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[center [size34 SENPAI NOTICED ME!]][center The Girl who I have a crush on... KISS MY FOREHEAD TODAY EEEEEEEEEEEE]
  [ S O C K ] / Salvaged / 4y 340d 20h 31m 45s
[center [size10 I want to leave this earth please???]] [center [pic http://33.media.tumblr.com/4b6c506d07f71d201aa5cbf707a5f14b/tumblr_ndyj03EPur1tiqi90o1_500.gif]][size10 [u Sep, 03, 2015, Thursday: ]]
[center [size11 Where's my say so? I guess I don't matter to you at all, being a teacher's pet is hard as it is already, I get there early, and on time, and I sit there for the longest time doing my work will everyone else talks over you, I try to say one thing and I'm the bad guy for telling some kids to listen to you, and they get snappy with me.. I could never agree or go along even if it's a act to show them. They hate me, for being me, I'm useless, I tried and get pushed down those stairs and it's keeping me here on the first step alone, while everyone jugs up there without me, and laugh at my face. I never talk, I never move out of place, I'm a person just in outer space, Standing there in the line, Waiting for my end, waiting for everyone to leave me alone, so I can spend in all alone to myself and never have REAL friends. I want to be alone dammit , when I stop trying keep yourself away from me, I've stopped.... I've stopped dammit. I cried in the bathroom for firthteen minutes, because you all ganged up on me, and told me to shut up and that I need to stop being so bossy to you, I'm just going to stop completely. ]]
  [ S O C K ] / Salvaged / 4y 342d 1h 20m 20s

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