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Go out and play? Go out and flop on the floor was more like. Daniel couldn't even stand on his own will right now. Bell could feel the alcohol setting in at last, but couldn't pause to enjoy it. Take care of Daniel. Stay safe. Get inside. That was all he allowed himself to think about, because everything else was scary.

Sure he could undress himself. Sure. At least after a moment of self-reflection, Daniel seemed to accept that fact. "Just lay still," he said. That was all he needed right now.

The boots hit the floor, thump-thump. Daniel fumbled with the gloves and the coat; Bell lifted him off the bed a bit to whisk the coat away. The whole production felt familiar, like he was used to taking someone's clothes off. For a moment, he pondered the idea--[i did Daniel get drunk a lot?]--then realized the more obvious answer and blushed deeper. Oh. Oh right.

He'd never taken Lilah's clothes off. Never felt the desire to.

The way Daniel asked made his heart throb, part pain, part excitement, part something he didn't even understand. "I--" he started, bit his lip, then went on. It felt like a confession. "I liked it. We can kiss more." He didn't know if it was a good idea while Daniel was zonked out of his mind on pills and drugs, partially because his lower half was voting that it was a very good idea and he hadn't felt that in a long time, and it was hard for the moral half of him to convince the rest of him that maybe he shouldn't.

Daniel wanted out of his pants and sweater too. Something in Bell's brain went off, warning him that he was approaching the point of no return. He barely noticed. "Here, just... lie down, lift your legs," he instructed. The zipper was a dangerous thing to undo, but he managed it, slid Daniel's pants down. His own pants were staying on. Daniel didn't need to know about that.

"And the sweater... sit up a bit, I'll help." His fingers brushed against bare skin as he lifted it. It snagged on Daniel's shirt and took that with it when he peeled it off. Bell blushed deeper, even though he'd seen all this earlier in the hot tub. Damn it. Daniel hadn't seemed so cute then. Hesitantly, he leaned in for another kiss. At least that much. Just a kiss wouldn't hurt, right? They'd already kissed, after all.
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Hands grabbed him, pushed them apart and Daniel blinked at Bell-boy with a confused look. Not here? Where? What not? Oh, sure, they could get a hotel. Get nice and cozy there. Daniel grinned widely and went in for another kiss when Bell-boy picked him up. The world swirled around him in a blend of white and interesting sparks for a moment. After that, things calmed down. The rhythmic fall and rise of Bell-boy's body as he walked almost lulled him to sleep.
Warmth buffeted him when they finally entered the hotel. Daniel tried to wiggle free, but there was no fighting Bell-boy.
"'s early, Bell-boy, want to go out and play," he murmured. His protest went unnoticed and soon the world spun madly. A soft surface caught him from falling and Daniel just laid there for a long while, disoriented and confused.

Jostling stirred him.
"What're you doing?" Daniel pitched softly. He raised his head, causing another spin, only to discover Bell-boy was undoing his laces.
"You undressing me?" he asked. "I can do that..." Though he wanted Bell-boy to. He wanted the man to undress him and have his wicked way with him. Did Bell even remember all that? Surely his body would? Daniel's eyes danced across Bell-boy's frame, but under the thick pants he wore, there weren't many clues as to Bell's arousal.

"Maybe not," he breathed and relaxed back onto the bed. Fuck. Where was his head even at? "Fucking pills," Daniel mumbled and slung an arm across his eyes. Nothing really stopped the world from swaying back and forth. Certainly not a measly arm. Daniel gave up, pulled away and looked at Bell. He sort of helped getting the shoes off and started on his gloves and the coat's zipper.
It was hot in the hotel, whereas outside had been fine.

"Are you going to kiss me more?" Daniel asked, something vulnerable in his eyes that couldn't quite make it to the surface. He wrestled to sit up and get the coat off, then plucked at his sweater. He'd sleep naked today, fuck it.
"Did you at least like it?" Daniel ventured further. He swayed, even as he sat, then sluggishly tried to stand back up to get out of his pants. They could party inside. He was fine with that. No. No, there was something about a goat.
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At least Daniel finally admitted he was drunk. It was a minor relief, though not one that mattered much, because admitting that he was drunk and carrying himself on his own legs were two different things. "Let's get you to the hotel," he countered to making snow angels. At least in there, he wouldn't have to worry about the madman getting frostbite.

