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Daniel was just about to plug the van back up when Bell-boy came up carrying a cup of liquid black gold. Bless the man. He took the coffee and took an experimental sip, but apparently Bell-boy had been paying attention, because it was just the way he liked it. Maybe a little sugar, but other than that, it was good. Woke him up at least.
"Thanks," he muttered, resting against the van. It was quiet at the pump, so Daniel figured the owner of the establishment wouldn't be overly concerned he was putting a coffee-break ahead of payment.

Sam's look was one of suspicion. Daniel shook his head for the second time today.
"Wonder if she'll confront you openly one of these days," Daniel mumbled into his cup. The coffee hit the spot. He rested back, watching their surroundings a bit more attentively than he'd had while driving. America had its pretty parts, though they rarely happened to stop and stare at the scenery.

He watched Spot bound by, circle Cat on her way back from the toilets and rush back to them. Daniel barely got the chance to pet the mutt, before Spot ran over to some patch of grass to find a stick and chew on it. Maybe Bell-boy was on to something, saying being a dog was good.
"You'd really want to be a dog?" Daniel pitched.
He'd been a little too preoccupied with his own misery to truly appreciate Bell-boy could've remained a dog back when Bell had just hatched and got his memory restored. Things were different now though. What would make Bell-boy want to escape?
The discrepancy between wanting to be nice and loving, as he was expected to towards a lover and the utter desire to see the ones he loved writhing in agony? In the end it was all about control, not pain. Pain just made it obvious.

Sam returned from her visit to the toilet, looking them both over.
"Are we headed somewhere in particular -other than the...the facility, I mean," she murmured, a little withdrawn. Her eyes seemed to avoid looking straight at Bellwether in particular.

"We need to plot out a proper itinerary, but don't worry, we won't be there for a while yet," Daniel eased Sam's mind.

She bit her lip. Daniel almost found it amusing. Would she ask about the strangulation-marks or not? In the end she didn't.

"Okay, yeah. So...another hotel tonight?"

Daniel shrugged, "probably," he surmised. "It depends on the presence of hunters."

Sam nodded. "Right," she muttered at the last moment, already half-turned on her way back to the car. "I'll just...follow you then."
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He startled awake when Daniel shook him, though he wasn't dead asleep, either; the slowing car had alerted him, subconsciously, that it was time to wake up, so it was from more of a doze than a dead sleep that he woke. He stretched, feeling cold without Spot as his pillow-blanket, then climbed out and staggered around the car towards the gas station. He could use a piss, same as Spot was treating that bush to over there.

Sam and Cat shut up abruptly at the sight of them. Bell shot them a suspicious glance. That wasn't a good sign. Were they planning a mutiny or something? Who did they think had started this whole journey? Not them!

Though, then again, Sam hated him, and Cat wasn't too warm towards him either. Maybe they were just having a good old rant session towards the boys. Who knew? Oh well. If they tried to leave, he and Daniel could always just bring out their goats. Their goats wanted them here, or else they wouldn't have shown up in the first place. That was worst case, but still, it meant he didn't have to worry about them too much.

He headed to the bathroom and relieved himself, then headed out and found the drink session. He was feeling coffee today. Something to keep him up, since he was so drowsy after that stupid nap. He made it nice and sweet and creamy, then considered. Daniel usually wanted a coffee, didn't he? He knew the guy's tastes were way different than his, though. Well, he could figure it out. He filled a cup with dark coffee, then grabbed a few sweeteners and creamer packets just in case. He had some cash in his pockets, so he paid for the coffees, then brought them out to Daniel, holding one up. "You want coffee? I got you some," he offered. This way Daniel could drink while he was waiting on the pump to finish.

Sam gave him a suspicious glance,which was just unfair; he was just grabbing coffee. Or maybe she wanted some? Bell smirked. Ha, he wasn't gonna fetch her any. Only Daniel got special treatment, and Sam in particular definitely did not, the witch. If she wanted special treatment, she shouldn't be so mean to him.
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How could they be covering it up if they- oh. Maybe. After all, what did Sam know about what goats could do? Even if she could talk to hers, Daniel would be surprised if it told Sam anything remotely gross or anything other than what she desperately needed to know in order to stay out of the hunters' grubby little claws. He hadn't heard Sam about it no more either, so whatever the goat told her to do, it'd probably stopped doing so now that she was under their protection.
Bell-boy was right in saying it was best if he did the talking to.

