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Wanted to create a fresh and new, original roleplay and so with the collaborative efforts of myself and Sloganist I believe we came up with a rather interesting and inticing idea. I apologize in advance if it looks cluttered or messy and if the rules are a bit... Well many, but I haven't been back on ES for very long so again. My apologies and thank you, I hope to anyone reading that you find this idea interesting and request to roleplay here.

Real pictures please .
Character Picture must coincide with the character like they are from whatever era/timeframe, as well as culture.
When reading the rules please take into consideration that all standard ES rules apply here as well.
This is to be a semi lit to lit roleplay.
Yes it will be mature.
No Godmodding.
Violence is acceptable as are things that depict graphic nature as long as it doesn't lead to cybering. If romance does occur and is taken that far please move it off site or timeskip. Thank you.
As the last rule states, romance is allowed but none of that instant love bullshit.
This roleplay will have both a beginning and an end.
There are only 12 character slots for this rp .
Each person can play up to two characters.
Character skeletons must be posted within the character profile
Only one character per era/timezone -Not including the daughter or the butler-

Your first post in the rp if accepted must contain
A. Must be an intro post explaining how or why the house appeared to your character and if turned why in accordance with their wish. Also unlike the price, the wish will be granted the moment they step foot into the house meaning you will be human until then if you choose another race.
Thank you and have fun.

Remember everyone in this rp is lost, even the daughter and the butler. Also note that once what was lost is found the individual has the ability to stay or leave. If your character is caught and dragged to the basement by the vengeful spirits that inhabit the house that characters story is over and an ending post must be made on what happens to them in their end post .
Must read the entire thread description before submitting your character skeleton for various reasons.

Initial Settings and Backstory:
There's an old urban legend of a house that appears only to those who are lost. As the legend goes, the house is rather plain in looks and very inviting though there's always a sense of mystery surrounding the house... Though as the story has it, no one who enters are ever able to leave.

A long time ago in an age long lost to civilization there lived a man with a house that he'd built with his bare hands, pouring his heart and soul into this beloved property... As things would have it though he hadn't the authority to build such property so the house was taken from him and sold to a rich family where he ended up serving as their butler so as to be ale to stay in the house that was so wrongly taken from him. As time went on the man reached the pinnacle of age in his life before realizing something was off, for whatever reason he stopped aging and with every generation he was given a new appearance so as to not raise suspicion among the family.

Generations soon passed and during the late Victorian era there came a family with a young girl, the parents were cruel and looked down on society. They treated their daughter horribly though they did do some justice in schooling her, though they didn't trust her so they insisted she was home schooled. The butler saw what they were turning their girl into and so took it upon himself to "save her", planning on running away and taking her with him. Raising her as his own which he'd started doing behind her parents back anyways... However close to his first attempt he realized that not only would they not allow her to leave but they stopped even letting the butler out of their sites which led the butler to a rash decision. Lock the parents away in the basement and burn the house...

So as it went, the house had so much love poured into it that it was brought to life and out of a fit of rage and love the house locked the doors as the fire started and refused to let either the little girl or the butler escape. Intending to save them, the house shielded the butler from the flames, however it couldn't save the girl; The girl was instead turned into a ghost.. A very lost and lonely ghost even though she still had the butler and over time in order to ease the girl's pain, for the house did love her also for the girl was the only one other than the butler to show love to it... So it used the power it was given to break the mold of time and space, appearing to those who were lost and inviting them in with the promise of a wish... However, every wish comes with a price and once accepted the house would not allow them to leave unless they found what was lost to them. .

The door could still be opened and a yard would always be visible but looking past it was nothing but clouds and sky, if they were to turn around they'd only see a door that lead back into the house, the very building itself missing as it was always in search of new souls in order to fuel it's power and to keep the daughter: Now grown; Lady Yori's parents locked in the basement where they died... Though what lies in wait for those who enter, no one knows. Will the vengeful parents have their way, will they be trapped forever or will they escape? Perhaps someone will figure out the mystery of the house and save the lady forever trapped inside... Anything can happen here in this world of endless mysterious and possibilities. .

