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Title and description is a work in progress...

Cannons and oc's are welcome. IC Chat's in the realtime, rp in the permanent.Umm...I'll allow SOME SCP's in here, depending... Come and join your fellow creatures of the night and create anarchy ! Blood, death *not of others charries though*, even pranks !

Es rules apply...I won't lock this unless I have too. Trollpastas are iffy...

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Ticci Toby - graypaw123

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Offenderman- details...

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Jem: [i running around doing little things to cause chaos]

Jane: [i thinking]

Mariah: [i bored yet slghtly amused by watching her skeleton doggies chasing their tails]
  Jem *Creepypasta oc...* / Rebel_Rebellion / 3y 234d 17h 36m 9s
gray-roams around-
Sorreltail on the ground asleep knowing tomorrow is the day her kits arrive
Ginger- whants to do something but cant-
  Kiki / graypaw123 / 3y 234d 20h 11m 47s
Jem: [size20 [#ab032a [font "Needleteeth Regular" Now lets see, what else to do...]]] [i thinking of more ways to raise chaos]

Jane: ....Why do I have the feeling shiz is gonna go down ?

Mariah: [i still outside]
  The Jersey devil / Rebel_Rebellion / 3y 234d 20h 17m 18s
Gray-looks up and sneaks away to jeff-
SorrelTail-eating a mouse she caught earlier-
Ginger-still is asleep-
  kiki / graypaw123 / 3y 234d 20h 20m 50s
Jem: [i decides to go back to her old tricks, mixing pink hair dye in both Jeff's Shampoo and the laundry detergent]

Jane: [i just chilling out somewhere]

Mariah: [i stretches a bit, outside again and exorcising her skeleton doggies]
  Jem *Creepypasta oc...* / Rebel_Rebellion / 3y 234d 20h 24m 2s
-they sleep as sorreltail whimpers of pain of her stomac and gray is licking her head slightly calming her down-
  Stormfur / graypaw123 / 3y 234d 20h 29m 9s
[i figures those three would be okay for a little and wonders where the others were, since she only saw LJ, Jane, and Mariah around...*
  Jem *Creepypasta oc...* / Rebel_Rebellion / 3y 238d 16h 8m 45s
GrayStripe-He lays still with them while sorreltail is curled up with her tail over her nose and ginger asleep-
  Kiki / graypaw123 / 3y 238d 16h 12m 29s
**It's alright, I figured that's what you meant.**

Jem: [i goes and gets a bottle of water, thirsty from all that running]
  Jem *Creepypasta oc...* / Rebel_Rebellion / 3y 238d 16h 15m 24s
sorry about that that was for grayumm gray is the only boy
  Kiki / graypaw123 / 3y 238d 16h 17m 24s
Nods and cuddles up with the girls since Gray is the only boy.
  Slender / graypaw123 / 3y 238d 16h 26m 17s
Jem: [size20 [#ab032a [font "Needleteeth Regular" Anything any of you want, just let me know. Or LJ here, or the other two, okay ?]]]
  Jem *Creepypasta oc...* / Rebel_Rebellion / 3y 238d 16h 28m 7s
Gray -she nods and lays back with ginger and sorreltail-
**sorreltail is a calico with green eyes, gray is a mouse colored cat with yellow eyes, ginger is a light ginger color with amber eyes-
  Kiki / graypaw123 / 3y 238d 16h 34m 30s
Jem: [i gives a small nod] [size20 [#ab032a [font "Needleteeth Regular" No need to thank us, it was only natural for us to help.]]]
  Jem *Creepypasta oc...* / Rebel_Rebellion / 3y 238d 16h 40m 22s
Gray- We thank you for bringing us here sorreltail is going to have her kits next moon
  Kiki / graypaw123 / 3y 238d 16h 49m 11s

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