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Leaving Chris at his truck and heading into Riley's alone is kind of like leaving Prince Charming behind to go slay the dragon myself. Except in this case the dragon is a skinny nerdy guy who for some reason thought he was entitled to fuck up my life. With my gentle woman's touch of whatever, I'm the one who's going to fix this mess. This is likely for the best, as I've got a suspicion that Chris would actually kill Riley if he were alone in a room with him right now. Actually, I know he would. And I'd rather Chris not go to jail for homicide right now.

Nothing beats the scared look on Riley's face when he opens the door. He clearly looks around for Chris, and then seems relieved that I'm here alone. "Have you finally seen the light?" Pft, men and their egos I swear. Everything about him is repulsive to me right now and I have no idea how I stooped so low.
"I'm coming in," I say in the middle of rolling my eyes, barging my way into his place. "Let me be clear that I do not want to be here. I have to be here, because there's a lot of shit you need to fix."
"Dylan, he's lying to you." Didn't take long for the desperation to come seeping out.
I just turn and look him in the eye. I'm not here to waste my time on his nonsense, and I'm sure the look on my face conveys that better than I could with words right now. "You really expect me to believe that."
"...Okay," he finally says. I'm taking that as his confession.
"I'm not here to yell at you. You already know what you did and how fucked up it was. If you actually cared about me, you never would have done any of that. It's fine that you don't care about me, but we both sure as shit know that you care about yourself. And if you don't fix this and come clean, things are going to get very bad for you." I don't know exactly what I'm threatening, but I'm sure Chris has a million ways to make Riley's life miserable already brewing up in that head of his.
"Dylan, if I did that things would get remarkably worse than they are now. I'm fine with leaving things as they are."
"You so sure about that?" I start before I can even come up with any actual leverage I have. Then it hits me: the pictures are serious leverage. "Because I'm pretty sure that pictures can be traced. You took those on your phone, didn't you? And sent them around. Bet it never even occurred to you that that's a crime. A major one. And it wouldn't involve only you. Bet your parents pay the phone bill right? So technically they own that phone. And technically, your dad might be the one getting in serious trouble for sending around photos like that without my consent. You still so sure you want to leave things as they are?"
Riley looks like he wants to cry. "Fuck, Dylan. I never meant to hurt you."
"Stop, I literally don't care. I just want all of this to go away, as quickly as possible. If you go to the school and say that you lied about the cheating, I'll let the picture thing go. We'll stay out of each others lives, and all will be well. I'm doing you a huge favor here."
It's silent for at least a minute. I stand there with my arms folded over my chest the whole time, looking straight at him.
"Alright, alright. I'll go to the school and tell them that I had it wrong, and that I lied about the cheating. Just promise the football team doesn't come after me," he agrees.
"Sure, fine," I say, lying through my teeth. Once Riley goes to the school with the truth, I don't owe him anything and I'm sure as hell not protecting him. If the football team wants to beat the shit out of him, well, that's their prerogative. "Do it today, and text me after it's done. Otherwise I'm calling the cops," I say over my shoulder on my way out, shutting the door behind me.

When I'm on the stairs and sure that I'm alone, I can't help but shake a little. That whole conversation was such an awful experience, and being near Riley at all makes me feel ill. But it's over now. Or will be, in a couple of hours. And Chris and I get to be happy. God that boy does make me so happy. Even just the sight of him sitting in his car has got me all giddy.
"It's fixed," I announce when I open the door to the passenger's side, climbing up into my seat. "He's going to say that he lied about the cheating, and in a couple of days everything should be back to normal."
  Dylan Evans / Estellaa / 12h 28m 0s
“Yeah, I think you’re right. Don’t be one of those wierdos who sniffs it or uses it when I’m gone though, and I fucking beg you, Dylan Evans, do not scrub your toilet with it or I will die of shame.” We bust out in a fit of laughter. Eventually we make it out the door, but we turn and head right back into mine. Chris Baxter with a bundle of clothes in his hand is not the worst thing the fellow tenants of our apartment have seen. It’s early Sunday afternoon by the time we get outside, and we pop in the truck together. I open the door for her and help her in considering it’s rather high, before skirting the car and hopping in as well. I’m not sure what to do, since I don’t know Riley very well, so I turn to look at Dylan with raised brows. “You want to go to his apartment?” I grip the wheel, slightly irritated by the idea. But I’d be there this time, just in hiding. If he sees me he’ll be so pissed he won’t answer anything. I know that, at least. But I’m not dumb enough to leave my girl here alone. Considering what he’s done, I wouldn’t put it passed him to try to rape her. Sounds dark, but seriously. He’s made it clear he’ll do almost anything, serious or not, to get attention from her. [i Fuck you, you fucking pussy bitch. You even touch her and you’re fucking dead.]

She directs me there since they were, at one time, good friends. I try hard not to feel weird about her knowing where he lives. Even the thought of last night makes me boil, but I try to keep my cool for Dylan. I step out the truck and then walk around to help her out. But instead of stepping onto the ground, I catch her and kiss her, holding her above the ground. “All you got to do is scream and I’m there, okay? Just tell me what his apartment number is.” She does, giving me a bit of directions to get there if need be. Clearly she doesn’t want to be here just as much as me. That makes me feel kind of validated, although I don’t know why. I set her down gingerly, extending my neck to kiss her forehead before watching her go inside.

After the door closes behind her I lean back against my truck, and run my hand through my hair. It’s a beautiful Sunday morning, and days like this make me miss my old man. Speaking of which, I haven’t called in a while. I’m such a lame excuse for a son, but I think I should call him. This might take a bit anyway. I pull out my phone and dial him in.
“Yeah, Dad, hey!”
“Oh! Hey Chris, how ya doing?”
“I don’t know, I’m alright. Could be better…”
“What’s the matter, son?”
“Well, I… Well, I’m seeing someone…”
“Really? She must not be all the way there, huh?—[i hah]”
“Oh shut up, Dad, she’s actually out of my league.”
“Okay, so she’s a cheerleader? A celebrity? A doctor? What the hell does ‘out of your league’ mean, Christopher?”
“Well, she’s just kind of… well, she’s a bit of a nerd..”
“Ha!! Oh god, Chris, you make things much bigger deals than they are. You know, I used to wonder if I had a daughter or a son, but apparently your mother was sure you were a boy. I blame her for all this. [i Haha!]”
“Dad… “

“Chris, I’m your father. I know you’re smart, you’re the one that’s hidden it all your life. Kid, you’re a damn genius, how many times have I told you to do something with it. You know, your mom would have rather you did that than football. Don’t know why you been so ashamed of it all your life. I barely know what two-plus-two is!”
“Damn it, Dad! Well, I’m probably going to be. I started trying in my classes when I met Dylan, and someone reported us, so now we’re both being investigated for ‘cheating’. It’s so stupid!”
“Chris… If I know anything from being your father, it’s that you’re smart, quick on your feet, and I believe you’ll find a way out of this. You remember what happened your first football game in the rain? You slid around the field, tripped, tumbled, I mean, you were so frustrated. You cried the whole way home, you had to have been six or seven. Nothing your mother or I told you made you feel better. But you know what you did instead? The next time it rained, you went outside and practiced in the mud all night until your mother made you come back. You’ll figure it out, son, you’re resilient like your mom.”
“… Thanks Dad..”
“No problem, kiddo. Now, next weekend I’m going to the lake. Should bring your girl, ‘bout time I meet her.”
“Okay, I’ll ask her and let you know. Love ya, Dad.”
“I love ya, too, dumb ass.”

