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The faeire felt more than saw the small form of the bird enter her borders. Her eyes from the moors, on her perch in its heart, raised to the clouded skies upon which she could pick out the body of the creature. It made her ache to see it. Grounded. In another life she would have gone up to greet him herself and would have wheeled about in much the way she knew the hawk would be capable. It would be pure bliss, and she felt her little withered heart clench with nostalgia for doing just that. Flying.

And so she had taken Diaval the crow to be her prosthesis. And through his eyes she could still fly. But he was still a very mortal little creature. And should the one of chaos deem it necessary, he could be killed. And she wasn't about to waste an asset like that.

She sighed, turning her eyes down again as she let him in. A being of magic, but in candor so like a man. His affect reminded her of herself. Distant and embittered. He was wary like she. But she wondered if it was bred, or if it was created by events like hers. She would let him in for now.

Her attention returned to the cottage she was viewing through the trees. The little thing was wandering around in the garden as the helpless hags the smaller fae trio had turned themselves into attempted to grow something without magic. Like men they squatted in the dirt and begged it to provide for them. They were doing it wrong.

She sighed through her nose and let her body flicker down to the forest floor and she made her way back to the Heart. It was time to visit her-

the squawk of Diaval took her attention and she gestured for him to alight beside her. As soon as he drew near, the man appeared from behind the feathers.

"[#9c27b0 What do you have for me?]" she asked.

"[B That stranger of yours,]" he responded. "[B I followed him like you asked. He can be a bird like I can.]"

Her head tilted, "[#9c27b0 No small feat. What else?]" But her tone belied her lack of surprise. If she was willing, she could transform herself. Once. But oft the emotional strain was too much. A last resort.

"[B Quite the ruckus in town, a wild boar out of nowhere... What do you say supposing it's him whose magic was behind it? I thought it was you, but you don't look nearly as satisfied enough to have done that.]"

Maleficent laughed at that, "[#9c27b0 Oh? He has wit about him?]"

"[B I think so, miss.]" he responded, glancing around.
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Loki listened silently to her words, offering her a small shrug at her mentions of mankind once again. Though she too spoke of such distaste for mankind, he could tell there was something more to her words. Something personal. He found himself itching with the hunger to know. If he had the information, would he use it against the faerie? Perhaps, if he ever felt need to find some form of vengeance, were she to turn on him, or sabotage his attempts in some way...

"I have existed long before the mortals, and I will continue to exist long after they are gone" He said casually, not in the least bit worried that his language might seem too similar to one race or another. Having experienced so many languages and cultures, he had come to know that they were all similar in many ways. That was how it was so easy to assimilate himself into a realm, talk his way out of any situation, because the core of each being was the same, across all realms.

At Maleficent's next words, he offered but a nod and a wry smile. "Perhaps" was all he said before he let his magic engulf him, and he took to the sky in the form of a hawk.

Soon enough, he saw the thorns the fae had spoken of, and further on, a castle, surrounded by buildings, not unlike a city of old Midgard. He flew until he was just outside the city, and alighted some ways away, to avoid suspicion. Upon transforming to his aesir form, he used his magic to retrieve some coin from a pouch he always kept on him, enchanted to hold whatever was placed inside, and always provide what he needed.

His journey to the city was uneventful, he picked up more than he had planned, though, leaving with a few scrolls, some dried meat, a loaf of bread, and a few other items he felt would be necessary.

As he took to wing again, he felt the chaos in his veins stir, and he longed for one moment to return to the mortals and destroy them, cause them panic and lay siege to the castle, but he quelled the notion, and instead found himself perched on a rooftop, causing little bits of chaos on the unsuspecting mortals below. Mostly harmless pranks, aside from letting an enraged boar into the streets... Although it was stopped before anyone died...

Once satisfied, he made his way back to the moors, now eager to return to the place of such magic. If he were to find his way home, he would need to use magic, and perhaps this land's magic would give him some clue as to how to return.
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"[#9c27b0 Devour,]" Maleficent repeated, chuckling low in her throat with a mild grin taking her features. "[#9c27b0 Such drama.]" Amusement danced in her eyes as she shook her head. "[#9c27b0 Are you trying to intimidate me?]" the faerie asked, her eyes sliding to see him from the corners. Despite her words, she wasn't about to write him off. A hunger like that could spell danger in any number of forms. "[#9c27b0 Very human word for someone keen to set himself apart.]" she regarded him with a bit more reserve, face cool as her amusement faded.

