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Daniel not wanting to be kissed just made him want to do it more, a vicious light in his eyes as he watched Daniel struggle helplessly in his grip. Nothing hotter than that. If he wasn't ready to burst, he'd have gotten harder. But damn. He'd do it sooner next time, get Daniel to fight him more.

Didn't want to beg, did he? Well then, they'd just have to hold on and see how long he'd be able to bear it. He felt the way Daniel's body gripped at him, hips thrusting into Bell, clenching down on him. Daniel's pride could only last so long before he gave in and admitted he needed it. Bell waited, toying gently with Daniel's body, sliding his hands over the man's chest, down to where his desire awaited fulfillment. A grin played over his lips, devious. He liked having Daniel all tied up. Couldn't stop him from touching what he wanted to.

Choke him? It wasn't begging, but it was good enough. He reached out and grabbed Daniel's neck, hands clutching gently, not enough to cut off air. Then he thrust deep into Daniel and tightened his grip all at once, making Daniel gasp for air that wouldn't come. He went faster, deeper, harder, chasing down sensation like it was running away from him and staring Daniel in the eyes the whole time, watching him struggle. Pleasure built suddenly, rising up in his thighs. He tried to push it back, hold on just a little longer, but it was impossible. With a deep thrust that let him feel all of Daniel, he gave in, and climax shuddered over him, hot and cold and electric all at once, vision temporarily going white from the force of it.

He let go of Daniel's neck and pulled out, then flopped down onto the bed beside Daniel. Felt good. Felt so damn good. He hadn't felt this good in a while, all tingly and warm and fuzzy inside. The aftermath washed through him, a sea of feel-good that made him just want to lie there and relish in it forever.

Should probably untie Daniel, though. But he kind of didn't want to. Still, he wanted to be held by Daniel. And Daniel needed to get up and go eventually. He sighed and reached up, untying Daniel's closer hand. Daniel could get the other himself, with one hand free.
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It was cold. Fear washed over him, just for a flash, at being abandoned on the bed like that, but Bell-boy's focus was still on him while getting the jelly. And then Bell was back. Daniel knew he should've trusted Bell-boy more, but he still felt grateful the man saw fit to use some form of lubrication at least. Even when he was like this.
There was no pause though, no mercy. All of Bell was thrust inside all at once and Daniel had to grit his teeth to keep from crying out. He still couldn't completely suppress a groan from escaping. It hurt. Hands clawed at his shoulders and Daniel knew that second Bell-boy was struggling to maintain control.

And then Bell-boy started to move. It was rough, but at the same time the burning ache was gratifying. Especially when Bell-boy went deep enough to brush by his prostate. Every thrust he was forcibly pushed a little closer to breaking point.
Kisses. They felt out of place -soft, where everything else felt rough and painful. It almost startled Daniel out of his concentration. Being kissed like that was a worse torture than being catcher without any lubricant.
He turned his head away with a snarl, tugging at the bonds and trying to free his head from Bellwether's grasp.

And then Bell held still.
Daniel's gaze flicked back to the man, breath coming in short gasps. Begging? Honestly, Bell wanted him to beg for it? Didn't look like he needed to though, the way Bell-boy felt inside of him. No. No, if he denied them both, it would be better. Last a little longer.
He was so close though, but if it was over it'd all end.
The pain would end.
He'd stop feeling alive.

Despite that, Daniel's body still wanted satisfaction. He bucked into Bell, clenching down on the man whenever he was given the smallest serving of what he could get.
"Choke me," Daniel finally managed to force out. If Bell-boy choked him while bringing it home, it'd feel extremely good. He wanted that, wanted to feel good. And Bell-boy would di it, right? Because he liked killing the people he loved, liked torturing them, liked seeing that vulnerable side and being in control of them, even their bodies.
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Daniel liked it all of a sudden; no. Loved it. And he loved it too, the way Daniel squirmed and groaned beneath him, sensitive to his touch. Should've known to strangle the guy from the get-go, Daniel had always liked that. The way he strained against the bonds as Bell dipped lower made Bell want it more, his own desire growing at the sight. So Daniel had some fight in him after all. Good.