I hang up the phone and slip it back in my pocket and cross my arms. My foot taps against the pavement while I wait, becoming increasingly more impatient as time goes by. Whether he confesses to the truth or not, there’s always a Plan B. I hope he does, but if he doesn’t I’m going to have to start getting A+’s in all my classes, and prove it myself. Dad’s right, I can figure this out. But damn it, I hope Riley does it for us. That’s a lot less damn work.
  Chris Baxter / Seka / 20d 17h 57m 6s
Staying right here is tempting, and he's only making it increasingly more so. I'd be okay with staying in this bed all day, just vegging out and continuing the marathon of sex over from last night, but I'm pretty sure we have things to do. What these things actually are pretty much completely slip my mind when his hands start wandering again, but I'm probably the one who's supposed to make sure we get things done. Because lord knows Chris is easily distracted. Exhibit A) his sudden fascination with my boobs. I can't help but giggle at him at first, but that giggle turns into the tiniest little sigh of pleasure when he turns the prodding into something that actually feels good.
"Mmm, I think we do have to," I mumble back just before his kiss. I'm not rushing to get up anytime soon though. Not when he's kissing me like this and being so stupidly charming. "You think?" I ask through a laugh when he says everything isn't just going to be well in the world because we're still riding out a night of ecstasy. I wish it were that simple though.
He's right about the Riley thing, and I know he is, but I can't help but crinkle my nose up and squint my eyes in disgust at the thought of having to get anywhere near Riley right now. It makes it even worse that I'm going to have to do that one alone. In a perfect world, Chris would be right by my side for the rest of the day. Definitely because I'm one of those silly and clingy lovesick girls I used to tell myself I'd never be right now, but I think it's reasonable for me to be a bit scared of what happens when Chris and I are apart again. Because shit really hit the fan fast last time. "I know, you're right, you're right," I nod in agreement finally. "It's just gonna take a lot for me to not totally blow up at him. So don't you dare get me all hyped up beforehand," I warn him, playfully more than anything else. I can't even picture what that conversation with Riley is going to look like right now, but I'm already sure as hell that it's going to suck.
Shaking away that for now, I steal one last kiss from Chris before rolling out from underneath him, swinging my legs over the bed so my feet hit the floor and standing up. It is way, way colder being exposed in the open air, but prime time for Chris to make more observations about my tits. "I don't know about you, but I'm going to shower."

As it turns out, sharing a shower is a lot less sexy than television would lead you to believe. There's a little too much potential to slip and crack your head open for my taste, but it still makes for a fun time nonetheless. Where one might expect moans, there's a whole lot of laughter and a couple of yelps of surprise. And of course a couple of kisses thrown in there as well. Definitely a nice way to get the morning in action.
"You're gonna need a drawer and a toothbrush here, huh?" I comment when I realize that Chris' only clothing options are the ones from yesterday. So our first stop back in the real world is going to be his place. We sure take our sweet time getting good to go, and I more of less have to coax him to the door by kissing him and then slowly taking steps backwards to the door, but we get there eventually. "Are you ready for this?" I don't think I'm at all ready for the insanity that'll ensue yet again today, but I'm starting to get used to it.
  Dylan Evans / Estellaa / 21d 19h 36m 37s
I close my eyes tightly, grabbing a pillow to give me shade from the light, and groan in response to Dylan’s mumbles. I do [i not] want to get up right now, I’m still exhausted from last night, which was perfect but [i holy shit], I don’t think I’ve had sex like that ever! I mean, I’ve had my fair share of midnight sessions that last all night long, but usually by the third, fourth, and fifth time it’s harder and harder to finish. Dylan, on-the-other-hand, I had no problems with. Honestly, if she hadn’t passed out, I probably would have kept at it. I forget sometimes that Evans just entered the awesome world of sex, and sometimes I feel bad about how I may be pushing her past her comfort zone.. But in all honestly, I think Dylan initiates this more than me, so I refuse to feel too bad about it. She is definitely a natural, because I’d never have known last night that she was a virgin just a week or so ago. The woman was born to be sexy, I can’t believe I never saw it before. She’s seductive as fuck, my own personal brand of kryptonite.
I pull her closer to me, and my hands freely roam her nude body under the covers. “How about we stay right here?” I vigorously start squishing, squeezing, and prodding one of her boobs, very amused by it’s strange consistency. It’s so soft....[i “Man, I wish I had boobs…”] I mumble further, seriously disappointed. [i So not fair that women get them and don’t even freakin’ appreciate them... hmph.] I shift my weight and the pillow I had perfectly balanced on my face flops off the bed entirely, and I once again wince and curl into Dylan. “Nooo--it burns--it burns!” I exclaim in a loud, forced whisper, laughing as I rest my head perfectly on her boobs, and throw the blanket over me. I continue to squish and squeeze them from the darkness, and periodically latch my lips around her nipple where my tongue does elated circles around and over the hardening lumps. “Do we have to?” I mumble under the blankets, feeling defeated. I’d stay here all day if only my lady would let me. [i How disappointing… this is so fun…]

I crawl up from under the covers, leaning down to give her a warm kiss. "Well, Dylan Evans, I don't really think that just because we have officially spent an entire night fucking that we're clear of all charges," I pause, watching her facial expression closely, "and to answer your question, no. It doesn't matter that Riley is the culprit, the investigation has to run it's course, or Riley has to confess. And after last night," I give one of those awkward, stereotypical, and hesitant smiles, "I don't think he will. Unless, maybe [i you] talk to him?" I know that's probably not something she'll want to do, but it might be our only option..
  Chris Baxter / Seka / 24d 6h 50m 48s
For just a moment when he pulls away, I'm struck with fear that he will never forgive me for Riley. But that's all washed away the second he pulls me right back into him. And we're the luckiest people in the world right now, because even though everything outside of this room sucks, he's falling in love with me, and I'm falling in love with him, and we might as well be the only people in the world. So of course Riley doesn't matter at all. Any thought of him completely goes away the second Chris has me up in the air. By now, I should probably be used to Chris plucking me off of the ground with ease, but I still hold on for dear life at first. When he puts the wall behind me though, my grip loosens and I start to relax.
My heart's nearly beating out of my chest, but I do my best to keep up with him, or at least return the heat in those kisses. I shudder in pleasure when his hand falls on my thigh. This time, I know what follows. There's a trade-off to that though, because I now also know for certain that I am nowhere near as good as he is in bed. But fuck it, I don't think he cares about that too much.
To counter him, I run a my hands below the hem of his shirt, slowly creeping it up and following it with a single finger running over his abs, then his chest, until it falls just below his chin, beckoning him to tilt his head up and look me in the eye. "So long as all of this is mine," I whisper back to him before placing my lips back on his. It's not executed nearly as smoothly as Chris, but I'm learning.

Things are even better the second time around. And then the third. And then the fourth. We have a lot of time to make up for, and a whole night to get started on that effort. Every time it starts to feel more natural, and I stop overthinking it just a little less. I'm so smitten with him and his body that we just keep coming back to making love like it's gravity. Two bodies can say a lot without any words.
In between there's a whole lot of pillow talk, mixed in with a whole lot of laughter on my part about how stupid we acted, all this time thinking we were two smart people. Just a couple of hours ago, I was still in the thick of that mess, but it already feels so distant. Because everything is so much better than okay now.