Looking at him, she couldn't tell if he was being dramatic, or being unusually earnest with her. Being a stranger she couldn't tell, and that discomforted her. Maleficent was trying to handle her paranoia with strangers, and her patience was waning, her body was yet aching. Her magic "[#9c27b0 And yet you've seemingly accidentally ended up in my moors.]" she said to him, tilting her head a little and leveling a cool gaze.

"[#9c27b0 And rather difficult to talk to. Seeing as I don't know you, that's left to be seen.]" Maleficent said, shifting into motion again as Diaval swooped over their head. "[#9c27b0 Cryptic and underwhelming, I'm afraid, is all I've been left with for the time being.]"

"[#9c27b0 I need to check my borders, I believe there is a little mouse trying to get through.]" She glanced back at him, "[#9c27b0 Beware what lurks in these lands. They do not know you, nor you them. And if I find it wounded, your curiosity is none of my concern. All I want to do is protect my lands.]" Aside from her personal ends, it wasn't untrue. "[#9c27b0 If you see thorns, then you'll know it's the border with King Stephan.]" she said, fighting the bitterness in saying it before glancing back at him. "[#9c27b0 Perhaps I'll see you soon and we can talk about how this all happened, hm?]"
  Tweedy / 3y 189d 7h 14m 12s
Loki gave a small chuckle as he regarded her words, turning them over in his head as she spoke them, and calculating his own words as they walked.

Truly, there was only one word that spanned across all his time and history. One that truly fit his personality, as well as the mythos the humans had given him so long ago.

"To devour"

He spoke this with a dark edge, quite interested to see her initial reaction to his carefully chosen word. It was true, his quest was of learning, of experiencing and becoming closer and more knowledgeable to each world, to take what he could to better himself, and add new things to his arsenal. He would learn for learning's sake, but the things that interested him greatly were matters of politics, and the sneaky fighting tactics his family loathed. He soaked up information necessary to do as he pleased, move between worlds and up in the ranks of multiple hierarchies .

Some humans believed him to be the god of fire, and in a way, he was like fire, devouring all in his path, never sated. Truly, he would devour all of the nine realms, if he could...

"I seek revenge in many forms, and knowledge of the things I must know. I traverse the realms freely, experiencing more than most, and I keep that knowledge with me, locked away for future use. I've been to realms of pure ice and pure fire, I've seen civilizations rise and fall."

Loki paused for a second to take stock of the surroundings, memorizing the new details, to hopefully remember them for later, if he were to need to find his way back.

"Stranger indeed. I am a difficult man to know..."
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The faery, who had turned just slightly to regard him over her shoulder, turned slightly more. Diaval alighted on the crested stone of her staff and mumbled at her, the woman's spidery fingers reaching to stroke his back absently.

Maleficent did little to abortively hide the twitch of pleased interest at his willingness to speak about himself. Yet hovering, strung between distrust and her habits of intrigue and curiosity and friendliness, even, the woman considered Loki another moment as he continued. Interest glinted in her eyes as he spoke of another realm of magic. Was this the world that hailed him as a god? Or the one that, since he mentioned his time young, told him he was one? Again, the faery had a hard time believing in such a thing. She knew protectors and kings, but no gods. Though perhaps the men had bestowed upon Loki a name he was reluctant to shake? But she kept quiet on it for the time being, rather preferring their cordiality more than anything.

Her eyes lit slightly with interest as he spoke, imagining what she could with the words he provided. A mix of mankind and of the natural. It seemed too good to be true. Or, rather what was more likely, too foreign to her to fathom. There was a sudden stir in her to see such things. As vast as the two kingdoms were, and that she had not seen past them, knowing full well there was more Maleficent hadn't seen the idea of seeing something new roused something in her. But it faded, becoming a fanciful consideration and she glanced away.

"[#9c27b0 Other realms,]" repeated the sorceress, imagining what she could of it. How far had this one traveled? Had he fallen into them as he had this one? Was this- the thought struck her as amusing, this prideful being stumbling on accident into something so vast- a familiar occurrence to him? Maleficent smiled, almost conceding to asking him more, pressing him with her curiosity. "[#9c27b0 That's interesting.]"