Friendly reminder when making character skeleton, everything comes with a price in this roleplay. Also everyone in the rp starts out human though depending on the wish they can be "turned" via vampirism, being turned into a werewolve, a zombie, etc... However, the wish must coincide with the reason they are lost. . The price has to be equal to what the wish is worth to them.... So say they'd give their life for something it would have to be equal to that, like for say their soul or a loved one depending on how much it means to the character.

For sake of ending posts and to avoid confusion later on, when/if the individual is able to and chooses to leave they come back to the exact moment in time and place where the house appeared to them as if not a second has passed.

Also be informed that upon taking one of the slots, your username and character profile will be linked

Also due to some confusion with a few skeletons, the rp will start as the 10 lost souls arrive

Just because the daughter and butler is taken doesn't mean anything in this rp for you are the star of the show. This is about the ten lost souls and how they deal/survive


Daughter - Taken by me - Can't Accept her unfair death, angry that her life was cut short, unable to live a complete life and get married.
Butler - Taken by Sloganist - Doesn't know he's dead and he never was able to have the family he built the house for.
Lost 1 - Taken by SayuriKyuubi
Lost 2 - Taken by lexiice
Lost 3 - Taken by catthhay
Lost 4 Taken by Okami
Lost 5 -10 open

Please give the name of a phobia or fear that is either your worst or that you most enjoy as the title for your character request

Character Outline:
Reason Lost:
Short Bio:


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Roleplay Responses

Yukio listened to the butler as he laid down the rules and rubbed his eyes with one of his hands before pulling his glasses back up onto his face with a single finger. At the mention of Yori's name he stared in the direction of her as the butler continued to talk and shortly after he was done she spoke to them again and flashed him a quick soft smile. As she did Yukio quickly looked down at his cup of tea and and sighed softly. [i I just can't get it out of my head how much she looks like you Nikumi.]

he stood from is chair and took a look at the number on it. "13. Well at least it is my favorite number so I guess that's a plus." He slowly walked up the stairs and started looking at the rooms doors as he walked by them till he came upon his and entered the room. The moment he closed the door behind him and raised his eyes from the floor he noticed that the room was a spitting image of his childhood bedroom from the house he grew up in. The futon was on the floor already made up. The shoji lamp sat next to it. A desk was in the opposite corner with and smaller shoji on it. The floor were tatami and the walls were covered in the same Japanese ceder his dad used to make the house. There were also three sets of shoji doors within the room. One leading to the storage for his futon another to his closet full with clothes and shoes like the stuff he wears and the other lead to the Japanese style bathroom. He looked around the room in awe for a bit before he yawned slightly and stretched his arms over his head. He then pulled at a set of robes from the closet and walked into the bath to wash his face and change. He laid his used clothes on the floor near the door and crawled into the futon and started to doze off.
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Lady Yori stood by the doorway, smiling as the butler laid out the rules, giving a light giggle at the whole monsters bit before turning back towards the doorway. "Well I guess that surprise is kind of ruined" she raised a brow at the butler, "I'm just Yori to you remember, there's no need for the Lady bit. After all you've been with this house for as long as I can remember" she then turned to the others. "Well it's been a pleasure meeting you all and may you find good fortune during your stay here." she then turned to the avian boy and gave him a soft inviting smile, having barely heard the words he'd muttered knowing what it was like to lose someone.

"Well I suppose that's it really..." she took a few steps then and rounded the hallway before seemingly vanishing when there was no one in sight, appearing in her room, a yawn escaping her lips. "Well they sure are an interesting bunch... It will be a pleasure getting to know each and every one of them a bit more, perhaps during breakfast..." speaking of which she licked her lips, not having to be all refined and proper whilst in the comfort of her own room, a million thoughts as to what the butler could be preparing for them. It was always different and no matter, whatever the man seemed to cook up had always surprised her but what surprised her even more than that was that somehow every time the man stumbled or fell the food would always somehow land on the table without a single spill or misplacement.
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Iliania glanced up at the words that the older woman said next to her- Creel was her name, if she remembered correctly. Then, the butler gained her attention again. He was the man that had picked her up, wasn't he? She couldn't remember ever seeing clothes like his before. He had seemed to safe and comforting before, when he picked her up and called her princess. Now, explaining the rules, she couldn't help but feel lonely again. Just like all those days she spent wandering.

