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Coming along, was it? Daniel gave the leg a good once-over and decided that Bell-boy was right; it was getting along quite nicely. At least there was now the semblance of a foot going on, rather than a mere stump. An idea?
The premise alone was enough to have Daniel raise his eyebrows.
He indulged Bell-boy by putting his hands on the man's back however and started to gently massage the soap into a lather. Making a peg out of the broomstick though?

Daniel snorted, "sounds like it'd work better in theory than it would in practise." They didn't really have a saw, or anything to cut the broomstick with, never mind that attaching it in a way where it'd stay stuck at just the right level was going to be a chore.

It'd get dislodged if they just tied it with rope or whatever.
"Seems like a lot of effort for just a couple of days," Daniel muttered finally. He shrugged.
"I mean you're welcome to try?" Couldn't exactly hurt. Other than that they'd ruin the only crutch they currently had. Bell-boy was on to something though.
His foot might heal up nicer if they splinted it somehow.

Shit, and they'd kind of bullied Cat into peeing out-doors while she was their designated driver. Nothing he could do about that right now though. Daniel merely focussed on getting Bell-boy washed and nice, scrubbing the man's skin.
"May be some tools in the truck that can help you," he offered. Daniel wrapped his arms around Bell-boy and shifted his leg. It looked worse, the red and purple colours deep and saturated now, instead of fresh and bright-red.
It'd soon heal though.
Not soon enough, where Daniel was concerned. Bell-boy was going to one-up him in that regard. Not that healing was a competition or anything.

"I like having days off," he sighed out, resting back.
"We should get going," Daniel started after a minute's silence. They needed to get back out there. The hunter they'd sedated would know what they looked like and the man was going to be pissed Bell-boy managed to get the jump on him.
Daniel grinned and mussed up Bell-boy's hair.

"How about breakfast?" he tried to coax Bell-boy into actually getting out first, so he wouldn't have to jump through hoops like he had when getting in.
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It took a little while for Daniel to figure out how to climb into the tub that Bell was occupying the majority of, but soon enough he was in Bell's hands. Bell smiled to himself, satisfied. This was nice. Like this, they could almost pretend like the hunters weren't hounding their every move.

"More like we'd traumatize her for life," Bell replied with a snort. And besides, he didn't want her--or anyone, really, aside from Daniel--to see him naked. It was just weird.

While he worked on washing Daniel, Daniel got started on scrubbing his hair. He ducked his head under to wet it and help Daniel out, then just let the man play with it. Daniel seemed to be enjoying it, and it felt good, so he wasn't going to protest. After a while, the soap that was left on his hands melted away, so he just rested against Daniel instead. If he didn't had to focus on keeping his leg above water the whole time, he probably would've gone to sleep. It was nice and comfy in the water, when he was weightless. Nice and floaty. And the showerhead felt real nice against his scalp. He closed his eyes and tilted his head into it, just enjoying the sensation.

How was his foot? He opened his eyes and glanced back. There was a nub past the bare ankle now, a kind of stubby proto-foot. He couldn't move it or anything, and there weren't any toes on it, but it was more than there'd been originally. "It's coming along," he said, waving his leg in the air. Be a while yet before it was working, but at the very least, it was healing. Daniel was already almost healed... but he'd only had to grow back toes. So it was fine. This was normal.

"I had an idea, though," Bell said eagerly, grinning at Daniel. He put Daniel's hands--and the soap--on his back, encouraging the man to keep washing. "What if I cut the broomstick into a little stub, then tied it to my leg? So then I can walk around on a peg-leg like a pirate and do everything like normal, right?" He gave Daniel a big grin. It was a great idea. Even Daniel would have to agree.
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Half a day, huh? Storms came and passed quickly around here. Bell-boy cozied into him and Daniel kissed the man, eager to abuse the distraction Bell offered. Once the tub filled, Daniel let Bell-boy go and watched him hobble over to the tub. Really? Daniel raised an eyebrow and chuckled.
"And where exactly should I come on in, hmm?" he teased.

Submerging his foot with the way the chafed parts were still weeping, wasn't a very bright idea to act out. Daniel ruffled Bell-boy's hair, rising to a stand to somehow claim his part of the tub, when the man shifted and grabbed the soap. Daniel shrugged and figured that if Bell-boy wanted to be a tangle of limbs, they could do that too.

