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It didn't take long for Bellwether to realize the reason why he suggested they get off already. The man didn't fight him on it either, but instead started to flail around on the skis and crashed into the snow with a little puff. Landon tried to keep a straight face, but it was hard. He bit his lip and waited, pretending to secure his gloves a little better around the sticks.
"Just, you know," Landon started, pulling his coat down so Bell could hear him.
"Keep your legs together and lean your weight left and right to steer," he advised. "And don't pretend you're an expert, because you're obviously not."

Landon chuckled at Bell and before the man could protest, pushed off and went down the slopes. It'd been a long while for him too, but he enjoyed it more than he thought it would. The cold air rushed by his face, his body, but the sun was fierce and reflected against the snow, leaving him pretty warm from the exercise.
Landon felt the effects of what Daniel had put them through last night weighing him down, never mind the pills slowed his responses, but he took it easy, didn't take any unnecessary risks or difficult bends or corners.

He held still half-way to see where Bell had gotten off to. He hoped the man wasn't a heap of snow by now. On a slope like this though, Landon doubted it. Kids were trying their best for the first time on skis and some older people took a slow but graceful glide down. The view was gorgeous and Landon took a moment to soak it in. High up here, everything felt serene almost. Like there was nothing that could touch them.

A flash of black, just between the trees outside the slopes called his attention. Landon narrowed his eyes. Was there something out there? No. That was ridiculous. He was just seeing things, like usual. It was common, or so the shrink said, to see things in the corners of your eyes. Black flashes of movement the brain tried to make sense of, but were meaningless and harmless.
They'd never completely be able to stop everything he saw.
It was a meaningless endeavour.

Landon looked back and made sure his glasses were on properly. Now that he'd caught his breath, he was ready to head back down.
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Bell squinted at Landon. That had sounded suspiciously like condescension. Surely Landon hadn't figured out his bluff yet? He hadn't told Bell to stop skiing either, though, so maybe he was still in the clear. "I slipped," he explained bluntly.

It took more effort than he was expecting to move with skis, but he bore out silently and without complaint, following Landon along to the lift. The girl and the guy from earlier were in line ahead of him, waiting for the lift as well. He watched them wait, but they weren't doing anything interesting. Just being lovebirds, the girl laughing and pushing him away while he flirted mercilessly with her. So much public affection. It made him sick.

They got on the lift, him and Landon. The seats scooped them up into the sky, and off they flew. Below them, the slopes were laid out like long stretches of perfect white carpet, interrupted by swathes of dark forest. Even the trees were beautiful, heavily laden with snow and ice, boughs thick and rounded, softened by snow. Below them, the skiers and boarders were little colorful ants, scurrying around on the snow.

Landon was silently admiring the slopes as well. Rather than interrupt him, Bell just went on admiring them beside him. They could be quiet for a little while.

"Here? But--" but the bunny-goat was still going up! He looked at Landon, then at the slope, then shrugged and hopped off. What were they doing to do, anyways? Even if they followed the goat across the ski slopes, there'd always be someone there, and they'd always end up back at the lifts. It was a stupid idea in the first place.

"No, you're right," he conceded. The slope was coming up fast. He lifted up his legs, and then they were there. He put this feet down. Pushed off. Stood for a second.

Then he crashed to the floor with a little puff of snow.

"Landon, wait!" he called. His feet kept sliding away every time he tried to stand. At last, he managed to edge them into the snow edgewise and pry himself upright. For a second, he just caught his breath; then he chased after Landon, towards the slope. "I'm coming," he said, doing his best to look like it was all intentional.
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For a second there, Landon doubted his perception of Bellwether's ability to ski, but then the man proved him right by flailing down a small slope. Landon decided not to comment on it, leaving Bellwether to uphold his lie for as long as the man saw fit. He seemed to learn by doing quickest anyway. It was like that with most things Bell tried, like driving a car.

