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It was almost sad, he died so easily. Bell watched from the sidelines. The man contorted, twisted on the bed, and then Daniel stepped in. He raised the pipe. Wouldn't be long now.

Black rushed to the surface. He brought the pipe down even as Daniel called it out. He felt weaker than usual, but the black still splashed down from the man's head. Again and again. It floundered under his and Daniel's blows, unable to get a good hold on the world to fight back.

An arm grabbed his. Bell smashed it down. Bone broke, and the arm bent with black material and caught itself. He smacked at it again, annoyed. It broke free and began to fall apart, but still clung tight to his arm.

He hit it again. The goatling grabbed onto his pipe. Bell tried to yank free, but couldn't find the strength. He pulled again, again--it finally popped out of the goat's flesh. He staggered back, then rushed up and hit it again.

The goat fell back then, sagged into itself and sunk down on the bed. Bell chased it, but it was already falling apart. Black lunged at him, and he let it come this time, used to it by now. It latched onto his skin and slithered underneath, like worms wiggling into the earth. Bell shuddered. It felt gross every time.

And then it was over, and they were alone in a room with silent machines.

Bell looked at Daniel. "We gotta go." The nurses and doctors would be here any second now. He grabbed Daniel's shoulder and started the slow process of hobbling back to the wheelchair. They weren't going to make it anywhere fast like this.

A nurse poked her head into the room. Bell made eye contact, and both of them froze. [i Oh shit.]

"You're not supposed to be here--where's Baker?" She rushed to the bed, then frowned at them. "Did you see? What happened?"

Bell looked back at Daniel. Hopefully the goatling could still sweet talk like Daniel could. He had no idea what to say in situations like this. He wobbled towards the door, slow as molasses but determined to escape. If he had to, he'd--probably not be able to beat up the nurse. But he'd run. Slowly.
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"You'd say that," Daniel replied regarding the 'easy pickings', "but he's attached to a lot more interesting beeping machines that you were," he pointed out. Behind them, people rushed into Bell-boy's room, but found it emptied. They'd have an uprising of medical personal on their hands sooner rather than later. The jump? Daniel clacked his tongue, but didn't press the matter. They'd killed two and indisposed one more, that was good enough for surviving. Probably not strong.

Daniel sighed out and wheeled them into the room. Only few people were out this early, and hopefully they'd be changing shifts soon. The room was dark. In front of them was the man, spread out and attached to tubes and machines, feeding him medicine.

"Well..." Daniel shrugged half-heartedly.
"The idea wasn't that he'd be doing great," he pointed out with a smirk. The goatling had done something to assure the man wasn't going to get up any time soon. Thick bandages were taped across the man's shoulder, where the goatling had pierced skin and bone to disable the driver.
"Sorry about that anyway, I couldn't really... control it," Daniel waved away what'd happened. Some of Bell-boy's injuries were no doubt by his hand, rather than Becky or the guy in front of them.

Becky was going to be something else. Something stronger.

Daniel met Bell-boy's eyes and braced himself. He wasn't going to be ready. Bell-boy wasn't ready either, but he wasn't hurt at least. Just tired and worn. Daniel took a few deep breaths and promised himself he could rest once they'd fled the hospital. With that sweet promise in mind, Daniel brought out the rebar and reached for the man's oxygen.

It only took a few seconds. Daniel caught himself when the alarm started to beep and the stats began to drop. He immediately shut off the machines and took up a stance. The man fought, clawed at his throat, at the wires. Daniel figured he might as well speed up the death and pressed his hand against the man's mouth, then figured even that was too slow. With violent force, Daniel pushed the rebar against the man's throat. Red turned to blue. The man's hands clawed at him meekly. His eyes rolled back.
Daniel pressed harder.

And then he stopped struggling. Black blossomed on the man's face.
"There it is," Daniel warned Bell-boy. Time to get to work.
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Oh right. "Shit, Becky," he muttered. He'd totally forgotten about her. Not just the memories of her, but his last meeting with her, too. Hadn't seemed like much of a threat when Daniel had teleported her a mile away before he could so much as say hello. He shook his head. "She's out of town now, isn't she?" Not far out of town, but still.

