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The more Daniel described it, the more it sounded like that facility they'd just busted out of might be the best place for him. Though there was no guarantee they it was the only facility with that equipment. Maybe it was common stuff. They'd had it at the Pennsylvania base for the most part, after all. "Good thing they could hook you up in that tube, then," he commented to the goatling needing to heal Daniel. It'd take external resources, but Daniel hadn't starved when he'd been in that gel, had he? So they must have kept him fed and hydrated.

Setting that up, though, required medical expertise neither of them had. They'd need a collaborator. Of that, he was already convinced. Whether it was a researcher or not was the question. After all, medical expertise and knowing about goats were two separate things. They could find some nurse somewhere to get things squared away. He shook his head. He just wished they knew more about it, so he could make a plan. Like this, he just felt... helpless.

Right. No, Daniel was right. He should just enjoy this food and forget for a little while. He picked up his fork and knife and delved into the stack of cheese, beef, and noodles.

As the first bite touched his tongue, all the negative thoughts vanished. So good! It was perfect, creamy and savory with just the right amount of tomato acidity to cut the decadence. He wanted to take it slow, but how was that possible? He all but wolfed down the lasagne, all the way down to scraping the sauce and cheese off the little bowl-plate it'd come in.

Dessert? "Sure, I could go for some tiramisu," he said, sitting back to sip his water. "Or if you wanna split something else, I'm game." He wasn't sure he could tackle a full dessert by himself right now; too much lasagne. But a little bit of sweet would be the perfect closer to such a delicious meal.

The server came over to clear their plates. Bell let Daniel handle ordering dessert; he'd already put his two cents in. For just a little longer, he could pretend like everything was alright.
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"Yeah," Daniel agreed. It'd be nice if they knew anything about this, but Daniel got the impression that even for Bell-goat and the goatling, this was uncharted territory. What they were going to try was something only Will-goat had managed to do. Regardless, Daniel didn't think the process was a hundred percent safe to perform. They might both die. He might die.
"Well, it'll have to heal what it replaced," he started. Was a month too long of a stretch? The goatling wouldn't be able to gather any external resources, or resources from him, while in the process.
If it took too long, however, there'd be nothing to work with.
"I can tell you, it's not going to be done in a day," he confessed. Will-goat hadn't made the impression that this would be easy. Daniel didn't even know how he got by the knowledge. A headache threatened and Daniel rubbed at his temples.

In the future, right. He reached for some of the water and drained the glass. Hopefully his headache was just the start of some fluid-shortage. Doubtful.
Food arrived to break through the heavy atmosphere. Daniel was glad he'd gotten a starter. Didn't think he could deal with a main course right this second, but maybe after some soup his head would be back in the game. He didn't want to talk about these things. Unlike Bell-boy, he'd rather forget.
Not that that had ever helped him any.

Daniel snorted and pushed the thoughts down.
"Enjoy," he invited Bell-boy to start eating. At least the food was good. Rather than a watered down soup, his tomato soup was rich and filled, only enriched with some basil and cream to complement the taste of tomato. Bell-boy's lasagna looked nice too. A large enough portion to feed a goat, hopefully.

His soup was replaced by the ravioli, which was a smaller portion, as he'd expected. It was still good. "You want to go for dessert?" he pitched -a safe topic. How long until Bell-goat and the goatling agreed on a location. Like Bell said though, what if it'd be months? Maybe they did need some inside help. Maybe they did need to make a deal. The base they'd left, funnily enough, would be want for a goat.
But there was no trusting them not to keep their word. No. They needed a base that was cleared out.
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"It's delicious," Bell said, already grabbing another breadstick to be sure he got his fair share of the bread. Daniel wasn't about to steal his share.

He nodded, swallowing a chunk of bread and following it with a swig of water to make sure it was cleared through. "I was wondering that myself. The hatched ones don't seem to know about any shells beforehand, but the goatling is out here, with us. Aware, kind of. So maybe it already has a shell in mind." Or whatever passed for a goatling's mind. He opened his mouth to suggest that Daniel should ask it, but stopped. It was a dumb thing to suggest. He knew enough about goats to know they were never as clear as that.