That didn't matter either, as it turned out. Laughter rang out, and the next thing he knew, he was on his back on the snow. Daniel was a warm but heavy weight on top of him. Bell blinked up at the snow. It was harder to keep it out of his eyes like this when it was falling so fast. "Alright, alright," he said. He waved his arms a little while Daniel stuffed snow on him. Some of it trickled down his neck, an unpleasantly cold sensation. "Hey, stop," he protested, trying to catch Daniel's hands.

He shifted at Daniel's words, surprised. How did he know? Hands pinned him down, then grabbed him up. They kissed again. Bell was captive, but he wasn't fighting it, either. Warmth flushed through him, heating him up. He leaned into the kiss, wanting it. Wanting more. Wanting it to last forever. Momentarily, he forgot everything, that there could be people watching, that Daniel was drunk, that he couldn't just try it out. There was the kiss and the growing warmth, and nothing.

Footsteps nearby shattered his peace. He grabbed Daniel and pulled them apart, gasping for air. "Not, not here," he muttered, heat staining his cheeks. "The hotel. We've gotta get to the hotel."

Daniel was a lump when he wasn't pinning people down to kiss them. Bell picked him up rather than bother with anything more and stomped along the pathway back towards the hotel, every step more laborious than the last. It didn't help that some of his blood flow had been diverted by the attention Daniel was giving him; it was a little awkward to walk, carry Daniel, and make a path through fresh snow while his body was urging him to get it on.

In the hotel at last. He took the elevator up rather than carry Daniel up a flight of stairs. By the time he made it in the door, he was exhausted. "Phew," he muttered, plopping Daniel on the nearest bed. He took a moment to stretch his poor back, then turned back to Daniel. "Alright, let's get those boots off of you," he said, business-like, and started undoing the laces.
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At least Bell-boy didn't fight him on it. Bell-boy's grip on him tightened and Daniel tried to straighten himself out a little and failed. As expected, the bunny came at them to try and coax them into staying, but failed. Fortunately Bell-boy didn't swing that way, otherwise he might have.
Another party, huh?
Snow made it even harder. Daniel stumbled, grunted at how difficult shit was and sighed out. His head was floating on cloud nine now. Couldn't even feel the cold, frankly. Just that fact made him giggle.
"Hmm, what? The girl? Yeah, probably," Daniel murmured softly. He wasn't even that drunk, just out of it. "I'm not drunk," he countered Bell-boy's encouragement.

"Actually, definitely," Daniel propped up. He looked at Bell-boy, floundered and nearly fell on his knees if it wasn't for Bell-boy's supporting arms. The alcohol had now set in for definite. Daniel giggled some more. Wouldn't hurt him if he fell in this snow.
"Want to make snow-angels?" Daniel suggested with a loopy grin.

A hiccup made his suggestion fall flat. Daniel tripped over his own feet and this time when he fell, he purposefully tugged Bell-boy down with him into the snow. Laughter escaped his lungs. A small voice in the back of his head whispered that they weren't safe, that they had to be aware and look out for goats and hunters alike but it wasn't heard. They were about as safe outside as they were inside.
Daniel flailed to sit up and straddled Bell-boy to pile snow into the man's coat.
The snow coming down was denser now, no longer the peaceful little drizzle it'd been before. Daniel failed to care. He couldn't feel the cold.

"You kissed me," Daniel started with a loopy smile. "You want it; you want to try it, don't you?" he mumbled, hands on Bell's chest, pinning him down. The world swayed. If Bell-boy chose so, he'd be easily thrown off. But he didn't want to be. Daniel clung to the scruff of Bell-boy's coat and with surprising strength pulled the man into a kiss. This time it wasn't anywhere near fleeting or fast. The kiss was intense and long-drawn. Daniel groaned into it, sated like only a parched man who was finally offered water could feel.
He'd wanted it for so long and he wasn't going to remember anything of this, and still he didn't care. It felt good, so he did it.
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The cup was halfway to his lips when Daniel intercepted his arm. Expensive alcohol splashed all over his expensive coat. Bell glanced down at it, reasoned that the alcohol was clear, and additionally, it seemed fitting to stain an expensive thing with an expensive thing. "What?" he asked, looking at Daniel. The man was shitfaced, and that was putting it mildly. He couldn't help but wonder if there was something else in the man's system. The psychiatric drugs, maybe.