I don't know exactly when it happened, but at some point I must have curled into Chris and fallen asleep. When I wake up I'm yet again in shock that this wasn't a dream, but this time I don't stare. I just curl back into him and smile with my eyes closed, savoring the moment before we have to leave this bed.
"Babe," I start in a sleepy mumble, pleased to be able to use such a word to refer to Chris. "We've got to go to go talk to the administration this morning, don't we?" I'm already dreading have to explain what happened a million times before the school finally gets it, but I'm also kind of excited to see Riley's life fall apart. After everything he did, he deserves it.
  Dylan Evans / Estellaa / 28d 22h 50m 36s
At first, I instinctively allow her to once again pull me forward, but this time into an embrace. I welcome her in my arms, and kiss the top of her head as she rambles. “Okay…” I mumble through her hair. With so much relief at the fact that everything is finally falling back into place, I actually forget for a few minutes the scene I walked into; that is, until she mentions it in her rambling. I pull back for a moment but don’t actually let go of her, and I’m sure she can see me flinching and my jaw clenching when she brings it up. I don’t have much to say, at least nothing necessarily nice. But the rational part of me doesn’t blame her; we weren’t dating, because I never truly asked her out. I was pussy-footing around the whole concept because it terrified me. Why I was afraid to put a title on it, even when everyone was already gossiping about it, I have no idea. I heave a sigh and rub her shoulders.

“Oh really? You’re not in love with Douchie McDouche?” My still face breaks at the mention of Riley’s nickname. “I’m just kidding, besides...[i I know],” I grab her again, lifting her up and nearly killing her in my strong embrace. I squeeze until I hear the wheeze of her empty lungs, laughing as I relax my hold and slowly rotate. I stop after a few twirls, afraid of the dizziness I’m sure to feel if I do that any longer, and opt to reposition us both. I lift her up, holding tightly to her thighs around my waist, and gaze up into her mirroring eyes. “But goddamn it, Dylan Evans, you’re fucking gorgeous,” I gradually take a few steps so her backs against the wall. “And, [i you’re mine,] you hear that?”
I lean forward to kiss her, unable to inhibit myself any longer. Being so close to her, and feeling her breath against my face with that sweet unforgettable smell, puts me into some sort of mood. Using the help of gravity now that she’s against the wall, I slither one hand on the small of her back, and the other gently caresses the inside of her thigh. [i “Only I get to touch you here,”] I whisper, leaning in and trailing kisses up her neck. [i “Only I get to kiss you like this,”] I lean forward and plant a heavy kiss on her, sliding a tongue beneath her upper lip before pulling away. I can feel her tense beneath every touch, and I slowly press up against her, moving subtly while trailing kisses down and up her neck. [i “Only I get to do this,”] I whisper, and slowly dance her shirt over her shoulders. [i "That's okay, right?"] I ask, smirking all the while.
  Chris Baxter / Seka / 30d 4h 4m 25s
Eye contact is still something I can't manage, but I am listening closely to everything Chris has to say, practically hanging on to every word that comes out of that mouth of his. My mouth hangs wide open when he says that all along he thought he was me who told the school he was cheating. I don't know about the whole never doing something immoral thing, but now's not the time to go correcting him on that. We've got to smooth this whole thing over before I can go with my grand confession, although it's seeming more and more like that one is going to go with me to my grave.
Maybe he's right about Sam. I don't think she's ever been the brightest bulb in the room, so maybe this kind of scheme would go right over her head. When he gives a name of his suspected perpetrator, I kind of want to vomit. It makes perfect sense that Riley would do this kind of thing to get back at Chris, but it's so gross that he would lurk around me this whole time while he damn well knew I was vulnerable. Probably just wanted to use me as an extra knife in Chris' back, or whatever. "Fuck," I mumble, because that's about the only response I can conjure right now. I want to die at the thought that I let someone so terrible touch me.

The next thing he says takes the cake for catching me by surprise though. He's stupid in love with me? I kind of want to ask him to repeat that, just to make sure I catch that right before I start to actually think that Chris Baxter is stupid in love with [i me].
My eyes shoot up to his, undoubtedly going wide. "Chris," I say, my mouth pulling into a big smile. "Come here," I demand and pull him in a lot more nicely this time. I should probably swish my mouth out with mouthwash for about a thousand years so that the Riley in it is gone before I can even think about kissing Chris again, but a hug will do for now.
"We were both so stupid, just oh my god," I shake my head. I can't help but go into a fit of laughter over how damn idiotic we both were to have let things get this out of hand. Those tears that were welling up earlier roll down my cheeks with the laughter. Chris has a knack for bringing out the crazy in me, that's for sure. "Never, ever again are we letting people get in our heads like that, okay?" Next time, though I really hope there never has to be a next time, I'm going to him first. And I would hope he's going to me first too.
I realize that I do owe him an explanation as to what he walked into when he got here. I can't help but shudder at the thought of being anywhere near Riley right now. "Chris... what you saw earlier meant absolutely nothing to me. It wasn't at all serious, and we never really did anything together, and I so regret it. Please don't hate me forever over it, because the truth is, I'm stupid in love with you too."
  Dylan Evans / Estellaa / 33d 15h 18m 10s
I allow Dylan to drag me into her room while I brainstorm how to respond to whatever she’s about to say. Knowing Evans like I do now, she’s not such a pushover like I thought she was. This girl can actually be rather ferocious and intimidating when she wants to be, and I actually kind of love it. But now’s not the time for dirty thoughts as she begins to rant. I just stand by the door like an idiot, allowing her the time to explode. Knowing her, she’s been bottling a lot of shit up lately, and I don’t blame her. Sam may have only brushed up on the topic, but even I know that there’s more to it than that. I can only imagine what comments people have been making to her at school, and I’m a little more disappointed in myself than I already was for not protecting her. But she has to understand that this has really been a life-altering few weeks. Dylan didn’t really expect me to change so quickly and accept it so easily, [i did she? ]

[center [i Of course she did, and I have no one to blame but myself. ]]

My sad, ashamed demeanor suddenly becomes that of question and bafflement, maybe even of shock. The more she delves into her angry thoughts and spills out information, the more I realize how wrong we’ve both been this whole time. I try to interrupt her, but she isn’t having it. I can feel all of her emotions just by her voice, the way it shakes in certain parts, and quiets toward the ends; how her face looks so twisted in anger, but her eyes are glossy. I’ve been so wrapped up in my own lame predicament, I didn’t stop to really, [i really,] think about what this has done to her. Even then, I feel a bit personally attacked and offended. Yeah, she would feel that way; she is, after all, in the stereotypical role of victims in these situations. But I can’t help it, because I’ve been so open, and revealed so much of myself that no one else has ever seen or known about, so for her to think I would ever do something so cruel to [i anyone] hurts in an indescribable way.