Daniel's hips bucked into him, the man begging for more. Bell pulled away and licked his lips, then grinned deviously. Wanted it, did he? Bell could see about that. He stepped away and just took in the sight of Daniel for a moment, sprawled out on the bed, bound and marked with his teeth and nails. His grin grew wider; then he stepped away from the bed and grabbed the jelly, only to return a second later.

This time, he made sure to loosen up Daniel enough. Enough it wouldn't bleed, but enough it'd still be nice and tight. He lined up, then shoved in all at once, wanting Daniel to feel him. All of him.

It was almost too much. The heat, the pressure... it wasn't the same when he was on bottom. He paused, clawing into Daniel's shoulders to distract himself, waiting while he regained control--then started to move. This time, he didn't hold back. Daniel wanted it hard, so he'd give it to him hard. Hard and fast and deep, sure he'd be brushing by that place even without aiming for it. He kissed Daniel, demanding the man's lips, hands curled in his hair. So good! How could Daniel feel so good? Bell gasped for air, felt himself near the edge and stopped hard. Not so easily. He wasn't going to let Daniel finish so easy.

"What do you want?" he panted, holding still. "Daniel, what do you want?" He thrusted weakly, shallow little pushes that'd do nothing to satisfy Daniel. It was best when Daniel begged for it. He loved it better than anything. Having Daniel beg when he was all helpless like this... it was perfect. "C'mon, tell me." He nibbled at Daniel's neck, urging him on. He wanted it too, but he wanted to hear it from Daniel, first.
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A slap on the cheek snapped Daniel back to the here and now. Bell-boy wasn't having it, huh? Him being distracted. Daniel's eyes bore straight at Bell-boy, muscles flexing as instinct told Daniel to fight, ward off the hands from slapping him again. Hands closed around his neck and then air came in shorted supply. Daniel bucked, body instinctively struggling to draw breath, but Bell-boy wasn't having it.
Daniel gasped, chest heaving to draw in air it couldn't get.

Light sparked at the periphery of his vision, flashing in the dark of the hotel-room and then grey encroached, leaving him light-headed and floating. Almost enough to make him drift off, except Bell-boy let go. Daniel inhaled instantly, then chuckled, feeling as if he was high. It felt good. Better still when Bell-boy's fingers clawed at his skin, leaving scorching trails across his chest.

The pain pulled Daniel back to the here and now, to what they were doing, but he still felt meek, out of breath. Daniel followed Bell-boy's actions attentively now; when the man sought out sensitive spots that made Daniel squirm. Whenever Bell-boy left to find a new place to terrorize, the old one kept pulsating with a pleasant ache.

It felt good. The pain turned to pleasure and then Bell took him in, hot and warm, but edgy because of his teeth -felt like Bell-boy was in control now and Daniel loved it, craved it. He bucked at Bell-boy's ministrations, but Bell's grip pinned him down, fingernails leaving marks in the sensitive flesh of his thighs.
He wanted it now. Daniel pulled at the bonds, wanting to touch Bell-boy, wanting him closer. Desire burned at his loins, the marks left by Bell on his body scorching reminders of what could be. His breathing came fast and deep, a groan threatening to escape him. Felt so good.
He was getting his foreplay alright.
Daniel couldn't help it; instinct made his hips buck into Bell, wanting to feel more.
"...want...Bell-boy, I want..." A groan interrupted him. "Fuck-" why was Bell so good with his mouth? Daniel squirmed, twitching with pleasure and tense with expectation for what was to come.
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He could tell by Daniel's expressions what he liked, in the perverse way he liked any of this, and what he didn't like. Biting was good, fingering, not so good. He didn't quite like the devious look in Daniel's eyes as he took Bell in, but it was fine. It was more fun when they fought back some. Daniel was all-too-willing, though. It was good in its own way, but he'd have preferred some fight.

It felt real good, nice and warm. Bell started to thrust, holding Daniel's head in place, but even as he started, Daniel's eyes disengaged, a distracted look in them. Then Daniel closed his eyes, and Bell's anger flared. Bell pulled away abruptly, then slapped Daniel's cheek. "Hey!" he snarled. If Daniel wasn't going to pay attention, then what was the point?