But in any case, Daniel had a good point about the dog. Spot wasn't exactly a normal dog. He didn't whine to be let out at night or pee when he got nervous or run away if they left him outside and forgot to leash him. A real dog was a pain in the ass, and he knew it as well as Daniel.

Water arrived. Bell sipped at his, then put it down and looked at Daniel. "I wish we knew... anything about this," he said. They had a plan, now, but it didn't mean the plan would work. Besides, if they had to use a tube in the enemy base, in the middle of the hunters... there was a time limit before they were found. A time limit on the order of hours, days at the best. "What if it's like the egg, and you're in there for a month or something?" Then they'd have to find... a collaborator, or something. Or he'd have to hold a base all by himself for a whole month. Talk about a shitty job.

He'd do it, if it was what it took to save Daniel. He'd do it, but he wasn't looking forward to it.

"Well, that's in the future, though," he concluded, giving his head a shake. Right now, they had good food, a good atmosphere. They shouldn't focus on the bad.

But at the same time, they never talked about things like this. It was good. Constructive. Better than Daniel freaking out about nothing and going drinking on his own.

Food arrived, hot and delicious, savory smells wafting ahead of them. He sat back and grinned, mood lifted by the arrival of food. Couldn't wait!
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Breadsticks materialized on their table and Daniel took a deep breath, savouring the scent of the fresh, warm bread and the olive-oil dip it came with. He returned Bell-boy's questioning gaze and shrugged. If there'd be alcohol, he'd drink. It was that simple and Bell-boy knew it. Water. Safe bet then, huh? Daniel snorted, "I'll have some water as well, some tomato soup as a starter and ravioli," he added to their order with a smile.

Daniel reached over for a breadstick as the waitress went and made work of their order.
"Hmm, I guess," he admitted. It'd certainly relieved some agitation if they'd had a successful hunt. On the other hand, they seemed to have finally gotten to terms with what'd happened and they had a plan now. All in all, things seemed to be looking up.

"This bread is good," Daniel commented. There was far too little of it to last between the two of them and after that it was waiting for their food to come on through.
"I wonder if the goatling can't make its own shell, but yeah -maybe...not now, maybe, but once we know what facility we're going for," he reasoned. No use tormenting an animal with irregular meals, no decent place to stay and the confusion of always being on the go. Then again, dogs did tend to adapt quickly, didn't they?
Wasn't like they could expect to suddenly have a Spot two-point-oh wagging its tail at them though. That'd be naive to think.

Water arrived first. A large, cool bottle and some glasses.
The waitress poured them their first serving and smiled, "your food should arrive shortly."
"Thank you," Daniel offered with a cheeky grin and took to the water.

He focussed on Bell again once the lady left and sighed out. Protect him no matter what, huh? It occurred to him that Bell-boy might be making due on that promise for some time. Who knew how fast the goatling could safely leave his body? Some parts of his flesh had all but been replaced by the goatling. His arm, at least. Maybe part of his heart, where he'd been shot. Who knew how far the tendrils of the goatling stretched into his head?
And what part would stay behind and where?

Daniel sighed out and drank some of the water. No sense worrying about that now. Hopefully he wouldn't be entirely conscious for the whole ordeal. Be nice to just wake up and be alright. Be himself again. At the same time, being himself was what Daniel dreaded just the same.
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Daniel's eyes lingered a little too long on the waitress. Bell narrowed his eyes, then sighed out and let it go. Whatever. It wasn't like he'd never ogled other men. Still, that was his type? Cute, short, brunette? He eyed the waitress up and down. How was he anything like that?

The question distracted him, and he smiled. Right, right, they were here to eat, not ogle waitresses. At least it'd just been a glance, and not anything further. "You betcha," he replied. He was hungry. Hadn't even realized it on the way here, but now that he was smelling the food, there was no way he could hold back. He wanted to order the whole menu and then some, as impractical as that would be.

