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A familiar voice called his name. He spun and found Landon there, dressed up in the clothes they'd bought yesterday. Relieved, Bell jogged over to him, though concern sprung back up at how easily Landon got winded. That wasn't a good sign. There'd be no skiing today, would there?

He had expected to get berated, but instead, Landon greeted him with the same relief Bell felt. "Sorry for just..." he gestured vaguely. "Sometimes I just get up and... go somewhere." Once he'd come to in the back of the church, staring at the place they buried bodies. Once Lilah had found him among the tomatoes in their backyard, stalking the neighbor's house. Many times, he'd come to staring at the gates, hands raised as though to push them wide.

"Uh... no. Just went back to the party from last night, but there wasn't anything going on there anymore. Duh," he added, because it was obvious. Half-awake him didn't really have the full brainpower full-awake him did.

He tilted his head at the mention of gear. "Are you... sure you're up for skiing?" he asked. Landon had lost his breath from jogging five steps towards Bell, that didn't say 'skiing' to him. He waved his hand, dismissing it. They had more important things to do. "We can chill in the lodge and watch for the snow bunny today. She's a goat, did I say that? There's a goat here. Oh, and she invited me to a party tonight. Could show up there, see what's going down. Though... I don't really have a time or a location, so... I dunno." He shrugged. And parties weren't great for the guy that got flu-sick from alcohol. So maybe that was out, too.

"Did you have breakfast yet? There was some free shit in the hotel, they probably still have it up," he said. Landon had puked up last night's dinner, and he wasn't looking good, so he doubted the man had eaten anything yet today. There was a clock in the square; he checked it, then shrugged. "Maybe."

Bell stretched and yawned, staring at the sky. It had the dull gray, perfectly flat cloud cover that promised snow soon. The air was chill enough for it, too, nipping at any inch of skin it could reach. He reached out and patted Landon's back. "Let's get indoors," he suggested.
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Crisp winter air greeted him as soon as he stepped outside. Not the bright light, but the fresh air made his headache feel a little better. The freshness of the snow made it seem as if nothing had happened. Deadly as it was beautiful -same with the woman. Bunny. The word popped into his head without reason or rhyme. Daniel. He had a penchant for giving nicknames to everything, including Bell.
He couldn't believe Bell accepted that. Maybe he didn't.

Landon brushed his hair back and took everything in. They'd chosen a pretty fancy hotel -leave that to Daniel- but then, most of them were nice. People were up and about, most of the dressed for the weather in a wide arrangement of colourful clothes. Landon checked his own out with a little more interest. Not exactly excessive, but he had the bare essentials he needed to get out into the snow. It'd been ages since he'd last stood on skis, let alone a board.
Maybe he shouldn't just yet. He searched his pockets. No ski-pass.

Bell wouldn't be going out there just yet, unless the man got really lucky.
Just as he was about to set out, Landon spotted him: Bell. Unlike him, Bellwether was wearing a pretty impressive collection of colourful items, all clashing to form a bright mess that couldn't be missed.
"Bell!" Landon called out.

He took a short jog, regretted it, and held pace in front of Bell, out of breath and shaky still. Didn't seem like Daniel had eaten much the last couple of days and he'd puked up yesterday's meal. Shouldn't have skipped breakfast maybe.
He took a deep breath and straightened himself out.
"I was looking for you," Landon started. He blinked. This Bell probably wasn't aware of the urgency and the reasons why it was important they stuck together. Never mind that Bell had always felt a bit caged by his desire to stay close.

"Find anything interesting?" he pitched instead, trying not to be too clingy. "They've got gear over there we can rent," Landon said half-heartedly. That wasn't what they were looking for and it wasn't likely they were just going to run into the bunny-goat either. Hadn't she talked to them the other night though? Daniel's memories had shimmered through for a reason, but they'd been pretty hazy and disjointed.
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He'd gathered his clothes on the way out the door. It was a bit cramped in the restroom stall, but there was enough room to dress and get ready. There were still tags on some of the clothes; he threw them out. A pipe was tucked into one of the jackets. He gave it a pat, just to reassure himself it was there, then slid on the heavy winter coat over it.

