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As Tsuvo sat down at his desk, he noticed a piece of paper that was tossed onto his desk. He looked at Shizu and then opened the note to read it. He smiled and wrote underneath her writing. His note said 'Are you worried that I might be getting popular with the girls? Are you jealous? -Tsuvo'
  Tsuvo Chikara / Rusin / 4y 313d 1h 42m 20s
[center She chuckled at his remark. [i "Remember whom you're speaking to Tsuvo. Me bored? Never."] Her attention briefly shifted towards the person grabbing the seat in front of her. An unmistakable frown quickly flashed across her features then, before changing into a more indifferent expression. Shizu soon regarded some students -mostly female -sneaking glances towards Tsuvo's direction. With an eyebrow raised, she hastily scribbled something down upon a piece of paper, and secretly tossed it onto Tsuvo's desk. Her note read as follow:]
[center [b [i 'Seems like someone is suddenly becoming Mr.Popular. Should I be jealous? Anyway, I would be careful around these girls. They write on the bathroom stalls about which guys are bad/good kisser, what jobs, cars, money- Basically stupid bullshit.[#ffffff _____]Shizu.']]]
  うそつき / Aishiteru / 4y 313d 23h 19m 59s
Tsuvo finished his sandwich soon as the students started coming in. He looked at her and then gathered up what was left of his junk food. "I guess this ends lunch. Don't get too bored with class." He said with a smile as he stood up. He walked back to his desk and put the food away as class started.
  Tsuvo Chikara / Rusin / 4y 314d 17h 15m 40s
[center [i "Than you, Tsuvo."] She carefully pulled the wrapper open and began nibbling on the chocolate. It was glorious. Her expression slowly became more pleasant. [i "This.Is.Heaven."] Shizu mumbled between each bite, obviously enjoying herself. It wasn't long until students were reentering the classroom. Seems like lunch would be over shortly. How disappointing. Shizu really wanted to inhale more chocolate. [i 'Oh well..'] This would surely make a wonderful snack later. She quickly shoved the half-eaten candy bar into her schoolbag, and observed Tsuvo, wondering if he'll noticed the time/students.]
  うそつき / Aishiteru / 4y 314d 19h 29m 56s
When she answered, he nodded and said "Then you may have this chocolate bar." He smiled a little bit and gently placed the candy in her hand before letting go of her hand. He went back to eating his sandwich without another word.
  Tsuvo Chikara / Rusin / 4y 314d 20h 22m 28s
[center That exact moment when both their hands began touching. It had been unexpected. And merely bought an overwhelming sense of discomfort for Shizu personally, although she decided against expressing this notion aloud. His next question instantly made her smile though. Tsuv could always be counted on when things were becoming sour, even if he didn't noticed. [i "Pff, of course not,"] Shizu assured with a growing smile.]
  うそつき / Aishiteru / 4y 314d 21h 18m 24s
He smiled at her and then set the sandwich down on the baggie it came in. He gently grabbed her hand and flipped it so her palm was facing up. Then, he grabbed the chocolate bar and held it above her hand before saying "I only have one question for you... are you diabetic?"
  Tsuvo Chikara / Rusin / 4y 314d 22h 3m 22s
[center She groaned inward upon hearing his answer. Again, typical Tsuvo. He sometimes couldn't take a hint, yet it wouldn't really matter either, her Grandfather would probably take the sandwich without question later. Shizu was in the middle of putting the sandwich away until something caught her completely off guard. She quickly shot a glance towards Tsuvo now. He was offering her some of his..[i junk food]? How surprisingly sweet and terribly unhealthy. Perhaps she'll amuse him for awhile. Shizu carefully searched through the junky options, until something else caught her attention - more like her internal stomach brain.]
[center It was a [b Chocolate bar.] She reached out towards this sugary bombshell before pausing. [i "Is it really alright?"]]
  連中 / Aishiteru / 4y 315d 17h 12m 6s
He smirked when she said that he needed for friends outside of school. After another bite, he heard her question about the other sandwich. He swallowed the bite he took and shook his head. "I will be fine with only one. As for you,..." He said as he pushed the vending machine food towards her, "You need to eat something."
  Tsuvo Chikara / Rusin / 4y 315d 18h 35m 25s
[center She shook her head in slight amusement. Typical Tsuvo. [i "You seriously need more friends outside of school,"] There was this brief pause before she continued speaking. [i "Besides me of course."] Shizu realized how quickly he could've countered that statement without the addition of that last part. Her attention then drifted down towards the untouched sandwich, which still rested upon the desk. She obviously wasn't gonna consume it. Ever. [i "Do you want this sandwich too, Tsuvo? I don't want it."]]
  連中 / Aishiteru / 4y 315d 19h 31m 58s
Tsuvo finished a bite and then nodded before hearing her question. "Things have been okay. Not too much has really happened lately. Other than being late with you this morning." He said with a smile.
  Tsuvo Chikara / Rusin / 4y 315d 20h 23m 13s
[center [i "[b Eh.] My Grandmother's usually the one whom makes the sandwiches, and there's always some type of meat inside them.."] Shizu responded with a disgusted expression. Her own sandwich hadn't been touched yet however. Perhaps it also held something she didn't welcomed either. [i "Anyway, how has everything been for you recently, Tsuvo?"]]
  連中 / Aishiteru / 4y 316d 5h 30m 0s
Sighing, he nodded and took the sandwich. "I am a little concerned because you shouldn't give up your lunch for someone like me. Not when you need it more than me." He said as he opened the package and started eating.
  Tsuvo Chikara / Rusin / 4y 316d 7h 44m 53s
[center [i "Is that concern I hear~?"], She mused softly. Perhaps she should answer his question before teasing him any farther. Using her free hand, Shizu reached into her schoolbag once again and briefly showed him another sandwich. [i "I came prepare."] Shizu replied and titled her slightly to the left. [i "Won't you take [u your] sandwich, Tsuvo?"] It sounded somewhat like pleading now.]
  連中 / Aishiteru / 4y 316d 18h 4m 4s
Looking from his food to her, Tsuvo raised an eyebrow in curiosity. He was a but surprised when she held out a sandwich to him. "For me? What about you?" He asked as he looked from the sandwich to her. He wanted to make sure she wasn't giving up her lunch for him again.
  Tsuvo Chikara / Rusin / 4y 316d 18h 33m 15s

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