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[size10 [font "Times New Romans" The world we live in has never been a safe place. Everyone knows that. It's a common sense. We are all hunted by the evil forces in our universe, whether you're in the night alone or in a crowd during the day. Monsters lurk around every second of the day, every day of the year, and ever year in history.

However a small city has been purged by a dark force. Known as Kill Joy, he has been the source of many murders in the city of Greenville, SC. In most cases this would have been stopped in a matter of weeks, but like the name suggests, Kill Joy has caused investigators nothing but dead ends in their searches and attempts to kill him. But the thing is that Kill Joy isn't like you and me. He's apart of the real monsters in there world: The supernatural.

Humans obviously do not stand a chance against creatures of myth. Not only are they powerful, but the common world doesn't even know about the supernatural creatures that walk among humanity that much. Regular police officers stand no chance against Kill Joy.

However the government has set up a new group of 'hunting dogs' to chase the beast down: Project HAK . The investigators of this team aren't like the rest. They're monsters too.

Now its up to us, the puppet masters, to unfold and tell the story ahead of us...]]

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[size10 [font "Times New Romans" The plot of this roleplay will mainly focus on the team itself and how they get along while investigating. I want this RP to revolve around them and what they do. Romance, hatred, friendship, and even death can occur between the group. ]]

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[size10 [font "Times New Romans" Since this is a small group roleplay, I will have limited spots. I will not allow people to reserve certain roles and I do not follow the "First come, first serve" rule. The role of Kill Joy is not available so please do not ask to take his role.

[b T H E - L E A D E R:] Head hancho of the 'beast team.' Highly experienced and intelligent. [+red CLOSED]
[b T H E - B R U T E:] The nasty, dark one of the group. The bad cop of the team. Always pissed off at something. [+red CLOSED -SatanSenpai]
[b T H E - P O W E R H O U S E:] The big guns of the team. Very powerful, but has faults in other traits such as intelligence. [+red CLOSED]
[b T H E - B R A I N S:] The nerd of the group. The most intelligent and but also the weakest in strength. [+red CLOSED]
[b T H E - W A T C H E R:] The one who specializes at gaining the facts. Very observant. [+red CLOSED- Lexic]
[b T H E - H E L P E R:] The good cop and the one who does their best to support and keep the team together. [+red CLOSED- letshugasians]]]

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[size10 [font "Times New Romans" I do have a few rules that everyone must read. I'll know if you have read them or not when you submit a skelly.

1.) This RP's plot mainly relies on us and our posts. I made this RP with a brood, open plot to allow us to give it a lot of twists and turns with little limits. Add romance, add death, or add a dark secret to give this RP juice! However if you have a plot twist in mind that you do not think is okay, such as killing off someone's character or having a major event occur, please PM me before hand.
2.) Although I do not have a post length that I want to be met, I do want everyone to use the best of their abilities. A little mistake here and there is fine , but writing posts that no one can understand is not. Please have a sample post for me underneath your skelly when you PM me. Post every three to five days.
3.) No G-Modeling such as instant hits or killing of other OCs. Although Kill Joy is a bit OP, I made him that way to kept the RP going . Even then he will only be played by me and I'll make sure to not auto-kill/hit other OCs. The killing of NPCs is fine, but try not to murder a whole city in a second. If you decide to have your character be a undead type of creature such as a ghost, keep in mind that they still can be killed with exorcism or "moving on." Headshots also kill zombies/skeleton-type creatures.
4.) There will be mature topics. Sex will obviously be timed-skipped for the sake of ES rules, but other things like murder, gore, and drugs will occur.
5.) All pictures must be anime or illustrated. Pixel art is acceptable as well. Please do not use overly sexual photos.
6.) If you want to join, please fill out a skelly and PM it to me with a sample post included in the same message. Title the PM "I'm Not a Kill Joy" so I know that you read the rules.

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[size10 [font "Times New Romans" [b USERNAME:]
[b AGE:]
[b SPECIES:] (What are you? Anything other than god, demigods, or full human. Try avoiding over used creatures/hybrids.
[b STRENGTHS:] (At least three. Do not out number your weaknesses by a large number.
[b BACKFLASH:] (How did you get on Project HAK? Were you a government worker who just so happened go be non-human or were you tracked down due to your race's powers? Were you sent to a creature confinement center due to your aggression?]
[b EXTRA:]
[b THEME:]
[b ROLE:]

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[center [b [size13 THE BRUTE]]
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[size8 Art by Satan Senpai]]
[b USERNAME:] SatanSenpai
[b FULL NAME:] Emily Marie Vangison
[b NICKNAME(S):] Black Maiden , Slimer, Drowner
[b AGE:] Twenty-three-years-old
[b GENDER:] Female
[b SPECIES:] Slimemen - former humans who were infected by a rare, yet dangerous black slime whom origins are unknown. Very dangerous and grows more monstrous the hungry they get.
[b POWERS:] Slime manipulation, highly enhanced strength, enhanced senses, and hunger-triggered berserk mode
[b WEAKNESES:] She does has anger issues and can be very aggressive towards others. She also has to eat a large amount of meat daily or else the slime parasite will take over and cause her to get more inhuman. She does have depression and has turned to self harm every now and then. She also isn't the fastest and tends to get sick from her own slime. Emily isn't much of a team player either.
[b STRENGTHS:] She's powerful, there's no doubt about it. She's also very good at fixing meat for meals. Emily has a lot of fighting experience from her years at the Charleston SN Center and knows a few tricks of getting out of sticky situations. Fear seems to not exist in her.
[b BACKFLASH:] Ever since she was infected at the age of seven, Emily was sent to a confinement center due to her high level of danger towards the common human. While at the "[I lovely, [s totally not a monster jail]]" center, she became well known for her brutality and strength. In all honestly, Emily expected for whole life to be in the center, but when the Kill Joy murders quickly grew too high in number, she got the surprise visit and offer from two government agents. If she helped them track down the killer, she would be allowed to live a normal life with a few "[I conditions.]"
[b EXTRA:] She doesn't have blood. A more liquidly form of her black slime replaced her crimson blood. Her skin also has a black tone rather than the normal pink tone. Thick black veins are viable around her eyes at any giving moment, but the veins will gradually appear on the rest of her body the more hungry or angry she gets due to the slime amount increasing.
[b THEME:] "[I Lancer]" - Homestuck Vol. 9

