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His unspoken invitation got him both Bellwethers and Daniel almost smirked at the prospect of being lathered up on both sides at the same time. That’d be something. Like Bell-boy however, Daniel felt too tired to actually comment on their situation. Instead, Daniel fiddled with the knobs to get some nice hot water running and breathed a sigh of relief when the water finally reached a pleasant temperature.
“Feel shitty, but I’m not seeing stuff that doesn’t belong,” Daniel said, giving Bell-boy a wry smile.

“It’ll pass,” he eased Bell’s mind. Soon he’d back to his old bubbly self, annoying the stuffing out of Bell-boy at any given chance. Even though it felt as if reality still hadn’t quite stabilised, at the very least the fog had cleared some. Daniel brushed his wet hair back and stepped back to let one of the Bellwethers enjoy the spray. Considering Spot now had the soap, Daniel gave the man a look.

“I’m sorry about last night,” he confessed.
It wasn’t often his head was so out of the game he’d interact with his delusions unwillingly. Changing routine probably messed everything up on his end. With Bell-boy back, there was no longer the sleep, work, eat-drink, routine. Now it was just whatever, whenever. At least they could drive and sleep in shifts. Daniel was kind of looking forward to napping some more, provided of course sleep was an option.
Hid body was extremely likely to have other ideas regarding sleep.

Daniel put his hands flush against Bell-boy’s back and kissed the man behind the ear. They might not always get along, but Bell-boy was there when he needed him most and that’s what mattered.
Even now, Daniel wasn’t sure whether some of the events of last night had happened or were merely dreams. He decided to consider them all dreams. Couldn’t go wrong with that. Pathetically muttering nonsense in Spot or Bell’s arms wasn’t exactly something Daniel wanted to have happened for real, but it likely had.

He needed a drink. A proper drink. Or a distraction. His eyes followed the curves of Bell-boy’s body unconsciously. Before shit hit the fan last night, it’d been pretty fun. And good. Real good.
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Daniel was surprisingly coherent when it came to defending his drinks. Bell raised his eyebrows wordlessly, tempted to continue teasing, but no; if he made a joke out of it, he might never be able to talk to Daniel seriously about it again.

Sure they could. Daniel didn't even retain that thought for long enough for Bell to reply, settling down and muttering to himself. Nothing exciting happened; he didn't make a break for it, or try to engage Bell anymore, and before long, he found himself drifting off. He shook Spot awake and settled down in bed, trading places as Spot took Daniel. Forget little kid; Daniel was more like an infant, now, who needed mommy and daddy up at all hours of the night. With Daniel delusional, though, he couldn't manage a deep sleep. He didn't dream, but remained close enough to reality that some of it filtered through, sounds and motions, until it was time to swap with Spot again. This time, he didn't sit up at all, too tired. Sleep became too heavy to fight, and before he knew it, he was gone, lost in dreamland.

Daniel stirring woke him, Spot sitting up as well. Shower? He yawned widely and sat up, pushing his hair back. Hmm. Yeah, definitely something he needed. He stood up and stretched, then followed Daniel in. Spot, too, got up and walked for the shower. He wasn't going to be left behind.

It was a little cramped with three of them all stuffed in the shower, but Bell didn't care. Last night had been too draining to have enough energy to get upset over something like a shower. "You feeling better?" he asked Daniel, meaning: no more delusions? It kind of worried him, that Daniel was getting worse, seeing more things. Was it because they'd been off their meds for too long? Or did it have to do with the alcohol deprivation? Both, maybe? Either way it was worrying, and meant he'd have to do more driving, which sounded shitty.

"Where's the soap?" Spot asked, looking around. Bell found it and passed it over, yawning. Ugh. He could sleep for another eight hours right now.
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“What, are you for real?” Daniel told Bell. Really? He couldn’t even dream up a drink? He’d purposefully left out the umbrella and the fact that it’d be a mix-drink with loads of chafed ice and everything.
“It is nice, just a dream, just a dream,” he simmered down. There were kisses then and exasperated sighs. “I won’t drink -promised I wouldn’t,” Daniel placated Bell-boy about what he thought wore at Bell.

