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Naki slipped through the halls quickly not looking at anyone she passed, avoiding eye contact, and trying to keep as far away as possible, But it made no difference. Their thoughts washed over her weahter she wanted them to or not. Every feeling every action every memory washed into her skul at once and she flinched breaking into a run as she headed to her first period class according to the map at least she sighed. For once relaxing as she walked down the empty hall. Looking up at the door of the classroom she placed her hand on the knob and flinched soulders shaking she stepped back shakin her head wide scared eyes. panic, fear, paranoia, inadaquicy, anger, confusion, desperation... the names of the seemingly thousands of feelings and thoughts poured into her and she slumped to the ground wrapping her arms around herself she felt her shoulders shake violently as the thoughts and feelings becam her own without her consent. "k-k-k-kina...i-i-i d-d-d-dont w-w-w-wanna...pl-p-please..." she begged through shudders attempting to appeal to her other half. what the hell??! Naki i just got a little sleep, are you already too scared to go on!? The angery voice of her couner part snarled in her mind and Naki flinched holding her head "th-th-there a-a-are to-to many...t-oo m-mu-ch" she hiccuped out through hectic breaths face wet with tears she stared at the floor with pleading green eyes. "p-p-p-pl-please...K-ki-na" she hiccuped and Kina growled through her mind How will you ever survive the world if your scared of EVERYTHING! No Naki. I'm not bailing you out this time. and if you wake me up again, I'll leave scars on more than just your arms! Kina snarled back and Naki whined helplessly at her unseen companion standing up she nodded more afraid of her other half than the other people. She kept her head down and walked to the door. again wipeing he eyes before stepping in hesitently trying to calm herself she pushed the other feelings and thoughts away glad that she could at least do that a little bit if she didnt know any of them. It was scarier here...because everyone was just as messed up as Kina...well...not that bad. Sighing she walked through the halls trying to become impassive and let the shifting feelings go through her un felt.
  Nakina Sunomia / HeadlessRiderVI / 10y 54d 9h 19m 28s
<...so, um...is your mind functioning enough? lol>
  Nandalia / Ginnychan / 10y 61d 8h 15m 38s
<Yeah, i'll attempt to post when i can get my mind functioning enough to do a good post. but your right, we can keep it going with just us if we have too>
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<maybe this is just me, but perhaps if we rp at least a little bit than more people will see it on the main list and join, cause waiting isn't getting use anywhere

plus you never added me to the list>
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<Yes that was lovely ginny, but we;re going to wait for a few more people to join, i'll add you to the list.>
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Nandalia yawned as she walked inside. She flicked her lighter open. Time zones were one of the most evil things in the world. She clicked the flame on. Her silver eyes glinted almost crazily. She didn't close it. Through impulse, she cradled the flame with her hand. "So beautiful," she murmured, half to herself, "and yet so misunderstood." She closed the lighter, planting a kiss on the cold metal. This was her love. Her life. Her everything. Her eyes turned sad. "I miss you." To anyone nearby they would have thought she was speaking to air but she wasn't. Her eyes stared at the lighter lovingly.

Help me, Nandalia, said the hissing voice. Nandalia's eyes widened and she immediately opened the metal cap and let the flame come. He was back. Her everything was back. "You know I would do anything for you," she said. Let me live. What she had to do next was obvious. Nandalia ran back outside, looking for the largest patch of grass she could. There was no one but her and her lover. She sweetly pressed him to the ground and stood back as the flame started to grow.

It was beautiful.

<was that okay for my intro?>
  Nandalia / Ginnychan / 10y 80d 22h 8m 22s
Name: Nandalia
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Grade: 11th
Disorder: A pyromaniac as well as a schizophrenic. She frequently believes that her beloved fire 'speaks' to her. She's generally found smoking while playing with a lighter. Back in her home country, Australia, she had burned down her house as well as the school, killing several students, while singing to herself 'Burn, baby, burn' which is why she was sent here. Surprisingly, though, her best subject is Psychology because of her innate ability to just read people's emotions and sometimes know what they're thinking.

  Nandalia / Ginnychan / 10y 81d 2h 59m 30s
Room 206 was the location Tatsuya was assigned to, he didn't particularly care for the number, since it did not contain any digit of his favorite numerical value. He dabbled around for a bit, unwilling to approach the idea of having a room mate to compete with over space.

He even lied to himself multiple times on the subject, convincing himself that he did not have a room mate, and such things were imaginary. He chewed his apple flavored bubble gum, the green colored substance in his mouth popped several times before he reached his destination. Again, he saw the relentlessly angry girl. Oh dear god. Tatsuya thought somberly, again he lied to himself about the actual reality of having a room mate, the lies intensified when he pieced together that it could be Nakina.

