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Bell opened his mouth at Daniel's suggestion, then closed it again. Huh. Actually... that might be what was going on there. Why else make them aware of Hannah and the hippie? Aware of people who knew about and hated the hunters? It wasn't as though either were weird goats, or seemed overly threatening. Though then again... didn't exactly make stunning soldiers, either. It was better than no one, he supposed, but not by a lot.

"You've got a point," he allowed. "Next time, let's try approaching them. Can't hurt, right?"

Unless the person was a goat a la Mindy or Mr. Pan, and then it'd just fuck things up even more. Elevate the situation to a clusterfuck. But if they were a Mindy or Pan, they'd have the potential of becoming a powerful alley, much more so than Hannah or the hippie. Unless Hannah had some kind of ability that they hadn't discovered thanks to her running off.

Probably good to drive in a couple hours? Bell nodded silently, struggling to keep the skepticism off his face. The last time Daniel had driven, he'd almost ruined the car completely, and he'd been delusional and alcohol-sick since. Not exactly the kind of person Bell wanted in control of a ton-and-a-half of gasoline-powered steel. He decided not to wake Daniel up. If Daniel woke up on his own and was fine, he could take the wheel, but it'd be stress on Bell either way--stress from driving, or stress from watching Daniel drive and keeping an eye out for delusions--so he would almost rather drive right now.

Spot jumped in after Daniel, and Bell gave the dog a dirty look. Oh, sure, [i he] didn't have to drive because [i he] was a dog. "We should buy Spot clothes and put him on the driving rotation," he complained. Then at least he'd have someone reliable to trade off with.

He paused for a moment. He could only trust himself to drive? He was starting to sound like the paranoid one.

With a snort, he climbed into the driver's seat and started the engine, coaxing it back up to life. If Daniel was right, then the goat would guide them wherever they needed to be; no need to worry about a destination. He turned the wheel back towards the highway, still aimless, and took off down the open road.
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For a moment Daniel thought Spot was going to finally pour his heart out over their current situation, but the man grew cold feet and backed out at the last second. He didn’t know how to feel about that, or what to do. It was Spot’s problem, so if Spot wanted to tell Bell-boy, the man would have to find the courage to do it himself. He smiled wanly at Spot as he shifted into a dog, then stroked the mutt’s fur when he came up seeking attention.
“It’ll be alright,” he said softly to the dog.

Daniel yawned. Another idea? No. Well, aside from amassing an army. It occurred to Daniel they’d gone about approaching the hippie and miss Hannah the wrong way. Daniel took Bell-boy’s hand and rose.
“What if Bell-goat didn’t lead us to that Hannah person and the hippie to kill them? I mean, the hippie knew about the hunters. So did she. There have to be more goats like that -people that are aware or had a…lightly put, awkward experience with these people?” Daniel sighed. Miss Hannah didn’t exactly make a soldier. Neither had the hippie. Aside from the handgun, he would’ve been easy pickings.

“That said, they won’t all make for powerful allies. Just saying, maybe we should see what’s alive on the other side?” He shrugged. And was clueless on how they should go about it, other than making a name for themselves. In that case, killing the hippie had not exactly made them popular.
“…cause if we’re going through the front door, we’ll need more people.”
Or cannon-fodder in general. Whatever they wanted to call it.

Nothing of that all was going to pan out if he kept on his alcohol streak however. Daniel was keenly aware of this and still it was hard ignoring temptation. “Other than that -nada,” he shrugged and waited at the truck for Bell-boy to open the door. He debated whether or not to take the front seat. Seemed like all he was doing lately in the truck was sleep.
“I’m probably good to drive for a while later, just wake me up in a few hours okay?” Daniel offered. After their broken night they were both due a reprieve.
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Bell dressed while Daniel woke up and looked around. Where were they going? "Um," he said, then shrugged. Nowhere except for away from alcohol. "Just... wherever."