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[center [b [size13 THE WATCHER]]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/g3RGygm.jpg]]
[b USERNAME:] Lexic
[b FULL NAME:] Allen insanity
[b NICKNAME:] none
[b AGE:] 22
[b GENDER:] Male
[b SPECIES:] Hell hound
[b POWERS:] Enhanced Speed/strength/scent/ sight, hyper telepathy, is able to travel between hell and back.
[b WEAKNESSES:] holy water, since scent its super sensitive certain smells can get to him and make him sick. High pitch noises.
[b STRENGTHS:] sneaky, intelligent, resourceful
[b BACKFLASH:] Allen ended up in HAK one day because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. During this time the government caught him along with a few others to see who had the most potential. Allen happened to be the unlucky one you may say.
[b EXTRA:] Has multi personalities, is able to tell when a person is going to die since that’s what his race was originally made for. Depending on with personality you get he can be either really aggressive, kind or psychotic. Each personality has a name. Zane's aggressive and loves to hurt people and has no remorse. Yukio is kind and caring. Lindel who is a psychopath but acts like an innocent pretends to feel guilt.
[b THEME:] Parov Stelar - Demon Dance

[center [size13 [font "Times New Roman" [b THE HELPER]]]
[pic http://oi57.tinypic.com/i3upon.jpg]]
[b USERNAME:] letshugasians
[b FULL NAME:] Salem Dunfere
[b NICKNAME:] Doll King,
[b AGE:] Twenty-one
[b GENDER:] Male
[b SPECIES:] "Human" Voodoo Doll - Far from human, no one quite knows how the species began but it seems to have been passed down through generations. His family believes that someone in their family tree messed around with black magic.
[b POWERS:] Able to handle multiple injuries and can direct self-inflicted injuries upon others, quickly heals from minor injuries, can tap into other people’s minds to see what they’re seeing .
[b WEAKNESSES:] Salem cannot hold up against fire and has permanent burns to prove it. He can only direct self-inflicted injuries onto someone that is relatively nearby. He also does not like violence which makes him feel uneasy about using his powers.
[b STRENGTHS:] He’s good at deciphering people’s expressions. His calm personality helps him connect with people and gain their trust. Salem is very good at talking himself out of trouble.
[b BACKFLASH:] Salem lived a fairly normal life in a sleepy Louisianan town until two agents showed up on his doorstep. It wasn’t a complete surprise, the government had been aware of his family’s powers for quite some time. The agents explained the situation and Salem’s interest was piqued, he agreed to do whatever he could to help.
[b EXTRA:] The only thing that sets him off is when people make fun of his southern accent. Other than that, he’s a pleasant person.

[center [size13 [font "Times New Roman" [b THE BRAINS]]]
[pic http://i1295.photobucket.com/albums/b634/Russian___Roulette/f64f8bd5-0674-41bd-91a3-1895068cc481_zps4mrvnni8.png]]
[b USERNAME:] Fruit_Loops
[b FULL NAME:] Caspar J. Harrison
[b AGE:] 20
[b GENDER:] Male
[b SPECIES:] Ghost (Poltergeist)
[b POWERS:] The ability to turn completely invisible, telekinesis , an Eidetic memory , and he can separate pieces of his body.
[b WEAKNESSES:] He's weak, a crybaby, he doesn't have the heart to kill anything, his opinion, and when he get too stressed he'll just shut down.
[b STRENGTHS:] Cas is extremely intelligent and can get out of most situations by tricking and deceiving rather than fighting, he's an fast reader, and dealing with people or little kids.
[b BACKFLASH:] He was the son of one of the doctors who worked there, once he died the doctor tried to bring him back with mixing the genes of slime monsters and other ghosts to create his son a new body. Project HAK then brought him onto the team for his extreme intelligence.
[b EXTRA:] He [b HATES] when people call him Caspar, since he's a ghost he finds it to be very insulting and he will probably cry.

[center [size13 [font "Times New Roman" [b THE POWERHOUSE]]]
[pic http://s12.postimg.org/3v6moh5d9/possible_character_12.jpg]]
[b FULL NAME:] Nonna Aristov
[b AGE:] 21
[b GENDER:] Female
[b SPECIES:] Ice Dragon
[b POWERS:] Can shift between human and dragon form through the dragon stone which she always wears around her neck, under the clothing so as not to be easily seen. Dragon form, can breathe pale blue “fire” that, instead of burning, freezes. Human form, can make any area around her freezing cold.
[b WEAKNESSES:] Strong heat such as fire. Isn’t as strong during the day than at night due to the sun. Isn’t able to feel anything so, if there was something wrong with her, she would have no way of telling unless someone else notices. Is not intelligent and therefore has to be told what to do in a very direct, straight-forward way.
[b STRENGTHS:] Does not know fear so will not run away or refuse to fight if told to do so. Has immense strength in both human and dragon form, but has more strength in dragon form and more speed in human form. Knows how to use multiple types of weapons.
[b BACKFLASH:] The Russian government conducted experiments and conditioned the ice dragon over the years ever since a very young age. Three years ago, however, a Russian scientist had helped her escape since she believed what they were doing was wrong. Together, they ran away and lived a quiet life, something completely new to the dragon. She was given the name “Nonna Aristov” through the scientist. Then the government with Project HAK had discovered the hidden documents about her and enlisted her help.
[b EXTRA:] Because of the brainwashing, Nonna does not know how to think for herself and has no education outside of how to fight and listen to orders. The female scientist, Natasha, has been trying to teach her how to be more “alive” and it is a very slow progress that might one day help her return to “normal”.
[b THEME:] “Chosen by the Moon” from Killer is Dead