He looked over the menu. All the usual stuff, pizza, pasta, et cedra. Ravioli? Bell nodded, not particularly feeling it. But whatever, if Daniel wanted it, he could have it. "Looks tasty! I was thinking the lasagna, myself."

Their waitress returned with the breadsticks. Ooh, this was the kind of place that came with breadsticks? Sweet. Bell grabbed one and bit into the hot, salty bread, even as she smiled and continued with her spiel. "...are you ready to order?" she finished.

He hurriedly swallowed the breadstick and nodded, giving Daniel a glance. To order alcohol or not? Wine went great with Italian food, but... he didn't really want to remind Daniel about alcohol or tempt fate. Besides, they had to drive tomorrow, and if he knew anything about them and alcohol, it was that they just couldn't do it in moderation. It'd be hangover city tomorrow if he ordered "one" bottle of wine--because there was about a snowball's chance in Hell it'd stop at one. "Uh, yeah, lasagna for me, and some water, please," he ordered, returning her bland smile. He handed over the menu while the waitress took Daniel's order and retreated.

Silence reigned for a moment, Bell munching on his breadstick. Then he sighed aloud. "So annoying we couldn't just squish that dumb goat," Bell muttered. He'd wanted to feel like a hunter again, not the hunted, and it'd turned out to be a goat his goat didn't even care about. And on top of that, the goatling had wanted to let it live. He sighed again. Too many hidden agendas. When it was just Bell-goat, everything had been so much easier.

"So... should we for real get a dog? Or no? Wait until we're closer?" he continued, figuring he'd go ahead and broach that subject. Despite being the one to bring up the need for a new shell in the first place, he felt like he'd never gotten a satisfactory answer from Daniel about the dog.
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By now the transition from day to night was a familiar one. Daniel didn't care much; he and Bell-boy blended in better with the folk wandering out at night than they did the ordinary people rushing about during the day. At long last a little Italian place cropped up. He shrugged. The odds of finding another place quite like it were very slim indeed.
"It's as good as any," he shrugged and followed Bell-boy inside.

The lights were turned on low, the scent of pizza mixing in the air, though Daniel preferred the pastas. A brunette server greeted them with a shy smile and Daniel smirked. He could appreciate her looks. It'd been a while since he'd looked at a woman, since he'd committed himself to Bell-boy, but that didn't mean he couldn't find a woman attractive. At least she wasn't a goat.

He followed the progression to a table at the back, near the kitchen. In this low a light, it was hard to see just what riff-raff they were, which was just as well.
"Already excited for the food?" Daniel commented on Bell-boy's grin. Maybe this time they should just stick to a single bottle of wine. The Greek restaurant was still laced with a vivid memory of Bell-boy trying and failing to keep up with his beer-drinking habit.

On the other hand... With Will-goat out of the picture, they ought to be safe to just let loose this night. Daniel shook his head and picked up the menu. He wasn't making that mistake twice. He conjured up the memory where his hand was wrist-deep in Bell-boy's chest-cavity and sighed out.

If he separated from the goatling, an injury like that would be Bell-goat's greeting-card. Back to the way it'd always been. Daniel took a deep breath. Did that also mean his head would go back to how it was? Back to a sick divide between him and a personality called Lenny?
Maybe beer wasn't such a bad idea after all.

"How about ravioli?" he pitched, just to take his mind off of his worries. It'd be a while before they found a base suitable to their insane idea anyway. And it'd possibly be longer before they managed to safely clear it. He'd leave it to Bell-boy to go ahead and choose their drinks this time.
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Bell nodded, silently agreeing to something he couldn't possibly agree with. He wasn't going to go straight to self-sacrifice; hardly. He wasn't suicidal. But if it was their only option, he'd give himself up. Not permanently. He'd escape. But if it meant saving Daniel, if there was no other option, he wouldn't hesitate.

The washer beeped. Daniel got up to change the clothes around, and Bell got up to watch him. Dinner while they were waiting for the driers? Sounded fair enough. He nodded. "Let's see what's out there," he agreed.

