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Daniel's eyes peeled open slowly, only reluctantly dragged from the depths of his slumber. He hummed an affirmative at Daniel's question, reaching out to toy with Daniel's hair while the man slowly woke up. Sleeping in was good, sometimes. Especially when they were trying to get their money's worth out of a motel room. Daniel scooted closer, instantly banishing all thoughts of changing bandages or getting on with their morning. He met Daniel's eyes, then kissed his forehead, playing coy. Daniel pulled him in, and in Bell went, though this time he was a little more careful about the stump. Like this, it was even hotter than before, but somehow, he stopped caring. Even then, he wasn't close enough, but Daniel nudged in closer. Needy, it was needy and adorable.

Bell grinned and nuzzled Daniel, giving up on being coy. He kissed Daniel once, twice, taking it slow and enjoying the little things, the warmth of his skin, the flutter of his lashes. He drew closer, squirming up on top of Daniel, and rested his chin on Daniel's chest, just looking at him for a moment. "Just kisses?" he asked quietly, even as he leaned in to steal another. It'd been just kisses last time in the truck. He wanted more than that--but Cat was right there in the other bed. They couldn't just...go at it with no regard for her.

And at the same time, he really didn't care.

It was nice and convenient that they were both almost naked already. Reminded him of the lake. He slid his hands up between Daniel's body and the bed, feeling the shape of him. Hard to believe he'd once been a kind of flabby office worker. Now his body was all muscle and tough, suntanned skin, hardened by living on the streets as much as by the months of hard labor he'd undergone, waiting for Bell to come back.

Speaking of which, he'd been doing well on the alcohol front lately, hadn't he? Maybe it'd been fixed with the rest of his mental issues. In any case, Bell thought it deserved another kiss. He squirmed a little too, writhing just enough to let Daniel know what his thoughts on "just kissing" were. They had a motel room! They should make the most of it, right?
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Only after the silence stretched for several hours, Daniel started to feel sleep take hold again, whisking away the pain, the feeling of sheets pressing down against his foot and the sensation of their combined breathing rubbing their skin together where he and Bell-boy touched.

His sleep was restless.
Bell-boy's body-heat was too much, then not enough. The sheets became sandy oceans against which he fought to stay afloat, but couldn't. Daniel woke, dazed, in the middle of the night, sweaty and disoriented, until some of the familiar features of a motel started making sense.
And Bell was right there. Still vast asleep.

He wanted to get up, get some water, dry off, but the sudden lethargy kept his back firmly pressed against the mattress. Sleep after that was different; a black gaping hole in which he barely remembered spending any time at all.

Someone was touching him.
A leg between his. Daniel stirred and turned his head, eyebrows raised as if they could pull up his heavy eyelids. It was warm. The kind of warm that came from baking in a bed for far too long. Daniel breathed in deep and stretched out, instinctively nuzzling closer to Bell. The man seemed awake now.
His hazel eyes sought out the other's baby-blues.

"Hmm, did we sleep in?" he mumbled, still trying to get his bearings.
What memories he had of last night were a fair deal confusing, but reality appeared to have settled quite nicely. He was still a little sleepy, but that was just laziness.
Mornings like these were the best. He reached out for Bell-boy, fully intent on stealing at least a few kisses. His foot was sore, but the pain was nowhere near to what it was yesterday. Whatever Bell-boy had done, the goatling seemed to approve.

Daniel was almost curious to see what progress it'd made.
Later. It could wait. Daniel nudged Bell-boy by inching closer, making an unspoken request for affection. His body at least was already a couple of steps ahead. It'd been far too long. No, actually, that was a lie. They'd fucked at the lake, hadn't they? And Bell-boy had been in the mood after torturing the poor guy.
He'd seen it in the man's eyes. The way those pupils dilated with unbridled desire. What a far-cry they were from the docile life Lenny had had to offer.
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Daniel was there, bed shifting as the man joined him. He burrowed into Daniel's chest and fell asleep almost immediately. He only just heard Cat moving around before he was gone, utterly lost to sleep.

His sleep was deep and completely still, his breathing deep. Nothing penetrated his awareness until dawn light the next morning. Only then did he shift and open his eyes a bit, looking at the hotel room, at Daniel, at everything. They were still safe, for now. No one had attacked in the night. He yawned and stretched. Maybe the hunters' car had been destroyed in the storm. Or some kind of essential communication had been taken out. Or maybe they just hadn't found him and Daniel. Whatever. He'd needed that. After so long sleeping in the car... well, it just wasn't the same to sleep sitting up. Lying down was a whole another world of sleep.