He was right? Okay. Right about what? Daniel let go with an apology, which just confused him further, really. He finished the rest of the shot, then raised a hand to the man when he offered another. Right now, he had to babysit Daniel. Who was currently somewhere between the bar and the floor, or getting there. He hovered for the second time. It felt familiar. Not just from the restaurant earlier, either.

Then Daniel gripped his coat. He grabbed Daniel back. It looked like a hug, and someone whistled, but he really didn't care. If he didn't hold on, Daniel was going to slump to the floor. Daniel's breath against his ear. He hated that he felt something from it, the little thrill renewed, but a little deeper now. Needed to get out of here? He was inclined to agree, if only because Daniel was wasted.

"Okay, okay," he said. Daniel was a limp force against his side, pushing him slowly out, away from these people, this party, this tent. He took over, adjusting his grip on the man to hold his weight a little better.

"Pussies!" the one man called after them. It seemed to be his favorite word. Bell ignored him.

The snow bunny intercepted them. "Leaving so soon?" she pouted.

Bell indicated Daniel with a nod. "He's out. I've gotta get him home to sober up."

The pout deepened. "Tomorrow night, we're having another party, if you want to come. Invite only." She gave him a wink and blew a kiss.

He nodded. "Sure thing," he said, mostly just to get out. He pushed past her, supporting Daniel. She watched them go, turned to present her most attractive profile.

"She's a monster, isn't she? A goat," Bell whispered to Daniel. He adjusted his grip again and trudged on, lugging the man through the snow. "C'mon. Stay with me back to the hotel, at least." Daniel was being a useless slab of meat, and it wasn't the most helpful thing.
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"Yeah, don't be a pussy," Daniel parroted limply, though a small voice in the back of his head told him that yeah, the alcohol was hitting him hard and fuck, what were the odds of that bunny-chick being here again? She had a fucking boyfriend, why was she here? And then his attention tapered off into virtual nothingness, got redirected and finally Daniel ended up with another shot in his hand.
They needed to get out.
Away from these people. Daniel knew it, felt it, but he was powerless to stop himself from taking the second shot.
He clumsily grabbed at Bell-boy's arm, spilling half the man's drink.
"Wait, Bell-boy, you're right, you're..." The thought fled from his thoughts far too easily. Shit. He was going somewhere with this shit. Where was he going?

The alcohol was going straight to his head, hampering any cognitive reasoning or control. Daniel hadn't yet let go of Bell-boy's arm and he watched his hand, as if questioning its presence there, but it felt natural. Like they ought to be this close.
Slightly confused and a little embarrassed, he let go.
"Sorry," he mumbled. People were cheering. Someone was lifted onto the bar, strutting their stuff to the rest of the crowd. He felt a little faint. Tired too. The hand that'd let Bell go landed heavily on the bar, preventing Daniel from face-planting the wooden surface.

Another girl approached him, pushed against him to get to the bar with a cheeky grin cast his way. Daniel grinned back, lost. His eyes drifted and searched for Bell-boy. It'd been a mistake. Like last time, he regretted mixing his pills with alcohol. The pills alone were plenty to make him drowsy already.
Daniel let go of the bar and turned, then stumbled into Bell.

"Need to get out of here, Bell-boy," he breathed into the man's ear, hands clinging to Bell-boy's coat. Fuck. For now, he'd pretend to be wasted -which was actually a fairly easy task- so that Bell-boy would have an excuse to see them both out of the tent and away from these people. The goatling would have an easier time getting to them then as well.
The shots were hitting home. Daniel put an arm around Bell-boy's shoulder and started to drag the man out, but it was more so the other way around.
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There was a long moment where Daniel just looked startled. Fear crashed in his stomach, icy-cold. Then a smile, the sun peeking over the hills. A glimpse of light, of something more.

He nodded to Daniel's whisper, afraid to say anything, knowing Daniel would feel the brush of his cheek--they were that close. It'd happened. He was having a hard time believing it himself. The sensation lingered on his lips, soft and warm. He resisted the urge to run his fingers over them, to see if it really felt real. It'd felt good. He'd liked it. There was a thrill in his stomach that he'd never felt with Lilah, a thrill he was desperately afraid of, because he didn't recognize it, didn't understand it. It felt like being out of control.

