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He should be punished.

He needs to be punished.

He will be punished.

The male frowned as he pushed the memory of three wrinkled faces from his mind. He had yet to find the Norns since he woke to the new world, even with what the Watchers magic they called “Technology.” Even now he sat in front of a large flat surface where moving images danced before his eyes. Creatures of bright colors he had still yet to know the name of growled and spoke gibberish. As the large blue creature appeared he smiled. Even though he did not know what they were saying he enjoyed the way the blue monster devoured his meal with such vigor.

“Baldr I am back. Sorry it took me so long but we have a new assignment. We can do your flashcards in the car.”

Turning around he eyed the Watcher with a glare. The female knew he could not understand a single word she said yet she insisted on speaking English. She glanced over at him and pointed toward the room where he slept. Rolling his eyes he stood and crossed the room to get dressed. He scoffed at the thought of his father seeing him taking orders from a woman. Though if the long dead king could see what women could do he would find that he wasted half an army. Many a times this woman in particular sent him flying on his ass earning his respect and awe. He quickly dressed and met with her again in the kitchen where a bag of blood waited for him.

“You know at first I hated that you did not cut your hair but I like it now even more so with this whole bad boy attire I picked out for you. Oh just wait when you discover man buns!”

She continued speaking while he bit into the cold plastic. The cold plasma bitter on his tongue but the Watcher made it very clear that he was not to drink live. As she spoke she pulled out a pile of cards and the male sat up straighter. The female grinned. “In the car. We have an assignment. Some stray vampires.”

“I shall deal with the vampires and finally begin to pay my debt of freedom.”

The female stared blankly at him, “I will take that as a, ‘Yes Rachel I will listen to everything you say.”

Rachel, his caretaker grabbed a bag made of cow hide and an elongated black sack that clang with the familiar ring of metal. She walked toward the door and waved for him to follow. Leaving the now empty blood bag on the counter he name a move to follow her but her brown eyes leveled him with a glare. Quickly he disposed of the drained plastic and the female smiled as if nothing had happened.

“Lets go kick some baddies so we can avoid paperwork!”


The air stank of piss and bodies drained of blood lay scattered on the ground. Rachel was frowning as she looked at a small screen while Baldr kept his attention on the stack of white cards in his hands. “C-A-T” his voice read slowly as he tried to remember the sounds of the twenty-six letters Rachel had taught him. He glanced up to spot the Watcher but she was busy examining the body. With a deep inhale he tried to find the subject of their hunt. Death the only thing he smelled. “Come on big guy. The vampire is long gone. Also seems you are getting a new Watcher.”

Baldr frowned, he did not understand what she was saying. Something claimed his attention and he quickly grabbed Rachel by her hand and moved her out of the way. A dark shadow crashed into the spot where she was once standing. “Stupid Watchers. You are worse than Slayers.” Baldr glared at the male vampire and hissed for added measure. There was no need for translation as the other vampire paled and took a step back. “Sic em boy.”

Baldr pounced, his fangs fully extended as he collided with the vampire in a clash of fangs and claws. The other vampire swung wildly, so used to prey that could not fight back but Baldr easily dodged out of the way of the uncoordinated strikes. The older vampire became a blur of movement and he grabbed the male by his throat, crushing the delicate windpipe between his fingers. The vampire clawed at Baldr, and the ancient prince’s irritation only grew. Reach forward with his other hand he gripped the side of the vampire’s skull and with a sharp twisting motion ended the creature’s life. “Thanks big guy. I am going to miss you.”

“Rachel.” He managed to say and the Watcher rolled her eyes, “Do not try to get cute on me now that I am no longer supporting your fat butt."
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It was the smell of bacon that lulled the young man out of his deep sleep. A groan left his lips as he buried himself deeper into the incense infused comforter that was chilled even with the heat that made the air thick. "Cassius! You need to get up. Have breakfast before you rush off to school."

The boy curled further into the cool cocoon, wishing to fall back to sleep. "Cassius! Do not make me start counting!"

