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[font "Times" I have a bunch of ideas that might be kind of fun, so I will put them down below and see who it attracts! If nothing catches your fancy feel free to PM me and we can talk about something else entirely! This is just a sort of coverall for the ideas I've got going instead of the broader, thematic search threads I've done before.

If any of the proffered ideas below don't interest you, if you want a different themed idea, there are picture linked threads nearer to the bottom for your convenience, and further ideas in the roleplay response area. This is really a sort of whole group of ideas of mine. Rules and RP preferences are listed below as well.


[center [size14 [B Idea No. 1]]


Hurt/comfort with horror elements. Romance?

In a world where back, deep in history, people retreated from the things that went bump in the night. The fey, ghosts, ghouls, vampires, werewolves, all sorts of nonsense that people hid from, collecting themselves in walled cities, surrounded by a canal over which the bridges into the city stretched and hiding underneath the banner of God and the Church. This is London . And from the walls, the aristocracy left to take to their extensive either fortified, or somehow else 'assisted' estates. To take in the pagan, old world air . Any smaller villages and towns outside of the main cities are similarly fortified with walls.

A young man from the citadel leaves to find work at the estate of one of the gentle/aristocratic families that left the city before its closing. Outside the city limits... things are not the way _____ expected. The family, and the house... There's something going on here.

Character driven plot, possibly romantic, or not. And in that, I mean this could be kind of light, even comical mystery, or very dark, and very dramatic. Preferably dark, but has a chance to be whatever we want.

[size14 [B Idea No. 2]]


I've been really wanting to play a sort of 'secret monster' character and play with the idea of divinity and raw power in a space where it doesn't belong. An old god, Loki or Lucifer, Thanatos or Hades, taking possession of a body of a person, or just creating one for themselves to walk among men. I have separate ideas for each that differ a little bit.

[B For Hades] I have the idea that as a god, his form is more eldritch and unfathomable. A god of the shadows, the darkness and cool of the underworld that he has been sent to. It has seeped into him and altered his body throughout the millennia. And so, leaving the underworld where his world has become quieter now, he takes a new form to blend in. Become smaller, mortal, human and to look upon the earth with atrophied eyes.

[B My Loki] would be a sort of an amalgamation of different lore, and some inspiration taking gently from MCU. But he would be a long-lived wanderer of the earth hiding his jotnar form underneath the skin of a fair, flame-headed man, or at times a dark-headed man, and sometimes a woman. What he feels comfortable with at the time as he figures out his identity. His story would more be the 'dropped in the middle of a normal man's life as the god's essence has chosen him' type thing that he has to come to terms with his own, sudden divinity, an ages long ache to be something, or find his something. [size10 I like the idea of putting him in a sort of heroes and villains story- a very classical sort of Marvel world, almost, but not entirely. Or a very kind of [i The Wicked and the Divine] type of world, if that's familiar. I'm not sure how I'm fleshing it out yet.]

[B Thanatos] I like the idea of being an effeminate god, taking interest in the phenomenon of little deathlings, death-positive people, and gothic culture. He's secretly a flamboyant, teasing character, struggling to overcome the assumptions contemporary people have with death. His association with gentle or soft death has fallen by the wayside to the contemporary world. They just fear and hate now. It makes him sad.

Not sure what to do with them just yet. But ideas I like working with and have sort of hovering around my head. [B These in no way have to be modern stories, in fact I'm almost leaning away from that. They can be high fantasy antiquity, Victorian, or what have you.]

[B Idea No. 3]


Hurt/comfort with fantasy/horror elements.

He's been turned into a monstrocity; curse, experiment gone wrong, who knows. The nobleman, or his remnant, who now lurks in the haunted castle is a monster. Be ye hapless wanderer seeking shelter, unknowing what is within, monster hunter from the village, seeking knowledge from the old being that preys on the nighttime of the village below, or escaped slave seeking the only place that your master would never dare find you. Your story is what happens when you meet him.

A sort of [i Van Helsing], [i Castlevania], Beauty and the Beast type of story idea. Potential romance, but must be slow burn.

[center [B Idea No. 4]]

[ Based off of this comic]

[font "Times" [u Character 1] needs a reality check. They don't have to be a total shitheel but they need to be in a sort of place to say and do some stuff either due to ignorance for simple want of attention starvation or 'just because they can' 'daddy always let me' 'I'm too privileged and insecure to do anything but criticize other people for showing emotion when I wasn't allowed to'. Type of deal.

[u Character 2] has come from some different means or stock, smart as a whip and an angry person just like everyone else. They've got their own problems.

He's an ass, but there's something enjoyable about him. Perhaps [u Character 2]'s persistent and bold, unabashed protest to [u Character 1]'s privileged bullcrap finally catches their attention/makes an impact? Either friendship or possibly romance.

I'm seeing either a D&D/high fantasy drow/dark elven princeling from a ruling matron's house, a Victorian elite gentleman in a supernatural/horror type of story/world where [u Character 2] is introduced at a party, or a sort of an interesting "Modern AU" sort of [i Once Upon A Time] story where our characters are actually from a magical world they've been torn from due to some mage's complete meltdown.

Any pairing suffices.

[+green A Few Guidelines, applicable to all. Just a sort of overview of my preferences.]
+ I am looking for a literate roleplay with any of these. Novel/paragraph style, which means 1000+ characters. The characters are very literate themselves, and I write character-driven plots in which observation of the other, of the surroundings and such are very important to me because sometimes the plot's movement is less important than the relationships/friendships/hatred/etc. breeding between the characters.