“We can still do that,” he grinned up at Bell-boy, “they can all watch. I don’t care,” Daniel gestured at the writhing foray of people and otherwise nightmarish creatures, that shifted and contorted to sometimes be one and then be many.
Like a goat.
Daniel wanted a drink. Just to go back to sleep and not be forced to go through this while a hundred percent conscious. It was more fun while drunk.
He settled against Bell-boy, reaching out once or twice more, muttering at himself. At the things he saw. They wouldn’t listen though and Daniel couldn’t excuse away the behaviour they accused him of.

It was still dark when the delusions tapered off. Daniel was tired after they disappeared, a weird kind of heavy in his head, but sleep was still far off. He’d already slept way too long during the day to be able to give in now. So he listlessly stared ahead at nothing; at the bland walls of the hotel and the furniture in the room.
Bell-boy had been there, so had Spot. He was fine. Just fine.
Except for maybe where he wasn’t. His body was already missing his usual dose of alcohol and was reacting to being deprived by making him feel shitty. Not too shitty to function, not well enough to feel like his usual self.

He managed a light doze when dawn broke. This time the dreams felt more real; like reality was seeping in. It was hard telling which was real and which events were dreamt up that way. Time passed infinitely slow. Daniel sat up at last, tired of the non-dream, the non-sleep and the no-alcohol policy. He needed a proper shower.
“Gonna shower,” he notified his two care-givers, so they wouldn’t freak out over him trying to leave the bed this time around. Daniel didn’t care which of the Bellwethers joined him either. He just wanted the hot water to work out the tension in his back and rinse off the stickiness of last night.
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Daniel seemed to calm down, clinging to the idea it wasn't real like a lifeboat. It was better than Landon running around like a madman; at least he stayed still, even if he did jump and move around some. He didn't know what to do other than sit here and try to calm him. But at least he could do that much, and it seemed to be helping. At least he was still with it enough to know what he saw wasn't real, to know where Bell was. It was when Landon lost track of him that things usually went to shit.

"I'm here," Bell said, concerned. He wasn't here? But he was. He was real. What? He didn't know. Daniel was starting to concern him. Was he losing track of Bell? That wasn't a good sign. "I'm right here."

A boat? He raised his eyebrows, but at least Daniel wasn't freaking out about some girl now. "Don't get a drink," he admonished him gently. That was exactly the delusion they didn't need right now. "But the rest of that sounds nice." Beaches, boats; it was a daydream. He didn't think it was what Daniel was seeing, though, because the man looked frightened, his eyes searching the room. At least there was no drinking going on, though he was starting to understand that there'd be no sleeping tonight. Sleeping was well and done for now.

"Hmm, I love you too," he said with a yawn as Daniel reached out for something that wasn't there. He nuzzled Daniel and kissed him, then leaned against his shoulder with a sigh. He wanted to sleep so bad. But there'd be no sleeping tonight. He snorted. "You know, I thought we wouldn't be sleeping tonight, but I thought there'd be a different reason for it."

Spot chuckled at that. He settled down and shut his eyes, and Bell glared at him. Spot shook his head. "Wake me up in an hour or so, we can trade," he offered quietly. Bell nodded, grateful. He'd probably have to drive again tomorrow. He didn't want to have to be up all night, too.

He settled back a little more. "I'll always be here," he told Daniel. "Right here. No one is going to hurt you while I'm here."
  kaitoXi / 17d 2h 44m 19s
Couldn’t hurt because it wasn’t real? But her hand was all the way up there, doing who knew what with whatever was inside Bell-boy’s chest. Was there even a heart? Was she resetting the cogs in there. Part of Daniel wanted to find out, another part, only a little more aware, knew there’d be blood. Knew that it’d genuinely hurt to confirm his suspicion and there’d be no reason for it.
Because it wasn’t real.
Daniel knew it wasn’t.