It took a bit of shifting and careful placement of limbs for Daniel to find a nice and cosy spot in the tub, but once he had, Bell-boy soon started to scrub him nice and clean. He could get used to this again.

Cat's presence had Daniel look up from where he'd been mentally following Bell-boy's touch across his body. Bell-boy wasn't having it though, telling her off like that. Daniel merely laughed and shook his head.

"Should've let her; it'd be a better laugh," Daniel chided half-heartedly.
Not that he thought Cat would get into the bathroom upon seeing them both in the bath-tub. She'd probably end up scarred for life, not to mention think twice upon using a toilet and or tub.

Daniel took the soap and started on Bell-boy's hair, considering the length of it. They could both use a hair-cut in general. It'd been a while. Bell's hair was nice to play with though. Daniel shaped Bell-boy's hair into multiple shapes, leaving it standing up-right in a trio of mohawks once he was done lathering it up.
Rinsing off like this was the tricky part. Might be best to do that sitting down. Daniel grabbed the shower-head and started the water up again to wash away his ridiculous handiwork from Bell-boy's head.

"How's your foot anyway?" Daniel mused, flashing a look.
His own toes had grown back rather fast, surprisingly, but then he didn't have a whole foot to be concerned about.
"Maybe we should think about a proper crutch," he said, more serious than he'd hoped to be. The broom-stick was nice, but unwieldy and even worse than a proper crutch in a fight.
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Bath in the end, huh? He glanced back. Yeah... Daniel's foot didn't look great. Better than before; not shiny and swollen, and the wound was all but closed, but it was still bruised and purple, the surface of it chafed and nasty. Bones were probably still sorting themselves out, in that case. "I'm glad it's feeling better," he said honestly, as he leaned over and plugged the tub. Hot water filled up the tub, filling it up quickly. Arms wrapped around him, and he cozied back into Daniel, leaning up to kiss him. It was nice to just cuddle some. Always his favorite thing after they were done getting busy.

He laughed. "Yeah, by a half a day," he said, shaking his head. Daniel was being silly. They'd hardly come here because of the storm; Bell had just wanted a night off.

The water filled up high enough. He shut it off and climbed inside, using the wall of the tub as a crutch to heave himself inside. Rather than sit up, this time he plopped down on his stomach and took up most of the tub, holding his stub just out of the water. "Here, here, c'mon in," he invited Daniel, grinning as he patted what little water was left for Daniel to claim. He was being a little ridiculous, but he didn't care. Daniel could put up with him being a little ridiculous.

He reached out for the soap and started scrubbing all over Daniel, working it into all the nooks and crannies. They'd been a little hasty earlier, a little distracted by each other, but now he could take his time and just appreciate Daniel.

Someone tried the doorknob, and then an unmistakably Catlike voice sounded out. "Really? I've gotta pee, guys, let me in. Please," Cat pleaded. "Please, I've really gotta pee bad."

"Go crouch outside," Bell told her. He wanted to prolong this a little longer, enjoy it a little more. "Spot probably needs a walk too."

"I'm not a dog!" she snapped, then sighed dramatically and stomped into the room. What was she supposed to do? The boys were blocking up the bathroom, something she knew from experience was going to take forever to clear up, and she wasn't going to pee herself. She didn't have an option.
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"Hurts. It's fine," Daniel mumbled, not that interested in what his foot was doing as much as he was in what they were up to next. Bell-boy had fished out bits of bone and bullet, it was bound to give him grief. No way had the bones knitted together already, even if the goatling went out of its way to mend some of the injury.
Bell-boy stood, rounding him to get to the tub to run some hot water.
Daniel just about pulled off the last of the bandages when he asked whether he'd manage. He'd manage alright, probably, but the water wouldn't be much good near the wound.

Another bath wouldn't feel as clean, if they went about it the same as they had last night, but it was the smart thing to do. Daniel was about to scratch the back of his head when Bell-boy's fingers touched his face. He instinctively looked up and found himself distracted by another kiss.
Cat? Who cared about that?
"'m sure we did," Daniel chuckled. He found the small bin near the toilet and ditched the soiled wraps.

