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Shit was this the right move? Bellwether was moving Daniel and thankfully the man was too out of it to feel much of anything, but Cat knew it had to hurt. The way Daniel's leg moved, the way the blood almost instantly stained Bellwether's clothes. This was wrong. In so many ways. She couldn't help but shiver at the size of the blood-stain left on the asphalt. The woman was left behind shocked and afraid. Part of Cat cheered for Bellwether, another part was afraid, very much afraid. Her hands were cold and she had trouble holding back the tears. What if Bellwether was just as crazy as Daniel was?

She got in and numbly took her spot in the back. Spot seemed to realize what was going on, trying to get to Daniel, but Cat held the dog back. He'd just make things worse. Infections and such.

"Where are we going? Should we- What does he need?" Cat blubbered, running her sleeve by her nose and eyes. Whatever he needed, it had something to do with the knife. Bellwether drove like a mad-man, to somewhere remote.
Was he going to sacrifice Spot? Or even her?
It never occurred to Cat that there might be a reason they had invited her to come with them.

Instead of any of that, however, when Bellwether finally stopped the truck, he put the knife to his own throat.
"What? Wait, wait- what're you doing?" Cat cried out. She was in the back however and Spot was on Daniel's side, so she'd have to round the car to get to Bellwether. No way. No way they were both leaving her alone with their corpses. That was just too much!
"Don't kill yourself!" Cat screamed. She finally managed to get out of the car, followed closely by Spot.

And then it dawned on her; he was like them too, wasn't he?
Cat stalled in her tracks.
Bellwether was one of those creatures too. Daniel wasn't one, he was only part of one and that had been Bellwether's fault. It all clicked. But why would he be killing his own kind? Cat put her hands to her mouth, tears still overflowing. What could she do? She didn't want Daniel to die either and Bellwether obviously had a solution.
Even if that meant killing himself -killing himself like her parents had been killed. It'd bring out whatever was inside of him.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 15d 21h 44m 7s
Daniel was breathing. He was breathing. It was okay. Bell could fix it. Familiar blackness bubbled out of the mess that was his body, the goatling trying to fix what it could. Could it fix it all? He didn't know. But he was ready to step in if it couldn't. He watched closely, afraid to look away.

Bell. His name. He blinked, acknowledging it without looking away. Cat. Right, Cat was here. Ambulance. Hospital. He was so badly injured, he probably--

The words soaked through at last. Hospital. Shit! He gave Cat an alarmed look, then scooped Daniel up, cradling the man's head against his body. They had to get out of here fast!

"Sir! You really shouldn't move him!" the woman protested. Bell paid her no mind. Moving as carefully as he knew how, he carried Daniel to the car and set him in the passenger's seat, then climbed into the driver's seat. Keys. His hands were shaking; he looked at them, willing them to stop shaking. Red. Blood. His hands were soaked in blood.

"Sir!" the woman snapped, suddenly at his window.

Bell spun and glared at her ferociously. She backed away instinctively, eyes widening with fear. "I'll take him there myself," he snapped. A lie. He had somewhere better. Something better.

He turned the key, found the gas. The car tore off down the road, zooming away from the site of the accident. Cars honked as he merged back in, his motions a little erratic; he was shaking Daniel, he had to be more gentle. Bell took a deep breath. Gentle. Careful. He lowered his speed and fell in line with the other cars.

For a while he just drove, just trying to get away--but no, he'd need more than that. Somewhere to hide. A turn-off down the road presented him with a lonely, wooded passage, and he took it. The road winded and turned, pot holes bumping them from beneath, an occasional residence along its length the only break in the woods that surrounded them. There was a turn-off, a small flat area by the side of the road, and he took it, pulling the car into the nook to park.