+[B Maturity] many of these will be rated R in some of their content, be it social critique, substances, trauma/mental illness, heteronormative critique, etc. For the more horror elements there will be some gore, and psychological stuff going on. Dark means dark, depending on the plot that is chosen and the characters and such. I am capable of whimsy, but it often dips into much more.

[center [pic]

[B Premade ideas with a separate thread will be posted here linked in the pictures. Each link contains further details in depth if you would like to continue with this idea, click the linked pictures.]

[B [+red Rated R]]
Looking for Hollywood Villain Material. Violence, gore, [i Incredibles], [i Marvel], [i Watchmen], [i Kill Bill] inspired. Do not need to see the movies to apply, just sort of theme ideas.
[ [pic]]

[B Original Search Thread/In-Depth Rules and Preferences]
[ [pic]]

At any rate, if none of this interests you, I'm always up for discussing other ideas and such. Just contact me and we can discuss. Feel free to poke your nose into profiles and other search threads of mine.

This thread will be continually edited as I gain perhaps more ideas.

[+purple If you have any interest in any of these, when you message me add your favorite dessert so that I know you've read all of the stuff and things.]
Thanks for your time!


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Roleplay Responses

[font "Times" [size15 [i ''Period'' Supernatural/Fantasy]
It's the mysterious mansion that's been in the legends and stories of the bayou city of C'est-Vrais. Supposedly a lost earl's estate, filled with the supernatural. Throwing parties you could only dream of, and have nightmares about. Monsters in human form, creatures that could whisk you away never to return. But as the legend matures, a sort of interest- the word of mouth of those storytellers, merchants and travelers of the swamps saying "I've seen it, and lived" make the idea tantalizing. You want an invitation, to see it. To see the fey elegance and the beautiful, mysterious people that seem to populate these places.

Set in the spiritual, undead-filled world of the city of C'est-Vrais, where fantastical-inspired versions of voodoo, undeath, music, monsters and men dwell amongst the creatures and the gently lapping waters of the river city.
  Tweedy / 208d 19h 8m 26s
Based on this roleplay, credit where it's due to Vinyl_and_Tea. I just miss it. D: [ Eternally Together]

[center [pic]]

Two young men, one a gentle, well to do jazz singer and a mobster. They had fallen in love against their better judgment, socially and professionally. [u Character A] had grown up on the streets in such-and-such slum or what have you, part of the city and had gotten involved and then never was able to get out of it. It was a blood for blood business, and wouldn't let you go as soon as you dipped in. It seemed just as fate. [u Character B] had come from better circumstances, had a love for music and wanted to pursue that love of jazz. The two had met in a bar, or a club, and had through their interaction quicky fallen for the other.

[center [pic]]

Tragedy struck when the rival mob had discovered their closeness and had taken [u Character B] hostage. [u Character A] had thought he had saved him, or he had watched as his beloved was killed in front of him.

Some time later, namely in the 1920's when jazz had exploded all over the United States, as fate would have it, the two spirits had been brought back together. Just as they were before, unfortunately, a mobster and a singer. The only catch was, [u Character A] remembered everything. He had been haunted with these half imaginings, these nightmares he barely remembered but that filled him with such pain... and then one night in a bar, waiting to meet with a contact he had heard him. That voice so familiar that struck him as such. Pretty soon he started frequenting this maddening nightengale's performances- bars, parties if he could get to them, watching and remembering how much he loved him. Just so he could hear that voice again.

[u Character B] isn't aware of who this man is, but has this vague feeling every time he sees him. He recognizes him- somehow, someway. Will he recall who his lost love was? Will they be as doomed as before? Life has a way of fucking you over.

[center [pic]

[center [pic]]
  Draco / Tweedy / 1y 354d 3h 18m 24s
[center [pic]

[font "Times" Search!

I just need a little tiny something if anyone is interested.


[B Some Guidelines To Me As An RPer]

  Tweedy / 3y 329d 2h 11m 2s

♦ i’m scared to walk home in the dark and its really late so i called a random number and got you au
♦ you live across the hall and hide in my apartment when you want to avoid your one night stands au
♦ someone in the dorms makes amazing cookies and you’re trying to figure it out and walk in on me baking at four in the morning au
♦ we both get lost at disneyworld and somehow stumble across each other and decide to be lost together au
♦ you sit behind me and poke me every time i fall asleep during 9am lectures thank you can i buy you a coffee? au
♦ we never talk but we make eye contact whenever anyone says something incredibly stupid during class au
♦ awkward teenage seven-minutes-in-heaven au
♦ i always see you in the library and i think you’re really cute so i leave you little post it notes on your work whenever you go and get a book just to see you blush au
♦ my mum knows your mum and they’re trying to set us up but all i can remember of you is that time you stuck gum in my hair when we were seven so i automatically don’t like you au
♦ i accidentally open the door right before you knock and smack you in the face au
♦ the-princess-diaries au
♦ we’re the only two people left who are single in our friendship group and they all decide to try and set us up with each other au
♦i remember you moving into the apartment door across from me, but i never ever saw you again? are you still alive in there?
  Tweedy / 3y 360d 22h 38m 57s
[center [B Do I have this posted already?]]

[center [pic,%20Tower%20of%20London%20at%20night.jpg]

[font "Times" The city was large, bustling ports and markets, and people packed literally to the rafters in the tenements, and slums and the heights of the gentry, or rather what is left of it in the strangely empty gated communities- filling only during the autumn.

Carts, buggies and cabs clogged the winding streets, pushing past taverns and alleyways where all of man's glorious and horrible fullness came to light. Prowling serial killers along with the women seeking their clients, and all those in between.


Most of the gentry thought they were rather polite people, though strange, but harmless. They left the city as the dark trees were cut down, loyal to the queen, and came and left sometimes, but not often.