He looked at Daniel, trying to see if he was awake, then gave up and shut his eyes again, snuggling up close. Another few minutes of sleep, and he'd be perfect. Just a few minutes.

This was nice, too. Being so close to Daniel. Hadn't had much of that lately, either, between Cat and sleeping in the car. He drifted back off to sleep again, but this time it was more of a doze, half-awake in the bed. For a while, he dozed, but slowly the sun crawled across the bed and made him uncomfortably warm, pushing him back into full wakefulness. He opened his eyes and looked at Daniel again, then scooted closer and kissed him on the cheek. Cat was still sleeping, wasn't she? They could make out some. He scooted a little closer and wiggled up beside him, intertwining his leg with Daniel's.

His stump pressed down against the sheets, and he flinched, suddenly brought back to reality. He drew his leg out of Daniel's and moved it back somewhere safe, where the sheets didn't leap up from the mattress and bite him. Okay, that was no good. No good at all.

They probably had to change Daniel's bandages, too. Bell groaned to himself, irritated. Reality was shit. He'd rather go back to sleep.
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Bell-boy was cute when he was drowsy like this. A dangerous man, lowering his guard, just because it was him. Daniel ran his hand through Bell-boy's hair when the man leaned against him, begging to be carried. Carrying Bell-boy wasn't easy, but Daniel had half a mind to open the bathroom door before he started on the chore. His foot cried out in agony, despite it being only a handful of steps to reach the bed.
Cat's retching noises barely surprised Daniel, but she was going to have to suffer watching them being affectionate, because after all was said and done, Cat was only a guest living off of their kindness. Until she could prove her worth. For some reason, Daniel doubted Cat would leave. Something in her kept her close. For now.
Until they dealt with the hunters.

The bathroom door shut behind them and then there was a little more privacy. Daniel felt thoroughly awake now, his foot starting back up its incessant complaining. Didn't mean Bell couldn't get some rest though. He helped the man settle, pulling the comforter up and straightening out some of the sheets before giving in to become a living pillow to Bell-boy. Lying down was considerably better, but still uncomfortable.

He listened at the water coming down as Cat used the shower.
Other than the occasional car driving by, nothing out of the ordinary beckoned his attention. Not even the ceiling's white was broken by stains. How much was this room exactly? Daniel felt a little guilty for being unable to sleep now; they'd decided on the motel at his expense.

They shouldn't have.
It was foolish and dangerous.

Cat was done by the time the pain died down enough to ignore. Daniel's hand was still listlessly trailing through Bell-boy's hair. Cat raised an eyebrow.
"Go to sleep," she muttered.
Part of her hoped Daniel might be able to drive tomorrow. Wishful thinking, by the look of things. Cat snapped off the light and sighed out contently as the comforter on the bed basically swallowed her whole. A warm bed, a full stomach and nice, clean hair. What more could a person desire?

They were nights like these when the hallucinations would crop up. Nothing of the sorts happened. The shadows remained where they were. The walls and beds remained stoic and unmoving. No creatures crept from the walls, no goats or darkness to swallow him whole. Nothing. Nothing but the sound of two sleeping room-mates.
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Daniel wasn't in a rush either. They both sat there and dozed, Daniel at first splashing water down Bell's legs, though after a minute or two of that, he stopped entirely and just laid still. Bell wrapped his arms around Daniel and held him up in the water, so he wouldn't drown if he really fell asleep.

It turned out to not be necessary. In a repeat of Bell's actions, though luckily workout dropping his foot in the water, Daniel jerked awake in his arms. It startled Bell out of the doze he'd fallen in, somewhat, though not so much as to really wake him. "Hmm, maybe," he agreed drowsily.

The water started to drain, his nice warm blanket sucked away down the drain. At least he could still cling to Daniel for warmth. He wasn't going anywhere fast, not until the water drained; and even then, it'd be a struggle getting out of the slippery tub with only one good foot. When the water drained, Daniel climbed out. For a second, Bell just laid there, trying to figure out how he'd get up. Before he could, a towel landed on his face. He grabbed it and made an effort to sit up and dry off, though still moved slowly, drowsiness and the heat working together to make him sluggish.

