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Daniel came into his arms, and they kissed. For a little while, he lost track of Spot, but then the bed groaned as he returned, and then Spot was begging him for more, more kisses. Bell gave them freely, enjoying the game, all of it. It was a bit odd to be kissing himself, but what could he say? He was an excellent kisser.

Don't be startled? Then what was the point of the blindfold? He pulled away from Spot to retort, but before he could find the air, Daniel's skirting fingers found him. He bit his lip and arched his back, a little surprised despite the warning. Being unable to see, everything seemed blown out of proportion, touches bigger, and Daniel's finger was no exception; it was an unusually intense sensation, for what he already knew was just the beginning. "Deeper," he begged, letting Daniel hoist his leg up.

And then Spot was there, taking him in. Bell shuddered and grabbed Spot's hair, pulling away a little to try not and be overcome just yet. It was getting close, frighteningly close, though everything was so intense that he couldn't say how close. Still, he didn't pull away fully. It felt so good. Spot knew exactly how he liked it. And at the same time, Daniel was sliding fingers in, as though his body wasn't already long past being able to accept whatever he wanted to use. He felt like jelly, loose and floating, strength fled before the rush of lust and desire.

Spot backed off at last, seconds before Bell lost it. He bit his lip and tried to think of anything else, tried to slow it down. Who'd get his turn? Before he could think it through, hands were grabbing at him, pulling him up to rest against a body that was exactly as needy as his. Hands brushed skin, the bed creaked; he felt the heat emanating from Daniel's body, and then the man filled him up. He shifted, trying not to feel it too much. This was all going too fast, all too much, but it felt so good, so perfect. He pulled at Daniel for a kiss, trying to smother the little noises that escaped him every time Daniel moved, little moans and cries that couldn't be bit back. At his back, he could feel Spot grow harder, the motion of his and Daniel's coupling transmitted through his body to Spot's, and the man whined and bit Bell's shoulder, wanting badly. He cocked his head back and nibbled at Spot's cheek. He'd get his turn. Whatever that meant--though he had a good idea of that.

"Daniel, more," he moaned, wrapping his arms around Daniel's waist and pulling him in deeper. He hadn't hit the spot yet. Bell was so close, he wasn't sure if he'd make it any longer if Daniel did, but he was past caring, fully drunk on desire.
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At first Bell-boy was confused and Daniel grinned at that, but there was a clear turnabout when Bell realised it was Spot who’d joined the fray and only when the two kissed did Daniel feel comfortable that this had been the right choice to make. It was oddly erotic, watching the two kiss.
Lenny had been the one enjoying both their affection at once first and they'd been completely shit-faced back then, but now they were all stone-cold sober. The only thing they were drunk on was desire.

Daniel kissed Bell, distracting the man while Spot went and got the jelly. He wasn’t sure whether he wanted the whole back-to-back-to-front this time, but at least two of them were getting fucked today. Daniel kissed Spot when he returned and the other started to distract Bell-boy while Daniel prepared the jelly, warming it up between his hands.
“Don’t be startled,” he forewarned, letting his fingers trail their way between Bell-boy’s legs to announce where they were going.

Spot had gotten a taste for Bell’s -his own- kisses and begged for more. It had to be weird, kissing yourself. Daniel could only surmise it’d feel perfect, because it was exactly what you liked and expected, without being predictable.
Bell-boy was relaxed as could be. The first finger slipped in effortlessly. Daniel lifted one of Bell’s legs across his arms for better access, while Spot went ahead and took Bell-boy in, sucking at where the man wanted attention the most. Daniel was almost too distracted by the picture, strangely turned on by the sight. He licked his lips and added a finger, gently working to prepare Bell for more.