Bell-boy pulled him back down and Daniel looked up at Bell imploringly.
“No, no, no, you’re not getting it -she’s…she’s trying to get inside of you, getting her hands all stuck in there, it’s…” She grinned at Daniel for good measure, flashing her teeth. But it wasn’t real. Daniel took a deep breath. They were safe. Spot, Bell-boy and him; they were all safe and sound, in an ordinary hotel-room and other than that there was no one there.
“It’s not real…”

Sleep. Daniel chuckled. Yeah, as if that was going to happen now. The girl started to disintegrate, but instead, there were other things he saw. Ghosts shimmering at the edge of his vision, threatening to come close.
“You’re not there now,” Daniel muttered.
“Usually you’d be there, but now you’re real, aren’t you?” It was a bit confusing to him, but it’d been a safe bet to have Bell-boy there whenever things got bad. Even if it was torture.

“I wanted to get a boat,” he rambled. “…and sail away. Can’t, but we can’t -Lenny would drown, wouldn’t he? So much water,” Daniel snorted. “It’d be a sail-boat, a big one.” There were several people now, standing near the edge. Strange, deformed looking, stunted shapes of darkness crawled at their feet. They writhed around the walls, as if the far-off wall was a walkway. It was fine as long as they all stayed there. Just fine.
“…and I’d visit every beach, every beach, every one.”
Daniel grinned.
“Get a drink.” His eyes were unfocussed, staring the shadows. They were whispering; all of them were. ‘Murderer’, ‘thief’, ‘heartless monster’. Daniel pulled his eyes away and looked at Bell.
“I love you, you know that?” But Bell-boy couldn’t make them go away. They were so close. Close enough to touch. Daniel reached out, but there was nothing there. It was as if they feared what he was, loathed him to such an extent that they spurned his proximity.
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Not Miss Hannah then? He was too tired for this. Daniel followed his gaze to shoot a fierce glare at Spot, which made Bell chuckle. "He's not gonna hurt you," he soothed Daniel, a little amused.

And neither was this imaginary girl, whatever she was. His heart started to race a little as a possibility came to him; was Daniel seeing... [i her?] But he'd never... well, it was just a delusion. Not like he'd need to have actually seen her, ever. He watched Daniel's eyes as they tracked something invisible, and it occurred to him how desperately fragile Daniel was, how vulnerable he could be. He had to protect Daniel. Protect him from himself.

Saying? Nothing he could make out, though. Good.

"It isn't," Bell agreed. "It isn't real. Just the three of us." He petted Daniel's hair quietly, trying to ease him asleep, but Daniel wasn't interested in sleep. "Inside me?" he asked, watching Daniel try and grip something that had never been there at all. "It's not real, Daniel, it couldn't hurt because it's not real."

He gazed back into Daniel's eyes. He could see the desperation, the utter fear, but knew it was meaningless. There was nothing to fear. Nothing but Daniel's delusions. "We aren't leaving, we paid good money for this room," Bell replied. Daniel sat up, pulling away from him--or rather, pulling Bell with him. He reached out and grabbed Daniel, pulling him back down gently but firmly. "There's no one here. We're safe, we're both perfectly safe, you and me. And Spot, isn't that right?"

Spot nodded, yawning. Bell agreed with that sentiment; he was exhausted, and Daniel was not helping matters. He didn't know what to do. If he could defuse this. At least Daniel wasn't angry at him or afraid of him, but...he didn't want to vacate the room because Daniel saw a delusion. It'd probably just follow them anyways. "So let's go back to sleep?" he offered hopefully. "I'll give you a back massage, just lie down and relax, and it'll all be okay, right?"

How early was it, even? Or was it still late? A glance out the window only revealed that it was dark, and from this angle, he couldn't see the clock. He sighed. If he was lucky, it'd be late enough for them to get up and going, but he doubted that.
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“What?” Daniel started, mirroring Bell-boy’s confusion. Miss Hannah -who was? Oh. The woman. With the kid, right. The goat they hadn’t been able to kill because of his foolishness.
“No, no, why would it be- no…” he muttered, hand still on Bell-boy’s shoulder. He noticed the glance going over his head, Bell-boy communicating wordlessly with Spot. Paranoia flared. Daniel narrowed his eyes, following Bell’s gaze to look at Spot, but the man simply laid back down. Not important then. Good.
That was good.

He was pulled in Bell-boy’s lap, but Daniels eyes were still focussed on the girl. She was grinning madly, a grin far too wide, teeth too bright, too sharp. Her eyes were shining, shimmering like a goat’s, the darkness leaking. Being held this way by Bell-boy suddenly wasn’t so bad. She was saying something. Daniel couldn’t quite make it out.
“She’s saying -I can’t hear…” Whispers.
He couldn’t quite make them out. Sometimes they were close, then far. His hands were shaking.

