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Loki let his gaze glide over the faerie at the question she posed. His look held no lechery or even malice. Simply, an appraisal. Truly, the appearance of this woman could be considered more draconic than fae, but dragons were not a beast he had personally seen, so perhaps the description of those beasts was wrong as well...
"I suppose not. You exude an aura of mystery and power, as untamed as the lands in which you reside, I would guess. I was never much for the way mankind has treated anything other than themselves. Their stories and depictions are warped, to give them a sense of self-righteousness"
He paused and let out a small disdainful laugh at the memory of his own tales, rewritten over time to become little more than a moral lesson for children, or a fanciful tale.
"I suppose your tales could be worse, though. There are some who are not as lucky to play a helpful part in their stories. The humans can find a way to turn a lost infant into a beast, a grieving mother into a vengeful sorceress"

He gave a second to regard her words carefully. Did he even want to rule this moors? So far, it seemed underpopulated and wild. If there were anything to gained from this land, it would be through an alliance.
Loki was not above alliances with others. In fact, he recognized their value and potential, with the right person...

"I wouldn't dream of such an attempt. You need not fear for your moors. I may be strong, but I sense in you a strength that could quite possibly match my own. It would be a fools decision to fight, all for a land I do not seek to own. Unlike Midgard. You might think that the race of man is worth nothing at all, but from my home, I have watched Midgard grow, the mortals there are curious creatures. Small and insignificant, but every so often, there is a potential for great achievement. Often times, it is destroyed by such petty concepts as greed, hatred, bigotry... Do you know that these creatures judge each other based simply on the tone of their skin? They kill that which they do not know, and in the process, destroy the opportunities to do great. I have watched this nonsense for eons, and it's maddening. I wish an end to their foolishness, and to do so, I will tend to them as a shepherd tends to his flock, make use of these base creatures. Perhaps then, after they have advanced to a truly civilized state, will they finally be deserving of my empathy. "
His last words were spat quickly, his distaste in the current state of mankind evident.

Of course, that didn't mean that he was completely disgusted with every human. He had plenty of fun in the Midgardian realm. They were the best at creating their own chaos, and that was the most basic reason as to why he was so drawn to these creatures. Most did not believe that his kind were gods, not even his kind themselves, but they would not deny that those who were imbued with some sort of godlike property, shared some affinity for the things they represented. Even before Molinjir, Thor had loved to go out into thunderstorms. The noise and sounds were comforting to him. Meanwhile, Loki, who represented lies and chaos, found it very hard to remain still in complete tranquility. He was always unhappy if everyone else was happy, and there was always that urge in the back of his skull, the impulse to cause chaos.
Luckily, he had that urge under control, and he only caused chaos when the urge was too great. It was easier to manage when he was around naturally chaotic things...

Loki was surprised to hear mention of his mouth, to hear that the faerie had actually... been worried, perhaps? Or simply curious?

After another second of pausing, he responded with a slight smile.
"Once the threads were removed, I was able to heal myself. I feel no pain"
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The great fairy tilted her head slghtly, her eyes drifting. She nodded slowly at the mention of size. They were either very tiny, child-sized or her own stature, for the number she had met. "[#9c27b0 Midgard,]" the woman repeated, contemplating the name. A place she hadn't heard of, but that had fairies, apparently, or at least lore of them. She had always wondered, as her younger self, what sort of a world would set them, the godless creatures of the earth, up against those of the god-fearing men and their constructs in the sky, deigning them important beyond their worth and filling out their egoism. It had always made her wonder who the foreigner species was, as neither history stretched back far enough, and she didn't know of the history of man. Her life had been meager and short thus far in comparison to the draconic elders who were too distracted by their own man-like covetry, lording over their hoards of treasures that they plucked from their surroundings and couldn't be bothered lest they be tempted with something astronomically strange and unnecessary and they too cared little for the history of man.

