Maximum Ride: The Dead Forest

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Your making some big assumptions...i just met you. Just because I want to make your situation a better one doesn't mean I will start liking you. Because I hate Everyone equally untill proven to be liked by me. But I guess you can hang out with us for a while, but after two weeks we wont be here any more so...
  nazo / 4y 201d 21h 10m 56s
She looked upset, then her face lit up. "Could I go with you please?" She asked sweetly. "I never had anyone who liked me..."
  Kohana / Belmont / 4y 201d 21h 21m 4s
Yeah I drought a gas man will hunt you down...besides the only thing beyond woods is there is not much else you can do...
  nazo / 4y 201d 21h 25m 6s
"I'm not comfortable around lots of people...there are some...who hunt us..." she said nervously, as she had a good reason to be scared.
  Kohana / Belmont / 4y 201d 21h 33m 42s
Well there should be a rest stop about 26 miles back there." Evan points to where they came from around the mountain"
  nazo / 4y 201d 21h 36m 31s
Kohana looked at her, then she smiled. "I don't want to stay in the's scary around here..."
  Kohana / Belmont / 4y 201d 21h 40m 0s
Names that's what they must have meant by strange must have been dark when they where scared and they thought you where a bird...oh well now the I know the truth I can check off one thing in our vacation list!
  nazo / 4y 201d 21h 47m 13s
Kohana seemed to relax a bit, and she unfolded her wings, showing the leathery skin covering the wings. "I'm Kohana...who are you?" She said, tilting her head slightly.
  Kohana / Belmont / 4y 201d 21h 59m 47s
I dint say if you where human...but I guess you wouldn't be if you could fly"Evan says looking at her bat like features.
  nazo / 4y 201d 22h 1m 43s
The girl looked at her, and huddled against to herself, and waited for Evan to do something. "I'm...not human...anymore..." she looked at her, fear in her eyes, since she was very scared that she might get taken to some laboratory to be examined.
  Kohana / Belmont / 4y 201d 22h 2m 27s
Zz-Kyle snores in the tent not hearing anything at all because he is asleep and Evan catches up with the bat girl"is that a girl? Hey how did you fly?!
  nazo / 4y 201d 22h 14m 22s
Kohana looked around the clearing she landed in, she was scared since she usually stayed with her group.
  Kohana / Belmont / 4y 201d 22h 34m 28s
The wolf like woman growls and fully emerges from her cover. "You are not welcome here...I suggest you leave by nightfall..." she warned.
  Ravage / Belmont / 4y 201d 22h 42m 59s
Kyle dose emerge from his slumber inside the tent...seriously why are you even sneaking around with cover?
  nazo / 4y 201d 22h 44m 10s
The Eraser makes a rustling sound from her cover, and she partially emerged, showing only her upper half.
  Ravage / Belmont / 4y 201d 22h 49m 24s

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