Bell bit his lip. [i More wasted time.] Every time he tried to go after Daniel, it seemed like another obstacle cropped up. [i I should never have let him out of my sight.] Daniel was too precious to him to be as lackadaisical as he'd been lately. How much of his memories had he lost for him to think leaving Daniel on his own was a good idea? That never worked out. Not for him, and especially not for Daniel.

They hobbled out of the room and to a waiting wheelchair. Bell sank down into it gratefully. Walking was still a bit too much for him. He didn't protest when Daniel manhandled him into some clothes. Too much effort to fight it, and honestly, he'd get some weird looks wearing as little as he was wearing right now. He took the pipe and hid it under his shirt, up along his ribcage. Like that, it was hard to tell he was holding anything.

"Oh, sweet, easy pickin's," Bell said. Not the more doctors and nurses part, but the intensive care part. It'd be easy to take out a guy that could barely breathe. A strong goat? Bell grimaced, embarrassed. "He, uh, got the jump on me. So... I don't know. Probably not?"

Down the hallway. There were few people out and about this early; probably the last of the night crew. [i Should get this over with before the day crew comes in.] Bell tightened his grip on the pipe.

Daniel wheeled him into a dark room. The man was barely recognizable. A dozen tubes came into and out of him, and that wasn't even counting the small forest of IV tubes feeding him medicine. "He's not doing great, is he," Bell said. He stood from the wheelchair and hobbled closer. With a glance at Daniel to see if he was ready, he raised his pipe.
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Sure, rest. Bell-boy couldn't even really keep standing on that leg, could he? Daniel sank into a chair and did as Bell-boy instructed for a second and tipped his head back. It was good to be sitting down for a while. The food he'd gotten earlier had settled some of his fever, but he still felt tired. They didn't really have the time to breathe easy though.
Beeping started him into a stand.
Yeah, they definitely had to go now. He quickly went around the room to grab Bell-boy's things and stuffed them into a bag.
"Yeah," Daniel acknowledged curtly that he'd found the other guy and approached Bell. He put his shoulder under Bell-boy's arm and steadied the man out. Out of town as soon as possible?
"Before Becky finds you? You'll remember her soon enough," Daniel said with a slight defeated sigh. He understood Becky's point of view, but he couldn't abandon Bell-boy either. He loved the man and shit, he wasn't even the original. Life only felt right when he was just at Bell-boy's side though.

Daniel guided Bell-boy around the corner, where he'd prepared a wheelchair. Gently, he lowered the man into it and them took out some more clothes.
"Have to make it seem you're just being wheeled out of here," Daniel said. This time he didn't let Bell-boy choose, but quickly helped him into some thicker clothes. Not that they'd need them for the hospital. Shoes would've been nice though. There was little he could do about the pipe.
"Hold this."
He figured that was as good a place as any to hide it. They'd probably escape notice at first glance and frankly, people tended to be too busy with important shit to really care in hospitals. Most everyone except for security. Daniel hoped they'd be changing shifts soon, because it'd been the same guys for over five hours now.

"Okay," he said with a deep breath once he'd gotten Bell-boy readied up.
"You want to take down the guy? He's in intensive care. More nurses, more doctors," Daniel said with a wince. But it'd be easier to take down the guy there. Not the goat however.
"Was it a strong goat?"
Daniel took up position behind the wheel chair and started to cross ground. Time to pay a friendly visit.
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Before he had to make a decision, Daniel appeared in the doorway, bearing clothes and food. Bell started closer. Pain lanced up his legs. He hesitated and froze, then pushed on. Slowly, he limped around the edge of the bed towards Daniel. Every step sent sharp pain flying up his legs.

Bell grabbed the food and plopped down on the bed to eat. Sitting didn't help him much, now that he'd stood, but after a while, the pain faded. Help? He paused, then shook his head. He shouldn't. It wasn't even the real Daniel. And he wasn't that sick. "You rest."

He grabbed his clothes, glanced at Daniel, then shrugged and started out of his clothes. The pipes pulled and made it awkward at points. Bell got the hospital gown hung on the pipes and managed to pull on his pants. His legs looked red and thin, and hurt when the fabric touched them. The shirt was impossible with the pipes on. Bell considered, then started pulling them out. They had to come out sometime.