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[size10 [font "Times New Romans" [+red [b WARNING:] Do not in any way copy, steal, or edit this plot! This is an old plot I had when I first joined this site a few years ago on one of my older accounts.]]]]

Roleplay Reply. Do not chat here. (50 character limit.)

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Roleplay Responses

Nonna’s attention was grabbed by the one who had an odd-functioning body. Could it be called functioning? It was oddly transparent but, for the time being, the legs appeared to be solid. So it was functioning, just in a way that made no sense to her. If she had powers like that back in Russia, some of her sneaking missions would have gone easier. Not that they were ever hard to begin with, but could have helped none of the less. She walked towards him and looked down at the blood that was used to make odd shapes and patterns. Wait, they weren’t just that. They actually formed letters and in turn made words.

Too bad she had no idea how to read.

The dragon tried her best to follow the boy that was speaking, but his intellect went way above her head. All she could grasp that the blood was a note left behind by the killer. But M.O.? Categories? Hybrid? Quickly lost, she just stared at him then at the “note”. She never had interest in learning how to read, but maybe, for once, it would have been useful to know how. Oh well.

Then the boy laughed and Nonna looked back at him, then following his gaze towards the one with the bandages. The man had made a rather… odd demand. Dance? Why did he want them to dance, particularly at that moment? And what did he mean by “subjects”? Like, test subjects? That’s not possible, however, for none of them were this man’s test subjects. He looks like no scientist she has ever seen. Unless it is another difference between this country and from which she came from. It did not change the tone he had taken, which was that of an order.

Too bad she had no idea how to dance.

Nonna looked over at the smart boy and watched as he clapped his hands. Did that count as dancing? If so, that was something she could easily mimic. After a couple of seconds of timing the claps and listening to the strength of each clap, she began to copy him almost exactly. Her body stood rigid as she clapped, her facial expression not changing to fit the mood of which the rhythm or the dancing would fit under such as “cheery” or “fun”.
  Nonna / nomey1 / 4y 283d 23h 33m 10s
[font "Comic Sans" Caspar nodded, [+grey "It would be really useful. Maybe someone should ask about it?" ] His eyes shifted around, maybe there was something else that could be useful about this entire scene. Everyone seemed pretty enthralled with the body. They all could be missing something. [+grey "I'm going to go take a look around." ] He made his legs fabricate and he walked around the scene a little kicking small rocks in his path, his eyes were looking on the nearby brick walls.

Failing to notice the guards that kept their guns trained on his floating figure he turned his attention downwards. Walking straight through a pole his eyes widened. [+grey "Oh." ] He said, his light eyes traced out the lettering spelled out before them. The obvious crusted sheen of dried blood made him grimace. The oh-so friendly note, just what they needed. Although, it was useful. [+red "Who's Next? From K.J." ] It gave them the knowledge that it was written in blood, most likely the blood from the woman and it helped identify that the killer was somehow able to remove it and use it to write. [+grey "Hey, come look at this." ] He waved everyone over to examine the note.

[+grey "I wonder if he knows that we're onto him so he's writing us notes now. Is this in his normal M.O.? I don't remember reading about this in the file." ] He kneeled down next to it and put his face close to it. [+grey "This whole thing is quite strange. I want to know what type of monster he is, he seems to fit into different categories. I wonder if he's a hybrid of some sort. If I can figure out wh-" ] Caspar looked over his shoulder at Ammon and laughed loudly. His train of thought leaving him completely he stood back up.

The ghost was never one for dancing, or any sort of physical motion that wasn't turning a page in a book, so he instead clapped his hands to the beat, creating a tempo for dancing. Tapping his toe to the beat he looked around to see if anyone else was dancing.
  Caspar Harrison / Fruit_Loops / 4y 286d 19h 19m 39s
Ammon totally breaking the fourth wall decides to dance around and amuse the entire crowd of monsters, because he doesn't want this whole thing to die, and is tired of waiting.

[b "Dance with me subjects."]
  Ammon Obasi / AlexXela / 4y 286d 21h 54m 1s
[font "centaur" Allen slightly listen to the man as he looked the body over two whole no fluids possible that the organs too where dry. It was odd and well very hard to explain. So how did the humans figure out it was this so called kill joy unless the creature decided to brag to them in some sort away. Allen stop his train of thought at the mention of living with everyone and well he didn’t like that thought at all. Rooming together with this group? Not to mention Lindel and his habits. It was bad enough he had to do this little team up and be around the strange creatures he hadn't known. He had to live with them which meant they had to live with Lindel if he didn't kill them first or Zane and his tendency to destroy things. Well Allen could always just go to hell at least there he wouldn’t have to worry. Also if he were good apparently the doors would be open so he could definitely leave at night and be else where. Then there was the trust issues he knew they all would definitely have.]