And then Daniel drew him up into his arms and put him down on the edge of the tub. Bell reached out with his good foot and found his shorts, drew them closer, then slid them on. Okay, now for the last obstacle--

He looked at Daniel. "Would you?" he asked, then paused as he was overtaken by a yawn. He leaned against Daniel. "Carry me," he said. His eyes drifted shut. If Daniel was going to carry him, then he'd just go to sleep right here.

Strong arms wrapped around him and lifted him. He nuzzled Daniel in appreciation and let himself be carried, comfy and warm in Daniel's arms. Cat made retching noises as they walked past, but he ignored her. Hadn't Daniel said it? She'd act the same if she saw any adult pair displaying affection.

Bell was laid down in a nice, big, comfy bed. He shifted and snuggled down into the comforters, puling the sheets up and over him. One arm reached out blindly for Daniel. All he needed was to have Daniel in his arms, and then it'd all be perfect.
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"Hmm, I don't really know," Daniel sighed. He wanted to wash more of Bell-boy, but realized he was in the way himself and shifting was nearly impossible because of his leg. Couldn't exactly get the bandages wet. Bell-boy was playing with his hair and it really didn't help how scattered his thoughts were.
"Love you too Bell-boy," he replied. "Always have, you know that."
Daniel's gaze drifted lazily to the door when Cat remarked she wanted her turn in the bathroom too. He put the soap on the edge of the tub and just poured small amounts of water down Bell-boy's legs, one at a time, washing away the suds using his hands. There was no sense of urgency about his actions whatsoever.

The warmth of the water was getting to his head. Daniel's hands stopped entirely, slowly sinking in the water as he lost the will to stay awake. He'd been tired to begin with, but now there was nothing stopping him from falling asleep aside from the knowledge that they'd have to get up from the tub in a few minutes.
Which in Daniel's muddled head meant he could sleep a few minutes.

Just before the swirling black could abduct his consciousness, his leg jerked, his body deluded into thinking he was falling and he snapped to.
Shit. Okay, he couldn't really fall asleep in the bath-rub and Bell-boy wasn't really that much better. "Maybe a real bed?" he sighed out, pushing himself up a little. Sure, how was he going to do this without pulling his other foot under him?
In the end, Daniel just reached for the plug and waited for the water to drain. It'd be easier getting up in a soaked tub rather than a full one.

They could wash up more in the morning. Right now, Daniel just wanted to curl up to Bell-boy, get nice and cozy with the guy and sleep until morning. He waited for the water to drain before pushing himself up. It was awkward, but Daniel managed to sit on the edge of the tub and reached for the towels, giving Bell-boy one as well.
After a half-hearted scrub, Daniel found his shorts and pulled into them. Dressed enough? He thought so. The heat in the bathroom was making him light-headed.
Rather than let Bell-boy flail to get out the tub, Daniel stood, towel covering his head still, and lifted the man out. His bad foot cried out in protest and he wasn't entirely steady on his feet, but soon enough he had Bell sitting on the edge of the tub. The pain helped wake him some measure.
"Bed-time. You want me to carry you there?" he offered with a cheeky grin. It'd be a little awkward, but Daniel was pretty confident he could.
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Bell listened while Daniel rambled, mildly curious, mostly distracted by groping him under the guise of washing him. Hadn't dreamed? Then had the goat screwed up something else in his head?

Or maybe it was just because they'd been so busy lately. Bell hadn't dreamed; or, well, he hadn't dreamed any of [i those] dreams. He'd chalked it up to being too exhausted to muster up the strength to really go into a full blown nightmare, himself. And not thought about it, because when he didn't think about it, he tended not to dream about it.

"That a good thing?" he asked Daniel lazily, quite content with how things were panning out. Daniel was here and happy and it was all good now, right? Even if he missed Landon sometimes.

Now that was something he'd never admit aloud. Daniel would only be hurt by it. And it wasn't right, either, was it? Because Daniel was both of them. And neither. Maybe he'd miss Daniel, old Daniel, too someday. Or just stop missing the both of them altogether. He didn't know.