When he emerged from the bathroom, the thick, sweet scent of breakfast drew his attention. Bell let his nose lead the way to a continental spread, the usual watery eggs and fluffy pancakes. No one yelled at him, so he didn't hold back; he joined the others in the line and got himself a big plate.

He had to find that woman.

It came back to him as he was finishing his pancakes. The snow bunny. His eyes darted around the room, searching for her. No dice. His eyes wandered outside, towards the snow. There. Out there somewhere.

He finished his plate off and rose. A second in blinding bright snowlight had him duck and pull his glasses down. With the light reduced to a more manageable level, he peered around. Still no woman.

Something led him on, drove his steps. Back to a place with tents standing around, empty now, almost abandoned. The trampled snow told a different story. They'd been in use, recently. She'd been here. He was on the right track.

He pushed up and looked around. There were too many hotels to watch them all, too many people on the slopes, too. That would be where she was, though. Not that he could find her there. He didn't have any sort of equipment. He patted his pockets. Nothing. No wallet, no money.

[i Daniel was going to take care of that,] he thought, then froze. Wait. What was he doing out here? Where was Daniel--no, Landon?

He spun on the spot, taking it all in. He was... Right, the tents from last night. He breathed out. How'd he ended up here? Shit, he'd left Landon behind. Where would Landon be? The hotel? The ski rental place? "Shit," he muttered. He'd fucked up. He took off at a run for the ski office. If Landon wasn't there, he'd be more likely to run into him on his way from there to the hotel than the other way around.
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Landon dried and tested the boxers. Dried up. He'd slept for quite a while already and still his gut felt sore and uneasy. So did his head. He'd have another field-day when he actually needed to take the anti-psychotics.
'He's leaving, Lenny,' Daniel sneered from the corner. 'Doesn't love you, does he? Always trying to get away from you.'
Landon glared at the figure in the corner, but didn't respond. Force of habit had him trying to conceal the fact that he saw Daniel every now and again. Leaving? Landon glanced at the door, pushed it open a little further to reveal the beds and noticed the lump that ought to be in the other was gone. Shit.
Landon staggered out of the bedroom.

"Bell!" he called out, but there was no one there.
'He hates you, Lenny, face it. He never even tried to leave when it was me.'
Landon rolled his eyes and regretted the motion, then gathered up his clothes and started to get dressed. He was still shaky. Damn it. Couldn't catch a break, could he? That woman was still out there too -that goat. Landon took a long breath.
That'd be where Bell was going to go. Did Bell even have a weapon at this point? Daniel would've taken care of that much, right? It'd be irresponsible to leave Bellwether unarmed, knowing what they faced on a daily basis.

Landon worked his way into his coat, donned the sunglasses and made sure he was ready to face a day of searching in the snow. Or actually. Screw it. Landon slowed down. Bell didn't remember. He remembered Haven, boring, communal Haven, where he'd been married to Lilah. Maybe it'd be better to just let Bell go.
If his memories weren't coming back, then this whole ordeal was senseless. Landon shook his head. No. He wasn't going to give up on Bell. The man had to remember something about them two. Landon took another deep breath and stepped outside. It was busy already. The scent of breakfast turned his stomach, so Landon decided it was best if he just went outside and searched there. Probably actually get on some skis, because if he could find that woman first, Bell would soon follow.
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It took a while to settle down. It really wasn't that late, and while Landon was conked out from his and Daniel's little experiment with drugs, Bell was still wired. He managed eventually, sliding off into an uneven sleep. What if he hadn't been there? What if Daniel had just died out in the snow?

He shouldn't care this much. No, it was just normal human concern, right? Anyone would be worried to see someone so helpless. It didn't mean anything. Didn't [i not] mean anything, either. He breathed out, annoyed, but his thoughts kept chasing one another, whether he wanted them to or not.

When he did sleep, it was restless. Bell kept seeing the woman, the goat. He hunted her down. She ran, clothes bright against pure white snow, and he followed, a shadow in the night. She fled down a dead-end alleyway. He allowed himself a small smile as he stepped inside, pipe raised. Her back was to him. She didn't see it coming. He smashed the pipe into the back of her head. Blood and brains flew, splattering the wall.