[font "centaur"  [#00FF80 "Yippy…"] He mumbled standing up and walking away from the body. He needed to get away from the smell it was starting to bother him and not in the good way. The smell of the dead sometimes aided Andel's escape in a sense. More like it helped him take over Allen's body. Which at this point wasn’t the best choice though know Lindel with this many guards around he wouldn’t do anything to hasty. Though Allen didn’t need these people to know he… well Lindel was himself a murder.]

[font "centaur" [#00FF80 "Need some air boss man the smell isn't doing me any good…."] Was all Allen really said before walking off only to have a few guards follow him of course. Apparently no one was really all that ready to let 'the monsters' as they called them out of their sight. [#F7819F 'Aww come on I was almost there. Just a little more and.."] [#00FF80 "And what smart ass?!"] Allen slightly growled. [#F7819F 'Oh someone's in a mood fine and nothing…'] rolled his eyes. If he could he would rip Lindel's tongue out. [#AC58FA "You too need to stop fighting. Its making the guards a bit trigger happy after all they cant hear us Allen can and he looks crazy. Lindel leave Allen alone.'] [#F7819F 'Yes mom.'] Allen shook his head looking over his shoulder sure enough just as Yukio said guns pointed at him guards looks freaked out. Yup he looked nuts. To believe he volunteered for this shit. He must be off his rocker...]
  Allen Insanity / Lexic / 4y 300d 3m 12s
[size10 Ammon fiercely did not understand why humans had created cigarettes, which essentially were death in a pack varying from 100 mm sticks to 10 packs of the gasper. It surprised him that even a monster wasn't immune to it's nasty temptations. He looked at the cigarette smoking doll and paused for a second before saying [b "Heh...in time, they all do.]

[b "That's what I thought..."] he said standing up and taking one last look at the woman. He felt vaguely sorry for her, her years on this earth were short and the way her body was fixated like how it was, would be very embarrassing especially if said body was being treated like a frog in biology class.

He was to share a building with them? He wasn't sure how well that would workout, 6 different types of creatures with intentions unknown to the other, it will start out with a huge cloud of distrust, that much was sure to him. No matter how many similarities they can draw together for being different than humans, each of them are a thousand times different from one another.

As long as they didn't start trouble with him, he would have no problem with them. After a good time being alive you start to understand that everyone has their own afflictions and problems, he would let them deal with theirs as long as it didn't interfere with the common goal, find the killer, exterminate the monster.

Everyone was asking good questions, making even greater predictions. He thought he might actually like the sort he was going to be partnered with. Now, the most important thing he needed to know...What's next?

They confirmed that the woman has no blood whatsoever. They also confirmed that she's dryer than dry kashk for what reason is a different story. And finally they know that the killer is a monster. Anything else? Nothing that was a certainty.

What worried him was why the dragon girl seemed like she was talking to herself. He would here snippets of words coming from her, not one to prod so early on he let it go and put it away for 'further investigation'

Turning to the human again he requested from him files about the 34 other deaths that have occurred from the killer [b "It'll help us get a lock on the trends of the murderer"].
  Ammon Obasi / AlexXela / 4y 300d 22h 23m 43s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Cabin]
Salem covered his nose and leaned closer to the lifeless woman. She was definitely devoid of fluids as the others had observed. It reminded him of something he had seen while studying The Grand Grimoire. However, this clearly wasn’t the same thing as a human sacrifice. It seemed simpler than that.

He tuned into what the man was saying and wondered what he meant by them getting their end of the bargain. Were the others only there because they had to be? This made him question what the government would have done had he not been inclined to help them out.

Hearing that they would all be living together was also a surprise to him. He had assumed the hotel room he had been placed in would be his home away from home. This new piece of information wasn’t troubling, everyone seemed nice enough. The girl with the mask was the most intimidating but he tried to shove that thought out of his mind. It was rude to judge someone before getting to know them. Besides, everyone had good and bad qualities.

Realizing the ghost was answering his question his eyes shifted away from the body. Salem’s head titled as he listened to how it would be possible to drain all of the blood from a human. He also noted the puncture wounds on the neck. It did seem like whoever did this was going for the whole vampire angle but it was also possible they had left the marks there without considering what they looked like.

[#59ac53 “Ramble all ya want. It might help someone make sense of all this.”]His eyes shifted to the body and then back to the ghost, [#59ac53 “What’s puzzlin’ me is...what kind of monster would be able to drain blood like this? I definitely don’t think a human coulda done it. The only blood drainin’ I’m familiar with is associated with voodoo and witchcraft, but that doesn’t fit this. Also, most people wanna hide that. It seems like the murderer is havin’ a mighty good laugh leavin messes like this for people to find, which makes me think they’re awfully powerful. It doesn't matter what people think because they won't be able to stop him or her.”]

Salem paused to consider what the ghost had said about the organs. Did they have fluid in them? He also couldn't help but wonder what they looked like. Probably shriveled...but maybe whatever had done this had some strange effect on the inside of the body. Maybe they would cut her open and all of her organs would be an alarming color. [#59ac53 "An autopsy might be helpful?"]
  Salem / letshugasians / 4y 301d 4h 32m 12s
Nonna knew that being used to seeing corpses was not normal, to be unaffected by them even more so. However, this was the first time seeing how others actually react and seeing what is considered a “normal” reaction. Because of this, she stood up straight and took a couple of steps back. Instead, she looked at each group member. Until this mission came up she had no idea that other monsters, especially those of different types, existed. She could not identify what any of them were due to her lack of knowledge, but could sense that each were “different” like her. But, other than that, all she could identify of them was who was male and who was female.