Or maybe he was just that bad. He didn't like that either. Hadn't Daniel wanted this? His hands closed around Daniel's neck. He'd make sure Daniel kept all his attention on him! He tightened his grip, eyes narrowing. Daniel wasn't allowed to think of anything else. Anyone else.

He waited until Daniel started to go limp, until he was just about to pass out, then let go. Irritated, he nipped at Daniel's neck, biting the marks where he'd strangled him. His fingernails clawed into Daniel's skin, raking down his body. It wasn't fair. Daniel shouldn't be thinking of anyone else. It wasn't fair, it wasn't fair!

If Daniel wasn't going to pay attention, he'd just make sure Daniel paid attention. He traveled down Daniel's body, nipping at all the delicate parts of his skin, the places on the side of his ribs, up the inside of his thighs. He wanted to give Daniel no other option than to pay him attention. "Don't think of anyone but me," he snapped, then took Daniel in with his mouth. He let his teeth touch, just a little. Give Daniel something to think about what might happen if he didn't just think of Bell. His fingernails dug into Daniel's thighs, holding them apart. Stupid Daniel. Did he want it, or not? Did he like it or not?
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It was curious, seeing Bell-boy like this. In control and at the same time, out of control. Daniel could see Bell-boy was powerful this way and enjoying said power. Pineapples, huh? Bitch. He was still on about that? Daniel smirked, following Bell-boy's path down his body. He hissed when Bell bit at his nipples a little too hard, body involuntarily flinching. It felt good though. Until Bell tried to stick a bone-dry finger up his ass.
Really? That was his only idea of having fun? Dry-rubbing?

It wouldn't feel very good for Bell either; not until he'd start to get an anal bleed to smooth things out. Maybe the goatling would accommodate Bell-boy then, like Bell-goat offered him up before. Daniel cursed. Should've taken the goat's offer way before and gotten laid real good at least once.
Shame Bell-boy's sadistic idea of fun seemed so oriented around sexual organs while there was a whole body to explore.

"What? No foreplay?" Daniel protested, but then there was some foreplay, huh? Bell straddled him and presented him with his dick. So Bell liked to degrade people too? At the very least it was an educating experience. Daniel shivered when Bell's hands twined in his hair and lifted his head.
Bell-boy was wrong to think he was in complete control however. Daniel merely grinned and took Bell in, knowing full-well what would come next: thrusting. But he had teeth. Might as well spice things up a little, see how Bell-boy would react.

Daniel gripped the ropes with his hands, to prevent them from cutting into his wrists too much, tensing his shoulders so he could give some counter-pressure to Bell's hands, but even he knew Bell-boy had the advantage.
It reminded Daniel of how it felt to fuck a woman. They were weak, soft and willing, most of the time. The ones he preferred anyway. Reminded him of his ex already. Daniel closed his eyes instead. He didn't want to be reminded of her. He was with Bell-boy now. And even with his restored sanity, it didn't occur to Daniel that what they were doing wasn't normal.
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Daniel just grinned at him. Oh? He was up for it, then? It was slightly surprising, and at the same time, not surprising. "How do you feel about pineapples?" he suggested for the safeword, smirking right back. Daniel arced up into him, brushing just close enough to feel good, then leaned up for a kiss which Bell gladly returned.

Go for it. Bell's grin widened, showing teeth. Their clothes vanished somewhere along the way, him stripping Daniel out of whatever he had left, wiggling out of his shorts. Daniel's eyes told him how much the man truly wanted this, and then a wrist was offered up. Eagerly, Bell stripped a pillowcase off the pillow and wrapped it around Daniel's wrist, knotting it nice and tight, then tied it to the bedpost. He kissed Daniel's bound arm, nipping a bit down the inside, where the skin was a little softer, then took his other wrist and tied it down on the other side, binding it to the opposite bedpost.