They were jostled as the beat changed, knocked away from each other. Bell plunged after Daniel, trying to keep pace as the man got buffeted here and there, boneless amidst the mass of pounding humanity. The snow bunny from earlier reappeared, her blonde hair half-concealed in a cute pink hat with fur trim. A man had his arm wrapped around her. She flashed him a look while the man shouted something at Daniel that he was too far away to make out. The next thing he knew, Daniel was being led off somewhere.

"Hey! Daniel!" he shouted. The crowd crushed around him. For a second, he lost track of the other man. Annoyed, Bell shoved through the people in front of him, ignoring the angry looks and the muttered curses flung his way. Where--there. By the bars. He ran over and made it just in time to watch them set shots on fire. Startled, Bell backed away a step. It didn't seem to bother Daniel, though, who downed the shot without hesitation.

He rubbed his forehead at the invitation. It looked like Daniel was only staying on his feet by intervention of the bar. "The alcohol's hitting you way too hard for you to be pounding shots," he advised Daniel. He probably shouldn't, either.

A heavy hand pounded him in the back a little too hard. "Don't be a pussy," the snow bunny's boyfriend said. A shot materialized in front of him, the fire extinguished. "C'mon."

Bell cast an uncertain glance at Daniel, but free liquor was free liquor, after all. He picked it up and tossed it back. It burned on the way down, like the thrill in his chest, set a fire in his stomach. He made a face and slammed the cup back down. People were cheering for some reason. More shots were poured, lined up on the bar. He gave the new one a more dubious glance than he'd given the first. He really shouldn't. Daniel definitely shouldn't.

All eyes were on him. He picked up the little glass.
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Not really, huh? Not that dancing was required. Everyone was packed in thick layers of clothes, so most of it was just jumping and the occasional cheering motion. Some of the more daring people wore surprisingly little however. Bell-boy didn't reject being this close and Daniel grinned at the man in his hold. Time did a little skip. Reality crashed back when Bell-boy's lips touched his. It was quick, too short to really mean much of anything, too long for it to mean nothing. Daniel breathed softly, blinked and cast a genuine ghost of a smile in Bell-boy's direction.
"Did that just happen?" he whispered in Bell-boy's ear. They were so close he could feel the warmth of Bell-boy's skin echo against his. Had they just kissed?
Daniel grinned. He knew better than to push. Bell-boy was being adventurous and sticking his neck out to try and see whether what he'd told him was true. That was all this was, wasn't it? Just a small, tiny, hopeful little experiment.

The beat changed and people started to cheer. Fires were lit all around. Daniel stumbled for a second, knocked into someone and cast the person an apologetic smile. He was rewarded with a firm slap to his back and another cheer. He wasn't even sure what he was doing no more. A random guy and his girl started talking to him. Daniel wasn't sure what they said, but he just went along with it. Soon they were out of the crowd and closer to one of the bars. Shots lined the wood surface, people behind them engaged in some kind of crazy game.
Others were cheering them on.
A pair of hands shoved him closer to the bar and Daniel failed to resist. Soon there was a shot in front of him too, expectant eyes paying too much attention to him. Daniel picked up the small glass and at the signal, downed the alcohol. Something in him tried to protest, resist, but it was expertly buried under a cocktail of drugs and a failure to care.

"Bell-boy, you should join too," Daniel invited and raised the empty glass. His hands were on the bar, spread out to help steady himself. Another row of shots was prepared, with all the fuss that entailed; fire was involved.
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Daniel didn't topple over, so there was that, but there was still something slightly concerning about the way he walked. The slight wobble, maybe, or the haze in his eyes. Bell continued to hover as they headed outside, though he had the good sense to zip his coat and shove his gloves on indoors.

There was music playing somewhere. Bell looked around to follow it, but Daniel was already gone, led on as if by the Pied Piper himself. Rather than rely on his eyes, he settled in to follow Daniel, figuring at worst case, it would at least placate the man, and then he could wrangle him later.