Rumors among what little society folk remained in the city spread like wildfire and they were never bothered to be confirmed, of course. No one bothered to leave the city after that. They had odd friends, and those who considered themselves normal who hung around, desperate to know whether or not they are true but never had the nerve to find out. When questioned, the family hasn't bothered to deny what they have heard, laughing and giving odd, and at times cryptically neither here-nor-there little replies. That's all you need to know, if you even know that.


Now, there has been an ad in the paper. The first for a while, of an outsider aristocrat looking for work from an insider cityman. It's been ignored by most- either unwilling to make the journey, unable, or too prude because of a social stigma to venture out into the countryside. But one young man does and offers his wares and skill... and is answered.


Will your character uncover the secrets of the eccentric Hackett family and its surrounding mystery? Peel the calm, pleasant facade of the master and mistress of the house, or the twins, the youngest brother Emile, or the absentee, stony eldest sister?

  Henri and Narcissa Hackett / Tweedy / 4y 168d 3h 15m 59s
[font "Times" [center [ [pic]]
[size10 [i "Hello! My name is Gaster..."]]


I am craving something to do with any of these things... could be serious and could be not serious, I'm not sure yet. Just know that I need some stuff to be a worthwhile partner for someone.

[B [u Genres]]

I write action, drama, and heavily character driven materials. I appreciate plots with depth and I welcome mature themes such as ideology, mortality, questioning morality, graphic depictions of violence, bondage, un/healthy (CONSENSUAL) relationships, sex , and trauma. I'm open to most any pairing, just ask.

My definition of maturity extends past this, but I want to keep this relatively short.

[B [u Literacy]]

I usually write between 800 and 5,000 [i words] and use proper grammar/spelling to the best of my ability. I'd appreciate the same from my partners, but I won't freak out over a few mistakes. We all make them.

[B [u Characters]]

I roleplay a lot of characters, and usually play multiple at a time to form a sort of cast, both fandom canon and original. I can also play with OCs in fandom 'verses but you'll have to ask me for a list of able and interested fandoms to write for.

For original characters I'd love it if you could look [ here] for what I've in mind, and then PM me with those details if you'd like to know what those are.

Currently I have interest in playing Maleficent , a Loki , Sir Thomas Sharpe or any of those listed below in the ideas section. I know that makes me sound like a niche writer, but I'm always open to exploring crossovers and original plots and junk.

BUT I HAVE RULES regarding these characters, especially Thomas Sharpe and Loki. The way I see Sir Sharpe isn't at all in a dominant, sexualized manner at all. He is a traumatized, vulnerable person who I will be focusing on the breadth of his character and relationships, abusive or otherwise.

With Loki as well, I have the intent not to play his sexualized, dominant, Internet version. For the both of them I will not play out a fantasy for your character. This will have to be a mutual plot in which my characters receive as much thought as They give yours- not be an xOC, self-insertion roleplay that ends up sounding like a terrible fanfiction. Please spare me.

[B [u Misc]]

I usually reply within a week after receiving a post, depending on what's going on in my life and how long the post is. I will notify my partners if I will be taking longer than a few weeks to reply in my profile and would appreciate the same from them. I believe roleplaying is a partnership, and partnerships require communication. I love making friends and establishing connections with those I write with. That said, I don't like to wait forever and I don't expect others to do so either. After thirty days without communication , I will consider a thread inactive. After fifty days without communication, I will remove it from my roster unless I've intention to preserve it for one reason or another, be it my own records or a history of what I've done with a character.

[i Know that my computer doesn't allow me to use the realtime chat, but I can receivie it on my phone but I generally do not use my phone for this so I can get the message but would prefer PMs, or a separate chat thread. I apologize for the inconvenience.]

[B [u Search Threads/Ideas]]

Details about individual ideas can be discussed in PMs. [B This will not be first come first served]. I have a lot of RPs already and am looking to add one more good one to the roster.


[B [u Ideas]]

[center [B This amuses me, but would be a really cool idea to play out I think, serious or not.]
  Tweedy / 4y 187d 1h 51m 31s
[center [pic]

[font "Times" Strangers, in this tiny world


Often are much more than they seem...



Yes, I know this is going to sound a bit self serving, but this pairing based on the film versions of both these characters sounds incredibly interesting and I am simply curious if there is anyone else willing to explore it with me, is all. I had a really promising thread with this and my partner either got busy or has had some issues and it has fallen by the wayside. I'm still really excited to play out this idea so I hope I can attract someone perhaps?

[ [size10 Original link here if you're interested.]]


The idea could be that in one of the realms, as either children or young adults, the two had come across one another and then things happened and then they either ran across one another again or something happened to send one into contact. Perhaps while Loki was floating aimlessly after the events in [i Thor] the first, in the darkness there came about some rift through which he fell and then was pulled back to "reality" by Thanos to do his bidding or some nature of mind bending, questionable reality... maybe even Asgard itself has an artifact like a mirror in its bowels that reaches into a realm not of the Allfather's control, and so it was banished, or hidden. Maybe there is a threat of war between two realms or Loki is trying to destroy Asgard and needs allies... I'm just spitballing here.


This is a very open idea, obviously, I am mostly trying to test the waters and see if anyone would be interested in this and we'll see where it goes from there. Brainstorming is sort of a given, even if we're taking one of the ideas I've suggested above.

I would [i prefer] to play Maleficent, but I can be flexible so long as I see a sample post of the character in which the performance is to the liberty of the character. I am fully capable of playing Loki, but again I would really like a sample, just so this can remain as serious as I would like either way this goes.

This will be mature, heavy and at times painfully dark due to the histories of the two characters individually and such, but it has the potential to be very beautiful as well. We'll just have to see.