Then he sat back and took Daniel in. Damn, he looked hot, all tied up like that and so utterly, delectably helpless. He dragged his fingernails down Daniel's flesh, watching the way the marks went red, then white, then red again. So pretty. "Wish we had something to play with," he murmured half to himself. It'd be fun to torture Daniel a little more than he could manage with what he had at hand.

He did have his knife. He glanced at his jacket, considering, but then dismissed it. No. He shouldn't hurt Daniel that much. Not when they needed him in fighting fit.

Bell leaned down and nipped at Daniel's flesh, nibbling at the man's nipples just a little too hard. It was sensitive skin; it'd get him for sure. His hands slid down lower, teasing past Daniel's pride, probing gently behind--then he licked his fingers and tried again, not so gently. "Hey, should I just take you right now?" he asked, pushing with his fingers. "Hey, Daniel. Or would you rather use your mouth first, huh? Make me wanna take you hard." He retracted his fingers and scooted up, sitting on Daniel's chest to put himself right within the limited range of Daniel's mouth. He twined his fingers in Daniel's hair and lifted the man's head, grinning madly.
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It wasn't hard to convince Bell-boy to yield. Just a few kisses here and there, some gentle coaxing with his hands and the man was already right where he wanted them; had to have been a pretty good dream then. Bell-boy rolled over and grabbed him, lips pushed together in a fiery kiss. Daniel returned the gesture with gusto, eager to get right where Bell-boy was. A little rough, eh?
Daniel just smirked at Bell-boy, as if to say 'bring it on'. After his role as batter the other day, Daniel rather enjoyed being dominated, left at the mercy of a lunatic -in more ways than one. There was no question about it: Daniel knew he was a masochist.
And Bell-boy was all too happy being the sadist. A little too happy.

Tie him up, huh? Sure.
Daniel grinned, "we need to agree on an safe-word?" He wiggled his eyebrows, but arced into Bell with his hips, a tongue darting by his lonely lips. He leaned up for a kiss, hands and arms still pinned to the bed by Bell-boy's weight and frankly, Daniel didn't want to struggle, even though he could probably overpower Bell. Maybe Bell relied on him being able to defend himself; to stop Bell-boy when he went too far, but Daniel wasn't wired like that.
He liked relinquishing control like that. Enjoyed the serenity of passing out when Bell strangled him.

His breathing was already becoming heavier with anticipation
"Go for it," Daniel invited in the devil. He helped Bell-boy get rid of the clothes that restricted their actions and tossed his shirt somewhere he couldn't see, then offered up a wrist. In the bare light of dawning day, Daniel's pupils were dilated so much his irises were near black. He watched Bell intently, following the man's actions with great curiosity. If Bell-boy tied him, there'd be no way out. No way to stop Bell from having his wicked ways.
There was always the goats though.
Bell-goat wouldn't allow anything to happen to the extent where the goatling was at peril. He trusted Bell-boy though. Trusted the man to stop before it went too far. Just like the other day, after cutting out the essence.
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Daniel's voice cut through the lingering haze of the dream. Bell nodded, then shrugged and shook his head. It wasn't a good dream. He shouldn't enjoy that. It'd just lead to him doing shitty things in real life, too, and that was what worried him the most: that he'd do something to Daniel, something irreversible, and Daniel would leave him.

The bed sunk as Daniel sat down beside him. Stubbornly, Bell refused to acknowledge him, pretending he didn't know anything. Daniel didn't know. Daniel didn't know what he'd been dreaming of. He'd hate it if he knew. Bell was wrong and he knew it, he didn't need Daniel to disapprove as well.

Lips brushed the back of his neck. Bell shivered at the touch and buried his face deeper into the pillow. Shit. Thanks to that stupid dream, he was already at half mast. No way Daniel would want him like this, though. He'd be too rough.

Then again, sometimes Daniel liked it rough.

A hand curled around his chest, pulling him free from the pillow. He shifted, half ticklish, as Daniel's hands roamed his stomach; lips nipped at his earlobes, making him jolt in surprise. The cuts from last night had mostly healed up; all that was left of them were little rough patches where the scar tissue was still healing. Daniel's invitation sounded oh-so-good. And his hands and tongue didn't let up, either. He knew he shouldn't, but it was so hard to tell Daniel no. Especially when he wanted it just as bad. Last night had been fun, but too short. He wanted more.

