties!" He exclaimed as they appeared in the dining room. He took a seat at the head of the table and waited for a few seconds, before feigning realization.

"Oh. Yes, almost forgot" He said, lifting a finger to point at the door at the furthest end of the room. "Through that door, down the corridor, third right. It's up to you to find the necessary ingredients, though. I take my tea with four sugars and no cream"

He made a face at the thought of cream in his tea, and then leaned back, obviously waiting for Belle to get said tea.
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The younger girls eyes flitted to meet with Rumplestiltskins, waiting for his response, as he said the words, she nodded slightly. "Then you have mine. I will go with you forever." she says clearly, she was not backing down from this at all, if it was what was needed for her people and her friends and family to live, then it was what she would do.

She closed her eyes as she heard her father.

"Belle, Belle, You cannot do this. Please, Belle. You cannot go with this .beast."

"Father. Gaston, It's been decided." Belle responds as she walked over to her father, and placed a soft kiss against his cheek.

Despite the fact that she had no idea what Rumplestiltskin actually wanted with her, it was too late to go back on her word, but on top of all that, Belle had always wanted to do something brave, to take an adventure, to be remembered for more than a princess, this was it. This was her chance to be brave and save her people.

To her, it was worth it.
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When the knight stood protectively in front of the princess and proclaimed his engagement to her, Rumpelstiltskin couldn't help but laugh.

"I didn't asked if she was [i engaged ]! I'm not looking for [i love]! I am simply looking for a caretaker for my rather large estate." He flourished, letting out another of his trademark impish giggles.

He couldn't help but lift a brow, though, when the princess, Belle, it seemed her name was, spoke up and stepped forward.
He had to admit, this woman had guts....

"Yes, yes. They will all be safe. But just remember, Dearie, [i it's forever]!" He said, offering another impish grin. "Now.... Do we have a deal?"

He wasn't entirely sure why he had even wanted her anyways. He could always claim that it was because that was what seemed to be most precious to Maurice, but there was just something pulling him towards this deal.

It wasn't like he really cared about The Dark Castle.... It was currently dusty and in disrepair. He didn't care, and he rarely was in the castle except to spin or work on potions. Otherwise it was used for those rare times he slept, or empty, what with all the deals he made.

After all, even if she did look like she had some guts, she was probably just another spoilt princess with a pretty face, nothing new.

Even if she did pique his curiosity...
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"He could be on his way now, Papa" The females voice rang out, she was trying to hold onto hope, that her father, and Gaston clearly was not. She felt her heart sink slightly at her fathers response to her when all of a sudden a loud pounding on the door filled the room and she looked up, her brunette curls framing her pretty face.

"It's him, It could be him!" she exclaimed as she watched the guards move to open the door, only for no body to be there, she blinked, slightly confused before she heard a voice behind them all.

What she saw sat in her father's throne was not at all what she had expected. Immediately, she felt Gaston step in front of her protectively, his sword raised at the beast.

The girl listened to the conversation going back and forth, her hope slowly dwindling for her people and her kingdom, it really just seemed as though Rumplestiltskin was just tormenting them, teasing them with the possibility of help, dangling victory right in front of them and then pulling it out.

She looked up though when she heard his request, and instantly felt Gaston stiffen slightly, he wanted her? She bit on her lower lip looking from her father to Gaston. She knew full well that they wouldn't let her go, but she decided that they didn't get to speak on behalf of her, she doubted that Rumplestiltskin would give a care in the world what they said.

"No, Wait." Belle spoke up, and turned to look at her father, her eyes meeting his. "Nobody decides my fate but me." she tells him, her gaze retreating back to Rumple, and she took a deep breath. "My friends, My family, they will all live?" she asks him tentatively.
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Oh dearie dear! Another wish, another summons! This time, Rumpelstiltskin was summoned by the King of Avelonea.

The king had sounded oh-so scared in his letter. "Help us! Please! We're being killed!" Or something to that effect.

It didn't matter to him what was happening to the land of Avelonea, but the prospect of a deal with royalty always caught his eye, and so he donned his best dragonskin suit and was promptly at the castle door, about to make a grand entrance.

Everything he did nowadays was grand and flourish-y and bold, for dramatic effect, and it had gotten to the point where he did not know why he did it, or who he had been like before the dark curse.

His heart had blackened and charred, and he thought himself completely dark, no care for the rest of the world, and he was.... almost happy, if one could call it that, alone in his own little world.

With a loud knock, he announced his presence, teleporting to the throne inside when the doors started opening.

Rumpelstiltskin stood up and approached the confused king and his knight. Their conversation quickly turned to urgency as King Maurice begged and pleaded for the safety of his kingdom.

"I'll give you anything you desire! Gold? Jewels?" Maurice asked desperately, only to receive a withering look from the Dark One.

"Uh.... I spin straw... into gold" Rumpelstiltskin pointed out, before letting out a high-pitched giggle.

"No, what I want is far more precious.... I want..." His eyes landed on the woman off to the side, wearing a dress, and despite his seemingly happy disposition at being alone, something in him made him want to ask for the princess as his price...

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