"Watch Spot," he told Cat, climbing out of the car. He crossed to Daniel, gave the man a quick once-over. The goatling didn't seem to have enough strength. It wouldn't be able to heal him. Bell gritted his teeth. There was no time to waste; with every second, Daniel bled out. He raised the knife to his throat.
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Pain. Cold, searing pain. It coiled around him, wound tight and wouldn't let him go. Darkness followed. It was slow at first, lethargic almost, but then it found what kept the shell from thriving and mended the damage. It didn't see use for mending it all at this point in time. There simply weren't enough reserves present to perform that feat.

Daniel drew breath, a soggy, wet breath. Blood leaked from his lips, weak coughs expelling what blood blocked his oesophagus, followed by an instinctive sound representing pain. His leg burnt, so did his face. The goatling wasn't finished.
His innards shifted as if having a will of their own, resettling in their respective place at an excruciatingly slow, but steady pace. And it hurt.
God, it hurt. Daniel's eyes fluttered, but he didn't gain consciousness.

Cat watched it all, unable to tear her eyes away. Daniel looked so lifeless, but that was only for a second and she wasn't sure which she preferred. It was like watching a corpse come back to life, shifting and moving -no...being moved by something that wasn't of this world.
Finally he stopped moving, but he wasn't awake. Or healed.
Not by far.
She could tell by the unnatural angle of his leg that it was still broken and there was blood everywhere. So much blood.

The woman that had hit Daniel seemed to be in the same position, only she kept on the phone, presumably with emergency services -Daniel was getting his way regardless it seemed.
Cat snapped to at that. Bellwether hadn't thought it was a good idea to do that, even though Daniel might have benefitted from a trip to the hospital.

"Bell!" Cat started, finding her voice and exiting the car. Unlike Daniel, she watched the traffic and came over. She kept her eyes focussed on Bellwether, because she couldn't face Daniel.

"...-we shouldn't move him, are you listening?" the woman started at Bell, but like Cat, she was scared to face the road-accident Daniel had become more closely than she already had.

"Ambulance -they'll be taking him to a hospital..."
What did he need the knife for?
A mercy-killing?
Daniel's breathing didn't sound healthy, but he was still alive. That thing inside of him, it could heal him, right? Daniel said he couldn't die. He couldn't. Cat wiped away the tears that were threatening to escape her eyes.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 16d 26m 31s
Daniel put the keys in his hand. Bell clenched them tight. They were safe. At last, they were safe. Daniel couldn't hurt himself or anyone else now. "Yep, I'll drive," Bell promised.

He unstrapped the seatbelt and started climbing out. Daniel wasn't moving, just sitting there staring straight ahead, holding tight to the wheel. Who knew what the hell was going on in his head? But it didn't matter anymore. Before he could say anything, Daniel started to move, climbed out of his seat. Bell smiled and crossed around the front of the car. Everything was going to be okay after all.

A car swerved past them, shouting something. Bell glared. They were just switching seats, damnit, couldn't the cars give them a little more room? Jeez. And then he rounded the corner and saw Daniel. The man was walking out into the middle of the lane as calmly as could be, like he was going for a walk in the park. Like he didn't see the car barrelling down on him. Bell's heart leaped. He jumped out, drawing on everything he had; Cat screamed, tires squealed. There was a low, meaty thump, an awful, metal-glass-and-plastic crunch. Bell stepped out into the road too late. Daniel was gone.

The car slammed on its brakes. "It wasn't me! He just walked right out in front of me!" the driver shouted. She clenched her fists, her stomach working. She felt like she was going to puke. How could she--had she killed him? But he'd just--stepped right out in front of her! It wasn't her fault!