It turned out, however, that Daniel had excellent ears. A DJ appeared out of nowhere, surrounded by a crowd of people. Bright, colorful lights played across the rolling mounds of snow. The crowd's cheers echoed, noisy conversation audible even over the pounding music. A gentle snow fell from the sky, dusting Daniel's hair with glitter. Despite himself, Bell smiled.

A dancer? Him? Bell shook his head. "Not really," he half-shouted back. But maybe with Daniel.

A hand closed around his, and then he was pulled against Daniel, so very close. The crush of bodies around them refused to let him move away, not that he wanted to. He could see the mist from Daniel's breath, the lights in his eyes, the brush of his long eyelashes, the individual snowflakes in his hair. It struck him that Daniel was very beautiful. He could've been a model, in another life.

Why was he hesitating? This beautiful man wanted him; how could he be stupid enough to say no? [i I haven't drunk enough beer to be thinking like that,] he thought. His eyes traced the shape of Daniel's lips. But he was thinking it anyways.

He leaned in closer. Before he knew what he was doing, he kissed Daniel. Just once. Quickly, almost afraid to let it last. Afraid, because--because there was no trying it with Daniel. No take-backsies, or apologies, or backing down. It was another lifetime's worth of commitment or nothing.

But a part of him didn't care.
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Daniel put his fork down. "Yeah, it was pretty good," he muttered, though agreed with Bell-boy that maybe they ought to get out of dodge. No sense in lingering. He handed over his credit-card when the waitress came around and soon enough he was mentally preparing for getting up. The world did a slight twist, the murmur of conversation blotted together in one big white noise, but Daniel pushed through and soon he was standing, albeit a little unsteady. The rush of blood to his head resonated with the beat of his heart.

Once it settled though, Daniel let go of the table and chair and walked with measured confidence back out of the restaurant. Outside was better. The cold air beat at his face, wheedled its way into his open coat -he'd never bothered zipping it up- and made reality seem far more crisp than before.

A snort escaped his throat.
Two beers had him this far gone? The drugs he took really wasn't good for mixing. Should've stuck to an upper, not that he expected to find those kinds of drugs here. Daniel swayed slightly as he zipped up his coat and brought out his gloves. It was slower than usual, but he managed just fine.
Music and cheers resounded against the fresh snow. Several light snowflakes started to descend and it set a romantic mood, more than anything. There was barely any wind either.

Daniel set out and followed the music until they reached a podium. A DJ was set up on it, and the crowd below was cheering the man on, dancing and drinking. Daniel grinned widely, "You a dancer, Bell-boy?" They'd danced before, but it usually took a few more drinks to get Bell-boy in the mood to let go like that. But maybe this new Bell didn't need that much incentive to behave a little crazy.

On the sides of the square were large tents that didn't have walls, under which several bars hid. People were gathered there to warm up or rest up from the activities. Could go there too. Daniel didn't hesitate and moved forward, easily swallowed by the mass of people. The beat of the music caught him. Cheers and smiles were all around. Daniel grinned back at Bell-boy and pulled the man closer.
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So Daniel knew about that, then? Interesting. Made him a bit worried about who he'd been before, but whatever. What was, was.

One beer seemed to have gotten Daniel tipsy somehow, so why not? Bell chose not to remark for now. He'd fight that battle later, when it really mattered.

The noodles were delicious. The cheese sauce was perfect, and the noodles were silky smooth. He slurped them up messily. No point in taking his time or being neat. Well... maybe to keep Daniel from being utterly revolted, but... there was a stoned sheen in Daniel's eyes already. He doubted the man was paying him much attention.

Silence reigned for a bit, both of them eating. He glanced up when Daniel finally spoke and nodded, cheeks full. Bell swallowed. "Delicious," he muttered. Daniel had slowed down on his steak, so Bell reached out his fork and stole a piece. "How's yours?" he asked, as he put the bite in his mouth. Tasted great to him. The beer was a nice, cool relief to the heat of the food. He'd managed to finish his second, and was feeling the warmth in his gut and his cheeks. From the looks of things, Daniel was feeling it too. Maybe even more than him.

His noodles were gone, and Daniel looked done with eating. Bell sat up. "Check?" he suggested. He felt more than full enough. "Ready to go figure out the nightlife?"