The horned woman turned her head slightly at his inquisition, hearing her name from his lips. He seemed quite eager to speak of himself. The woman's eyes narrowed, feeling the distinct inclination to ask of his follies just to hear of them. She regarded him a moment; enjoying his openness but finding herself wondering if he wasn't simply trying to usurp her of her power in ambiguity- using it as a means to probe too far? ... But a following thought occurred. Her eyes moved towards the border, realizing she hadn't checked it in some time and feeling it abandoned. Maleficent's eyes narrowed slightly in thought, brows coming together as she pursed her mouth in thought, then turned back to Loki. "[#9c27b0 Walk with me,]" she invited, dismissing Diaval with a whisper, "[#9c27b0 and you can tell me of your-]" Had to choose a word now. Hmm. Self seemed too invasive for such a private-seeming man. Maleficent didn't want to launch into too much too quickly, again reiterating her appreciation for their cordiality and the agreement they came to regarding perhaps being allies, or rather a request of him to her to be such as he was the stranger here. She had seen his flesh pierced, and their shared pain brought some amount of solidarity between herself and him, but also a hesitance in what brought it on. her wounds were of foolishness; but his seemed evident in their placement, in stalling his tongue, in the magic she had felt resisting her as more of a punishment, a prevention. It was a delicate game Maleficent felt herself playing. "[#9c27b0 curiosity. I've little interest in battle, and I'm sure we won't be delving into the shadows just yet. But in all these travels; was it an insatiable desire to see? To learn?]" the tall woman regarded him from the corner of his eye. "[#9c27b0 Or to keep?]" She also didn't want to incur too much intrigue in the information he provided should he turn to ask something similarly dangerous, as tempting as it was. It was a frustrating game. Loki seemed so full of a flicker of yearning, of a closeness to the earth as he had taken a moment to savor it, but he spoke of a progress of a world that was, yes, steeped in magic, but also daft enough to raise gods among men.

"[#9c27b0 Who is the stranger who has fallen into my moors?]"

[#9c27b0 #9c27b0]
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Loki was placated by the lack of scorn or distrust the fae had in her voice after his quip, and he offered himself one small chuckle before he turned back to Maleficent.

"I shall tell you of my travels, and of my home...." Loki paused for a second, wondering what world was his home. In a sense, he was both homeless, and at home in all realms, especially that of Asgard, Jötunheimr, and Midgard. How could one truly call any place a home? He chose his next words carefully, toeing the edge of truth and careful words. "I have already told you of Midgard, but the realm I spent the most time in as a boy, Asgard, still is quite full of magic. It is an interesting blend of progress, not unlike that of mankind's, and magic, to produce vast golden structures, surrounded by wild lands. The men there most often pride themselves on war and violence than intelligence or use of magic. The..." Loki paused for a second, contemplating mentioning Jötunheimr, but in the end decided against it. "other realms all have varying levels of magic, with their own ways of life."

Loki turned to look away, contemplating as he often did, and pondered on what stories he might tell her.

"And what of my travels interests you most, Maleficent?" He asked, speaking her name for the first time since learning it. "Would you like to know of my battles, or my exploits? My betrayals, or the moments where I was the guilty party? My greatest achievements, or perhaps my darkest moments?"

He would not tell her his darkest secrets, he would keep to himself any information that could be used against him, but he did like to spin a tale, and it was easy to slip into the persona of a storyteller.
  CreativeRed / 3y 313d 13h 11m 52s
Maleficent listened to him, her brows coming together as a little bit of distress came across her features. That was exactly what the men were doing in the next kingdom. But Maleficent, the worrier she was beginning to turn into, couldn't leave anything alone. And she needed not to think about it. So the faery shut her eyes and exhaled, trying to take the tension out of her shoulders. Turning her head quietly she tried to imagine these things, these gods. Metal creations... she wondered briefly what metal. An inhospitable environment for fae creatures, it was no wonder that they had lost their magic. "[#9c27b0 What a cold world.]" she murmured, looking over at Loki again. "[#9c27b0 Does your home still have its magic? I imagine it does.]" Surely a creature born such as him with a potent thread of magic in his veins would hail from such a place.

Maleficent was truthfully interested in him, her hesitancy only coming from the yet unhealing wounds that had been a result of her trust being broken as it had been. So she was torn, fighting her want to learn about this new humanoid that possessed magic in such a close color to hers. And with such potency. Claiming, even, to be a god. It was something that she hadn't ever heard, for as much as it made her hesitate.

