Traitor in the Ranks

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She gasped, and they heard the doorknob being turned and the individual trying to open the door.
  Sniper Jane / Belmont / 4y 253d 2h 16m 53s
-He held his hand against her mouth tighter- "shhhhh.
  jchusky200 / 4y 253d 2h 32m 36s
She started to get scared and was about to flip out about the situation.
  Sniper Jane / Belmont / 4y 253d 2h 38m 10s
-He locked the bathroom door, his teeth clenched together
  jchusky200 / 4y 253d 2h 41m 13s
She stayed silent, and she looked at him in a state of horror.
  Sniper Jane / Belmont / 4y 253d 2h 43m 6s
-JC held one hand in Jane's and another on her mouth
  jchusky200 / 4y 253d 2h 44m 18s
There was a knock on the door, followed by confused shouts.
  Sniper Jane / Belmont / 4y 253d 13h 48m 59s
-His eyes widened and grabbed her and they hide in the bathroom
  jchusky200 / 4y 253d 22h 12m 4s
She pointed out the clouded window, and she saw the creature outside of the window.
  Sniper Jane / Belmont / 4y 256d 2h 37m 32s
-His eyes widened as she said those words- "How do you know ?
  jchusky200 / 4y 256d 2h 38m 48s
She spoke in a horrified tone. "The creature is still following us..."
  Sniper Jane / Belmont / 4y 256d 2h 42m 48s
"What did you say honey ?" -He looked her in the eyes
  jchusky200 / 4y 256d 2h 44m 24s
She mumbled something that was about what she saw.
  Sniper Jane / Belmont / 4y 256d 2h 49m 39s
-He held her tight to him and would never let go.-
  jchusky200 / 4y 256d 2h 51m 46s
She looked at him, but her face filled with fear and horror.
  Sniper Jane / Belmont / 4y 257d 21h 31m 6s

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