A little touch of a smile came up on her face, looking back at the foreigner with amusement in her eyes. "[#9c27b0 A comfort to children...]" she remarked, considering that for a moment, thoughts drifting a bit and leaned her hand on the curve of her knuckles, glancing to the side. "[#9c27b0 Interesting.]" Her fingers extended some, brushing against the edge of her jaw and to her chin. "[#9c27b0 Commoditized by man even in lore.]" Her eyes flickered to him as the foreigner stepped towards her, turning her head slightly to look over him. "[#9c27b0 And do I look the part, then? I can't imagine so.]" Carefully, the woman shifted her position and crossed her ankles.

Maleficent held Loki's gaze as long as he offered it, her brow arching some at his question. "[#9c27b0 I would hope not. Your view of leadership strikes me as something I'd despise in myself.]" The great fairy thought she detected a note of insult in his tone, her head turning towards him slowly.

"[#9c27b0 I am no leader,]" the angular woman said, "[#9c27b0 I am the protector of the moors, I am its keeper. The denizens govern themselves based on an ancient law of cooperation. I am their mediator, little more. What superiority I would be able to claim would be from my ability to bend the fabric of reality.]"

She turned her head to the side some, providing Loki with a stony sidelong look. "[#9c27b0 But if you intend on using that to usurp me you had best be aware that I will destroy you if you threaten the balance of these realms.]" Maleficent spoke these words with a calm certainty towards the other creature, this Loki. She had only so much reason to give him regard, if only in wariness, and that was waning. She had no knowledge of him nor his means of being, nor his philosophies and she was beginning to suspect he was no less base than a human, but one gifted somehow with wielding magic. There were powers she could call from the ruling cosmos that he could only dream of, should he challenge her, but in the end she didn't know what his powers' extent was.

"[#9c27b0 And with no empathy you expect to 'rule' them.]" she said, holding his gaze for a long moment, considering him from her position on the seat. "[#9c27b0 That sounds more like minding them, a nuisance. Little position at all. I do hope you wouldn't seek any prestige from them.]"

"[#9c27b0 Their wastefulness and detriment is not immaterial, however. But they are a stubborn and scornful race, spiteful.]" Maleficent said, her voice hardening some,fingers moving slightly as she ran her thumb pensively over the avian skull she wore on her finger. Her green eyes turned back towards Loki. "[#9c27b0 I wonder- Are you so keen on having a throne, something you believe you deserve as their handler- that you would rule a species that serves you no purpose whatsoever.]"

She returned the gaze, each curious towards the other, it seemed, and willing to be comfortable enough to be scrutinized in curiosity from the other. From a comfortable distance it was almost sublime, this strange balance between the two of them in observation. He had sharp features on an angular face, and intelligent eyes, and an expressive, thin mouth. Her eyes moved over these freely as he considered her in turn.

Presently, Maleficent's curiosity focused, wondering more about the physicality of this foreigner, Loki, but was resigned to leave herself at a distance from him. His sentiments were slowly bringing to being a well of uncertainty regarding him into her, patiently and insistently waiting for her to embrace it fully, thus far at bay. The great fairie blinked slowly, tilting her head to the side slightly. "[#9c27b0 How is your mouth?]"
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Loki had to pause for a second, to draw from memory, the old tales he had only read in passing during one of his many visits to Midgard. Something about winged creatures granting wishes?

Of course, he had to pick his words carefully, as well. If he offended the faerie, no doubt he would be once again left to his own devices, or worse.
It was no hard task to draw the best description he could come to remember, though, and he readily supplied it as he glanced towards the sharp-featured woman.

"If I recall correctly, the old midgard tales of your kind vary greatly from tale to tale, but the common theme is that the fae folk, faeries, were creatures that lived in ancient times, when Midgard teemed with magic. They were humanoid, as you are, and winged. Some stories spoke of the small stature of the fae, while others spoke of those with your own stature. Many of the tales were embellished, twisted to provide some sort of moral to a story, or sense of comfort to children..." Loki paused in his description to take a few steps forward, wet his lips, and continue. "They describe your kind as pure beings with magical powers, often hidden in forests such as this"

His piercing green eyes remained locked on the faerie woman as she approached the throne, watching her movements, noting how easy it was for her to raise her voice to address him, as if she were used to displaying such authority.