“I know it’s not real, Bell-boy,” he said, patting Bell’s chest. But it looked real. She moved closer. Close enough to touch the bed and she did. Her hand dipped the sheets as she crawled over towards them. Her fingers touched his lips, and her eyes focussed on Bellwether. When they did, her fingers changed trajectory and instead pressed against Bellwether’s chest. The blackness that was her fingers was absorbed by the man’s skin. It churned and contorted before she was all but sucked in from the wrist-down.

“Doesn’t it hurt?” Daniel asked Bell. “She’s so entangled inside of you,” he muttered, reaching for the woman’s wrist. Nothing. Nothing was there. Only smoke.
“Like rooted…” He was scared suddenly. Not for himself, but for Bell. He took the man’s face and looked him straight into the eyes.
“You shouldn’t let her, Bell-boy, you shouldn’t. We should leave,” he stressed. Daniel sat up, his hand holding Bell-boy’s. He looked back when there was resistance and he noticed Spot. The girl wasn’t focussed on that one. Why not? They were the same in every way, weren't they?
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Daniel met his eyes, and Spot stayed still, hoping that maybe he wouldn't recognize it. But then Daniel smiled, and he opened his eyes a little more. The man had seen him after all. A hand was pressed to his chest, and Spot gave him an inquiring look. Did he want something? He'd be better off waking up Bell to ask him; the relationship between the three of them was tenuous, and Spot knew if he ever violated Bell's trust, he'd never get to touch Daniel or Landon again.

Spot yawned, settling back down now that it was apparent Daniel wasn't going anywhere. Daniel closed his eyes, but Spot watched him for a little longer, awake now. Should he go back to being a dog? Daniel must have had enough after earlier.

To his surprise, Daniel's eyes opened again, something of a question in them--or was it yearning?--before they drifted away, settling on the emptiness of the room. Spot didn't even have to turn to know there was nothing there; he knew the symptoms well enough after all this time. It should be fine, though. They were in a safe place, and any sudden movement would wake Bell. He closed his eyes, tired.

Bell startled awake when someone shook him, blinking around the room in confusion. Where...? Oh, Daniel. And Spot. And... right. And...her? Who? He followed Daniel's finger, but there was nothing there but the empty hotel room corner. Come for him? What on earth was Daniel seeing? "Miss Hannah?" he asked, bleary.

He shot a glance at Spot, who nodded his confirmation. Daniel was delusional. Sitting up a bit, still sleepy, he pulled Daniel into his lap and held him tight, wary of the man's usual escape attempts. He was tired and his ass was sore, could they just stay in the bed tonight? He couldn't be less in the mood to chase Daniel around the hotel. "You don't wanna sleep more?" he asked, resting his head on Daniel's shoulder. Bell definitely wanted to sleep more.

Spot moved closer, settling up with his head on the pillows this time instead of sprawled halfway up the bed. Bell glanced at him, then nodded. Be good to have him close, if Daniel bolted.
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Bell-boy shifted at his touch and Daniel waited, holding his breath, until Bell-boy was back asleep. How often did the man have an untroubled sleep? He deserved more rest. At the same time, Daniel didn’t want to. He felt sticky and awake, needy. Wanting for alcohol. For just a couple of beers to numb down his body’s trembling. It’d been there so long, Daniel had forgotten the emotions behind the tremor. There wasn’t any emotion now, just addiction.

He noticed it belatedly, but Spot’s breathing was different than Bell-boy’s. Daniel shifted to rest on his back and looked at Spot’s still face. A small stroke of uncovered eye shone in what little light filtered into their hotel-room.
Spot was awake.

Daniel looked for a second longer, giving the other man a wry smile.
Spot had seen it all, hadn’t he? All of his weaknesses, all of the drinking, the waiting and the loneliness. He’d seen it all and had accepted it all. Most of it. At times Daniel was positive Spot would’ve turned human to comfort him, but Daniel knew he was weak. Now he pushed a hand to Spot’s chest. Just like Bell-boy’s. Just as warm. As alive. A strong heart-beat just underneath his fingertips: human.
Or almost.
A very uncanny reproduction of what had once been human.