Daniel turned off the television, which left everyone ready to go aside from Spot, who was still naked aside from a well-placed towel. Bell gave him a look. He wasn't going to follow them around like that, was he? Would he have to go buy clothes for Spot?

Spot opened his mouth, then closed it, hesitant. He took a deep breath, then opened it again. "I--" he started, then paused and shook his head. Had to say something. "I, um, well, you know where I am if you need me," he said at last, feeling lame. Couldn't say a thing about it to the end. He dropped the towel and closed his eyes, and his body changed, black boiling over his skin as human skin became a fur coat, falling down onto all fours. The dog looked at them and panted expectantly, then walked over to Daniel and nudged him for affection.

Bell snorted. Damn dog had it good. Didn't need to share driving responsibilities or anything. "Let's go, then," he said, holding his hand out to help Daniel up off the bed. He led the way out the door and into the parking lot outside. Farewell to comfort for now, he supposed. Pity. He'd really liked sleeping in a hotel.

So where to? They didn't have a goal. And while they hadn't had a goal the whole time they were in Europe, it felt different, now. Like there should be something. And there was--maybe that was it. There was, but they were ignoring it. The hunters.

"I don't suppose you've figured out a plan to beat the hunters," he asked, glancing at Daniel. He hadn't. Aside from their mustard-gas plan a couple of weeks... days...? ago, he really hadn't had anything better. Or was it a bomb plan? Explosives would probably work pretty well, but it was a matter of getting their hands on them. Or building them. Whichever.

Spot trotted alongside them as he led the way outside, pausing to piss in the grass just outside the door. Bell shook his head at the dog. "You could've used the toilet a minute ago," he told him. Honestly. Did Spot just like pissing outside?
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Voices filtered through. No. The same voice. Daniel felt movement and tried to break free from sleep’s spell, but couldn’t. It wasn’t until he was given a little shake that Daniel blearily looked up to find Bell-boy looking down at him. He gave the man a satisfied smile, then stretched languidly.
What? Carry? What for? He wasn’t hurt or anything -was he? Daniel gave Bell a slightly confused look and then shook his head.
“I’m fine, I’m fine, I can walk,” he waved away Bell-boy’s offer and sat up. Spot was there too now. Good. The man seemed lost in thought, so he hadn’t missed anything. Good. Reality had stayed in place while he slept. That was good.

‘Where are we even going?” Daniel pitched as he swung his legs over the edge of the bed. He watched Spot, who was now awkwardly trying to cover his private bits with a towel. Bell-boy’s clothes were in a pile on the end of the bed.
They really out to get more clothes. Maybe they had. Maybe there were some in the car, but honestly, it’d be masochistic of Spot to want to stay human to mull over what had been said so far. Daniel scratched the back of his head and sighed out.

They'd been avoiding going to the hunters because neither of them were good planners. And they needed a decent plan; or back-up, if they wanted to walk in through the front-door, heck…through any door, really.

Daniel yawned. Right now, he didn’t feel up to do anything.
Never mind making ideas to commit suicide in a rather efficient way. But they weren’t headed south no more, were they?
So where were they going exactly?
Daniel got the feeling Bell-boy had chosen something at random and made sure they were far away from civilisation to minimise his inclination to drink. He shivered for good measure and wrapped his arms around himself, waiting for Bell-boy to get dressed and Spot to turn back to his less depressed furry self.
He despondently turned the television off. Usually Lenny was the one being a burden. It felt awkward. It made Daniel reconsider trying to arrange decent medication.
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"Little mutt," he clarified, at a mutter. "I thought you were Spot. My bad."

Daniel approached him, and Bell looked up, curious, but the man only ruffled his hair. He shook his head and rearranged his hair. "Excuse me for being hungry," he huffed, pretend annoyed. Daniel never had been a big eater; not the way he was, anyways. At least Daniel ate, though.

He watched as Daniel crossed to the bed and laid down. Tired, was he? He wasn't the only one. He hesitated, watching the door for Spot, but when a few minutes passed and the man didn't appear, he got up and joined Daniel, who was already sound asleep. A little nap didn't sound too bad, and as long as he pulled down the top sheet, the bed wasn't too messy.

