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Jem: [size20 [#ab032a [font "Needleteeth Regular" We know.]]] [i gives a quick glance at the cats a moment] [size20 [#ab032a [font "Needleteeth Regular" I'm just glad we got them here quick enough before...]]] [i shakes he head a moment]

Jane: Yeah...I'm gonna go check on Mariah... [i runs out after the sulking necromancer]
  Jane the Killer / Rebel_Rebellion / 3y 260d 7h 36m 6s
Yeah i know but there animals okay remember that I LOVE ANIMALS!
  Kiki / graypaw123 / 3y 260d 7h 44m 29s
Jem: [i sighs a bit] [size20 [#ab032a [font "Needleteeth Regular" Give me a break, you KNOW I absolutely fail as far as medical-based stuff goes...]]]

Jane:: Same here...

Mariah: [#3b3668 [size22 [font "Dancing Script" ...ditto. Well, except re-animating skeletons but that's useless so....]]] [i slinks out of the room, actually sulking a little]
  Jem *Creepypasta oc...* / Rebel_Rebellion / 3y 260d 18h 17m 16s
DO I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING AROUND HERE -grabs a medicine kit and in about a minute its done-
  laughing jack / graypaw123 / 3y 260d 19h 51m 54s
Jem: [i puts Gray on a small bed, the other two doing the same for the cats they were carrying]

Jane: [i looks back at LJ] Well ?

Mariah:[i looks at LJ as well] [#3b3668 [size22 [font "Dancing Script" ...]]]
  Jem *Creepypasta oc...* / Rebel_Rebellion / 3y 261d 6h 6m 58s
Why r they always scared of me i just love animels -follows the girls-
  laughing jack / graypaw123 / 3y 261d 6h 14m 3s
Jem: [i is the fist to bolt into the mansion, and was going to do so even before LJ showed anyways]

Jane: [i right behind Jem] Don't need to tell us twice !

Mariah: [i right behind Jane as the three of them gets the cats inside]
  Jem *Creepypasta oc...* / Rebel_Rebellion / 3y 261d 6h 26m 35s
  laughing jack / graypaw123 / 3y 261d 6h 34m 6s
***Since he's a supernatural being and could help, yeah. I just said Eyeless Jack cause he was the first to come to mind, but LJ might be better anyways, so it's all good~***
  Jem *Creepypasta oc...* / Rebel_Rebellion / 3y 261d 6h 38m 58s

  Jayden / graypaw123 / 3y 261d 6h 40m 19s
Jem: [size20 [#ab032a [font "Needleteeth Regular" Uuugh, where the hell is Slenderman when you need him !?!]]] [i huffs to herself as she runs to the mansion]

Jane: Hopefully, NOT out on patrol...

Mariah: [#3b3668 [size22 [font "Dancing Script" Worst come to worst, Eyeless Jack might be able to help...]]]
  Jem *Creepypasta oc...* / Rebel_Rebellion / 3y 261d 6h 49m 6s
Gray-more blood drips as she falls asleep-
SorrelTail-mewls a bit-
  Kiki / graypaw123 / 3y 261d 6h 53m 44s
Jem: [size20 [#ab032a [font "Needleteeth Regular" Try to save your strength...]]] [i looks at the other two and gives a small nod before running back to the mansion full speed ]

Jane: [i runs just as fast, though being more careful] You think Slender can help them ?

Mariah: [#3b3668 [size22 [font "Dancing Script" Of course. Slender's a fourth-dimensional being, I think...point is he can help...]]] [i running alongside Jane,]
  Jem *Creepypasta oc...* / Rebel_Rebellion / 3y 261d 6h 57m 31s
Gray-dangles as blood drips from one ear and tail bitten- d-dog...fight -sorreltail has a missing claw and one missing ear-
Ginger-was breathing smally and has a paw broken and half of her face missing-
  Kiki / graypaw123 / 3y 261d 7h 9m 36s
Jem: [i hears the small mewl and quickens her pace, heading towards the sound and picks up Graypaw before heading back]

Jane: [i picks up Ginger before heading back] Eeeevery time someone enters Slenders woods...

Mariah: [i does the same for Sorreltail, trailing at the back of the group]
  Jem *Creepypasta oc...* / Rebel_Rebellion / 3y 261d 7h 15m 44s

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