Daniel wanted more, more distractions, but knew it was a form of running. Instead, he closed his eyes and tried to calm himself. It only worked so far. He could feel it looming like a goat coiling underneath human skin: the delusions. The contortions of reality. They threatened his sanity. Maybe if he got lost they couldn’t find him. But he was weak, weak to temptation and too weak to hide.

He was tired.
Daniel opened his eyes to look at Spot, almost imploringly. He wiped at his eyes, trying to stay the morphing of reality, but it was useless. He wasn’t scared either. It was normal, almost.
It started with someone standing in the corner of the room, watching them quietly. It was too dark to see their face; or even tell what gender it was. They slowly shuffled forward. Each time Daniel turned his gaze away, they moved. Inching closer and closer. When finally light hit their face, Daniel could tell it was a young woman -a girl, perhaps. She was smiling wickedly.
Daniel chuckled.
“It’s her, Bell-boy,” Daniel started, shaking the man awake. “It’s her, she’s come for you…”
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Daniel seemed to enjoy it, so he held on, carefully metering his strength even as Daniel giggled and struggled for air. When Daniel released, Bell let go of his neck as well, obeying Daniel's nudges. The both of them collapsed on top of each other, which meant all the weight was on Bell. He shifted a little, kicking Spot off his legs enough that circulation returned, then closed his eyes and held Daniel close. His Daniel.

After driving all day, he was exhausted. He struggled weakly against sleep, though. He had to keep his eyes open. Watch Daniel. Make sure he didn't leave. But he was so tired. So exhausted. His eyes drifted closed, body falling limp. Just a moment. Just a...

He dreamed of darkness, of a warm, gyrating darkness where Daniel dragged him down, where Landon was waiting, his hands warm and comforting. He settled in with them, in a dark, small den with no one but the three of them. He was a wolf, they were all wolves, piled up in the warm darkness. Outside was a bleak wasteland, ice and snow piled to the barren horizon. He stood up and walked out, trotting over the snow, barely leaving a mark. When he looked back, their den was gone.

His body snapped like a flag in the wind, no wolf after all, but something huge and dark, a form without form. Besides the wind, the snow, and himself, there was nothing at all to either horizon, just a blank white canvas with him, a blob of ink, standing in the center. It was lonely. Unspeakably lonely, and yet at the same time, breathtakingly gorgeous. Just him and the snow and the wind.

Hands on his back. That wasn't...there wasn't anyone here but him. He shifted in his sleep, a little confused.

At Bell's shifting, Spot woke up and looked around, smiling lazily when he found Daniel awake as well. What was the man doing, waking up all on his own? Wasn't he going to wake up Bell? Or was he just going to make a break for the liquor store? Either way, it wasn't Spot's problem. He watched from heavy-lidded eyes as Daniel curled his hand into a fist, playing-pretend that he was still asleep.
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For a second Daniel feared it’d be too much of a stretch to demand asphyxiation of Bell-boy, but sure enough those hands slipped around his neck. He gave a little nod, almost imperceivable. Bell-boy’s fingers cut off some of his air; not everything, but a good deal. His breaths had been coming in pants already so Daniel felt the effects almost immediately. Light-headedness first, then tingling of his toes and fingertips, but it remained right there.
Spot drove him forward with fierce determination.
It felt so good. So good.

So tight. Being high on a lack of oxygen made him giggly, made the climax stretch out and intensify, but he couldn’t hold it back.
When Spot went for the goal, Daniel could only barely hang on. His fingers curled in the sheets, ecstasy riding up from the bottom of his spine and back, numbing his muscles and finally beckoning that sweet, sweet release. Daniel kissed Bell-boy, then all but collapsed on top of the other man.

His hand pulled at Bell-boy’s arms for him to let go now.
He was breathing hard to replenish what oxygen was lost and chuckled breathlessly. Spot collapsed behind him, nuzzling close and Daniel was too spent to reciprocate. Instead, he lazily put his arms around Bell-boy. Time for a little nap and then round two, where he was concerned.

