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Looking for a partner or partners an Rp

Some idea of what I want to try.
Fallout 4
High school DXD
Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite Kaku Tatakaeri
Kantai collection
Fire emblem awakening
Legend of zelda
league of legends
Is it okay to pick up girls in dungeons?
Valkyria Chronicles
Some kind of mecha
Some kinda post apocalypse/Zombies
Or some other one that may come up

I Looking for Quantity over Quality. I'm not the best speller so that dosen't bother me. I here to have fun so come with idea and be ready to have some. Looking for about once a week post I often cant post every few days because of work but I will not quit.

No god mod
Be friendly
That about it

PM if you want to give it a try

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