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Times change..and so do people. Old friends separate but also find their way back together when the time is right. Tis the game of fate in life

_ and _ always thought that they would be close. Always thought that they would have the same likes and dislikes. Never did they think that things could or would ever change. But they were wrong.

It was when they entered high school did things slowly start to change. Slowly the two began to drift far apart. Joining different clubs and groups. They stopped hanging out and soon it seemed as if they forgot all about the other, but before graduation, the two had made a promise. That whenever the other needed them, they would be there.

_ becomes down on their luck and could really use their old friend. And then they promise is remembered. So they decide to try and get back in touch with _ who has become successful and seems to have forgotten about their old friend and the promise made.

When _ gets in touch with _ will they help, or leave them hanging. And can an old friendship rekindle and possibly become more?

Never know unless you join: An Old Friend and a Promise

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Could anyone really help her? Had it been smart to even be reaching out like she was doing? Hell, Pepper didn't know anymore. Almost wslas she regretting coming to Erik. It wasn't because she hadn't missed him or anything, but because of the fact that he had always been a bit of a gentle soul and one who always wished that he could help, especially when it came to friends and those he happened to care for. And it was that thought that seemed to most have her heart constrict in her chest. What had she done in bringing her best friend and the one person who meant the most to her into all of this?

[#f1be0e "The thing is..I don't know if you can help me here...and I almost think asking for it was a bad idea. It has to do with something with my father and the hospital bills...I mean you remember growing up how he was sick.. well after we went our own ways that had gotten worse. Mom had had to borrow money and I mean a lot of it....and well..."] It was all she could say because she was sketchy as to who was around if at all to watch them. God did she wih this was easier to talk about and ahe didn't have to worry about getting her former best friend hurt or even worse killed because she couldn't be a good little girl and keep things to herself.

Quickly she shook her head and gave a weak smile. [#f1be0e "You know.. I've really missed you and us being like this too. Really takes us back a few years where everything was so much easier..and we had been so muh happier. Erik, do you ever stop and think...I mean like wish that we could relive those days?"] She asked as she leaned against him.
  Pepper Brianne Scott / SheDevil / 2y 35d 21h 25m 12s
Erik nodded and then slowly stood, taking the female's hand. To be honest, he knew that ealking would be safer. [#1615bc "I just hope that I'll be able to help you with whatever it is."] He said as he looked at Pepper.

The male hated if he wouldn't be able to help and also didn't like that his friend seemed to be keeping something big from him. Well, at least he would be getting some sort of an explanation.

He looked around and then began to walk with her. It was a good thing thag they weren't too far away. [#1615bc "You know, I did miss doi g things like this, it's been a long time."] He said, his eyes never leaving her.

Deep down, Erik had a feeling that Pepper was in some sort of trouble, but he wanted to know exactly what it was so that he could possibly help her out. He didn't want things to be awkward, but he didn't really know what to say to her at this point. So, he just kept to the thoughts that seemed to be buzzing around in his head.
  Erik James Whitaker / CinnamonToastCrunch / 2y 134d 1h 29m 34s
Weak, she was being weak and she knew it too. Her actions were breaking the friend who had once meant so much to her. But what was she supposed to do? How was she supposed to be acting? It was true that Pepper had no idea as she was really scared and was lucky to have any form of control over herself at all.

[#f1be0e "It's a long story, really is. I can see from that look on your face that you believe I owe you a sort of explanation for all of this. And believe me when I say I do...and I promise that you will be getting one."] She said quickly and quietly.

For a moment after she spoke her words, there seemed an awkward silence between the two, but after that moment of silence Erik spoke. The man told her that he did indeed know of the place she spoke of and also that it still seemed to be around. Both parts to bis words had actually more than shocked Pepper if ahe were to be honest. Honestly, the woman had thought with all the time that had passed that he would have forgotten or that the city would want the place to be torn down and made to be another thing altogether.

[#f1be0e "How could I ever forget that old place? We had too many fun times...too many memories made there. I was only worried it would be gone...or worse you would have forgotten."]

Again she fell silent and played with her hands as she felt she was stupid for what she was doing. Hardly did she pay mind to Erik's words and had to focus to make them make sense. But slowly she shook her head. [#f1be0e "Walking would be the safer and better option. A would be too noticeable and easily tracked..besides after this we could use a walk, ya?"] She asked, trying to make the last words seem lighter.

And after she spoke, Pepper stood and offered a small smile. Slowly did she offer her old friend to take her hand so that they may get to being on their way.
  ☆Wicked☆ / SheDevil / 2y 241d 6h 18m 49s
Seeing how his best friend was acting broke the male's heart. He wanted to be there for her however he could, to assure her that things were going to be all right. Erik watched her and then slowly nodded his head as he listened to her words.

