Traitor in the Ranks

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"I can hear the voices..." She said quietly, clearly terrified of the voices.
  Sniper Jane / Belmont / 4y 201d 16h 28m 7s
-His eyes widened and held his honey close to him.
  JcHusky200 / 4y 201d 16h 32m 15s
Suddenly, voices started to be heard across the room.
  Sniper Jane / Belmont / 4y 201d 16h 35m 58s
-He held her close and looked around the room.....
  JcHusky200 / 4y 201d 16h 37m 9s
It read "humans beware, for you unleashed terror upon the world."
  Sniper Jane / Belmont / 4y 201d 16h 40m 48s
-He looked at it and jumped at what it read..,...-
  JcHusky200 / 4y 201d 16h 42m 1s
She saw some creature in the mirror, and pointed to the blood words on the mirror.
  Sniper Jane / Belmont / 4y 201d 16h 44m 28s
-He sat them diwn- "Honey.what happened ?...." -JC hugged her
  JcHusky200 / 4y 201d 16h 45m 19s
When JC entered the room, she was huddled in a corner, horrified by the nightmare.
  Sniper Jane / Belmont / 4y 201d 16h 46m 56s
-He poured two cups and walked back up the stairs.
  JcHusky200 / 4y 201d 16h 48m 14s
She woke up with a start, having a very disturbing nightmare.
  Sniper Jane / Belmont / 4y 201d 16h 50m 16s
-JC went downstairs and made a fresh pot of hot coffee
  JcHusky200 / 4y 201d 17h 57m 11s
She slept soundly, her blanket comforting her body and she has a nightmare.
  Sniper Jane / Belmont / 4y 201d 17h 58m 56s
-He kissed her cheek and pulled the blanket over her
  JcHusky200 / 4y 201d 18h 1m 3s
She passed out, and JC laid her down on the bed. "I'm...zzz"
  Sniper Jane / Belmont / 4y 201d 18h 1m 57s

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