Just forget. It was what drove him to drinking, wasn't it? But before he could start to worry about it, Daniel was already assuring him that it wasn't the case this time. "There's other ways to forget," he assured Daniel, watching as the last rays of the setting sun lit Daniel's hair golden. He almost looked like a statue when he was like that, all limned in gold and glowing. They'd go have a lovely dinner, go back home to their lovely car, maybe do a little something-something and get to bed early for the drive tomorrow morning. For a day that'd begun with them all-but-getting ambushed, it'd turned out surprisingly well.

He wandered through the streets, watching other people walk by. By now, the transition from day to night population seemed almost familiar; they'd been here for a while. They passed by a few Chinese hole-in-the-walls, an upscale Thai place, a Mexican bar, a tavern... and then, at last, when he was about to give up, a little Italian place. "How about there?" he pointed out to Daniel, already starting for the door.

It was dark-ish inside, the owners obviously making an attempt to make the mood with low lighting, though it came off more as annoying than anywhere else. Still, the air smelled like tomato sauce, flour, and cheese, so he knew he was in the right place.

A small brunette server came up to them as they entered the door. "Table for two?" she asked, giving the two of them a shy smile. Bell nodded, and she led them to a booth by the back, right near the kitchen. It was nice and warm, and smelled delicious. He sat down and got comfortable, shooting Daniel a grin. If it tasted half as good as it smelled, it'd be delicious.
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Back to the last base? Daniel remembered the researcher whose house they'd occupied. Would she still live there? Alphie, wasn't it? Of all the researchers, they'd been the ones who seemed to have the keenest grasp on how to work the tubes and manufacturing the goo. Daniel didn't see how they could strike a deal and killing everyone on that base didn't seem viable. It'd been large. And it seemed counter-productive, considering Bell-goat had managed to infect most of the hybrids there.

But when push came to shove, they did need something.
"It's better than nothing," he repeated after Bell. He felt quite the same way. It was a big base. Their escape wouldn't change that fact, even if they'd done some considerable damage to it. Bell-boy's hand was there then, comfortingly pushing his hair back. Daniel turned his head to look Bell in the eyes and he sighed out.
Yeah. Bell-boy would protect him, wouldn't he? He'd always done that, even when it was still Lenny and Bell alone.

"Just don't do anything at the cost of yourself," Daniel chided. He sat up a little straighter, leaning forward. Slowly, the red digits indicating how much time it'd cost for the washer to finish counted down.
Once it stopped and beeped, Daniel got up and found a vacant drier to surrender their washed clothes to.

"Right, want to look around for a place to eat while that dries?" he offered. It'd be an hour or so before the machine finished at this rate anyway. Might as well get themselves a quick meal.
"We can worry about hunters tomorrow. I kind of just want to forget. Don't worry...not thinking about going on another bender again," Daniel teased. He stepped out of the laundromat and breathed in the fresh air. The sun was slowly setting, but that didn't stop the last of its rays to make it just that little bit warmer.
If he wasn't feeling quite as cynical about his odds to survive the goatling, he'd almost say the sun was symbolic for a ray of hope forcing its way into his life. As it was, Daniel refuted the thought. He'd be happy after he'd survived. Dealing with the goats was truly a 'be careful what you wish for' kind of deal.
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The laundry place loomed up on the horizon. Bell yawned as he slid inside and dropped down on one of the chairs by the door, watching quietly as Daniel, all domestic-like, loaded up the machine. It was weird, being like this. Almost felt like being an ordinary person. A no one with no agenda. No one chasing them, no one they were chasing. Quiet, peaceful. It felt weird. Like stepping in a hot tub. It was comfortable now, but he knew he'd get sick of it sooner rather than later.