Then came a long speech from the man who apparently is the reason that all of them are gathered together. She tried to pay attention to the speech, but it wasn’t straight-forward enough. She is used to listening to direct orders, not descriptions of the situation. When it was over, she glanced towards the car Natasha was still sitting in. Then, as if on cue, the scientist speaks into her ear.

[#E6005C [i “A lot of humans died and got drained of their fluids, liquids, because of a monster, or possibly more than one, and you are there to kill-“]]

[b [i “What are you ordering her to do?”]] the driver suddenly asked with a very sharp tone as Nonna heard a sound she could never forget; the click of a gun. She turned her head so that she had the car clearly in her line of site.

[#E6005C [i “What? If you are going to be this paranoid I am going to have to request that I be placed under the supervision of someone else.”]] At first, the man doesn’t say anything so Natasha speaks to Nonna once again as if nothing happened. [#E6005C [i “It is okay. Он просто параноик, с возможным намеком ума.”]]

[b [i “What did you just say?!”]]

[#E6005C [i “Нонна, он указывая пистолет к моей голове. Не шевелись.”]]

[b [i “WHAT DID YOU SAY?!”]]

Natasha’s voice grew tense, as if more annoyed than anything by the situation. [#E6005C [i “Sir, you do realize we left Russia so she would NOT be used as a tool anymore, yes? I am not going to “order” her to do anything. We are already walking on thin ice as it is.”]] Natasha took a deep breath. [#E6005C [i “Nonna, everything is okay. Our driver is just paranoid. Your mission is to find the murderer and make them stop. Do you understand what I mean by this?”]]

[#3399FF “Da.”]

[#E6005C [i “Okay. You will be living with the others at a base where you will be cared for and monitored while the mission is occurring. If the rest of the hired men are like our trigger happy friend here, I am afraid I might not be allowed to assist, support, you after today.”]]

The dragoness didn’t say anything since she didn’t know what to say. She pointed her head towards the ground, trying to understand why her body felt… What was the term… Uneasy? That seemed vaguely familiar, but still not easily understood. Clutching her chest, fingers wrapping around the dragon stone, she took a couple deep breaths. If it were someone else, they might explain the sensation that came from the stone as a warm, comforting feeling much like the embrace of a mother. However, since Nonna had a hard time understanding emotions to begin with, there was no way she would even be able to begin to explain it.

[#3399FF “I understand,”] was all Nonna said.

[h3 [center Translations]]
1. He is just being paranoid, with possible hint of crazy.
2. Nonna, he is pointing a gun to my head. Do not move.
  Nonna / nomey1 / 4y 301d 5h 41m 33s
[font "Comic Sans" Caspar stayed on the edge of the group and crept around so that he didn't draw attention to himself. The blonde haired girl with the metal mask scared him from her hungry looking stare so he decided that he would avoid her at all costs, starting now. Thinking back to one of the encyclopedias he was reading he recalled that she was a slime monster. Cas made a mental note of this and turned his attention to the others in the group.

A man wrapped in bandages? He seemed to be the only one out of everyone who was more focused on the body...well him and the fair haired girl leaning directly over it. The ghost boy wondered to himself about how she was so unaffected by the scent or even just the sight. His pale eyes glanced around noticing the interest that the white haired hellhound was starting to have in the body as well. Cas took in the sights of his team more than the dead woman lying on the floor. The mismatched group seemed more... lively than the idea of murder.

The bright haired man's grimace caught Caspar off guard, but he wasn't able to respond until after the man with the slime monster finished talking. Only half listening to the long speech, Cas took a closer look at the body. They were both right, it was completely dry. He ran a hand through his grey hair and thought for a minute, it didn't make sense. The blood inside the body would clot before it would all pour out. Even embalming techniques in modern day they still thin the blood and cut multiple places in major arteries. From Caspar's perspective she only had the holes on her neck?

His mind was pulled from his thoughts when he heard the man say that they would be living together. Wait. What? Caspar didn't feel safe living with these strong monsters. Especially with that slime monster! He was just a ghost! He could barely turn invisible, heck he couldn't even use his telekinesis. [+grey [i Good thing they only hired me for my brains,' ] ] He thought bitterly. Cas would do anything to keep those doors locked, even if he could travel through it. His sense of trust for the others was low, having an open door would be like inviting them to come and eat him.

Caspar turned his attention back to the bright haired man as the slime girl started to ask questions, [+grey "Not really. It's super weak but the scent of rotting flesh doesn't really bother me anyways. What's [i really ] interesting is how the murderer did this exactly," ] He began talking with his hands speeding up as he continued to talk on, [+grey "To be able to take out [i all ] of the blood from a human you would have to thin out the blood so that it wouldn't clot and seal off. She would've died before the entire process must've been over because her heart would've stopped beating because of the lack of blood in the body, so he either used tools and was a human or he was some sort of blood sucker that has a really big appetite. The funny thing is, is that she only has two puncture wounds that I can see and they're both on her neck. Whatever actually did do this wanted the humans to think that it was a vampire or maybe I'm overthinking it. Normally they would cut in the jugular vein and spots above the navel. Do the organs on the inside have any fluid in them? If they do then there could be another reason...I'm rambling aren't I?" ] Caspar took a deep breath to try to slow himself down. [+grey "What do you think about it?" ]
  Caspar Harrison / Fruit_Loops / 4y 301d 15h 37m 49s
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/5OHpBkT.jpg]]
[center [size17 ☣] [b - - - - - - ╢ [font "Nordling" BLACK MAIDEN] ╟ - - - - - - -] [size17 ☣]]
[center [font “Dotum” [size9 MONDAY || 9:00 AM || CLOUDY || MURDER SCENE]]]