“Oh, I don’t understand how fucking serious this is? My football career is potentially over, and I could be kicked out of school, too! You [i really] think I want to disappoint my dad like that? Disappoint myself? [i You?]” I confess, a little louder than I expected. The end falls to a quieter tone though, and I look to the ground. “I know I’ve been a douche in the past, and I don’t always make the right decision, but I’m not a complete asshole, Dylan. Honestly, I can’t believe you’d actually think it was me,” I pause, and look back up, catching her gaze. “I thought you did it for some type of revenge at first, but I realized within a few days that there was no possible way you could ever do anything even remotely immoral, and then I got your text. Sam sounded like someone who would, considering she’s such a bitch. But,” I pause again, shaking my head slightly as I continue, “the whole scheme seemed so much more calculated and smart than what I’d find her capable of. Sam’s a bitch, but her type of revenge is a snotty comeback or a blow to your popularity. The pictures I could see, but reporting us? I don’t think so.” I pause again, slowly stepping toward her, “I realized tonight, that I needed to apologise to you for being so callous the past couple weeks, mind you I didn’t know you were blaming me the whole time for this other shit I didn’t even know about. I ran into Sam before I got here, though, and let’s just say she let me in on a few things. Her huge ego made her slip up, and she alluded to the culprit of all of this drama; it was [b Riley.] Although, the bet was just Sam’s revenge, like I said. She’s petty.” I take another deep breath, man I’m talking more than I have in the past week--combined. I realize now I should probably give her a chance to talk. “Enough of this rambling though…,” I stop, looking up to meet her gaze again, “Evans, I’m [i stupid] in love with you."
  Chris Baxter / Seka / 34d 10h 45m 18s
So Chris definitely blocked me. If he actually got that message, I don't think there's anyway he could ignore it. The rest of this school might think the opposite, but I know that Chris is invested in his academics, and I know he wouldn't just let it slide if Sam accused us of cheating together. But I'm sure as hell not about to march up to him on campus and make a huge scene. I'm not about to send Mitch out to fight my battle on that one either, so I'm just going to have to go at this alone.
I've had to take on the part of my own lawyer in the couple of meetings I've had with the administration since they first called me down. I've cited my squeaky clean records a number of times, as well as the tutoring I've done and the research I've worked on and presented, all pointing to the fact that I don't fuck around when it comes to academic dishonesty. Unfortunately, the school doesn't fuck around when it comes to academic dishonesty either, so they're making me go this extra mile to prove that I definitely didn't do anything. Except there's no real way to do that except convince them. I even sat there and actually cried in front of them once and the tears did not seem to make a difference.
I'm not sure what's been more hellish: this cheating bullshit or the picture thing. Both of them are taking their toll on me though. Even in the middle of finals weeks in the past, I've never been this completely drained. I know I'm probably not going to win this, but god, I need to.

Riley's been a good distraction, albeit still kind of a weird one. His kissing game has improved loads, and by the third time we've done this kind of hook up thing, I'm able to conclude that he's halfway decent. I don't think he's ever going to be the best, but I suspect that I am also the first girl he's ever been with. Before Chris, I was that way too. And honestly, I don't have the experience to make that kind of physical chemistry work the way Chris was able to with me. So instead we're doing this awkward kind of high school experimenting thing.
He's taking this pretty seriously though. I've managed to stop him from going on any rants about how much he cares for me or anything like that, but he's definitely trying to let people know that we are an item. I'd be much more comfortable if no one else knew about this right now, because it's really not a serious thing and I really don't need anymore attention being directed towards my personal life right now. Riley probably just wants everyone to know that he's finally gotten with a girl, even if she happens to be that crazy nerdy whore that everyone's been talking about lately. He keeps getting bolder too, today he tried to kiss me goodbye right outside of one of my classes.
It's my fault for not defining this relationship with him and making it clear that I don't want anything that has strings attached right now. I keep telling myself I need to get on that, but here we are, in my room, making out sans shirts. And then pants. And then it's a little bit more than making out, but there's not going to be anything close to a homerun tonight.

Until we both hear that knock on my door, followed by Chris' voice. I jump away from Riley and freeze for a moment before I scramble to get my clothes back on. I at least manage to throw my leggings on before the door busts open and all hell breaks loose. I can't even say anything before Chris drags Riley out into the hall and begins what can only be yet another public display.
I barely get a shirt on before I follow them out into the hallway, waiting for Chris to either pull it together or start actually beating on Riley before I intervene. I stand a couple of feet away from them with my arms crossed over my chest, ready to yell at all of them.
Instead of yelling at Riley and Chris first though, I direct my anger at the people in the hallway, because I at least know what I want to say to them. "Go back to your rooms, get a life, there's nothing to see here and frankly it's none of your guys' business," I all but scream before storming back into my room and grabbing Riley's shirt.
"The two of you, stop being so fucking stupid and making my life a public spectacle," I turn my attention to Chris and Riley.
"You, go home. I'm sorry about this mess, and we'll talk later, but not right now," I throw Riley's shirt back at him. After all that Chris just said, I don't think Riley can be trusted so much right now. Not that Chris can be trusted at all either, but Chris is the person I need to speak to a lot more urgently, and this is possibly the only time I will ever be able to again.
"And you, get inside," I demand of Chris, already pulling on his arm until he follows me into my room. I lock the door behind us, and immediately go off. "What the fuck was that, and did you think it was really necessary? I know you get a kick out of exposing me or whatever, spreading those pictures around was really classy by the way, I love that the entire school now knows what I look like without a shirt on, but seriously, when is enough going to be enough? I'm not your fucking toy that you can just come and mess with whenever you please. Like for real, did not one raise you to know that you can't just drop into peoples lives and ruin them just because you feel like it?"
With that now in the open air, I pause to catch a breath and sit down on my bed. I haven't been able to actually look him in the eye this whole time.
"This has gotten really serious, don't you understand that? We could both be expelled, and I really could ruin your life for spreading those photos around if I wanted to. None of this is fucking funny anymore, and you never should have taken this so far over a stupid bet with your stupid friends," I say a lot more softly now, my voice giving it away that I'm on the brink of tear. Again.
  Dylan Evans / Estellaa / 35d 10h 24m 33s
My life has become bland, dull, and void since all the drama came crashing down on me. Avoiding socializing has really taken a toll on me, leaving me to sit around my dorm all night trapped inside my mind. Tonight, I opted to sit at a local bar, at the darkest part of the bar where I feel the most secluded and able to think. I didn’t realize that my life could flip upside down by something as simple as befriending a fucking nerd. Do I regret becoming friends with her? No, not really. There’s unwarranted animosity on my part, but even I can admit now that Dylan Evans is innocent of any and all charges except for falling for a fucking loser. She’s just a crutch for my denial, and something to funnel my anger toward. I’ve truly realized the past couple weeks now, that Dylan Evans is exactly the kind of person that I [i should] have by my side, she keeps me sane.

I’ve lived in such a fairytale since highschool. Even as a young, popular boy in school, I couldn’t stand bullying, but did I do anything about it? No. I went along with it for most of school, but something flipped my switch in senior year, and I really changed my gears. The bullying halted in my school for a while after that, but I can’t believe it took me five years to not be an asshole. But you know what? The game restarted when I got lost in the grand college parties, the ladies, and the freedom of being an adult. It all went straight to my head, and you know what I did? I became a fucking douche bag again.
Here’s the thing, though: I think that I need to remember that although I was one of those dickheads most of highschool, I overcame the fear of being disliked, even if only for a short time. Therefore, I know I can overcome this again. I can make the right decision, and prove myself innocent. Dylan Evans has taught me a lot of things, but if I had to pick one, it’s that it’s time to grow up and be the man I’m supposed to be. A man that my mom would have been proud of. Not this loser I’ve become, who’s such an insecure piece of shit deep down he can’t even let people know he likes chemistry.

[center [i I will prove myself innocent, and with Dylan Evans by my side.]]