Their clothes spun around and around, circling in the washer. For a second, he imagined one of the shirts as Daniel, floating in a vat of some mysterious material. It'd happen soon enough, one way or another, he knew that. It was just... unnerving, to go actively seek out a base--not to destroy it, but to use its facilities. And what if the hunters came back while they were busy making use of the tube? Daniel wouldn't be able to help defend them. It'd be Bell against the world. It made him nervous just thinking about it. Anything could go wrong, and it'd be up to him to fix it. He'd be responsible for anything and everything.

"Does make it harder to find a base," Bell replied light-heartedly, though he hardly felt it. He shrugged and stretched. "If nothing else, we could always go back to that last base we broke out of. We know where it is, and, well, I mean... it'd be tough to clear it out, but it's better than nothing."

He looked at Daniel, then reached out and pushed the man's hair back. They'd figure something out. It was the one thing he was sure of. He wasn't going to let Daniel die. No matter what. And if Daniel did die, he'd kill the stupid goatling. There were no questions in his mind about that.

"I'll protect you, okay? No matter what," he vowed. To the extent of his power, he'd keep Daniel safe. Even if it meant working with the researchers or giving himself up, as long as Daniel came out alive, it was all worth it. He'd figure out how to get himself out of trouble afterwards.
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Next time. Some of the edginess seemed to be taken out of Bell-boy. Some of the urgency had just melted away in the sun. Hunters. Yeah, that was a sure bet. Killing them though. It'd depend on just how much of an effect Bell-goat's blood would have on the hybrids. It was reasonably possible that some of them would refrain from attacking them. Not the human hunters though. They would give killing them no second thought.

Daniel followed Bell-boy, but the roles were reversed soon enough. He kept a moderate pace, not keen on rushing, or moving too sluggish. Felt like waking up after a long dream. The fog that'd clung about him because of the goat-sickness was slowly lifting to reveal an all-too clear and sharp reality.

Soon enough the laundry-place loomed up ahead. Daniel padded inside as if he lived in the place and casually started loading up the washer. They could go for a meal after their clothes were in the driers. Get a fresh start tomorrow morning. Hopefully find a base sooner, rather than later.

It was a shame, honestly. If they'd have known sooner...
But then, had the goatling been ready for such a transition back then? Daniel sank down on one of the benches and stared at their machine.
In all honesty, the time for talking about this had long since passed. Daniel already knew all of Bell-boy's answers. All that was left was a summerly 'good luck and I love you', before he'd step into a tube -if they even found one.

If not, they'd be fucked.
But Will-goat had to be born somehow. Maybe the goat shared some of that information with the goatling. Which meant he'd be leading them somewhere next? Did the goatling even possess the power to exert that kind of influence on him? Considering it was all up in his brain, it was a reasonable guess to think it did.

Daniel slumped down and zoned out watching their washer go through a spin-cycle. Italian next. He was kind of hungry for it too.
"I didn't exactly miss not being hunted," Daniel complained light-heartedly. Now that they weren't actively chased, it'd be harder finding a base. It'd be nice if they could find something similar to the storage-facility. Something low-key, because every time they went for the big buildings, they had to do a rerun.
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He watched as Daniel stuffed all their dirty clothes into a plastic bag, leaning against the car a bit more out of laziness than anything. Italian. Lasagna or spaghetti and meatballs? Or maybe some ravioli, manicotti, something. He was kind of feeling that hot-noodles thing, though, so more lasagna or spaghetti. Ooh, or linguine alfredo? Nice hot cheese sauce, speckled with parsley... mmm.

"Okay," he agreed, awoken from his Italian-food reverie. They hadn't really done much in the way of exercise today, aside from follow one kid down a dark alley, and he knew that he'd have a hard time sleeping tonight if he didn't move a little, especially since they'd napped most of the day. Still, he snagged one of the water bottles before he continued and sucked half of it down right there. Sleeping in the sun wasn't the best choice he'd ever made. At least it wasn't full on summer, so he wasn't going to end up with a nasty sunburn on top of everything.

Bell shook his head. "Nah, I'm good to go." He'd rather go out than stay in, now that he was awake. For one, he'd worry about Daniel going out to drink on his own, or about Will or Will-goat changing their minds and attacking. And besides, now he really wanted Italian, now that he was thinking about it.

