Tormented Romance

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A demonic being that torments humans finally meets her match in a human male. A human male for whom she falls in love.


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Tsuvo looked at her and then nodded before he said "I understand. A person who was wrongfully accused. I will do my best to find one." He then started heading towards the church to find the skull he needed.
  Tsuvo Chikara / Rusin / 4y 248d 2h 2m 22s
"I need the skull of an innocent thought of being guilty...
  Alessa (darkness) / Belmont / 4y 260d 10h 58m 7s
Tsuvo looked at her and then asked "Any kind of skull in particular?" He looked at her as he waited for her to answer.
  Tsuvo Chikara / Rusin / 4y 265d 1h 7m 48s
"I need a skull from the church..." She said quietly, her face grim as the reaper's.
  Alessa (darkness) / Belmont / 4y 271d 19h 49m 39s
"Sometimes you need a living hell to know what you were missing. What is needed." He said as he looked at the sky.
  Tsuvo Chikara / Rusin / 4y 271d 19h 50m 53s
"I did this...I made this place a living hell....and everyone suffered..." She said quietly.
  Alessa (darkness) / Belmont / 4y 274d 6h 53m 2s
Tsuvo looked around and said "Such am eerie place. Also kind of nice."
  Tsuvo Chikara / Rusin / 4y 274d 6h 54m 50s
After 5 hours of walking, they approached the town of Silent Hill once more.
  Pyramid Head (Female) / Belmont / 4y 274d 7h 1m 37s
He looked down and smiled gently. "Nothing just a little worried. Nothing to worry about though." He said to her.
  Tsuvo Chikara / Rusin / 4y 274d 7h 4m 18s
"What is...the matter, Tsuvo?" She asked, concerned about him.
  Pyramid Head (Female) / Belmont / 4y 274d 9h 6m 27s
Tsuvo looked around as he relaxed a little bit. He was still catious.
  Tsuvo Chikara / Rusin / 4y 274d 9h 8m 22s
Samantha grabbed the two of them and put one on each shoulder, then proceeded to go to Silent Hill.
  Pyramid Head (Female) / Belmont / 4y 274d 9h 24m 47s
"... Then to Silent Hill we go." He said as he looked at Samantha and nodded.
  Tsuvo Chikara / Rusin / 4y 274d 9h 27m 33s
"Where did you encounter them? In Silent Hill..." She said.
  Alessa (darkness) / Belmont / 4y 274d 9h 46m 22s
"And we're is home for you?" He asked her as he felt a little but of hope. He was still cautious though.
  Tsuvo Chikara / Rusin / 4y 274d 9h 47m 31s

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