"You're doing great, we need to head that way," Landon pointed out with a smirk. He pushed off with the ski-sticks and got in line for the lift. A little down the line, he could see the man they'd caught earlier. They were snowboarding, but everyone needed this elevator to at least get up there, even if they took a second one later. Landon hoped they wouldn't. Bell would have enough trouble managing himself at the first few slopes, it looked like.

The girl was with the guy. Landon looked over, but other than the colour of her hair and outfit, nothing stood out in particular. At least he'd be able to recognize her from a distance now. Daniel's little memory floated about his head too. Last night had been a shit-show, he didn't need half-drunk memories to draw that conclusion either.

The elevator was quick and efficient. Landon hopped on and settled in for the ride.
It was beautiful, he wouldn't deny. If it weren't for the goat, Landon might have thought they'd just come here for pleasure. Vacation was a foreign concept to goats though, wasn't it? He sighed and looked over at Bell.
Was he really letting himself be lured into this whole mess all over again? Last time he'd tried to commit suicide. And then suddenly he found himself back. At one point, Daniel had been the only truth. Landon knew he wasn't real. That he shouldn't actually be there and it was hard to come to terms with that. How could he just give up existing?

Strangely enough, Landon found himself missing the appointments he'd had with his psychiatrist. Maybe it was better if Bell didn't get too attached to him. He might just disappear for good at some point. It'd happened before. It wasn't impossible for it to happen again.

The lift slowed down. Landon pulled down his glasses. They'd find the woman and her boyfriend later that night. For now, it might be best they tried to stay in one piece instead.
"This is our stop, Bell," he signalled. "Just push off like this," Landon instructed and went on ahead.
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If Landon was getting skis, and he wasn't very good at this skiing stuff, then Bell would do the same. Landon wasn't the crazy one, he wasn't stupid enough to get something above his ability to use.

"Yep, skis for me, too," he said confidently. How hard could this skiing stuff be, anyways? Point them down the hill and go, right? Gravity did all the hard work.

It didn't take long for them to get skis. The long slats were an awkward bundle to hold. They'd come locked together, but the lock wasn't strong, and they kept sliding all over the place. Bell juggled them awkwardly over to the snow patch where everyone else was getting their skis on, trying to keep Landon from noticing how bad he was at carrying them. Casually, he watched someone else click their boots into them, then copied the gesture, toes in, then heels down. The first time he didn't stomp hard enough, the second he missed the binding, but the third the skis clicked into place. Carefully, he picked his foot up and shook it. Seemed secure enough.

His feet felt really weird like this. Like he was wearing long, skinny flippers. Getting used to it, Bell flipped his feet around a bit. Felt weird, but he could deal.

He scooted towards Landon, one foot at a time. "Okay. Where's the lift?" he asked. Ahead of them somewhere? There was a strange black machine ahead, with a long line of people leading to it.

"I won't," he said, rolling his eyes at Landon. How hard could it be, anyways? Just sliding down a hill on his feet. Sounded super easy to him. "C'mon, let's go!"

There was a little slope from the getting-on-skis place to the lift. Bell slid over to it, one foot, then another. Suddenly, the slope took him. His stomach did a flip, his legs slid in opposite directions, and the next thing he knew, he was at the bottom of the hill just about doing splits.

He stepped his legs back together quickly, startled and embarrassed. Casually, he still slid down the hill at a slow pace. "Whoops," he said to himself. Bell glanced around. What was everyone else doing? Most people were keeping their legs together. Some had the toes of the skis pointed at each other. He tried that, and he came to a slow halt.

A grin spread across his face. Ha, it wasn't that hard!
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Absolutely, really? Landon sighed and shook his head. Bell knew better to lie -only he didn't. He didn't remember lies didn't work in the long-run. Been here with Haven? Landon felt tempted to ask whether Bellwether wanted a shovel to help dig himself a bigger grave, but decided against it. Whether or not Bell was experienced would become clear very quickly once the man was confronted with either skis or a snowboard.

