Lochcliffe Town

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Lochcliffe Town is a rather strange little place. To the south is a harbor where pirates and traders alike dock their ships for a short refuge from the navy. Woods and a large castle are to the north, mountains to the east, and a marsh to the west. The town itself is pretty typical, filled with nobles and commoners alike. This terrain brings all sorts to the center of town and, more specifically, the Midnight Tavern and Inn. Pirates, thieves, assassins, vampires, and all sorts find refuge here. For some the adventure begins here...

Okay, the plot is pretty much a freeform mini rp for now and just a beginning point for getting into character. Gotta get rid of writers block somehow, ya know ? As far as rules, just the es rules apply and have fun.~

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The normal hustle and bustle of Lochcliffe Town was beginning to die down to the calmer undertones of evening. Moving through the crowds had become much easier and the thieves of the town were either beginning or preparing to begin their nightly work, one in particular already scouting the town. Brillant green eyes darted about from building to building, person to person as the female stalked towards the center of town. [size16 [#d204a0 [font "Dancing Script" [i ‘Hmm, doesn’t look like anybody worth stealing from is around. Might as well wait till tonight....’]]]] She huffed a bit, blowing some long stray strands of hair out of her face, and deciding where to head.

Naturally, she walked to The Midnight Tavern and Inn. [size16 [#d204a0 [font "Dancing Script" [i “Eh, I don’t wanna work till later anyways...’]]]] She went over to her usual spot, a dark table near the back of the first floor, and glanced around the room. Above she could hear the Inn patrons, though she decided not to pay it too much mind, and focused on those around her.
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