The threat that hung in the air did not need elaboration and the boy sighed as he tossed back the chilled sheets. "Im coming." His voice was gruff, still thick with sleep. He pulled himself from the embrace of his bed and walked down the creaking hall. Bacon greeted him as did a large pile of eggs, sausage, and biscuits covered in thick gravy. "You didn't have to do this." He responded even as he sat down to fill his plate

"When did you wake up Darius?" The woman who had woken him from his sleep. The boy halted in his breakfast preparation and stared at the back of her head. He snorted, of course she would know. She who gave birth to a demigod would have to know. "Last night. The end of summer kind of comes with a side effect."

"Just be sure not to get him into too much trouble. I know how you are and I love you both. Do not make me decide on favorites." She waved her spatula in the air in warning but did not turn her attention from the stove. She only cooked when she was nervous and going back to school was always the time when she served a feast. "I love you to Rebecca."

"I am you mother young man. Dont go calling me Rebecca or I will beat you until you are blue."


The boy woke with a start. His senses came crashing down and at once he checked his arms and face. When what he was looking for could not be found he gave a sigh of relief. The air smelled of salt, acrylic paints and charcoal. A headache pounded and he groaned. "I hate this." He muttered as slowly stood up. His foot clipped something and he cursed. Looking down he found the corner of an easel and he rolled his eyes. "Darius you are the worst kind of slob." Looking around he room he found a note waiting for him on the cluttered desk. It seemed he was already unpacked but it seemed the organization was a bit lacking. Glancing down at the note he quickly scanned its contents.

"Hey C, I unpacked everything so feel free to clean up like you normally do. Just as a heads up I am going to be taking over at 5:30 because I can do that now. No longer limited to just accidents ;) Stay spry! D

The boy looked at the clock and the number blinked 5:29. "Damn it." He cursed and his vision went black


Darius ran a hand through his dark hair and waved at people as the passed by. Move in day was always crowded on the island and the lively humming was intoxicating. As he made his way across the beach, the warmed water licked at his bare heels. Under his arm his sketchpad poked into his armpit and he adjusted it to lessen the irritation. Squinting at the setting sun a sigh passed through his lips. Scanning the horizon he spotted a tree but its solitary space was already occupied. He stalked up to the tree and peered up at it to noticed the girl hidden away in its branches. "Mind if I sit below you? I am not going to be a bother."
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Trapped in the red glow of his dark room William peered closely at the developed film. A clipboard was in his hand as he made furious notes across the notepaper. None of the current images were going to be ready in time for the freshman rush and that was going to cut into revenues. Running a hand through his hair he was unable to keep himself from frowning.

There was a knock at the door of his dark room. Squinting at the small watch at his wrist William cursed. He was going to be late. Quickly he rushed to his worktable, grabbing at his camera “Hawkeye”, extra rolls of film, extended lenses and a thick black leather book. He rushing up the wooden stairs from his dark room and out into the hall of his house. The sudden assault of bright light on his eyes made him hesitate, almost tripping his own two feet. “Dad. Sorry I’m late I got caught up in….”

William stopped mid-sentence as he walked the memorized path toward the living room, still trying to blink the circles from his eyes. What awaited him was a more than pleasant surprise. “Hello my dear one.” A honeyed voice called out in his direction. Unable to help himself William smiled in return. “Hey mom.”

The Norse goddess’ smile brightened to a level of megawatts. While being a vision of desire itself, Freya was still dressed rather modestly for her. Black jeans clung to her long toned legs before they tucked into a pair of fur lined snow boots. A plush cream colored sweater hugged close to her natural bombshell curves and rivers of pale gold , almost platinum curls tousled down her back. Her blue eyes took in her blushing son. “William I am your mother.” She chided with a knowing grin. William coughed and averted his gaze to the now very interesting ceiling. “What’s up mom?” He asked with a much weaker voice.