Stop when he felt like taking a break, was it? Made sense. Bell-boy's yawn was catching, but unlike Bell, Daniel didn't have the luxury of sleep. Didn't take long for Bell to give in to sleep either. Guy must've been tired.
Daniel watched Bell sleep from the corner of his eye, but focussed on the road not long after. Had to make sure they didn't crash or anything. If he wasn't so uncomfortable sitting down, sleep might've been a viable option. As it was, Daniel had a hard time finding a comfortable position.

Either his ass or foot would moan and complain, keeping him up. Just as well. In the end, Daniel was forced to stop -not because of the pain, but because Bell-boy proved right: they needed gas.
They'd need to fill a couple jerry-cans as well, sooner rather than later. Sam's banana-mobile wouldn't last forever either. When it got really cold, Daniel wondered whether the small vehicle would even care to start.

Daniel shook Bell by the shoulder. "Up 'n at them," Daniel muttered before stepping out of the car. Spot was hot on his heels escaping the cabin, but once the mutt smelled freedom, sought out the nearest bush to make a lukewarm donation. Had Sam taken off the collar last night? A foolish idea, that. Wouldn't ever get it back on now. Daniel stretched and yawned, before grabbing the pump and filling up the van.
He could hear Sam and Cat's chatter all the way over at the van, but it stopped once Sam caught sight of him.
Daniel raised his eyebrows, a non-verbal 'what?' on his face. Sam shook her head and coaxed Cat towards the toilets.

She was being weird. Bell-boy was right. Daniel shook his head with a sigh and finished with the pump. Coffee. He could use some coffee next.
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"To be fair, she didn't exactly witness it, did she? Being passed out and all," Bell offered. Still, it was surprising she thought they were organized at all, two men and a girl and nothing else. Well, Spot was there, he supposed.

He tipped his head at Daniel. Now that was a better idea. Good to do it before they moved, so it doesn't matter even if the hunters noticed, huh? "Tomorrow morning, then," he decided. No point putting it off any longer.

"Like that's any different from hate," he said, rolling his eyes sarcastically. Oh--wait, what? His brows furrowed, but then Bell nodded. Yeah, that was a fair enough point, actually. First thing he'd done was cut Daniel open to get the goat bits out, wasn't it? And following that up with some rough sex--even if Daniel liked it, that didn't make him look good, did it?

"She might just think we're trying to cover it up, if we tell her...just let it be," Bell sighed. Hell, it wasn't as though he didn't hurt Daniel. It was consensual, but even so...maybe it was abusive. Maybe it was best that he did mind what he did a little more.

Seemed like they were in agreement about bringing Sam's goat out tomorrow morning, then. He nodded and yawned, playing with Spot's fur as he watched the scenery. "Let me know if you wanna switch or whatever. Need some gas. We've gotta pick up a map anyways, so we might as well stop, when you feel like taking a break."

He yawned again, then settled down. Long car rides always put him right to sleep. He couldn't even help it, it was just the way he was. He drifted off, leaning against Spot's fur. Warm and soft and cozy. Perfect. Like a warm pillow. Spot shifted, and Bell groaned as his head slid to a sub-optional position. His pillow shouldn't move. That was the only flaw, wasn't it? Pillow moved.

It didn't take too long for him to drift off. The car bumped away under him, pace nice and regular. He dreamed of nothing, then of cold, snow, vast, empty tundras of snow. And somewhere out there was a base, full of hunters to kill. He searched for it, wandering the tundra in his mind.
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Nothing on the radar: it was a relief. Daniel kept lazily switching lanes, keeping a nice and even pace for Sam to follow.
"God, she would," he agreed. Poor Sam; thinking she'd have ended up in a neat little organized rebellion. "Bit naive of her to think we're any shade of organized after witnessing our rescue attempt first-hand though," Daniel put out there. He wasn't sure whether the goat in her allowed Sam to believe this was all okay or whether she was in desperate need of a reality check. Daniel knew he'd been the latter.
Still wasn't quite there yet, after all was said and done.
Insane. Sam had thought she was insane too. Perhaps the relief of her surmised insanity not being her fault was enough for Sam to give them some credit at least.