[+green Obviously this is an AU, but I want this to be a [i good] AU.]
+ literate novel/paragraph style roleplay 1000+ characters
+limit will be set at 800 no exceptions, I'm afraid.
+when I say mature I mean mature, and dark means dark. This will have heavy themes and issues that both will work through, of course depending on the plot, if there's threat of war and such things...

[+purple At any rate it's a half baked idea and I'm curious to see if anyone would be interested. PM me if you are and add your favorite dessert as your subject so I know you've read all the things.]

Any questions, concerns, comments and the like feel free to contact me. And if this doesn't interest you specifically, feel free to contact with another idea. I'm always looking for more RPs. Thank you for your time!

[size10 Also, found this neat thing on YouTube that someone made- give them some love for the amazing editing job!]
  Tweedy / 4y 204d 16m 18s
[center [pic]

[font "Times" [B Well Hello There~!]]]

[left [pic]] [center [font "Times" [size14 I'm looking for a meaningful, character driven Pokemon RP- as in battles and basically following game/show format is a NO-NO. This would be an RP focused around trainer relationships with Pokemon and one another. A larger plot around it hopefully uninvolved with the same-old-same-old plots and story arcs

This would be something requiring complex characters and plot movement is really tertiary to Pokemon/intercharacter relationships.

[right [pic]] For this one especially, I stress the 18+ rule because I do not in any way want this to reflect the show's PG rating at all. It has the propensity to become a very dark RP, as well as a beautiful one that we can both enjoy. [i Especially] if it has to do with romance. I just can't allow romance for underage characters anymore, I'm sorry. That is if romance is even a thing.

This will be a 1x1 as regarding to how many writers I will accept for one thread. How many characters that writer plays is entirely up to them.

Either just a sort of simple, kind of fun one because I've been poking my nose back into that area of my childhood, or a complex, dramatic take which is my general and preferred fare since I now have this zealous want to put together another team and play through some companionships between trainers and pokemon and all the in betweens.


[size14 [+purple A Few Guidelines/Preferences/Warnings]]]]]

[size14 [font "Times" + I prefer 1000+ characters because anything less makes it too hard to actually reply, I set the limit at 800
+ communicate with me. I always use PMs because my computer has ceased to allow me to use the chat. I can get it on my phone so the message wouldn't be entirely lost- but please if you want an immediate response do not use it. Despite this, I like to talk to my partners and discuss non-RP things as much as I like to go over RP things. It's just weird and stiff and strange of we don't.
+ Drama and maturity is preferred- depending on if we actually evolve it into something else more mature and dramatic be prepared for, obviously, maturity and drama and darkness. Either way this could be really fun.
+ That being said I am fully prepared and willing to make it a very far reached AU, we could even start something like Digimon where they were originally from this other plane and they like somehow moved over into ours or something, I'm just spitballing here. I would prefer not to adhere to the innocence and child-friendliness of the cartoon/manga/game series.
+ romance is an option but it doesn't have to be included. especially if your character is under 18 I will not participate in a romance because I find younger teenage romance strangely uncomfortable now that I'm older. No exceptions, I'm afraid on that age limit.

[center [pic]

[+red Pokemon Specific Preferences]]

+ I will allow moves such as tail whip, glare, leer, tackle and basic, physical moves and maybe even the obvious like water gun and ember to be basically like instincts to Pokemon outside of the like four moves they are allotted. It only makes sense that a Pokemon doesn't just forget how to throw its body at someone and tackle them to the ground or use their appendages as bludgeoning weapons, or make faces at them.
+ no legendary Pokemon, please. Leave them where they are. They aren't feasibly capturable to there's that. Sorry.
+ fakemon are a no unless they are very, very unique and interesting and not OP for god's sake
+ multiple characters encouraged
+ characters under the age of 18 will be scrutinized heavily. I know this is a kids thing generally but considering the possible maturity of this RP I do not want to involve children with specific subject matter.
+ I want to try and keep to the standards of the series, like six Pokemon teams, but may be persuaded to add one more slot as a Pokemon you have like out and with you at all times. Someone more like a pet?
+ if you have fully evolved Pokemon, like a Typhlosion, Venasaur, something a few evolutions up or something high leveled I would think that your trainer would have likely have had that Pokemon for a long while, instead of capturing them like that as the final evolution. In the wild natural selection is a thing, I'm pretty sure.
+basically just be reasonable with things

[center [pic]

Any questions, comments and concerns, feel free to contact me! [+red And to inform me that you've read this all, for all of my concerns, make the subject of your message your favorite dessert!]

  Tweedy / 4y 211d 7h 44m 52s
[center [pic]

[font "Times" Hello, lovelies! I'm I'm in the mood for a specifically Steven Universe themed roleplay. With all of the new episodes and all of the introductions of these new gems, I'm itching for some of this.

SO! To get started, I've a lot of ideas for either some fun AU material with OCs along with the canon characters/world such as it is, or a mix of canon and OC. Kinda depends on what we end up discussing. I am more than willing to play canon, but I also have lots of ideas for the gems that I have found here and there on the internet and would love to do a mostly OC oriented plot, with incidental canon if they become relevant. This can go lots of ways, I'm just making note of everything I'm willing to do.


I don't know how much I can lay onto a prospective partner regarding their comfort level, but multiple characters is highly encouraged. Regarding me, my expectations and my ability I really [i like] to play multiple characters at once, because aside from being enjoyable I believe it adds depth to a roleplay instead of struggling to continually find excuses to keep putting two single characters into contact even with the excuse of a good plot and canon involvement, the whole shebang.