He wasn't asleep for long when someone knocked on the door. Bell looked up, bleary, then climbed out of bed and opened it. Spot was back, at last. "Alright, hand over the shorts," he demanded, a hand out.

"At least let me inside first," Spot replied, squirming past him into the room. He found Daniel on the bed, and frowned at Bell; Bell just shrugged at him. Daniel had been tired. What was he supposed to do?

Spot handed over the shorts, and Bell passed the towel back. Spot looked constipated, or maybe he was thinking about something? Bell gave him a look. "What's on your mind?" he asked.

Spot glanced at him, then shook his head. "Nothing," he lied. Bell furrowed his own brows. Didn't believe that for a second. But whatever; if Spot didn't want to say, it probably wasn't important.

"Time we get out of here," Bell said, glancing back at Daniel. More driving for him, hurray. As though he wasn't exhausted too. But at least his exhaustion didn't come with a side serving of delusions, so he'd be the driver again today. He crossed to Daniel and gave him a little shake. "Hey, am I gonna have to carry you to the car? We should get a move on."

They probably had another hour or so in the hotel, but Bell was eager to move on. As long as they were moving, he felt like they were accomplishing something. Even if all they were doing was stalling before they fought the hunters again.
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What was with him, was a good question. Daniel was pretty sure he was still a bit hazy from last night, but would that affect the way he felt about Spot? No. No it didn’t. If anything, last night only made Daniel appreciate Spot more, because like Bell-boy, the man had been there when he needed him most. Their weird love-square had always been a bit questionable and unclear. Daniel didn’t mind unclear one bit, but for someone who was taking second place to an original, he imagined it was a lot harder.

Bell-boy started spouting nonsense that had Daniel raise his eyebrow.
Jealous of the time he got to spend in the proximity of food, now was he? Daniel chuckled and shook his head.
“I took my time so you had a little more,” Daniel pointed out with a grin, teasing Bell-boy’s careless blurting out of his annoyance. “What did you call me? A little mu—?” He approached Bell-boy, who was clad only in a single towel and thus an easy target and at the last moment merely ruffled Bell’s hair.

“Like you, he piled up his plate really high -I didn’t feel like watching the horror-show a second time,” he excused, keeping what Spot and him had discussed secret. There was no need for Bell-boy to stress over something like that. Spot was the one who needed to figure out what his place was in their little love-triangle.
He would, in time. Either way nothing was going to change between Bell-boy and himself, so Spot didn’t have much choice but to either accept their current situation or dismiss it and leave.
Spot had stayed for the hunters though. That’d been the initial excuse. And had they even made an attempt? No.

He wondered whether both goats were just enjoying the poetry, languidly writhing in pleasure, or whether there was a point to Bell-goat giving them some slack on going after the hunters.
Daniel laid back down on the bed, stretching out. He was still tired. Then again, he’d barely slept any. Sleepiness made the bed feel real nice, even if it was abused last night. The steady drone of the television guided him into a state of lower consciousness. He fell asleep without meaning to.
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Spot rubbed his forehead. Daniel made it sound so simple, but it was anything but simple. Of course he was jealous. And he knew that the love Daniel felt for him couldn't be the same as he felt for Bell. There was time, for one. They'd been together longer. He was just the interloper, who'd vanished and reappeared all of a sudden.

Daniel wouldn't say no. Wouldn't just reject him. It'd be so much easier, but he wouldn't do that. He laughed. "What's with you being kind all of a sudden?" he asked. Daniel was always the mean one. All hard edges and a tough shell. Only kind when Spot wanted him to be harsh. Wasn't that always the way it worked?

Lenny made a choice, but reality wasn't...? Spot furrowed his brows at Daniel, confused. What was that supposed to mean? Wait, then--did that mean Daniel loved him the same as he loved Bell? Was it okay to hope? But... he didn't know. Bell didn't want to share them. He didn't want to share them, either. Daniel got up and left before he could ask, and he nodded. Bell didn't hate him? No. Course he didn't. Bell liked dogs. He liked dogs. How could he hate a dog?