"Skis," Landon said when Bellwether asked what he was getting.
Skis were easier in general. The whole curve of how and where to lean your weight to go in a certain direction wasn't there. It was just go or break with those. Of course, there were finer nuances to the sport, but Landon wasn't exactly an expert himself.

It was packed.
Landon sighed and yawned. If skiing meant this much waiting, he already found himself regretting his choices. Eventually the queue started to move, slowly but surely, towards the desk. Landon regarded Bellwether and figured he shouldn't let the man make the mistake of getting himself a snowboard. On the other hand, it'd be quicker to call Bell out on his lie if he did -and then they'd have to go get gear Bell could actually start experiencing the snow on.

"Skis for you too?" Landon tried to steer Bell.
Might as well both get the same things, so they could flounder about together somewhere on a quiet part of the slope.

"Couple of skis," he said to the man behind the counter. It didn't take long before they had some standard skis in hand. Landon regretted not having gone back to the hotel for a nap, but at the same time he couldn't wait for the satisfaction of feeling the air rush by his face as he admired the snowy landscape.

Just outside, people were waiting to gather up. It was a nice bustle, laden with expectation for what was to come.
"You want to take the lift?" Landon offered. They could let themselves get carried up one slope and carefully try the way down. Shouldn't be too hard for Bell to get used to the feeling of standing on skis. Especially if he'd done it before. Landon shook his head. As if.
"Just don't break your neck on those," Landon said with a wayward smile.
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Waiting in line was boring, but at the very least, the man didn't seem to notice. Bell sized him up from the corner of his eye. Muscular. Not extremely, but enough to put up a fight if he wasn't taken by surprise. If he stuck around the girl, they'd probably ave to put him down first. But that was what the pipe was for. Strongest man in the universe would still go down after a good hit to the back of the head.

The man wandered off, and they were at the front of the line. Landon got tickets while Bell glanced around, bored. Then he turned to Bell.

Hadn't he already told Landon he-- oh. Daniel. Something told him that Landon wasn't likely to let him ski if he told the truth, though. Something about the teacher-y sparkle in his eye and the way the corners of his eyes wrinkled. "Yep, absolutely," he lied, nodding. "I, uh, you know. Been up here with Haven a while, right? And why wouldn't I ski?"

He'd always wanted to ski, but there just wasn't the opportunity to do so. Not when he was a kid, and then there was the blurry bit, and not in Haven, either. Maybe he'd skied that he wasn't remembering, but he doubted that. Landon would know about it then, wouldn't he?

"Hey, look, there's the rental office!" he said, leading the charge towards it. He wasn't going to give Landon the time to figure out he had no idea what he was doing. Landon had decided he was well enough to ski, so Bell wasn't going to let anything stand in his way, much less his complete lack of skill or knowledge.

The rental office was packed, too. Bell frowned at the sight of the line. From one line right to another, huh? Then again, it made sense. Get your passes, get your gear, one, two, and hit the slopes, three. "So what're you gonna get?" he asked, figuring he'd copy Landon's choice. Daniel had said he didn't often visit ski resorts, so whichever Landon chose had to be the easier of the two, right? It made sense to him. Both options were equally unknowable from his perspective. He'd never let Landon know that, though.
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"Yeah, let's get passes," Landon agreed. If he wasn't going to use them today, at least they'd be ready and set for another day. Landon felt like he'd be alright though. None worse for wear than some of the other people on the slope.
"... I'll be fine," he assured Bellwether with a curt nod. He might be a bit more dazed, but so long as they didn't go on any of the more difficult slopes, Landon doubted he'd get himself into trouble. Of course, if that girl was the kind to invite random strangers to parties, he doubted she wouldn't try to challenge them again on a second meeting.
Landon sighed out and queued up.

It was crowded in the ski office. Once upon a time this might've bothered him. As it was, Landon just zoned out and followed the drone of people as they shifted and plied themselves. Reminded him of Bellwether-goat somehow. He wasn't sure how long he'd been there, but soon enough he was first in line, fumbling to ask after ski passes.