“Seems your mother wants to take you to school this year.” William glanced over his shoulder to spot his dad returning to the living room with all of his school bags. Archer Thomas grinned at his blushing son. Blessed with a natural built physique and the whole hot photographer vibe it as no surprise that when he walked into the room that the goddess sat up a little straighter. “I wanted to be helpful. After all being in Wisconsin can be rather straining financially for plane fairs.” Her Islandic accent grew thick as her nerves became clear. Archer nodded, his mane of dark brown hair slipping from its lose bun. “I don’t have a problem with that. William be good.”

Archer ruffled his son’s hair and chuckled as his only child pushed the hand aside and gathered up his bags. Freya huffed at the human male’s back and stomped her way outside, leaving her son to balance his belongings himself. “So why are you aloud to visit me?”

“The deities who have dominion over love, lust and desire have always had freedom to walk among humans. Some use it more liberally than others. Though I truly did wish to see you off to school this year. There are things we need to speak of.” William groaned as his mother’s shy girl image flickered to reveal the warrior queen that she was. Eyes hard as diamond’s and her outfit gave way to a set of full plate mail. “Firstly I have a present for you.” In her armor she was in full goddess mode. William looked around his small neighborhood. A few people were out but they did not seem to notice the beacon of light that was his mother. “How come no one can see you?”

Freya waved her hand in dismissal. “It is far to easy to warp reality. Now your gift.” She turned him by his shoulders and opened to his view toward her usual mode of transportation. A golden chariot pulled by two pristine white winged horses. A third was attached to the back of the chariot, rearing up and flaring its wings. Its coat was as dark as the night sky and its wings beat powerfully against the air. Smaller than the other two, its fits did nothing to stir them. “Do you like him?”

“I just shit my pants so that would be a yes.”
Freya frowned at the phrase but was pleased. They loaded into the chariot and with a flick of her wrist the white Pegasi took to the air, the black colt following despite his obvious anger. “He isn’t well behaved is he?”

“Much like his new master. I am sure he will be much aid to your win this year.”

“Still upset about that?”

“Of course! You lost to a pantheon of no renown. I could understand a meager scuffle with the Greeks or romans but you have warrior blood in your veins William and what do you choose to do with it?”

“Free pass to get into any bed I want? Plus a lucrative deal when it comes to sexy photos.”

“By Odin’s Raven I think you Loki’s child instead of mine.”


After an extended argument about being not wanting the other students to see his very hot mom William was dumped at the stables with his bags and a snorting animal companion. “Lets get you registered and then set up my booth huh?” A snort.

After a few hours William dragged hand across his brow, getting rid of the sweat that threatened to drip on his prints. Every year he set up a fold out table and chair and arranged his collection of student body shots. Though this year was special, this was the first year he had included male students. The entire process almost made him vomit but it had to be done. He needed the cash. With his little paper sign flipped to open he sat back and waited.

After a while he spotted a familiar head of dark hair. “LENN!” He shouted over the students who were arguing over their laminated 3x5’s. With the money shoved into his pocket he abandoned his table and ran full force to tackle the young man. “Oh how I’ve missed you!” His attention snagged as a red head passed him by and he took a moment to snap a picture at her exposed creamy legs.
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/6RJnFt6.png]] She smiled.

Her eyes the pale blue of a summer sky, shimmered with her unshed tears. Bowed before the cursing masses, peasants caked with blood and noblemen grinning like well fed cats. She had been reduced to incestuous adulterer and this final insult had her bowing before them. Yet still she smiled.

Her lips mouthed her last words before her head was severed from her body

Slowly dragging himself from the endless wells of is memory, Edward closed the silver locket and clutched it tightly in his grasp. His eyes, absent of tears he could no longer cry instead burned as if irritated. “Seeing ghosts again Teach?”

Edward gave no sparing glance to the additional voice that joined him. “I do not believe in ghosts.”

“Yet you are still haunted.”

The voice was closer now. Sultry in its soft Latin whisper. “That was no question little nun. Are you trying to convert me? Perhaps you should seek your own redemption before looking to others.”