Daniel still felt a bit out of it, in a good way. His skin was sensitive, thoughts numb. It was a good place to be. Slowly but surely, Daniel’s eyes drifted closed. Sleep beckoned. Despite having slept most of the day away already, Daniel managed a light doze.
He dreamt. There were shreds of dreams rather than whole stories, some vivid and colourful, others dark and ominous. Daniel’s mind didn’t bother stitching them together for some elaborate lie to be retold later, so when the dreams got dark enough, Daniel merely woke up.
Finding two Bellwethers was a fond reminder of what had happened. His fingers traced a line across Bell-boy’s back. One of Spot’s arms was still slung across his waist, nice and warm. Protective. He kind of wanted seconds.
He kind of wanted this all night. His hand was shaky though. Daniel curled his hand into a fist for a few seconds, but that didn’t alleviate the symptoms.
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Daniel was a sight to behold, barely holding himself back from the edge, muscles straining to restrain his lust. And more than that, even though it was Spot's turn, Daniel's eyes were locked on his; he was the one from which kisses were demanded, to which affection was lavished. No matter what, Daniel was his, even when he was being taken by another man.

There was something sexy about seeing Daniel so caught up in lust. Little things; his dark eyes, the way he pushed into Spot--those were what did it. He made a quiet note to take his time with Daniel again sometimes, see if he couldn't get Daniel to that point when it was just the two of them.

Then Daniel kissed him, deep and slow. He reached up and curled his hands in Daniel's hair, and when he opened his eyes again, he kept grinning, gently stroking Daniel's hair as the other panted and moaned, caught up in Spot's game. It made him want to get up and take over, be the one in control, but his body still hadn't recovered yet.

Strangle him? A concerned look flashed over Bell's face, confused and lost. Was this some sort Hadn't Daniel mentioned it before? Liking to be strangled while he got off? He hesitated just a beat longer, but Daniel was begging for it, and he was so beautiful like this, caught in the throes of passion. He reached up and put his hands around Daniel's neck, squeezing gently, then a little harder. Just enough to actually cut Daniel's air off a little, but not enough to leave a mark. "That good?" he asked, watching Daniel's eyes for pain, ready to let go at the least protest.

Spot went deeper, knowing this meant Daniel was close, moving faster than before. Eyes dark with arousal met Bell's, and he smirked, just a little. This time, he wasn't the one watching. Then Spot went for the prostate, trying to finally push Daniel over that edge as he came to it himself, unable to hold on any longer. Knowing what was happening by the change in tempo, Bell leaned up and kissed Daniel, still holding on to the man's neck.
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 18d 3h 24m 50s
So close. It was so close it was almost painfully burning with unfulfilled need. Daniel twitched inside Bell-boy, barely holding on. He’d bitten down on his lip, the sudden lack of sensation helping him calm down and find himself again. Daniel kissed Bell-boy, giving easily when Bell nudged him out. Spot was behind him, warm and filled with unfulfilled desire. And the man had been for a while, watching them fuck several times over, alone, in the corner. But not today.
Today Spot got to be part of their game and it was better than their first go. Being sober helped a long way in maintaining a certain balance.
Bell’s hands teased him, lazily seeing affection and Daniel gave rise to it.
He smirked.

“Not right now,” he confessed. A blindfold was nice foreplay, but they’d gone well and beyond that. Spot’s fingers explored him and sought entrance.
He hissed, sensitive and in edge, when Bell-boy’s hands dipped low. Spot’s need was apparent in the way he was riding up against him. Soon, he couldn’t feel the awkwardness of fingers slipping in no more and it started feeling real good.

Daniel moaned.
He’d had no chance to come down from bringing Bell-boy over the edge. His loins were tight, his eyes dark, trained on Bell. He urged for more kisses, pushed into Spot’s hand, letting him know he was more than ready to be in the receiving end. Arms wrapped around him, Spot’s body pressed flush against his.
It was unexpected, like this, and Daniel kissed Bell, drowning himself in sensation. This is where he wanted to be; lost in physical contact. He let out a whimper, unable to help himself. The sudden relief of finally having sensation to give rise to his unanswered lust was too good to ignore.