He took his damned time, twitching with pent-up lust for the man quivering and moaning in his hands, pliable as putty. When he was ready he ran his hand through Spot’s hair, pulling the man up for a long, deep kiss.
“You’ll get your turn in a second,” Daniel promised. Spot just grinned, then sat on the bed behind Bellwether, gathering the man up to hold him. Daniel lavished himself at the sight of Bell’s body, so ready. Slow, he went slow. Spot distracted Bell. Fingers darted across Bell’s stomach -Daniel’s, Spot’s. They kissed more, Spot’s eyes focussed on Daniel. It was hard to keep the tempo slow, but Daniel was determined to make this last.
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He found Daniel's chest, then his lips, as Daniel moved to suck his fingertips. It was oddly erotic, even though they were just his fingers. And then Daniel pulled away and kissed his chest, ran a hand by his inner thigh that made him shiver in anticipation; he put a hand in Daniel's hair just to have a grip on where the man was. Despite that, Daniel still managed to surprise him. His nipple was the next target, making Bell shift. It was weird. Usually he wasn't so sensitive, but now that he didn't know where Daniel was going to be, where he was going to touch next, it elevated every little touch to the utmost.

There was a creak as the bed bent, Daniel changing positions as a tongue snaked down his neck. But then Daniel's hands reached for him from below, and another hand touched, too many hands all at once. Confused, Bell frowned, biting his lip and trying to figure out what was what, who was who was where, a hand by his desire making him flinch, hands on his chest, lips on his stomach, a tongue teasing what desperately wanted to be touched. Who--? They knew him, knew him well. For a second his mind threw out that it was Landon, somehow growing another body to join the fray, but no--he quested up, and his hand found a head of hair just as coarse as his own. Spot. Then Daniel was there with a kiss, and he was all but lost in twitching and shifting away, each little touch teasing and adding to the desire burning slowly hotter in his loins, hips shifting upward as though with a will of their own. Bell was caught in perfect torture, the both of them all too knowledgeable about where and what to touch. He couldn't help but moan out as Daniel found yet another place--or was it Spot? He couldn't keep track of it. It was fine. It felt good, that was all that mattered.

His hand was still knitted in Spot's hair. He pulled the other man down and kissed him, to Spot's surprise--he could feel it in the way the other pulled away at first, but he knew himself, and he knew he was weak to pleasure; Spot gave in and let himself be kissed. Bell released him with a laugh, head turning to where he presumed Daniel had to be; did that get him riled up? Spark a little jealousy, maybe? Not that Daniel needed to be urged on any more than he already was, but Bell wanted to tease him as well. Even when he was blind, Bell wasn't going to be the only one being teased. He reached out for Daniel, asking wordlessly for him to come in for a kiss as well.
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He got Bell-boy’s blessing then? Daniel leaned into the kiss, giving Bell-boy a smirk at being promised that next time the roles would be reversed. Daniel carefully tied the blindfold around Bell’s head, making sure it was comfortable, but served its purpose. Wouldn’t do if Bell-boy was able to peek.
“Hmm, wasted opportunity,” Daniel muttered at Bell’s suggestions, letting his fingers dart faintly across Bell-boy’s skin, just letting the man know he was still focussed and paying attention to every little twitching muscle. Bell-boy’s blind hand met with his chest and Daniel brought the searching limb to his lips, sucking at the man’s fingers.
His eyes caught Spot’s.

He gave the mutt a nod. If he wanted to join, that was fine by him. Daniel kept his eyes trained on Spot, even as he pressed some stray kisses to Bell-boy’s chest. Only then did h lazily blink and renew his exploration of Bellwether’s body. A hand darted out, touching Bell’s leg, stroking his inner thigh. Another hand, on the other side toyed with Bell-boy’s nipple, soon followed by his tongue.

Daniel wasn't surprised when he heard Spot approach -bared; as the mutt had been, but now human. His eyes were dark with desire, and like the rest of his body betrayed his intentions. Spot leaned over and Daniel kissed the other man, deep. It tasted like Bell-boy. Daniel grinned, Spot mirrored the expression and then knelt down next to Bell. A tongue ran across Bellwether’s neck, all the way down to his collarbone.