There was a snarl, just as a rapier’s pointed end was pressed into the side of this thick neck. Edward glared at his would be assailent. A lithe female stood at his side, her dark hair billowing in the salt laced air. Breathtaking in all her feral beauty but even still far too delicate. Edward pushed the blade aside. “I heard you had to banish one of your men.”

She snarled at his lack of concern of her threat, “He was starting to poison the minds of my men. I could not have him remain. I also think he has been turning the humans of my crew.”

“So instead of killing him you sent him away. Jones will gut you for such a foolish mistake.”

“I forbade him from interacting with other vampires and issued orders for others to heed my warning.”

“Seduced by power so easily?”

“My views on life have not changed. No matter how much I have.”

“Spare me the lament holy woman. I have heard the stories of the night of your rebirth. You are a demon as much as I am. In the service of the devil him.”

He left her then, his cutlass in hand as he leapt from the mast. The oblivious deck hand unknowing of the slaughter to come.

Edward felt his lips pull back in a grin and blood dripped from his parted lips. Another crew sent to the locker and here he was drunk on blood. He tried to move but his lips were weighted in stone. Azar said something at his side, evidence of the battle soaked in her leathers. Her words were muffled and could not be registered with his clouded mind. Then blissfully the blackness took him.

He would sleep like this for a few hours. Any who came upon him would assume he was nothing more than another corpse. His mind did not conjure up images of his past but his long dead heart still ached as he said her name before the serenity of bloodlust consumed him

“Anne. My sweet Queen.”
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[left [pic http://i.imgur.com/Lfbk4zQ.png]] Duchess Lilianne Dupree gave a vocal sigh that interrupted the flow of conversation around the dainty cloth covered table. Three pairs of eyes turned in her direction, frowns on their delicate painted lips. “Do you wish to say something Lady Dupree?”

The dark haired woman lowered her porcelain cup to its saucer, “I am not amused by this aimless gossip. Can I be dismissed?”

The other girls pursed their lips in sour expressions, “You are lady in waiting to Her Majesty and a dear friend of the King of France. Surely you would not leave court so readily?”

Lilianne narrowed her eyes at the barbed question and stood from her seat, “I am readily available to both majesties as you are. If they have need of me they know where to find me.” She turned on her heels, the swirl of her skirts muffling her steps.

“Can you believe that spiteful shrew?”

“How can someone like her be at the King’s side?”


“There are rumors spreading around court about your behavior daughter.”

“Since when have you concerned yourself with gossip?”

Lilianne did not look up from the pages of her book, instead she reached forward to sample a honey glazed pastry. When her father did not speak her dark eyes glanced over the spine of her tome to see him staring back at her. His pale blue eyes regarded her with such a sadness that she frowned in confusion. “Has it truly upset you father? I can write an apology to those girls but it is beneath me as you know.”

“Yes. You have proven yourself quite capable. Gaining the title of Duchess without my aid. Confidant of both the King and Queen. You make your father proud.”

“A title means nothing if I am unable to claim it due to my lack of husband.” She paused, yet her father retreated into silence and poked at his plate of duck. “Father. What ails you?”

“Hmm? Oh, it is nothing. It just pains my heart to see how much time has passed. To know that soon we will be without each other.”

“Father. Are you ill? Shall I send for a doctor?”

Lilianne stood from her seat and kneeled at her father’s side. Her slender, calloused fingers wrapped around his wrinkled hand and squeezed gently. “Please speak to me.”

The older man chuckled as he patted her hands to reassure her, “How blessed I am to see the rare gentle side of you.”

“You jest father but who was it that raised me to be so course? I am a woman ahead of my time.”

She smiled as his chuckle turned into full laughter, “There. You worry me so when you speak of an early grave.”

“Apologies. Maria bring us some tea before we retire to bed.” The old count waved off his maid and smiled at his beloved daughter. Liliane accepted the gracious offer and sipped at the calming rose tea. “Thank you father, after the day I have had this is a much needed relief.”

“Anything for you my love.”