Bell couldn't hear her. Couldn't hear anything, not the cars whooshing past, not Cat, not Spot, just--silence. Daniel laid on the pavement, lifeless, so utterly still he couldn't possibly be alive. His body was crumpled, one leg clearly broken, his shoulders hunched. Blood smeared across the pavement from where he'd slid. Bell crouched down and touched Daniel's shoulder, rolled him over. His face was bloodied; the parts where it was even recognizable as his face were, at least. He looked like something out of a horror show. Bell watched, even as tears blurred his vision, blinking them away and watching, waiting. Please--the goatling, it had to save him. His hand reached for a coat that wasn't there, and he turned back towards the car. His knife. He needed his knife. If the goatling wasn't enough--

"Do you have insurance? I--I called an ambulance," a woman said. Bell stared at her, uncomprehending, then moved past her, back towards the car. Cars zoomed past, some of them slowing to rubberneck, others honking as they had to swerve around the woman's car.

"Is he okay? He--he just--" Cat looked like she was about to cry, hands clenched tight in Spot's fur. Bell ignored her, reached in the back of the truck and pulled his coat out. There it was. His knife.

He walked back to Daniel and knelt down beside him. "Hey, listen to me!" the lady insisted. Her voice was on the brink of breaking. Why? She'd hit Daniel. She was the reason Daniel was--

No. Daniel was the reason. They had to fix this somehow.

If there was still anything left to fix.
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 16d 53m 15s
It was a lie, if anything. Where they needed to go wasn't where Daniel needed to go, but at that point he was just so utterly confused and lost, it was easier to give up and surrender. That and the young girl in the back seemed to be giving him encouraging nods, suggesting it was fine. More than that was the relief, which was blatantly written on her face, like a flashing neon sign.
They were scared if he drove.

Daniel took the car's keys and pulled them from the ignition, depositing them in the man's -Bell-boy's- hands. Because this was Bellwether, wasn't it? Even if he could recognize the man, who else would remember that much? It seemed logical, but logic wasn't at the forefront of his mind right then.
He nodded slowly.
"You drive," Daniel said, looking at himself. He was in the wrong seat for that. Yeah, he'd need to switch. Get out the car.

Cars whooshed by. Tempting. If he got hit, an ambulance would come and pick him up -there'd be injuries already too; it'd make things easier on the doctors if he just got himself in an accident. No need to find out where they were going.
And he wouldn't be hurting anyone else. Maybe just a driver.

Daniel held the steering wheel for a while longer before nodding to himself, patting the wheel. He stepped out stiffly, closing the door behind.
The girl gave him a weird look -suspicion? Paranoia? Was that just him, or what?
Daniel turned, facing the road. His heart beat in his chest, adrenalin pumping. If he waited too long, the man would try and stop him, as any humane person would. He kind of wished the girl wasn't watching.
He stepped forward. The first car swerved out of his way, honking its horn loudly. Some faint screaming of a man, something about being a blind moron -probably fairly accurate.

Several things flashed by in his head, all at once. Pain, for one, especially in his hand, the places where Robert had them broken with meticulous patience. Bell-boy holding him, restraining him, the faded orange or their room setting the tone and then reality was warping around him, folding and contorting.

Another car came at him, straight at him, and Daniel looked the driver in the eye. The next he was gone.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 16d 1h 22m 8s
Daniel was 'fine.' Ha, that was a joke, but Bell wasn't laughing. He was too busy trying not to look as worried as he felt. Just because Daniel couldn't die didn't mean he couldn't get hurt--and same for Bell. He didn't want to deal with that again. And Cat--she was just an innocent. She had nothing to do with any of this. "I don't want to see you get hurt," he muttered, just loud enough for Daniel to hear. As if he cared. Bell was no one to him right now. Literally no one. He didn't even know how he was supposed to get through to Daniel, how to make him see reality. If there was a way.

Aside from the obvious: put him back on his meds. But as obvious as it was, it was just about an impossibility. The best idea he'd had so far was to have Daniel call up Lily, ask her for the meds, but he didn't know if he could talk Daniel into that as 'no one,' or if Daniel would remember Lily's number or recognize her when she spoke. He hadn't accounted for the possibility of losing Daniel like this. It'd never happened before.

Daniel pulled over suddenly; the whole car seemed to breathe a breath of relief. Bell reached out for Daniel, then retracted his hand. Daniel didn't want to be touched by him. All he could do was wait.