The foot looked fair. Where the bones were mending, his foot was bruised a deep purple, but the cut itself and the hole of the bullet were reasonably closed. There was some fluid still weeping through the skin, but that was mostly because it wasn't actual skin yet, but the sub-dermis. Almost healed then.
Like a chaved wound.

"Don't think the bones are knitted properly yet," Daniel confessed, sour about the discovery. It'd mean either Cat was driving or it'd be a pain for him to do so.
"Wound's almost there though," he said. A bit of good news. He could live with it not infecting again. Daniel lowered his gaze from Bell-boy to the tub, then sighed.

"Probably smarter to draw a bath," he admitted. He'd been fine for the short bursts, but was paying the price now.
Daniel reached out for Bell, keen to distract himself a little more.
"...until it's healed proper. Shouldn't take too much longer." It better not. They couldn't afford to have them both crippled and facing the hunters like they were now.
"Think the storm's over?" Daniel asked, a bit more casual. It was time to face the world outside of the motel-room.
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Daniel returned his kiss, both of them lazy about it. When Daniel pulled away, Bell let him go, albeit somewhat reluctantly. He didn't want Daniel away from him for a second. Still, he understood that the toilet wasn't exactly a great place to cuddle.

Even so, it was cute to see Daniel stagger over to the sink. He felt proud to have done that to Daniel. Made him feel so good he couldn't even walk straight. And it was just adorable.

He reached out and wrapped his arms around Daniel's waist lazily, making room on the toilet for the man to sit. There were red stains on the floor where Daniel had been walking; he frowned, uncertain. Was that okay? "Your foot doing alright?" he asked, kissing the back of Daniel's neck. He didn't want that to go south again.

A shower? Yeah, that was what they really needed. They'd get sticky in no time like this. "Yep," he agreed. He kissed the back of Daniel's neck again, then pushed up to a stand. His leg shook under his weight, the combined exercise of using just his thighs and hips to thrust and the climax leaving him shaky. At least it wasn't far from the toilet o the shower. He gripped the edge of the tub and reached out, flipping the water on until it ran hot.

"You sure you can manage a shower?" he asked Daniel, glancing at the other man's foot as he unwound the bandages. It didn't look so tight and inflamed anymore, but that didn't mean it was healed, either. Honestly, Bell wasn't too sure about it himself. He only had one foot, and showers tended to be slippery. He'd have to rely on Daniel to support him again, but he didn't want to stress out Daniel's bad foot, at the same time. Showers might not be in the books for a little while for them. "We can pull another bath, if you'd rather."

He pushed off the tub and reached out, touching Daniel's face to alert him before he leaned in for a kiss. "Hope we didn't wake Cat up," he said, a smirk spreading over his lips. She was always o weird about it. Wasn't like it'd stop them.
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Once Bell-boy had been given the unspoken go-ahead, the man started to respond in kind, thrusting up into him with unmatched ferocity. The man went fast, deeper and harder. Daniel bit the other's shoulder just to prevent from crying out, the mixture of pleasure and pain sending shivers up his spine. And then it all stopped.
Daniel felt as if he was suspected, breathing coming in short gasps and fuck, he was so close. So far. He hadn't even realized just how close, how far he was until Bell-boy stopped it all and forcibly pulled him from the daze he'd sunken into.

"...Bell...?" Daniel breathed, licking his lips.
The man was just catching his breath, kisses leaving burning hot trails across his body. Daniel shivered, hands gripping Bell tight and then he was grabbed, positioned and the whole circus of close, yet far, started all over again.
Only this time Bell-boy knew exactly where to go, what to do. He went deep, hitting just that spot which had Daniel stifle the cries trying to force their way out.

Bell-boy came first, a shattering orgasm Daniel soon followed. His climax was sudden and overwhelming, rough around the edges. Daniel gripped at Bell when the pleasure tore through his body to leave him empty and hollow, the steady ache in his foot the only reminder of their actions just moments ago.
He returned Bell-boy's kiss, slow, sluggish now that he didn't have to be on edge.