The realization slaps me like a ton of bricks, and I come to an abrupt stand. The few people in the bar turn to stare, but the bartender looks particularly indifferent, as if this kind of behavior is common. Well, I guess it is a bar… I shrug, and slip my phone from my pocket, prepared to send Dylan a text exclaiming this. But when I see her text from a few days ago that went ignored, I feel a pang of guilty. Shit, I need to see her. I need to apologize. I grab my keys and head toward the car, but right as I grab the handle and pull, someone approaches from behind me and slams the door shut again. When I turn, I flinch and all instincts tell me to run. Although I know this blonde is not the same as before, I’ve been conditioned to act this way. For Christ sake, Sam Valin was, just a couple weeks ago, crawling on me like a fucking rabid chimp.

“Hey, we haven’t had a chance to talk in a while, Chris Baxter,” she states, cocking a brow. I will say she does a nice job of somewhat keeping her distance. “I hear you’re actually good at science. The whole school has been talking about it. You wouldn’t mind helping me out, would you?” She smirks, sliding a hand over my shoulder and attempting to be that shy, innocent freshman that she was a month ago at the party. [i I bumped into Dylan at that party, I think… ] The thought of her urges me to jump into the car again, but Sam slides in front of it, somehow monkeying her way inside my arm. God, a month ago I would have loved to shove her up against my jeep and go to pound town, but now the thought doesn’t even excite me.

“Sam, I’m still not interested, and you can drop the nice girl attitude. Everyone knows you’re actually a raging cunt. I wasn’t lying last time when you were being a bitch to Dylan that day, only reason people like you is because of you fake-ass tits. I know you’re a manipulative psycho, and I also know that you turned us in because you were jealous,” I pause, watching the red reach her face, the girl’s about to turn on fire, and her soft facial expression transforms to a frown, and I can just see that evil glint in her eyes, but I don’t give a shit, I continue. “That’s real fucked up, you know what? I’m looking at getting kicked off the team, and Dylan is looking at being expelled—which I could be, too. You don’t fuck people’s lives up like that because you love them, that’s not how it works. And it was really fucking immature of you. Now move the fuck out of my way.” She stands her ground for a moment, and I can see her seething. She’s looking for something to say, but can’t come up with the words. She bites her lip, and moves over so I can jump in. My windows are unfortunately rolled down from before. Makes it kind of awkward as I start my car and avoid looking at her. She starts cussing and rambling but I try to ignore her.
“You know what Chris Baxter? You’re a piece of shit, you think you’re better than everyone else but you’re not. You’re just as much of an ass as everyone else, if not more. Let’s not forget that you’re a shady piece of shit who, for the past couple years here, has done nothing but played football and fucked every fucking bitch with two legs and a vagina. You’re disgusting! By the way, wasn’t me who turned you in, you’re not a very fucking observant person if you don’t know who it is. The whole school knows who did it, but no one has wanted to tell you because this has been so fucking fun. You should have seen the look on her face when she found out she was just a bet. Oh, and when I called her a slut.” I don’t know why I’m even listening to this shit, but here I am stalling. I grip the wheel, ready to go off but pondering whether it’s really worth it or not. And then she goes and mentions that she didn’t do it, and I’m suddenly racking my brain trying to figure out who… “He’s better for her anyway, he’s not a fuckboy who thinks he’s the center of the world,” she storms off after that, and I furrow my brows together.

The next hour is just a blur, rage blinding me. I go on something close to a manhunt trying to find him. Of course, it’s Riley Douche McKee. I should have known it! I hit my steering wheel as I think of all the things I want to do to this fucking kid. Unfortunately, my manhunt comes up unsuccessful. I’ll deal with him later, I need to see Dylan. I make a U-turn and head back toward our dorms. Next thing I know I’m knocking on her door shaking with nerves. She won’t want to see me, I’m sure. Considering she thinks she was just a bet. God, everyone here is so damn immature, and Sam was right. I haven’t been any better. She just needs to answer the door, “Dylan… Please open up, I know you’re in there… Please talk to me…” I knock again, pleading her to come to the door. When she doesn’t, I take initiative and open the door myself. Well, this isn’t what I was expecting. Both of them half naked sets off dynamite in my brain, I swear I just see red. I don’t know how, but I instinctively reach over and grab his arm and chuck him out into the hallway. I’m respectful enough not to break any of Evan’s stuff along with his face. I shove him into the wall, holding my arm across his neck. I can see him struggling, but there’s no remorse in his eyes. I hear Dylan behind me but I don’t hear her.

“You’re really a fucking loser, you know that? Once wasn’t enough, huh?” I let go but he comes at me, and I left him over my shoulder and slam him on the ground. “You’re not fucking worth it, I ain’t going to fight you again, piece of shit,” I go to kick him again, but stop and turn punch the wall next to me instead. By now people have left their rooms and are now lining the halls in their pajamas with phones and cameras alike. “Low grade, shady, lying mother fucker.” I could hurt him more but I won’t, last thing I need is a fight and to get in trouble more than I already am. I turn to look at Dylan expecting comfort or understanding, but boy does she look pissed… “Dylan… I-I-I…”
  Chris Baxter / Seka / 35d 12h 7m 40s
Mitch keeps hyping me up and saying that I definitely shouldn't be the one hiding because I'm not the one who did anything wrong, but I still much prefer to be isolated in my room than subjecting myself to more stares and whispers. I hate that they don't even know a bit of the truth, and that they've all seen those pictures. I hate that Chris has seen even more of me than them. In all honesty, there is a bit of truth to what everyone thinks they know. I got played. I've come to terms with that much, but god he didn't have to make it seem so real.
The unsung hero throughout all of this has been Riley. When I finally turned my phone back on after a day of talking to no one, he was the first person to bring me food and let me bitch. "Don't you dare say I told you so," is what I told him when I let him in the first time, and so far he's followed along with that rule and hasn't gloated about it. He and Mitch have been around the most. Some of my friends definitely blame me for this a bit, and have pretty much stopped speaking to me for the time being. Guess it goes to show that I actually had some shitty friends after all. But it makes me appreciate the good ones more, and I really am grateful for Riley and Mitch.
Going to class is a huge beast to tackle, and I don't do it for a couple of days. I get the notes from lectures from other people and keep up with my work independently, but don't actually go to class until I absolutely have to. Not going to lab isn't really an option. Everything is good and well until after class, when once again it all goes down in the bathroom. Sam flew in out of nowhere, interrupting my hand washing with her dramatic entrance. "Hi Dylan," she says with a smile so sweet I can't help but dread what's coming next.
"Hey Sam," I kind of mumble, shutting off the faucet and reaching for a paper towel.
"I just wanted to let you know that I really admire your confidence going after a guy that was so far out of your league." Yup, I already want to punch her in the face, but she keeps on going. "It was really cute that you thought Chris might actually be into you."
"Okay..." I trail off, because seriously how am I supposed to respond to that? She's just trying to egg me on, and I really don't know why. I was under the impression that she stopped being all in love with Chris the second that potion wore off, and seriously, what did I ever do to her ?
"Like, the fuck you thought? That he'd really want you over someone like me?" She's given up on that little bit of subtlety, apparently.
I'm just going to walk out of here, because this isn't a conversation worth having. But right before I walk out of the door, I pause and turn around. "At least I've actually fucked him, which is more than you can say for yourself," I tell her with a smirk. If everyone already thinks I'm a slut, I might as well be a bitch too. Weird as that whole interaction was, it might just have been exactly what I needed to remember that I don't actually care what these people think, because it's all so stupid anyways.

