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Thank you, my mind sir..." She said with a polite tone.
  Shanoa / Belmont / 4y 199d 23h 1m 17s
"Yes, we shall." Dracula stands and rolls his shoulders. Looking to her, he makes his way toward his foyer, the main area where his stairs make their way toward the upstairs.

"Would you like a room for the night, we can leave in the morning."
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 199d 23h 3m 58s
We must stop Albus...he is planning on causing horrible deeds to arise." She said, her face turned to a stone cold expression.
  Shanoa / Belmont / 4y 200d 1h 45m 17s
Having the urge to know more he nods slowly and agrees.

"Yes I will join you. When would be going and where are we going?" He askas he sits straighter. Rolling his shoulders slightly. So many questions suddenly swirled in his head. Swallowing another mouthful of beautiful wine.

"What will I need?" Dracula looks to her and studies her.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 200d 19h 40m 15s
"I wish for you to accompany me on my journey..." she said to him, desperate for a companion.
  Shanoa / Belmont / 4y 200d 19h 50m 29s
Hearing that Dominus had had distoryed and the sancturary gives him a slight piece of joy as he relealizes this. Hiding that tmotion, he looks into his nearly empty wine glass. His plate is clean and his forks is laid neatly beside him. Waiting for a moment, he watches his wine stain the sides of the crystal. Taking a few wrist moments, he swirls the wine around in a circle.

"I am sorry to hear this. It is most, grievous." Dracula looks at her. Concern fills his dark eyes. Red twinges flit through his eyes.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 200d 19h 52m 35s
"In Ecclesia, it is almost normal...except for Albus...he took the three parts of Dominus and he destroyed the sanctuary..." She said.
  Shanoa / Belmont / 4y 201d 1h 3m 17s
Sending for a meal to be freshly made for her, he leads the way into the dinning hall. He pulls a chair out for her, the one to the left of his own. There he returns to his meal. He picks his fork up and chews slowly. The hall around them has become still. The staff now eating their dinners in the staff's hall. Which he later had turned into the torture chamber after his wife's death. Yet, with he restoration of the castle, the staff's hall is now back to it's former glory.

"Any preferences?" He asks his honored guest. "How are things at home?" He asks. This is another test for him. Testing how much she knows about him and how much he should know about her. Debating on weather to keep his transportation to the past a secret as well.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 201d 1h 8m 8s
"Thank you, and yes please, I am rather famished..." She said.
  Shanoa / Belmont / 4y 201d 1h 16m 43s
Nodding, Dracula makes his way back into the castle. He holds the door open for her. Satisfied with what he knows about his magic now. "Would you like to have something to eat?" he asks politely.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 201d 1h 17m 48s
She used a glyph spell similar, but it fires three fireballs at once. "Ignis!" She said, and the fireballs hit the wall, but left no damage and no marks.
  Shanoa / Belmont / 4y 201d 1h 27m 2s
Picking an empty area, Dracula holds his hand out. Muttering a spell, fire sparks from his palm. The flame is weak at first as he controls the magic flowing through his arm, slowly adding more magic and energy. The flame grows stronger. The flame grows brighter as he adds more. Finally stopping the flame, he lets it die and the embers fade on the cobblestone. He then repeats the spell a little louder for her and motions for her to try the spell herself. this is a relatively new spell. Well, one that he has brought to the past from the future.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 201d 1h 29m 44s
She hesitantly took his hand, and was led out of the castle and into the courtyard.
  Shanoa / Belmont / 4y 201d 2h 20m 18s
"Shall I show you a personal spell of mine?" He asks her standing straighter and making his way closer to her. Holding out his calm hand her, his skin reflects the candlelight, making his flawlessness striking.

"If I may teach you." this spell of his is white magic almost dark magic. A new way of thinking of spells. In this era, white and dark magic have not been defined yet. Waiting for her to take his hand, he plans on leading her outside of the castle. This will be another test to his power. If the fire is strong and hot, he will know. If not, he also will know.

"It's a new magic, or at least to me." Unsure of weather she is affected by the time traveling or not is another large question that sits in the centered.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 201d 2h 22m 9s
"I cannot take out my enemies if they are airborne..." She explained to him, then she read more of glyphs. "Ah, Falcis." A scythe suddenly appeared in her hand, then it disappeared.
  Shanoa / Belmont / 4y 201d 2h 32m 17s

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