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Using that little ability of his, he convincing them to fight for him. His ability gives then a slight boost to their strength, but not much. Without being seen he steals into the darkness. of the woods. His home being away from the village, it would make sense that he would show up after the initial confusion. He picks up buckets of water and starts to splash the flames licking up at the sky. The orange flames almost blinding in the stark contrast of the darkness around them. A small smiles plays at his pale lips as he helps the villagers put out the fire. He hears the woman of the house crying in the distance. The loss of her child. He whispers his condolences to the woman. After the villagers seem to have the blaze under control he moves to comfort the mother. Her tear stained cheeks showing nothing , but pain. Another thing he gets from his kills. "My condolences."
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 272d 11m 5s
A young woman was rushing through Dracula's minions who were attacking the village, and she used Dominus to smite almost the entire group of them in one slash. "Be gone foul creatures!" She shouted at the evil minions.
  Shanoa / Belmont / 4y 272d 26m 9s
Chaos erupts throughout the small village. Taking the opportunity to get a quick meal Dracula, or as he's known to the villagers, moves from the first house to the next. He rips into the throats of the sweetest, purest woman. Tonight he only takes two. His old age requiring him to drink more. His long pale fingers grip flesh. An over turned lantern catches the curtains on fire, the house quickly going up in flames. Smiling to himself, Dracula moves from the house. Satisfied with his quick meal. Yet, he wants more. Turning suddenly, he finds that the villagers are running, screaming and panic fills their veins. He disappears. Knowing that he wasn't seen. Tomorrow he will return to the village, he will act as a normal part of the village. They won't the any of the wiser.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 271d 8h 2m 46s
It was the middle of the night when a piercing shriek filled the air, and the light of fire consuming the village below the Belmont family home. "What the?!" Shouted Richter.
  Richter Belmont / Belmont / 4y 272d 51m 3s

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