In the end, Daniel turned to him, hands shaking, eyes lost. Eyes that still didn't recognize Bell. His heart ached, physical pain striking deep in his chest, but he put on a fake smile and held out a hand for Daniel to take. "If you don't know, then why don't you let me drive?" he offered gently. "I can get us where we need to go."

It was probably a lie. He had no idea where they needed to go. Daniel needed his meds, but a hospital wouldn't get him jack shit aside from a whole bunch of questions they didn't need and a bill they couldn't pay. But at least if he was driving, he could keep everyone safe and Daniel could rest, maybe take a nap, and maybe when he woke up, he'd recognize everyone again. Bell didn't have much hope, but it was his only bet.

And he wasn't about to let anything else happen. Although he was relaxed on the surface, he was coiled up tight underneath, ready to leap if Daniel reached for the keys again or made any sudden movement. If it took a stiff blow to the head to keep everyone safe, then Daniel was going to have to grit his teeth and bear it.
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 16d 2h 18m 32s
"We never got pulled over before," Daniel argued, "and we never wore seatbelts -I don't even fucking think I can die if I tried," he snapped, shooting 'Bell-boy' a look that said 'want me to try?' Ask for directions, right. Because Bellwether liked people so much he wanted to stop and ask them questions, raise suspicion that way, get them arrested or worse. No way.
It wasn't smart. Lenny had done that in the beginning, hadn't he? That naive kind of thinking?
"I am fine, so stop treating me like I'm not," Daniel countered. So why was he so angry then? So riled up?

Cat's expression was one of fear. Daniel recognized that look in her eyes. It was exactly like back then, Alice in the back, Lily talking, right there in the passenger's seat and she hadn't had a clue on what was going on. No clue whatsoever.
And then when he woke up in the hospital, they'd said the road was bad, he'd lost control over the wheel, but that wasn't the case. He hadn't forgotten, despite of the injuries.

Daniel had tried to kill them all, that's what. And it'd been a deliberate attempt, so was the second time, but Lily hadn't been around for that one. Alice had.
He tore his eyes away from Cat's face and focussed on the road instead. The mechanical actions of driving calmed him down to a certain extent. Though he was a little bit too late, or a little bit too early each and every time.

Maybe the man was right, maybe he ought to relax, calm down.
Daniel drove aimlessly, taking random turns, filtering into random roads, making sure never to circle around however. Did this town even have a hospital? People drove on the opposite side of the road, for one. America. He did remember ship-goat. If this man knew about that he could only be one out of three people: Bell-goat, sinewy-goat or the ship-goat itself. And the latter had died in the grind of the freighter's engines.

He didn't need a surgery, did he? He needed a prescription.
Daniel wasn't sure how long he'd taken to realize that, but once he did, Daniel pulled over and stopped the truck. He buried his face in his hands, sitting back.

Cat let out the air she was holding. Even Spot relaxed a tad.

Nothing was familiar. Not Bell, not the girl in the back, or the dog, but Daniel knew he shouldn't play with their lives this way. His own might be better off erased, but it would be selfish to give in and murder someone over his confusion.
He looked at the man, pulling his hands away -Bell, this was Bell-boy, probably.
"I don't know where we are or we need to go...I -just," Daniel swallowed thickly. His hands were shaking. He was just lost.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 16d 13h 32m 11s
Bell retreated, surprised at Daniel's sudden violence. None of that, huh? Daniel really didn't recognize him. It kind of hurt, but right now, he couldn't be arsed to care. He had to keep all of them alive before he could worry about his feelings. But speaking of on earth could he try and convince Daniel to put on his seatbelt? "I trust you, first, right? You'll get pulled over if you don't wear it." That sounded good, right? Maybe he'd buy it.

And then they were off like a rocket. Bell gripped tight to his seat, belts suddenly the last of his worries. Holy fuck, they should've left Cat behind. He could survive, Spot would be fine, Daniel was probably okay, but Cat was going to be fucking murdered.