"Hmm, I wonder...maybe best in the morning, before we leave -Cat can drive the banana-mobile if Sam has to recover," Daniel offered as an alternative. That way, even if there were hunters close by, they wouldn't get the chance to home in on them while they slept or kept vigil over Sam while she recovered.
Hate, huh?
"I don't think it's hate," Daniel proposed.
"Just a stern sort of loathing and misconception, maybe," he grinned, teasing Bell on the rough patches between Sam and his relationship. Started off on a sour note, hadn't they? Daniel suppressed the unconscious desire to feel how the bruises around his neck were doing.

Had to be because of those.
He hadn't looked so bright after having makeshift surgery done on his chest either.
"Maybe she thinks you abuse me," Daniel tossed out there. He'd not failed to see her look at the bruises, hadn't failed to see the concern there. Daniel recognized that look from the looks his mother would always receive whenever they went somewhere together.
Whenever he'd hurt her where it was visible.

"Should we let her simmer or tell the gruesome truth, I wonder?" Daniel chuckled. Letting Sam know they were gay and into that kind of thing might be harder to swallow than the alternative.
"...but yeah, sooner rather than later, I agree." If they wanted to bring out Sam's goat, close the facility would drastically increase the odds of being pounced on by some stray hunters. And good hunters at that. Daniel hadn't forgotten being surrounded in the car-graveyard by hybrids and having to talk his way out of that one.
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"I could," he said, "but I don't think I could do it anymore. Something to do with...the egg, and being all...malleable and stuff, you know?" Hell, it'd just been a little wishful thinking that'd turned him into a dog then. If that was all it took, he'd be a dog more often than not. He looked at Spot. Maybe that explained the mutt, huh?

He chuckled. Yeah, Daniel had a point. "Yeah, that'd suck," he said, playing with Spot's ears. Dog food tasted like grossness. It'd keep a body alive, but at what cost? He shook his head. "Dog food sucks."

"Hmm, kay," he said, leaning over Spot to fish up the transceiver from the floor. With a twist of a knob, the thing came soundlessly to life, and he scanned over the channels, watching for a dot to appear. Nothing did; the area was clear, at least for now. Or at least the hunters weren't actively hunting anyone nearby right now. He set it to the side, but kept it in mind; be wise to keep scanning that, he figured. "Nothing yet," he reported to Daniel.

Bell snorted. "Yeah, she'd just about have a heart attack if she knew we were flying by the seat of our pants, wouldn't she?" Sam struck him as the type who planned out every last detail before she did anything, and probably had fits when things went wrong, too. "Next gas station we stop at, we grab a map and see what's up," he decided. At the very least, it'd tell them what state they were in, which was a step up from what they knew right now.

He looked at Daniel then, considering. "Uh, she seemed to be able to talk to her goat, right? And it escaped from that place. So...should we try and quiz her tonight? Or, uh, you should probably do it. I think she hates me." It wasn't even just today's evil glare at seeing the marks he'd left at Daniel; the woman had hated him since day one. He almost felt like hunting her out of spite, just to give her something to hate him over. But that wasn't fair, and besides, they needed her goat around. "But anyways, better sooner than later, right? Closer we get, the more likely the hunters are gonna notice if we do anything...goatly." He didn't know how, but the hunters always seemed to show up when goat shit went down, so it just seemed better to leave them out of the equation as much as possible.
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Finally some of the tension seemed to dissipate. Daniel climbed behind the wheel and waited for Sam to settle in her ridiculous little car before leaving. After a while, he didn't even pay that much attention to the yellow atrocity.
A yawn escaped his lips. He was still tired from fighting the fever he'd had most of the night and then this morning. Daniel shifted in the seat. Comfortable was different. Didn't need a mirror to know there were marks either -Sam had confirmed that much. The only thing more annoying that his sore ass was his foot. Not broken, he'd established that last night, but that didn't mean it was happy being used as a counter-weight to the gas-peddle.