A monitor started beeping. Bell jumped, then grabbed his shirt and yanked it on. "We gotta go," he mumbled. He pushed away from the bed and almost fell. [i Damnit.] Bell reached out to Daniel. He couldn't do this alone right now. The goatling knew what it was doing.

"Did you find the other guy?" he mumbled. If he was in this hospital, he could knock the guy out real quick and move on. Back to where he'd Daniel. [i What made me leave him behind? How stupid was I?]

"I wanna get out of this town as soon as possible," he said, wobbling towards the door. On top of everything else, he had to find Daniel. Knowing the man, there was a very real chance he wasn't alive. He glanced at the goatling. Hopefully it wouldn't let him do anything too crazy, but then again, it was a goat. Who knew what a goat thought was too crazy?

It was still early. Barely light. Even so, there were nurses wandering around. Bell glanced at Daniel. There was no way he could move quickly. Did Daniel have a plan for their escape? Or were they just going to hobble out of here?
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There were some clothes in the closet. Bell-boy's pipe was there too for some demented reason. Of all the items he'd expected to get confiscated, that was one of them. No pants though. No shirt either. Daniel sighed and closed the closet back up. Daniel rested against the closet for a long moment, eyes closed, fighting the floating sensation in his head. He pushed off slowly and looked at Bell-boy, who was now peacefully asleep. What the fuck was he even doing? Bell-boy had abandoned him.
Because of shitty reasons. Not once had he been asked what happened when Bell-boy wasn't around. That 'waiting' was the only thing that kept him going. Daniel stepped closer to the sleeping figure and brushed Bell-boy's hair back from his face. And now he'd taken away all of that hope.
He wasn't even sure whether the original had managed to stay alive like this. Hopefully he'd gotten himself admitted some place safe. As if. Those places were always shitty. Beat him up, drugged him out of his mind, abused him sometimes. Not all places were like that. Not all of them had been. Most of them had been though.

Noise started him. Daniel moved quickly and left the room.
He roamed the hospital for a while, searching for the other guy and finally struck gold. Tied to several machines, the man was resting soundly. Good. At least one box could be ticked off. Whatever the goatling did, kept medical staff preoccupied and mystified. Daniel almost felt like finishing the deal, but he couldn't. The man carried Bell-boy's memories.

Daniel memorized the room number and changed into his normal clothes. Now wasn't the time for Pinkerton's shift to start, only for him to realize there was already someone like it out on the floor. Moving around got more difficult after that, but Daniel managed. He got them some food, left by someone in the cafeteria, and then went back to Bell-boy's room.

"Leaving without me?" Daniel started, resting against the door-frame. He was wiped.
"Got you clothes," he said and put a paper bag on the bed. "And food. We need to move," Daniel said and offered Bell-boy up the food. He didn't expect the man to be able to move very well yet.
"Want me to help you get changed?"
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"I'm not human either," Bell pointed out. He needed rest, just like a human. The goats didn't usually mess with their metabolisms that much. Maybe the goatling had. He didn't know. He doubted it, though.

Bell shook his head. "I don't need rest either. I can go." An alarm? He frowned, confused. Why would they put an alarm on him?

In his moment of confusion, Daniel suddenly found the strength to muscle him back into bed. "Don't wanna," he complained. If Daniel didn't need rest, he didn't either. "I'm coming with you."

He pouted, but Daniel had a point. He didn't want to walk out of here naked and weaponless. Daniel shoved him down. He let it happen. Despite himself, Daniel was attractive as a nurse and damnit, he hadn't had anyone in a while. Even if it was the fake Daniel, he was still attracted, at least physically.

Bell didn't see the kiss coming. A part of him screamed to fight it, but he didn't hate it, either. Before he could think any further, the world went floaty and numb. "You better," he mumbled, as the chemicals took him away. He didn't want Daniel to get sick and tired. He had to stay healthy too. Even goats could get tired.

He drifted off. For a while, he wandered aimlessly. At some point, someone came in and adjusted his painkillers back to normal, but it didn't matter. He wanted to sleep, chemical assistance or no.