The next day is a whole lot easier. In part because I have most of my classes with Riley, and in part because I'm really just so done with this mess. You can only care about something for so long before it starts to feel a bit like a waste of time. Because that's what Chris was.
Mitch comes over to us, fuming. I don't know what's gotten him all bothered until I catch of glimpse of Chris through the door. "Honestly Dylan, I'm going to fight him," Mitch declares.
"I don't think you'd be the favorite to win that one, so maybe don't do that," I shake my head, but grin a little at the thought of Mitch trying to take on someone about twice his size.
"He's just everything that is wrong with men in one human body. How does he even function?" Mitch rattles on.
"It's really okay, it really is," I tell him, putting my hands on his shoulders and looking him in the eye so he gets it. "Anyways, I've got to go talk to this administrator about what happened I think. Wish me luck."

The office itself is pretty intimidating, but I'm pretty sure the guy I'm supposed to talk to is one of the most intimidating people I've ever talked to. He's this tall old man, with such a sharp face. I don't think he's smiled in years.
"Miss Evans, by now you are probably already aware of the accusations make against you. We take these things very seriously here, and we are committed to investigating this fully."
"The accusations?" I manage to ask.
"Were you not made aware? It was reported to us that you have been helping Chris Baxter cheat in his chemistry classes, and we have some evidence that supports this accusation."
"What?" I repeat, eyes getting wide. This administrator guy is not in the slightest amused. Before he says anything though, I get right into denying that any of that is true. "No, no, no, it's not like that at all. Chris has actually helped me with homework, but that's the extent of it. I have never helped him cheat on anything, and he has never helped me cheat. All personal opinions aside, Chris is much smarter than the average football player, and I think it is ridiculously unfair of this school to assume that his good grades have to be the result of him cheating. He merited those, just like I have merited all of the good grades on my record. I don't know who reported this to you, but I can tell you that this is totally false."
The conversation goes back and forth like that for what feels like forever, and this guy won't just believe me. I leave feeling frustrated, and immediately summon Riley so I can vent about this. And get advice about what on earth I'm supposed to do moving forward from this. I can't believe Chris Baxter might get me kicked out of school for cheating. Well, that one probably isn't actually Chris' fault but still it's all because of him. And if I get kicked out for academic dishonesty, not school is ever going to take me. They'll take Chris, because he can do the whole football thing. But another random smart kid isn't going to get them donors or bring in potential new students. So I'm royally screwed on this one.
Oh fuck, Sam Valin. She definitely went and made this shit up just to get back at me. I should've just walked out of the bathroom silently and let it at that. I really need to stop this whole accidentally ruining my life trend.

Riley's already outside my door when I get back, and he comes inside with me. I run him through what just happened, kind of freaking out but doing my best to keep it together, and he mostly listens, asking a few questions here and there. "And I really think they might seriously expel me over this," I finish, definitely on the brink of tears because I can't seem to hold anything together anymore.
"No, you're staying, I'll do everything I can to make sure that happens," Riley assures me. Before I know it, his lips fall on mine, and we're making out. A couple of minutes ago, I would not have expected this at all, nor do I think I would have wanted this to happen. But now that it is, it feels kind of nice to have a distraction. Riley's mouth kind of fumbles around, and I'm not used to that, but I wouldn't say that this is terrible. I don't mean to, and I don't want to, but I can't help but to compare him to Chris, and once that's in my head Riley is just kind of disappointing. But not the worst. And in my league, or whatever Sam would say. He's a comforting person to have around.
"I'm here through all of it, okay?" he reiterates when he pulls away. I nod along, moving to rest my head on his shoulder because really I don't want to make out with him anymore right now.
"I know," I finally say softly. "I should probably call my parents and tell them what's happening, huh?"
"Yeah, your folks should know about this. Probably wouldn't have them call the school and yell yet though," Riley agrees.
"Oh yeah no, I won't let them do that. But I'm going to do that now, okay?"
"Yeah, okay, I'll leave you be," he says before kissing me again and then heading out.
I'm not going to call my parents, but that worked as a way out. Now is just really not the time for Riley to give a whole emotional speech or confess any feelings. There's too much else going on. So I go and brush me teeth clean of that very weird five minutes, and then sit in front of my phone for a couple of minutes debating.

Chris is the only person who can fix this, probably. Or we're going to have to work together to do it, as much as I wish that weren't true. He probably already blocked my number, but it's worth a shot to send him a text. I'd rather do that than have to hunt him down in person.
[center [i 'Hey, so I'm pretty sure Sam told the school that I've been helping you cheat on tests which is psycho of her. I don't want to be kicked out, and I'm pretty sure you don't either, so do us both a favor and tell you to cut it out.' 4:39PM]]She definitely wouldn't listen to me, but Chris could probably set her straight on this one. I hate that I'm relying on him to do this, but I really don't know how else to make this go away without a grueling investigation. How does one even prove that they didn't cheat?
  Dylan Evans / Estellaa / 36d 18h 38m 12s
I skip my classes for the day, and instead buy myself a good amount of alcohol with plans to coccoon myself in my dorm. Todays events swirl in my mind; speculations, theories, hate, distrust, distaste, dissapointment... literally everything I'm feeling simulatenously. I wish there was a switch to turn off emotions. Leaves me no other choice but to scream really loud songs by Limp Bizkit and Korn, and try too hard to hold up against Nickelback, Daughtry, and Seether as I drive back to my dorm. I am emo at heart, I guess. I turn my cell phone on silent, and start rewatching Supernatural because how can you not like Supernatural, and it's a good way to attempt to get my mind off the day. Plus pigging out in front of the television, in my boxers, coccooned in my blankets, is so beautiful.

"Can't trust anybody these days, can ya?" I whisper under my breath. No one truly seems to understand what's happening, or how I'm feeling. I can see that in the way my phone is blowing up. Quiet frankly, I feel rather alone in this. Can't even tell my dad, he'd be so dissapointed in me. My friends would just make fun of me if they knew the truth , and the one girl who I could actually confide in and trusted pisses me off just thinking about. After a few hours I finally read some of the messages, and decide to join the stupid group conversation that my buddies and I have. I have no idea what's about to happen, but I'm perfectly prepared to tell them all to fuck off and to turn off my phone.

[center 'Dude, where r u? so many questions!' - [i John Thielen / 9:44PM]]
[center 'no where, got busy doing a thing off campus. questions?' - [i Chris Baxter / 9:48PM]]
[center 'srsly bro, what happened with coach? and that chick? SO MANY QUESTIONS, MAN!!!!???" - [i Elliot Keck / 9:55PM]]
[center 'nothin important guys, chill. just had a question.' - [i Chris Baxter / 10:00PM]]
[center 'dude, he got kicked off the team, where u been' - [i John Thielen / 10:02PM ]]
[center 'WHAT? Holy shitttt fuck! y dude????' - [i Elliot Keck / 10:04PM]]
[center 'yeah, idk y tho. chris, wtf happened? that chick right?' - [i John Thielen / 10:06PM]]
[center 'nothing. dont worry about her' - [i Chris Baxter / 10:11PM ]]
[center 'oh mannnn, wtf she do? bet she's a bitch, i told you!' [i - Elliot Keck / 10:14PM]]
[center 'idk yet' - [i Chris Baxter / 10:15PM]]
[center 'the girls tried to grill her but she didnt say much' - [i John Thielen / 10:19PM]]
[center 'wtf? cant everyone just leave me and my fucking life alone?' - [i Chris Baxter / 10:22PM]]
[center 'dude chill the fuck out, were just curious. maybe if u handnt been a fucking stupid ass and cheated u wouldn't be here." - [i John Thielen / 10:25PM]]
[center 'woah, J, leave baxter alone. hes just pissed af about today im sure, howd you feel?' - [i Elliot Keck / 10:28PM]]
[center 'dont be a fucking idiot, John, you really think I cheated? u think im that fucking stupid? course u fucking would.' - [i Chris Baxter / 10:34PM]]
[center 'idk wat u would do anymore, Baxter, considering u fucked the nastiest fucking whore in school. yeah, we all know. wtf is wrong with you man? you fucking losing it?' - [i John Thielen / 10:40PM]]
[center 'nah, dude, i just used to be a fucking idiot like you guys who didnt fucking care about anything but playing football and getting laid but i grew up. reality is a thing, guys. maybe you should start thinking about the future, too. hoes aint gonna be around forever, youre gonna be bald and old one day. grow the fuck up and get a life with something more satisfying then fucking different girl every weekend, 10 to 1 none of us r gonna go pro, and relaity is gonna fuck all you guys up. not me, though, not me dude. just you. going to bed, night.' - [i Chris Baxter / 10:50PM]]
[center 'night.....' - [i Elliot Keck / 10:52PM]]
[center 'fuck you' - [i John Thielen / 10:53PM]]