He was already so close to the edge, Daniel welcomed when Spot was too eager, when it hurt. It felt gratifying and offered a distraction. Not for long though.
“Strangle me,” Daniel whispered at Bell. “Softly, softly,” he huffed. It’d make his climax that much better to be a little oxygen-depraved. Couldn’t die anyway, the goatling would see to it he survived well enough.
“Just a little bit, don’t be scared,” Daniel coaxed Bell, nuzzling his neck, offering himself up.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 18d 3h 58m 34s
Daniel gave him what he asked for and Bell gasped, only just holding on. Spot was no help either, riling him up with his hands, holding him tight and toying with him. He squirmed, trying to escape and feel it deeper all at once. Daniel sped up, faster and deeper. Bell could feel sensation building and building, tried to hold on, think of--of math exams and anything, but nothing was coming to mind, nothing at all, nothing but the heat and sensation inside of him. Daniel brushed the place deep inside; Bell's back arched, lips parted in a wordless cry. It was too much. Too much. He couldn't hold on.

It was like being struck by lightning, his whole body going tense, then weak, muscles twitching helplessly as it ran through him, from his loins outward, down his legs and up his spine with pure electric pleasure, clenching down on Daniel helplessly, lost and twitching with sensation. He fell back into Spot's arms, more than sated and boneless as a jellyfish, letting it wash over him time and time again. One hand lazily pushed the blindfold away, wanting to see Daniel in the throes of lust, and he reached out for a kiss. Had Daniel finished? Spot hadn't; he could feel that well enough.

Spot set Bell down and traded places, taking up position behind Daniel, with Daniel still straddled over Bell. He looked around, searching; Bell passed him the jelly, barely feeling strong enough for that, and Spot took it. While Spot tended to Daniel's preparation, Bell pushed him out and settled down underneath him, indulging in lazy, sated kisses, hands sliding down Daniel's stomach to tease for the fun of it. "Love you," he told Daniel, nuzzling his chest, then licking at his nipples,nibbling gently while his hands stroked lower, at the parts that were wet from their coupling.

"You want the blindfold now?" he offered cheekily, grinning up at Daniel. It'd been more fun than he'd expected. Much more fun, once Spot had joined in. He was almost hesitant to admit it, but he was actually enjoying having Spot around. Not all the time, of course, but it was a fun way to change the pace.
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 18d 6h 50m 11s
Daniel grinned as Bell-boy tried to escape it; knew the man’s desire was mounting up by the way his body went rigid, then limp all at the same time. Little noises escaped the man’s throat and Daniel relished in the sounds, kissed Bell-boy and then slowly, ever so slowly, sped up, pushed that little bit deeper. This way, Bell-boy would finish before he would, but that was fine. There was still Spot to tend to.

Or be tended to by Spot. Daniel hadn’t decided on that yet. Fucking two Bellwethers in one night sounded like something of an accomplishment and Daniel wanted it to repeat until morning. So the thoughts of wanting alcohol or anything else couldn’t find their way in.
More. Bell-boy’s begging was met with greed.
He took the man whole, pushing into him and hissed. So good.

Bell-boy felt so warm, so tight inside. He knew just how deep to go to get Bell-boy to reach his breaking-point, so instil that toe-curling need and release. Spot didn’t just lie back and enjoy it either. The man held Bell tight, placing careless kisses and let his hands explore. Fingers toyed with rigid nipples, pushed and pulled at taut skin and wouldn’t allow for Bell-boy to grow too tense, so that the climax was sure to give Bell-boy week knees.

Daniel bit his lip, distracting himself, but it was hard. Spot’s dark eyes kept watching him and Daniel knew what the man wanted; to fuck or be fucked. To have him whole. And then the sight before him was a whole different Bellwether.
The Bell-boy whose baby blues were hidden underneath a blind-fold, who was barely hanging on. And then Daniel brought it home. Quicker and quicker, the way Daniel knew Bell-boy liked finishing. He brushed by Bell’s prostate, deep inside the man and it was hot. Feverishly hot inside Bell.
So tight.
Daniel distracted himself by thinking of other things; Lily. Home. Alice. Getting drunk, crashing the car and being strangled. Actually, that sounded like a kinky idea. Not for Bell, of course. The man would have a fit. But Daniel was kind of keen on the idea.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 18d 7h 24m 35s

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