Count Charles Dupree wrung his hands as he inspected his daughter’s packed belongings. “Be careful with those things you dolt!” He shouted at a servant dropped one of the leather trunks. “We have to hurry!”

“My lord. The young duchess is ready for departure.”

Charles gave a weak smile in response but his attention was on Liliane who rested peacefully in the servant’s arms. “Give her here.” Charles opened his arms and gathered his sleeping daughter close to his chest. He had opted to dress her in a simple tunic and slacks while leaving her dark hair free of ornaments. “You are as beautiful as your mother. I am sorry that this has to be done.” His tears flowed freely. He brushed a kiss against her forehead. “This is to save your father. Surely you can forgive me for that?”


The black waters violently rocked at the wooden planks of Charles’ life raft. His knuckles grew white as he gripped tighter on the oars. As he spared a glance in the distant horizon, fear crippled his momentum. The tattered sails of the infamous Dutchman seemed unconcerned about the wailing gales around it. “Let us be done with this already.”


“Good to see you again m’lord.”

“It’ll be nice to have a gentlewoman’s touch aboard for once.”

“Shut up you spineless sea leech!”

Charles dapped at his soaked forehead and nervously scanned the gathered crew of the haunted ship. “I request a Parley with your Capitan. I have his payment. I only ask that she be treated with the respect a woman of her station demands.”

“You are in no position to speak of demands. Besides after tonight she is no longer a lady is she?”

A chorus of laughter and mocking spite rang out in the air. Charles bristled at their vulgar display and stepped in front the guardsman who held his daughter. “Just get him so I can wash my hands of you.”


Charles felt his spine go ridged at the soft pleading of his child’s voice. He turned, her hands weakly reached out to him while her eyes remained clouded and unfocused. “Go back to sleep dearest. Please. I do not wish you to witness this.”

“Was it because I was not the son you wanted?”

She said nothing else as sleep claimed her again, but the cut was deep set and burned as Charles stared in disbelief. She would remember everything when she woke from her forced slumber. Standing straight once again Charles faced the gathered crew. “Well? Will you stand here all night or will you get Jones? I am a busy man!”
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[size12 “Danny this is so boring. You are going to be late for work.”]

[size12 Danny glared at his grinning sister, and in retaliation she stuck out her tongue before busying herself with braiding the ends of her dark hair. “Daniel?” Jerking his head back to the owner of the voice, Danny remembered where he was. His parents sitting room. The fancy version of the living room with stain free furniture and seats so unused that they were still hard. He cast his eyes downward to stare at the lines the vacuum cleaner made, remembering his mother ranting about how she didn’t want some fancy head doctor to blame his ‘condition’ on a messy house. “Daniel. Is she here now?”]

[size12 He found his head nodding even though he knew better. “Tell me who she is.” Dany glanced up at the shrink. It was a young guy this time, no doubt fresh out of school based on his shiny slacks and pressed collar. “You know who she is.” He had been through this, and new exactly what he was going to say.]

[size12 [center “An outward vocalization of the hallucination will cause the brain to realize its tricking itself and disperse it.”]]

[size12 [center [i “An outward vocalization of the hallucination will cause the brain to realize its tricking itself and disperse it.”]]]

[size12 “Wow. This is the biggest quack yet. Though it can’t be as bad as the preacher right?”]

[size12 “Her name is Margret Elizabeth Ryder. She is twenty-two years old. Long thick black hair she swears is dark brown. Eyes so big they see into your soul and mirror back whatever they see. Quick as a whip and sweeter than honey. Acts older than she really is and has boys calling out for her day in and day out.”]

[size12 “Quite a story you have given this illusion.”]

[size12 Margret frowned at the shrink. “He knows how to ruin a bonding moment doesn’t he?”]

[size12 Danny ignored his sister and watched as the shrink scribbled something on his notepad. “Daniel can I show you something?”]

[size12 “It’s your hour doc. I’m just sittin’ here.”]

[size12 Margret plopped onto the plush cushion beside her younger brother and placed her chin in the palm of her hand. The doctor reached inside his leather bag and pulled out a folded up paper. He leaned forward and waited until Daniel accepted the parchment. “Read that out loud for me.”]