[font "Nordling" [size11 The monster’s interest did not switch away from the shriveled-up corpse until the other members of the mess of a “team” finally arrived. The first was a man with firy tinted hair that was a bit messy on his head. She only gave him a glance since he wasn’t quite the catch to her. The next was a bit unusual and something she hadn’t seen before while at the beast-filled confinement center. With the wrappings and odd, feeble aura around his body, she could tell that he wasn’t the most [I lively] person in the group. But at least he could provide bandages if anyone every got hurt. A winter haired woman followed shortly after and didn’t fit the slime filled woman’s fancy just like the first male. However something overcame her when the dragon got close to the corpse. The blonde lurched closer and narrowed her eyes. If it weren’t for the officers and the man who had gotten her out from her prison life being so close, the beast would have probably attempted to drive the other female away. This was only natural to her, of course. In the center you had three options: Defend your meal, go hungry, or be someone else’s meal. The corpse was nothing more than an easy breakfast for her to dissolve with her ‘special ability’ in the woman’s sickly coloured eyes.

After the woman came a male of a race she was quite used to: Hellhound. They were common at the center –usually sent for their rough behavior and crime filled lifestyle- and honestly they didn’t possess much strength against her. But this male was different from the others. She didn’t know his past and where he came from. By the looks he seemed like one of the lucky ones who had the pleasure of not being locked inside a windowless building for several years, however looks alone could not confirm this.

After him, the last member of the crew arrived. This one was defiantly the runt out of them. She didn’t even take the moment to glance at him a second time.

“Well now that everyone is here, we came begin explaining things. I can also finally take this damn thing off of you, Miss Maiden, and let ya talk,” the male said with a curly smile.

Cold fingers pressed against the back of her head as the male fiddled with the tight straps that bounded the exasperating piece of metal to her face. With a loud pop, freedom was finally available to her lips. A drip of thick black goo dangled from her lips and on to the black metal mask. The man backed away his fingers drastically from this strange material as he pulled the mask off and into a plastic box with a large “biohazard” sign on it. What left was left of the black sludge on her lips slid into the skin of her grey lips and out of sight.

[#99cc00 [I “Vessel or vampire. There’s no fluids in it, the body,”]] she hissed out with a heavy, wheezy breath.

The man raised a brow at this sudden statement, [+blue “Interesting that you say that. You’re correct about one thing, but I’ll go over that with what I am about to say.]]

The man cleared his throat and glanced at everyone in the group, [+blue “I’ll start things off as simple as I can be. Each one of you was hand selected by the US government for an issue much large than this dry, lifeless woman before your feet. As you may know, we humans aren’t the best at knowing about the world that was hidden from everyday life for so long. In fact not even the part of the nation specifically trained and funded to study the species that we humans thought only existed in our imaginations know that much about y’all. True we do have weapons that could kill you in a heartbeat depending on what you are, but with this case we haven’t even seen the face of one doing the killing. You see this case doesn’t involve this body. It involves over thirty-five people who have lost their lives to the same person. We humans do not possess the abilities to track this kill joy of justice down like y’all do. Right now our best men have only come up with the theory that we summons or creates minions to hunt down and kill his victims so he can use their fluids for whatever his reason is. And like I said, [I that’s a theory.] This is also one of many text runs we have in crime solving for creatures much different than us humans. If this goes well and you solve this large case, you’ll not only get your end of the bargain, but you’ll kill this mass murder, make the streets safe again, and put a good name to what humans call “monsters.” I’m sure you’ll find your place in the team after a few days.]
The man took a second to take a breath and clear his throat again, “Now I must also add the fact that this team will have its own office building completed with a lab, morgue, and living quarters. There will be those who are trained in the crime solving field to help y’all along the way, but also watch over you to make sure you do not try anything on them, on your teammates, or on people on the streets. Do not try to cross them because they are armed with weapons and will have the intention of full self-defense if you try anything on anyone else besides this killer or his helpers. Am I clear?”

The slime beast rolled her eyes at the mention of having to live in the same building with the others. This was definitely not going to go well unless she was stored in her old specially designed vault considering her slime manipulation allowed her to get out of places with ease. The whole hunger thing would also cause trouble and might end up with eating one of the others..

[#99cc00 “This may seem like a renounce question to ask, but will the building have edits that will allow us to be safely stored? Also will the morgue have a lock and seal to all its entrances?”] She asked in a musky voice.

[+blue “Ah yes, your rooms will all have their touches to fit your special needs. For the first week or so, they will be locked after ten o’ clock, but if y’all prove to be loyal, we might allow the doors to your rooms only to be unlocked. [I Might.]”]

The deathly skinned girl nodded in agreement, [#99cc00 “Understood.”]
  [E.M.V] / SatanSenpai / 4y 301d 20h 41m 46s
[font "centaur"Allen winced lightly as the smell to seem to be getting to him finally. So he decided to cover his nose with a bit of the bandages around his neck. This only cause a part of his scar to show. Allen to tell the truth didn’t know how he got it but it happened when Lindel had took over for the night. Apparently it had to do with a priest, a bible, a cross and holy water. Now of course the bible and the cross had no effect on him. But when Allen did finally regain consciousness he found the cross was melted the bible ripped to shreds and well the priest was pretty much dead. Though he also found his neck was in pain and well there happened to be pretty fucked up scar there. Holy water did have an effect a big one depending on how much or how it was used.]

[font "centaur" Allen smirked when he saw that the group of misfits had finally gained it last person and to think they thought out of the box and got a ghost. He couldn’t deem this group any more mismatched. Allen listened as the others spoke. It was what the mummy said in correlation to the body that made Allen remember why he was there. To look at the body and gain clues, details and remember. Allen moved a bit closer to the body and good did the smell suck so much, he nearly snarled.]