Instead of falling, she turned to face him. Her ruined face wasn't the goat-woman's anymore, but Lilah's, eyes wide with surprise and fear. His gut dropped. He didn't want to hurt her. He was supposed to protect her. But he'd, he'd--

[i What makes us different?] she asked. [i We're both goats.]

Her face morphed again, becoming someone else's, someone he barely recognized. [i You killed me, after all,] she hissed. He felt claws dig into his chest before he knew what was happening. Lilah tore into him, white clothes flecked with his blood as she came away with a chunk of red, raw meat, lifted it to her mouth, devoured, a horrible smile on her face.

And then she lunged for his throat.

Bell snapped awake, sitting bolt upright in bed. He stared dead ahead, then spun left and right, searching for enemies. Another bed. Empty, but used. Someone had been here. Who?

He pushed out of bed quietly. Slowly, he prowled forward. His eyes swiveled, taking in every detail of the room. So peaceful. So quiet. There was a nagging voice in the back of his head telling him something was wrong, but he ignored it. He was in danger.

Noise in the bathroom. Running water. He approached quietly, peeked around the corner. A man. He slid past, angling for the door. Escape. Freedom. Safety.
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 24d 16h 3m 36s
A shake of his head. No, he didn't hate Bell. Quite the opposite. Hold on? Landon opened his eyes to drowsily watch what Bell was up to, but the towel got adjusted and familiar hands pulled his boxers down. Landon let it. Even if he wasn't comfortable with the idea of this Bellwether seeing him naked, which he was, Landon knew he couldn't lift a single finger to fight what was happening.
Strong arms picked him up from the tub and Landon hung on meekly, until he felt the familiar softness of a bed underneath his ass. His eyes slipped shut even before Bell had taken the towel from his persona.

There were dreams.
Snow-filled dreams invaded his mind. Daniel was there, he was driving the car. A crow flew high up above. And then they were at a bar. The face of the girl that Daniel and Bell made out to be a goat was startlingly vivid. She moved her lips, as if to say something, but no sound came out.

Landon came to slowly. At least he was warm this time.
Blankets were tucked around him neatly. A room? Not his room. Daniel shifted and turned. A hotel-room? Oh. Right. Some of last night's fragmented memories came crawling back from where they'd been hiding. The soreness in his gut and throat confirmed last night had been a bad one. Landon shifted and brushed his hair back. It was light, but it couldn't be late.
Also. He was naked.

Wait, so how had he gotten to the bed again?
Landon pushed himself to a sit and was met with snow, glistening white just out the window, where the curtains split.
It was actually quite peaceful.
For a long while, Landon just sat like that, until thirst and other needs started to vie for attention. He got up with a groan and puttered around to the bathroom for some water and what seemed to be his boxers, draped to dry. Right, because he'd insisted on a bath to help regulate his body's temperature and stop the stupid shivers.

He felt hungover still, a bit dazed, but it'd be fine. The worst was behind him, until the next time Daniel decided to drink alcohol.
Landon washed his face and rinsed his mouth, trying to rid the taste of dried vomit from his tongue. At least he was in control for now.
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"No, I'm not," Bell agreed. He certainly hadn't meant to imply that it was good dancing. He'd been shit at it.

The way Landon relaxed when he touched him was so trusting. When he was like this, when they were like this, it really felt like he'd known Landon forever. Sometimes, it was hard to remember Haven and everything else, easy to imagine that this had been his world for the past few years.

"It's okay," he reassured Landon. It wasn't his fault he was puking everything up. He moved the trash can a little further out of reach when Landon nudged it; it really did stink. He wasn't exactly enjoying the scent, either.

Landon was shivering. He really looked sick, so sick it was hard to remember that this was just a bad interaction with pills and alcohol. [i I'm not going to let Daniel drink again,] Bell vowed. It was too painful to have to watch him afterwards, struggling so much just to survive.

A hand brushed across his hair, not quite touching. "You don't hate me?" he asked at a whisper, almost too quiet to hear.

