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[B Mature Pokemon RP- [+red do not apply for characters under 18]]

[center [pic]

[font "Times" [size15 A world that is quite frankly on the brink of war at all times, with all of the splinter organizations trying to control Pokemon- who really should be deciding their fates?


[B Well, hello there~!]

I'm Tweedy and I'm looking for a Pokemon RP. This will be a 1x1 as regarding to how many [i writers] I will accept for one thread. How many characters that writer plays is entirely up to them.

Either just a sort of simple, kind of fun one because I've been poking my nose back into that area of my childhood, or a complex, dramatic take which is my general and preferred fare since I now have this zealous want to put together another team and play through some companionships between trainers and pokemon and all the in betweens.


[+purple A Few Guidelines/Preferences/Warnings]]]]
[font "Times" [size15 + I prefer 1000+ characters because anything less makes it too hard to actually reply, I set the limit at 800
+ communicate with me. I always use the chat box. I like to talk to my partners and discuss non-RP things as much as I like to go over RP things. It's just weird and stiff and strange of we don't.
+ Drama and maturity is preferred- depending on if we actually evolve it into something else more mature and dramatic be prepared for, obviously, maturity and drama and darkness. Either way this could be really fun.
+ That being said I am fully prepared and willing to make it a very far reached AU, we could even start something like Digimon where they were originally from this other plane and they like somehow moved over into ours or something, I'm just spitballing here. I would prefer not to adhere to the innocence and child-friendliness of the cartoon/manga/game series.
+ romance is an [i option] but it doesn't have to be included. [i especially if your character is under 18 I will not participate in a romance because I find younger teenage romance strangely uncomfortable now that I'm older.] No exceptions, I'm afraid on that age limit.

[center [+red Pokemon Specific Preferences]]
+ I will allow moves such as tail whip, glare, leer, tackle and basic, physical moves and maybe even the obvious like water gun and ember to be basically like instincts to Pokemon outside of the like four moves they are allotted. It only makes sense that a Pokemon doesn't just [i forget] how to throw its body at someone and tackle them to the ground or use their appendages as bludgeoning weapons, or make faces at them.
+ no legendary Pokemon, please. Leave them where they are. They aren't feasibly capturable to there's that. Sorry.
+ [i fakemon] are a no unless they are very, very unique and interesting and [i not OP] for god's sake
+ multiple characters encouraged
+ characters under the age of 18 will be scrutinized heavily. I know this is a kids thing generally but considering the possible maturity of this RP I do not want to involve children with specific subject matter.
+ I want to try and keep to the standards of the series, like six Pokemon teams, but may be persuaded to add one more slot as a Pokemon you have like out and with you at all times. Someone more like a pet?
+ if you have fully evolved Pokemon, like a Typhlosion, Venasaur, something a few evolutions up or something high leveled I would think that your trainer would have likely have had that Pokemon for a long while, instead of capturing them like that as the final evolution. In the wild natural selection is a thing, I'm pretty sure.
+basically just be reasonable with things

[center [pic]

As you may probably be able to tell, I don't really have a plot in mind. Just a team I need to edit a little and a need for a little action in this sort of theme/world/what have you. I'm looking for a partner to brainstorm with

That all being said, any questions, comments, concerns etc. feel free to contact me. [i PM me with your favorite dessert as the subject so I know you read all the things.]
Thanks for your time~!

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