[size12 Danny unfolded the paper and scanned the headline. [b OCTOBER 31st TRAGEDY STRIKES COTTONWOOD.] “Im not readin’ this.”]

[size12 “Saying the reality out loud will make the brain realize that it is tricking itself and cause whatever you are seeing to dissipate.”]

[size12 “DON’T YOU THINK SOMEONE HAS TRIED THAT ALREADY?!” Danny tossed the paper back at the shrink. “Surprise Doc, you are not the only one we hired but you are the only one they stayed by the book. Don’t you think I know my sister is dead? Im the one who dragged her body out of that car. I identified the body because my ma and pa couldn’t look at the corpse. I put her box in the ground for Christ’s sake!”]

[size12 The commotion summoned Mrs. Ryder from her spying spot at the top of the stairs. Her wrinkled fingers were wringing a dish towel as she glanced between her son and the good doctor. “Is everything alright?”]

[size12 “Ya ma, just another hack. I’m goin’ to work.” He crossed the room and out of habit kissed his mother’s cheek but not another moment was spent trapped in that damn house]

[size12 [center ~*~]]

[size12 “Come on Danny! GO FASTER!”]

[size12 Margret squealed as the small wooden cart zipped around another corner. Truth was he didn’t want her to disappear. Yeah he was digging himself an emotional hole but why would anyone want to get rid of a second chance with the one who drove your crazy but loved you no matter what?”]

[size12 “You know what I think Danny? I think you should get out of here. Think about it, all you have to do it hot wire a truck and drive until the gas level is low.” Margret appeared at his side and hooked her arms around his shoulders. “Where would we go?” He asked her as he shut down the machine to let off the laughing kids.]

[size12 “What about New Lennox?”]
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[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Pinyon+Script]
[size12 [center Ryneth watched as the stars outside her window began to blur. A hand fluttered to her cheek and quickly discarded the tears. Her people needed her to be brave, she needed herself to be brave. From the reflection in her window she saw her door open and she managed to muster up a smile. Turning she dipped into a low bow before her mother and father [size18 [b [pinyon+script [+dimgray “Greetings your majesties. How far thee?”]]]]]]

[size12 [center There was a swish of fabric along with the click of heels and the heavy footfall of her father’s boots. She saw the skirt of her mother’s gown first, then her father’s boots. A gloved hand gently touched her chin, allowing her to rise from her bow. As she looked up she saw her own feelings mirrored in their eyes. “What an insult this is to have you dressed as a man. Surely we can provide some more appropriate attire?” The queen pressed her hand against her daughter’s cheek and curled the loose strands of her white hair behind her ear.]]

[size12 [center “I will not compromise her well-being over something as trivial as her appearance. Come. There is no time to lose.”]]

[size12 [center Ryneth felt her body tense, and a silent plea was sent to her mother but the older woman would not hold her glance. Surely there was some mistake, she had at least until sunrise. She had to say goodbye to so many others but now she was to be whisked away into the night like a ghost? A new wave of tears blurred her vision but she quickly brushed the back of her hand against her eyes. Her father disliked such displays of weakness. Her father offered his arm and despite the screaming thoughts that wanted to escape she reached out and placed her delicate fingers in the crook of his arm. With a final glance at her mother she was whisked away toward her escape.]]

[size12 [center ***]]

[size12 [center “I am sending you to Earth. There you will be safe. Though I have another objective for sending you. There are Earthlings that possess great abilities and our situation has become so dire that I must beg others for help.”]]

[size18 [b [center [+dimgray [pinyon+script “Father if I may?”]]]]]