But seeing the way that he touched the trees and inhaled the scent of the woods around them. She could tell by his stillness that he was listening, and she allowed him. The moors were a place all its own, on the edge of a kingdom alike itself. But she was abut to leave him to it, turning to leave when his words caught her, an she turned slightly, looking back at him as he turned away.

A quiet smile slipped onto her lips, "[#9c27b0 I meant to assist your journey for your parchments and paper.]" Maleficent turned back to him, "[#9c27b0 We still need to talk about your travels, don't we?]"
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Loki's mind was brought back to the time when Midgard was a wilderness, and magic was more freely accessible in that realm. Even then, humans had a penchant for shaping the land to their whims, forging their own paths, but they were so simple and few in numbers that their world remained pure and unchanged for the most part. Back then, he was a household god, feared and worshiped as a god should be. He had frequented Midgard often during those times, appearing before his followers, sometimes in his true form, others in a disguise. It had been a comfort in his younger years, when Thor got all the glory and attention from father and mother, back when he still believed he was a child of the two, he would find himself amongst the midgardians and their wild magic.

"Yes, they lost their magic. They stopped believing, started fighting, shaping the land as they saw fit, destroying it, and with it, the magic. They stopped worshiping household gods, switched to a singular diety, and even then, began questioning their false god. Now they worship metal beings of their own creation, they have become the masters of the land and reduced it to nothing and everything. Their age of magic is over." He explained, thinking on the current world of mortals. "They have replaced magic, and while their progress comes in leaps and bounds, and I have yet to see such creativity and passion for change in any other race, it has come at the cost of their land, their creatures, even their magic, with few traces still found. What magic that is left is hidden away, harder to control after centuries of disuse"

He ran a hand along the trunk of a tree thoughtfully as he listened to her words, once more explaining how interconnected this world was. Looking internally at the magic of this world, he felt a a kind of peace. The gentle ebb and flow of magic in everything around him was unlike anything he could find on any of the realms. Some forests in Vanahiem produced such an effect, but never with such clarity. He almost wanted to close his eyes and get lost in the feel, but he refused to let himself get so distracted, even if this faerie woman was not yet a threat.

Having had such a feeling of this magic wash over him for those few moments had caused him to let his guard down, if only for an instant, as he let slip a playful tease, accompanied by a small, if not slightly mischievous smile.
"So quick to see me gone?"

As soon as it slipped from his mouth, his expression shifted to a more serious look and he glanced away. He had made a mistake in letting a playful tease slip, and he cursed that his silver tongue had gone lose in such a moment. Perhaps it would be best if he found his way home quickly, so he wouldn't have time for more slip-ups.
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Maleficent's eyes flickered presently back to Loki. A little, pleased smile held as she viewed the self-acclaimed god's pause that he drew at her expression. Did that interest him? Outside of her own curiosity, it would be a good chance to learn some about this man's intentions, his words, and how he viewed himself, others. It was a chance to be smart about managing the moors again, a small bit of control that she could hold in her hands. And it would be delightful perhaps to explore this new one. To learn of these foreign places he spoke of, and of his role in them. What a 'god' meant to him, as he mentioned it.

She hummed in acknowledgment and interest, eyes glancing down in thought, fighting the spread of her smile a little at the idea of learning about so much. But her smile slipped with a pensive frown at his next statement, "[#9c27b0 Once?]" the fairy repeated, tilting her head a little, "[#9c27b0 Did they lose it?]" As the men of her world had as well, turned to superstition, a shallow, stringent magic, if binding and powerful. But as much of it was powerful important, it was at once a great deal of it false. Mere fancy. But she hadn't ever thought that magic could leave the earth itself, ever, if laying latent and potential deep within it. Her lips closed then, giving the raven haired man a thoughtful look, "[#9c27b0 I intend to.]"

Maleficent nodded slowly at his agreement with her, listening to his words. Her bright eyes moved up to his face again, wondering at his explanation of his actions to her and a little, purring smile rose to her face as she fancied he was perhaps beginning the forge of said trust in doing so. "[#9c27b0 Indeed,]" the woman said, "[#9c27b0 I will provide what I may, but in truth I do not have that.]" she smiled slightly. "[#9c27b0 As I've no need.]"

Lingering as he turned away from her, Maleficent watched the newcomer with curious eyes as he moved. He seemed familiar with such wilds, which gave a small flicker of hope that he had taken his heed of her words and was in fact capable of following them. And that perhaps, as he had said, he was so different from the men he set himself apart from.

She watched his nimbleness with an amused smile bridging on admiration but she would not go that far- and so it was slightly wonder at him that she showed.