Daniel stole the soap and ran his hands down Bell's legs, returning the favor with a lazy wash of his own. Bell kissed the top of Daniel's head and played with his hair while Daniel was preoccupied, though tensed subtly when Daniel drew near the stump. When it was evident that Daniel wasn't going to touch it, though, he relaxed all over again. He didn't know how soap would feel, and didn't exactly care to find out, but Daniel's hands felt real nice on the rest of his legs.

"Love you," he mumbled quietly. If only they could stay like this forever, just stay in the bath and never leave, and no one would hurt them, and everything could be nice and quiet and peaceful. He sighed. It was a daydream, but it was a nice one.

Cat knocked on the door. "You two still in the bath? Jeez," she commented unhelpfully. "I wanna take a shower too, jerks."

"Take one in the morning," Bell replied, making no effort to get up. They probably should, though, get up and move into their actual beds to sleep. He just didn't want to.
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Seemed he wasn't the only one battling sleep. Daniel only just shook off the urge to just give in, when Bell-boy all but drowned himself in the tub. "Easy, easy," Daniel muttered, relieved Bell-boy managed to fish his own foot out of the hot water before he had to. He still recalled Bell-boy's flinching at his touch there quite vividly. Last thing he wanted was a repeat of that.
Last thing he wanted was to hurt Bell.
Yet the man hadn't entertained similar feelings, did he? Daniel was pretty sure that at least part of Bell-boy had thoroughly enjoyed cutting and slicing his foot open to extract a few gory bits that didn't quite belong. There'd always be that part of Bell. Daniel would almost be disappointed to find Bell-boy sappier and weaker than that.

Bell-boy's hands distracted him.
Daniel hummed in approval, tipping his head back to look at Bell's profile. There wasn't much he could see from this angle. Not that it mattered.
If it weren't for those retarded hunters, they wouldn't be in this mess to begin with. Slowly Daniel's eyes drifted back shut.

"Haven't dreamt in a while," he mumbled.
All he'd done was sleep. Sure, most of the time he'd been pretty exhausted, but there'd always been dreams before.
"'s quiet, all quiet," Daniel murmured softly, breathing out the thick fumes rising from the hot water. Hadn't seen Lenny no more either. Hadn't seen anything. Couldn't escape reality no more. It still felt weird, especially now that they allowed themselves to pause for a second and he had some time to think beyond what they'd do next, where they'd go and whether there'd be hunters to deal with next.

Daniel traced Bell-boy's arm down to the hand wielding the soap and dazedly watched as his fingers pried the bar from Bell's fingers. Once he had it, Daniel started to lather up Bell-boy's legs, going about it slowly and gentle, so no movement could come as a surprise. Maybe that's why Bell-boy had flinched earlier. Just surprised touch could also not hurt.
He purposefully avoided touching the healing stump however. It seemed sensitive and soap wouldn't exactly aid the healing process anyway.
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"Mmm," Bell said. He wasn't too sure about it either. Daniel felt more like a Daniel than a Danny, in the end. Really, he didn't care. As long as Daniel joined him in the bath.

Water sloshed as Daniel did just that, and then his weight settled reassuringly against Bell's chest. Bell leaned back a little further, scooting to make room and rest his back against the wall of the tub. His arms wrapped around Daniel's chest, squeezing a little tighter when Daniel reached back for a kiss. It was hard not to fall asleep. He was nice and comfortable and warm, and Daniel was right there with him. He could feel Daniel's heartbeat slow as the man drifted off, and his own synced up, slowing to match Daniel's. It was naptime.

No, no, not now. In a minute. He shook his head and tried to stay awake a little harder. No, he shouldn't. Daniel was on the verge of sleep, too. If he fell asleep now, they'd both drown in the tub together.

"Missed this too," he mumbled. Daniel's head was right there, so he nuzzled his hair, resting his face against it for a moment before he determined that was too much effort and slid back into the tub again. Sleepy.

"Mhm," Bell agreed. He was rapidly losing the fight to stay awake, which was a really poor decision and he knew it. He shifted a bit, trying to wake himself up by moving, but it really didn't work. Everything about being here with Daniel was just way too comfortable. He was safe and warm and with the one he loved; all the tension that'd accumulated in his body over the past few days was evaporating with every breath of the warm steam from the bath. He relaxed a little more, sighing out, eyes drifting shut. He shouldn't. He really shouldn't. But it was far too tempting.