[size12 [center The male nodded his head but his pace accelerated as they passed the main hall that if followed would led straight to the ballroom. Currently decorated and filled with excitement to celebrate her engagement to the leader of the Rwaddi. A forced celebration that was nothing more than a rouse, yet she still wished to be among her people. “Speak daughter.” The princess turned her head back toward her father, the curled ends of her silver hair brushing the skin of her cheek in a feather kiss. [size18 [b [+dimgray [pinyon+script “Who would help us? From what little I have read of Earth they are a stubborn and easily panicked race. They are just as likely to kill me as they are to aid me. I am certain even those with abilities are ostracized on their own planet.”]]]] Her father’s pale eyes hardened at her words but he said nothing else on the mattered but instead continued walking. The longer the silence continued the longer those once familiar halls seemed and the darker her horizon looked]]

[size12 [center ***]]

[size12 [center “Be assured princess. You will be well protected.” A male soldier’s deep voice broke Ryneth’s pattern of thinking. Her usual false smile grew on her lips as her fingers curled into his offered hand. The ship seemed so small now. Confined and cramped though it would seat five individuals comfortably. It would be just her and a single solider. [size18 [b [+dimgray [pinyon+script “What will you say when they discover I am missing?”]]]]]]

[size12 [center “You were unable to cope with the idea of such an arrangement. You made your escape with a trusted guard at your side. We were unaware until it was too late.” His voice was so cold, harsh and removed as he made final checks with the ships instruments. She wanted to reach out and grip his hand. Assure him that she would return with the Earthling Heroes. Yet even still she obeyed the laws of her upbringing and stayed silent. “Be well my silver star.” Those were her father’s final words before the doors sealed closed. Separating her from her from the man who raised her.]]

[size12 [center ***]]

[size12 [center “So I take you will not speak to me?”]]

[size12 [center [size18 [b [+dimgray [pinyon+script “I have nothing to say.”]]]]Ryneth answered abruptly as her eyes scanned the port screen in her lap. Earth was filled with a number of languages, some labeled as dead and others ranked by popularity. Though as she continued reading she discovered that each of the languages were built on the skeleton of a singular form. Mastering it would be simple enough. “Forgive me princess but I find myself disagreeing with your callus manner.”]]

[size12 [center [size18 [b [+dimgray [pinyon+script “You are forgiven. Though I will not address my manner with you and that is the end of it. How long until we reach Earth?”]]]] The guard chuckled, the warm sound a soothing balm to her frayed nerves. “We will be exiting the hyper jump is a matter of time.” Ryneth nodded her head and returned to her reading, though now her thoughts were split. Had her father purposely chosen this male on the knowledge of their history? Even now if she so decided she could close her eyes and recall each whispered promise and secret letter that was exchanged and for a brief moment such tenderness was permitted. He was a noble after all, but like all childish things it faded and was cast aside for responsibility and duty. Thus she truly had nothing to say.]]

[size12 [center The ship jerked and various lights flashed and alarms blared in warning. “We are under attack. It is Rwaddi, your grace I will need you to strap yourself in while I try to evade them.” Without hesitation she strapped herself and gripped her seat tightly. The ship jerked against, causing her harness to bind tighter across her chest. They had been hit again, their ships were not build for war. Her people were not built for war and if this continued they would both be dead. [size18 [b [+dimgray [pinyon+script “Exit out of the hyper jump.”]]]]]]

[size12 [center “Princess that would not be wise. I..” Another lurch cut his sentence short. The ship moaned in pain and the alarms continued to shriek in her ears [size18 [b [+dimgray [pinyon+script “I will not die here solider. I have issued you an order and by the right of my birth you are honor bound to obey.”]]]] The male turned his pale gaze on her and with no shame she held his stare. The slight nod of his head was the only indication of him heeding her words. He returned to the console and in a matter of moments she was surrounded by a diamond studded sky and for a moment her panic eased. She had studied the Milky Way galaxy and its youthful yellow star but here before its splendor she was in awe and Earth. A swirl of blues, greens, and whites all in harmonic balance. Her seamstress would have loved to design a gown with such an array of color. “Princess, they are hailing us.”]]