What kind of nightlife would a ski place like this have? He didn't remember much about nightlife in general, but an upscale ski resort really didn't feel like Daniel's scene, somehow. Maybe he was wrong. [i I'm about to find out,] he supposed.

The waitress came over with their check. Bell sat back and waited for Daniel to pay. It was so awkward, being paid for. If the other alternative was anything but not eating, he'd go for it. But here he was.

He stood and waited for Daniel. As subtly as possible, he edged over behind Daniel in case the man was as badly affected by alcohol as he looked. "C'mon, let's go take a look around." He wanted to have a little fun tonight.
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"That's pretty shitty; guess they didn't want the pure to ask too many questions, huh?" Daniel figured after hearing Bell-boy's lack of convenience machines.
"Sound fairly good. Sounds like what I went through -shitty rituals," he muttered and huffed. Go to group therapy, rehash all the things that people might be offended by or that physically caused pain, take the pills, try to belong, behave, act sane. Fucked up rituals, the lot of them.
"Guess that hasn't changed," Daniel sighed out. Bell-boy just wasn't that good with substance abuse. Or use, for that matter. Maybe it was because Bell-boy was still so young or the fact that Bell-goat could relatively easily undo all of the effects of the drugs.

"Yeah, it's fine. It's two fucking beers, that won't get anyone drunk, will it?" Daniel posed. Not even him, with his shitty tolerance. Before their beer could arrive however, there was food to distract them both. Bell-boy dug in immediately and Daniel wasn't far behind. He ate slower however, savouring the flavours of the seared meat and enjoying the taste of fine food, rather than his shady home-cooking.

Seemed Bell-boy was enjoying it though. Daniel toyed some with the empty glass of beer, until a new one spawned and he took to that. The food didn't interest him as much, now that most of his hunger had been sated already.
The slow sway from before turned into a half-awareness. Time did funny leaps in his memory, shifting and contorting like the world. Daniel slowly nipped from the beer he had, until it suddenly ran empty.
When had that happened?

He shrugged. Maybe he ought to ask for another, but he'd promised someone he wouldn't. Hah! He'd promised himself, hadn't he? Well, that promise was easily broken.
"How is it?" Daniel asked conversationally. He took a few more bites of his own before sitting back.
He mindlessly toyed with his fork, waiting for Bell-boy to finish up his meal. Sitting still wasn't something he wanted to do. He'd fall asleep for sure and Daniel didn't want that. He wanted to be among people and feel alive, dance and sing and play all night. With Bell-boy by his side.
A celebration for the man's return, even though the relationship between them was strenuous still. Suddenly, the prospect of returning to two separate beds wasn't such a compelling one. He'd rather stay out all night.
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So much for not finishing that glass. Bell sighed out and ate some more garlic bread. There was only so much he could do to keep Daniel safe, and clearly limiting his drinking wasn't part of it. Not today, anyways. He'd just have to slow his pace and make sure Daniel didn't drink himself into unconsciousness.

He put in his order, adding chicken at the last minute because he felt the need for protein. The waitress left too swiftly after taking their orders for him to cancel the extra beers. Bell shook his head. He was going to have to carry Daniel home, wasn't he? It was like he was psychic, the future was that clear to him.

What did he miss most? He tilted his head against his head, thinking. "Convenience. The convenience of modern shit. Microwaving and television and stuff." He shrugged. "I dunno about all of it but the impure ones were there, you know? They'd tell us stuff we'd forgotten about, even if they weren't supposed to."

Parties. Bell cringed. "Kind of? More like rituals," he explained. "There'd be music, and sometimes drugs or alcohol or something, but like... it was supposed to be a spiritual thing, not a good time. I never had fun. Mostly just learned that most drugs are shit for me." Nearly everything flopped against his constitution, or worse, gave him all the side effects and none of the high. It was only alcohol that worked out to some extent, though he hated that he lost control so quickly. Lilah had hated it, too, so after a few rituals, there'd been a ban on alcohol for him.

"You, uh, you sure about that second beer?" Bell asked, tipping his empty cup to see the foam in the bottom. It seemed like a real questionable decision to him. Sure, they weren't "on the job" or anything, but there could be a monster around any corner, and Daniel was already hammered. If he was that much of a lightweight, he should really slow his roll, and that was from experience.

