Maximum Ride: The Dead Forest

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She hears a snoring sound coming from the tent as Evan is going off the search for more strawberry's for Kyle.
  nazo / 4y 201d 22h 29m 28s
Ravage looked around for their camp, and changed into her wolf like form.
  Ravage / Belmont / 4y 201d 22h 34m 55s

  nazo / 4y 201d 22h 38m 27s
She heard them and panicked, spreading her wings and taking to the skies, and giving the two a glimpse of her.
  Kohana / Belmont / 4y 201d 22h 51m 24s
is that a giant bat? In day light? Weird....
  nazo / 4y 201d 22h 56m 47s
Kohana passed by them, but was seen, she folded her wings and stayed low. "Uh oh, I've been seen." She said.
  Kohana / Belmont / 4y 201d 23h 10m 29s
The next morning Evan got up earlier then Kyle did and desired to pick the strawberry's for there breakfast and picked several of them. And started eating them having one section for his boss when suddenly a shadow passes over him. And he looks up to see...
  nazo / 4y 201d 23h 52m 44s
The young Eraser looked around, and sniffed the air. "Humans..." she said softly, her eyes narrowing at the thought, and she dashed off.
  Ravage / Belmont / 4y 202d 8h 5m 26s
A rather pale skinned girl in tattered clothes heard the voice of an unfamiliar man, and went to go investigate the new people in Dead Forest.
  Kohana / Belmont / 4y 202d 8h 39m 6s
A hundred miles away a crappy rv is driving around the corner of the mountain road and up a slope towards a mountain area and it drives but stops quickly because there is one problem...the road is blocked" shit no no no! I ain't letting this get past me we are camping in the woods like you said" with the voice who said it burst out from the side door with a tent and a bag...this is Evan and he dose not want to mess up this trip. A few seconds later Kyle comes out with him with two sleeping bags and a back pack and he closes the door making sure it is locked" you know we don't have to come out here. We could have gone to Hawaii or something..." Kyle says to Evan a little disappointed with the lack of civilization out here...he only thing that looked like people lived here was a wooden cabin a few miles up the blocked road... But Evan wanted a free trip so they are camping. And with that Evan walks over the railing and slides down to the bottom of the small cliff into the grassy meadows"he there are a bunch if strawberry's down here! I know what's for breakfast!" Evan says as he slides down to and walks towards him and they set up there small camp quickly. A big tent with a wall separating them both with two sleeping bags some water and snacks in the bag and they both go to sleep after setting up ready for there vacation the next morning.
  nazo / 4y 202d 8h 41m 11s
A lone wolf girl looked at the sky, it was getting very dark, and she didn't like the dark, because that's when the hunters came out and started to hunt down the inhabitants of Dead Forest. "Oh no..." She said quietly.
  Ravage / Belmont / 4y 202d 14h 11m 36s

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