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♦ i’m scared to walk home in the dark and its really late so i called a random number and got you au
♦ you live across the hall and hide in my apartment when you want to avoid your one night stands au
♦ someone in the dorms makes amazing cookies and you’re trying to figure it out and walk in on me baking at four in the morning au
♦ we both get lost at disneyworld and somehow stumble across each other and decide to be lost together au
♦ you sit behind me and poke me every time i fall asleep during 9am lectures thank you can i buy you a coffee? au
♦ we never talk but we make eye contact whenever anyone says something incredibly stupid during class au
♦ awkward teenage seven-minutes-in-heaven au
♦ i always see you in the library and i think you’re really cute so i leave you little post it notes on your work whenever you go and get a book just to see you blush au
♦ my mum knows your mum and they’re trying to set us up but all i can remember of you is that time you stuck gum in my hair when we were seven so i automatically don’t like you au
♦ i accidentally open the door right before you knock and smack you in the face au
♦ the-princess-diaries au
♦ we’re the only two people left who are single in our friendship group and they all decide to try and set us up with each other au
♦i remember you moving into the apartment door across from me, but i never ever saw you again? are you still alive in there?

Sort of dumping grounds for things I'm storing for ideas for RPs/stories. And stuff I wanna save in general. If anyone comes across this and wants an RP out of it, feel free to contact me.


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Faceless Neil series...


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Plot idea based on Shadow of the Colossus: need something done. Something impossible. Bring back the dead, heal the irreparably sick... whatever.
Find a forbidden land, old temple, old magic or some sort and beseech its powers.
The entity informs you that its power's been split up into numerous bodies, places, things, people, memories whatever.
[u Character A] befriends a companion creature/person
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