It felt good.
The kind of good that made him want to go back to bed, sleep, eat and then have some more. They couldn't though. They'd already wasted far too much time sleeping in. Bell-boy was probably right saying they needed it however.
Sleeping in the truck was all fine and dandy, but beds were better.

Daniel gave Bell some more lazy kisses before pulling out and away. He felt in need of a decent shower. He teetered to his feet and had to hang on to the sink to keep steady. His foot was leaving behind stains again. Probably some remnant blood from the other day.
Daniel hoped the fresh cut at least would be closed, so it couldn't infect no more. He positioned himself to sit on the edge of the toilet, head down to catch his breath and ground himself a little. After a few long seconds, one hand reached down to fiddle with the bandages.
"We need a shower," Daniel muttered with a smirk.
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Slowly, so slowly, Daniel swallowed him up. Bell gripped at Daniel and bit at his chest, using him to hold on as he was almost overcome by sensation. Every time, it seemed, he'd forgotten just how warm it was in Daniel. How good it felt to be in such a tight, hot space. And this time, Daniel had almost taken him over the edge beforehand. It was good Daniel took it slow, because he didn't know that he'd be able to last long without that.

And then he was inside. Bell kissed Daniel's neck as the man shifted, nothing feeling great yet, but nothing feeling bad, either; just good, a nice hot goodness that held him tight. He'd let Daniel get used to it. Better for both of them that way. A self-satisfied grin spread over Daniel's face, and Bell nipped at his neck in reproach. He wasn't Daniel's dildo. He wanted to feel good, too. His hands gripped at Daniel's hips, trying to pull himself deeper in yet; slowly, Daniel sped up. It might've been a while, but he knew just what to do. Bell whined quietly, nuzzling Daniel, begging him to do more. He wanted more. Wanted to feel more of Daniel.

Kisses. Deep kisses, a hand grabbing his hair. Bell clutched at the seat with his thighs and used that leverage to thrust up into Daniel, pushing hard into him just the way he liked, over and over again, speeding up as he went. Everything was building, sensation racing to an edge--and then he stopped abruptly. It was an odd angle, and his muscles were unused to it; he tired faster than usual. Bell sat back against the seat and caught his breath, lavishing Daniel with kisses in between gasps for air while he let his legs rest. He was so close, he could feel it. Just a little more.

He gripped Daniel's hips and positioned the man just right, then started again, this time using his hands to guide Daniel so that he could thrust into that spot Daniel liked so much. Both of them--he wanted both of them to finish. So close. He was so close. So close he didn't even know what would tip him over. And then he felt it, all at once, everything rising to a head. "D--Daniel!" he gasped, pushing one last time, deeper, harder, feeling Daniel on all of him as sensation rushed up out of his loins and down his legs, tingling in his spine and his stump, for whatever reason. He was overcome for a moment; the world went to white, sparks shining in the corners of his eyes, and he kissed Daniel, in that moment desperately in love with the man he held.
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For a second, Daniel feared Bell-boy would finish it with his mouth regardless, but the man was just being a tease. It'd been a while since he'd last topped. Bell-boy's probing fingers were warm from sleep, their little play not exactly serving to cool them down either. Seemed like Bell-boy was going to have to take his time, more so because they were both already so close to the edge. His foot hurt, standing like this. Flat had been fair; a steady, dull drone Daniel had gotten pretty familiar with: mending bone.
Like this however, the pain spiked every now and then.
And then it felt good again.
The process repeated a couple of times until Bell-boy's patience with him ran out and Daniel allowed the man to help position himself. He was ready.

Also a little lost in sensation.
He rested his head on Bell-boy's shoulder and slowly took the pressure off his foot, instead creating a gratifying pressure elsewhere. As expected, this position took some getting used to, but once he had, Daniel slowly shifted around. Aimlessly at first, trying to find a rhythm, but soon enough Daniel had found where to put his hands to take off some of the pressure on his foot, enough to start enjoying their play.
He didn't care that it still hurt. A little pain only added to the flavour.
Daniel chuckled, a mad, self-absorbed grin, before he turned his attention on Bell-boy.