She seemed to hold such distaste for mankind, and those who wished to rule, or perhaps it was anyone she deemed similar to them in any way. It was amusing to him, but he did not let it show on his sharp features.

A strand of ebony hair slipped over his face as he turned his head slightly, and he moved to push it behind his ear as he spoke once more, putting his thoughts to words.

"If I may... You yourself are, quite obviously, a leader of some sort. You have the authority of one. What do you, yourself, see in the leadership of your people? Over your moors?" To this, he offered a manufactured smile, partially knowing, and partially questioning.

"I myself feel no empathy towards mankind, and yet a beast is still a beast. If it runs rampant on its own, left to its own devices, it can result in some...Unwanted circumstances...But under the hand of an experienced handler, any beast can serve a greater purpose."

He did truly believe the words he spoke. Loki Liesmith was a born leader, and under his rule, he could shape mankind in any way he saw fit. He craved the power that came with leadership, and saw an ideal herd of cattle to govern in the simple Midgardians.

Of course, he knew not of this faerie woman's thoughts on the quest for power, and was wise to not discourse any information that might be pertinent. He would not tell her of his desire to rule, only of his thoughts, that any creature could be shaped, with the right tools, of course...

Loki studied the woman a bit longer, maintaining perfect unwavering eye contact, two pairs of vibrant green eyes locked on one another. It was striking how very similar in colour they were. Yet another strange similarity between two strangers...
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The cloaked woman blinked slowly, wondering if she had caught a note of disbelief from the stranger. Her chin tilted down a little, regarding him curiously as he spoke, but as he continued it seemed he wasn't critical. Looking at him, Maleficent wondered if she, if the idea of fairies themselves, were but myth. She had never been once in the presence of anything calling itself a god. Perhaps it was a day for newness for them both. "[#9c27b0 It seems.]" Maleficent acknowledged him, her brow quirking some. She had not once had need to believe in any place away from her Moors, or what little of the human realm she had seen beyond the fields. But even to them, they were aware of the existence, if not the truth of the creatures. Stories alone, she wondered what they said. "[#9c27b0 And what do these stories say?]"

"[#9c27b0 I have heard plenty say the same thing.]" Maleficent said in a low voice, letting her gaze slide away from him. Stepping over a small pool, the fairy started towards her seat. She was tired. But hesitated and glanced around the interior of the center they had reached. Her eyes went to the seat, wanting to slip into it and making a hesitant imagining of the discomfort it would take to relax into it. But maybe instead of maintaining her stature, sitting would be a welcome shift. "[#9c27b0 Is that not the legacy of those you wish to lead. Should their fate be to spiral downwards, shouldn't they be left to it?]"

Her body shifted then, starting towards that bonelike seat, cloaks whispering around her feet as she stepped over the rocks and greenery until she reached the raised platform where it was, overhung with wisteria, now lying dormant without flowers. "[#9c27b0 What does something, a you say, more advanced would want with a world like that.]" Maleficent said. As far as she was concerned that was human ambition speaking. Same as they who he claimed to rule. She had seen it happen already, and had no faith in this stranger to lead them any different. "[#9c27b0 What empathy do they deserve, in your advanced wisdom?]"

Continuing, she turned back upon reaching the seat, raising her voice a bit to compensate the distance. "[#9c27b0 An animal does not fare where it doesn't belong, shouldn't it be the same logic as with men?]"