When he woke up, the first rays of dawn were peeking through the window. Bell blinked and started to fall back asleep, then remembered: [i Daniel!] He was out there alone. Not the real Daniel, but did that matter? He didn't want Daniel to get hurt, regardless of which one it was.

Bell sat up straighter and looked around. He felt marginally better than yesterday, though his legs still ached and he still felt absolutely wiped. "Daniel," he whispered into the void. No one responded. Bell grimaced and started edging off the bed. If he had to, he'd go find the idiot. No one was going to leave him behind, least of all this Daniel.

His feet hit the ground. Bell paused. [i But I do need clothes.] He bit his lip. Give it a try, or wait?
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It's not like that, but it was exactly like that. Daniel didn't even feel bitter about Bell-boy's flimsy reasons, just disappointed and resigned. He wasn't even the real deal. What rights did he have at feelings like those? Actually. He didn't care. Daniel figured he'd still fuck Bell-boy if the guy was in any shape or form to do it.
Which he wasn't.

"Rest? Are you shitting me? I'm not even human, who cares?" Daniel said with a chuckle. It bordered insanity, but his mind was only clouded by fever and yeah, maybe he was tired. Shit.
"No," he replied Bell-boy when the man suggested he should get out. Daniel turned back to the bed before Bell-boy could tumble from the bed.
He stepped in and got close, making sure Bell-boy didn't face-plant himself. The wires pulled.
"Okay, okay, stop," Daniel warned.

"It's going to set off an alarm," he snapped sharply. Bell-boy had an oxygen sensor attached to some machine. There was plenty of medicine and liquids that might still benefit Bell-boy's recovery. Hopefully the other guy was still fighting off whatever the goatling had done to it and less successfully than Bell-boy was.
Daniel grabbed Bell-boy's arms and used his strength to overthrow Bell-boy. It wasn't difficult either.

Within seconds, Daniel grabbed Bell's legs and hoisted him back onto the bed.
"Stop, just... I'll keep watch, okay? Rest. At least for a couple of hours," Daniel hissed. It was late. He'd wake Bell-boy up at the ass-crack of dawn and maybe then he'd escort the man out of dodge. But he'd need clothes and other stuff to actually pull it off.

"Just. Let me get you some things, okay? You'll need clothes, your pipe," he offered. "And some rest," Daniel concluded, pushing Bell-boy down against the bed with some force. He hesitated for a second and then kissed Bell. One hand reached out for the machine and upped the man's painkillers.
"Sorry," he whispered and focussed on putting Bell-boy's blankets back in place. It'd be better if people thought Bell was still injured. Becky might come back too. There really was no rest for the wicked. But he wasn't human. He didn't need rest. Or sleep. Or even food. Maybe food, but frankly, the goatling would just come out and consume matter to replace what had been lost. It was that simple.
"I'll come get you in a few hours."
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Becky? Bell frowned. It felt familiar somehow. Before he could puzzle it out, Daniel glared at him, accusing him. Bell couldn't meet the other man's eyes. He looked away, to the floor. "I didn't want you--I didn't want him to keep hurting himself because of me. He does so much better when it's stable, I was just... I was holding him back."

"I--Daniel, it's not like that," he defended himself, but it sounded weak, even to his ears. He couldn't look at Daniel. It was true. He'd turned him away, then called a healthy version of him back. He hadn't meant for it to turn out like this. It was just that... he couldn't do this alone.

It was convenient. That was what it came down to.

He looked up as Daniel stood. "You need to rest. Daniel, you're exhausted. If you go after anyone like this, it doesn't matter if you're the goatling, you aren't going to survive it. Stay with me."

He finished off his own food and pushed the plate away. If Daniel left, there was nothing he could do to stop him. He didn't have enough energy. "Should we get out? We should get out." Bell slid his legs around under the comforter, then slowly pushed off the bed. If the guy who'd kidnapped him was still around, he had to get out of here. It wouldn't be hard to guess who the John Doe was. Especially not if the police were poking around.