He watched the other man curl up in the tub, wet towel slung over him, wet boxers clinging to his body. Going to sleep? Bell rose, then crouched again. No, letting Landon sleep here was a horrible idea. He'd catch cold and actually get sick. "Okay, hold on," he said. He draped the towel over Landon's body and pulled the boxers down under it, so he didn't accidentally see anything. Wet boxers hung to dry on the side of the tub, he rubbed Landon a little more dry, then picked him up.

Landon was heavier than he'd expected, but not too heavy. A few grunts and a little shifting, and he got the man into a hold he could maintain with little effort.

"I'll bring the trash can over for if you need to puke," he said, businesslike. He put Landon down in the first bed--the one he'd claimed earlier--and tucked him in, extracting the towel once he was snuggled into the sheets. Back in the bathroom, he hung the towel, emptied the trash can into the toilet, and brought it over to Landon, setting it beside his bedside. He patted Landon's head once, then slid into the other bed. All taken care of. Everything was good, so now he could sleep.
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Bellwether dancing all in white. Despite everything, Landon snorted at the mental image. “You’re not a dancer,” he pointed out, voice soft and hoarse from vomiting. A community. No wonder it’d been boring to Bell. He hardly fit into society, let alone a tight-knit community. Pure his ass. Brainwashed more like.
A hand was run through his hair and Landon relaxed into the motion. Helped steady him out a little, like Bell’s presence usually did. It grounded him. Had grounded him enough to forsake the medicine for almost half a year before it’d all turned to shit again apparently.

Guess there was no curing him.
Landon tried to relax. For a while there was just silence, broken only by their breathing -his a little shallower than Bellwether’s. The vomit reeked of acid. Landon reached out to limply nudge the trash-can to the side. The smell alone was near enough to upset the balance all over again, not that he thought that there’d be anything to throw up but bile and saliva. He didn’t want to go through dry-heaves on Daniel’s account.

“Sorry,” Landon breathed. There had to be other things, far more fun, than watching him puke. The water was cooling down. Landon unplugged the stop and watched the water drain off. The towel Bell put around his shoulders before was still on the floor. Landon pulled it into the tub with him when the water was gone and started to half-heartedly dry himself.
He was shivering, despite feeling warm and clammy. His body was having trouble regulating things.

Either that or Daniel had suffered from something before he’d started drinking. Landon fingered the healed injury softly. Blood loss maybe. Landon’s attention wavered and landed on Bell next. His hair looked soft. Landon brushed his fingers by it and stroked some strands back into place.
“I missed you, Bell,” Landon confessed. “Missed you so much.”
Even if it wasn’t this Bellwether, it still was. Bell would still have his back. He ought to get his sorry ass to bed, but maybe sleeping in the tub wouldn’t be such a bad idea. At least if he threw up more, cleaning would be easy.

Landon felt too run down to move, so he used the towel as a blanket and slumped down in the tub. He’d stay here.
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"Attend the sermons, share what you grow, be kind to your neighbors, no leaving the village, you know, stupid stuff like that," Bell said with a shrug.

What else did he do? Lilah sprung guiltily to mind. Bell glanced away. There were other things to talk about, though. Other crazy stuff that Landon might find interesting. "Uh... well, we led rituals, sometimes. Since we were the pure ones. Some of them were pretty embarrassing. I had to dress all in white and dance around a fire once, and Lilah wouldn't even let me be drunk for it."

He winced. Damn it. Lilah came up anyways, didn't she? He glanced at Landon to see if the man was annoyed at him for it. "It was mostly boring stuff though," he said with a shrug. "Working together to make food from the land. Helping other people work through their problems. It was a real... I guess, a real community thing. But kind of a shitty place all told. Boring as hell."

"No problem," he said, running his hair back. It just felt like the right thing to do. Wasn't even that late, anyways, so it was no big deal. And then he was lunging out of the way as Landon jumped for the trash can to spew up everything he'd eaten. Bell felt bile rise up in his throat at the sight, even though he wasn't usually a sympathetic puker. He looked away for a moment, only turning back when Landon was done.