Iliania looked down at her tattered brown dress, sighing. A bath would do her some good, she was still covered in dust and definitely not looking the part of princess yet. The little girl stood up, and turned, looking at the number on her chair. "..." Iliania couldn't read, but she stared at the number for a few seconds until she was sure she would remember what it looked like. Finding her room was like a matching game then, right? She just had to match the number on the door to the number on her chair. She didn't need to know which number it was to do that!

Once the number was ingrained in her memory, she looked around and started to slowly wander down a hallway. There was only one number on her chair, so she decided her door was on the first floor like Butler said. Soon she saw her door, and smiled widely, clapping her hands. She opened the door, walking in and gasping. The room was magnificent! She closed her door and ran around her room, absolutely thrilled. She had never had a room so large, or so bright, or with near so many decorations before! And her bed! Oh, her bed was splendid as well. So large, and soft, and the white, sky blue, and lavender colors of the canopy and the sheets were more color in a room by themselves than Iliania had ever even dreamed of.

She opened up a door inside her room, revealing a closet that held more clothes than she had ever dreamed of. Eyes wide, she stared at them, afraid to touch them with her dusty hands because she didn't want her dirt to ruin their beauty. Then, lastly, she turned to the other door in her room. She wanted a bath, sure, but she also had no idea that there could be a bath actually connected to her bedroom. When she opened the door and saw the bathroom, she was once again pleasantly shocked, and experimented with the handles until she grew accustomed to how the running water worked. Finally, she rinsed off her hands, ran to grab a dress from her closet, and then locked herself in her bathroom to enjoy her very first hot bath.
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As the guests spoke he made sure to stay in the background the best he could due to him merely serving them and from what he could tell so far, the butlers job had not become more complicated through the years. As he pulled his pocket watch out of his vest he opened it up and looked it over then looked to Yori before he closed it again and tucked it back into his vest. As she gathered his hint he walked around the area and stood behind her chair as she began walking out and they all introduced themselves. "Well I suppose you all may address me as Butler or The Butler, I shall be explaining the house rules once so if you would be so kind as to listen closely. One is to never break curfew, should you break curfew for any reason then the monsters that walk through the house every night will get you and punish you..." As he spoke of the consiquinces of breaking the first rule he kept a straight face that matched his tone then suddenly started to smile. "Oh come now, everyone knows monsters don't exsist." He said then placed his hands behind his back before continuing. "Second rule is that the basement is off limits and that is final, Lady Yori's room and the young miss's room is off limits as well as my own, unless invited. I will bring you your breakfasts when curfew is up, and before you ask ALL broken rules if caught will bring a punishment down uppon you that even I wouldn't wish uppon others. Let me think... Am I forgetting anything? Oh yes You all are expected to treat each other with the proper respect to a degree so words may be exchanged but should a fight break out I will intervine and even Lady Yori will have no say in the matter." He said then looked to the top of the stairs at the small girl as his features became more stern then softened back as he looked to the guests again. "Oh and one last thing, the pantry is fully stocked at all times so please feel free to help yourselves, If you notice the top of your chairs there is a number, that will be your corrisponding room number the two digit numbers are up stairs and the singles are on the main floor so finding your rooms should be fairly simple, they are already ready for you. Now you have five minutes to make it to your rooms before curfew, any questions you have simply ring the bell in your room and I will be with you shortly to answer them. I do hope you enjoy your stay, it would be quite upsetting if you attempt to leave." He finished with a soft bow to them then turned and walked out of the room and into the kitchen while he let them be.
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Everyone had finally introduced themselves, but it really hadn't made anything any clearer. Everyone was in strange clothing and Creel felt oddly out of place. As she looked to the young woman dressed in black, her eyes widened in awe. She had never seen a lady wear such dark and revealing clothing, and her bright red hair was stunning. She wanted to say something, to tell her how amazing it was. However, that would be rude, regardless of the fact that she had only just met these people.
Creel thought about leaving simply to get away from the awkward situation, but she didn't. When she had walked in the door a feeling of safety washed over her, and she had been welcomed in. It was nice to feel welcome. And to be honest, she hadn't felt safe in a long time, maybe she would spend just a few days here then be on her way.
Everyone seemed a bit confused, just sitting there awkwardly, probably all wondering the same thing she was. What were they supposed to do? Perhaps she should go look around this mysterious house, but then again maybe she should try to engage in a conversation to find out more about these strangers she would be living with. Creel decided on the latter.
"This place is very lovely," She turned to red-headed woman, "And, Ryan was it, might I add that yer look is right stunnin'." Creel slipped a bit into her Whitechapel street talk, covering it by pretending she didn't notice.
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A squeak left her parched throat as suddenly Iliania was not on the ground anymore, but in somebody's warm arms. Her eyes were wide as she stared at him, letting him out her down in the chair as she thought, [i Princess? Did he really just call me princess?"] the thought made her happy for a moment, but she soon realized something.