A hand strayed dangerously close to Bell-boy’s family-jewels. More fingers splayed out across the man’s chest, pushing at skin and muscle. Hot lips left trails down Bellwether’s stomach. A tongue teased Bell’s foremost need.
Experienced fingers found the sensitive areas that both Spot and Daniel knew excited Bell more than any other. Daniel kissed Bell, nipping at his lips. Spot touched him, unexpectedly, but it felt good. He didn’t want this to end any time soon though, so he reprimanded Spot with a playful bite.
Their focus was on Bell-boy and Bell only; for now.
Daniel knew perfectly well how Lenny liked to tease. He knew what worked on Bell-boy. Spot was a quick student, adding to Daniel’s knowledge because who else would know Bellwether’s body better than a copy?
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A blindfold? He grinned, enjoying watching Daniel squirm a bit under his hand. A blindfold sounded fun. Who on, though?

He was pushed back on the bed, and his eyebrows raised, meeting Daniel's eyes again. Oh. Him, huh? He considered, then grinned back. "Yeah," he said. He trusted Daniel. And it sounded like fun, being open to Daniel's attacks like that. He knew Landon loved to tease, but Daniel always seemed a bit more to the point--which he agreed with usually, but if they were going to take their time, then he'd enjoy that experience as well.

"Nah, go for it," he said, leaning up to kiss Daniel. He'd been on the other end of that play before; a friend had taught it to him as a neat trick to get out of a bad situation, but he'd gone through with it, too, once when he'd thought it was bad, but then changed his mind. Never been the one under the blindfold. Hadn't ever trusted some random guy that much. "Next time, though."

A second before the blindfold went on, it occurred to him that Daniel might use this to escape, but a second later, he dismissed the thought. First off, Daniel would have to walk through the hallways with a raging erection, which sounded like play for another day, and second off, he'd hear the door close and goatling-teleport or no, he was completely sure he could catch up to Daniel with the goat's speed. The teleport only seemed to work short distances, after all.

It was kinda weird, though, lying on the bed completely blind. He turned his head from side to side, unable to see anything and trying to get used to the sensation. "Shoulda got some whipped cream at the gas station," Bell said into the emptiness, though he doubted it'd had any. "Or ice. Well--there's an ice-maker down the hall, I think." Not that he wanted Daniel to leave him for a second.

He reached out into the space where Daniel had been, curious what he was doing. It was kind of fun, actually, even just lying here. He giggled to himself, amused by nothing.

From by the door, Spot looked over and cocked his head at Daniel, eyes imploring. Now that he was blindfolded, maybe Bell didn't need to know if a third player joined in?
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Like a proper banquet, Bell-boy sprawled out before him and Daniel took a second to grin and take it all in. Kinky, was it? Good, because Daniel felt like it too. Not that Bell gave him much time to think of something. Those grabby little hands were more than a little distracting.
“Yeah,” Daniel managed. “There’s something I want to do —let’s play with a blindfold,” he managed to get out, not sure whether to step out of Bell-boy’s range or take the gentle torture and get that much closer to a happy end. He’d said it explicitly so that Bell-boy could refuse and Daniel could take the blindfold; he didn’t really care either way. Daniel trusted Bell-boy with his life, so putting his body in the man’s care wasn’t that much a big step. But it’d be fun.

Daniel stepped closer to Bell, pushing the man back on the bed. His hand reached above Bell, taking the cover from the pillow. The pillow got tossed aside.
“Do you trust me?” Daniel suggested with a wide grin.
He’d tease Bell to no end and the man would both love and hate it. Daniel found himself wishing he had more toys, maybe ice-cubes or some hot drinks, but he’d make do with whatever was around to stimulate Bell-boy.

Not that the man needed as much stimulation. He was about as excitable as Spot -who’d taken to curling up near the door, pointedly ignoring what the humans were up to. Daniel wouldn’t be surprised if the man was jealous -oh. Oh. What if they had a threesome? That’d be unexpected.
And nice.
A nice little sausage-fest for the lot of them.