[B Ground Rules]]]
[font "Times" ♥ 1000+ characters, the posting limit will be set to 800, no exceptions which means absolutely [i no] text talk
♥ paragraph style roleplay
♥ I am not responsible for droving the plot. If you do not help me, expect this to be short-lived.
♥ [i romance isn't a requirement] but it can be explored if'n so you wish to. If'n so- I do not in any way do instant as more often than not the characters don't actually mesh and then it becomes awkward and troubling for both writers. I play on legitimate chemistry if there even is any.
♥ please communicate with me- it makes things both easier and more fun. [B I cannot use the realtime chat- we can either make a thread or just reach me in PMs]
♥ Like the cartoon I do expect this to have a balance of maturity along with any lightness
♥ I do not accept male gems . The canon world has made it pretty damn clear that the gems are female as a species or race, or whatever we want to refer to them as.

[center [pic]

[B Canon Pairings]
[+red [B Disclaimer:]] I will not do anything with Steven involved because 1. he is a child and 2. I believe he and Connie are the cutest things on earth, nor will I pair Garnet romantically with anyone because she is already the result [i of] a strong bond of love. Sorry. No exceptions. But fusions with the walking love goddess are acceptable.]
♥ Amedot
♥ Pearlidot
♥ Jaspidot
♥ [B Lapis/Jasper??? [+red NON ROMANTIC]] I could be interested in something about them perhaps getting together and talking about things? Perhaps after somehow she got corrupted, meaning a reversal or otherwise. That could be interesting, but it's just an idea. But as it is currently, their relationship is both contentious and unhealthy. So unless you're willing to work with me around a very mature and possibly unhealthy dynamic between them.
♥ [B Sadie/Not Lars] they're cute together, so long as he gets his shit together, but as much as she likes him he's really not very nice to her so I would like to see her with someone who treats her nicer.

[center [pic]]

Romance between OC gems is always welcome, so long as they have legitimate chemistry, as I said. OC gems would be [i easier] but not everyone wants to gamble on other people OCs, I understand.
I also, as posted earlier, would be willing to explore human characters as well! [B Human OCs welcome.]

[center Well, that's really all I have in mind for now. It's really just a bit of a call to arms for those interested in something like this- I don't really have a plot in mind yet or anything. I am more expecting to brainstorm a bit beforehand.


[+blue Title this with your favorite dessert so I know you read all the things. Thanks!]

Feel free to contact me through PM with any questions, comments or concerns- I would love to chat!

  Tweedy / 3y 321d 3h 22m 14s
[center [pic]

[font "Times" I've been inspired by a film I've seen recently for a lyrically beautiful, incredibly dark romance between a young man and woman preferably but that is definitely open to discussion, it's just my first thought.

Set in a high concept, supernatural world revolving around one character being pulled out of the world they are familiar with and another accidentally pulling the other into the complications of their past in which they are marred and wish abortively to escape from.

It will likely be a horror themed type of deal, but it will be character driven, not focused on the horror part of the plot and having that as a secondary. If you've seen [i Crimson Peak] yet or any of Guillermo delToro's films like [i Pan's Labyrinth] you'll understand the sort of balance I would be looking for between fantastic and otherwise concerned, but if not please do not worry I do not plan on making any references to any films in case you haven't seen them, these are sort of just springboards basically. Themes.


[B [+red Rated R]
This will be a mature roleplay and at times very, very dark- dealing with things you may not be comfortable with. I want this to explore the interior desires of the traumatized, the social stigma of the post Victorian period (1837-1901) into the burgeoning Edwardian era (1901-1910+), desire, moral ambiguity, criticism of the human condition, bourgeoise family values, and of morality, sexuality, death, grieving, human brutality... maybe more.

[i Talk to me if any of these are triggers for you. I do not want to make my partners uncomfortable uneccessarily. Please. I'll be a good listener.]]


This could be a romantic plot, in fact I would like it to be, but the romance, the act of getting the characters together won't in the least be the focus. I depend on the chemistry of the characters themselves, never a soulmate trope or a destined lovers idea. Some characters just don't have chemistry romantically, and I intend to play my characters to their breadth and credit, I will rarely make amends in personality to just allow them to be lovers.

I have the intention to play a young man for this part, at least as the sort of 'main role' as it were on my end surrounded by the rest of the cast that ends up coming into play. What sort of young man will come in time- but do not expect him to be overtly masculine. I like mine lithe, gentle.


From this I want complex characterization that cannot be summed up into a few words. I'm looking for people whose characters can fit this description in general, and who can give as much to the plot, such as it is, that I can. I am looking for complex, controversial/morally ambiguous, strongly written sorts of characters to explore. I do not want characters that are just "shy", or summed up in one word- like just having this spontaneous social anxiety that appears and disappears as the plot requires, or anything skin deep unless there is a very, very good reason for it that will lead to a broadening of the character later. [i [B That said, this is not first come first serve. Obviously.]] I want to explore your character as much as I present mine to be explored. Applicants will be scrutinized, I want this to be a challenge.


