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"As the Allfather, I hereby sentence Loki Liesmith to have his lips sewn shut to repent for what he has done. Let the punishment commence."

Loki looked up at Odin once with pain in his eyes, but quickly the pain was hidden behind his mask as he looked away, forcing himself to remain cold and impassive. He knew that his moment of weakness would be the cause of teasing for him until something new caught the other gods attention.

Of course, all they ever thought of him was how horrible he was, loki the liesmith, god of chaos and nothing good, never as good as Thor, the golden boy, god of thunder. Loki was always the odd one, the deviant, the outsider.

He tried to focus his pain internally, focus on the hurt and the hate and all the negative emotions swirling inside his chest as they held him down. He tried his best not to make a sound as the needle first pierced the flesh of his lips. Oh, it hurt, but he would not give them the satisfaction of hearing his pain.

When it was all over, his mouth burned, and he wanted badly to claw at the enchanted thread that held his lips shut, but he let himself instead be lifted, presented in front of the court, and then escorted out of the room, eyes cast downwards, only looking up once to shoot a venomous glare at the allfather.

After the guards released him, Loki let his emotions slip out, clenching his fist and letting the first wet tear slide down his cheek. He was, after all, Loki Liesmith. And now they had robbed him of his ability to speak! Truthfully his only true ability, one he had always had, the silvertongue ability that got him in and out of trouble so easily...

He barely noticed where he was going until he came upon a corridor he hadn't seen in ages. The memories were foggy, but he thought he could remember being told by his mother to not go down this corridor, because there were ancient artifacts, some of a magical nature, that were stored in these rooms, and they could be dangerous.

In an act of defiance, not really thinking, he threw open the first door he could find.

There, surrounded amongst other strange artifacts, stood a mirror, gold and glistening, standing upright. It was slightly taller than he was, and at the moment, he very much so wanted to destroy it's beauty. Destroy something that belonged to Odin, something that looked valuable, and so without thinking, he raised his fist to slam it into the mirror. He leaned all his weight and all his anger into that one punch, hoping to shatter the glass, but there was no shattering, and suddenly, Loki could feel himself falling, falling down a dark tunnel, unable to see or hear, or even scream....

At one point he lost track of his sense of self in this vast void, and he blacked out, his body eventually landing in a forest glade, on a bed of moss, in a strange land....
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