He sighed one last time and hung his head, then ate in silence. The place Daniel had kissed felt as though it was burning into his cheek. He wasn't hated. He was loved, but he couldn't be. It was too complicated. He didn't even know what he wanted anymore.

Bell lounged in the room, bored. Morning television was a snooze-fest. And the towel alternated between too breezy and too hot, there was nothing in between. Where'd Spot wandered off to with his shorts? If the stupid dog made a run for it, he'd never forgive him.

The door opened, and he looked up. "Took you long enough. I ate quick for you, you little mu..." No, wait, that wasn't Spot. He looked over Daniel's shoulder, then frowned at him. "Where's Spot?" he asked. "I need my shorts back. It's a little too breezy in this towel and nothing." Hopefully the mutt hadn't dribbled yogurt on them, or something stupid like that.
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More than he hoped for, huh? Exactly what were Spot’s hopes and aspirations? “But…?” Love. Spot loved him. And Lenny. Wasn’t exactly rocket-science what Spot wanted after that confession.
“It’s not that you’re not good enough…” Daniel defused Spot’s fears.
“I love you both -like you love Lenny and me at the same time, it’s no different for me, but it’s hard. Both of you want it all to yourselves,” he pointed out. “You’re different now, two different people. It’s natural to get jealous, yeah?”

It wasn’t that Daniel didn’t want Spot. Spot was a form of Bellwether and frankly, Daniel also loved the Bell-boy from which Spot branched off. Sinewy-goat liked poetry though, he knew that. And said goat was usually pretty aware of what was going on.
“I can’t do that without lying,” Daniel said with a shrug. He couldn’t tell Spot he didn’t love him, because he did. To tell Spot he didn’t love him, would be like rejecting a past Bellwether.

“Lenny made a choice, because it’s easier when it’s clean-cut,” he ventured. And he’d make the same choices all over again. It wouldn’t do to suddenly change his mind. And then there was Bell-goat to consider. Sinewy-goat was ‘closer than others’, and that was the only reason Bell-goat had allowed this one to toy with its experiment for so long. Why it tolerated its presence in the first place.

“Reality isn’t as black and white though,” Daniel told Spot, then looked at the other and sighed. He touched Spot’s arm for a second, lingering there. The man’s skin was warm, the same as Bell-boy’s. How could he reject Bell?
Rejecting Spot would be rejecting Bell-boy.

Daniel pulled his hand away and stood.
“I better check on Bell,” Daniel excused himself. “Don’t take too long, okay?” He wanted to give Spot some time to think -something Daniel figured Spot couldn’t do as a dog, or in their company as much.
“Bell cares about you too, you know? He knows how you feel so he’s…dismissive, but…he doesn’t hate himself.” If anything, Bell-boy could be a little narcissistic at times. Daniel leaned in to kiss Spot’s cheek and then casually strolled back towards their hotel room.
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He shot Daniel a look at the "don't-feed-you" comment, but was placated by the amendment. "Could be a little more careful about that," he commented. It'd be nice if he could at least rely on three solid meals a day, instead of this "whenever, whatever" schedule they seemed to have going. Spot grinned after a beat, though, to show Daniel he wasn't talking it seriously.

He shook his head. Nothing on Daniel's face. It was just... well, he couldn't say it. He couldn't. It'd ruin everything.

Daniel guessed it anyways, like the man could read his mind. "Yeah," he admitted guiltily. "No. I mean--I'm happy with this, it's more than I ever hoped for, but..." But that was just the thing, wasn't it? They gave him a little, and he wanted more, couldn't help hoping for more, because he'd thought even this was impossible until it'd happened twice. He knew it was greedy and he should be satisfied with what he had, but he couldn't help it. It was in his nature. "I love you," he confessed suddenly. "And Landon, and it hurts to see you with--the real one, and know that I'm not good enough."