Daniel kissed Bell and carefully folded the cover to a nice strip.
“Or would you rather I’m the one blindfolded?” he offered. He wondered whether Bell-boy had ever. The man had plenty of experience in certain areas, but he couldn’t imagine a paying customer to want to be blindfolded, mainly because it was a trust-issue. Couldn’t have your whore escape with all your cash, now could you?
Daniel felt temptation rise, but quelled it as it rose. That wasn’t what he was after. Not right now. He’d never leave Bell-boy hanging like that.
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He grinned at the accusation. Oh, he was gonna be cheeky, alright. Daniel didn't seem in the least irritated with him though, the way his hands pressed Bell closer, the way he was responding to Bell's teasing.

They exchanged kisses, the hot water beating down on Bell's stomach, and then Daniel's hands were all over him, mapping his body again. Bell turned to face him and return the favor, more than eager to rediscover Daniel's body. His fingers slid over muscles and skin, seeking out scars and little moles, the little things the goatling hadn't chased away, the marks from Daniel's life as a human and only a human; then Daniel was descending, sliding down his body with kisses and touches that left his skin burning and sensitive. His hands found Daniel's hair as the man descended his body, pushing gently downward, but Daniel skirted away at the last minute. Instead, there were kisses and the heat of Daniel's body against his, the hot water from the shower making it almost unbearable.

When the shower cut off, Bell gasped with a sort of relief, almost overheated. "Yep," he agreed, meeting Daniel's needy gaze with his own. He let himself be subjected to a toweling off and followed Daniel at his insistent tug. Tonight they were going to make good use of the bed, it seemed.

The room seemed cold when he was overheated from the shower. He took the lead to the bed and climbed on top of it seductively, then sprawled out on top of the blankets to give Daniel a bit of a show. Then he rolled over and grinned, sitting up on the edge of the bed. "I wanna do something kinky," he told Daniel. Like how they'd roleplayed last time, that'd been fun. Besides, Daniel had always been the kinky one. Landon was almost entirely vanilla. It was fine most of the time, but every now and again Bell wanted a little something more. A little variety. "C'mon, you know some kind of game, right?" He reached out and touched Daniel, stroking him gently to tease him, challenging him to think something up with the distraction.
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Daniel enjoyed the way Bell-boy surrendered to his affection, how the man’s tense muscles utterly relaxed. He calmly waited for Bell to rinse off, brushing some soap away here and there the other missed. When Bell-boy craned his neck, Daniel supported the man by wrapping his arms around Bell’s waist and he leaned down to meet the other half way. Daniel’s eyes opened to narrow slits when he realised Bell-boy had started a game of his own. He couldn’t help but play along; his body was already two steps ahead.
“You cheeky little…” Daniel started affectionately, running his hands down Bell’s stomach and pressing him closer.

There were a few things he could think up, but Daniel wasn’t sure Bell-boy would like being tied up or blind-folded. Of course, he could let the other take a leading role… His thoughts drowned in the kiss that followed. Fuzzy dice sounded right. Daniel snorted.
“Maybe,” he said with a sly grin.
He could be a little more patient though, enjoying Bell-boy’s company a while longer. That, and how often would they see another hot shower rolling along now that they were watching what they could spend?

Daniel pressed kisses to Bell’s neck and shoulders, letting his hands map out the man’s skin all over again. Each mark that was different, each mole, each blemish got a little more attention than the skin that was perfect. Soon, his lips followed where his hands had been. His head was still in a fog, but his body was fine doing what it did without Daniel’s input. He trailed down, until he decided no; and came back up for more kisses, pressing their now heated bodies together.
One hand reached for the tap and shut off the shower. His eyes drilled holes into Bell’s, dark with desire.

“I think it’s time for a change of scenery,” Daniel said with a cheeky smile. He found a towel and wiped Bell’s chest down, ruffled the man’s mop of hair and then tugged him out of the stall towards the bed. He was going to take his time. Take all night, if he could.
Until either one of them gave out.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 19d 7h 17m 24s
Daniel relaxed into his arms, and Bell felt reassured that everything would be fine, after all. It'd all work out. They'd make it through this like they had everything else, and it'd be just another bump in the road.

"Yeah, you know? I thought it might be a fun night in, or something," Bell explained. Cards were about as good as it got on their budget, but they were still an option.