[font "centaur" [#F7819F 'Oooo you almost barked you sound like Zane when he's angry'] Allen rolled his eyes ignoring the voice of Lindel. [#F7819F 'Though looking at the husk of what's left that was definitely a female possible my type.'] Allen sighed running his free hand through his hair.]

[font "centaur" [#00FF80 "Everyone is your type..."] Allen mumbled to himself. This caused Lindel to chuckle. The female was pretty dead and well dry? It was quite odd actually the more he thought about it. Something sucked all the fluid out or maybe someone drained it out.... then again that would take years for her to look like that.]

[font "centaur" [#00FF80 "What drys out a body to such a degree?" He glanced at the man who brought them all here. Then at the mummy. Maybe he had an idea?]
  Allen Insanity / Lexic / 4y 301d 22h 40m 34s
[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Cabin]
Salem turned his head to inspect the person that had spoken to him. Was that…a mummy? He chuckled at how ridiculous this day was going to be and made a mental note to call his grandfather when he had time. The old man would probably die of excitement. If he was being honest with himself, he was pretty excited too. Mummies weren't something you came across every day.

[#59ac53 “I’ll vomit. Probly’. I’m guessin you don’t wanna see that,”] he paused to snub his cigarette out on his hand,[#59ac53 “but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.”] He had seen and read some disturbing things in books about black magic but had never imagined he would see anything similar in real life. It seemed he had been wrong.

The cigarette was slipped back into his jacket pocket, something he was used to doing to hide the evidence from his mother. It would be pretty obvious if their property suddenly became littered with cigarette butts, so it was a necessary habit. Even here where he was unaware of what had already been done to the crime scene. Leaving a cigarette on the ground seemed careless.

He directed his attention away from the body to inspect the new arrivals. A girl with long white hair arrived had gotten closest to the body. Was he the only one bothered by the smell? There was also a male that seemed to ooze power that Salem was familiar with. He couldn't quite put his finger on it. The last of the group to arrive was a ghost-boy that seemed unsure about being there. He tried to smile in his direction but worried it looked more like a scowl. The smell from the body was really affecting his nose.

[#59ac53 "You smellin' this? I'd say she's pretty dead,"] he turned to face the ghost,[#59ac53 "Wait...can ghosts smell?"]
  Salem / letshugasians / 4y 302d 16h 40m 38s
[size11 Ammon looked at the new arrivals, it was a mess. Other than the two he had already 'met' the rest looked so out of place with everything around them it was almost funny....but he couldn't help but think that in a way, they couldn't have looked any better than now standing next to other monsters like them in such close proximity.

[b "So...Who'd done it?"] he nonchalantly said as he made a move closer to the body in a effort to gain more clues. Which proved fruitless seeing as it was the same scene no matter the distance between. Dried up corpse of a lady, if this was any importance he would note it for later, despite himself Ammon couldn't help but laughing.

He compared the corpse to what he had looked like when he had first awoken. Whether or not this was a okay thing to do didn't register in his mind, all that did was the curiosity of why she was like this, and more importantly who had done this.

Looking towards the human with his only available eye he asked in a more serious tone [b "Is this the [I only] reason you dragged me half way across the world?"] he gestured to the body.
  Ammon Obasi / AlexXela / 4y 302d 20h 37m 18s
[font "Comic Sans" Caspar tapped his foot inside of the car the cuffs around his wrists were pointless. They [i did ] know that he was a ghost, right? He brought his hands around into his lap and watched the scenery pass by quickly. Sadly, he had to keep a good amount of his concentration on not floating out through the back of the car.

The man never told him why they had dragged him along, or why the drive was taking so long. Cas put up his hand and frowned at how translucent his fingers were. When he caught the driver's stare in the mirror he smiled and waved with his freed hand.

[+grey "How long until we're there? Where are we going?" ] Cas rambled off questions, knowing that he finally had the attention that he wanted when they got in.

The driver shook his head once, [b "How did ya get out of the cuffs? And the seat belt?" ]

Cas sighed and slipped back through the bonds around his body, [+grey "You do know that I'm a ghost...right? Like this isn't a new concept? I can go through things so why would little pieces of metal or fabric restrict me? Honestly you all need to try a little harder. Try some holy water or salt." ] He crossed his legs and held eye contact with the Driver for a minute before saying again, [+grey "So, how much longer?" ]

The driver smiled and pulled the car to a slow halt, [b "Believe it or not. We're here now. Oh. Just a warning, they don't joke around here. Keep your cuffs on unless [i they ] take them off of ya. I would hate to see something happen to you, kid." ]

Caspar nodded and waited for the large man to come and pull him out of the car, he was greeted by large guns and a lot of people. [i [+grey Does anyone know that bullets wouldn't hurt me? ] ] As if the man holding his cuffs read his mind he chuckled into Caspar's ear.

"Don't worry, these aren't your average guns. You wanna test them out?"

The ghost gulped and stumbled forward instantly seeing the others that had already accumulated around the body. Since Caspar's senses were weakened from the fact that he didn't really have a full physical from, the smell didn't bother him at all. He stayed closer to the back of the small group and stayed silent. Quickly he slipped the cuffs off and played with them in his hands nervously.

[i [+grey Why are we all here? ] ] He thought taking in the other monsters around him he shrank back a little. Caspar was only a simple ghost! How could he compete with others like these, he could sense the power emitting from them all.