Bell relaxed, breathing evening. His muscles eased out, bad leg sliding slowly off the edge of the tub until, with a splash, it landed in the hot water. The second it hit the water, Bell startled awake, scrambling up in the water--which only made it worse. At last, his brain clued in to why he was in pain, and he forced himself to lay back in the water and lift his foot up out of it again. The pain subsided immediately, but he was suddenly very awake. "Shit," he muttered to himself, kind of annoyed at having ruined his good-sleep vibe. Oh well, nothing he could do now. He scooted down, getting comfy again, and found the soap. They did need to get clean, and he never minded an excuse to feel Daniel up. Moving slowly, he ran his hands over Daniel's chest and down his abs, just to touch him and feel his skin and nice body warmth.
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The door shut, snapping Daniel out of his daze, though before he could turn to see who it was, a familiar voice resounded. Daniel felt inclined to lean in, Bell-boy's affection enough to send shivers down his spine. Before he knew it, his shorts were on the floor.
"Admiring sounds good," Daniel joked.

Bell-boy's shorts joined his and Daniel watched, ready to help just in case Bell-boy needed some support. It seemed Bell-boy had most of it under control however, dunking his ass into steaming warm water.
Everything except the stub.
Too sensitive, probably.

Daniel smirked in reply to Bell-boy's grin, almost tempted to just tease Bell-boy like this. It wasn't the same with both of them already naked however.
"Oh? That's new," Daniel drawled sluggishly. Plenty of people called him that, but not Bell. It'd always been Daniel. Or Landon. Never Danny or Lenny.
Being held by Bell-boy sounded good, so Daniel slowly shifted to sink into the water, sitting between Bell-boy's stretched legs. He kept his bandaged foot on the ledge, inching down to make himself more comfortable.

The back of his head rested in the nook of Bell-boy's shoulder. Nice and comfortable. Warm too. He'd been cold.
Just a slight fever.
With the foot raised above his heart, the pain slowly simmered down. Finally all the pressure was off the injury. Daniel reached up, hooking a hand behind Bell-boy's neck and pulled the man into an awkwardly angled kiss. They didn't often get such a nice opportunity though, so it was worth staying awake for. That said, the second his eyes closed, Daniel found it hard to pry them back open. He rested against Bell-boy, just letting his body melt into the water.

"Hmm, missed this," Daniel mumbled under his breath.
Now that he'd eaten, was comfortable and warm, nothing to impede healing, Daniel felt tired. His body craved sleep. Just a few seconds. Or minutes. That's what Daniel promised himself. Just a few minutes and the worst of the drowsiness would evaporate back into exhaustion instead and he'd be fine. That, or coffee.
Some coffee would be nice right about now.
It'd just been a long day.

Daniel brought up his hands and scrubbed at his face, trying to wake himself up a little.
"Should've done this sooner," he muttered. When they were both well enough to enjoy it to a greater degree.
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He grinned at Daniel's reply, nodding along to it. He felt that, he really did. Daniel didn't need his help, so he focused on pulling his jacket off instead. Just as he was down to his shorts, Daniel pushed off the bed and limped for the bathroom. Bell stood and stretched, balancing on the one foot he had. With the help of his broomstick, he got all the way to the bathroom door frame, then abandoned the stick and just used the wall to limp inside. The bath was drawn, but Daniel was just staring into it blankly, lost in thought. Bell smirked at himself. Never a good place for Daniel to be.

Before Daniel could work himself into some kind of mood, Bell shut the bathroom door, then came up behind him, hopping the distance from the wall to Daniel. "Hey," he said quietly, nuzzling Daniel's neck. Nice and warm. But the tub would be warmer. He slid his fingers under the fabric of Daniel's shorts and slid them off, freeing Daniel from the last impediment between him and the bath. "You gonna get in, or just admire it?"

Bell knew what he was about. He slid his own shorts off, a hand to Daniel's shoulder to stabilize himself, then sat on the edge of the bath. Getting in was awkward; he grabbed the other side of the tub, then, bracing himself between both sides, lowered down into it butt first. He plopped down the last few inches, sending the water sloshing, then slowly lowered his feet into the water. He wasn't too sure about getting the stub wet, and dipped it slowly into the water. The warm water felt boiling hot; he flinched and propped his stub on the side.

