The Clockwork Inn

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-He covers his face in hopes no shards get in his eyes
  jchusky200 / 4y 273d 8h 3m 14s
She nodded a greeting and she swung her arm at the bottle, the sound of a cracking whip went through the room, and the bottle exploded everywhere.
  Shanoa / Belmont / 4y 273d 8h 6m 41s
-He looked up at her with a slight smile- "Hi....."
  jchusky200 / 4y 273d 8h 8m 7s
"I just said her name...this is Shanoa...the pride of the Order of Ecclesia." He told the cat.
  Aeon / Belmont / 4y 273d 8h 12m 12s
-He looked over at Aeon- "Who is she Aeon ?."
  jchusky200 / 4y 273d 8h 14m 29s
Aeon opened his pocket watch. "'re late..." he said slyly.
  Aeon / Belmont / 4y 273d 8h 17m 59s
-He jumped abit and shook- "W-Who Are You ?!....."
  jchusky200 / 4y 273d 8h 19m 16s
A bottle shattered out of nowhere, and all eyes turned to behind them, and there stood Shanoa.
  Shanoa / Belmont / 4y 273d 8h 21m 4s
"Mhmmmm...." -He nodded and blew his hair out of his eyes
  jchusky200 / 4y 273d 8h 22m 18s
"Such touching I wrong?" He said quietly.
  Aeon / Belmont / 4y 273d 8h 24m 21s
"I used to shoot guns with my dad quite a bit....."
  jchusky200 / 4y 273d 8h 35m 28s
"Tell me, have you used guns before, because I believe we met at some point..." Aeon asked.
  Aeon / Belmont / 4y 273d 8h 36m 43s
-He smiled- "Thank you" -He sat down the revolver and rests his feet uo
  jchusky200 / 4y 273d 8h 38m 37s
"Perfect shot..." he said, and was amazed at his accuracy.
  Aeon / Belmont / 4y 273d 8h 40m 1s
-He acted quickly and shir up at the bottke with one shot and got it
  jchusky200 / 4y 273d 8h 40m 44s

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