Bell rolled over at last, giving in. He grabbed Daniel and kissed him, lips wandering down Daniel's neck, hands sliding up Daniel's back, then nipped at the delicate skin there, pulling just a little too hard. "I'm gonna be rough," he warned, letting go to get a good look at Daniel. "If you're not okay with that, then you should probably push me down."

So saying, he climbed up onto Daniel and kissed him. Neither of them were wearing much; he pushed at Daniel's clothes, trying to get him completely naked. "Want me to tie you up?" he offered, reaching for one of the pillowcases. That'd be fun. Maybe a little too much fun.
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A nightmare? Daniel watched for a while longer, contemplating whether or not to intervene, but Bell-boy woke up before intervention became necessary. For a second there was a bewildered look about Bell's face, the kind that Daniel almost wrongly placed as panic before the man struck. A smile filtered through though -and that one he could correctly place: the kind of smile Bell-boy showed whenever he cut just a little too deep, enjoyed his sadistic nature just a little too much.
Bell-boy seemed conflicted about it though.

Daniel capped the bottle he was still nursing and put the water away before approaching the bed.
"Good dream?" he started, ponderously pushing away the mild hesitation he felt at asking a question before breakfast. Lenny had felt insulted Bell-boy would treat him like that, but Daniel hadn't ever cared. So why start now?

Daniel sat down behind Bell, then laid down and pressed his lips against the man's neck. Nice and soft hairs tickled his lips as they met with warm skin. A hand curled around Bell-boy's chest, pulling Bell from suffocating himself into his pillow. Daniel didn't care whether Bell-boy had a nice dream about torturing people for pleasure.

He was feeling more like a repeat of last night, only this time there wouldn't be as much need. And for once his head felt clear, so he'd be able to more thoroughly enjoy what they were up to, rather than having to surrender to his body's wiles. Maybe he could get Bell-boy to top this time. Daniel's fingers roamed Bell-boy's body, tentatively feeling around the injuries to see whether they'd healed up without a hitch while his lips became distracted by Bell-boy's ears. He gently tugged the man's earlobe, nipping at the flesh.

Daniel knew Bell-boy would be in the right mood; the kind that made him take pleasure out of pain -something Bell knew Daniel liked when applied in the right amounts.
"Want to play a little before we need to wake up?" Daniel whispered. "Could make you feel really good?" he offered, letting his tongue guide him down to Bell-boy's collarbones. Daniel took full advantage of Bell-boy's preference for sleeping in just shorts.
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She'd stopped whimpering a while ago and had just passed out, her blood staining the floor from where he'd cut, but her breathing was still even and steady. Not dead. He had to get her close. Close enough to call out the creature, if it was inside, but close enough he could still rescue her.

He lifted his hands and wrapped them around her neck, cutting off that steady breathing. Couldn't he... just a little? She shifted, face contorting even though she was passed out, coming to a little. He clenched tighter, watching her face, waiting, watching. Just a little more. Just a little more. Maybe it would come out this time. Maybe he'd get it right this time. It felt right, this time. It felt right. Maybe this time, he'd be sure.

She shivered, body struggling against him. He smiled a little wider, watching her, feeling as her pulse slowed against his hands. A little more. He was almost there. Any second now, he'd see that creature well up out of her. Or not, and he'd know. He'd know that she was normal, like him. He'd know he could trust her.

Something was wrong. He shifted, looking outside, back at the locked door. His hands fell off her throat, and she gasped for air, but he was distracted. What was it? Something was missing. A cold wind blew, rattling the door and sending a chill down the back of his neck. Footsteps? Did he hear footsteps outside?

Bell shifted in the bed, face contorting a little. He fought his way to awareness, shifting more and more until his eyes finally blinked open. A man. There was a man in the room, watching him. Had he seen her? He'd--

Oh, it was Daniel. Daniel wouldn't report him. He shifted a little and smiled, then curled up and closed his eyes again. He'd been having a good dream. He wanted to see some more of it.

