Traitor in the Ranks

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"Nope." -He gunned a few down and ducked back down next to Jane. He was breathing heavily as things started to calm down
  JcHusky200 / 4y 309d 22h 14m 42s
"Thanks, those bastards never give up, do they?" She asked him. Then she popped out and sniped a few and got down again.
  Sniper Jane / Belmont / 4y 309d 22h 17m 12s
-John hears Jane's yells for assistance. He grabs his gun and runs to Jane's aid. He starts to shoot
  JcHusky200 / 4y 309d 22h 18m 39s
Sniper Jane was running from cover to cover in the middle of an enemy raid. "Yo, need some help here!!!" She shouted to her fellow troops.
  Sniper Jane / Belmont / 4y 309d 23h 34m 47s

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