He grinned back. It really was a shame. "Next time," he agreed, leaning in for the kiss. It'd been something he was really looking forward to, so it was disappointing to miss out on it. "At least the goats tend to want us to kill hunters."

Daniel had all the clothes all bundled up, so he nodded at the man and started for the door. It wasn't quite dinner time, based on where the sun was in the sky, but well past noon. His instinct was to take the lead, but he didn't know where the laundromat was. When a quick scan didn't materialize it, he looked at Daniel and waited for him to lead the way. After all, Daniel had already done laundry once here.

They were doing a lot of laundry--well, no. No, they weren't. It was more normal to constantly have a supply of clean clothes than to wear the same clothes for weeks on end, wasn't it? He was just so used to it that it seemed stranger to have a constant supply of clean clothes.
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Bell-boy didn't seem too steady on his feet when he got up, but Daniel attributed that to the man's sleepiness more than anything. He felt well enough to drive this time anyway.
"Not really, Italian sounds fine to me, haven't had pasta in ages," Daniel argued. He gathered the clothes that needed to be washed in a plastic bag and tossed the one Bell-boy had coughed in before out of the car.
Now that they were leaving, there was no sense in playing house with the factory no more. Daniel sighed out, examining a patch of blood on a pair of pants. His or Bell's? He couldn't really tell no more. He'd healed Bell-boy and blood had the nasty tenancy to just contaminate everything.

With a shake of his head, Daniel stuffed everything back. No sense worrying about it now. Bell-boy looked to be recovering just fine. It'd been so unnecessary too. Hah, guilt again? Daniel stuffed it all down and took a deep breath.
They could walk. He'd walked the first stretch to the laundromat.

"We can walk to the laundry-place," Daniel noted. But maybe there wouldn't be an Italian in the neighbourhood. Maybe that wasn't necessary. They could drive at night. He'd slept most of the day away already. Daniel wouldn't be surprised if he wouldn't be able to sleep at all tonight. Too many thoughts, too many variables to consider.
What would be the odds of them running into another hunter's base now that they'd gone through the lengths of throwing them off?

"Or do you want to stay here?" he offered. Bell did look a bit tired still.
Had to still be recovering from the last of the ailments tormenting his body. "We could probably order something in as well... Just get creative about it." Like intercepting an order at a random address.
Pretending they actually lived somewhere they didn't.

He was still a bit distracted as he lifted the laundry from the car. Such a Lenny thing to do. Care about these trivial little issues. Like clothes.
"Shame we didn't get to kill anything," he muttered off-handedly, casually walking over to Bell-boy. He regarded the man with a grin, then kissed him. "Maybe next time, huh, Belly-boy," Daniel joked.
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Bell shrugged. "The fresh-hatched ones usually can't," he said. "Like the one that almost got you. Though I guess whether this one is really fresh-hatched or not is up for debate." After all, it was clearly alive and aware inside Daniel--or, at least, Daniel seemed convinced it was, and Bell didn't think it was right to contradict the one with the goat in him. If it was aware, then maybe it could copy anyone it observed: him, Daniel, random people on the street. It wasn't like they needed to kill to make a shell, after all; that was only for replacing purposes. There was nothing to keep the goatling from trying to kill the one it replaced, he supposed, but it wasn't necessary for it to take a shell. His own existence proved that.

Laundry, dinner. Ordinary stuff. He nodded, biting back a second yawn. Recover for today, and on to the next hunt, the next mad chase. Hopefully this time there'd be killing at the end. No--that was guaranteed, wasn't it? Since they were going after hunters.

Bell looked Daniel in the eye and nodded. "I know," he said. It didn't make it any less risky, having a plan. It was just... now they [i had] a plan. Now he felt like they were in some kind of control, like maybe Daniel really would survive this, instead of before, where it was just... 'trust in Bell-goat,' and that had never sounded like much of a good idea to him. "But at least it's something," he added after a moment, putting his thoughts to words. A step in the right direction.