No! No! It wasn't good. It was... about her. It was about her, but it felt good. He frowned at himself and hid his face in the pillow. It was wrong. He shouldn't like it. He knew that, but even so, even so! He couldn't help it.
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It was early when he woke. Daniel could barely make out the silhouettes of what he was looking at; a chair, a desk, some vanity, but soon the furniture's presence started making sense: a hotel. Right, they'd chosen a hotel, because it'd seemed like a better idea with Sam there and them still recovering from their late-night encounter with the hunters. He stretched a little on the bed, feeling pretty damned comfortable. It was too early to be up, but sleep all but evaded him.

He still felt a little weak from dealing with the fever, but his temperature felt balanced for once. Bell-boy was there too, asleep right next to him. The hotel was quiet still at this hour. Everything was peaceful and serene. Nice. Nice and quiet. A little uncomfortable, perhaps, especially considering Daniel preferred the atmosphere to lean on the crowded side rather than quiet, but it was what he needed at that moment. Some serenity was nice every once in a while.

Shifting his foot around solved some of the stiffness in the joints before he could get up and sink through the abused appendage. Eventually though, Daniel got up, unable to sleep any more and a little uncomfortable in the sheets, which were still a little damp from his sweat. He felt more drained than he expected after all that. Wished he had a cigarette. Daniel wasn't much of a smoker, but every once in a while, he felt the need to smoke.

In the dusky light of the early morning, Daniel puttered about the hotel room, raided the mini-fridge for fresh water and watched Bell-boy sleep. The way the light and shadows played across Bell's face and upper toros were particularly appealing. Made him want to touch the man all over again, only this time perhaps with a little but more patience than he had yesterday evening.
He cracked the bottle and drained the bottle in one go. Even after that, Daniel still felt thirsty, so he grabbed a second bottle and took a little more time finishing that one off. Should really go out to the van and get some decent clothes to wear. It was more tempting to get back into bed with Bell, even if it wasn't to sleep, at least to get nice and cozy, maybe charm Bell-boy into having seconds.
His side ought to have dried up by now. Wouldn't take long if it was proper linen.
Still he didn't go back. Watching Bell-boy sleep like this was a rare opportunity.
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Bell nodded. Daniel was definitely tired. No doubt about that one. But it was fine, because Bell was tired too. He hummed at Daniel's reply, just glad to be here with him, comfy and cozy, all coiled up in their bed.

In the space of a few slow breaths, he was asleep. For a while, he felt the car rolling under him, the gentle yaw and roll as it drove down the highway imprinted into his body so he felt it even on the still bed. Then the motion turned into walking, his legs churning under him. Light dappled fallen leaves below him, sifting through tall trees above. He glanced side to side as he walked, wary. Anyone could be out here. Anyone could find him.

No one did. He stepped into the hut and shut the door behind him. Had to make sure it was locked nice and tight. No one could find him. Not yet.

A little noise sounded from ahead of him, and he spun, startled. Oh--nothing. Just her. A little smile spread across his lips, then was banished immediately, and he stepped closer and pushed her hair back, gently, hand hesitant. He didn't know what to do, but he had to know. He had to find out. If she was one of them--he couldn't live on. He couldn't accept it.

She flinched away from his touch, and his frown deepened. He knew. Knew she'd hate him for this. Knew it from the start. But he had to. He [i had] to.

"I have to," he told her. She'd understand. She'd understand. One day, once he was sure, once he'd made it all clear... she'd understand.

He ran a damp rag up her legs, under her shirt, down her arms, making sure she stayed clean. Nothing erotic. Not at all. He didn't feel the slightest thing towards her, only devotion and deepest friendship. Only fear that she'd die, or be hurt more than she needed to be. He didn't want her to die. No. Even if he had to hurt her, he didn't want her to die. Not once had he thought that. She fought, screaming into her gag--probably cursing his name. But it was fine. Anything was fine, as long as he knew she wasn't one of them. And she couldn't break free anyways. He was sure of that.