The man was slumped over the edge of the tub, looking more defeated than anything. Bell breathed out. He ran a hand through Landon's hair soothingly. "It's alright," he said quietly. He'd take care of Landon tonight, if that was what he needed to do. The next time Daniel tried to go drinking, he'd have something to say about that, too. Mostly "no," because his idea of a good time wasn't nursing someone all night long while they puked their guts out in a bath tub.

"Just relax. It'll feel better soon." He leaned his back against the tub for support and tipped his head back against the edge. It was a little more comfortable like this than sitting upright, and it looked like he was in it for the long haul. Might as well get comfy.
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 25d 13h 35m 38s
The water was good. Being this close to Bellwether was even better. Even if there was a mental distance, Landon felt stupidly happy at the fact that Bell would still go through these lengths for him.
"Thanks," he breathed softly and sighed out.
So nothing had happened. Daniel hadn't done the dishonourable thing of raping Bell before he was ready. Though maybe Bell had been ready. Landon groaned and tried to keep the thoughts from going off track.
Bell's voice started him at first. He'd have thought the man would've left by now, but no. Seemed Bell had some heart. It made him smile despite everything. The smile didn't linger for very long. He shifted his head so he could watch Bellwether and listed to him speak.

"What dumb rules?" Landon pitched. He realized he didn't know the first thing about where Bell had been and what he'd gone through. Landon knew it hadn't been all rozes and sunshine though. Daniel had said as much.
A garden. Huh. Hadn't pegged Bell to like tending to plants. In a bored mood, maybe though. Protecting things. In a way, that was really like Bellwether.
An arm had slipped across his stomach, but he was floating now, more so than falling. The warm water was helping mellow things out.

"What else did you do?" Landon asked. Rules, boredom and gardening. That wasn't even part of the story Bell had to tell, was it? Except for tending to his wife. Landon had almost forgot Bellwether had been married in that setting. Married and he'd slept with her -Lilah. A lot of the memories they'd made together had been glossed over by her instead. He couldn't blame Bell and he wouldn't, but it still hurt.
A cold shiver ran down his spine despite of the warm water.

"Thank you for staying," he put out there. His breathing grew heavier to combat the increased nausea, but it wasn't abating. He felt the bile threaten and rise with each breath he took, until he couldn't stop it no more. Landon grabbed for the edge of the tub and aimed haphazardly for the trash-can. This time it was more productive. Liquids first, then what looked like barely digested food. It even still tasted like meat and other things on the way out. Just more acrid. His body was too drugged to even puke right. The heaves came slowly and lacked the intensity needed to get rid of whatever needed to get out. Landon slumped down on the tub's edge and waited for the dizziness to pass.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 25d 14h 44m 28s
Some water. He got up and looked around. There were cups by the sink, wrapped up in plastic to keep them sanitary. A few quick movements had one freed, and then he was carrying the water back to Landon in the tub. It seemed silly to offer a guy floating in water a cup of water, but here he was.

What was he even doing with his life?

"Here--you need help? Sit up some," he said, holding it out. His other arm looped around Landon and lifted him up from the tub a bit. Didn't want him to drink tilted back like that, he might choke. He waited while Landon sipped, then set the cup down within reach and retracted his arm.

Force--? What did he... Oh. "No, he didn't, it's all--it's, nothing happened, so you don't need to worry about that," he stammered, words all tripping over each other. There was no such thing as privacy between these two, was there? He had to remember that. Couldn't fuck Daniel without also doing Landon. And Landon didn't seem to be okay with it, so... he didn't know. Maybe he should just... not keep trying. Not try it out with Daniel, unless he was okay with Landon, too. Unless Landon was okay with him, more like.

"I don't," he said, shaking his head. "No. It's much nicer out here. No dumb rules or anything." He didn't regret leaving at all. It'd been boring there, too quiet. Nothing happened.