[#9c27b0 #9c27b0]
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Loki couldn't help but give a small chuckle at the word she used to describe herself. "Faerie. I had not heard that word in quite some time..." He mused aloud. "If that is your race, I had not expected to ever meet one of your kind in my extended lifetime. I read stories of fae folk as a child, but now it seems I have found myself in the presence of one"

He turned to look over her again, and noted with some passing interest that were she a faerie, would she not have wings?

Perhaps that was the thing stolen from her, the cause of her injuries.... It certainly made sense.

He let out another laugh at her mention of these humans. They were the same here as they were in all other realms!

"Mortals like to fight their wars. They are simple minded and vain. Like animals squabbling for this or that resource, attacking in their weakness at anything they fear." Loki gave a chuckle at that. "And they are quite fearful creatures. But truly, they can never hope to succeed or improve when leading themselves. They are all equally bovine in their simplicity. They require strong leadership and a firm hand from a....more advanced ruler..."

Loki trailed off for a few seconds, thinking to himself at his plans and the mortals he wished to rule. He truly believed everything he had said. Humans were weak and small, and even if they didn't know it yet, they craved subjugation.

Honestly, mortals were the perfect subjects for a ruler like Loki. He was stronger than they, and far smarter, and he could play the part of just or benevolent ruler just as easily as any part he would need. Mankind was simply too stupid to properly govern itself alone...
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Maleficent noted the change in stature and pursed her lips minutely. She imagined a potency in that which would give him an upper hand on the others that he so seemed to wish to distance from. But she hesitated from bringing it up with him, instead watching carefully his body language. She would assume that it was these fellows that had sewn his mouth shut, and was this isolation then banishment or escape? Certainly an escape would be complete if you knew not even where you ended up. But often that zeal would fade, as she suspected this would.

The description made these Asgardian folk sound mortal, just like the callous, horrid ilk that claimed the lands to the east. Waging just like their previous king a war against the wilds of the Moors, to be replaced by simply another war hawk, supped on a prejudice and ignorance of forefathers. Stefan had such promise- she knew that he valued the time he spent absconding to these forested lands. But then he had befallen the taint just like the rest. Pitifully stupid in their bloated importance.

Maleficent was pulled from her thoughts, having allowed her gaze to linger on him as he absently explored the center, the pools, her seat, and their surroundings, by his questioning her. Fellows? Her eyes turned down a little, Stefan immediately coming to mind. She of course had the delightful company of all of the creatures and beings in these Moors, but ne'er more would come. They all knew of her as the patron entity. They would play, and they would dance- but it had not gone any further than that. Diaval, she supposed now, was the closest thing she had to a companion, and he owed her his life. He was an appendage now for her. Wings and eyes for the grand fairy to gaze upon the realm of man in its filth.

She shook her head just gently, feeling her chest tighten at the thought. Maleficent swallowed in preparation to speak. "[#9c27b0 Little. Fairies are small, spread apart. Others are.]" she amended, recalling her status as one. But they were all smaller than human children, or just so the size of an infant if not more. "[#9c27b0 I'm the only of my own that I've found. And often company is short lived.]" Her eyes then returned to Loki's dark verdant. "[#9c27b0 I've much to combat, since the late king decided to wage his torrents of war, and especially now with the newer. A vow to destroy what they do not understand, nor can control such is the endless spiral of man's [i foolishness].]" she said, feeling her lip twitch a bit in disgust, using the word that Loki had earlier.

She could still, clearly, feel the pain that he had caused her so he could continue to wage the war that his predecessor had. Wounding her when she was comfortable, taking [i advantage] of her extended companionship so he could try and fill that pit of narcissistic ambition. An act of war that she was just waiting to repay the suffering for. Any excuse, any chance. She would take it and repay it. As if in reply, the pain in her back came again to the front of her attention now that she was paying it mind, reminding her of why she had made the staff in her hand, and of why she was leaning on it, making to hide the handicap from the trespasser Asgardian.
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Loki listened patiently , wandering to and fro, eventually coming to stop at the throne made of vines and branches. He let a hand ghost over the chair, thinking of his own attempt at the asgardian throne. That had been short lived, though. They had soon come to realize that it was in fact not Odin who sat above them in his golden throne, but loki, disguised as such.