Pausing slightly, the fairy looked back up at him, "[#9c27b0 These lands are connected and woven,]" Maleficent said in almost a reminding tone, her intent behind her words twofold. "[#9c27b0 As many ways as there are to find me, I am everywhere. And-]" she glanced to the side, "[#9c27b0 One may be persuaded to show you the way to the edge.]" she shrugged slightly, glancing up at the raven, arching a brow. Dipping her head slightly before turning and moving, Maleficent leaned against her staff. Limping just slightly before she found more stable ground, she gave a slow exhalation at how she yet had to get used to being without so much weight behind herself, so much balance and stability. It would forever frustrate her, and she pursed her lips against it as she continued.

"[#9c27b0 Come on, then, silly bird.]" came her croon to the raven who had up until then been eyeing Loki unabashedly before he gave a gurgling croak in response and hopped off of his limb to follow his mistress.
  Maleficent / Tweedy / 3y 325d 23h 39m 0s
Loki glanced back at the faerie as she spoke, noting the slight hint of curiosity and intrigue in her voice. It almost gave him pause, to hear that someone was interested in his experience, his stories... And this someone would not have heard the tainted versions of these stories. They would be fresh, his to tell, and correct. The temptation to sit with her now and spin tales of his life was pulling at him, but he put it to the back of his mind for now. He would have opportunities to speak freely of himself, but for now he must gather his wits and start a plan to return to his own realm.

"You are right in that I have had many travels. I do not take the title 'God' so simply. I have lived for hundreds... quite possibly thousands of years. my mind is abundant with memories of centuries past. I remember a time when Midgard, a human world now, was once like your own moors, wild and teeming with magic." Now Loki paused, thinking back on his recent exploits to Midgard, and his face turned into a dark frown for a second, and his voice dropped to barely above a whisper. "Guard your Moors. Mortal humans like to destroy magic in favor of their version of progress..."

But his tone shifted just as quickly as it had shifted to begin with, and he continued speaking normally.

"You are right. I would be quite weary of such a stranger as yourself. I have no choice but to place my trust in you for the time being...For now I think I shall find shelter, and on the morrow, I will make the journey. I have need of some items... Parchment and pen, most importantly."

Loki stepped towards a nearby tree, inspecting its branches, and upon finding something with it unsuitable, he moved onto the next, until he found one to his liking. He tested a branch, climbing up with ease, and when he found it satisfactory, he slipped off the branch to land once again on the ground. Despite living as a prince, he had, unlike Thor, learned to find comfort and rest in any place, due to his many numerous travels. Any discomfort he felt only served as a welcome contrast to comfort. To him, discomfort, pain, sorrow, all manner of unpelasant feelings had become almost cherished to him. He held his own special fondness for the feelings that were part of life.
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Maleficent found herself smiling at his humility. Of course she understood the tendency of men to exploit being such as he and the fae like her, and it seemed that he had been taken advantage of similarly. She couldn't yet tell if he had acceptedthis as a positive thing, or had surrendered to inevitability. The pale faery hummed to herself in thought and acknowledgment, "[#9c27b0 Of course,]" she said with a nod towards him. She too could see its touch on him. There was an intelligence in Loki's eyes that spoke of his wariness and of his keen, scheming mind. And as much as she appreciated it, because it was facing her and it was in contact with her in strangeness. She didn't know about him nor his intentions.

But a tiny flutter of curiosity was pressing at her, pulling her mouth in a thoughtful direction. "[#9c27b0 I would be interested, sometime, to perhaps discuss that experience with you.]" her eyes drifted away, pausing in her eagerness. Maleficent was making an effort not to open herself to more disaster when her wounds were still so fresh. "[#9c27b0 You seem to have gone many a place to gather this experience.]" her eyes returned to Loki, a slender smile pulling at her as she looked at him. It could also serve as a chance to explore him and his motives. For now, he was lost. He wanted to learn about where he was, what was happening and such. "[#9c27b0 It is not often that I find strangers here.]"

The fates, however, in their mention made her draw pause. She had not considered anything higher than coincidence. Was this the manifestation of her call to the earth in revenge? This Loki, she looked at him a moment, he and his alien yet all too familiar green magic, like hers. But his mention gave her hesitation at the self-import that it harbored. But that was tertiary to her at present, wondering what forces he worshipped, the proclaimed god. Fate was a higher power, even for a creature such as him. Interesting.