The lady didn't seem to think any of his bedragled appearance, but merely services them with ski and lift passes before calling over the next customer. Landon sorted the two to make sure he could give Bellwether his and watched the other guy. He'd been ahead in line, but hadn't quite left the office yet. He seemed to be on the phone.
So the girl had him out on this chore then, huh?

He snorted.
Looked like they were both being bossed around.
Landon stuck his passes into his coat and gestured at the slopes. "Just need a board or some skis now," he offered. It looked like their guy had his own gear though. So would the girl. Didn't look like the man recognized them immediately. Or he just wasn't watching. Either one of the two applied.

"Do you know how to ski or snowboard?" Landon asked. He narrowed his eyes at Bellwether, ready to detect any lies. If their targets went somewhere they couldn't get, they'd be fucked. There'd be other alternatives however. Could always catch these people after everything was said and done for the day. No reason to tire themselves out chasing ghosts around when they could just be sat waiting around for them.
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"Yeah, he's the girl's boyfriend," Bell said, nodding after the clueless man. Landon gulped down the coffee like it was going to run away from him. His eyes darted around, nervous, maybe. Sad? Confused? He didn't know how to read Landon. Daniel was straightforward. Landon was... a mess.

"Hmm? Yeah, I guess," Bell said. He'd looked like he was headed to the ski office, though, so they wouldn't be able to keep following him for long. Not with Landon in such a shitty condition. He bit back a sigh. He'd wanted to ski, damn it, not wander around a snowy landscape and babysit a grown man. The downside of not standing on his own, he supposed.

Landon was suddenly eager and mobile. He quirked a brow, but stood and followed him anyways. Outside, the cold immediately froze over every bit of exposed skin. Bell pulled on his hat and gloves again and stretched. Time to go follow that man.

By the time they'd gotten outside, he'd lost sight of the man, but he'd seen which way the man was going. He led the way toward the ski office. Sure enough, there the man was, standing in the line that went to just inside the door.

"Should we get passes, then?" Bell asked, looking at Landon. If they wanted to keep following the man, they'd need them for sure. But he didn't know if it was a good idea. Landon had looked faint earlier, and he didn't look much better now. A little better with some food in him, but not by much. "I mean, are you up for it?"

Even as he asked, though, he got into line himself. He wanted to ski. If Landon decided against it, he'd probably follow Landon's decision, but damn, it seemed really stupid to be at a ski resort, turn around and go home without ever skiing. He wouldn't let Daniel drink ever again. This was the shittiest hangover he'd ever seen, and it wasn't even like he'd had enough time to enjoy the buzz himself before he'd had to go into babysitting mode.

It was noisy in the hallway where the line was. Kids complained, parents soothed, singles chatttered about nonsense things. Bell casually leaned against the wall and yawned. Nice being around people. Even if the guy in front of them wasn't a person.
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"What're you smiling for?" Landon announced himself. He followed Bellwether's eyes outside, to a pretty big guy. A faint hint of recognition tugged at the back of his mind, as if experiencing a deja vu, but not.
"Did we meet that guy last night or something?" he asked and sat down. The bitterness of the black coffee almost made him shudder at the familiarity of it. He could've been back in England, working an easy job, living a nice life with his fiancée or perhaps wife by then. Sure, and watch how she fucked Richard instead of him?
It was all fake. Every little thing of it.

Landon looked at Bell. But everything they'd been through together was gone now too. It might very well be he met a confused man and had dreamed up most everything else. The only thing he knew for sure were real were the pills and Daniel.
And Daniel probably wasn't that real either. Or maybe he wasn't real. Landon glanced down at his hands and finished his coffee in one big gulp.

'It's her boyfriend,' Daniel whispered. Landon whipped about, but there was nothing there.
"Should we be following the guy?" he offered and got up. Either way they better get to doing something, or the heat would lull him back to sleep. Landon shook his head, trying to shake the drowsiness. He'd slept more than enough already, so it felt unnatural to feel drowsy now. They'd tried taking them before sleep, but both of them had decided that the nightmares and terrors weren't worth it.
It was better to be awake and stoned than that.
He pulled his beanie over his head and started for the door. Maybe skiing wouldn't be off the charts entirely. He felt reasonably alright after having breakfast.