He turned around obediently at Daniel's prodding and was rewarded with a deep back massage, as Daniel found all the places that were the most stiff and sore from driving. He all but melted in Daniel's hands, closing his eyes to enjoy it fully. Felt so good. Daniel moved in closer, hands going to his scalp as he nuzzled the back of Bell's neck. "Issat so," he murmured, already liking where this little adventure was going. He let himself be maneuvered under the spray to rinse off, rubbing the soap out of his hair. This was nice. Being all close up like this.

At one point, it would have felt strange, how quickly Daniel flip-flopped to being affectionate, but at this point, he was almost used to it. Maybe that was Daniel's tell; maybe he started getting all snippy and sassy when he was horny. Bell made a mental note; it was something worth keeping an eye on. Besides, it'd be a nice way out for him, when Daniel started getting a little too sassy.

Bell leaned into Daniel and craned his neck for a kiss, then started playing a game of his own: how long could he rub his ass into Daniel until the man got hard? He moved slowly, trying to be subtle in his own way, though at the same time aware that what he was doing was never going to be subtle. "So what kind of games?" he asked, intrigued by the wording. Did Daniel actually have games in mind? Or was it just Daniel's way to suggest they mess around in bed? He smirked, then kissed Daniel again. "The kind that need fuzzy dice?"

Not that they'd need fuzzy dice. He figured their imaginations were more than enough fodder for whatever they were doing tonight.
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Bell’s arms wrapped around his waist, the man snuggling in from behind, body flush against his. It felt nice; steadying, somehow. Secure. Daniel relaxed a little in Bell-boy’s arms, eyes closing again, until the other decided to actually use the shower as it was intended.
Amazing, was it? The sarcasm was almost tangible and Daniel snorted. Lavender was better than sweat and blood, he surmised, reaching up to his hair to lethargically scrub at where the dried blood had dyed his hair a darker shade of blond.

Bell-boy stepped around to wash his back and Daniel was about to settle in for a relaxing scrub when Bell started on cards.
Cards? What would they do with cards?
“…I don’t think we do,” he replied, slightly confused. “Why, you want to play a game?” Daniel fished, slightly curious now. He turned around to face Bell and searched the man’s face, then held his hand up for the soap, “turn around.”

Once he had the soap, Daniel started lathering up Bell’s back, working out the knots and kinks he knew would be there after a day of sitting ram-rod stiff behind the wheel. No matter how much he told Bell-boy, the man couldn’t seem to relax and look around behind the wheel. It was a little dangerous, driving like that, but beggars couldn’t be choosers.

Daniel made sure every inch of Bell’s back had had some attention before stepping up his game and starting on the man’s hair. It was growing like mad, probably because of the warm weather and everything. His too, but Bell-boy usually preferred it shorter. Daniel ran his finger-tips across Bell’s scalp in lazy circles, nuzzling the man’s exposed neck. Who needed card-games when there was this?
“I know a couple of games we can play,” Daniel suggested with a chuckle. “Don’t need no cards for those games though,” he whispered, then playfully tugged at Bell’s earlobe with his teeth.
He carefully pulled Bell with him to stand underneath the spray and rinse out the soap. Physical connection was powerful. Daniel longed for it, felt as if it’d stabilise him into being in the here and now more. It was comforting. Never mind that it was fun. Their verbal communication might be lacking, but their bodies hadn’t ever had any trouble conveying their desires.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 19d 9h 52m 25s
Daniel didn't seem particularly busy when Bell went to join him in the shower. As usual. If Bell wasn't around, he swore. Actually, they'd done fine without him, even used soap, apparently. So did they only act so spoiled when he was around?

Oh well, he supposed that was okay.

The water was nice and hot by the time he joined Daniel, one perk of going in second. He grinned despite everything and pulled Daniel closer by the waist, snuggling him from behind. Now if he'd just stay quiet for a moment and let Bell just hold him, then everything might be okay.

After a moment he pulled away and shifted under the stream of the water, stretching his back muscles so the best ones got massaged. This hotel did water pressure right. It was seriously sweet, having hot water pound into your back like that. Eased out all the pain of having to sit up and drive all day.