[font "Times" [B General Stuff]
1. 800-1000+ characters
2. Communicate with me, it makes it easier on the both of us. Throw plot ideas back and forth, chat, be friendly. Formal, weird plots make things hard because they are impersonal and feel forced. {[i Currently for some reason my computer isn't allowing me to use the chat, outside of any issue with adblock, but it works on my phone so I won't miss messages on that, but if you want my reply immediately PM me instead, as I might not have it on me at the time.]}
3. Grammar and spelling are to be expected, but no one is perfect. Just do your best.
4. Multiple characters highly encouraged.
5. Cursing
6. Mature themes will be explored, and I don't mean simply drinking, smoking, violence- I mean psychology, sexuality, "good and evil", if the end rectifies the means, social issues and criticism, self-harm, self-hatred, loyalty and honor, ideology, etc. Talk to me if any of these are a trigger for you and we'll see where we're at.
7. Romance is not a requirement- nor is it in the sense of devotion to like a single soul mate- this is not Disney, it doesn't have to be- a lot of casual and/or sexual attraction and a lot of platonic intimacy is more likely to be explored. Depends on character chemistry.
8. I will post inconsistently because I possess both a college, a job and a social life and the subsequent complications, but I will post every couple of days for you, or more if it's engaging enough. I will post as fast as I can but I have multiple RPs I devote equal time and energy to on top of a busy schedule so I will do my best to be quick if I can, please understand. I will extend the same courtesy to you. Busy with the same issue? Perfect. This should be relaxed and fun, not regimented, structured creativity.
9. Any sexual content, if the partner so chooses, will be moved to email. Not a requirement, but is encouraged if you're comfortable.
10. Traditional gender roles will be challenged harshly, especially because this is a historic RP. I don't intend to perpetuate unhealthy dynamics in couples, even if it was considered normal back then.

[center [B [+green UNDERSTAND]]
I can make exceptions to things. I understand, just talk to me about it. Please, I promise I'll be nice about it so long as you all are. I don't want to turn away people who think I'm being a hard ass. I have expectations, but they are flexible.


So, have I scared anybody off yet? No? Yes? Fabulous, well if you're still here then do please PM me with any questions, concerns or what have you and I would be glad to hear from you!
[+crimson Title your PM with your favorite dessert so that I know you've read this far and we're in business!!]
  Hostess / Tweedy / 4y 239d 4h 9m 41s
[center [pic]]

[font "Times New Roman" Hello!

I am looking for one of two things specifically, but ask about anything more- I'd be glad to see what else might be fun. I am looking for, yes I know, an xOC RP [i or] a canon RP. These do not have to be romantinc plots, frankly I only play romance if the characterization of each works in chemistry.

In either circumstance besides, I am protective of both canon [i and] original characters so this thread will not be first come first serve. I really want to find writers who can do this with me to the degree of maturity and literacy that would make this both fun and challenging.

I'm a little more of an MCU fan, focused more on the Avengers and Captain America lines of the universe, but I am willing to expand. Those are just my better niches.

[center [pic]]

First thing's first before I lose too many people would be canon ship pairings between any of the following. These can be non-romantic, I'm more focused on character driven plotwork anyways:

[i Science Bros.]
[i [B Loki]xStark]
[i Lokix[B Darcy]]
[i HawkeyexWidow]
[i FalconxWidow]
[i StevexLoki]
[i WidowxMaria Hill]
[B Team Red!!]
[center [pic]]

If you don't find anything interesting, I am also open to other Marvel characters, some of which I may not be familiar with but I am willing to try if you'd allow my lack of knowledge- we would have to play to my handicap on that. I am also flexible for the most part on who would play whom, etc. Just ask.

[center [pic]]

[center [B -OR-]]

xOC [B I can double up, these are my current interests. Again reiterating that these do not necessarily have to be romantic]

[i CapxOC]

For that the characters that I would be comfortable playing would be
[B Cap
Lady Sif
Dr. Banner

[center [pic]]

[B Ask me about others, I may have forgotten some. [+red I am always up for an OCxOC if you're interested, as well.]]

[center [B What I'm looking for]]
+[i literate partner that can handle detailed/layered, 1000+ word posts, That means inner thoughts, observations of other characters, and no shit posting just to get to the character limit- which will be set at 8 to 900, no excuse, sorry.]

+[i complex plot, character driven]
I have no specific plot in mind yet, I'll leave that for discussion, I'm more interested in using the character mostly and developing them and their interactions than I am a huge, sweeping plot to save the world because those are difficult to write anyways.

+[B [i mature themes...]]
[i heavy violence, psychological issues, trauma, questioning reality, challenging gender roles, questioning honorable qualities in a person making them 'good' or elsewise, questioning sexuality and identity, the existence of platonic affection/intimacy (maybe), and questionable motives thrown into a righteous light in the eyes of the characters, etc.]

+[i able to handle rather amoral characters trying to figure out their place in the balance of good and evil after being disillusioned, and even whether or not which is which, and questioning what defines good and evil and the reality of the world etc.]

[center [+red If any of these things are uncomfortable for you, I understand. If you're uncertain and willing to give it a go, I would be glad to have you and we can explore this thing together. These are mostly things my character will be dealing with.]

[left [pic]] [B Romance does [i not] have to be a part of any plot, and I do not expect it of anyone.] It would be a nice theme to explore, but it does not absolutely need to exist- I'm looking more for companionship on a different level than that, to be honest. Friendship for people who need it, platonic affection etc.
The romance needs to make sense, and it must build and [i not] drive the whole plot as the objective of us as writers just to get these people together. Please.

[right [pic]] I know this all sounds like I'm being a hardass, and I really apologize I'm really not but I feel obligated to put this all out there because I've been doing this for a long time- and I get more shit than you would imagine and I can't do it anymore. People ignore the stuff I say, and then get angry when the RP doesn't work out... I swear I really am reasonable and flexible, but I really want to make something out of this that we would really enjoy and would find a light challenge from. If you want to ask about something please feel free, I would love to chat and maybe figure something out. Thank you so much.

[B [+blue Any questions, I would be glad to answer. :3 Just PM me with a title of your favorite dessert to let me know you've read this down to the end and let's talk! Even if it's just with questions and you're not really interested in pursuing this or am uncertain or if I was unclear, but wanna know more or whatever strikes your fancy I would be glad to chat with you.]]

Thanks so much for your time!