Bell watched Landon for a second, the way he scrunched up his face in pain. Could he go back to bed like this? Landon was seriously in pain. It didn't feel right. Indecisive, he took a step towards the room, then hesitated, turned back. "We, uh, we had a garden," he started, sitting on the floor. Cold tile bit into his legs, but he ignored it. He'd keep talking to distract Landon from the pain. "I kind of miss that more than anything. It didn't grow much, but it was fun taking care of it, wrapping the roses for winter and stuff. Felt like I was... you know, protecting it. Or something." He shrugged and looked at Landon. He'd stay here all night if he needed to. Penance for his mistake.
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A ski resort? At least Bell promised to try and stop Daniel next time.
“Thanks,” he breathed, though he knew Daniel would have his ways and this Bellwether didn’t have the knowledge or the tools to fight him on even grounds. Yeah, he was still wearing his shorts, but honestly? Bell most likely wasn’t comfortable watching him in his nature suit anyway. Bell dragged the trash-can closer and Landon rested back, trying to relax. Why did his gut hurt anyway? Landon fingered the sensitive new scar on his stomach and furrowed his brow. He still felt too far gone to really wrap his head around what’d happened there.
A goat too?

“Fair enough,” Landon decided. He wouldn’t fight Bell on goats. It wasn’t a surprise that they’d encountered one here either, after all, no rest for the wicked. If even Daniel thought so, it was probably true.
Rest. He could do that.
Bell probably had just as much to drink as he did, just without the added luxury of pills. Landon watched Bell and sighed out.
“Maybe some water, please?” he asked softly. He didn’t want to rely on Bell, but he wasn’t stupid enough to forsake help when he so obviously needed it. If Bell remembered, he would’ve stepped into the tub with him and held him tight. Landon knew he couldn’t ask that of Bell now.

Landon slipped down the hot water a little and relaxed a hair.
Tired hazel eyes searched Bell’s face.
“Are you alright? Daniel didn’t force anything, did he?” Landon pitched. Daniel was by far the more promiscuous of them two, so he wouldn’t put it passed Daniel. “You don’t regret leaving?” he asked softly. Landon looked away. That question was mainly for his own benefit. He still didn’t know whether this had been the right decision to make. Daniel just had, without his input or consent.

Another shiver thrashed through his body and Landon pinched his eyes closed. Nausea accompanied the shiver and the whole roller-coaster of disorientation started anew. He lifted a hand to scrub at his face, but that didn’t help one shit.
Was it even responsible to be left alone? Landon zoned out a little, mind a thousand miles removed from the bathroom and his current situation. He felt detached, as if Daniel might take over again, but he wasn’t.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 25d 17h 44m 16s
Bell got out of the way when Daniel lunged for the toilet. Yeah, he'd thought so. Looked like it was time for puking, after all.

Not Daniel. Oh. Bell withdrew a bit, but stopped himself. Landon was just as sick as Daniel had been, and either way, he needed to be helped through it. "That... explains a lot," Bell said, slowly nodding. Daniel had been pretty fucked up for two shots and a couple beers. He'd suspected, but it was nice to have confirmation. "I'll stop him, next time." If there was a next time. There probably would be. Somehow, he felt like it took more than once for Daniel to learn a lesson.

"Um..." Bell rubbed the back of his neck. He could just lie. Could be anywhere. Might be Daniel again tomorrow. Or it could still be Landon, and he'd be fucked. "A ski resort?" he confessed. "We were gonna go skiing tomorrow. Maybe. I dunno."

It felt like being a kid again and trying to explain to his parents the crazy plans he'd made with his friends, that hadn't seemed so crazy at the time, but now sounded ridiculous. Landon just--he was too serious. Too straight laced.

"Uh--you're still wearing--" Too late. Landon had plopped into the tub. A second later, Bell cringed internally. What he thinking, anyways? 'No, take your pants off in front of me'--because that wasn't loaded at all in this context, nope.

He dragged the little hotel trash can over to beside the tub in case Landon decided to puke. "We found a goat, too. I think. I'm not very good at this yet, but... but yeah. She was definitely acting weird. Daniel thought so, too."

"But--but that's all for tomorrow. Just rest for now. I'll, uh. Be in bed if you need me. Unless... you don't need anything else, do you?" He searched Landon's face, honestly curious. "I'll go get it. I didn't have much to drink, I can still... do everything. Get you a soda or something, if you like. Some crackers to calm your stomach."