"My kind..." He muttered, darkness falling over his face as he looked down at the throne.

Suddenly he was disgusted by the throne, and he turned away to inspect some new thing. He was not destined to rule Asgard, and he had been stolen from Joutenheim, and now neither realm belonged to him, just as he belonged to neither.

"I suppose you could call me an anomaly." He said nonchalantly. "Most asguardian men fight with fists and weapons and go running into danger. Most often it is the women who wield magic, if only to heal their foolish men. There are few of... My kind... That use magic in battle, to attack or shield."

The thought of how truly different he was from those he had grown up with had made him tense, and he could remember the taunts he would receive growing up, even occasionally from his own then-brother, Thor.

He could feel his mood quickly shifting, and so he turned the conversation a bit, so as not to enrage himself with things of the past.

"But I digress. I have always preferred the company of like-minded souls. Intellectuals. Or if not available, I prefer my books. Tell me, were you blessed with the company of others such as yourself?" He asked softly, but something in him knew the answer already... She had sought companionship with the mortals, tried to befriend them, only to be harmed in the process, causing a loss of trust. It was obvious to him because it mired his own history. He had tried to be like the other asguardians, had tried to get in his "father's" good graces, befriend Thor's friends, and find companionship, but he had been betrayed and lied to, time and time again, each new betrayal or lie cutting into him anew, creating more scars. The only difference between their betrayals were that his were purely emotional, while hers were much more physical. It was obvious in the way she held herself, cautious of every move, and how she spoke of the humans. One of them had hurt her.
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Her expression didn't shift at his amusement. It was a trifle, but they were the kind that had iron, and now their king was very much aware of the thing that burnt her kind. The thing that rendered her as mortal as any other, and perhaps then there would be no fairy strong enough born to protect the Moors should she fall. Discomfort started through her, pulling her mouth a touch. Certainly they were a weak and delicate species, but they yet posed the fairy a great hindrance, a single danger.

"[#9c27b0 Foolishness,]" Maleficent repeated, shaking her head, her mouth twitched in distaste. "[#9c27b0 among other vices.]" Her spidery hand made another vapid gesture, her mouth turning down in a frown on her angular face.

She then frowned, perplexed now and repeated, "[#9c27b0 Worshipped.]" That sounded warlike and vicious. The woman's suspicions suddenly warped, twisting into defensiveness as she considered him again with a wary eye.

The tall fairy gave him a peculiar look, "[#9c27b0 They aren't common? Then you are an anomaly even among your kind.]" Maleficent [i knew] he was strange. But in just her own familiar regard. His species yet was unfamiliar to her, Asgardian, and as such the term had meant nothing- she had only to reference him against mortals though he claimed to be other. However the last statement made her take pause- it had threads of loneliness in it, or of isolation at the very least. She could only imagine the dysfunctionality of such a war-focused, barbaric nation. Loki had made note that he had qualms with it, or at least those that seemed to have power over him... but to what extent was his rationale.

"[#9c27b0 Revealed, if it be unfortunately useless.]" Maleficent replied truthfully with a tilt of her head. She of course didn't know any of these terms, and his naming them gave her nothing. But she would extend the same. "[#9c27b0 I have no name other than Maleficent, but I am responsible for these lands, and they are mine to keep, as I said before.]"
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Loki couldn't help but let out a laugh at the mention of men and their taint. So perhaps humans had found their place amongst this realm as well? From the sound of it, they were just as corrupt and dull as the ones he knew. While some may consider him the patron saint of humans, a race of liars, thieves, and miscreants, he couldn't care less for most of the population. Of course, they did provide excellent servants and worshipers, but the reign of god was long over. Nobody had worshiped him or any of his kind, for hundreds, perhaps even thousands of years...

