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"She is dreaming, I remember this night. I woke and she was twisting around in her sleep. What is your motive for doing this?" Dracula suddenly become suspicious of the strange man. Anyone that has done anything for him, has always had sub-textual motives. Standing and facing him, he studies the man.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 258d 18h 40m 33s
"I do not believe that is true...this is before she came down with Scarlet Fever..." he said, his eyes unconcerned and emotionless.
  Aeon / Belmont / 4y 258d 18h 45m 21s
"To bring my wife to a monstrous state. What trickery is this?" he asks as he leaves the kitchen. He moves up the crimson draped stairs and into his familiar chambers that are decorated in a sky blue and dark sea foam grey. There laying with her brown hair fanning over her pillow, is Dracula's lovely wife. Her skin as pale as the day he remembered. Her brow covered in a thin sheet of sweat and her eyes closed tightly. Her fingers are twisted in the bed sheets as he rushes to her side.

"Love? Can you hear me?" She doesn't answer him, he takes her hand in his as he kneels at her beside. Their bedside.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 258d 18h 46m 33s
He smiled. "She is still isn't too late to save her..." he said soothingly, his pocket watch open.
  Aeon / Belmont / 4y 258d 18h 52m 18s
Pursing his lips together, Dracula thinks about this for a moment. He sips his wine and thinks about all of the progress he has lost. All of the villagers fear and lives have been restored. Unsure of how to react, he stands there for a moment.

"1250, a beautiful year for the fall and a harsh winter. My fair wife came down with scarlet fever and I lost my senses to the devil's drink. Is she...?" He trails off, the moment hope flutters across his chest. he looks to the strange man and gazes at him. His hidden emotion not so hidden in his dark eyes.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 258d 18h 54m 9s
"This is the year that you became a monster and took the lives of thousands...after your wife died..." he said.
  Aeon / Belmont / 4y 258d 19h 5m 45s
"What time have we entered?" Dracula asks. Somewhat believing the man and watching him carefully. Once the servant returns with the whine, he waits from her to pout his glass. Taking a few sips his is disappointed to find that the whine isn't as sweet as he'd hoped, but still tasteful. As any good host, he has another glass poured and offered to the man. Standing informally in the kitchen though as the fire stoves blaze around them is a new scene for him. Drinking to calm his nerves, he takes a deep breath and waits for the man's answer.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 258d 19h 8m 54s
"As I told you, I can travel through time, and I see the good that's left of your old self..." he said delightfully.
  Aeon / Belmont / 4y 258d 19h 13m 13s
"I thank you, but what is the meaning of this?" Dracula asks the strange man that seems to be appearing where ever he pleases. This bothers Dracula slightly as he watches the man. Pulling of his servant to their feet, he orders for a bottle of wine and a few glasses. Scurrying off, the servant goes to fulfill his needs as they always do.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 258d 19h 16m 12s
"Think of this as a gift...a second chance...if you will..." he said and snapped his pocket watch shut.
  Aeon / Belmont / 4y 258d 19h 20m 36s
Watching carefully, Dracula is amazed as his stone castle is filled with golden yellow lights. These lights move like snakes through his falls, narrow eels swimming their way through the walls. Everything they touch is restored. Four golden trails start to swim around his foyer. The tall broken ceiling slowly starts to restore itself. The cobblestone blocks building once again. He looks up as the longest and brightest trail recreates the arching dome of his ballroom and the shortest breathes live into the wood of the staircase. The railing no longer an ashen cracked grey, now a bright oak. Moving toward the great library, he watches as the dust is lifted from his books and the bodies dissolve into the stone floor, merely disappearing as the maggots shrivel and die. Turning, he leaves the now vivid oak double doors wide open.

Hanging tapestries, once ripped and shredded are now freshly created. The walls are cleaned of stains and stripped of chips. The marble accented walls of his halls are sparkling with the light from the trails. The long cat-like tails swaying back and forth as they finally finish with the last rooms. His chambers are perfect, as they have always been just they look crisp and cleaner. All of the guest rooms have been restored to their former glory. Everything looks as though it did when his castle was first built. Confusion fills his mind as he stands in the middle of the last room. The kitchen with the firing stoves. Around him his servants are praying to a god he doesn't believe in, begging for salvation.

"What is this?" Dracula murmurs to himself as he turns in a circle looking at his newly perfect castle.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 258d 19h 56m 15s
"I think not, Dracula...the hound will die...but not by my hands..." he said, and disappeared from sight.
  Aeon / Belmont / 4y 258d 20h 14m 31s
This strange man before him only rises more questions. Taking this cue to leave, he signals to his hound. Just a twitch of his index finger. He then takes his leave. Pushing his blades back into the underworld. Jolting suddenly, he takes off at a sprint. His classic vampire speed carrying him to the front lawn of his castle. Stopping for a moment, he looks at his castle, everything seems fine. Running more, he makes the rest of the way to his castle. Throwing open the the front doors, he quickly closes them behind him and makes his way throw the castle. His paranoia making him check the rooms.

The hound has been instructed to attack and bite woman, to track her and make sure her job is finished. The hound has only been instructed for one bite, and the cure to the bite can only be taken from the hound. Which she will return to the underworld after her target has been bitten.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 258d 20h 16m 0s
He smiled and looked at his pocket watch again. "You are going to be late for the reconstruction of your castle..." he stated matter-of-factly.
  Aeon / Belmont / 4y 258d 20h 28m 20s
"I do not believe in such blasphemy." Dracula looks to him. Taking a deep breath, Dracula relaxes. He keeps his guard up and turns to face the man more. His hound saves it's place in the bushes and watches the new man carefully.
  Dracula / shesmorethanamemory / 4y 258d 21h 22s

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