The cold bit at him the second he stepped outside.
Landon worked his way into his gloves and decided to slow down. His heart was racing, but from excitement. It'd been ages since he last fought a goat at Bell's side. And he'd had to rely on Daniel and Bell to make sure it even was one. Landon felt like he was fumbling about in the dark, but he was pretty sure Daniel would take over anyway.
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"We got up early," he argued, just to play devil's advocate, but Landon was right. She'd been actually enjoying the party, not kicking herself in the teeth chasing antipsychotics with whiskey. She'd be hungover and relaxing right now, sleeping in at the very least.

He nodded. It wasn't like they were going to ski today anyways, so they might as well wander the hotels. Maybe they'd get lucky. See the girl. "Good idea," he said, yawning. He was kind of tired, now that he was sitting here. Maybe he should've slept in, too. If the girl wasn't up, there was no need for him to be up, either.

Landon was sipping his tea, staring out at the snow. He looked very British, Bell thought. [i Or UK-ian, or whatever you call it,] he added. Actually, come to think of it, where the hell had he picked up a guy with such a strong accent? He hadn't gone to the UK, had he? ...Had he? He furrowed his brows. [i A ship. A huge ship. Small bunks and sleeping close. A dark, open space.]

Bell raised his eyebrows. Maybe he had. Damn, he'd forgotten a lot.

He glanced up at Landon as he stood. "I'm glad you take them, though," he offered. He was glad Landon was willing to do what it took to be well, even if he didn't like it. Even if he left, he'd hope Landon and Daniel continued to take care of themselves.

For a minute, he zoned out. His eyes drifted outside, at the snowy walkway full of skiers. What was he doing? What was his life? It was insane. Chasing shapeshifting aliens. And he himself was one of those freaks too, huh? And gay, and homeless, and... he sighed and rubbed his brows. He was happier here than in Haven, but he felt like he'd failed society, somehow.

He let out a sigh and shook his head. No point beating himself up over it.

Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a familiar face. Bell looked up sharply. The girl's boyfriend? Where was he going alone? Actually, where'd he come from? He quickly scanned the area. If he was coming from that direction, there were only two hotels he could have come from. One was real run down... and the boyfriend's coat was name brand. No chance. The fancy one it was, then. He smiled. Looked like he'd made progress after all.
  kaitoXi / 21d 12h 3m 8s
Landon felt Bellwether's eyes on him. Just when he looked back to ask what was up, the man glanced away, a reddish hue to his cheeks from what he could see. Got caught looking then? Landon searched Bell's expression for a little while longer before focussing on breakfast and the people around them.
"You know, I've been thinking," Landon pitched.
"If that... girl was there at the party, inviting you for more, it's not very likely she's already out there," he reasoned. "I mean to say we probably got up earlier than she did. Maybe we should hang around the hotels more." He shrugged and toyed with his toast before pushing himself across some unseen hurdle and biting down.

Either way Bellwether would find the woman no matter what. Had there even been a tell? He couldn't remember. Daniel might not even have seen.
Landon finished his light breakfast and sat back, sipping his tea and staring out. It was peaceful here. It'd been peaceful for a long while, not that he minded. All he'd minded was the loneliness and the inaptitude of the whole mental care system.

Now that Bell was there, things hadn't changed that much, but he recalled Bellwether carrying him to bed. At least there was someone that cared again, even if it was only at a level of one human being caring for another.
The world seemed reversed. Bell seemed to favourite Daniel over him now. The medicine made him space out and go numb inside. It wasn't a bad place to be, all things considering. What good would his emotions do in a setting like this anyway?