Now, mortals were nuisances and so like cattle that it was frighteningly hilarious.
"So then we agree upon the foolishness of mortals" He muttered, still only half paying attention.

"I do not meet as many magic users as I would like to, I'm afraid. Despite living in a world of gods, most of them can be as barbaric and oafish as any man. Sometimes I wonder why they were ever worshiped in the first place..." He drawled, his last few words turning to poison on his lips. For a short while, he had understood why some of the gods were worshiped. Freyja for her beauty, Idunn for her everlasting life, and even for a time he believed that Thor was worthy of mankind's praise and worship. But as he grew older, he realized how simple and barbaric the gods could be....

"My magic has always been my difference from the people around me..." He paused and shrugged. "But it is my own."

He licked his lips and then stood up once more, having grown bored of staring at the pool of water. He strode past her to look around, but turned only a few feet away to look at her again.

"So, My lady Maleficent, I have revealed to you the manner of being I am, and now I request the same of you. I would fathom to guess that you were Vanir, were I not aware of my surroundings..."

Obviously there was a clear distinction between herself and the mortals, along with the fact that she had magic, revealed that she herself was no mortal, and that intrigued him, as did many other aspects of her.
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The cloaked woman inclined her head in a nod towards him, keeping her gaze steadily trained on the other's pale, angular face. She was yet unconvinced of his wealth of reason, but he had a debt to pay now and she would have it should he prove useful. "[#9c27b0 These are the Moors.]" the protector of that realm replied, "[#9c27b0 And to the east of our border is the sprawl of man. It has no name that I care to learn.]" she said, gesturing in the general direction of that awful place. Making an effort to keep her bitterness to herself, Maleficent turned a mask of disinterest towards it, a dismissive gesture again tossed toward it to show Loki where it lay. "[#9c27b0 And I keep its taint from these woods.]"

Maleficent's expression twitched in a bit of peculiar confusion at the word 'god'. Bringing her gaze back to him to view his form, brows coming together. A strange and nervous word. Those who wield it were of a stick she couldn't think to put to a single body. Or a place. To her, her lands were her god, something uncontrolled, it had no figure, form or name. To think one would put it to themselves was inconceivable. It felt wrong. It was [i laughable] much as it was worrying.

She couldn't couldn't help internal scoff at the mention, a bit of amusement dancing in her eyes for just a moment, the woman arching a brow at him in but didn't say anything about it. Surely he wasn't serious? A realm of gods, of [i individual] gods who thought themselves somehow superior. What rubbish, as far as she was concerned. How grievously bloated was this one's self-importance? It sounded like a world more corrupt than the kingdom that Stefan had pulled himself on top of. A flash of discomfort- was this one the same sort? But if man could achieve magic- then what of the Moors, then? Would it end up the disaster that this Asgard sounded like? But again she kept her mouth shut, maintaining a look of careful attention as he spoke, if glancing him over again.

"[#9c27b0 Yes,]" she dropped her gaze thoughtfully for a moment, feeling herself want to draw back. To banish this abomination of a form. "[#9c27b0 very strange.]" the great fairy murmured, her gaze sliding back to him, brow again arched in like-minded curiosity.

"[#9c27b0 The first I've seen as well. And the first I've heard of- [i Asgard].]" he pronounced it carefully. "[#9c27b0 All of the others I have seen have colors of flowers, or of the skies. But I haven't seen anything natural with this color of green.]" she said, tapping a finger on the tip of her staff, its imbued, lime colored magic swirling inside.

Her eyes then returned to Loki, "[#9c27b0 And yours, a golden green I haven't yet seen.]"

It then occurred to her that his taint sounded much like [i theirs.] Self import, a thieving, siphoning, draining view on the world. Convinced that it, these realms he spoke of like they were owned. His taint sounded similar to theirs. The woman's fingers tightened on her staff.
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Loki watched carefully as the woman performed her magic, and was quite pleased when the threads were removed.