  Thomas Fletcher / Tweedy / 4y 203d 7h 45m 0s
[center [font "Times" Set in a fictional land where all living beings are paired with another to protect, share a bond with: love, a promise what have you. All living beings are bound to another by the threads of their soul, and of their life. One born, meets the other. Some are born side by side and others are found, imprinted upon. Up to them. Some never find their companions. The partner is referred to as a Majin.


Some partnerships that are made do not counterpart one another, but some do. Some spirits of fire are paired with water, and must learn to cooperate with them. Some spirits of fire are paired with another flame just as intense, or met with earth who may keep them at bay and such things.

If that bond is severed, by death or other means, the soul is shattered. Wholeness is lost. Sometimes, the one half may somehow find solace in another, sort of a patched soul but that is a very rare occurrence. Bonds may be between twins, siblings, friends or outside sources .


The land is split into two separate sides- the harmonious forested lands and stretches of untainted, nearly untouched, stocked with resources- and the lands separated from that by an imposing mountain range, a land of ruins and very curious, peculiar qualities that few have the nerve to cross. A haunted land of loss and desolation- corrupted, industrialized and in dire need of resources.

[B The Two Sides]

[+green 'Harmonious' Lands]
The lands to the west are the brighter, lighter lands untouched and filled with deep, deep forests. A land alive more than its inhabitants know. Deeply spiritual, a land threaded through the roots of the giant trees rumored to move and breathe themselves with the energies of the old world.


Not very heavily populated anymore, the harmonious lands are a haven for creatures undiscovered and full of resources similarly. Once settled nearly as much as the other the land had reclaimed itself with the wildness and vigor of a child's imagination.


For those few who had continued to utilize it, the mills are silent and overgrown, and the few factories that the past cities from the old lands reclaimed and nearly forgotten.


There aren't many large dwellings in this area, due to the atmosphere of delicate balance, of fear of retaliation from the land itself, and of the immensity of the trees and the primitiveness of the tools rendering them immovable. Many have moved to live in harmony with these behemoths. But small villages may be found clustered in the glens, or meadows and such. A land as mysterious as its history, dynamic and wonderful. Filled with overgrown cities, and peculiar creatures and denizens, brimming with energy that could be called magical.


However, in its majesty and dynamicness there are places that are very, very dangerous, as with any other place. Corners and shadows of this complex and peculiar place hold things unknown, and forces unnamed and likely, things one would not want to meet.


Be careful where you tread.


[+maroon 'Corrupt' Lands]

The "corrupt" lands are on the other side of the mountain range and valley in the no man's land between the two. It's heavily populated, gentrified and industrialized.


The air hangs thick with damp mists, fogs, ash and soot from the working factories. Beautiful architecture and scholars and such have flourished in these lands. A place of learning, and of prospering if you have the wit and the money for it. A place of industry, culture and of entertainment, of dark, corporeal desires and of the darkest of souls. But also a place of strange lightness if it can be found. Honest folk mingling with the predators.


Humans in great number here, among their other creatures and creations. Often times the creature is seen as lesser, a servant, something akin to an appendage. Many more pairings between humans and other humans are common due to the population. It is a dark place, convoluted streets and railways. Resources are wearing thin for the city of smoke and ash.


Unfortunately, in the style of the times. The humans have begun to elevate their theorized status as the top of the food chain. They believe that they are superior, the "normal" and that they aren't like the beasts around the, not of the same energies, something more. The idea of human progress has taken over. Some even treat their bonded companions as if they are lesser.


But it can be, along with its depravity, a very beautiful place if looked at properly.


[B No-Man's Land, in between]

The lands in between have been impassable for a long time and only recently a few of either side have started exploring what lies on the opposite side of the mountains. Due to the strain on resources, there have been more from the smoky lands than the others.


Beware the lands in between, and the lands of the dark where the threads of both have convened there lie places beyond reason, and beyond imagining. Old magics are at work, of creation and creation alone, and not all creation is beauty.


These are places that reside in the seams of existence, between the dreaming and the real, in the seams of the mirrors, and the warp of a window. Where the old queen who united the lands had reigned, after taking down her predecessors who kept the lands apart- and fell into memory. No one remember what happened, but the lands are separate now.


The lands where the old kingdom resides are gated, ebbing with time. They may hold the ghosts and magic that this world is not prepared for.


[B Beware the call of the queen.]

[+purple Some Guidelines]
+ literate, 1000+ characters
+ mature, very dark and dark means [i dark]. It all depends on what way this RP goes, but there is a very good chance that this will turn quite dangerous
+ romance may be explored, and it can be explored outside of bonded companions. It of course can be an aspect if so desired, and it also doesn't have to be.
+ bonded pairs may be between species, as likely as they could be the same
+ there is a very, very, [i very] slim likelihood that ye who has their bonded companion, or Majin will survive intact, if at all. Often the shock makes them short-lived afterwards. It is a very, very rare thing that happens when a bond with a Majin is severed.

[center [pic]]
  Gumi / Tweedy / 4y 246d 5h 33m 55s
[center [pic]

[font "Times" [size12 [B Plot idea:]
two rival agencies trying to get the credit for a single job, trying to both thwart one another [i and] complete the big mission- one perhaps an up and coming agency or an old hand agency grandfathered in, or another was a previously "evil" organization assumed to be doing, well, evil things which they may or may not end up actually doing.

I would prefer this be a 1x1 in which we both play the teams, however many that is if not just single characters.
And [+blue [B even though I am not looking for a group RP I am willing to make more than one of these threads.]]
This does not by any means [i have] to be completely serious. It has certain capacity to be humorous and rather light, or it [i can] be serious depending on how this goes, or we can slip between the two.