[#1615bc "Worse than all of the other times?"] He found himself tilting his head to the side as he asked her. Erick wasn't expecting her to answer him now, but he did feel that the woman did owe him some form of an explanation as to what was really going on.

[#1615bc "Yes, I know the place that you're talking about and it does seem like it would be the perfect place to talk about things. To be honest, I'm rather surprised that you still know where it is too after all this time."] He did not mean to be rude, it really did surprise the male.

After a little while, Erik looked at the time and then back to Pepper. [#1615bc "Would you like for me to drive you to the place when we are finished here?"] He asked, waiting to hear what the woman would say. He really hoped that whatever she needed his help with was not too serious. He hoped that he could actually do something for her.

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  Erik James Whitaker / CinnamonToastCrunch / 2y 265d 1h 48m 7s
Her old friend had not changed at all and it was in knowing that that what she had chosen to do killed her. She had known that he would remember the promise. Hell, the woman would have been an idiot to think he would forget as the two had once be so close and just being as close to one another as they were now it almost seemed all the time, all the years that had been melted away.

As he spoke hos words and got her to look at him, pain was still in her eyes. Oh how she wanted to believe that she could tell him anything, but even as Erik said that she had her doubts. Pepper feared what he would say and what he would think once she did explain, that was if she could even make herself. For the more she thought, the more she slowly convinced herself that all her actions of the day had been completely stupid.

[#f1be0e "I...I...I don't know. This's worse than all the other times I have asked for help over the years."] Pepper found herself near whining out as he moved his hand away from her chin and looked around. He then seemed to be thoughtful as he told her that where they were was not a good place for them to talk about why she had actually called him.

A sigh slipped her lips and she nodded slowly, letting the man know that he was very right in those words. IF she had been followed and IF they were heard both of them could end up in deep shit. It took her a few moments, but then her eyes met Erik's and held his gaze.

[#f1be0e "You're right... Here is not the time nor is it the place for us to be talking about this. It is too public and anyone could have the chance to hear. Um, do you remember our old place we used to hang out? If I remember the place still stands and is even more private than it used to be. Do you think that maybe, just maybe it would be the place to go when we're done here? Or can you think of another place that would be better?"] Her words were soft and almost desperate as she spoke them, never once having her gaze leave his.
  ☆Wicked☆ / SheDevil / 2y 265d 23h 28m 1s
As soon as he noticed the tears in her eyes, Erik reached across the table and gently put one hand over hers. He let his fingers slowly trace over the top of her hand.[#1615bc "Yeah, us as a team against the world. Nothing will ever change that."] He answered as he watched her lower her head.

To be honest, Erik hated seeing Pepper look so upset and he wondered just how much trouble the young woman had gotgen herself into. Not that it really mattered because he could more than likely help her out of it. He hoped that it wasn't too bad.

A soft sigh escaped his lips and he glanced around. He then leaned over the table and moved his other hand, placing it under her chin and lifting her head so that she would look at him. [#1615bc "You know that you can tell me anything right? From the looks of things, you are hiding something and I want to help."] Erik found himself saying, his voice soft.

He looked into her eyes once more before glancing around. [#1615bc "Perhaps this place isn't the best for us to be discussing anything.."] The male muttered before removing his hand from under her chin.
  Erik James Whitaker / CinnamonToastCrunch / 2y 272d 7h 45m 33s
She had been motioned to by Erik to order first and so did. And once she had, the woman's eyes went back to the table and she played with her hands in her lap. Mentally was she cursing herself for what she had done. Erik was one of the sweetest and most kind men she had known and she could not help but to feel guilt as she had brought him into this. Well she hadn't yet, but something deep down told her that she was going to if she continued this.

The silence grew and grew between the man and woman and it was one that was not at all comfortable. She was letting things run around in her brain, desperately searching for something to say, but then Erik's words were spoken. And it was as soon as she heard them did Pepper look up, her eyes locking with his.

[#f1be0e "Of course I remember the day we made that promise. It was senior prom night...both our dates had left us to use the bathroom and you and I went out for fresh air and to look at the stars... We had said that we would forever and always remain friends....that is anything should the future and even if we had lost contact we would always have the other's back... It would always be the two of us as a team against the world."] She whispered, pain lacing her words as tears that she would not allow to fall filled her eyes.

[#f1be0e "I know you meant those words then and still do now... I know that I do.. But this... this time I should not have reached out."] Her words were so soft as she spoke them and looked down. [#f1be0e "I am so, so sorry Erik.."] But she could not say more.
  Pepper Brianne Scott / SheDevil / 3y 1d 23h 51m 2s
The male nodded as he listened to her words, a smile forming over his lips. He then looked up when the waiter had returned, motioning for Pepper to order her food first. Erik couldn't believe that she still remembered the good old days just as vividly as he.