Bell shifted a bit, getting comfortable in the tub, then grinned at Daniel. The heat left his cheeks flushed, hair damp from where it brushed the water; he was sitting low in the tub, almost completely submerged, and he didn't feel like changing it. Felt nice and warm. "Join me, Danny," he whined, reaching up for him. "Don't be a voyeur, c'mon, I'll get shy. Water's fine. Nice n' cozy warm. C'mere, lemme hold you." He made grabby motions at Daniel, trying anything to get him to join Bell. It'd been too long. He just wanted to hold Daniel. Touch him.
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"Yes, god yes," Daniel sighed out. A bath would probably be divine right now. He'd probably not last that long in piping hot water and falling asleep was a valid concern, but Daniel was willing to take those risks if it was the two of them. Cat needed to pee first and Daniel sagged down onto the bed after worming out of his coat and reached down to undo the laces. Once the injured foot was freed, Daniel easily kicked off the other boot and stalled, watching Bell-boy work on his jeans. The other man was patiently peeling away the jeans from around what had to eventually grow out into a foot.

Bell-boy's eyes reached his and Daniel wordlessly shook his head. He didn't need any help.
Now that the boot was off, nothing else would hurt to take off, probably. Either way his foot wasn't in such a weird shape as Bell-boy's was. His jeans would be easier to take off.

Cat's return broke Daniel's daze and he nodded, getting up with a yawn. Daniel hobbled towards the bathroom, keeping both hands to the door once he reached it to survey what they'd bought this time. There was a bath and it was clean, dry and unused.
Daniel found the plug and tossed it in, then sat down at the edge of the tub to fiddle with both taps until he had nice, hot water going in.

Daniel moved on while the water ran to prevent himself from falling into a daze again, slowly pulling off his shirt from where it'd virtually stuck to his back. It'd be nice to have fresh clothes, but they could use the hot water and tub to do a little rinsing at least.
They could do that later.
When he had just boxers left, Daniel gave up and allowed himself a few moments to just stare at the water pouring into the tub. The rising steam was getting to him, but it'd be real nice to wash off all the little flecks of blood that still remained.

He numbly reached for the taps once the tub filled up sufficiently, but didn't really move. The silence, for one, was deafening. It reminded Daniel of having his mind reset or 'cured'. Such silence had always been closely followed by searing pain.
A shiver travelled up his spine at the memory. Or maybe his skin was just crawling because of the infection Bell-boy cleared from his foot. All he had to do to solve that problem was get into the tub.
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Despite Daniel's protestations, the man didn't stop him from heading to the office, or kick up a fuss on his way to the room. His general pallor told Bell that this was a good idea, at least for their health. Daniel needed to be in a safe, controlled room, where they wouldn't overheat or freeze at different times of the night, or get soaked by rain or a wet mattress pad. Not to mention the wonders a hot bath would do. Cat claimed a bed, and Bell shrugged, ambivalent. Whichever. As long as he had a bed.

He snorted at Daniel's offer. Like hell either of them had enough energy for 'activities' like that. Or...wait. Bell frowned, reconsidering. Could he undress fine like this? It'd be a bit of acrobatics to get his pants off his good leg, but if he sat down on his bed, it'd probably turn out fine. Bell shook his head in the end. "I'm good. Bath?" he posed as a counter offer. He was as tired as Daniel, but dammit, he'd gotten them a room. They might as well make use of the facilities. He intended to bathe tonight and shower tomorrow morning, if at all possible, just run up the hot water bill at this little motel until it went out of business.

"I gotta pee, wait, I gotta pee," Cat cried, jumping up off the bed to go occupy the single restroom. The boys could take whole hours in the bathroom if she let them.

Bell watched her go, then sat heavily on the bed and started working his pants off. His new pants. The ones he'd stolen from the hunters. Which reminded him; hadn't they stolen whole new sets of clothes? He considered for a minute, then shrugged. Whatever. His stump ached like a raw blister when the jeans rubbed against it; he froze, then started again more slowly, pulling the end of the jeans up with his other hand as he worked the leg down. Preoccupied, he glanced at Daniel. "You need any help?" he offered. Might as well.

Finally, his bad leg was freed from the jeans-trap. It was weird, seeing his leg just... end. Having nothing on the end of it. He wiggled his ankle a little; or tried to. Nothing moved. He could feel something twitching, but visibly, nothing happened. He shrugged to himself. Looked like it'd be another while before he'd have a foot back.