She wasn't hungry anymore.

She blinked, looking down at herself. She couldn't comprehend yet what it meant that she didn't feel anything she had felt right outside the door, but she just assumed it was all fine and dandy. After all, she was not hungry, or tired, and her throat and head didn't hurt anymore.

The woman and other child- who seemed to be somewhere around her age- caught her attention again. She listened to the woman until the child next to her called them all ugly, causing Iliania to tilt her head in confusion. Why would anybody insult a guest they barely know? Iliania couldn't even begin to fathom it, so she ignored it. It didn't seem important anyway.

Focusing on the woman's words again, Iliania blushed as she realized she had failed to introduce herself, too! How embarrassing to forget her manners like that! Her large eyes moved to the other people in the room, seeming extremely interested in their dress and manner of speaking. All of it was very foreign to her. Soon enough, however, it was time for her to speak up, and she sat up straight, bowing her head respectively. Luckily for her, her landlord had made sure to teach all of his serfs- his servant farmers, which were all the peasants living in his village- the proper way to speak. He wanted to make sure that even the dirtiest peasant girl could speak correctly- even if nobody in the village could read or even oftentimes afford his land tax.

"I am Iliania Tré," she said, making sure her voice wasn't soft. She had to make sure everybody could hear her. "I am thirteen years old. It is a pleasure to meet you all."
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Ryan walked in nearly bumping into a butler on the way in. [i Oh crap I didn't realize this place had people. I'm breaking and entering i better get the hell out of here] she thought but something stopped her. The butler wasn't angry at her for entering, in fact, he was welcoming her. That was odd. Ryan needed to take her mind off what was happening and it seemed like her prayers were answered. Why leave now when things were just getting interesting. "Okay...what ever you say" the young woman said with a shrug before looking around at the fancy place around her and grinned slightly before taking a seat where the butler instructed. Ryan didnt bother to sit very lady like, she had given most of that proper crap up when she left home and didn't plan on returning back to it. Leaning back in her chair she put both elbows on the table and traced her finger around the empty water wine glass as it made a disruptive but pretty little chime.

