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Richter came into the dining hall, but he had a strange look on his face when he did, he was interested in the woman in pure white clothes. "Excuse me Lord Dracula, but who is your lady friend over there? The woman in white." He asked, captivated by her beauty.
  Richter Belmont / Belmont / 4y 188d 1h 18m 50s
"Hello Sir Alucard, your father has told me much about you, yet I have never met you in person, you are more handsome than he could describe in words..." She said, then when Alucard looked into her eyes, he saw that she wasn't truly a human.
  Glacien (human form) / Belmont / 4y 188d 1h 25m 58s
Alucard's interest is peaked when the woman in white joins the table. Picking up a conversation with this mysterious woman, he decides to find out where she is from and her connection with his father.

"Hello ma'am, may I ask: where are you from?" His voice is soft and questioning, he smiles at the staff joins the conversation, hiding his irritation behind his stunning smile.
  Alucard / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 188d 1h 28m 36s
With every step she took, she started to slowly decrease in height, until she was the size of her master.
  Lady Anubis / Belmont / 4y 188d 1h 30m 7s
Smiling, Dracula leads the way toward the great dinning hall. He gestures toward any seat that she may choose as he orders a meal to be brought out to her.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 188d 1h 31m 35s
The white clad woman was waiting at the table next to Dracula's seat, and she decided to start a conversation with the others, especially with the servants.
  Glacien (human form) / Belmont / 4y 188d 1h 31m 56s
"I will partake in your feast after I send the Prince his gift from you, sire..." She said quietly, then took one of her own antique statues that depicted Anubis, and sent it off, hoping it would arrive to him in a single piece.
  Lady Anubis / Belmont / 4y 188d 1h 39m 19s
"Will you arrange something of equal beauty to be sent to him? A token of peace and thanks." He asks of her as he puts the carving on display. Trusting Lady Anubis' opinion, he hopes that she will agree to this simple task, something that means so much to him. "Also I ask that you join us for a feast. Even though dinner is almost finished now." He finishes.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 188d 1h 41m 22s
"The letter was written by the Indian Prince...He sent this as a gift of peace and health..." She said, mystified by the beauty of the elaborate carvings.
  Lady Anubis / Belmont / 4y 188d 1h 44m 5s
Softly taking the beautiful piece from the box, he smiles widely. "Whom is this from?" He asks as he holds the piece and looks at it carefully. "This is beautifully breathtaking." He murmurs to himself.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 188d 1h 45m 52s
She bowed in the traditional Egyptian greeting, then she placed the wooden crate on the floor very carefully, and opened it, revealing a very ornate piece of India's finest carvings.
  Lady Anubis / Belmont / 4y 188d 1h 48m 53s
Motioning for Glacien to walk into the kitchen, a member of his kitchen staff is there to lead her. Turning toward Lady Anubis, he smiles. "It has been awhile my sweet." He smiles and holds out his hand out toward her so she could take it. That way he can greet her properly.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 188d 2h 51m 58s
The large creature hauled in a peculiarly large crate for the lord of the castle. "Lord Dracula...a crate for you from India..."
  Lady Anubis / Belmont / 4y 188d 5h 46m 39s
She smiled and bowed back. "I shall join you for the feast then..." She said, her voice as chilly as the winter morning.
  Glacien (human form) / Belmont / 4y 188d 6h 51m 51s
Dracula greets his frosty friend with a gentle touch.

"Please join us. We're having a feast tonight, eat to your heart's content. " he encourages, bowing slight before his prized friend.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 188d 7h 4m 25s

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