"You can, can't you?" Daniel replied casually.
"Did so pretty easily when you're out of the egg," he drawled, reaching over to turn on the radio. Daniel turned it down a little, so it wouldn't drown out conversation or anything like that.
"Guess it's fun for a while, but dog-food, Bell-boy," he teased, "got to appreciate human food. Even Spot comes out every once in a while to enjoy steak."
And sex.
Daniel decided it was best they avoid the topic for a while. At least until they both felt like going at it again, which couldn't be particularly long either, knowing Bell.

Spot's antics got a chuckle out of Daniel, who watched the mutt crawl onto Bell-boy's legs, despite of him being far too large to be a lap-dog.
"Why don't you use that receiver to see whether there's any marks around?" Daniel offered. It'd be a quick way to establish whether there were hunters nearby, even though it probably wasn't that reliable. Plenty of hunters out there that weren't currently tracking a target, but hey -every little edge they could have was one they should use.

"We better find out where are properly as well, see how much supplies we need for the journey and how many days we need to cover," he muttered. "Come up with a half-decent plan before Sam finds out we barely have any." Other than teleport and break the tank using the goatling's powers, Daniel had fairly little. It was still a lot more than they'd had last time facing vat-goat though.
Sam's goat would know more. It'd escaped the facility, after all. Maybe they ought to have a proper chat with the goat one of these days.
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Bell hovered while Spot scarfed up his food, trying not to look guilty while contemplating exactly what it was he did that made him look guilty. Was it in how he stood? Where he looked? How he acted? What could he do to look less guilty?

He moved towards the passenger's seat and waited for Daniel to open the door, only for Daniel to come up to him and press a kiss to his cheek. Bell glanced at him, then darted his head out to get Daniel's cheek too. "Yeah," he agreed. Almost surprisingly, his guilt started to flee, absolved by Daniel's kiss. Relief flooded through him, the confirmation he'd been subconsciously seeking finally received. Daniel still loved him. Everything was okay. "Love you too."

He climbed into the passenger's seat, and Spot climbed up after him, getting comfortable in the footwell. Bell snorted. Dumb dog. Looked like he wanted to hang with them today. Oh well, there was no harm in it. He patted Spot's head and sat back, getting comfortable.

The car started, and Daniel navigated it onto the road. He watched out the window as the world flashed by, fast food places and the neighborhoods they fed passing by, little more than blurs by the wayside. How much longer before they were in Pennsylvania? How much longer before the hunters started to dog their every move?

"Be nice if I could turn into a dog, too," Bell commented, trying to move the conversation past this morning. "Be all fluffy and warm all the time, be able to bite people and shit." He'd turned into one briefly right out of the egg, and it'd been real nice for a while, just getting to romp and play and not have to think about human things.

Spot whined and sat up, then squirmed his way into Bell's lap and demanded to be pet. Bell stroked his fur absent-mindedly, watching the world flash by. They had to be getting close by now, right? At least up towards Maryland or whatever. Or maybe not. The US was a big place. Bigger than even he really thought about, sometimes. He sighed out and leaned on his hand. He was almost looking forward to the hunters. Be nice to fight someone.
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"'cause you hate driving and my foot's no longer broken," Daniel put out there with a chuckle. It was a little sore, but that was all. Just sore. Maybe that's why it irked Daniel more than anything -the guilt. Because guilt happened to people that knew they were doing something wrong and were powerless to stop it.
Like his dad whenever the man got frustrated with producing a son whose mind was shattered. One day he'd fight back, if Bell-boy kept up the guilty face. One day he'd just beat the guilt right out of him.
Just like he'd done to the old man.

Spot was more than happy to be outside, but even the mutt seemed a little withdrawn. It was hovering close more than once, pushing its muzzle against the palm of his hand. That, or maybe Spot was just hungry.
Either way food would distract the mutt properly, so when they reached the van, Daniel opened the back door and unwrapped some food for Spot. Sam and Cat were hot on their tail apparently. Daniel would've expected the two to take their ten minutes and then some. Cat seemed to be a sleepy mess still, but not Sam.
Well, of course she wouldn't be.

Hadn't been on the road that long and asleep for most of the rescue.
Daniel was mindlessly wrapping back up the dog-food when he caught the little exchange between Sam and Bellwether. His eyes flicked from Bell to Sam and back, but rather than aggravating himself, Daniel sighed and let it go.
Bell couldn't help what he was feeling. It wasn't Bell-boy's fault, it was his.