Already Ryan was feeling her self get board until the other guests appeared. "What the hell?" Ryan said in surprise. Looking around she saw people dressed all in very bazaar clothes, like one young woman wearing something out of the Victorian era, a little girl that seem to have crawled out of the Middle Ages and a guy that was from, well she wasnt sure what time period or where the heck that was from. Maybe that was because it was still the 1980s going on back home. [i What is this some kind of fun house or something? I feel like I'm in Back to The Future with all these weirdos] she thought. Though despite how's strange this was it peeked her curiosity, it was different and interesting so she decided to remain quiet and as a grin appeared on her face. She bit her knuckle going along with the ride as the the woman in white showed up. [i She's pretty] her mind raddled off. [i That hair is pretty rock'n too] Ryan thought as her eyes scanned over the woman. Soon after some other little brat showed up and decided to call everyone ugly. The red head rolled her eyes and looked down at her black painted nails and started chipping away at them. "Sweet kid" Ryan said sarcastically out loud not much caring what anyone thought of her. Never did never will. Finally it was time for her to introduce her self and the red head looked away from her nails and just to take a breath. "Ryan Knight" she said short and sweet not much care put in it. She rested her head in her palm of her hand waiting for the other kid to go next.
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Yukio looked around the table as the guests began to appear before him and stopped when his eyes came across the white haired female. His eyes grew wide in shock and he whispered softly to himself. "Nikumi...No it can be." As he started to ready himself to speak to her she started to talking and than so did the butler cutting him off from being able to say a word. As soon as they were done the beautiful lady stood and began to make her way to the door and turned introducing herself as Yori. He sighed as he heard her name feeling a little sadden but as soon as it came it was gone. The young lady sitting next to him introduced herself as well and Yukio thought. [i Well I guess I may as well do the same.]

Yukio stood up from his chair and looked over everyone once more before he spoke. "I am Yukio Reizen. It is a pleasure to meet you all." He placed his hands together in front of his chest and bowed to them all sitting back down after doing so and sat quiet waiting for the others.
  Yukio Reizen / SayuriKyuubi / 4y 322d 6h 37m 43s
Creel held the delicate cup in her shaking hands and gratefully gulped down the hot fluid. It had been a long time since she'd had anything warm in her stomach, and an even longer time since she had tea. With the Frenchman it was always booze and liquor, and on occasion, tap water. The young women looked around with her curious eyes and stated,
"My name is Creel Javence, it is" She paused, seeing the variety in the people around her and wondering what was the common factor between them "It is lovely to meet you all." For the time being she decided to stick with her more lady-like English accent, not knowing how people might react to her Whitechapel English accent. Creel remained seated, expecting the introductions to continue, and she wanted to be sure that she knew all the "guest", as they had been called, names. She crossed her legs quietly under the table and observed the new world around her. Everything was made of beautiful handmade woodwork, and there was finery everywhere she looked. A pastel lace tablecloth adorned the table, topped by a china vase bursting with delicate looking daisies. The only thing disturbing Creel was the people, who were they, could they be here for the same reasons as her?
  Creel Javence / lexiice / 4y 322d 23h 25m 53s
The woman in white would appear on the left middle seat, the other seat in the middle occupied by a little girl, also in white. As the two sat they were the first to become visible to the other guests and then from them outwards to the end of the seats everyone slowly began to become visible. "Quite fine, I believe no one was injured but next time I insist please watch where you are going... There are children here." her voice was soft, almost angelic as she spoke, a warm smile lighting her lips as she nodded towards the butler. A man she'd known for her entire life, he was always tripping over his own feet, no matter how many times she had asked him to be careful. [i I fear he'll never change...] she thought before turning to the others. "Please excuse him, he really is rather quite clumsy..."

The little girl giggled at the older woman's words and chimed in, "He's rather ugly too... Actually" she turned and started pointing to the guests one by one repeating the same words. "Your ugly and your ugly" until the end, dashing around the butler and giggling more before disappearing into a hallway, her footsteps fading with the laughter.

"And I'm terribly sorry about the girl as well" she did her best to hide a smirk, she was quite a handful that girl and only seemed to show up at the oddest times though for the longest time Yori believed the girl to not even exist as the guests before had always claimed to see her but Yori herself had never had the "pleasure". Of course how could she know that she was inexplicably tied to the little hellion, "She's usually not so rude... Or playful. Be sure she will apologize, won't she?" Yori looked up at the butler then, almost frowning as she saw the reaction on his face. "But... That will have to come another time, it's getting late and the house rules must be laid out before curfew, if you would please" she motioned to the man as she was sure he'd fully gained his composure before turning to study the guests.