Tatsuya pushed open the door apathetically placing his tennis racket at the right sided wall, noticing the two beds. It was becoming harder for him to lie. The Board of Education felt that these students here were too concerned with their academic studies that they wouldnt dare participate in any activities that would ruin their GPA's, therefore the dorms were co-ed. Naturally he took the bed closet to the window, not really caring if anyone would object to it, he had lied to himself once more, reassuring that there was no 'other person' to object, that there had been a mix up at the front desk, and he was 'fortunate' enough to have two twin sized beds all to himself.

This lie was more truthful the more he dictated it to himself, and suddenly the day appeared to be turning up for the better. That is, until she would walk through the door and shatter the webs of fabrication he had struggled so hard to maintain.
  Tatsuya / ghostcherry / 10y 81d 3h 13m 0s
<JOIN! We need people! this could be alot of fun!>

Kina walked down the halls swiftly, her gate confident and strong as she walked her eyes flitted over thehalls and the people clumped into small groups around the halls. She frowned. Kina was social, some of the time, While kina's personality was strong defiant and angery, she lived for a good time, she did everything from "Up till dawn at a rav club" to "bank job just for laughs". Kina sighed her peircing and bright eyes scanned the drom room numbers as she passed them. 206 206....ah ha she thought silently stopping in front of her door and retrieving her key, she slipped it into the door and walked in, leaving the door hanging open she looked at the empty room. "no roommate, huh" she muttered not really too happy or dissappointed at the fact. She dropped her suitcase and sat on the blank white sheeted cot in the corner of the room and sighed her grip on the messenger bag over her shoulder contianing her novels laptop sketch book, all the things Naki usually used to avoice talking to people, Naki was a sweet girl, good at making friends, but painfully shy, to the point that human interaction ctually frightend her. Kina sighed and closed her eyes. "Okay Naki its safe, I'll let you out to go see the school." she said as her pupils dialated and her eyes shifted swiftly to a dazzling emerald green her posture immedatily shifted to somthing more frightend and she shifted nervously before standing. "o-o-okay" she said anxiously and walked out of the room down the hall. Not sure where to go she tried to stay unseen and away from people as to avoid the pounding headache that came as their thoughts all entered her skull at once. she flinched hearing a few thoughts not her own...seeing a few flashes of a memorty to which she did not belong. she sighd laceing her hand on the wall.
  Nakina Sunomia / torinchan / 10y 82d 10h 1m 41s
In the one hour before school had started, Tatsuya had managed to two designer pins, if there was such a thing, a small, weathered, brown wallet with aged photos of some person
  Tatsuya / ghostcherry / 10y 85d 33m 3s
ooc: joinage :3?
Name: Tatsuya N.
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Grade: 12
Disorder: Tatsuya is a Pathological Liar, which is a psychological disorder in which the person can not help but lie. Not only can they not help but lie, they believe in their own lies to be true. A pathological liar will not notice that he or she is lying, and because of this, is often rejected socially. Tatsuya is also a kleptomaniac , which makes his pathological lying, even worse. Klepto
  Tatsuya / ghostcherry / 10y 85d 55m 58s
<Join please! Fillout skelly and post intro after youve been accepted!>

Nakina walked into the school her bag slung casually ove her shoulder her short hair down about her face her golden eyes scanned the office harshly as she walked to the woman behind the counter. the golden eyes flashing to show anyone that knew the it was kina in charge and not naki. nakin lay dormant sleeping still most likely. "hey" she called in a harsh voice at the elderly woman who appeared frightend by her strange eye color kina smirked running a hand through her soft black hair she smiled evily at the woman "i need my dorm room and my schedual lady" she said rudely her smile dropping as the womans aura shifted from frightend to angry. as if she'd seen one to many punk kids today. kina glared and snatched her things from the womans hand turning on her heal she left the office and paced the halls to her dorm.Kina paced the halls her black hair hanging in her eyes hiding their inhuman color from the world she continued on as Naki stirred and asked to come out. kina shook her head in silent denial at her counterpart. this place was new and unstable. everyone here had somthing wrong with them and violence dripped from their thoughts like it did from her own. that wasnt safe. she glanced around at those who kept close to the walls of the hall ways able to know what they were on a fundamental leval. not physical but mental. 'coward ...fool... greedy... murderous... obssesive...' she rambled off in her brain immideatly writing off all those who were easy to read and assume. it was all to goram easy. "ta me da...this place is supposed to be different" she said softly beginging in chinese.
  Nakina Sunomia / torinchan / 10y 85d 9h 16m 32s

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