Daniel looked a bit like a wet rat; more like one for the lost, distant look in his eyes, like he wasn't sure he belonged here. Not sure whether Daniel was still in his contrary mood, Bell found the soap and started washing him without asking, figuring Daniel could yell at him if it was wrong. A floral, almost grassy smell filled the air, and he frowned and looked at the wrapper. Lavender? He snorted. "We're gonna smell amazing," he informed Daniel, and kept on going.

"Do we have any cards?" he asked, stepping around Daniel to wash his back. They could play spades, hearts, bridge, anything to help Daniel pass the time and not think about drinking. Or watch television, though that sounded kind of boring. He didn't even know what kind of shows were on anymore, and coming in in the middle of the series without any context sounded boring.

He wasn't sure how he was going to keep Daniel in. He had the keys; that was step one. Maybe he'd sleep against the door tonight, give Daniel no choice but to wake him up. But that sounded really uncomfortable. He glanced towards the door, looking past it at Spot. Maybe he could coax the dog into helping. Sometimes he seemed to understand more than a mere animal should.
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A shower would probably be good. Daniel stood, entered the bathroom and stood there for a second, taking everything in. The white was a bit too white, the chrome a bit too shiny, the mirror betraying his state of health. He leaned closer to inspect where the head-injury had been, but the bruise was almost all gone. The ticking of brown nuggets on the floor brought Daniel back to the here and now and he wrestled out of his shirt, kicking off his pants next.

Everything felt delayed. His thoughts felt sluggish and uninspired. Daniel wasn’t even tired -how could he be? He’d slept pretty much all day. Maybe that’s why Bell-boy’s patience was low; the man got to spend his day doing his favourite activity after all. Driving really wasn’t Bell-boy’s thing.

When he was finally stripped bare, Daniel stepped into the shower and started the water. At first it was cold, but soon the shower listened to his ministrations and started producing hot water. Proper hot water too.
The hot water felt nice against his back, gently massaging the muscles that’d gotten sore from sleeping in the car using the door as a pillow. He leaned against the tiles and just let the water take care of things. The only thing he could be assed to do, was brush back his soaked hair from leaking into his eyes.

Daniel caught some of the water by cupping his hand and drank small sips in poor attempts to shake the haze he was in. Probably remnants from the head-injury the goatling hadn’t quite healed yet. Concussions were fickle things.
He wasn’t hungry though.
Just thirsty. And not for water either.

His eyes opened at the sound of another person entering the bathroom. Bell-boy. Just Bell coming to join him. Daniel scrubbed at his face and he blinked around for the soap. He felt a bit unhinged, like he would when Lenny was about to take over and yet, it didn’t quite feel like that. Close, but not quite. He was glad they picked a hotel. If he was going to feel like shit tonight, at least he could do it in style.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 20d 2h 8m 24s
Daniel ate something, at least; it was one bonus of going back inside. Even if it was a single apple. Then again, even Bell was starting to dread mealtimes. Canned meat, canned veggies, canned beans. It was a shitty way to eat, and boring to boot. Even fast food was more fun than this.

As unenthusiastic as Daniel had been about the walk, it really shouldn't have surprised him that Daniel wasn't excited about a shower. He considered backing out of it, but then remembered the lesson from the walk; just because Daniel didn't act like he wanted to, didn't mean he wanted Bell to rescind his offer. He'd offered, so now he had to go through with it, or else Daniel would be insulted.

Was this going to be what things were like from now on? Sex, too, was that going to have to be something Bell offered and Daniel only lethargically agreed to? Maybe this mood was only going to last until he was over the alcohol thing. Hopefully it was only going to last that long. Any longer and he wouldn't be able to take it. Untying his shoes, Bell firmly decided not to offer sex at least until Daniel was over this. That'd just be absolute shit, if Daniel decided to be all wan and uninterested in it. Well... it wasn't like he hadn't seen Landon like that. But at the same time, he was over it. So he'd just avoid it until this had passed.

