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"I am Aeon...a time traveller..." he stated in a very calmly way.
  Aeon / Belmont / 4y 258d 22h 54m 54s
"I do not, I'd like to meet your acquaintance in the later hours." anger beings to boil within his veins, biting his tongue and forcing himself to relax a little more.

"Make your purpose known, I do not have time for these word games."
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 258d 23h 15s
"Do you know who I am, Lord Dracula?" The man asked him in a monotone voice, yet very calmly.
  Aeon / Belmont / 4y 258d 23h 5m 11s
"Yes, that I am. I am preoccupied at the moment. If this could wait." Dracula stands straighter and rolls his shoulders. Holding his hand down, he signals to the hound to keep in the bushes, the hound obeys her master beautifully. Turning to face the man, he waits and listens. Looking relaxed, yet still on guard. Dominus is holding a place in his mind, one that he doesn't want to be killed by.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 258d 23h 25m 50s
The sound of a pocket watch snapping shut was heard behind him, and a man in white looked at him. "Dracula I presume?" He said in a calm tone.
  Aeon / Belmont / 4y 258d 23h 34m 29s
Waiting patiently, Dracula finally decides to put the girl out of her misery. He waits for her to show again. Twirling each blade with his wrists, warming them up and scanning the nearby forest for her. He waits, letting his enemy come to him. Feeling the spell's magic, he knows she is save. Muttering a soft spell of his own, he pulls a hound from the underworld, the skeletal creature crouching silently just behind him, waiting for the girl's attack and her master's command. The hound's bite is poisonous, only slowing the reaction time of the bitten. Yet this is not deadly, just extremely painful and lasting two days time. Crouching, he waits black magic on his side.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 258d 23h 36m 20s
She hid away in a hidden place, far from the senses of her returned foe, and she used a healing spell to heal the wounds from the blade wounds.
  Shanoa / Belmont / 4y 258d 23h 45m 42s
Shielding his eyes from her spell, Dracula moves to the side dodging any attacks that she may use to attack him with. Hearing her disappear and not smelling her, he relies on his other senses to potentially track her. Keeping his blades up and his ears open, finally he is able to see. Blinking a few times he turns in a circle before moving into a defensive stance.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 258d 23h 49m 56s
She used a spell known as Luminatio, and it sends two spheres of blinding light directly at him, blinding him for a while, and she strikes him, knocking him down, and she disappears, like a ghost.
  Shanoa / Belmont / 4y 259d 4h 55m 7s
"Now now, what is this?" Slowly moving his wrist, he checks how much her has mobility. Finding her has little, he strikes out at the woman pinning him. He feels his blade make contact. Dominus making him a little nervous. Pushing the woman back away from him, fighting the ice spell covering his back. Muttering a soft spell, he frees himself as flames spread up his back. Yelling out in pain, he feels anger boil in his veins. Hissing from the pain, he lunges forward, his fangs lash his skin, breaking the pale sheets covering her bones. Licking his fangs, his shirt barely clinging to his shoulders, the skin charred of his back. Working to disarm her, he strikes her hands and wrists, then her legs. Muttering another spell, he creates a sheath of fog to blind her, thick fog rises from the ground, the temperature drops. Moving in a wide circle around her. He strikes at her faster than before, attempting to make small cuts in her skin.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 259d 4h 59m 47s
She leaps over him and hits his back with an ice spell, sending him face first into the wall, then she pins him down with the edge of Dominus up to his throat.
  Shanoa / Belmont / 4y 259d 5h 16m 43s
Flinching back slightly, Dracula barely blocks her strike. Pushing her back, her takes a quick jab at her stomach while preparing to block her strike with the left hand. Moving to her right side and trying to corner her. Taking his left hand and striking out at her again, aiming for her legs while using his right to aim for her side. Seemingly random strikes and unpredictable ones will give him an edge.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 259d 5h 19m 10s
"I merely wish to show you the error of your ways, foul one..." She said, then striked at him. "Have at you!" She shouted.
  Shanoa / Belmont / 4y 259d 5h 29m 0s
Sighing, he rolls his sleeves up.

"It seems to be a losing battle that I will be fighting." His nails elongate and he clenches his fists together. Spreading his hands flat, parallel with the ground. rising his hands, he conjures his blades of choice. Using his perfected skills, he takes a few slashes at the empty air ahead of him.

"I will fight you, not him. If you best me, I will let you kill me. If this deal is not taken, I will take my leave." Smiling, he steadies himself.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 259d 5h 30m 32s
She smirked and slashed the creatures with a single swipe of the massive blade, then she stepped forward. "You cower behind your pets, stop being a coward and fight!"
  Shanoa / Belmont / 4y 259d 5h 38m 9s

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