He sighed out and looked down at his food, chewing on some bacon as a distraction. He couldn't protest this. And he'd promised, hadn't he, that he'd leave them alone if he got one night with Landon, but here he was, after two nights, back and asking for more. Even he was disappointed in himself. He glanced up then, meeting Daniel's eyes. "Even you? You love Bell more, too?" he asked, meaning no harm by it; but Daniel had always been more liberal about it. More open.

Spot sighed again, pushing his hair back. Shouldn't want more than he had. This was enough. "If you don't want me, then reject me," he said. "Tell me you don't love me and we can make this purely physical, it's fine." It would be fine like that. Easier like that. He'd never had any problem with physical relationships. It'd hurt, but better to do it all at once than languish in this purgatory where he didn't know where he stood in Daniel and Landon's hearts.
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Like a kid in a candy-store, Bell-boy gathered up anything and everything in one giant heap on a plate and even then had to go and get the drinks separately. Daniel snorted at the sight, shaking his head. Nothing like Bell-boy’s insatiable appetite to bring him back to reality. In contrast to Bell-boy, Daniel ate slowly, savouring the food. At one point Bell-boy had traded for Spot. Daniel could tell because the scent of lavender rising from Spot’s hair was an unique marker. Other than that, the two looked very much the same. A random onlooker wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

“You make it sound as if we don’t feed you,” Daniel commented casually, watching Spot gorge on the food piled on his plate.
“Maybe we’re a little haphazard about the routine,” he agreed with a semi-shrug.

The coffee was doing miracles to force the haze out head, clearing his mind a little. He still felt tired, sleepy, but no more than usual after a restless night.
“What? Something on my face?” Daniel pitched after catching Spot look at him for what felt was the umpteenth time in the span of a few minutes. He took a napkin and wiped his mouth, just to be sure, then gave Spot a look. There was tension hovering between them. The kind of tension that’d been there between Bell-boy and Lenny before they’d actually confessed their feelings for one another.
Could either Bellwethers ever be okay with their relationship being a love-triangle? Daniel doubted it and snorted at the idea, sipping his coffee in silence.

“What’s going on in that head of yours, hmm?” Daniel offered Spot an opening. He had an inkling of what was; Spot wanted to be on equal footing to Bell-boy in their relationship. There was just no way. Bell-boy wouldn’t tolerate it, and neither would Spot be satisfied with anything less. The two shared that conviction.

“You want more, don’t you?” he guessed.
“Wish there another Lenny or me out there for you sometimes,” Daniel said, stirring his coffee. “I don’t mind dividing my attention, but that’s never going to be enough, will it?”
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The breakfast spread looked delicious. For once, he was almost glad that Daniel had gotten them up at this ungodly hour, because the breakfast was fully stocked and fresh. Try not to eat too much? "No promises," he told Daniel with a little grin. Spot would just have to deal with whatever awkwardness, because Bell was starved.

He got a little of everything, from fresh fruit to bacon and sausage to pancakes and eggs. In the end, his plate was loaded down just the way Daniel had warned him about, but he didn't care. No one was going to notice. Daniel had gotten a table while he got food, and he sat down beside Daniel, setting his plate down. After a second, he caught sight of Daniel's drinks and jumped up. "Be right back," he promised the man. He'd totally forgotten drinks!

He returned to the table after a moment with a cup of coffee and some apple juice. Meal now completed, he sat down and started to eat, devouring everything set before him. The pancakes weren't that great, but the oatmeal was surprisingly delicious. He went up for seconds on the oatmeal, then quietly faded back towards the staircase and up into their room.

Spot was waiting for him. He gave Spot a nod and slid off his shorts, swapping them for Spot's towel skirt. Spot headed back down while Bell settled in to watch TV and eat his oatmeal. He watched Spot rush excitedly from the room and snorted. Good luck to Daniel keeping him from getting a full plate.