His legs trembled as they took his weight. He couldn't. His legs felt so weak. They'd healed, but only just barely, it felt like. Bell gripped the bed hard and held his weight up with his arms. [i Can I walk?] It didn't matter. He had to. Even if Daniel wouldn't help, it didn't matter. He had to do this on his own. He'd dumped Daniel in the first place. He didn't deserve anyone's help, least of all this Daniel's.

The pipes pulled at his wrist. Bell turned to them and pulled at them again. [i I have to do this alone. Have to prove I can do it. The goatling isn't going to stick around forever.] "I'm getting out of here." Daniel could help or he couldn't, but he had to go.
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Pinkerton? They had Bell-boy on the good stuff, apparently. Daniel chuckled, pulled his name-tag closer and raised his eyebrows.
"I thought you were joking," he muttered and sighed out. After some rearranging, he had a table hung over the bed and put down Bell-boy's meal. "Yeah, yeah," Daniel calmed Bell-boy down. He was tired too. And hungry. Teleporting was shit, safe to say.
Daniel sank down in a chair next to Bell-boy's bed and investigated his own haul. There wasn't much. Maybe a smaller person? A diet? Right now he'd settle for anything and everything though.

Bell-boy's eyes bore a hole in his head.
He looked up to find the man stammering out that he was the goatling. The same uncomfortable sensation he'd felt before clenched around his heart. It was a sickening feeling and Daniel scowled.
At least Bell-boy had the courtesy of telling him. With it came another implication: where was the real Daniel?

"Yeah, Becky told me," Daniel waved away Bell-boy's initial concerns. "I left her behind in the desert. You remember her? Of course you don't. Bet you her memories are with that branch," Daniel muttered and picked off some of the food. Now that he'd sat down, he felt the fever hit him in the face.
He stared down at the food.
"So... begs the question what you did to the original Daniel or Lenny, eh?" Daniel pitched and looked at Bell-boy with dead eyes.

"She wants to kill you by the way," he rambled. "Me too now, because I don't think she liked being left behind," Daniel said with a wide yawn. The food was already gone. Huh? How did that happen.
"You're not actually sorry either, are you?" he called the man out.
And why would he be? He'd needed help and the goatling had offered to be the only useful shell they knew; a certain abandoned mister Turner. A sane one.
"At least I won't act out, huh?" Daniel said and pushed to a stand. The world spun for a second, but not for long. He was tired now that he'd eaten sufficiently.
"Could've at least stolen his credit-card." The grin on his face turned to a grimace. "I need to find the guy that was with you in the car," Daniel said. "Make sure he won't go anywhere."
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Hands grabbed his. He looked at Daniel, uncomprehending. If they were going to leave, how were they going to do that with him all piped up like this?

Heal? Oh. Now he understood. Made sense to try and heal while he still had the good stuff in his veins. Bell put an ice chip under his tongue, then closed his eyes and breathed out. [i Focus.] As soon as his eyes closed, he could feel himself start to drift off. All the medications made it hard to focus. All he wanted to do was sleep. "Hmm, the other nurse was nicer, she only made me sleep."

Don't move. He cracked an eye. Where did Daniel think he was doing to go like this? The man was gone before he could make the remark. Bell huffed and closed his eyes again. He had to heal. He knew it as well as Daniel did.

Darkness welled up to meet him. Not the sweet lure of sleep this time, but a deep, low ache that burned through his bones and cut through his muscles. His fingers dug into the sheets and bit into his palms. [i Damn it, heal!] It hurt so bad. Why did it hurt so bad?

He heard something crack from his legs. Sickening pain rolled though him, then subsided. All the tension left his body; it was over. It didn't hurt anymore. Bell collapsed back on the bed, panting. [i Never again.] It sucked. Healing always sucked.

Daniel reappeared some time later; he'd nearly drifted off, but perked up at the sight of him. "Nurse Pinkerton," he read off the namebadge. "Nice. You look hot like that."

A second later, he bit back a wince of embarrassment. [i I broke up with the real one. This is just the goatling's creepy copy. Keep it straight!]

"Pass the food over," he demanded, grabbing at it. At least one of those trays was for him, wasn't it? "I'm starving."