Spot was the only one who still seemed enthusiastic about anything, Daniel's lack thereof catching. He bounced up at Bell, licking the man's face, and Bell belatedly remembered he hadn't fed Spot dinner. "You go ahead, I'll be right in," he told Daniel, searching the room for Spot's food. They really needed to get a dog bowl, he thought to himself, as he spread one of the pamphlets on the floor as a kind of makeshift bowl for Spot. Or something.

Spot set to eating the bland brown nuggets, and Bell patted his head and finished getting undressed, piling his clothes neatly on a dresser before he went to join Daniel in the shower. Nothing he could do but put up with this mood of Daniel's. He'd just have to do his best.
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 20d 3h 19m 14s
How Daniel felt? Was this one of those added bonuses to being loved and not just merely ‘cared about’? He couldn’t quite recall Bell-boy ever asking the same thing from Lenny, but he wasn’t sure what to make of it either. Or was it guilt still? Over having nearly choked him to death? Love, huh?

Seemed they’d walked a circle, effectively making their previous argument a non-argument.
“Guess so,” he said. Going inside didn’t exactly hold the same appeal it did earlier. Mostly because whenever it was just Bell-boy and him without any distractions, they started to work on one another’s nerves. Or had sex.
Either of the two.
More like, he worked on Bell-boy’s nerves. Nothing he did was right, everything he said was pulled out of context or magnified or examined to tears. Not that knowing said facts made Daniel behave any different from how he usually did.

Daniel followed Bell-boy inside, who made a beeline for their room and wondered what was so special about going inside suddenly that the man wanted it so badly. He closed the door behind and examined their supplies, finding an apple to bite into. Not eating anything could fuck him up just as badly as eating could.
It was about that time where he’d usually sit down and have his first beer, so his body wasn’t exactly pleased about his current choice of food.

A shower, huh? Daniel wasn’t sure. Getting strangled in the shower would be a new experience, he supposed. The way he’d been working on Bell-boy’s nerves without even trying was pretty likely to get him a one-way ticket to unconsciousness. He’d already seen it in the man’s eyes. And that was over something as simple as whether to stay out or go in. Next thing, it’d be accidentally dropping the soap or saying something stupid he’d little to no control over.
“Sure,” he said finally, sighing out.
He sat on the edge of the bed, grazing on the apple and plucking at his laces. Daniel kicked off his shoes and worked his way out of his coat. By that time, the apple was all but finished and he tossed the core into the trashcan.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 20d 3h 41m 34s
What the hell did Daniel want, then? He acted spoiled no matter what. It was like asking a woman where she wanted to eat. Not this, not that, but what [i did] he want? Bell almost wanted to punch Daniel, but guilt quickly stifled that urge. He had. Worse than punched. Just last night. He couldn't. The same as Daniel couldn't drink, he couldn't keep that up.

He was happy? That was good. Still bitter about... he almost laughed. Well, he couldn't expect Daniel to just leave that behind right away. Bell sighed, then shook his head. "No, not--I just wanted to know how you felt about this. How Daniel feels." Was it so weird to ask his boyfriend that?

The road did loop back towards the hotel, as it turned out; it'd just taken longer to get there than he'd expected. Either way, it solved their weird little stay out-go back argument easily enough. Bell yawned and stretched, throwing the empty can into a vacant yard to rust away. "Guess we might as well head back in," he said. Seemed like Spot was finally exercised out, as well.

He didn't know what to do with Daniel. The guy was acting so weird right now--probably because of the alcohol thing. For the next week or so, they couldn't just be lovers; Bell had to watch over Daniel, too, make sure he didn't do anything stupid again. He could tell Daniel was already getting sick of it, to no one's surprise. Bell had never been any good at caretaking, and he didn't expect he'd suddenly become an expert now that he had to do it.

The hotel was nice and cool, after walking around outside and getting warmed up. And now he was reasonably full too, or at least full enough that canned meat didn't sound appetizing anymore. He headed straight for their room and sank down in a chair, tired and not tired at the same time. "What about a shower?" he offered Daniel. They usually liked that, him and Landon both. Or maybe Daniel was just in one of those moods where everything and nothing seemed to set him off, and he'd be better off just leaving him alone. He didn't know.
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