The faery held his gaze a moment, brows quirking in thought before she spoke. "[#9c27b0 Indeed. I would like to harbor a trust, if vague, between the two of us.]" A touch of a smile pulled at the corners of her mouth, arching her brows forwards, "[#9c27b0 You of course cannot blame me for being hesitant. I imagine you would do the same should our situations be switched.]" She pulled her staff to her side again as he turned away.

"[#9c27b0 No,]" she said, "[#9c27b0 the moors themselves are the forested wilds that separate the land of men and the rest.]"

"[#9c27b0 There is, however, just outside the forest edge, where the trees begin to thin where the meadows meet the fields of men there is a cottage, if you seek that type of quarters.]" Maleficent figured, judging by his tendency towards asking about remarkably human things, that he required a four walls and a roof type of person. "[#9c27b0 Outside of that is mine on the precipice.]" she gestured back to the spired ruin up a notable elevation on one of the towering mountainsides some distance away, glimmering faintly. "[#9c27b0 The next thing that you could call a settlement are a day's walk towards in either direction.]" the great faery continued, nodding in each direction mentioned. Towards the kingdom she kept glaring towards before, and whatever else lay beyond the mountains behind them. "[#9c27b0 It's a solitary world here in the territories.]"

[#9c27b0 #9c27b0]
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Loki listened to the fae's words, her musings on his stories, and he held in a laugh.
"Yes, some of my mistakes were just that, mistakes. I will not claim otherwise, but all stories of mine hold some learning potential. I have grown from each mishap. Some have taught me to better myself, but others have taught me to be wary of those who call themselves 'friends'..."
He sneered at the thought of his plans going awry due to some imbecilic action on thor's or his ragtag group of nuisances he called friends part.

In truth, had he been left to his own devices, many situations would have turned out much differently. Plenty of times, another god would ruin his plans, and he would be forced to clean up their mess, all the while being accused himself of making said mess. Then he would be forced to try and find some way to turn the situation to the other god's favor, so that he could continue on without reprimand.

"I find an alliance more beneficial than animosity, and perhaps more beneficial even than a friendship." He paused at the feel of the stone under his chin, and lifted his head ever so slightly to eye her with a sly smirk. "I need only time to find my way home, but I do find myself wondering, perhaps it is more than mere coincidence I find myself here. If the fates have use of me here, I would prefer my stay not riddled with conflict."

He took a step back and slipped away from the staff, turning around to once again glance at the surrounding area.
"Perhaps I should start finding myself shelter and food while I gather my bearings. Is this moors a wilderness in all aspects? Is there a common coin, governmental system, or the like, or shall I expect to be hunting for the time being? A system of information would be beneficial to my plight, but I have worked with less..."
He was partially musing to himself, but he did wonder if this place had a written language, and if they kept records and information stored in some place. There did not seem to be any such waypoints between the worlds that he could sense, nor would he fall so low as to call for Heimdall. If the god could even hear him...
  CreativeRed / 4y 38d 10h 6m 41s
The great faery's eyes narrowed slightly as she noticed the shift in his expression. Oh how he seemed to revel in speaking of himself. She supposed it made sense, one without context arriving in a place, or perhaps a world, where they are unknown has little to do but reflect on himself, speak of himself, or let his actions speak for him.

Worshipped as gods, she thought to herself, looking him over. That explained a lot of his temperament. He was lauded above them, and likely had taken to the idea. She could undertand that- but yet somehow seeing it in him made her hesitate and draw from him. Maleficent knew that a latent part of herself spoke of her height above a human in simple power, of being, but yet she knew she had great weakness and was only so much of a creature. But this stranger was peculiar and it wasn't just his unfamiliarity that made her shift so. Maleficent wasn't able to see herself relaxing and letting more foreigners into the moors, not after what had happened. She had to harden herself, and it seemed as if this paranoia that had settled into her had been there all along, just waiting. Perhaps it was smply manifesting again. But she wasn't about to believe her impression unfounded. He had intelligent eyes, this one, and that meant even more trouble for the relieving translucency it provided.

Maleficent could see it in him, however, that intelligence and that ambition. Yes, ambition. As soon as he made mention of his status as a lesser god as it were she wondered if his endeavor was to prove him a better one. For the presence of the look of satisfaction in his eyes Maleficent was certain that it was by chance a ploy at becoming more. Hermind's eyes flashed back to the image of Stephan, crowned a king now, and her at its detriment. Her chin tilted up some and she continued listening and she found herself smiling some at his last statement. "[#9c27b0 A moral guide. I believe I like the idea of a neutrality like that. Certainly some of these things likely were bad decisions one had to wiggle out of?]"