They made it into the road somehow. He was suddenly glad that it was still early out, because this way, at least there were fewer people for Daniel to run into. He watched Daniel nervously. Could he do anything? Should he? It might not help. Might even hurt, make Daniel drive even more crazy.

"No, it's not that," he lied. He was absolutely terrified that they'd crash, but Daniel wasn't going to listen to that, was he? "But you know, we should probably stop and ask for directions?" He didn't know, it might work.

"I've got no idea where it is, Daniel, I'm not a fucking GPS," he said, trying to be lighthearted. Maybe he could lighten the mood. "Let's stop and ask, huh?"

"I'm right here. I am here," he tried, then immediately gave up on that tactic as the truck swerved off the road, tires bumping along the rocks at the edge of that road. "You shouldn't go because--" Because the hospital wouldn't help, only hurt, no matter how he looked at it. Yeah, and Daniel was going to buy that when he was nuts. He didn't know what to do, so he shook his head. Fine, he'd just wing it. "Because you're fine, you're perfectly fine, okay? Just calm down."

He took a deep breath. Next time, he hid the damn keys. If they weren't in the car, he'd just tie Daniel down, but no, they had to put everyone's life in danger. He took a deep breath. How the fuck was he supposed to defuse this?
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 16d 21h 14m 48s
Slow? No rush? Why didn't it need to come out? It was bad, disgusting, it was just unnatural. And this man was opposing the idea -not too strongly though. But if it was Bell-boy, then why? At least he wasn't trying to stop him either. Daniel wasn't sure what he'd have done, but it wasn't anything young little girls should bear witness to.
They buckled in. Why?

Daniel narrowed his eyes at the man, especially when he started to pull up his belt.
"What the -if you don't trust me, just fucking say so," Daniel snapped, catching Bell-boy's wrist. He was invading his personal space. It was threatening.
Daniel stared at the man, hard.
"Don't touch me," he growled, pushing the hand away and hit the gas. The belt wasn't locked in and Daniel wrestled it back out of the way, his actions angry and volatile.

The truck shot forward, leaving Spot to scramble for purchase and Cat glad for having worn the belt. This wasn't good. It dawned on her that she should've just waited in the house rather than force herself to come along. That way, Bellwether could convince Daniel everything was fine when the man came down from whatever madness held him in its grips and come back for them.
They wouldn't leave their dog, would they?
That'd be cruel. Even Bellwether wasn't that cruel -they'd picked her up, after all.

It was reasonably quiet on the road, but it didn't matter. Stop for the lights, turn left, match speed; everything felt familiar. The truck reacted like he expected he would, so this was definitely his car. How the hell did he end up with this piece of crap though?
There was a dent in the front.
Daniel remembered running the truck off the road.

Maybe that's why they were scared.
Because he'd already crashed the truck before once.
"Won't crash, you know? I'm not drunk," Daniel soothed the man. He could see the fear in the young girl's eyes. Her gaze was focussed mostly on the man who'd said to be Bellwether.
A hospital.
He needed to find one.

It shouldn't be that hard to recognize where one was.
"Don't you know where it is?" As if they would be any help. 'Bellwether' had even suggested it wasn't necessary he go, that the blackness was fine to stay.
"Why would you say I shouldn't go? How is that -Bell wouldn't...he'd be there." But he was there. Daniel's expression was troubled for a second and the truck veered off to the side while he was distracted. He pulled the truck back on course before anything could happen.

Cat sat ram-rod straight, hands clenched into the pillows of her seat, eyes wide. This wasn't going to end well, was it? This was it. She'd had her final meal and indigestion and now she was going to die.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 16d 21h 53m 41s
Daniel was crying. Bell rubbed his back, not sure what to do. It was awkward, everything about this was. The angle, his hold, the hesitant way Daniel hugged him back--and the last of those was the worst of all, because it made it clear that Daniel still wasn't sure of who he was. "It doesn't need to come out. It's fine, you're fine," he soothed, though he didn't expect Daniel would understand him, or listen. The man was on another planet right now, and fuck knew how he'd gotten there.