Spot finished his food in less the amount it took to put the bag in the back. For a second Spot pondered following the food bag and making it into a doggy-project, but in the end the mutt leapt towards the front, sniffing and waiting for either of them to open a door.
When Sam and Cat were on the other side of the van, obscured from sight, Daniel moved to Bell. He kissed the man's cheek.
"Still love you, Bell-boy," Daniel said with a lazy smile.
"Let's go deal with some hunters, huh?"
He wasn't Lenny. Lenny wouldn't like it rough -Lenny would be the one trying to show Bell-boy what loving was supposed to be, instead of what they liked it to be. Maybe that was part of why Bell-boy felt guilty; because he was forsaking everything Lenny tried teaching him.
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It was hard to tell, though, wasn't it? Whether Daniel hated it, or just... wasn't in the mindset. Because sometimes Daniel just hated it. Or was that Landon? Either way it was confusing. He wished there was some way to tell. Some kind of sign that'd make it clear if he'd crossed a line or not.

[i Not like you ever want to cuddle,] Bell thought to himself, then sighed and shoved his hair back. Yeah, and if that was the case, then why was he moping? Daniel just didn't like some of the things he liked, and that was all. If he didn't act happy, it didn't mean he was unhappy. But it was confusing. He wasn't weak, he just wanted Daniel to be happy, too. Was that so bad?

He just stared at Daniel, confused. What did Daniel want, then? For him to be proud of it? But it'd be--it'd be bad if he was. He had to work so hard to be good. To not hurt Daniel and not make Daniel hate him. If Daniel didn't want him to be guilty, then did that mean it was okay? But then... he knew that was dangerous. There were things he'd do, if he shoved the guilt away. If he didn't let himself feel guilty, he'd... he'd seriously hurt Daniel, for one. At least Landon hated him when he did bad things. It let him know what was right and what was wrong. Daniel just... made things confusing.

"What? Why not?" Bell asked. Wasn't even allowed to drive for Daniel and make up for it? Then what was he supposed to do?

He followed Daniel to the girls' room, trying very hard not to exude guilt or look at the marks on Daniel's skin the wrong way or... do a million other things wrong. Spot gave him a curious look and sniffed him, but when the greeting-pet he got was only half-hearted, he wandered back to Daniel. The cool air outside was a welcome blast in the face. It seemed to blow everything away, even though it couldn't, and he heaved in a deep breath of icy air to try and cleanse out the nasty guilt that was congealing inside of him.

Okay. No more feeling guilty. If he ever did something like--like that to Daniel again, he'd have to make sure he wouldn't feel guilty afterwards, so Daniel wouldn't hate him. And honestly, he was pretty sure that just meant he'd never do it again.

The girls appeared not far behind them, Sam still brushing her hair as she hurried out the door. "Good thing I woke up early," she said cheerfully, but Bell thought he heard a hint of strain in her voice. As she passed them by, her eyes went straight to the marks on Daniel's neck, and her eyes widened, then zoomed right to Bell. Bell grimaced and turned away, guilt lancing through him all over again. She'd noticed, huh?
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 18d 9h 56m 5s
Sometimes Bell-boy was easy to read. Daniel could practically feel the guilt and remorse ooze off of Bell-boy. If he didn't like it, he could've stopped Bell-boy. They did agree on a safe-word, hadn't they?
"I liked it fine, just don't like this," Daniel waved in the general direction of Bell's sour mood. "The guilt, the sappy stuff after. When you fuck me hard, I don't want to cuddle afterwards, okay?" he shrugged. That just wasn't the mindset he had when they went and made it rough. "I don't want you to suddenly go weak on me and think I'm made of glass."

Daniel watched Bell-boy for a moment, but instead the man asked him whether he was ready to leave. Daniel rolled his eyes and sighed out.
He could already tell Bell-boy's regret would force the man into thinking he needed to be someone he wasn't, someone Lenny would like better. So why did Bell prefer Lenny over him sometimes then, huh?