"Oh, wow," Spot breathed, when he caught sight of the buffet. So much food! He could feel himself drooling and wiped it away. Alright, he was going to eat until he puked! He grabbed a plate and started piling it up, getting a little of everything like Bell. He walked over to Daniel and sat, Bell's drinks half-empty in front of him. "This is awesome," he enthused, before digging in. Free food was the best kind of food.

He glanced at Daniel from time to time as he ate, still not really sure where he sat in this relationship. He knew what Bell felt about it, but Daniel had been weirdly affectionate towards him a few times. It made a man curious.
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Spot seemed surprised at the fact that he didn’t have any clothes to wear, despite having shifted and ended up naked last night. Daniel snorted at Spot’s situation, and Bell-boy’s terseness, but simply continued dressing. He left a t-shirt for Spot, so the man wouldn’t get too cold, though there were always blankets if the man really got chilled. With the weather they were having it was fairly unlikely, but a sick dog would get them sick too.
“We won’t be long,” Daniel offered up when Bell-boy suggested they trade places after the first round of breakfast.

Spot seemed pleased with that, so Daniel nodded at Bell.
“Yeah, I’m ready,” he said with a sigh. He was hungry, but there was a faint underlying malaise he couldn’t quite shake. So far it’d behaved. Daniel knew he’d feel worse in time. Tomorrow was probably going to be the worst day and after that it’d taper back down.

He stepped outside first. Down the hallway, using the stairs rather than the elevator because he didn’t feel much for other people than Bell-boy and into the lobby. It was naive to think they’d be the only ones at the breakfast table, but they were early enough for it to be quiet. He looked around, feeling a fair deal lost, until he spotted some trays, plates and things he thought would be fine to eat.
There was something of everything; boiled eggs, fresh fruit, toast and salads, muffins and bacon. The whole lot. Even had pancakes.
“Try not to eat too much,” Daniel teased Bell-boy. If they saw him coming back for seconds, it’d be an awkward sight after having filled up his plate to the brim. Spot was likely to do the same. General politeness would hopefully keep these people from mentioning it.

Daniel just got a few things he knew wouldn’t taste like shit coming back up, just in case, and found himself a nice table to eat at. He’d gotten coffee to help wake himself up and be of some use during the ride today, unlike yesterday. There was orange-juice as well, of course. It didn’t taste quite as good as he’d imagined it.
Still good though. Still good.
It couldn’t wash away the memories of last night. Neither the good one nor the bad ones.
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How come Spot got his hair washed? Daniel was just gonna neglect Bell entirely, huh? He scowled, and Spot snuck a cheeky grin in his direction, no doubt over the moon at having scored Daniel's attention. Should've just sent the man back into dog-form after last night.

Why couldn't they all go in together? He didn't figure the hotel staff would notice. But then again, they paid per person, right? Maybe they would. It wasn't like there weren't ways to get around it. Daniel suggested one of the many ways, and Bell nodded. "Yeah, might as well," Bell said. He didn't feel like missing out on breakfast for Spot's sake.

Daniel climbed out, leaving the two of them in together. Bell ignored Spot and washed up as quickly as possible, while Spot did the same; in the end, they climbed out together, sharing a scowl. Bell scored a towel first and headed into the other room, fetching his clothes from where he'd put them to get dressed. Towel wrapped around his waist, Spot emerged from the bathroom a second later and looked around, then stopped dead. "I don't have any clothes," he announced, a little sheepish.

Bell gave him an unimpressed look. "Then I guess you'll be missing out on breakfast," he said, pulling his coat on.

Spot looked around as though clothes might materialize out of thin air. "Don't you wear layers?" he asked Bell hopefully.

"Not in this heat I don't," Bell replied.

Spot gave him puppy eyes, and he sighed. Spot really did deserve to have some decent food, after putting up with dog food on a daily basis. And besides, it was free food. He wanted to take as much advantage of it as he could. "We can swap. When I've eaten enough, I'll come back and trade you my clothes. But don't you dare get them dirty."

