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Watching Dominus resize himself.

"You wont be fighting me. He will." He motions toward the creature that is his only deadly enemy. Deciding he doesn't have time for that, he moves around toward the broken stallions. Touching the broken next of the horse, he heals the poor creature. Bones snap back into place and suddenly the horse stands. Moving his way through the horses, he heals the four stallions, freeing them from the harness that is also holding them together still. Breaking the leather harness, he frees them. looking into their now blood red eyes, he commands them to protect him.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 259d 4h 39m 20s
She scoffed at him. "I thought you learned from our last battle that you will never win..." She said crudely. "Now I am willing to fight you again!" She shouted, and Dominus doubled in size.
  Shanoa / Belmont / 4y 259d 4h 57m 38s
Kicking open the door to the carriage, Dracula faces Shanoa. Shaking his head, he feels a twinge of fear cross into his still heart. Hissing under his breath, standing on the side of the carriage, he waits to see what the woman has to say.

"Everything is burning. Have I angered the young mistress?" he asks as he stares at her and then jumps down from the carriage the smell of fresh blood fills his veins with power and allowing him to see clearer.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 259d 5h 11s
Before Dracula could react, the left wheels of the carriage broke off, and the carriage flipped onto its side, and a very familiar voice spoke to him. "I thought you knew better than to come back again..." She said quietly, and she summoned the only glyph that could destroy him, Dominus.
  Shanoa / Belmont / 4y 259d 5h 8m 16s
As they heroes are distracted, their home village burns and their home goes up in flames. Bright orange flames lick toward the dark sky. More blood flows and he makes his way around the village. Rolling his shoulders and finally satisfied with the death toll. Half of the village is now in ashes, smoldering and black. Charred wooden beams stick up from the ground, most soaked and smoking slightly.

Climbing into the carriage, the coach cracks his whip and the homes burn. The Nightmares run the alleys and streets, finishing any runners off.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 259d 5h 11m 50s
In a nearby city, the sound of werebats in pain could be heard from miles away as he takes them down, one by one. "Die temptresses! Your unholy presence shall be dealt with by myself!" He said, slashing them with the bladed tip of the Vampire Killer.
  Richter Belmont / Belmont / 4y 259d 5h 17m 9s
Blood flows down the front of him. A shredded vein hangs from his teeth slightly as he makes his way from one hut to the other. Coming inches from waling into a Nightmare, a thrill runs up his spine as he turns and walks into a locked and barricaded hut. Easily breaking into the hut, he finds a single widow with three kids. Ripping the nearest child up off of the ground, he sinks his teeth into the neck and collar bone of the child. Screams enter the air and the window begs. Being insensitive to the woman, he finishes her next. The neighs and whinnies of the Nightmares and their war screams. He drinks his fill of their blood. Once again cleaning himself off, he makes his way to the other huts, overturning a lantern as he goes.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 259d 5h 21m 23s
The horses trample hundred underfoot, leaving bloodied hoofprints on the ground, and the mangled bodies litter the village.
  Nightmare / Belmont / 4y 259d 5h 28m 13s
Motioning for his horses to storm through the village. All is for the fear. Something he loves, all is for the chaos. The horses pick up dust as he urges his coach to move faster. A large dust cloud billows our from behind the black and gold carriage. Black curtains sway with the breeze it creates.

Soon they reach the village. Screams are already entering the once still air. They have seen the Nightmares, the skeletal horses striking fear in the hearts of the humans. Children cry for their parents and he laughs. The carriage stops and he slowly gets out. His long gleaming fangs drop out of his gums. His lips pull away from the beautiful long needles. Making his way into a hut, he sighs slightly the woman and children there scream at the sight of him.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 259d 5h 29m 45s
As the carriage moves from the castle, a group of Nightmares, rotting horses whose back half are nothing but skeletal remains, run alongside their master's carriage, waiting for his command.
  Nightmare / Belmont / 4y 259d 5h 43m 17s
Waiting on word form the messenger he'd sent, Dracula stands and smiles softly.

"I'm sending for a carriage, join me? The village will be engulfed in flames tonight and I will be making a personal appearance." Slowly, he takes his over coat off and hands it to the servant girl nearby.

"To my chambers." He then returns his attention to Lady Anubis. "We have missed you here at the castle. You are family to me, order them as you'd like." Turning his back to her, he rolls his sleeves and waves the servant off. Walking easily to the door and moving the heavy door, he further removes his formal cloths, leaving him in his trousers and white undershirt. this informal dress is a sign that the king will feast tonight. the blood will flow and all blood thirsty creatures will gather to drink the rivers of blood. Climbing up into the carriage, pulled by four black stallions with burning red eyes, he makes himself comfortable.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 259d 5h 47m 5s
They bow and obey, the werebats appear in the coastal cities and start to wreak havoc on the people and the homes, and it soon draws the heroes to the scene.
  Werebat / Belmont / 4y 259d 5h 55m 52s
Smiling to himself, Dracula looks to Lady Anubis.

"Thank you my sweet." Looking to his minions, he thinks for another moment. Finally deciding, He summons his map creator. Once the older man enters, he demands to see the cities on the coast. Once they are able to take over, have a hero of their own become mayor, this will give them access to controlling the economy.

Reaching out and pointing to several different cities, he orders his minions to start there, draw the heroes there, to distract them. In the mean time he will work on burning the village to the ground. Something that will cut off the heroes from their main information.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 259d 5h 59m 2s
A group of werebats entered the throne room and bowed before their master and mistress. "We are here to serve Lord Dracula..."they said in unison.
  Werebat / Belmont / 4y 259d 6h 12m 36s
She takes the throne by his side, and takes the wine. "I have summoned your Werebat minions my Lord..." She told him, and waved her hand to the doors. "Werebats, enter..." She commanded.
  Lady Anubis / Belmont / 4y 259d 6h 13m 25s

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