Food arrived, big platters laden with steaming-hot noodles and meat. "I'll be right back with your beers," the waitress promised, and vanished. Bell tucked into his food. It was so much more delicious out here than it had been in Haven, all tasteless vegetables and unseasoned meats. He'd missed it so much.
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Adorable, was he? Daniel snorted and reached for the bread, then slowly and meticulously started to lather it in garlic-butter. So close, so far. There’d been something there, in Bell-boy’s eyes, before mundane concern took over. His head just wasn’t in the right place. Fucking pills. Part of him just wanted to quit them right then and there, but he couldn’t, could he? Had he even taken them already? They’d been in the stupid hot-tubs, so maybe he’d missed the alarm. Daniel checked and sighed out, amending his mistake before biting into the bread.

Couldn’t slip up now. Everything they’d worked for would go to shit again. At Bell-boy’s exclamation, Daniel took another sip from his beer, concluded that the garlic indeed pair well with the beer and drained the glass. He was beyond caring. So what if his tolerance had gone to shit? Surely, eventually, the alcohol would overrule the stupid drugs and just make him feel drunk, right?
He sighed out and plonked the empty mug down with a firm thud.

Daniel took his time to claim another piece of the bread, but couldn’t prevent a stupid smile from slathering his face when the waitress arrived to take their order.
“Are we doing a starter? Nah,” he decided, “no, I just want the tagliata,” Daniel decided. Satisfied with Daniel’s choice, the waitress focussed on Bellwether instead. Apparently she was used to her clientele turning up slightly drunk or more than a little drugged. Daniel sat back and took a few deep breaths. It wasn’t as bad as the first few times he’d tried drinking something while on pills.

“Couple more beers too,” he added to their order.
A smile and a nod, and their merry waitress hopped off again. The blonde that’d winked at Bell-boy was now just full on staring. Daniel merely grinned back and turned his attention back to Bell.
One more beer. That’s what he promised himself. He wanted to go out still, go to the bonfire and play in the snow some more, maybe go to a club and have a few shots. He was slowly getting used to the loopy sensation of the drugs mingling with the alcohol. He was fine.

“So what did you miss most, being in Haven? Do you even still remember all the good stuff out here?” Daniel posed. “They have parties in Haven?”
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Apparently there were Italian steaks. Who'd have guessed? Not him.He shrugged, conceding the point to Daniel.

He glanced at Daniel. "I dunno. Think she was looking at you," he said. Why'd a girl like that go for him? Daniel at least had the looks. And the money, he reminded himself.

There was a blurry look in Daniel's eyes. A kind of warmth to his face that hadn't been there before. Bell surreptitiously checked the height of the beer left in Daniel's glass as the other poured out a heartfelt confession. It wasn't that low, though. And even then, one glass shouldn't get anyone that kind of messed up.

"You're adorable," Bell told him. He took another sip. It was weird not being the lightweight for once. Usually he wimped out long before anyone else at Haven. Daniel leaned on his elbows, a kind of sleepy demeanor about him. Bell was overcome with the fierce desire to protect Daniel, to keep him from any harm. No one was going to hurt this man if he could help it. A piece of hair had fallen down Daniel's forehead. He reached out to tuck it back. A part of him hesitated, leaning in a little more.

"Here's your bread!" the waitress trilled, oblivious. Bell leaned back to make way and snorted at himself, more than anything. What had he been thinking? Best case, he'd have kissed Daniel in the middle of a damn restaurant, and--well, there was a time and a place for things!

[i I want to kiss him.] Do [i I want to kiss him?] Where was this feeling coming from? His forgotten memories? The current him? He rubbed his forehead and sighed out. "Grab some bread," he advised Daniel. If there was one thing he knew, it was that the man needed it. No one should get that tipsy from one sip.

The bread was hot and delicious. He regarded Daniel as he chewed. If there was one thing for certain, it was that he felt far more attraction towards the man across the table than a million of the blonde curvy lady at the table across the way. So did that mean--? He did... kind of... want to try it out. See if he liked it. Daniel would treat him well.

But there was no such thing as trying it out with Daniel.

Bell sipped the beer. "Oh--it goes real well with the bread," he said, almost startled. Made sense, he supposed. Then he glanced at Daniel. "Dunno if you should, uh, finish that glass, though." Not the way the man was going so far.
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