[+grey "Is that a dead human?" ] He said quietly, but once the words left his mouth he screamed in his head. [i [+grey OF course it is stupid! Why else would they call everyone here?! A monster killed a human and they had to find out who. ] ] At least that was his guess.
  Caspar Harrison / Fruit_Loops / 4y 302d 42m 10s
[font "centaur" [#00FF80 "What a gloomy day."] Allen had been somewhat aware of the situation he agreed to. He agreed to watch, he agreed to partner with other creatures in search of some character. He agreed to look at the dead. Which was nothing really knew to him. The dead happened to be something he found himself around a lot growing up. Technology it was in his job description the moment he was born.]

[font "centaur" "Did you say something?" Allen's apparently noise female drive chimed in.]

[font "centaur" [#00FF80 "No."] Allen plainly stated staring back out the window, watching the scenes roll by. Allen wasn't one for talking much nor did he like others prying into his life. Maybe if you caught him on a different day when he wasn’t himself, just maybe then you would get something out of him. ]

[font "centaur" "We're almost there..." Allen glanced from the window to the women who quickly looked away a bit flustered. Allen raised his eye brow a bit and looked back out the window to see red and blue lights along with crime scene tape. [#00FF80 'yippy.'] He thought. [#AC58FA 'She's definitely into you.'] [#FF0000 Too skinny.'] [#F7819F 'I wonder what pretty face she would make with her insides ripped out.'] The voices in Allen's head all seemed to what to chime in on the subject of his driver.]

[font "centaur" "Here" His driver chimed in happy almost.]

[font "centaur" [#00FF80 "Shut up."] Allen barked causing his driver to squeak and flinch in fear. Allen just stared at her and shrugged his shoulders before exiting the car. Allen of course after exiting found himself a great welcome cuffs and guns. [#00FF80 'Just beautiful.'] He sighed heavily raising his hands slowly smirking. [#00FF80 "Don’t shoot the big bad monster man wont hurt you."] Allen cooed sarcastically as he rolled his eyes. Following the groups of idiots.]

[font "centaur" Allen took note of the whole ground who was where the number of coffee hell he never missed a detail. Of course when he came to the group of rejects including himself he found himself less interested in the body and more interested in everyone else. A female who had her mouth bound. A mummy missing an eye. A boy who seemed human but clearly smelled otherwise. A female dragon who was the closet in proximity to the body.]
  Allen Insanity / Lexic / 4y 303d 21h 56m 1s
[#E6005C "How much longer now, Mr. Driver, till we reach our destination?"]

The man audibly sighed. [b "Doctor Pankin-"]

[#E6005C "I told you to call me Natasha.”]

[b “[i Natasha], you ask me that question every five minutes.”]

[#E6005C “Every ten, actually. And that is to make sure we will be arriving on schedule.”]

[b “Yes, we will be arriving on schedule.”]

[#E6005C “Good,”] Natasha replied, cheerfully.

[b “In fact, the park is right over there.”]

[#E6005C “Oooo~ Nonna dear, it is time to wake up now.”]

Bright, orange-brown eyes opened. The woman lifted her head off of Natasha’s lap so that she could sit up in a fully sitting position. When she made eye contact with the driver through the rear-view mirror, the man visibly paled and quickly looked back at the road.

[#E6005C “Did you sleep?”]

[#3399FF “Nyet.”] Nonna’s Russian accent was thick and more obvious, while Natasha spent a lot of time learning and perfecting the English language so that her mother tongue wasn’t prominent.

[#E6005C “I expected as much. Well, at least you got to rest your eyes.”]

Nonna watched the car turn towards the destination; the place called a “park” which was currently filled with many people and flashing lights. When they stopped, the driver got out and opened the door for the dragoness. She glanced over at Natasha who gave her an encouraging smile and a nod.

[#E6005C “It will be alright. Like I briefed you earlier, there are others who are also considered “monsters” present. If you get stuck, I will be right here,”] Natasha explained as she pointed at her own ear. [#E6005C “The ear piece is not easily visible and no one else will be able to hear me but you so I’ll still be able to support you even from the car.”]

Nonna still didn’t understand why the woman was only allowed to stay with her so long as she kept a certain distance, but didn’t question it. She never questioned anything. Before she could step out of the car, however, Natasha reached over and tied the young woman’s long, pure white hair up into a high ponytail. Afterwards, she reached under her seat and pulled out her laptop.

[#E6005C “Go ahead, Nonna,”] Natasha said as she opened the laptop.

Taking it as an order, the ice dragon stepped out of the car. The driver closed the door behind her and returned to his seat in the car, having to keep Natasha under watch after all. Although the government knew about her through the hidden files, they still were going to take every precaution as to make sure that everything went as expected.

[#E6005C [i “Do you hear me?”]] Natasha asked through the ear piece.

[#3399FF “Da.”]

[#E6005C [i “Excellent! Now, you are going to want to go where the poor girl’s body is. There you will meet the others and be able to see what happened to her.”]]

[#3399FF “Ze corpse… A monster killed ‘er, da?”]

[#E6005C [i “That’s right. Like I said, you will be told more once you get there.”]]

Nonna continued onward. Initially, she had meant to say hello to the individuals who were already there. Natasha told her it was polite to greet people when meeting them. However, as soon as she caught a glimpse of the body, she forgot about that and walked straight to it. Squatting down, she looked over the corpse, the smell nor sight affecting her in any notable way. All she knew for almost all her life was how to hunt down and kill a target, or how to kill as many of the “enemy” as possible as instructed by the Russian superiors. So a corpse, no matter how mutilated, was nothing new.
  Nonna / nomey1 / 4y 303d 22h 23m 8s

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