A rather curious bunch, a little girl with eyes that seemed to sparkle though held sadness at the same time. A man who looked like he'd lost everything including his very life. A woman on a mission who looked to be more of a loner than anything and very dark on top of that. An innocent looking woman covered in bruises. A very interesting group of guests but nonetheless she was glad to have them, the woman thought as she listened to the Butler as well as the guests standing after he'd finished about to leave before stopping at the doorway. She turned on her heels, her pale cheeks flushed with a dark tint of pink. "I'm so sorry, in all the excitement I forgot to introduce myself, my apologies..." she curtsied then. "The names Yori... It's nice to meet all of you wonderful people, and yours?" she asked as she watched the others curiously.
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Strolling through the house the butler straightened up the dinning room prepairing for the guests. As he lit the final candle and lantern he walked to the living room dusting off the furniture and shifting it to be just right. Finally ready he softly smoothed out his tailcoat before walking to the front door as he looked to the stairs. "I do hope you haven't forgotten your manners young miss..." He said calmly then took a deep breath and wrapped his fingers around the handle of the door before opening it up. Suddenly smiling at the man at the door he slightly bowed as he extended his arm towards the living room. "Welcome Sir, please have a seat and we will be right with you once the first of the guests have arrived." He said as he gestured his hand towards an empty chair waiting for the man to take the seat.

As the male walked in and sat down he closed the door and pulled his pocket watch out before looking at it's face. As he opened the door again he looked at the young woman standing before him. As he clicked the pocketwatch closed and tucked it away he bent at the waist again and held his hand towards the seats within the living room. "Please come in, sit down and relax I will be serving refreshments in a little." He said softly as he stood upright again then began leading her to the chairs making sure to block her way to the one already filled. He knew they wouldn't be able to interact until at least the fourth guest arrived and sat so he would have to make sure they took seperate seats even though there were six seats in the room anyway.

Once the lady was seated he moved back to the door and opened it up looking to the small girl nearly crawling across the porch to the door. "Oh no, this will not do, the princess must be attended to right away." He said as he gently scooped her into his arms and carried her to an open seat and softly set her down as he smiled at her and reached into his coat pocket. Pulling out a hankerchief he softly wiped her face of the dirt then tucked the cloth away as he smiled. "My Princess, if you would honor me with some time I will be sure to return as soon as I am able, I must attend to the final guest before I serve the refreshments." He whispered to her as he softly bowed to her and walked away to the door.

As the woman walked in before he could open the door he stopped and bowed to her before extending his arm towards the seats. "Hello Miss, if you would be so kind as to have a seat behind me I will be right out with the refreshments to explain what I can." He said as he gestured to the remaining three seats and walked to the door and closed it then left the room. As he entered the kitchen he looked around then gathered six tea cups and pulled the teapot off the stove and set them all on the tray before walking back into the living room. "Ah you're all here now." He said then suddenly tripped as he felt something grip his foot yet all the tea cups landed on the coffee table without so much as a scratch and the teapot landed in the middle next to the tray of sweets. Reaching up at the last moment he caught the tray before it hit his head and he stood up dusting himself off. "Please forgive my clumsiness, I do hope no one got hurt." He said as he walked over and began pouring the tea in each cup for each guest as well as the two he lived with.
  Butler / sloganist / 4y 324d 11h 19m 24s
Boston Massachusetts in the 1980s, Rock'n Roll was at its peek, and the youth in America seemed to all be sucked into a partying culture that preached anarchy against the system. That was Ryan's life, like many others, until about 48 hours ago. The car accident replayed over and over again in her mind. She was wasted and broke. Forcing her roommate into the car with her, she was going to break into the house across the street from her parents house. Ryan sped down the dimly lit street of her old neighborhood blasting 'Bad Reputation' from her car cassette player when out of no where a telephone poll seemed to appear. However, Ryan didn't see it until seconds before she swerved slamming the passenger side of the car right into it. Her roommate Kelly Robinson, died on impact. But how could this happen? Ryan was a misfit but she wasnt a murderer. How could she possibly explain this to her parents who already practically dis owned her? She wasnt ready to accept guilt, there had to be away out of this, a way to reverse this accident. But the only way something like that could happen was by magic, the only option she had was to seek out help from a witch.