Cat returned with their stuff. He glanced back to confirm it, but it looked like she had grabbed his coat, too. Good.

Get in? But then he'd have to let go of Daniel, and he really wasn't sure that was a good idea. Nor was it a good idea to let Daniel drive. "You sure you can drive? I can drive, if you'd rather," he offered. Make it easier to drive in circles until Daniel got over this episode that way, too.

He shot a look at Cat when she spoke up. And what part of this looked like okay? Luckily, by the expressions on her face, she worked it out all on her own.

Fine? He didn't look fine. But then again, what was the chance Bell was going to be able to talk him down from this? He'd been adamant about it so far. Adamant, but surprisingly lucid. Maybe he'd be okay to drive. And hell, what were the odds he'd actually find a hospital when he couldn't even recognize Bell? He turned his head to try and catch Daniel's eyes, but the man wouldn't do it, wouldn't even give him that much recognition. Still didn't know who he was?

At least he was okay with Bell coming now. "Okay," he said, reluctantly releasing Daniel. He walked around the front of the car, figuring that a few broken bones would be worth not losing Daniel, then climbed into the passenger's seat. "Take it slow," he said, in as soothing a voice as he could manage. "We're in no rush."

For the first time in a while, he actually buckled his seatbelt, and gave Cat a meaningful look in the rearview mirror until she caught on and followed suit. Once he was buckled in, he reached out and started to work the driver's side belt past Daniel's arm and over his lap. They were all in danger with Daniel driving, but he'd do what he could to keep them safe.
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 17d 10m 34s
Of course the man would say yes. Daniel didn't react -didn't know how to, so when the door opened, he let himself be hugged. There was strength behind the hold. Daniel wasn't sure, confusion overflowing into tears and what the fuck? Why was he such a mess?
"It just needs to come out," he muttered, one arm winding around Bell-boy to return the hug, awkward and hesitant.
"I didn't forget, I never forget..." Daniel argued, eyes flicking from Bell to out the window, to the dog wagging its tail, waiting to be let in and back to the house. Cat was tossing things out the window and followed them out before picking everything back up.
Without batting an eye, she opened the back door of the truck and started to put her things in there.

"We're...we're going," Daniel tried, blinking rapidly.
This was Bell-boy, right? Right.
That was good, that made it easier to find the man after everything had been said and done. Even if it'd be Lenny afterwards, they'd know Bell-boy for who he was and the man was going to help -he'd promised.

"Get in," he managed finally, looking at Bell. His eyes never quite met Bellwether's. As if he was scared to find something else entirely. Scared of not being able to recognize the man for who and what he was no more.

The young girl made herself comfortable in the back, patting the seat to lure in the dog, who really didn't need any additional arguments for getting inside.

"Are you okay?" Cat asked, brow furrowed. She'd been angry at first, but now she was suspicious. Usually Daniel was all mischief and grins. Now he was withdrawn and skittish. It didn't smell like alcohol, so the man wasn't drunk.
One self-conscious look at Bellwether made Cat mouth a cautious 'oh'. She'd interrupted something again, though this was probably less embarrassing for her, it was no less so for Daniel and Bellwether.

"Get in, I'm fine -I will be fine," Daniel promised Bell. He didn't care who or what accompanied him, as long as he made it to his destination. Wherever that was. The street hadn't turned familiar for one second, though the truck still was.
Daniel ran his hands over the wheel, then shot a shy look at Bell.
"Well, are we going?" It'd be better once they got on their way.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 17d 33m 56s
Robert, not Richard? Bell stared for a second, then shook his head. Yeah, he'd meant to say Robert. Had he not? Whatever. Daniel should know those were things that only the two of them would remember, right? "It's me," he tried again, however futile it might be. Daniel had to recognize him. He had to.