Bell glanced at Daniel. He should tell him some time, shouldn't he? He deserved to know. "Daniel, I, um. You aren't... who you think you are." He looked back at Daniel. "The goatling copied you. I needed help on the attack-obviously--and it... well, you know goats." He shrugged. "Sorry." He should've told him earlier, but... when?
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Silence. Daniel waited with baited breath and counted, slowly. When he reached sixty seconds, Daniel slipped from the bathroom back into the room and wiped the sweat from his brow. Okay. So far so good. They'd dismissed Bell-boy's questioning due to his flagging consciousness. Whether that was faked or not, Daniel couldn't tell. He quickly flipped through the chart; broken bones. Legs. Shit.
He wouldn't be able to move Bell-boy before the guy had healed himself without risking more damage. Daniel weighed his options.
"Hey," he greeted Bell, leaving the chart by the man's feet. "Hey, hey, easy buddy," Daniel soothed and restrained Bell-boy's hands, stopped them from pulling. "Dodged a bullet. Just rest up, okay? Can you heal yourself?" If the man remembered. Daniel licked his lips and let out a thick wet sigh. His fever made it hard to think quick.

Food. Bell-boy needed to heal, eat and then rest. If they could manage that, he could stage an escape early that morning.
"Bell-boy?" Daniel tried, tapping the man's cheek.
"Remember how to heal yourself?"
His eyes were serious. If Bell-boy couldn't, chances were either Becky or the other guy would come after Bell-boy and right now, Daniel didn't have eyes on the other John Doe. Even if he did, Daniel didn't think he'd pose much of a fight. Neither of them would be.
Maybe the goatling would be. He cringed internally, but shoved the realization down.

"Just don't move," Daniel instructed. Whether Bell-boy healed himself or not, he'd have to find something to eat for the both of them. And he had to find the other guy, see if he was indisposed for now. Leaving without tackling that branch wouldn't be a very wise decision either. Daniel sighed.
First things first.
"Stay in the room," he said. "I'm going to find food," Daniel offered and as a last-minute thought, offered Bell-boy some of the ice-chips next to his bed before leaving. He walked with purpose, but honestly? He had no idea where he was going. In the end, Daniel spotted another lady with a cart of food, and snatched two of the specially made orders. Hopefully the nurse would simply think there'd been an oversight. He checked the rooms along the way for the other guy, but couldn't find another John Doe. Maybe the guy actually had a name. Shit. That'd make things even trickier.
Food in hand, Daniel moved back to Bell-boy's room. It'd be as good a place as any to hide and eat.
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A voice. Bell's eyes fluttered back open. [i Is that... Daniel?] But it couldn't be. He'd dumped Daniel. "Daniel," he muttered back. Was it? A blurry figure in scrubs faded into view. Pretty blond hair. Familiar features. He reached out for him. Even if it was a dream, he wanted Daniel to be nearby. He didn't know what was going on. Everything was confusing. As long as Daniel was there, he was safe.

Daniel vanished. Bell frowned. He didn't want to lose Daniel.

New men appeared. He blinked up at them. [i When did they get here?]

"Sir, we'd like to ask you some questions." The man flipped a badge of some sort at him, too quick for Bell to make it out. "You were discovered in the back of a truck, unconscious. There were signs of trauma inconsistent with a car crash on your body."

Bell blinked at him. [i Oh shit, police.] Just what he didn't need. His eyes flicked to the door where Daniel had disappeared. Where was he when Bell needed him?

"Sir, please try and focus."

Bell closed his eyes. He didn't feel like talking. Not to the cops, anyways. [i Maybe they'll go away if I go to sleep.]

There was a shuffling of papers. One of the cops sighed.

"He's only just woken," the nurse said from the door. "You might do better if you come back in a while."

"Alright. Call us when he's a little more with it." The cops stood. Chairs screeched across linoleum. Business shoes clicked away.

Bell waited until the room quieted, then peered over at the bathroom. "Daniel?" he asked quietly. He hadn't dreamed that, had he? Daniel was here, right? [i If it's even the right Daniel,] he remembered suddenly. This one... it was probably the goatling, wasn't it?