I tear myself out of my bed as the sun beats down on me, it's wierd not waking up early for practice. Shit, I tossed and turned practically all night, my neck's killing me. I rub it with my free hand, the other rubbing at my eyes and face which is stiff from sleep. I get dressed in a haze, grabbing my backpack where the shit in it hasn't even been touched. I peel out before I have to run into Dylan, a situation I've learned to avoid the past week by waiting a good twenty minutes after she leaves and taking detours to my classes as to not bump into her. The whole school is talking, everything is a mess. I don't know who to trust, I had my suspicion on John after our group message last week, but he's cooled off. Not mad at Elliot though, he's an innocent little freshman, but I like the kid.
My life has felt void for a while now, but the mystery of it all is still there, and the investigation is still on-going. By now, half the school staff has been asked questions, meanwhile I've actually started trying on my homework. Been doing real good this week, because I'm trying to prove a point that I'm not dumb, I was just holding out before. I figure if they don't find any evidence either way and aren't happy, then maybe me not socializing, staying out of drama, and bringing my GPA up to a 3.8 or higher will prove it to them. They don't understand, but I'm almost a genius. I chuckl under my breath, turning a corner too hastily and ramming into another student. They hit the ground pretty hard, but scramble up quick. I reach a hand out instinctively to help, until I recognize the glare of the guy. He's the one that's so close to Dylan. I think he's gay. "Dude, look, I'm sorr--"

"No, don't even try, pretty boy. You're a fucking douche-canoe. You know that girl has never let anyone in that close before? She's fucking beautiful, you were lucky. Prick." Mitch is frank... Well, he's got as much sass as you'd expect from such a flamboyent gay dude. For some reason, I actually wouldn't be too confident if I was stuck inside a ring with him. I cock a brow, shaking my head and heaving a sigh as I walk past. I glance back to see him walking out the door, and just as it begins to shut I see Dylan approaching him, and Douchie McDouche is standing next to her; he's pretty damn close, too. A part of me cracks a little when I see them, a strange urge to pull him away from her tempting me. Not worth my time, not now. I turn away instead, but not without an ache in my chest.
[i "I'm sorry Dylan, but if not for you I'd still have my team, my respect, my ego. Look at you, you've destroyed it all, and honestly speaking, you probably didn't even try.."] I whisper.
  Chris Baxter / Seka / 38d 5h 27m 52s
When my eyes blink open in the morning, my first thought is that this is just a dream. More or less, I've had this exact fantasy of waking up next to Chris Baxter after a passionate night for about a year, and it's probably something that's sneaked into a dream or two before, so it seems plausible that this is a dream. Recalling last night however, I'm sure everything was very much real. There's no way I could feel all of that through a dream. Taking a moment the bask in the last little bit of bliss before reality hits and we have class and life, I look Chris over and can't help but grin to myself.
I poke and prod him awake, smiling like and idiot with each little twitch and groan he makes before finally opening his eyes. I know it's way too soon to be jumping to anything, but I can't help but feel a little bit like this boy is mine right now.
I'm the first one to roll out of bed, and can't help but catch myself in the mirror. I sure do look like a girl who just had a lot of sex. My hair's tousled all over the place and I look pretty flush from sleeping right next to someone all night. My lips look a little swollen from kissing too. The finger I bring up and run over them confirms my suspicions. Even though I look a bit of a mess, I kind of like it. It's an 'I just fucked Chris Baxter' kind of look.

Still, I don't really need my business to be so obvious to the world. As I'm putting back on my clothes from last night I realize that's easier said than done, but I at least put some effort into collecting my hair and splashing off my face with water. For a guy, Chris does take an awful long time to get ready. It's probably for the best that we don't leave here together though, so I show myself out. In all truth, I'm kind of scared about continuing to be with Chris, or having to talk about whatever this thing is between us. I'm definitely the more invested one, and I definitely don't want to throw that into the air. Or give him the opportunity to tell me directly that this can never happen again. So yeah, I pretty much run out of there.
Chris catches up though, and I wasn't really expecting that. I welcome it though, but my lip back and all but melting into him again when he hugs me before we get into his car. I guess we're going to let other people know about this thing then. They'll definitely take notice of us pulling up to campus together. And indeed they do once we get out. Everyone is looking at us, and even though I'm on the shy side it's not an exaggeration when I say the spotlight is on us. The stares are accompanied by whispers, and it's honestly starting to freak me out. I'm not accustomed to this whole attention thing, but that seems to come with Chris. I'm almost grateful when Chris' coach comes out of nowhere and stops this guy from insulting me literally directly in front of my face like he probably was going to do. I seize the distraction provided by Chris' coach pulling him away to power walk myself into the bathroom. I just need a moment to collect myself. And to pee. But mostly to pull myself together before I actually do panic about all this unwanted attention.

From the stall I'm currently doing a weird sort of two-step pacing around in, I hear a couple of other girls enter, but mostly ignore them until I realize they're talking about me.
"I really just can't believe that he would actually get with that Dylan girl. She's just sooo... not his type."
"Didn't you hear, the whole thing was a bet about how quick he could get her to sleep with him. He even got photographic proof of it, apparently she's one of those nerdy girls who's a real slut deep down."
"No way! I kinda feel bad for her though, she totally doesn't know at all."
"It's not like her friends are cool enough to tell her."
Part of me wants to bust out of this stall and tell these girls off, but another part of me wants to literally cease to exist and flush myself down the toilet. I end up doing neither of these things and wait to hear them leave before I exit the bathroom, keeping my head down until I spot Chris walking towards me. I need him to tell me that none of this is true, and it's just stupid bathroom rumors being spread around by girls who don't know shit about what they're talking about. I need that assurance that he hasn't just been using me this entire time. But he ignores me, and just keeps on walking like I don't even exist. I guess I never really existed to him anyways.