A yawn crept up on him. Landon wiped his eyes and blinked down at his coffee. Empty already. He needed another cup if he was going to stay awake for all of this.
"I wish I didn't need the stupid pills," Landon mumbled, then got up with the coffee-cup in tow to fetch himself seconds. At least his stomach wasn't protesting no more. It'd settled nicely around some breakfast. He wondered what kind of party Bell had been invited to. Couldn't exactly be much around here, could there be? There was only the valley and the mountains of snow to contend with. That also begged the question of where they were going to bring out the enemy goat.
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Landon took the banana and began to eat. Bell let out a quiet sigh. Good. He'd been worried the man would refuse everything, but it seemed like he just needed a little bump to get started eating.

He sat opposite Landon, staring out the window at the snow. So much of it. Made him glad he had a better coat now. "What?" he asked, too distracted to immediately process the suggestion. Ski? On his own? But Landon was paying for it. He'd just feel guilty. He shook his head. "Nah, I'll wait for you to feel better."

"Yeah, go ahead," he said, resting back in the chair. He watched over Landon as he headed over to the breakfast bar and back, mindful for anyone who came too close or seemed too interested. No one was. Landon was just another skiier coming in from the slopes, or heading out to them. He blended in perfectly.

Landon came back. Bell watched him eat, the precise way he popped out the pills and swallowed them, the little bites he took. He was a beautiful man, no matter who was in control. He felt a little smile cross his face. It came naturally, warmth welling up from inside him. He turned away, embarrassed. That had never happened with Lilah. He'd never... she was a beautiful woman, but...

But he'd known something was wrong. And it was. It was wrong, because he was gay and he liked men, not women. It'd fooled him at first because he hadn't found anyone at Haven attractive, but things were different with Daniel around. Daniel and Landon, both of them. He wanted to treasure them, protect them. Was it memories? Or would it happen no matter what, this feeling?

[i Maybe not 'no matter what,'] he thought, snorting to himself. Not with Landon being an asshole. But he'd calmed down after that first day, and now he was alright.

Everyone had their flaws, though. He couldn't blame Landon for every little thing he'd done wrong, or he'd be here all day. He'd made mistakes, too. It wouldn't even be fair. All they could do was keep living together and figure it out. He didn't want to leave anymore, he realized. Didn't want to stand on his own. It was alright if he lived with Landon. They were two parts of one unit. That was just how they worked.
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"Thanks," Landon commented. Leave it to Bell to stay remarkably honest about the whole affair. Bell wouldn't stop looking and Landon knew it. There was no stopping Bellwether from doing anything by Bellwether-goat's will. Landon had resigned himself to that truth a long while ago.
A boy-friend, huh? That didn't bode well. He'd be jealous and prising him away from his woman would be a chore, especially if she was as promiscuous as Bell was alluding to her being.
"Lack of confidence," Landon merely remarked when Bell told him she was more likely hoping Bell would invite him. After last night, Landon doubted he'd receive any invitation anywhere.

"They're alright, why? Oh," he mumbled. Bell meant for him to eat one. Landon hesitantly took the fruit from Bell's hand and peeled it. Unlike the warm foods, the fruit didn't exactly upset his stomach, but it wasn't exactly instigating any hunger pangs either.
He sighed and slowly peeled the banana, then spotted some jugs of water and some glass and poured himself some. Those two things in hand, Landon found somewhere to sit and forced himself to drink and eat.

"We can still go, you know? Or you can?" Landon offered. After the pills and a nap, Landon was sure he'd be feeling a lot better. Probably. He sighed and looked out as well, watching people flail around in the snow.
Landon mindlessly plopped the chunks of banana in his mouth and washed it down with some water. So far so good. It certainly wasn't for his body's lack of trying. Landon cursed Daniel once more and stood.

"I'll get some actual breakfast," he excused himself. Might as well make an earnest attempt at looking a little less like shit. Besides, knowing them, it might be the last time in a while they could get their hands on some healthy food. Or healthier anyway.
Landon returned to their table with coffee, more fruit and some toast, complete with jam. Light foods, that'd hopefully give him a bit more energy in return. As if aware of what he was doing, his watch's alarm went off to remind him of the medication he needed to take. Half of him was tempted to leave them for today.
The more responsible part in him went out of the way and popped two out, before washing them down with some coffee.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 22d 5h 54m 8s
He raised an eyebrow. "Because you look like shit," he said. Was Landon not aware of how sick he was? No one could go skiing like that.