Hitchhiking her way to Salem, Mass. she reviewed the plan over an over again. She would explain her situation to a witch. They couldn't be that heartless right? She was too young to go to prison. She never intended the girls death. But when she arrived to Salem, no one, no one was willing to help her. She talked to nearly every suspected witch in the town and was turned away. Just like that, her life was going to be thrown away. The only room she'd know for the next 25 years was a small box with bars, she told herself. Feeling absolutely at her lowest she walked to the nearby cemetery in Salem and sat with her back against the tombstone of Salem's once most powerful witch. Lighting a cigarette she looked up at the beautiful bright moonlit night sky. She clicked play on her Walkman and listened as Stevie Nicks sang 'Rhiannon" with what seemed like the very essence of her soul. Falling back into the song she closed her eyes and made a wish. She wished to become a powerful witch, she just new if she could become a witch, she could change her roommates fate, she could reverse this all and she'd pay any price for that power including her soul. Seconds later a loud thump could be hear and Ryan stood up with her eyes widened as her cig fell from her lips. A house stood before her, in the middle of a Salem graveyard and it seemed to be calling to her. Having absolutely nothing to lose Ryan shoved her Walkman in her leather jacket pocket and approached the house curiously skipping past knocking she tried the door handle and saw that it was unlocked. She let herself in moments later.

[ Click for Rhiannon]
  -Ryan Knight / Okami / 4y 327d 21h 50m 51s
[i "Mother? Mother? Father? Mother, Father!" the voice of a young girl, at first questioning as she was still groggy from sleep, quickly turned panicked as she saw her parents, who usually slept on the bed across the room from her, being dragged out of the room by soldiers. The young girl quickly threw herself out of bed, running after them only to have the wooden door slammed in her face. By the time she got up and opened it again, the soldiers were halfway down the dirt road. She ran after them, only to get knocked down roughly when she got too close. Her parents choked out hurried goodbyes, and tears ran down the child's face. After a few days she was thrown out of her house because she had no money to pay the noble's taxes, and she couldn't work his fields. She wandered for weeks, Iliania Tré, the homeless and parent-less. For six days she ate nothing because she had no money and every time she came to bush of berries she was roughly pushed away by any people that lived nearby. Nobody wanted to feed a homeless girl. They all assumed she would die soon anyway, and the food be used for naught.]

On the sixth day, Iliania fell down, her stomach grumbling ceaselessly and her dress, brown and in rags, clinging to her sweating skin. She opened her eyes and sat up from the dusty ground, having to struggle to do so as her legs did not want to cooperate. In front of her was the strangest spectacle. It was a large house, one far larger and in quite a style as she had never seen before. She at once thought that it must be a castle, one of those big buildings her parents and neighbors always talked about. The little girl, hoping she could ask help of the Queen or Kingt hat must live in that castle, ran up to the doors, stumbling over her weak legs, and struggled to open the door, hoping for somebody to feed her as she finally got the door open and jumped inside just as the big door slammed shut behind her. Closing her eyes as she was hunched over right inside the door, again finding it hard to get up, a sudden plead came into her head.