[i Anything's better than nothing.] He shifted a bit and pulled lightly at the pipes in his arm. "Gotta get outta here," he muttered. He felt like shit, but he could feel like shit outside of the hospital, where the cops didn't know how to find him. Were all the goats dead? He paused, then kept pulling. [i All the more reason to leave.]
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It took some time to find a good spot to rest. Daniel shivered most of the hours to high heaven; jumping twice and then using the goatling's powers was not a good choice. He didn't even have money for food, but he looked pathetic enough people were giving him a dollar or two, just by sitting on the side-walk. Once he had enough, Daniel went out and bought himself some food and utterly devoured it within seconds. The fever didn't exactly go away after eating, but he felt a little more with things, had a little more energy to get around. Fortunately, the hospital they'd taken Bell-boy to had an open clinic. Waddling into there wasn't hard; people were bustling around tending to numerous patients sprawled out on beds and he looked bedraggled enough to belong to a victim or two himself. Daniel found a locker-room and pried one open using the goatling's powers.

Once he'd done that, Daniel stuffed his old clothes into a bag, changed into some scrubs and plain clothes and donned the name-plate. Surely people were going to get suspicious eventually, but for now he'd simply blend in. Infiltrating was all about looking the part. Daniel found a restroom and washed his face, then ran his hair back.
Still a bit haggard, but maybe he'd fly under the radar as a sleep-deprived intern or whatever. On to finding Bell-boy.
He let the goatling guide him with that one, just following his instincts. He'd found a nice trolley to car along and pretended to look useful. There wasn't much interesting on the trolley either. Nothing they could want in an emergency. He'd made sure.

'John Doe'. Sounded like his cup of tea.

Voices. Daniel carted along. '...just rest.'
Just rest. Shit. That really didn't offer any clues. Daniel waited for the nurse to walk around the corner and entered the room. With intent, he plucked the chart from the bed and looked over the patient. Bingo.
"Bell-boy?" Daniel tried. "Hey?" The nurse had been talking to him just a few seconds ago. More voices. Daniel cursed his luck and looked around the room. The bathroom. Lord knew Bell-boy wasn't going to use it with the catheter he had up there.
"Just stay put, buddy," he muttered and plopped the chart back before hurrying to hide.
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Bright white lights. Motion. Bell felt himself jostled, felt the bumps through the wheels of the bed. [i Hunters!] He tried to sit up, but he was restrained. His heart raced. [i They've caught me, they caught me, I'm screwed--Daniel?]

He fought harder against the restraints. Everything hurt. His arm felt broken, his ribs screamed in agony when he breathed, his joints were achy. His legs refused to obey his commands. "Help, help," he breathed.

Voices. Motion, shadowy motion. Something cool slid into his veins. Bell grit his teeth and tried to fight it, but it was already inside of him. He shuddered. [i No, no, no, stay conscious, stay--]

A pillow. A soft bed. He blinked awake slowly, gunk making his vision blurry. Bell shook his head slightly, then winced as pain dug into his limbs. [i Why does everything hurt?] He stilled, and it was washed away. Slowly, he turned his head. An IV stood over him. Heavy bags like fat jellyfish dripped long tendrils into his arms. He followed them down, watching the pale liquids vanish into his bloodstream.

[i Where am I?]

The last thing he remembered was--the house. Bell sat bolt upright. His heart pounded. The house, the men. The goats. Rebecca, whoever she was. What-- why-- how had he ended up here? The last thing he remembered was the world going black, but that--that wasn't, he hadn't expected to wake up in a hospital.

Something was beeping. He clued in on it too late, seconds before a nurse appeared. "Sir! Sir, calm down. You've been in a terrible accident. Can you remember your name?"

"Bell," he blurted, then hesitated. [i I shouldn't have told her my real name.] Another pause. [i Like that's my real name, anyways.] He laughed. Stopped. Tipped his head toward the doorway. His eyes tracked the way out. [i Can I run for it? How are my legs?] With the bedsheet in his way, he couldn't tell if they were in casts or what.

The nurse smiled at him. "Okay, Bill. We'll have some men in here to ask you questions in a bit. Until then, just rest."

[i Oh shit, that's not good.] His eyes tracked the way out again, but this time, they drooped shut on the way back. [i Maybe just a little nap.] He let them close.
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