'dear faery' had her pausing, her hand clenching on her staff, but after a moment, her mouth curled into a fey smile and she inclined her head down towards him, standing above as she was if incrementally. "[#9c27b0 An ally,]" the tall woman murmured, eyes slipping over his stature. It took her a moment to quell the heat of her irritated frustration, recognizing that he was likely right and took a breath. "[#9c27b0 And are we so intimate, Loki? What have I done to make you think so, for yet you regard me with such intelligence and wariness.]"

Maleficent then shifted towards him in a whisper of cloaks as they summoned around her again as she drew to a stop close to him, eyes flickering with energy as she held contact with his. The stone encompassed in the wood she had fashioned around it glew in the gathering darkness and she shifted it underneath his jaw again. "[#9c27b0 As of recently, I have not been inclined to take my attention from my borders and to accept another stranger into my home.]" she watched his face as she spoke. She was still working through having trouble sleeping, having trouble lying at all without hurting herself. And she refused to heal, not wanting the massive amount of scar tissue inhibiting the movement of her back if healed with accelerating magic, nor was she somehow willing to take the time to patch it without--she wanted to feel this. Maleficent as much as she wished it had never happene,d how much she [i ached] for ignorance and cursed herself for having it, perhaps as some form of self punishment, she refused to help it, keeping it clean at least. It was too fresh, it had happened too soon to get over. She was busy keeping [i them] out, and now she had someone else to keep an eye on, it seemed. Someone else who may exploit the resources, or the land, or her--as they were one and the same. "[#9c27b0 You interest me, Loki, but I have not the idleness of being lost. You are far from home,]" her empathy stirred slightly, but she pushed it aside, "[#9c27b0 however I cannot but see the coincidence of your arrival--and my current condition.]"

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Loki watched idly, taking in the projection of magic. That was something he had never done with his own, so easily create imagery to further his tale. It had not been needed in his various dealings, and he had never had anyone to share his magic with at a young age. Instead of learning more gentle magic, he had delved straightaway into anything useful. First there was the illusions and trickery, the act of moving himself from one place to the next, as well as various smaller acts of magic to make his life easier. Then came the fighting magic, and as he grew older and ventured further and further to home, the healing magic, for when he was too far away from a healer, or even his mother, who was gifted in the healing arts as well...

As Maleficent asked her next question, he couldn't help the sparkle of mischief in his eyes. Oh the stories the humans had told...
"Once, long ago, they worshiped me and those like me as their gods. They would give offerings, worship at altars, even conquer new lands in our names. Even then, I was less of a household god, but I had my followers, I had my role..." Loki paused to think fondly back on the times of vikings. Despite some of the legends, it was still a time when midguard had feared him, truly. "God of mischief and lies. Wildfire. Untamed and feared, but revered nonetheless. Of course, not all of my stories were written down. Those that were, were always the stories of my failures. I always found my way out of the situations, but curiously enough, the humans seemed to want to use me as an example..."
That gave him a chuckle.

"Perhaps, dear faerie, we should agree to disagree on our opinions of how best to deal with the humans. It seems we have strong viewpoints on this issue, and I would loathe to lose such a powerful ally to such a singular mater" He decided, offering calculated words, seeing as he had no need to convince her of his deeds, nor did he seek her assistance in his own plans. "We have our own realms, our own version of these humans. We have the opportunity to shape our own future with these base creatures. Let us see how our stories play out"

He had been surprised that this faerie, someone he had not known for much time, was glad he was well. Concern and the like were not something people often afforded him, even at a young age. He could count on two fingers all the people in his life who had truly been concerned over his well-being without an ulterior motive. He firmly believed the great oaf Thor was not one of them.
  Loki / CreativeRed / 4y 52d 7h 19m 55s
Maleficent felt amusement slide into her face, brushing the backs of her fingers along the underside of her chin and hummed in thought, "[#9c27b0 No, I didn't think so. If they are children's stories, I imagine the three susters would be more the fare of the type of story that you're detailing.]" extending a hand out in a relaxed, fluid motion, the faery's long fingers flexing out as the tendrils of imagery reached out from her fingers in vestiges of golden-green magic shifting easily into yellow, blue and pink flowers. "[#9c27b0 They're small, the size of a babe, with little wings and tinkling voices.]" her hand lowered again, palm briefly turning up in a vague gesture of a shrug, "[#9c27b0 I imagine they are the kind that man has taken to.]" her eyes narrowed to half lidded, a distant look crossing her features before it curled slightly and she grinned. "[#9c27b0 I scare them. Men. And rightfully so. I've killed their king and now they scramble.]"