"Hey," Daniel started, catching Bell by the arm.
"You did nothing wrong -wanted it just as much as you did. I'm not going to kiss your guilt away and make up, because there's nothing to make better. Honestly? What do you want me to think, when you look at the marks you made on my skin like that, huh?" Like he'd kicked a dog. That's what Bell-boy looked at him like. The guilt of a father beating up his child.

"Forget it. And you're not driving," Daniel put out there, opening the door. He stepped out into the hallway and knocked on the girls' door firmly a couple of times, until he heard some movement. The door cracked open a few centimetres to reveal Cat.
"Oh, it's you. What?" she snapped.

"We're leaving in ten, get your asses in gear or we're leaving you," Daniel said. Spot squirmed through the door-opening to greet him and Daniel ruffled the mutt's fur.
Cat looked down at Spot and shook her head, "traitor."

Daniel gave her an unimpressed look before the door was shut again. That done, Daniel made his way towards the hotel's exit, glad to be outside again. It smelled fresh out -nice and clean air, crisp and cold. Nice contrast, after the hot shower and steamy sex they'd had.
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Daniel was really mad. Shit. He'd done it now. He never knew how to navigate this after-time, either, because no matter what he did, Daniel got mad. Even when he tried to apologize or make up for it. Especially then, really. There was no way to make it better. Nothing he could do to fix it.

"But you didn't like it, either," he muttered, half to himself. He didn't want Daniel to be unhappy after they fucked. Then he just felt bad for feeling good all on his own.

But whatever. It was an argument they'd had a hundred times before, whenever he woke up and jumped at Daniel. It wasn't really any different for him having been a little more conscious and a little more horny about it. He just wouldn't do it again, and unlike having nightmares, it was something he could control. Easy enough to not fuck Daniel hard. He'd already gotten used to denying himself to focus on making Daniel feel good, so it'd just be more of the usual.

It wasn't like it was Daniel's fault, either. It was his fault for being the one that got off on hurting people. So he shouldn't take it out on Daniel. Right. He should act normal, because Daniel just got more pissed when he acted weird.

"Huh? Yeah, I'll have some," he said. He still spoke quietly, but he tried to keep the apology out of his voice. Maybe then Daniel wouldn't be so angry with him. Since apologizing always seemed to make it worse.

The pizza didn't taste like anything, and he wasn't sure if it was the guilt, or if it was just shitty day-old pizza. He ate a few pieces, then shoved up and dusted the crumbs off. "Ready to go?" he asked, gathering his stuff from around the room. There wasn't much. The jelly went in his coat, and he was good to go. And they might as well. They weren't going to get any more use out of the bed, so they'd be better off hitting the road.

"I'll drive," he offered as he headed for the door. It was the least he could do after this morning. And Daniel's foot was still healing, and all. And he was probably sore too. He frowned at himself as he turned away. Shouldn't have given in to temptation. It'd been a shitty idea, just like he'd known it'd be.
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 18d 10h 43m 56s
It was a while before Bell-boy joined him. Daniel looked at the man, watched him flinch. Even his voice was quiet and filled with remorse. More than anything, Daniel realized this was why he was angry. Because Bell-boy showed weakness and regret every single time after showing his true nature.
"Don't apologize," Daniel said matter-of-factly, pulling away from Bell-boy's overly gentle touch. He grabbed some soap and washed up, knowing that Bell-boy trying to be gentle was only a lie. He'd known it all along, but it was pretty clear now. That wasn't Bell.
That gentle way of treating him wasn't what Bell-boy wanted or liked.
It wasn't real.

Daniel didn't even realize Bell was hanging back until he was nearly done. At least he'd been quick enough about it there was plenty of water left for Bell to take a proper shower. He towelled off and puttered around getting dressed, debating on whether or not to also strap up into his shoes while he sat on the bed.
Maybe he'd wait until it was absolutely necessary.
Rather leave his feet out to air. Less pain that way.

"Will you stop being awkward already? It's like you just fucked a virgin for the first time -I don't need catering to, you know? You didn't break me either," Daniel started, opening the fridge. There was beer there. And some smaller bottles of liquor.
He could use some about now. Make it easier to just stop Bell-boy from behaving like a chastised kid.

