Rampage: No Mercy

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[B Still in construction phase, note this will be a brutal gorey and down right twisted so if you don't like then GTFO]
[Pic http://i.ytimg.com/vi/KXx_OAtpIjQ/maxresdefault.jpg]
After escaping the law in a brutal gunfight, an anti hero gets mot followers and views. Now he's getting copycat killers stalking him, law enforcement up his ass and more rich scum wanting him dead but he has an ace up his sleeve, go get all the followers together and start a new revolution, topple the government over eradicate all the rich and greedy give power back to the working class, but cannot do it just himself so you! Loyal followers we are going to take down the government! Fast cars, big houses, its just to boost ego! Why don't the pop stars and celebarties who use speed and ecstasy go to jail? Because they are above the law! So we need to take them down!
[I [B Rules] ]
1. Start a revolution, well be marching down the doors and giving the government what for
2. There will be death no if ands or buts
3. If you aren't dead you're shot
3. Bill is bill so he'll be making whitey remarks and messing with the hostages
4. We'll start when we have law enforcement officers and followers equal.
5.PM me for anything more

Law enforcement or follower?
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[Pic http://severedbloodlines.com/severed-cinema/images/news/rampage-3/rampage-3-no-mercy-01.jpg]
Name: Bill Williamson
Age: 27
Occupation: Mass gunman/anti hero
The guy that killed the law on Harrisville and the TV station
Weapons: M4A1, Glock 17 gen 4, ,military bayonet, pipe bombs/C4, homemade propane/napalm bomb

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