Now that he could speak, his magic was more powerful. He drew his magic from words, his silver tongue, and now that it was free, he could do much more.

"Heal" He muttered, almost inaudibly quiet, and the remaining bits of thread crumbled to dust while the holes in his lips closed themselves and the flesh was mended until there were only small pink scars where the gaping holes had been.

Tentatively, he ran his tongue over his lips, and was pleased that his magic was working.

Then he turned his head and started speaking to Maleficent, his voice rich and clear, not at all bothered by the previous binding of his mouth.

"I thank you for your assistance" He said, bowing his head slightly, before drawing up to his full height to look her in the eye.

"I am Loki, I come from a realm known as Asgard. A realm of gods. Pray tell me, what realm would this be? I have traveled through the nine realms quite frequently , but this... I have never laid eyes upon such a curious place. And I would assume you are the ruler of this realm?" Loki offered Maleficent a smile, before turning and starting to examine the area around them, glancing into the pool with his arms folded behind his back.

"You are the first I have seen, aside from myself, to wield magic with such a vibrant green..." He paused to look up at Maleficent once again, before continuing to examine the contents of the pool while he waited for her response.
  Loki / CreativeRed / 4y 293d 15h 59m 31s
Some of the little creatures danced away from his footsteps despite his careful gait, afeared of the stranger, feeling the magic in him and not knowing it familiarly.

Maleficent's hand was brought closer, moving her fingers a bit and somehow signalling the little flames to remain where they were in how she widened them. The great fairy then glanced over him again in the light calmly.

She took pause for a few moments more, letting her hand hover in air. The cloaked woman then brought her fingertips closer, feeling the spark of energy unfamiliar. Strong. But not impossible. It made her fingers twitch a moment, pulling an absent hum from her lips. Her green magic flickered around her fingertips before solidifying in a light fog around her fingertips as she summoned it, articulating it and envisioned her will. The magic followed.

It flickered again and then swelled, manipulated by the direction of her fingers, and leapt across the thread with sharp, cold flames. The threads were strong, resisting the interference. But in flicking her wrist and fingers a little, it sharply snapped the suturing that kept his mouth pressed tightly together. She spared him nothing, pulling back and then banished the will-o-the-wisp leaving only the glow of her staff and the peripheral light from the other creatures and the trees.

"[#9c27b0 There, you have your voice.]" Maleficent said, observing his next actions. She wondered briefly if he would pull out the suturing from his flesh, or what his next step would be. It seemed now that the magic had been severed, yet still sparking in its threads, it was little more than remaining there.

[#9c27b0 #9c27b0]
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Loki followed after the woman, careful to stay far enough away so as not to invade her own personal space and have enough room to run or dodge should she decide to attack, but he was also close enough to see her in the darkness and be able to follow them.

As they were walking, he let his curious nature get the best of him as he made a note to take in all the many creatures around him. There were plenty of beings he had never seen before, and a few he vaguely recognized as being similar to ones he had seen in either Asgard or one of the other realms.

There was a vast difference, though, between these creatures and the creatures he was used to on Asgard. Most of the creatures he was familiar with would not hesitate to attack on sight. These creatures seemed much more docile than even the most calm bilgesnipe.

When they came to a stop by a nearby pool, he allowed himself a second to glance within its clear waters. The pool in itself was not unlike something one could find in some of the more untamed areas of Asgard, but the flying creatures, perhaps some form of fae folk, as they definitely matched the descriptions of the midgardian books he had read on the subject.

Loki stepped closer to Maleficent, careful of where he stepped, and hoping that he would be able to speak soon, and return home... But did he truly want to go home? Perhaps he could spend some time on Midgard, causing his beloved chaos, playing tricks on unsuspecting mortals... That would be fun... Especially since Midgard now seemed to hold Thor's interest...
  Loki / CreativeRed / 4y 293d 17h 53m 29s
Maleficent gave him another cool glance over as he started after her. She turned, eyes rising to the canopies and lifting her hand again, signalling to Diaval wherever his dark form was among the trees. His black blur of a form flitted up from where he had concealed himself and perched on her curled knuckles. Maleficent's face didn't alter when the raven's talons closed on her hand, shifting him to her sharp shoulder and led the stranger, Loki through the trees.