Daniel hesitated, then allowed for Bell to come. Bell nodded, still grim, but forced his fake smile to stay up. Daniel hadn't recognized him, had he? Still hadn't called him by name. And he was still set on going to the hospital, which was a terrible idea. But at least he'd bargained his way into coming with. Maybe he could run damage mitigation at worst, or talk Daniel into letting him drive and get this all taken care of.

"Grab mine, too!" Bell shouted after Cat. In his rush, he'd left his pants and coat upstairs. Couldn't leave those behind.

"Yes, I'm really Bell," he said, somewhere between annoyed and relieved. He hesitated, then ran to the driver's side door and opened it, reached inside and just hugged Daniel tight. "It's really me. Don't scare me like that!" He shook his head and gripped Daniel tighter. "Jeez. How'd you forget who you were sleeping beside after last night?" He'd have thought it'd be pretty clear, with all that.

"Do you know where you are? What we're doing?" he asked, still holding on. At this point, he was afraid to let go of Daniel. "Well...I mean, we're not really doing much right now, but..." he shrugged. He had no idea what was going on in Daniel's head, and it scared him. More than he wanted to admit. What if he hadn't woken up? What if Daniel had left just a moment earlier? What if Cat hadn't woken him up?

They couldn't keep doing this. Next time, Daniel might hurt himself, or disappear before he could do anything about it. Maybe Daniel was right. Not in that they had to go to the hospital, but right in that he needed treatment. They needed to get him his medicine, somehow. This wasn't something Bell could handle anymore. Not that it had ever been, but it wasn't even possible anymore.
  kaitoXi / 17d 2h 51m 5s
The guy was Bell? Daniel blinked, confusion mounting. What? How? Why couldn't he recognize Bell-boy for who he was then? What was wrong with him? It was easier not to entertain that what the man said was the truth. But the guy seemed to know about the disgust, didn't seem weirded out about the blackness inside of him.
Paperwork? Help? Oh, yeah, if he'd be cut into at the hospital he'd need help. One of Daniel's hands left the wheel. His head hurt.

How could he forget? Mr Pan was the guy who revealed Bell-boy was a goat, had killed the man for what probably hadn't been the first time.
"Robert...Richard never did that," Daniel blinked. Or maybe he had. Shit, so many people went after the hands, fuckers. Daniel recalled the facility, being drugged up, so maybe something had happened there. Fucking hunters.

Daniel didn't know. He didn't know what to do no more.
"Fine..." Hesitation. "Fine. You can come along, just shut up." Memories popped up he didn't want to remember at all. It hurt his head to recall them and Daniel still didn't recognize this man as Bellwether, even if he seemed to have Bell-boy's memories. Seemed to remember a lot. Daniel rubbed at his eyes, trying to push back the headache.

It'd seemed so simple at first.
Just go to the hospital, get fixed, get home and then. And then...
And then what?
He'd be fine to go back to Bell-boy? But how? How was he even going to find out where Bell-boy was then? He wasn't in his right mind, that's what the guy had suggested. Maybe he wasn't. He wasn't thinking clearly.
Who else could know all those things?
If this was really Bell-boy, it'd be logical for the man to accompany him to a hospital, right? It'd be fine. Made searching easy.

"Wait, what?" Cat started. "You're...leaving? You're just leaving us here?" Spot whined from his spot, putting his paws on the window-opening and clawing his way out of the house.
"Wait, let me just get my things-" Cat promised.

Daniel blinked, hand now shaking.
He wasn't okay to drive, was he? They'd been travelling, the four of them.
"You're really Bell?" He had to entertain the possibility that it was all in his head.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 17d 13h 35m 53s
Yeah, okay, Daniel was [i not] okay. He furrowed his brows; [i Bell] was...? It was wrong, but... why refer to him in the third person? Ha, he was right; Daniel wasn't seeing him. But... rather than seeing him as some awful apparition or nothing at all, he had no idea who Daniel was seeing him as. A stranger?