Spot beamed. "I'll do my best!" he promised. He sat in the chair by the window and strummed his fingers on the handrest, then got up and turned the television on. Might as well entertain himself.

"You ready to head down?" Bell asked Daniel, nodding towards breakfast. It was a good thing they had gotten started so early; this way, they didn't have to worry about Spot missing breakfast.
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Spot’s hands were good on his back. Daniel unconsciously leaned in to the man’s touch, even while Bell-boy distracted him. That was the problem right there, huh? Being unable to control what he saw, what happened. It frustrated Daniel more than anything, especially because most of the time he was aware it wasn’t real and despite that knowledge, he was still affected. Bell stole the soap from Spot and finished washing him up, earning Bell-boy a smirk.
Jealous of himself, was he now? Cute.

With Spot out from underneath the spray, Daniel took hold of the soap and abused the opportunity to give Spot’s hair a good scrub. Hopefully that’d translate to the mutt’s fur smelling like lavender, but he doubted it.

“Hungry, are you then? Not like we can walk in on the buffet together,” Daniel pointed out lazily, pushing some of Spot’s hair back, almost lovingly. It was getting long too. They looked like twins, but that didn’t help the fact that they’d entered the hotel with two people and a dog; not three people and no dog.

“Maybe if we split up, go in one by one…” Daniel shrugged.
Worst case they'd think Bell-boy was getting a second serving that way, but all of them would get to eat some fancier food. At least it’d be something other than canned food, fast-food or nothing. He would jump a cliff to get a nice tall glass of fresh orange juice by now. He was thirsty. And hungry.
Daniel understood Spot’s desire to have a go at human food more than anything.
Once Spot was done, Daniel stepped close to Bell-boy to abuse the spray and rinse himself off, then left the two Bellwethers at it together. There was no pleasing them sometimes; both of them pig-headed and jealous. It was cute, but tiring sometimes.

Instead, Daniel casually trotted around drying off and found some clothes. Shit. They didn’t even have spared for Spot either. The man had been naked after his transformation. Well, if Spot wanted to eat, he could abuse Bell’s clothes. Or maybe there were some spares in the truck. He’d let Bell and Spot figure that one out and slowly set about getting dressed.
Time to face the real world.
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"Good," he sighed, glad that Daniel was no longer delusional, if he wasn't feeling well yet, either. It'd pass? He met Daniel's eyes, tired more than anything."I hope so."

Spot stepped forward into the spray, more interested in washing up than being privy to their little lovers' talk. It made him a little jealous, honestly, that he wasn't the one Daniel turned to, but he knew that wasn't fair. He wasn't the real one. This was already more than he deserved. That didn't stop him from laying hands on Daniel to help him wash up. Any touching was nice, even just little stuff.

"It's fine, it's not like you can control it," Bell excused him. Daniel cozied up behind him to kiss him behind the ear. He glanced back, then turned and faced him, stealing the soap from Spot to wash Daniel up. Parts of Daniel were already soapy; seemed like someone else had been busy. It was reassuring, though, to map out Daniel after having him go through an episode and find no new injuries. That no one had hurt him, not even himself. Felt like he'd helped somehow, even if all he'd done was sit there and hold him. "Love you," he said, resting his forehead against Daniel.

He finished washing Daniel and took his turn over the spray, kicking Spot out of the warmth to take his turn. The water was warm and just as powerful a spray as it had been the first shower; he rolled his neck out, stretching his muscles some. He caught Daniel watching him and grinned, then stepped closer, giving him a kiss. "Something catch your eye?" he asked with a laugh. After last night, did Daniel still want to go? Hadn't had enough, had he? And Bell thought he was the horny one in their relationship.

Spot yawned and scratched his stomach. "I'm hungry," he reported. Hey, at least for once he could announce it, instead of begging for food.

"They've probably got a breakfast buffet, when it opens," Bell told him. He wasn't sure how early it was, but he got the feeling that it was before most hotels started serving food. Daniel had not wanted to sleep last night, not at all.
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