Mitch comes to my rescue, swooping in practically out of nowhere and placing an arm around me, walking alongside me. "Oh honey," he starts off, somewhat cautiously.
"I know," I mumble. "Are there really pictures?"
He doesn't answer for what feels like a century. "Someone posted them online. You can't really see anything though."
"Show me?" I don't really want to see them at all, but I need to know what's real. Maybe they'll stop my head from spinning like this. Mitch pulls out his phone and brings them onto his screen, handing it over to me so I can scroll through. There's three in total, taken when we were in the car outside the restaurant. It's visibly me and Chris, and I'm visibly in a bra.
"You should report this, it's totally a violation of your rights and privacy," Mitch suggests, and I nod along. When I get to the angry stage, I probably will. Right now I'm just sad though. Sad enough to skip my classes for the first time in forever. Mitch is nice enough to walk me home and shelter me from the onslaught of stares, whispers, giggles, and the occasional catcall. Then I turn off my phone, and head into the shower, where I stand under the running water for about an hour. I especially do not want to smell like Chris Baxter right now. How could I have been such an idiot? This whole time I've known it was too good to be true. I just didn't think he was capable of this. Once an asshole, always an asshole I guess.
  Dylan Evans / Estellaa / 48d 13h 53m 29s
I find having her in my arms is very comfortable, and not wierd as I thought it would be. Dylan Evans reminds me of those girls in movies where they're ugly ducklings behind their dark-rimmed glasses and unkept hair, but somehow someone makes them over, and suddenly they're hot as hell. Dylan, I realize, is one of them, and she's actually really fucking sexy. Without all of that shit on her, she's so... stunning. And not just because she's smart, and not just because she accepts me for who I am, but because she is plainly, unmistakably mesmirizing. If the guys knew she was this hot, they'd hit on her, too.
My grip tightens around her, and I bury my face in her hair, trailing kisses down her neck. I gently blow cool air across the flesh, watching the goose bumps rise. [i "What happened? What's going on?"] I tease, and then make annoying kissing noises. After making her flip around and writhe all over the bed from tickling her, the night ends after another round of ecstasy. Man, I could get lost in Dylan forever, she's so amazing... and she doesn't even know it. I fall asleep thinking about how Dylan Evans is the first girl that I've ever slept in the bed with after sex, and yet it feels perfectly normal.

The next morning goes by unexpectedly well. Dylan manages to wake me up somehow, and we go seperate ways to get ready. I happen to catch her in the hall, and drag her to my truck. "Wait up, speed racer. You don't wan'a be seen with me so badly you'll sneak away? I'm hurt," I dramatically hold my chest and pause, before half-tripping myself forward and bumping into her shoulder. I guide her towards my truck, and kiss her forehead before she hops into it. As I turn the ignition I take a moment to assess the morning. I just walked out of my apartment with Dylan next to me, where I hugged her, kissed her forehead, and she preceded to get in my vehicle. So... [i Where the hell did Sam go?]

When we arrive at school, everyone stares at us. Reminds me of Twilight, when everyone saw Twitchy with the Sparkling Vampy. Dreadful movies I tell you, but yes, I've seen them. [i A story for another day. ] I can feel Dylan tense beside me, and it feels like she's distancing herself from me as we walk. I, of course, am not for this. "Oh no you don't, Evans," I tell her, grabbing her hand and pulling her toward me. I can hear the whispers as we walk, but no one dares say a thing. That is until Joe walks up to us, taking far too long eyeing Dylan up. I hit his shoulder jokingly, gaining his attention. "So, obviously it's true, huh?" He cocks a brow, and it almost sounds like he's mocking me. I cock my head, and Dylan and I exchanged confusing looks.
"What do you mean?" I ask the Ken Doll look-a-like, but before he can finish I hear my name. When I turn, I'm surprised to see Coach standing there. I instinctively let go of Dylan, and take a step toward him.
"Chris, we need to talk. My office, now," he demands, and I follow him. [i What the hell did I do now?]

"Cheat? On Chemistry? Coach, I know I'm a dumb ass sometimes, but I'm not actually as stupid as you all think. I know it's hard to believe, but it's true! You're right, I have been hanging out with Dylan Evans a lot lately, but that's because we're... we're... well, together I think?" I defend myself, and my coach's expression softens.
"I understand your frustration, Chris, but this is a serious matter. You're in college, for christ sake. The dean is taking these accusations serious, and he's up my ass about it. I really hate to do this to you, but unfortunately you know the rules. We have to suspend you temporarily until this is investigated further," he explains, but nothing will make me feel better at this point. So I start seeing a nerd, and suddenly I'm copying her shit. Maybe I like her, is that so hard to believe?
"No, that means I'm missing out on the Lichfield game, Coach, that's a huge damn game! You know how much it means to the team," I plead, but he shakes his head. "Who did it, just tell me who did it? Who said it?" Again, he shakes his head and I ball my fist and storm out the room. "This is bullshit and you fucking know it!" I throw over my shoulder as I go. I wonder who did it? I don't think Dylan would do that to me, but maybe this is all in her revenge plan, who knows? Or it could be some jealous sophemore, or that douche from that party last night.

This is so fucking bullshit! I'm in such a rage, that when I pass by Dylan I can't help but to ignore. I ball my fists as I walk by, just another reminder of what I've lost. I came here for football, the only thing I've ever truly fucking loved. I don't know who to trust or who to believe, but I'm more than a little mad. Further down the hall after passing her, my fist rams into the stone wall beside me before I descend the stairs towards class. [i I am so fucking done with this day. ]
  Chris Baxter / Seka / 49d 4h 45m 41s
Chris doesn't need to finish that thought. I know exactly what he means, because a similar thing has been running through my mind. He's so... surprising? Different? Special? None of those words seem right at all. I don't think there's a single word that could do my feelings about Chris any kind of justice right now. I'm too confused about them to have that kind of clarity. "I know. You too," I whisper softly, mostly to fill the air and get rid of any hanging awkwardness. In this moment, awkwardness is far from welcome. Somewhere in all of that, it was all but banished.
What's also left unspoken is that this is the first time I've felt any of this, and I plan on keeping that unspoken. Chris must know that much, but I don't sense that he's judging me for a lack of experience. I doubt it's something he'd like to chat about either, so we'll leave it out. All the horror stories I've heard got it completely wrong. Maybe I just lucked out with someone who knows what they're doing, but I imagine this is what it's supposed to feel like. I can't fathom things being any different with Chris. I also can't imagine what this means for the future between myself and Chris. Obviously I don't plan on trying to jump into any kind of serious relationship with him, but I'd like to feel all of this again, and I'd like to get to know that side of both him and myself too. I'd be perfectly content to lie in silence with him like this anytime, watching his chest rise and fall as his breath comes back and feeling his pulse slow back down along with mine. There's something comfortable about being skin to skin with him.

Acting just like the girl I was a couple of days ago feels wrong. That stiffness and shyness doesn't feel like me anymore. Maybe it's dramatic to assume that I'm a whole new person, and that this one experience has forever changed me. Maybe it's more like Chris pulled out a person who was caged up in there this whole time. Either way, kissing Chris genuinely seems like something this person would do. So that's just what I do, and I enjoy being able to savor it. Not having people around and not having to put on a show makes this all the more real. Like we actually have been together this whole time, and this is something we do regularly. Stealing long and slow kisses from him seems like something this new girl would do and not think twice about.
"So is it my turn to spend the night? What a twist," I tease when our lips part, propping myself up over him just enough to make eye contact. Boy, does he make me want to swoon. I don't think that much will ever change. My bedroom became Chris' space a long time ago, it's only fair that I get to make his bedroom my space in return. I don't think I could bring myself to peel completely off and away from him right now. It's not even an option, as far as I'm concerned.
God, I do like this boy. A lot. Way too much probably. But the way he looks at me makes me melt and I just can't help it.
  Dylan Evans / Estellaa / 63d 10h 20m 32s

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