The smile had remained on his lips, the silence seeming to grow between them. [#1615bc "You remember when we were younger? How we made a promise to always be there for each other even when things became rough?"] Erik asked, tilting his head as he looked to her once more.

He really hoped that she remembered it as well because he wanted her to know that he had meant it and still did. [#1615bc "I meant every word I had said back then Peps. I will do anything I can to help if you need.."] His voice trailed off. He hoped that he had not said anything wrong to her.
  Erik James Whitaker / CinnamonToastCrunch / 3y 33d 5h 26m 16s
From his words and his demeanor, Pepper knew that she had Erik worried because she had been discrete and not given anything way. He had always had a big heart and was willing to help someone in need. Perhaps that was one of the things she had and if she were honest still did very much love about the man who sat at the table across from her. But the truth of the matter was that they were once so close and was almost as if they were perfect strangers to the other. She could not believe she had been so stupid and had thought to bring the man into any of this.

[#f1be0e "It is really good...and think I'll go with the same. Don't want to make the waiters and cooks work to hard."] She found herself saying, the undertone of her words being that she was teasing and trying to lighten the tension that seemed to settle among them.

A small, almost pained smile slipped to her lips as Erik's words were said. It was nice to know that like her, he had not forgotten nor stopped thinking about the other. But it was painful too. [#f1be0e "You know.. the same is true for me. There hasn't been a day that has passed that I have not thought of you and what we had once been. I had always hoped you were well and had achieved your dream of being a lawyer."] She whispered, jumping slightly when their waiter had come back, asking if they had decided what they wanted.

The woman ordered her salad and then fell into silence. She could NOT for the life of her think of what else to say. She only hoped she had not made the man feel awkward.
  Pepper Brianne Scott / SheDevil / 3y 54d 10h 8m 34s
Listening to her words and watching as she stirred at her drink, Erik chuckled, [#1615bc "I wouldn't say that they have been kinder to me, but thank you. Yeah, I suppose it is amazing how things seemed to work out, a lot of work went into it. And not boring huh?"]He said with a smile before looking at the menu once more. When he heard her words as to what she had been up to over the years, a slight worry overtook him, but he didn't want her to notice, so he kept his eyes glued to the menu.The male heard her suggestions, nodding his head. [#1615bc "I think I'll have the cobb salad then."] Erik looked at her with a smile.

He could feel a slight awkwardness between the two of them and he didn't like it. They had once been so close and truth of the matter was, he cared very much for her. Erik would even go as far as to say that he loved her, but wasn't sure how she felt for him. [#1615bc "You do know that I have wondered what had happened to you after we had lost contact. It is so great to see you."] The male said with a smile over his lips. He wanted to say more, but wasn't sure what to say.

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  Erik James Whitaker / CinnamonToastCrunch / 3y 68d 12h 39m 57s
His embrace even the slightest as it had been was nice. It was a touch she had sorely missed and it had always been something that eased her worries and her fears. Erik was the only one who could relax her or calm her without much effort. And it was just that quick train of thought that made her remember the times he had sat up with her crying over some jerk who had broke her heart and just held her, the two of them watching "girly" movies. He truly had been the most amazing person she had known and she hoped that now as a man he was still that person.

[#f1be0e "Hardly. Trust me when I say they have been far more friendly to you."] The woman said with a soft laugh to her words as she slowly shook her thoughts away. She then looked to her menu, ordering a coke with easy ice before brown eyes continued over the menu. Of course she already knew what she wanted, but she was trying to buy some time and trying not to stare at her childhood best friend.

[#f1be0e "It is amazing that you got to fall into what you had wanted and went to school for it. It is even more amazing that you finished and got the work... as for me, well now isn't the time I really want to talk about it. Things have definitely not been dull, I can promise you that."] Pepper said as their drinks were set down and she began to absently stir her coke, eyes roaming over Erik again.

What the hell had she been thinking? It had been an old promise and a desperate whim that had made her reach out like she had.. would he be willing to help? Would she be able to ever forgive herself if something happened to him because of her?

[#f1be0e "Umm..did you know what you were going to get? Their cobb salad and soups are usually are the ribs."] It was a horrid attempt to break the silence, but she was starting to feel awkward. And if she was, Pepper could only imagine how Erik felt.
  Pepper Brianne Scott / SheDevil / 3y 68d 11h 43m 36s
The male wrapped his arms around the female's form and gave a light squeeze before taking a seat across from her, a smile forming over his lips, [#363cc9 "It's wonderful to see you and it looks like the years have been kind to you too."] Erik said with a laugh as memories of their childhood flashed through his mind.