He was just kicking his jeans off his other leg when Cat emerged from the bathroom. "Okay, now you can take a bath if you want," she said, plopping down in the bed.

Bell gave Daniel a look. It'd feel great, as long as they kept that foot of his dry. Warm him all up, nice and toasty. And he'd get to be close to Daniel for the first time in a while. Lately, there'd been nothing. Barely even kisses. Not that he expected anything tonight, but it'd be nice to just... be close.
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"You cleaned out the infection, it should be fine now..." Daniel protested half-heartedly. Taking a night off wasn't exactly something they could do, now could they? Phone the hunters and tell them 'not tonight, we're having a night off', was not only ridiculous -it was dangerous to think such a luxury was permitted.
Daniel understood where Bell-boy was coming from though.
"Thanks," he muttered.
He didn't stop the man from getting them a room and instead reached out for his missing boot. It exactly was where Bell-boy said it'd be.

Getting his foot into the boot was a whole other ball-game. Daniel shifted his foot down and not only did he feel weird for changing his position, his foot felt like it was twice the size it looked to be. Sensitive too.
Bell-boy's handiwork ached fiercely.
Better than the dull throb he'd endured the last couple of days, but still nowhere near healthy. He managed to get his foot into the boot and sat there, both hands spread to the side clenching the back-seat while he waited for the pain to simmer down.
Walking on that would be even more interesting.

Daniel manned up and tied he laces so he wouldn't trip over himself and then slowly crawled out of the truck, using the trusty old vehicle to keep standing. Cat gave him a once-over, but apparently he looked like he'd live, because she didn't make any further comments.
Bell-boy didn't take long to get back. To Daniel, it felt as if Bell had been gone half the night already.

He was almost amazed his foot held his weight.
It stung like a genuine mother-fucker, but it wasn't any weaker or worse than before. By the time they reached their room, Daniel had worked up a sweat. He was eager to get into a tub or get a proper shower. The desire battled with the need to get sleep while he waited for Bell-boy to open the door. Spot rushed in first, sniffing and exploring the new environment, followed closely by Cat.
"Dibs," she called on the bed closest to the bathroom and Daniel shrugged.
Whatever worked for her.

"You, me, bed," Daniel muttered at Bell-boy.
"Do you need help getting undressed?" he offered with a lopsided grin and whilst he was no good on whatever implications that offer might carry, Daniel would see to it they were both comfortable enough to enjoy the bed to the fullest.
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Cat was hyped, at least. Bell grinned a bit at that. At her squealing, Daniel stirred and looked at him, lifting heavy eyelids. "Yep," he said.

Daniel didn't approve. It wasn't a surprise. Cat parked and bounded out, excited to be at a motel, but Bell stayed in the truck a moment longer, looking at Daniel. "We've been staying in the truck for weeks. And now we're both injured, and your foot got infected. I just... want us to get a good night's sleep." He shook his head and pushed his hair back. "I know it's risky, with the hunters and all, but... I just want to relax. Take a night off."

Bell sighed. "Yeah, yeah, I know. I know," he said. "But we need this. Right there, to your left," he added at the end, pointing out his boot.

He grabbed his broomstick and climbed out of the truck. Cat had done them the favor, at the very least, of parking behind the motel, out of sight of the road. Wouldn't hold up if the hunters went cruising through parking lots, but it'd at least hold up to a drive-by.

"I'm gonna go get us a room," he said, then headed to the office. Might as well spare Daniel the effort of walking to the office and back. A bell chimed above his head as he stepped into a small office, windows looking out in all directions; a heavyset young woman made half an effort at smiling at him. Her eyes widened slightly at the crutch, but her desk obscured his foot, and she made no comment on that. "Two beds, one night," he said, reaching into his pockets for Daniel's card. He still had that, right? Probably?

His fingers closed around a small plastic rectangle, and he passed it over. The lady ran it through the system, which prompted him for a pin. Bell froze, paralyzed, then remembered and typed in the numbers Daniel had said. The little machine beeped, and the woman handed over some keycards. "Room 241," she said, "Round the back."

Bell nodded and retreated, looking for the others when he emerged. "This way," he said, leading the way towards the motel room. At least for one night, he wanted to relax in a real bed. And it'd help Daniel heal, too.
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