She'd come to find them. It was kind of grim, the idea that their prey would come walking up to them when it was time. Made him feel distinctly uncomfortable. "Well, in case she doesn't, I'll be looking for her," he decided. There was no guarantee Landon was right. He wasn't going to let this monster slip through his fingers. He'd already messed up with Haven, from what he understood.

Something to drink. It was better than nothing. Bell sighed out and shook his head. He'd make sure Landon had something to eat, at the very least. He could do that much.

He tugged off his hat and gloves and stuffed them into the coat's pockets as they stepped inside. The sunglasses he was wearing fogged up instantly, so they went in the pocket, too.

"No, she had a boyfriend, I think," he said. "Some dude. Yeah, me specifically--look, I dunno. Maybe? I mean, they invited Daniel to the first party, and he dragged me along, so who knows. She's probably after you, not me." Probably invited him so he'd bring Daniel along and she'd just happen to end up alone with Daniel, or whatever. It wasn't his problem.

The topic was verging onto dangerous waters. Bell cast around desperately for a new topic. "How do you feel about bananas?" he asked, snatching up one of the brightly-colored fruits from a nearby platter. "They're pretty easy to digest, I think." Certainly seemed bland enough for a guy who was still kind of hungover. He grabbed another for himself and snapped it open. Pretty good, for bananas in winter. "Yeah, not bad," he added aloud.

He hadn't expected to find the snow bunny in the hotel's dining area, and he wasn't surprised. No sign of her, or her boyfriend. With a sigh, he slid into a seat. Had to wait out Landon eating breakfast. It was kind of his fault, though, for taking off first thing in the morning. He let his eyes wander to the glorious white expanse of the slopes. It looked so much fun. But stupid Daniel had gotten sick, so now they were stuck here.
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 22d 17h 23m 32s
Just got up and went somewhere? Oh. Landon nodded without saying what they suspected regarding Bellwether-goat. If Bell thought it was just an affliction, wouldn't that be better than thinking he had no free will when it came to certain things? Party? Another part of the puzzle slotted in place. So that's where Daniel's hazy memory of the girl was from.
"Why?" he asked when Bell questioned whether or not he was fit to go skiing. Truthfully, he did feel hungover and more than a little groggy. The fresh air outside made it a little better, but Landon knew he'd have to eat something at some point. His gut fervently told him said point hadn't come just yet.
Apparently it wasn't overly important whatever they did, because Bell merely dismissed the topic and started on the goat they'd be chasing instead. Somehow, it felt like old times and Landon didn't want to brush over the familiarity.
So what if they were a bit more distant right now? Surely it'd be fine.

"I'm pretty sure she'll come find us when the time comes," Landon mumbled. Goats had the uncanny ability to search one another out. He sighed.
"I haven't... I don't know if I can," Landon said sourly. He had to though. Even throwing something up would likely improve things. "Guess I can try something to drink," he tried to mitigate Bell's worrying. Not that he would, huh?

A pat on the back signalled they were going back inside and Landon didn't protest. He'd have to take another dose of pills soon and they'd most likely pack more of a punch than he cared to feel. Maybe they'd have fruit at the hotel's breakfast spread. He stepped inside, grateful for the warmth. Within seconds, the coat he wore was already too warm. Landon pulled the zipper down and stuffed his beanie into his coat's pocket. The gloves followed suit.

A yawn escaped him.
"So this girl, was she alone?" Landon started. He had a faint suspicion that she hadn't been -who would be on a vacation like this? Surely there'd be friends at least or maybe some family. Separating her from the rest was going to be a chore.
"Wait, did she invite you specifically?" he pitched. "She like you?"
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 22d 17h 59m 52s

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