Expect a very open plot. This is in the very infant stages of becoming a plot and would love to brainstorm a lot of the finer details.


[+red [B This is a plot that I want to brainstorm with someone! This is not a set deal as-is, just something I think would be fun.]]

[B Few Rules]
1. 1000+ characters please
2. [i Communicate with me, it makes it easier on the both of us.]
3. Grammar and spelling are to be expected
4. Multiple characters is encouraged
5. Cursing is allowed
6. Mature themes may/will be explored
7. Romance is [i not] a requirement

As I said this is just an idea in progress, this has so much room for development this is simply what I am looking at right now and am hoping to get some folks who are interested.

Any questions or concerns feel free to PM me with the message titled by your favorite dessert so I know that you've read all this, thank you!
[B ~Tweedy]
  gif / Tweedy / 4y 251d 13m 17s
[center [font "Times" [i [B Not a group RP- none of these are group RPs. They are just too unreliable.]]

A group of writers are either invited/put/trapped in an abandoned house + complex.


Once there, you are told to just do exactly what you are good at. Write. Laptops or notebooks and the like, the internet works but only accessible to this one site and its apps. It's almost, [i almost] just like the normal internet, but there is just no communication capabilities (except for random communications from the absentee 'master of the house' who invited them all up there and then isn't present, but is still hosting them through messages and such. All of the cast have downloaded the same app/system, etc..


The house is empty and silent, save for when it isn't. Spooky atmosphere and the like, possible strange happenings or is the threat settled solely on the presences of the others?


Can play out as a sort of [i Clue] mystery, a sort of horror parody or what have you. Based on a dream I had the other night I thought might be interesting. Can anyone find out what's really going on? Who can you trust?
  Tweedy / 4y 259d 12h 38m 20s
[center [B Still technically under construction but feel free to have a look.]
I have two ideas for this, so I'm going to make and decorate one, and then make the other one. The first will be more dramatic and serious and the second will be a might lighter. So far I have the first idea up...

[B [size14 Idea No. 1]]

[font "Times" In the spirit of the season, and in the upcoming aesthetically pleasing release of [i Crimson Peak] I've decided that it's time to broach my little idea I've been playing with for some time now...

It's a bit of a vague one- so it's going to be open to brainstorming, but I've got an idea about a sort of psychological horror bit regarding the duality between the real, the physical, and the space where "you" as a consciousness, your thoughts and such are real, and how the mind's eye fills the spaces your physical eyes cannot. How a brain makes memories, or sees figures where there aren't.


Have you ever wondered where your emotions went? All the energy and time spent on [i feeling] them went? The law of conservation of energy says it has to go [i somewhere], same with the energy that leaves a body when it finally dies. This will be exploring that. I've an idea about it and with general ignorance of the human race towards their footprints on the worlds around them.


This will be a highly conceptual type of thing, clearly. And I've a mind to keep some of it a mystery- but I've a vague plot in mind...


In the late 1870's and extending all the way to the early 1900's, there was a virulent interest in the obscure and the strange. There were parlor seances and performance tricks, thanks to burgeoning sciences, and the existence of the subconscious is just in its neucleic beginning to be recognized with Sigmund Freud. But it has always been there.

At any rate, I've an idea for a young person coming out of their home city. Something large and encompassing such as London or something very big and very old. This person travels to a house of a friend from university, or is sent to live with a relative... whatever. But it in during his* visit that his exploration of the Hackett family and it's surounding estate, Edgefield, that the real intrigue comes. How much does the family know about these things? Is it just the change in environment, the lack of street lamps, the people that is making him see these things? Or the large house's unfamiliarity and occupants that makes it feel like it's so confusing and mysterious?


[size10 *Ideally a young gentleman would fill this role because this is lightly based off of a story I wrote a while back in which this character was male, but I am of course open to any sort. That is simply my first thought for the role, and as such I used the pronouns.]


Yes this will be historic, but it won't be so historic that it would need any research regarding the etiquette or in depth history. If you've got it, brilliant! If not, a general idea about the time period- styles, professions, some slang terminology, just general things would be a good place to start.

In being historic, I yet want to keep it open to LGBTQ+/etc. characters and ethnicities that aren't strictly white folk. Like I stated before this [i isn't] going to be basically a Hollywood horror flick, I am fully aware of the things that history just decided not to mention in its books.


That being said this is going to be a sort of quasi Addams Family/serious psychological horror type of deal. It can and will be light at times, as I am prone to cynical, dark humor, but it will also be the latter.

I know this is vague, but I'm basically putting this idea down before I lose my zeal, and half because I love a slight sense of mystery so that you and your character may legitimately explore the cockles of what I've in mind- and am thus opening it up to discussion.


Beware the places where your dreams lie. They can be more powerful than you imagine.

[B I have a few rules that I want to set down for this, which will be listed below.]]]
[font "Times" + this will be 1000+ characters as it will be really focusing on the thoughts and feelings of the characters involved
+ mature content will be explored, as a lot of these things prey on memories, feelings and trauma
+ romance isn't a requirement but it can be explored. That said I rely on the chemistry of the two characters and not the soulmate trope for love at first sight, it must build naturally, for as natural as an roleplay can make it
[center [pic]

[B [size14 Idea No. 2]]

In the spirit of this season, with the Addams Family, Hocus Pocus, Halloweentown and those nostalgic, fun Halloweeny movies have got e in the mood for... something. I'm not entirely sure yet- this is a thread in construction so if you've got an idea for that feel free to contact me!


[B Happy Fall!]

Any questions, comments, concerns feel free to bring to me!
[B Tell me you read this by giving me your favorite suspense/thriller/horror/Halloween film title!]

  Tweedy / 4y 268d 43m 8s

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