Initially they were dark, like a forest of man as far as she knew of them, until eventually as they moved over a few crests of hills the lights started in increasing number. The fluttering shapes started through the trees, the will-o-wisps, tiny violet lights of flickering flames it seemed glew and hovered in their midst of the air. Moving aside as if by the breeze that their passing forms created before regaining their suspended animation.

The light of her staff set to glowing again gently as she led the way, not relying on it much but for the sake of her companion unfamiliar to the area. Her cloaks whispered around herself as she moved, brushing over the ground as they moved. The dark clothes felt fitting now. Instead of blending into the foliage as she had originally, dressing in muted, earth tones as felt fitting. Letting her hair down. But now she had focus, she wanted to blend into the shadows only. This was, as she had said, her domain and she would be its defining presence for all of the long years she would live.

There were the shufflings and presences of an increasing amount of creatures, some with glowing eyes, others simply gray or vaguely colored forms in the darkness around them murmuring as they passed. The large, medusa-like creatures with their low, grating cries wheeled slowly, as if themselves in water, around as they neared the clear of the trees. The creatures lingered near, some of their murmurs repeating the name of the fairy as they moved, or went about their business- noting the stranger's presence.

Maleficent led him to the low pools, as if tide pools with the little water sprites dancing over the glassy surfaces of the water and the low foliage over the ground as it allowed the rock underneath the soil to reach through. Her eyes then turned towards, on the throne of sorts that she had pulled together from the roots that had climbed down. She didn't bother to go near it, but brought another hand, palm up, towards the sky and summoned some of the will-o-the-wisp over to gether in a bit of a ring. Diaval made his escape at the flickering flames' appearance and went the rest of the way to the root cage chair. The tall woman then turned around and faced Loki, face smooth and calm as she did so and gestured him closer.
  Maleficent / Tweedy / 4y 293d 18h 16m 39s
Had he not been so in control of his expressions and mannerisms, he might have laughed at the woman's expressions. After all, she was so different, and yet so similar to him.
She was right to distrust him. But all the same, he needed that trust to get what he wanted.

He watched the play of emotions and thoughts run across her face, and inwardly he was amused at how very obvious she was. Her face was so expressive, that it was so easy to tell everything she was thinking and feeling. That was their main difference.

While they were both powerful beings, Loki felt he had the upper hand. He was long since past the days of truly trusting anyone, and he had always been, for the most part, in control of his own emotions, able to easily slip on any mask he needed in order to get what he wanted.

No, this woman, Maleficent, she was open with her emotions, and she seemed to react purely to those emotions. When she felt angry, he could see it clearly etched in the lines of her face. In fact, he knew if the tables were turned, and she were the one without the ability to speak, he would have no problem at all understanding her simply based on her expressions. Why, perhaps even Thor himself, as oafish as he was, would be able to read the expressions on this woman's face!

His face remained unchanging as she reached forward, almost touching his lips, and offering her help. He knew well enough not to fully trust anyone, but he felt he was in control of the situation, despite his current loss of words.

Of course, he couldn't help a curious tilt of his head, letting his raven hair shift slightly and slide over his shoulder, before righting his head and glancing around, figuring that perhaps it could be that she was not comfortable performing magic in this woods, and wanted to do so in a more private area. She did not seem overly cautious, or even afraid of the forest around her. Her earlier presence, as well as her words, proved to him that she was unafraid of these woods.

And so with a small gesture and nod of his head, he signaled her to lead the way, and he would follow.
  Loki / CreativeRed / 4y 293d 19h 36m 34s

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