"Been a while," he said by manner of excuse, even though that wasn't the reason Daniel took it a little slower than usual.
"Feels good though," Daniel whispered, speeding up a little.
His body knew exactly what to do, even if he was running out of steam a little faster than usual. He'd only just gotten over that stupid infection, after all. How was he even going to shower with that foot?
Future problems.

Daniel detached one hand to grab firm hold of Bell-boy's hair and kissed the man, hard. He wanted it hard. Harder than the pain in his foot.
Even with the pain, the sensations flooding through his body started to mount back up. It'd been way too long. He appreciated being able to feel Bell-boy's strength like this -it'd been a good choice to let the man top.
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He didn't stop until Daniel grabbed his hand. He'd wanted to get revenge on Daniel for last time--but Daniel was older, he supposed. It probably wasn't a good idea. Bell let himself be distracted by the kiss, not at all displeased. As long as it felt good.

He let himself be supported by Daniel, thinking. Mmm--shit, yeah, the toilet sounded good. He could always get Daniel from behind later, but they wouldn't always have a chair to play with. Besides, that'd be better when he had both feet and would have more power to do what he wanted.

"Damn right she can," he said, kissing Daniel again. That deserved a kiss.

Mind made up, Bell grinned wordlessly at Daniel and pulled him towards the toilet, hopping backwards until he could just sit. The other options sounded good too, though he didn't want to lie down. He wanted to be in control.

Bell pulled Daniel over to him where he sat on the toilet. A certain appendage was right at his face level all of a sudden; he couldn't resist the urge to lick it before pulling Daniel down into his lap. He kissed him long and deep, fingers dipping in the jelly behind his back. Bell rolled it in his hands to warm it up, but quickly grew impatient. He brushed his fingers over Daniel's body, getting him used to the idea of touching, then pushed in, seeking entrance. Daniel was so warm inside already--he throbbed at feeling it on his fingers, wanting so badly it hurt. But he had to be good. One finger, then two, massaging him open slowly, taking his time.

He kissed Daniel again, asking with his eyes. Daniel wanted this too, didn't he? Almost as much as Bell did. He was ready. He had to be. Bell took ahold of Daniel's hips and lifted him, moving him into position. Once he had positioned him, he smirked up at Daniel. "Ready?" he whispered, inviting Daniel to take initiative and take Bell in on his own speed. Bell reached up to nibble Daniel's earlobe, wanting so badly, but holding back just to let Daniel make the first move. It'd feel better when he didn't expect it, he knew it.
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Bell-boy? A little flustered? Too distracted, more like. Bell-boy grinned a bit wider when he coaxed an answer from Bell's lips; top it was. Good. Teeth followed soon after, creating a nice jolt of sensation to blend in with the pleasure of having Bell-boy finally touch him where it mattered. Oh, two could play that game, huh?
All good and well, but they weren't going to end it quite that way.

Thought it felt good. Real good. Daniel allowed himself to get distracted, leaning in to Bell. He could feel how Bell-boy tried to restrain himself and hissed, biting his lip.
It felt good. He wanted to- but no.
"H-hey...not like this," Daniel breathed out, slowing down on Bell-boy in hopes the man would ease up too. It'd be a waste if they finished like this, without actually having used the opportunity that presented itself.

Daniel grabbed Bell-boy's hand, kissing the man instead. One hand subtly supported Bell-boy, making sure the man wouldn't lose his balance, which seemed less than stable with just the one leg.
"I know a way you can fuck me," Daniel offered. "Let's just hope the toilet-seat's made for two, hmm?"

He'd simply sit on Bell-boy's lap. Be nice and deep.
Give the man control, without having to carry all of his weight on his legs. And it had the added benefit of freeing the leg up entirely, so there wouldn't even be sheets, floor or whatever touching the healing limb.
"Or...maybe...kneeling down?" he ventured, reaching for the jelly.
He pressed the jar in Bell-boy's hand. Whatever Bell-boy's choice, he needed to be prepared. And when he was ready, Daniel was pretty sure he didn't care for what way he was fucked, as long as it'd happen and felt good.

"...could have you lying down too," Daniel said and licked his lips, thinking of all the things they could be doing. There were variations on the kneeling position too. Front or back, basically.

