Maximum Ride: The Dead Forest

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After the events caused by the Flock, ' The School' was destroyed, and it released all the rest subjects into the wilderness, but no one knows what these creatures are capable of...or if they are able to contain their own savage nature.

Erasers: Belmont (me)

Others: Belmont (me)

Scientists: nazo

Hunters :

Private message me with this skelly for your character, and anime pictures are preferred for this.

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The girl giggled when he poked her, she was very ticklish. "Hey, that tickles!" She said in an adorable voice.
  Kohana / Belmont / 4y 205d 23h 3m 32s
Sheila grabs her gun and finds a better vantage point to shoot from, and finds one in the ruins of the old facility that was called The School. "Here's a touching story...once upon a time, you got caught, and I lived happily ever after, the end..."
  Sheila / Belmont / 4y 205d 23h 4m 33s
Oh okay fine then we don't have to shake have wings? are part bat yet you can walk out into sunlight with zero repercussions. I wonder how that happens"Kyle says observing her from every angle even poking her a little from time to time.
  nazo / 4y 205d 23h 5m 34s
She hesitates to take his hand, but she does, waiting for something to happen to her. "I'm nervous..."
  Kohana / Belmont / 4y 205d 23h 11m 31s
Well I can ask him to take it he is not a doctor he is into machines. He usually wears it so his clothes don't get dirty but I think he kind of likes it now."at this point they reach him and Kyle holds out his hand towards the girl.
  nazo / 4y 205d 23h 12m 39s
"I don't like white coats..." she said in a scared tone, and she hid behind Evan, also smelling a chemical smell, which made her even more scared to talk to Kyle.
  Kohana / Belmont / 4y 205d 23h 17m 12s
Hey what are you shaking for? Its okay he ain't going to bite."Evan reassures. I am guessing the flock is just chilling at there home.
  nazo / 4y 205d 23h 19m 5s
Kohana looked scared of Kyle, since the white lab coat reminded her of The School, where men in lab coats tortured her by running tests on her.
  Kohana / Belmont / 4y 205d 23h 24m 19s
Evan leads her to camp where the bat girl sees Kyle...and his lab coat as well"that is my boss over there. He said we should get some fresh air away from the city and all the pollution and stuff. But I think he misses his stuff back at his place.
  nazo / 4y 205d 23h 26m 30s
Sheila fires her sniper rifle, and a tranq barely missed Kohana's head. "Bloody pikers! Stand still!" She said.
  Sheila / Belmont / 4y 205d 23h 31m 49s
Kyle gets up and walks out of his tent and sees Evan in the distance with some one"who is that?
  nazo / 4y 205d 23h 33m 18s
The woman got her sniper rifle out and loaded it with tranquilizer darts. "I see you...mongrel..." she said as she took aim at Kohana.
  Sheila / Belmont / 4y 205d 23h 36m 52s
I don't think hunters would shoot at a bunch of people...i mean wouldn't that make them had hunters?-Evan questions and with Kyle he finally wakes up-yawn...morning all ready?
  nazo / 4y 205d 23h 38m 15s
A camper van was moving quickly down the road, and stopped next to the other vehicle. "Bloody hell..." she said.
  Sheila / Belmont / 4y 205d 23h 40m 34s
She seemed fine with it, but she was very nervous that a hunter could be anywhere close by. "Be careful...hunters are usually out at this time..." she said.
  Kohana / Belmont / 4y 205d 23h 42m 37s

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