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"I don't know.what if I die in the process ?..."
  jchusky200 / 4y 311d 6h 45m 9s
"I mean that most people would not expect you to help them..." he said in a calmed voice that could sooth a savage.
  Aeon / Belmont / 4y 311d 6h 47m 20s
"What do you mean ?" -His eyebrow raised at him-
  jchusky200 / 4y 311d 6h 48m 15s
"Because you are a person who would seem most unlikely of heroes..." explained Aeon. [yt]
  Aeon / Belmont / 4y 311d 6h 50m 3s
-He looks at him innthe eyes- "Why me ?" -He asked
  jchusky200 / 4y 311d 6h 53m 13s
Aeon shakes his head. "No...but it is the right thing to do..." he said soothingly.
  Aeon / Belmont / 4y 311d 6h 55m 42s
-He reads it and sets it down .- "Do I have to stop it from happening ?
  jchusky200 / 4y 311d 6h 57m 35s
"Read the entire paper..." he said calmly, and he got the cat some bourbon with a shot of rum.
  Aeon / Belmont / 4y 311d 6h 58m 39s
-He read the article, and then looked up at Aeon.' "What about this ?...
  jchusky200 / 4y 311d 7h 20s
"It is in the papers..." he hands it to him, it's a story about a recent shooting that killed a large family.
  Aeon / Belmont / 4y 311d 7h 1m 47s
-He sat back into his chair and sighed.- "So....what was it you wanted to teach me ?
  jchusky200 / 4y 311d 7h 3m 6s
Aeon looked at him and smiled slightly before finishing his newspaper.
  Aeon / Belmont / 4y 311d 7h 4m 27s
-He sat across from him and looked up at him- "Morning
  jchusky200 / 4y 311d 7h 5m 11s
-JC had walked into the same room as Aeon, wearing a robe and slippers
  jchusky200 / 4y 311d 7h 8m 13s
In the morning, Aeon was sitting at a table, a plate of food across the table from him.
  Aeon / Belmont / 4y 311d 7h 9m 59s

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