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Gray -meows once for help then falls-
Ginger-is already weakining-
sorreltail-is asleep-
  Kiki / graypaw123 / 3y 261d 7h 3m 22s
Mariah: [i stretches a bit and thinks a moment or so again] [#3b3668 [size22 [font "Dancing Script" Soooo umm, what do you guys wanna do ? I mean, just sitting around is pretty boring...]]]

Jane: Hmm...I dunno...just walk in the woods maybe ? Since the boys and others are probably out...

Jem: [i finishes cleaning her katana and gives a small sigh] [size20 [#ab032a [font "Needleteeth Regular" I'd rather cause some chaos, but okay...OH ! We should have a Halloween party soon !]]] [i hops about a moment then starts walking with the other two following after]]]
  Jem *Creepypasta oc...* / Rebel_Rebellion / 3y 261d 19h 25m 38s
Gray-*stops cuz of tierdness so do sorreltail and ginger**
Ginger-its to far
  Kiki / Graypaw123 / 3y 262d 5h 43m 55s
Mariah: [i sitting under a tree, playing with a skeleton doggie ] [#3b3668 [size22 [font "Dancing Script" Soooo bored....]]]
Jem: [i She sighs as she begins cleaning off her katana ] ... [i just shakes her head slightly, thinking] [size20 [#ab032a [font "Needleteeth Regular" Man, why is blood such a pain to get off ?]]]
Jane: [i also thinking as she polishes her knife as well] Hell if I know...
  Jem *Creepypasta oc...* / Rebel_Rebellion / 3y 268d 6h 27m 26s
*she roams around in the woods her firends following*
Gray:ugh when will we be there?!
Sorreltail:i dont know
Ginger:were almost there
  Kiki / graypaw123 / 3y 276d 8h 2m 4s

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