Something shifted in the room. Daniel reached for the door and flipped the lock. They didn't want to be disturbed just now.
"She can wait," he said with a devious smirk.
Bell-boy was all his for now. He wasn't about to share with a childish brat.
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Daniel was kissing him all over. Everywhere his lips touched turned hot, like he was pressing a brand into Bell's skin. He ran his hands through Daniel's hair and shivered involuntarily with pleasure, jolting in surprise when Daniel found his nipples. Daniel could do no wrong. It all felt good.

Their eyes met. Daniel put the jelly on the sink and ran his hand up Bell's leg, all the way to his ass; Bell nipped his neck playfully, not sure himself all of a sudden. Daniel wanted to top too, didn't he? He'd be okay with that. Actually, he wasn't too sure how well he'd be able to take the leading role with one leg. Maybe if Daniel mounted him, but if he was going to be on top, he wanted to lead this time. Though then again, he'd be down a whole leg to brace himself on bottom. Either way it'd be tough.

Daniel's hands folded around him suddenly, and Bell jolted at the touch, already a little too sensitive. Shit! Should've expected that. "Y-yes," he stuttered, spitting out the first answer to his lips; he did, damn it. And he wasn't going to let Daniel get the satisfaction of watching him finish on his own this time, either. He bit Daniel's shoulder in admonishment, then took ahold of Daniel just the same, pushing them both together where their legs met. It felt good, the friction moving him closer to that edge.

"It has," he replied. Had been. At the lake, and then... with Spot, and both times he'd been on bottom. And before that... well, he didn't keep score from that long ago. But he wanted to top.

He smirked back at Daniel and bucked against him, pushing up a little harder against his body. "Are you sure you can?" he asked. Two could play at this game, after all. He moved his hand a little faster, minding where Daniel liked it best. Daniel should've known better than to challenge him! Daniel's hand felt good, but he bit his tongue, inadvertently letting the tip of it hang out, and endured, even as his body moved on its own, hips shoving gently into Daniel. He'd make Daniel make a noise first. But it felt so good. But he wouldn't lose! He swallowed back the sounds that wanted to escape and bit his tongue harder, putting more of his weight on Daniel as he tried to hold on, even as his knee started to weaken. He wouldn't lose! Not this time!
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When Bell-boy tried to squirm free, Daniel let him -the man was not exactly light-weight, after all, and this was way more fun regardless. Bell-boy pushed into him, the sink's cold porcelain sending shivers up his spine. Daniel gazed into those baby-blues and grinned. Oh yeah, they were getting it on. Before he knew it, his shorts met the tiled floor and Daniel's fingers plucked at Bell-boy's shorts to even the playing-field.

Daniel kissed along the line of Bell-boy's neck, further down, nipping at the man's nipples. Top or bottom; he couldn't quite decide. Was Bell-boy even physically capable of topping? Not that it'd be much easier to be bottom, to be fair, but at least he could support the man that way. They'd done it that way last time though, so maybe it was time for a reverse play.

"Top or bottom?" Daniel offered, a coy smile playing across his lips. He held up the jelly, then put it on the sink.
For all that they both wanted it right then and there, Daniel figured they had time and so they might as well use that time. Fingers traced the leg that was propped up around his waist, feeling Bell-boy up all the way to his ass. Lips demanded more kisses. Daniel relished in the sensation of Bell's muscles shifting and grinding across bone.

So warm. So alive.
There was no doubt in his mind now that Bell-boy loved him; that his love for Bell might not be his. Despite all the adversities they'd had to face over the last few months, their relationship had only grown stronger.

"You want to top?" Daniel teased Bell, hands wrapping around where Bell-boy's need was most prominent.
"It's been a while..." he muttered. Maybe Bell-boy hadn't been sure. Maybe he'd craved Lenny or at least the satisfaction of knowing Lenny was still in there, underneath everything. Maybe that's why Bell-boy had held back and let him lead.
That said, Lenny had topped plenty of times before. Not that it mattered much. Daniel felt game for both.

He wanted Bell-boy on that edge however. Just hovering on that edge.
"Think you can be quiet?" he whispered in Bell-boy's ear, a mischievous smirk playing on his lips.
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No? Ha, as if Daniel's body hadn't already answered that one. Daniel pulled him in, directing his movements down to a singular point; Bell complied happily, wiggling a little more directly in the place where Daniel pulled him. For a while, there was just motion, the two of them lost in touch, but then Daniel spoke.