It felt weird, offering to help someone who hated him, but what was he going to do, abandon the guy? If nothing else, Daniel wouldn't like that, and besides, this was Daniel's fault. He felt like he owed it to Landon to take care of him, after letting his other half get away with drinking.
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 26d 5h 53m 26s
Bell? Oh. He was still there. Sorry for what? Landon didn't even have the energy to explain Bell he hadn't said those words to him, but to Daniel, who had conveniently left him to deal with this mess. Painkillers? Landon looked up and narrowed his eyes. He probably looked as badly as he felt. A towel was slung across his shoulders and Landon just hung his head.
"Maybe," he admitted sourly. Not that it'd be pleasant and puking wasn't likely to relieve any of the sickness brewing in his gut.
Two shots?
Two shots did this?
Landon almost laughed. "Ah... I-" Did he really want to tell this Bellwether, who didn't remember, that he was Landon and not Daniel? The world did another spin and Landon lunged for the toilet, then retched into the white porcelain bowl. Nothing much came up at first. The spins continued however and he felt sick.

Landon breathed through it, tried to will whatever they'd eaten and drank back into place.
Daniel knew their medication didn't do well with alcohol, so why? Why now? It'd been ages since Daniel had last let himself go. Was it to get Bell drunk enough to do something? It explained the trouble in his pants, though didn't quite explain why nothing had happened. Actually. It did. Daniel had passed out before anything had happened.

He didn't even know where they were. Certainly not his apartment. How much time had even passed? What if Bell remembered? Landon looked up and tried to see whether anything about Bell's appearance gave away any clues, but found little.
"I'm not Daniel," Landon groaned. He couldn't deal with how trepedous and strenuous their relationship was right now.

"Daniel is a dick for drinking," he cursed. Another deep breath steadied out the world a little again, but it was nowhere near what it should be. He didn't want to be sick. The bath should help with the shakes and the general weakness.
"He knows the pills we take don't play nice," Landon said and swallowed some excess saliva down.
"Where are we even?" He rested his head for a second, then shifted and decided he might as well be pathetic in a tub of hot water. Just standing made the world go haywire, like their brain couldn't quite keep up with all the impressions. Landon put out a hand to steady himself out and finally shuffled to the tub. A shaky hand turned the tap to stop the flow of water.
Just wearing boxers was fairly convenient and Landon just lowered himself into the tub.
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He was almost done with the bathroom when he heard a thump. Startled, Bell sped up, eyes on the door. Was that Daniel? He felt like he should go check. In a minute, though. Not right now. Right now would be... It would be questionable. No more thumps followed, so it was probably okay, right? Okay enough to wait for a minute. Almost there. If it wasn't for the shot of liquor, he'd be there already. Just a little more...

The door swung open. Daniel appeared. Bell let out a little yelp and slammed his legs shut, embarrassed to have been caught. "Um--sorry," he muttered. Moving quickly, he yanked his pants back into place. Maybe Daniel hadn't noticed.

Clean up his own mess? He'd--he'd been planning on it. "Uh... yeah," Bell agreed. Not like it was going to happen now, anyways. Going at it with another man in the room was not something he wanted to do. Yet. Maybe ever. Honestly, at this point he was starting to wonder if he wasn't just fated for blue balls tonight. Wasn't the worst thing in the world, he supposed. Not great, either, though.

He stood and started for the door, then paused. Daniel really looked not great. His skin was pale, and sweat had beaded up over the surface here and there. Sure, he was in an awkward predicament, but actual pain and illness came first. Bell rinsed his hands off in the sink to keep it from being gross, then hesitated. He hovered over Daniel, looking down at him uncertainly. "You... you need anything? Antiacid or... I don't know, painkillers or something?"

Daniel shivered violently. Bell looked around, grabbed a towel and slung it over his shoulders. "You need to puke?" he guessed. The pallor and shivers and stuff... Looked like alcohol had been a really bad idea. Bell sighed out deeply and crouched beside him, legs drawn awkwardly to not give anyone too good of a picture. He patted Daniel on the back, reassuringly. "Why were you so eager to go drink if two shots were going to do this to you?" It seemed pretty stupid to him. Then again, Daniel hadn't exactly seemed like the type to make measured decisions.
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