Traitor in the Ranks

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-He kissed her cheek. He held her close to him. -
  jchusky200 / 4y 297d 19h 41m 10s
She looked around as if she were paranoid, which in a sense, she was.
  Sniper Jane / Belmont / 4y 297d 19h 44m 3s
-He frowned and came close to her, wrapping his arms around her
  jchusky200 / 4y 297d 19h 45m 50s
She curled up in a fetal position, unwilling to move or speak.
  Sniper Jane / Belmont / 4y 297d 19h 47m 42s
-He carried her inside and sat her down on the bed.
  jchusky200 / 4y 297d 19h 48m 23s
Jane doesn't make any movements, she couldn't as she was gripped by fear.
  Sniper Jane / Belmont / 4y 297d 19h 50m 52s
-They stop at a motel, 200 miles away from home. -
  jchusky200 / 4y 297d 19h 53m 15s
She didn't even look around her, she didn't want to, she might see the creature again.
  Sniper Jane / Belmont / 4y 297d 19h 55m 22s
-He pulled out of the driveway and drove down the street
  jchusky200 / 4y 297d 19h 56m 21s
She was in shock, her worst fears brought to life.
  Sniper Jane / Belmont / 4y 297d 19h 59m 3s
-He lifted her up- "We need to get outta here ..." -He carrued her to the truck and turned on the engine
  jchusky200 / 4y 297d 20h 2m 27s
She didn't say a word, she was too terrified to speak.
  Sniper Jane / Belmont / 4y 298d 15h 58m 40s
-He jumped and held her close.- "What was your nighrmare ?
  JcHusky200 / 4y 298d 16h 51s
A massive half rotted horse charged at the couple, then disappeared.
  Nightmare / Belmont / 4y 298d 16h 10m 48s
-He held her close- "I can too....I csn too....-He shook
  JcHusky200 / 4y 298d 16h 12m 12s

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