"Hmm? Yeah," Bell agreed. Bathroom sounded okay. He wasn't quite sure how he'd make it work, with one hand. Maybe if he had Daniel to lean on. Or if he could use his knees to brace himself instead. He grinned at that. Yeah, that sounded nice, pounding Daniel's ass from behind while they were both down on the bathroom floor. Had a nice feral feel to it.

They kissed again, and then Daniel sat up, making their move to the bathroom a reality. Tease? Bell gave him a confused look. He hadn't even started yet! He kissed Daniel again, and then he was abandoned on the bed. Bell sat there for a moment, gathering himself. Through the haze of sleep and growing lust, he plotted out a route to the bathroom. He'd left the broomstick in the bathroom last night like an idiot, but if he used the bed, then hopped to the wall...

And then Daniel lifted him up like it was nothing. Bell jumped a bit, startled, but gave in and let himself be carried. Oh well. This was easier anyways. He kissed Daniel's chest and nipped at the skin, being playful in equal measure. Daniel kicked the door shut, and Bell squirmed free of being carried, putting his good leg down on the ground. His bad leg he locked around Daniel's waist, as a way to hold himself up and keep his balance. Like this, he had just enough leverage to push Daniel up against the sink and kiss him hard and long, hands pulling Daniel closer at the hips in the same way Daniel had pulled him closer earlier, writhing into him with gusto. Damn, felt like it'd been forever. It was hard to believe it'd only been a few days.

He pulled back at last to catch a breath, eyes locked on Daniel's, pupils dilated with desire; he licked his lips, then leaned in again, fingers easing down Daniel's shorts while he kissed the man's neck. He wanted to get on with it already.
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Bell-boy didn't play coy for very long. Soon enough they were drinking each other's kisses, a lazy and tantalizing experience in the early morning that left them both wanting more. Bell squirmed on top of him and Daniel had to bite back a groan as all the good places were skirted by.
Just kisses? What was Bell-boy going on about? Why would there just be -oh. Cat.
It was already too late; if they stopped now he'd just be frustrated all day. They could abuse the bathroom, at the very least, since it had a lock.
"Hmm, no," Daniel protested.
Not just kisses, though they were quite good.

More squirming on Bell-boy's part had Daniel trying to direct exactly where Bell was squirming, involuntarily pressing into the other so they both met where the only piece of fabric that they still wore kept them apart.
Daniel made a noise in protest, hands acting on their own. They reached up and grabbed Bell, kneading what taut muscles they could find and pressed the man in closer. It felt gratifying, writhing up against one another like this, but Daniel knew they could do better.

His body started to act on its own, without the restraint offered by his sleepy mind. Daniel still felt a little drained, to be fair, but nothing that would impede a little fun. Fever must've broken last night, which was good. His body was finally fighting a fair fight against the infection that'd lingered in his foot. The bandages would need changing soon. But not yet. And it wasn't smart to do so either when he planned on standing on said leg to fuck the daylight out of Bell-boy.

"Bathroom?" Daniel offered. Cat wouldn't have to leave the room that way, though she might upon hearing them. Take Spot out for a nice long walk or whatever if she didn't want to be grossed out. Daniel lazily kissed Bell-boy some more, not entirely prepared to leave the guy just yet. He'd have to fetch the jelly and probably carry Bell-boy there. Best to stand up and fuck, easier to get Bell-boy's bum leg out of the way.
His mind was thinking in possibilities.
He just wanted to fuck Bell-boy, which was a new sensation. Lenny was always the one on top. Daniel, he'd rather receive.

He slowly sat up, cradling Bell-boy close.
"Tease," Daniel accused, then kissed Bell's lips and pulled away to get the jelly. Once he did, Daniel playfully picked Bell-boy up, feeling a whole lot steadier than yesterday when he'd carried Bell-boy. That, and his foot, while not pleased, didn't protest too loudly at having to carry some additional weight. Once they were inside the bathroom, Daniel used the heel of his bad foot to kick the door shut behind.
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