Shit, the hospital? That'd raise all kinds of questions Bell didn't really want asked, from the 'what the hell is this shit' level of finding goat-stuff in Daniel to the mundane of 'how the hell are you in this country.' Good thing he'd caught the madman.

"No, listen, Daniel, it's me, it's Bell," he tried. "I'm not disgusted, okay? How could I even be disgusted? It's my fault--" he glanced at Cat, then decided he didn't give a shit. "It's my fault it's in there in the first place. I don't think it's gross or anything. You don't need to go to the hospital or get it cut out. It's fine. I still love you. Don't you know that?"

Pay him? What the hell? "You don't owe me anything, Daniel, it's me. It's Bell," he said. What was he supposed to do? Daniel was calm now, but he didn't tend to stay that way. "Look--just let me come with you, okay? Can't hurt anything, right? You want someone there to... to help you with the paperwork and watch your shit, right? Just let me come with you. Please, Daniel."

He didn't know what else to do. There was no way to be sure his words were getting through. Dammit! He shouldn't have fallen asleep! Before that, he should've taken the keys back! At least Daniel wasn't going to get drunk, but he'd almost prefer that to this Daniel who didn't know who he was. At least if Daniel were going to get drunk, he'd have something to build off, something to--to talk him down with. Like this, it was just... it was just... he didn't even know. Like talking to a stranger. Why should Daniel believe him, after all? He couldn't recognize Bell.

Well... wait. Daniel seemed to be able to hear him, right? "Do you remember the ship? Ship-goat? Um, Mr. Pan? Richard, the guy who broke your hand? You remember him, right? Where I ended up in the hospital in a coma because--because they screwed with me too much? You remember that, right? It's me, Daniel, it's Bell. Please, don't go. Or let me come with you." He met Daniel's eyes, hoping to see some spark behind the fog.
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 17d 21h 30m 40s
Daniel hit the brakes instinctively. What the hell? Did the guy have a death-wish?
"What the fuck?" Daniel rolled down the window and furrowed his brow. Stop? What for? He was just -he was just... Before he could form a coherent thought, the man started asking him to please stop. Well, at least the guy was polite about it.
He seemed familiar.

Like the girl back in the house had been, the way the entire house had been, including the dog. An uncanny kind of familiar.
Rather than the initial panic, the man managed to wrestle forth a smile and Daniel wasn't sure what to think of that, or what to do. Impatient hands shifted gears back to one. He'd have to pull back up if he wanted to get anywhere, but he obviously couldn't hit the guy. Maybe -back up?

He'd drive him?
What kind of offer was that?
"I'm...not in my right mind?" What kind of assumption was that then? Confusion was paramount, washing over him and settling down, leaving Daniel uneasy and uncomfortable. The man's smile didn't match his body-language at all. He was tense, desperate maybe?
What, desperate to drive him places?

"I don't -I'm fine, not...fine, but I'm going to be," Daniel tried reasoning with the man. "I'm just going to the hospital and they can cut it out and it'll be fine, Bell won't be disgusted no more." Because that was the important thing.
"It''ll be fine," he smiled. "Just, please step aside," Daniel instructed. He couldn't leave with the man still stood there. The way the car was parked around back meant there was a wooden fence at the back. He was effectively boxed in.

From the window, the young girl was looking at the two of them. This was ridiculous.
"Look, pall, I don't know what our deal is, or was, but I'm sorry okay? If...I'll pay anything I owe you," Daniel offered. What had he been doing here? What he could see of the street from this vintage point was unfamiliar and foreign.
He felt alone.
No. No, they'd figure out who and where he was at the hospital and then his mom could come and fetch him and everything would be fine. She'd hold him, comfort him and it'd be Lenny again. That's how it worked.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 17d 21h 47m 8s

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