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Finally making his way toward his throne, Dracula motions for Lady Anubis to join his side. Her own throne is untouched and polished. Feeling that a new era is coming for them, He sit with his mind racing. Plans and images run though his head. Sighing he taps the arm of his chair with his index finger of his right hand.

"Yes, it shall be." Taking his time, he lets himself think for another moment. He then sends for the servant. When the scrawny girl appears with the bottle of wine, he begins to tap his finger faster.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 259d 7h 51m 47s
Shanoa shouts in rage, and she smashes the skull of a skeleton into dust as she tried to find Dracula again.
  Shanoa / Belmont / 4y 262d 2h 23m 19s
The woman smiled and nodded. "I believe that we were discussing the first place to infest with your minions..." She said soothingly, her voice mixed with a soft whine.
  Lady Anubis / Belmont / 4y 267d 5h 9m 21s
Dracula turns and faces the servant girl and makes his way toward her. His anger now boiling almost beyond his control. His calm yellow eyes turning black in color. The pupils swallowing the irises.

"Did I or did I not order this cleaned?" He asks as his locks his gaze with the servant girl. He hisses between gritted teeth. Stepping over the rotting body of a once beautiful girl.

"I CANNOT live in this filth." He hisses angrily. He makes his way toward her then stops just before the servant girl. She breaks gaze with him. Forcing her to look at him once again, his fingers curl around her jaw softly at first. The longer he holds her lower jaw in his hand, the more pressure he applies. Soon blood drips from her chin. Her teeth breaking her soft skin. Bone splinters under his fingers and this makes him smile.

"Get this cleaned up," He releases her, pushes her away from him. Her blood covering his hand and he moves away from them, uses a handkerchief to clean his hand.

"Where do we go from here?" He muses.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 271d 4h 22m 38s
She gestures as they do in her own country and walks off. "Servant, Lord Dracula needs you." She said quietly, then led the servant to the blood stained study.
  Lady Anubis / Belmont / 4y 271d 7h 49m 11s
"Time my sweet, sweet evil time." Dracula explains softly, He pauses and looks to her once more. The servant girls tears on the back of his hand. Her nose leaking droplets of blood. Waving her off, He leaves her with a warning. The next mistake she makes she will be sent to his chambers, to be punished by blood letting.

"They will fall." Dracula makes his way toward an empty hall. His servants not even seen as he likes them. Making his way toward his favorite room, he enters the blood stained study. Bookcases line the walls, from floor to ceiling. An elderly man sits behind a large desk, several books open before him. Gesturing to the man, Dracula explains that he is a scholar only there to learn about Aristotle. Bodies line the floors, their rot sticking to the floor. Rage builds in Dracula's chest. He had ordered the room to be cleaned. Lady Anubis' arrival was something he had looked forward to. Being Dracula's favorite, he had never raised a hand toward her, but made his power known to her. Taking a deep breath, he asks Lady Anubis to call for a servant for him. Any will do.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 271d 7h 51m 35s
The towering creature smiled. "I'm not very hungry...for food..." She said, and she was looking around the ruins of the castle. "What happened here?" She asked her master, unknowing about the past events.
  Lady Anubis / Belmont / 4y 271d 8h 10m 39s
leaving the chaos broke his heart a little, he doesn't like missing pain, but he wanted to take his pet home. She has been very loyal to him in the past and continues to surprise him. A much needed alliance. Feeling that she maybe hungry.

'Would like something to eat my sweet?" He asks. it would be better to feed his pet as to help her build more strength for the upcoming battle. The heroes will find them in time. In the meantime, He has them busy protecting the townspeople. They have pile of ashes at the moment to contend with anyway.

A young servant girl comes down the sprawling staircase. Her dirty uniform and bare feet angering him. He calls her 'girl' as he addresses her. Far away from the still preserved castle, in the village. A young girl with golden curls for hair crawls out from the horse stable. Her tears are staining her dress as she reaches out for the man. The first the pair that she sees. her name is Cassandra and her dress is torn and blood stains her knees. Her family was slaughtered that night. Leaving her an orphan in a poor town.

"Please me...they're gone. I-it killed them."
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 271d 8h 13m 3s
She smiled back and took his hand, then the two went to the ruins of Castle Dracula in the forest. "Yes master Dracula..." She replied to him.
  Lady Anubis / Belmont / 4y 271d 8h 24m 40s
Lifting his head, He could smell the one he came for. Lady Anubis, turning he could see her. He smiled at her and reached a hand out to her. A kind gesture for a usually cruel man. He waist for her to return to him. His smile grows as he watches Lady Anubis take the heroes down, only pushing the down and creating a delay for them.

"Shall we, my lady?"
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 271d 8h 26m 15s
The creature leaped down and knocked the pair of heroes down, then rushed to catch up with her master, the dreaded and feared Dracula.
  Lady Anubis / Belmont / 4y 271d 8h 33m 21s
Smiling to himself, Dracula heard the bellow of the woman. Smiling to himself, He helps all that he can. Healing them quietly with a bite to the wound. His venom stinging them for a few minutes before leaving them unconscious. His final ability as a vampire. His bite heals and his eyes corrupt. Standing He moves toward the crumbling home. One special ward keeps him for moving forward. Swearing under his breath, he hisses low in his throat and he moves away back toward his loyalties. He stands among the chaos. His darkness soaking in the pain around him. Seeing the pair, he retreats deeper into the darkness. Letting his black trousers and gold jacket with gems hide him. He is a noble, one that baffles the sciences with his beauty.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 271d 8h 34m 54s
The deafening sound of stone and wood was heard crumbling apart, and the Belmont family home fell into itself and a creature stood up from the wreckage and howled. "I am free at last!" She shouted
  Lady Anubis / Belmont / 4y 271d 8h 36m 3s
Dracula pauses, hearing the man shout to the woman. They are looking for him. Surrounding himself by innocence he hopes to cover his own evil. This methods has worked before. If anything those around him will protect him. Looking at the crying woman. He asks her for her protections, plants a tiny disillusion in her mind. Her vows her undying loyalty to him. her body accepting his strength, or the boost it givers her. Now huddled around her are crying villagers, most her many children morning the loss of their eldest sister. rubbing the back of the mother, her watches the those that are hunting him, look for him.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 271d 8h 55m 37s
Richter sensed the evil of Dracula has entered the village. "He has a mother in his grasp Shanoa, find him!!!" He shouted at the woman.
  Richter Belmont / Belmont / 4y 272d 31m 3s

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