[i Princesses never need to struggle to eat. They never need to worry about their parents being taken from them at the darkest hours of night. If this is a castle, I want to be its Princess! I need to be, I need to be! I want to live luxuriously, I want to have no worries at all! No more starving, no more dirt baths, no more mean old ladies with brooms scaring me away from their berry bushes! I want to be a princess! I want to live in this castle!]
  Iliania Tré / catthhay / 4y 327d 19h 37m 29s
As the sun set on another chilly night, Creel walked down the city streets in the best attire she had left, a white and pale blue striped gown. She was looking for any place she could peddle something to eat. She'd been wandering for quite a while when she finally spotted a tavern by the bay, where sailors liked to stop by before going back out to sea. When she walked inside, the sound of music flooded her ears,this was just the type of mood she needed. Immediately making her way to the bar area, a Brown eyed sailor stepped up
"Well hello there young miss, what's a fine lady like you doing in a tavern like this?" She hated this, all the sleezy men just looking for a naive girl. But it was a necessary part of her plan. She feigned a girlish giggle and replied in a mock sensual tone
"Oh my, well aren't you just the handsome gentleman. Care to buy me a drink?" She needed food, but it would be highly inappropriate to ask. So she stuck with what she could get. The man led her up to the counter and ordered a pint for the both of them, then began walking her back to a table where his mates sat.
"What's your name darling?"
"Creel"the raised an eyebrow, clearly amused by her unusual name
"Creel? Well that's a different name for such a beautiful woman." He grinned, already a bit drunk. Then suddenly she froze as a man's voice rang out.
"Creel?"A deep voice lightly tinged with a French accent that would've made all the other girls swoon, but she knew that voice.
She turned away towards the door, but the sailor caught her arm "Where are you going sweetheart?" A drunken grin plastered on his smug face. She managed to wrench her grip free, but not before another man called out
"Creel, that bitch stole twenty pounds from my pocket!" Then another
"The no good whore robbed me blind in me own home!" Then the whole tavern seemed to turn against her. The brown eyes sailor next to Her regained his grasp on her thin arm.
"Is all of this true?" His voice was more of a growl now and his eyes seemed less foggy than before. Creel's voice changed as she lost her false persona. Now the words from her lips were choppy and showed that she had grown up on the streets, but her voice was more sincere and sounded like burnt sugar.
"Aye, but what's it to ya?" Her eyes were fierce and though she was small, she was agile. "Ain't nuthin he done before and there ain't nuthin the lot a ya can do now!" But despite her best attempts, the men managed to get her into a fight.
By the time Creel was able to escape the madhouse the tavern had become, she'd sustained a fair amount of bruises. As she walked through the field nearby, cold and starving, she rubbed her eyes. In front of her was a house, it had never been there before, she would swear it. Yet there it was. She knew it was a bad idea to go in a strange house, but as another hunger cramp wracked her body with shivers, she decided to go inside.
  Creel Javence / lexiice / 4y 327d 23h 25m 47s
Yukio wandered along the empty streets of Kashiwa as the moon lit up the city. His head hung low. It had been 6 months since he had lost the
love of his life just a mere two weeks before their wedding. He gripped his chest as the pain torn through his heart as it
did every time he thought of her. He stumbled down a near-by ally and fell against the wall as the tears streamed down his face he yelled out. "Nikumi why did you leave me behind. I can't do this with out you. I am so lost and hurt. I truly believe I will never love another as I have you. Please come back to me." He slid his hand up the wall and pushed himself away from it as he continued to make his way though the darken allies. He mind racing. [i I can't not move on with this life. She was all that mattered to me. My whole life and my one true love.] Gripping his chest again as another surge of pain ripped through him Yukio fell to his knees. "Please Nikumi....Please help me I am so lost without you." He placed his hands on the ground and sobbed loudly.

"Please I just wish someone would take away all this pain and aching within my heart and soul.....Please." As those words were whispered out of Yukio's mouth he heard a soft thud. He began to pick up his head a light breeze blew through his hair. Looking in front of him he saw a blurred vision of what looked to be a house. He removed his glasses and wiped his eyes with the back of his shirt sleeve and placed them back on his face looking again in front of him. What in the world is this he thought. It truly was a house the appeared before him. He slowly stood back up and moved towards it with a puzzled look on his face. It was a very old shoin-zukuri style house. Walking up to the door he slid it open and stepped in. Upon stepping into the entrance way a calm and ease washed over him and the pain disappeared.
  Yukio Reizen / SayuriKyuubi / 4y 329d 2h 17m 59s

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