Daniel took some of the water he'd already opened before and drained the bottle. Good as new. Goatling would take care of any lingering aches and the sorts faster than was humanly possible, which was just as well, given they'd be sitting on their ass for the better of the day. He approached the nightstand and picked up a slice of cold pizza, biting into the chewy card-board makeshift food. It beat eating nothing, but he'd preferred it to be hot at least.
"Want some?" Daniel offered. "Plenty left," he murmured around a mouthful of cold pizza. It'd tasted better last night.
Daniel gave Bell a look. Was he really going to get all shy and princess-like now?
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Daniel laid there for a moment, and so did Bell, both of them still. Then Daniel got up. Bell looked after him, watched him move through the room, grab his clothes, disappear into the bathroom. Didn't even look at Bell. Ah. Yeah. He shouldn't have. Shouldn't have given in. Daniel wasn't happy. He hadn't liked it.

Bell sighed out and rolled over, hiding his face in the pillow again. Shit. Why'd he given in? He should've just said no. He'd known he was in a mood. And now he'd hurt Daniel again. Like he always did. It could've been a nice, cozy morning, but instead he had gone and given in and now Daniel was angry at him. It was the worst. He was never going to do that again.

But it'd felt so good. And he liked the way Daniel had fought him. Except he shouldn't have liked it, because Daniel was really angry at him because of it. Ugh. He hated it.

He climbed out of bed reluctantly and stretched, then looked around for his clothes. Should get dressed. And a shower--the stream cut on, and he flinched. But that'd mean having to face Daniel. But if he didn't, then when would they get a shower next? Torn, he hesitated, then stepped towards the shower. Fuck it. Daniel had asked for it. It hadn't worked out, but that was okay. He'd just make sure never to do it again.

Sheepishly, he poked his head into the bathroom, then stepped inside. Daniel was standing in the shower, all marked up. Bell flinched at the sight. Shit. He shouldn't have. No wonder Daniel was angry. That was worse than when he had a nightmare and strangled him on accident--no good at all. He stepped into the back of the shower, behind Daniel where the water barely reached. Deep breath. He had to do this. "Sorry," he said quietly, touching Daniel gently on the shoulder. He wouldn't do it again.

He used what water he could reach to wash up, letting Daniel have the lion's share until he was done, then finished up rinsing off once Daniel stepped out. When he was done, he dried off quickly and got dressed. And then there was nothing to do but sit awkwardly by the door and not make eye contact while they waited for the girls.
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His punishment was gentle? At least Bell-boy didn't think long about giving in to his begging. Gentle. Again. And then Daniel finally got what he wanted. Fingers, tightening around his neck with force, pain mixing in with pleasure, delayed and extended by the lack of oxygen and the natural high oxygen-deprivation gave him. Bell looked at him, but Daniel's eyes weren't focussed on the other man, no, he was drifting.

The pain slowly phased into the background, where all sensation turned into a confusing mass, throbbing at the beat of their love-making and his heart. He climaxed, limp and helpless to the waves of sensation rushing through his body like a storm. Bell-boy pulled away not long after. Both his hands and the rest of him, leaving him cold, used and abandoned. As an after-thought, one of his hands was untied.

Daniel stopped the extremity from falling limply on the bed and rested his hand on his chest instead, catching his breath. The other still hung, suspended by the wraps and that was fine. Everything was fine this way.
He closed his eyes, drained and sore now that everything was over with.
There'd be marks. If the goatling didn't heal him, there'd be marks around his neck and then Sam would have a ball thinking up a new conspiracy theory to indulge in. For just a few more minutes, Daniel indulged in being lazy, in recovering and letting his body accustom itself to a steady supply of oxygen.

Only then did he listlessly reach up to undo the other ties, freeing up his second hand. He got up a second after, picking up some of his clothes to wear after his shower. Better start getting ready. Now that his foot was definitely no longer broken, there was no excuse not to drive, so Bell-boy was likely to make him.

Daniel started the water, making it nice and hot. Steaming hot even.
Marks on his wrists too. They were easier to hide though, same as the scratches on his chest and back. Sam wouldn't find out about those unless she caught him in a state of undress -which would hopefully be never. She seemed like a nice woman, but Sam wasn't his type. Once the water was to his liking, Daniel stepped under, washing off the evidence of their little 'game'.
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