He snorted along with Daniel. "Does seem pretty ridiculous," he agreed, and then got distracted by the kiss. As long as they were together, it'd be okay. They'd overcome the hunters before; they'd do it again.

Anything he wanted to eat? He smirked for a second, then shrugged, slowly peeling himself up. All that lying in the sun had dehydrated him; the world spun a bit as he reached full height. "I dunno, Italian? Like, pizza and spaghetti and shit?" he suggested. "What about you, any preferences?" It wasn't like he was craving anything in particular, but he did kinda feel like Italian.
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Back to the UK? Daniel furrowed his brow. Going back there would be more than a little confronting, never mind that Bell-goat had been clear: there was nothing left for them to do there.
"I'm pretty sure the latest trend is hybrids. Can't imagine these researchers not to dabble in it," Daniel said calmly. They'd managed to get him in a semi-solution, because Daniel remembered being caught in the tube had been fine at first. And then at some point they'd adjusted it to burn his skin.
So those researchers had to know.

Of course, if they were making hybrids, they'd be trying to meld the two. Quite possibly, the only way to do that was to create an uncomfortable environment for the goat's essence, forcing it to seek refuge in the 'prey' that'd been conveniently placed within reach. Since they were doing the reverse, it'd have to be different.

"Yeah, maybe," Daniel agreed.
"Unless the goatling can create its own shell," he pointed out. Sinewy-goat had. And it'd changed tune several times before settling on a copy of Bellwether. Daniel shrugged and scratched the back of his head.
"Prepare to leave, I guess," he muttered. "Some laundry, a nice dinner..." Or just stretch whatever moment it was they were having right now. It'd been a long time since last they were truly comfortable around eachother.

Daniel sighed out and stretched.
"You know? It's still risky," he confessed to Bell. He hadn't neglected to notice how complicated this whole thing was going to be, how fragile the human body when faced with the intricate laws of physics and nature. Dying like that would be very anti-climactic for the road they'd chosen to take up. He chuckled.

"We finally get away from it all and now we're going to actively seek out hunters again? That's irony," Daniel said with a shake of his head. He leaned down to kiss Bell and then got up. For his peace of mind, it'd be better to just go do something that'd take his mind off of death.
"You feel like having something in particular to eat?" Daniel offered casually.
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Bell nodded. Leave tomorrow. It made sense. They'd done everything they'd come here to do. Or rather, they hadn't. He still wanted to kill the goat for stabbing him. Will had done it, but the goat too. Both of them. But whatever. He'd hold back his bloodlust for now.

Daniel's hand coincidentally found the exact spot where he'd been stabbed. This time, though, it felt comforting, like someone was watching over him, keeping his back safe. How long had it been since they'd been able to just be like this? Just be together, without any weirdness between them.

Eh? Hybrids? It felt like forever ago, like he was dredging up ancient history. But Daniel had a good point. That was technology that had kept both goat and human alive for long enough to meld the two. If they could get their hands on that, Daniel would have a much better chance of surviving.

And the ones who knew the most about the hybrids... he frowned. He didn't want to think about it, but. But. The researchers might be their best bet. Probably not the one whose house they broke into and left tied up in her own bathroom, but other researchers. People who knew how to deal with goats and humans and hybrids.

"Should we go back to the UK, then?" he asked, finally looking up at Daniel. He dragged himself to sit upright and stretched, letting out a long yawn before he continued. "Since all the hybrid researchers were over there. Or ya think the hunters had their own hybrid research division or something?" It probably wouldn't be a bad idea to take a look around them at the hunters' bases before they decided to venture overseas again. Especially since the hunters were actively mass-producing hybrids, if not quite the same kind of hybrids the others had been making.

He shook his head and rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. "Still gotta go get a dog or something," he commented. So much to do to keep Daniel alive. Worth it, though. As long as Daniel was alive, anything was worth it.

"So what're we gonna do today?" he asked. There was still some daylight left. Plenty of time to get stuff done. Or travel. Whatever Daniel wanted to do.
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