He found the knife and held it up. "It'll be little cuts," he told her. "Nothing too deep. I promise. I don't want to hurt you, but I have to."

Her eyes were wide. She shook her head, over and over: no, no, no.

"I'm sorry," he told her, honestly. He raised the knife.
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Was he alright? Daniel lazily watched Bell-boy eat, decided it was better than television and killed the machine. The silence was a relief, almost.
"Yeah," Daniel yawned. "Everything's fine."
Bell-boy curled up next to him and closed his eyes. Daniel put an arm around Bell's shoulders and toyed with Bell-boy's hair. "Just tired, still can't believe I fell asleep like that." The dream was still a vivid engraving on his memory. So much ocean. So much blackness.
All that didn't stop him from dozing off again. Bell cuddled a little closer still, nice and warm. Maybe a little too warm, but that was alright. Rather be too warm than too cold anyway.

Daniel fell asleep easily. There was darkness at first, though he was barely aware it surrounded him this time. After a while the dreams became more human. Shreds of the van, shooting hunters. Running from them. Bell getting injured. Blood gushing over his hands. And it was hot. Daniel shifted and fidgeted, trying to get himself untangled from the blankets, but it was difficult.

He started awake on a noise.
A door shut out in the hallway, people shuffling buy, talking softly. Guests. Arriving guests. They were late though. It was still dark out.
Daniel caught his breath, disoriented and feeling parched. Drained. He felt shaky, trying to push up from the bed. Untangling the sheets was easier to do when he wasn't asleep and Daniel stumbled towards the bathroom.

The light was too bright, his reflection dishevelled, cheeks red and hot to the touch. His body was battling the fever alright, or whatever goat's essence remained floating in his body. Hopefully the goatling could handle it. It'd have to.
Daniel splashed some water on his face and drank from the tap. He felt better for it afterwards, more refreshed and awake. Still tired, which was only fair given it was still dark and the middle of the night.

At least he wasn't returning to an empty bed.
Daniel reached out for Bell-boy and curled up to the man, shivering to warm the bed back up. He didn't think sleep would come as easy a second time, but it did. It was a lighter sleep, just a doze, that only gradually deepened into a heavy, healing sleep.
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Daniel brought the pizza over, and Bell sat up immediately. He smelled food! He reached out and grabbed his box, then sat behind Daniel to ignore the television while he scarfed up pizza. Tasted like heaven.

"I dunno," he managed through a mouthful of pizza. It was pretty much perfect, though. This whole situation. No girls, plenty of affection, pizza, plus he got to play with Daniel a little bit while he was unconscious. The perfect date. He snuggled up to Daniel, stealing a little bit of the cuddling he'd been cheated out of earlier.

What the girls were doing? Bell shrugged. He couldn't give less of a damn. "Who knows," he said. Hopefully they weren't getting caught, but aside from that, they could do whatever. "Eating dinner, probably." So saying, he took a big bite from his pizza and smiled. Turned out it didn't matter if Sam approved of pizza or not, because Sam wasn't eating tasty pizza with them!

The bed shifted beside him, and he turned to find Daniel setting his pizza box down on the side and laying back. He looked a little troubled, but by what, Bell couldn't say. And honestly, who knew? Their lives were full of trouble. Anything could be bothering him. "Everything okay?" he tried, taking another bite of pizza. He was rapidly getting full, though, and after one last slice, he set the box on top of Daniel's and laid back. Time to get to sleep.

He curled up next to Daniel and closed his eyes, dozing while he waited for Daniel to reply. He was so tired. Now that he'd fucked, and eaten, and slept, he was good to sleep. And then he'd be perfect, all those base needs seen to comfortably. He yawned and peeked at Daniel, then cuddled closer. It was nice when they could just... be, like this. When nothing was baring down on them. It wouldn't be like this again for a while. Not until after they finished the hunters off. Thinking about it just made him more determined to kill the hunters, and as fast as possible, too. The sooner the hunters were dead, the sooner the girls were gone, the sooner they could just relax and kill goats. He was looking forward to it.
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