No One Can Hear Your Cries In The Dark Depths

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[B Under Construction still a work in progress if my brain can think of more but hey feel free to pitch in!]

[I [B Disclaimer: Based on the game Cry of Fear all rights go to Valve, and Team Psykskallar]]

After making a dark film for film class 4 friends decide to redo their film, seeing it as not dark enough for their teacher. Their director/protagonist tries deminic magic to really give you that jump, like you're really there. After being knocked senseless they are sent into their houses, but in reverse. Instead of seeing your neighbors or children playing, it was a cold, dark, abandoned revision of their hometown, full of humanoid monsters, they have to find a way out while to survive their own nightmares. Each having a hidden past that they tried to keep behind locked doors..

[B [I Rules] ]
1. This is a dark room, about a nightmare I had after me and friends binged on horror movies and games, so yea its gonna be very dark just like the warning above...
2. There's gonna be gore, violence
3. I have no idea
4. Hidden topics can be anything that'd be like a nightmare coming back to haunt you or something
5. Real pics whatever drawn I personally don't care much for that
6. We'll start when everyone's ready, don't want this to turn to a one on one
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