Erik picked up the menu in front of him, eyes scanning over it, trying to decide what he would be wanting before he spoke once more, [#363cc9 "I went to school to work as a lawyer, which isn't as great as I had thought. Been very busy.. So, what have you been up to all this time? I hope that everything is well."] He asked, head cocking to the side before he ordered a water to drink for the time being. A curious look came into the male's eyes as he watched her.

Erik could tell from how she was acting that there was something bothering his old friend, but he didn't want to ask her about in case he was wrong. Besides, if he knew Pepper she would tell him if she really wanted him to know.
  Erik James Whitaker / CinnamonToastCrunch / 3y 113d 8h 36m 35s
She had gotten a spot in the café and was sipping on a water. Her mind was running wild and all her thoughts were in blurs. Pepper was still cursing herself for having called Erik and for even setting up this meeting. The man didn't need to be involved in her affairs..didn't need to know what all had happened...but there was a part of her that had missed him so desperately and though not wanting to ask his help somehow found him to be the only one that she could turn to.

[#f1be0e [i 'Oh what had I been thinking in asking this of him? Am I really going to get him into my mess?']] The woman found herself bitterly thinking as she twirled the straw in her glass of water.

Brown eyes went to the window and she stared out at the rest of the sunset, a sigh escaping her lips and her eyes meeting those of a man's in the reflection. A smile came to her lips as she got up from her seat and instantly she hugged him.

[#f1be0e "Oh my god, Riker! Look at you! It really has been so long and looks like time has been kind to you."] Pepper found herself sating before she could stop the words from slipping past her lips and once more taking a seat and motioning he do the same.

[#f1be0e "So...tell me what all you have been up to."] And as she spoke, menus were brought to them.
  Pepper Brianne Scott / SheDevil / 3y 118d 9h 45m 27s
Just the sound of her voice had the male's heart pounding in his chest as if it was a drum. He couldn't remember the last time that this had happened to him, maybe ten years? Erik shook his head, trying to remember why he hadn't tried to get into contact with his old friend. Then, the answer hit him. It had been his mother's condescending ways and the fact that she did not like his choice in friends. He felt that if he didn't get into law, or some other successful job, that she would never be proud of him. Erik had also been very bus with his job that whenever he thought about contacting Pepper, something had always seemed to come up to where he could not.

[#1b1db6 "Difficult? How? All right, but you better tell me when we meet at the café.. Yeah, I guess I've been enjoying myself doing law... it's not as fun as I thought that it would be, let's leave it at that."] Erik said with a sort of dry laugh at the end of his sentence. He did not mean to be rude or anything to his friend and he hoped that she should understand that. [#1b1db6 "It's been a long time since I have heard that nickname, and to be honest, I really missed hearing it. I'll be off work shortly and I'll meet you over at the café."]

A few hours later, Erik put on his coat and walked out of the office and to his car, stretching as he walked. He dug in his pocket for his keys and then started the ignition. He hoped that things wouldn't be awkward between the two, but he didn't know what would be the outcome since he hadn't seen her in ten years. A sigh had escaped his lips and he made his way to the café.

Once parking, he got out and then looked around to see if she was there. Erik then saw a woman who looked like how his friend used to and he hoped that it was her. He walked over to where she was and smiled. [#1b1db6 "It's been a long time, Peps."] He said to the woman as he stood behind her.
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  Erik James Whitaker / CinnamonToastCrunch / 3y 137d 3h 59m 35s
How was he going to respond? It was silly for her to think of him and to call him after all this time. And she knew that just as well as any sane person would. But she needed to know that their promise still stood. Needed to know how he had been. And it was with those thoughts was her heart pounding in her chest as she waited for him to speak.

When she heard his words, the breath she had been holding slipped from her lips and a small smile traced her lips. [#f1be0e [i 'Still the same person that I knew years ago...and shows he hasn't lost track of time either...Hell, why did I never try to get in touch with him before now?.....his mother....']] And she quickly shook her head.

[#f1be0e "Yes, it really has been far too long. Haven't spoken in ages...ten or so years now, right? Catching up would be so nice Riker...I would love if we could."] Pepper said, biting on her lip as she happened to call him his old nickname, almost kicking herself for having done so...but he had used hers, so he couldn't find it that bad, could he?

Silence fell between the two and she ran her hand up and down her side nervously. She could still hear him on the line and wondered what was going through his head. But before the young woman could ask anything, Erik spoke and asked how she had been. What was she to say to that?

[#f1be0e "Things...they have been difficult to say the least.. But I don't want to talk about them. How have you been? Last I knew you had gotten into you like it?"] She asked, pushing the topic to him as she began to make her way towards the cafè to save them a spot. Oh god she hoped this wouldn't be awkward...but what could she expect after so long?
  Pepper Brianne Scott / SheDevil / 3y 148d 22m 35s

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