[size12 [center She frowned, her wonder short lived. [size18 [b [+dimgray [pinyon+script “Answer them.”]]]] Upon the cracked screen a reptilian face hissed. Her fear was lessened, as long as it was not that boorish leader of theirs then she would be fine. “Princes. It isss good to sssseee you alive and well. We have come at the requesssst of your father and your husband to be. We will allow you to board our sssship and then return you home.” His sharp toothed grin ignited a deep distain within her but she managed a smile. [size18 [b [+dimgray [pinyon+script “I wish you harmony. Though this will be your singular warning to turn back and leave us be. End the transmission.”]]]] The image went away and once again Earth was in her full view. “They will not like that princess.” As if she could find a reason to care. As she returned to her seat the ship jerked forward, robbing her of her balance and sending her crashing to the hard floor. “Our engines have been hit. Ready yourself princess, we are going to crash. I will do my best to avoid any largely populated areas.” He struggled with the controls as they fought to rip free from his grasp. Her vision was blurred but the pain subsided as she concentrated and healed herself from within. A minor concussion was nothing compared to what she had been used to. Crawling to her seat she frantically tried to clip the latch but the ship was ripping itself apart. With one last glance at the stars she voiced a prayer to beings she knew would not hear her and the Earth rushed faster and faster toward her.]]

[size12 [center ***]]

[size12 [center The Rwaddi flicked their tongues in the air as they stalked through the wreckage. Through a series of clicks and hisses they seemed to argue among themselves. Ryneth held her breath as they slithered passed her, their deadly knives so wickedly jagged that she could only imagine how many had fallen on that blade. She turned her attention back to the solider in her lap, her body already healing itself so now he was her main priority. The crash had splintered her ship and even caused a fire, his skin was burned and a few bones had broken as she pulled him from the worst of it. Though as her hands pressed onto his bare skin she could see with her mind’s eye the bone marrow and sinew knitting itself back together but just as he opened his eyes in a single moment his head was separated from his body. Blood poured from the opening. Staining the black material of the military uniform she wore. Her voice was weak as she reached with a shaking hand for his detached head. She could heal him, it would take time but she had could do it. She could save him. She had to.]]

[size12 [center A clawed hand dug into her scalp and yanked her to her feet. “Ssssssome protector. Typical of a weak race who rely on trickssss. He will just be the firssssst of many.” The beast forced Ryneth to watch as more blood stained the ground. Her captor and his three crew mates laughed a crackling hissing laugh. That taunting sound that would forever hum in her ears all while she watched her first love die. The Rwaddi that held her head was suddenly lifted upward and thrown to collide with his crew. They screamed in a tangle of scaly arms and legs. Standing to shaking legs she cast a single glance toward her fallen friend and then glared at the Rwaddi before her. [size18 [b [+dimgray [pinyon+script “My people are not weak. He was not weak. You so boldly claim superiority over my people yet you know nothing of us. He was skilled in combat dedicated to his singular craft and not at all proficient in his telekinetic abilities.”]]]]]

[size12 [center “Why ssssay thisss?”]]

[size12 [center [size18 [b [+dimgray [pinyon+script “I say this because I am Ryneth. Crown princess of Lora and future Ruler of the Loiri, and I shall rain down upon you and your people a vengeance that will echo across the galaxies.”]]]] The Rwaddi hissed again and one fired his gun, Ryneth extended her hand and a large piece of her ship ripped from the haul and it flew to shield her from the blast. Extending her other hand more shrapnel began to levitate into the air, their sharped ends pointing in one singular direction. [size18 [b [+dimgray [pinyon+script “You were warned and now you will serve as an example.”]]]] The shrapnel flew forward at a blurred speed and sliced each Rwaddi into pieces. A service in kind for what they had done.]]

[size12 [center There was a rumble above her head and when she glanced up a flash of white streaked across the blue black sky. Then drops of liquid began to fall from the heavens. She did not understand, but the beauty of such a feat burst the damn and tears fell down her face. A wave of sadness and regret that made her knees buckle [size18 [b [+dimgray [pinyon+script “Arodir forgive me. For everything that has happened. Forgive me.”]]]]]]
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