The great faery's eyes studied the sardonic turn to his tone and expression, a cynical alteration that hinted at some personal connection. Her brows came together a moment in recognition of it before they rose a little, "[#9c27b0 I've only the knowledge that the men lay down from the West,]" she gestured vaguely in that direction, eyes following for just a moment before returning to him, "[#9c27b0 but I am suspecting you have had contact with those sort of stories?]" Her eyes lingered a moment over him with interest, the bud of an idea blooming, but the woman held it back, instead softening her features into a calm interest, tilting her head slightly. Diaval fussed quietly, shifting with what she assumed was boredom somewhere above her, but her attention was taken by the foreigner. "[#9c27b0 What do they speak about you?]" Maleficent asked in a quiet tone, sitting gingerly forwards before her back protested, her mouth tightening, and a hand went out to one of the rests of the chair to steady herself and take the weight from those muscles.

A silence she allowed to pass shifted down between them and she judged their distance. He had enough magic to heal himself, obviously, which was something impressive in and of itself. But that was the extent of her knowledge of his abilities outside of his peculiar appearance in the Moors themselves. And she didn't trust his intellect or lack thereof- he seemed a clever, sharp individual. Maleficent had began to notice she had grown increasingly paranoid to an extent, resisting the base urge, but she had had the pushings of the borders and it was beginning to bother her with how far they seemed to have been preoccupied with sending little rats in. She could feel the rustlings in the trees and the ground. The moors was feeling defensive, as was she. She wasn't sure if it was her reflecting it or vice versa- either way it was uncomfortable.

Her initial expression towards him was tight and distrusting as he began, him listing specifically the [i possibility] of her besting him, of how she was spared him for disinterest and her hand came out from under her chin, resting, poised on the arm of the seat and she arched a brow coldly, tilting her chin up. But slowly she processed what he was talking about and the hard gesture softened, lowering towards him again and looked at him squarely. He spoke almost fondly of them, if fond as if a colonizer on high, prepared to turn a backwards people towards an ideal. It felt invasive, but she had no interest to defend them. The thing that shocked her the most was- a large part of her shifted- he was [right]. The memory of Stefan, his promise, his curiosity, his peaceful, wonderful tendency to worry about hurting anything, any of the creatures, any of the plants- asking her each time if his fingers would bruise their petals. He had at one point been everything that she had wondered about lurking in the hearts of men. But, she supposed, only the young. She hadn't realized that a part of her expression had opened as she listened to Loki before it hardened sharply and she jerked her chin down. "[#9c27b0 You'll waste your time. Immortality or otherwise.]" All this nonsense about tending, and [i civilisation]. She rose sharply from her seat, ignoring the protest of hotly aching muscles and glowered down at him, her hatred more towards them than he in front of her, but it was likely not apparent. "[#9c27b0 What you see perhaps is evident in the young, but you are [i right],]" she continued, "[#9c27b0 it dies. Their histories and societies replicate themselves over and over, because the only way you could possibly turn them otherwise would be to destroy their elders, the purveyors of their taint. And I'm sure the extent of the lives you would have to ruin would never catch up to the damage done.]" with that she summoned her staff to her side

Her teeth showed in this scowling snarl now, hald turning it towards herself for her outburst. But her wounds were, literally, still fresh. She refused to heal them. They were now a reminder of what he had done. She now had to relearn her [i entire] body to be able to function, she had lost limbs, she had been betrayed and she would never ever trust one again. They were animals that used you- for their ambitions, for their selves, they took and they took, and they took and they could do no more. "[#9c27b0 The small goodness is quashed by their own situation, their nature--I would be [i shocked] if you could manage such a thing. You are no fool, it seems, save for in that sense. They are too many to curb. Even for one so famously lauded by himself.]"

And this after she had smiled so thoughtfully for a moment at him when he assured her of his health. "[#9c27b0 Good,]" she had said, feeling a little smile, if cool feeling on her lips, rose to match him. "[#9c27b0 I'm glad to hear it.]"

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