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It didn't take long to find dog food. There was a whole aisle dedicated to dogs and dog accessories, including a little refrigerated case of specialty dog food. Bell shook his head at that. What the hell. People these days, really.

Spot got the best: the biggest bag of generic-brand dog food Bell could carry. His makeshift peg groaned under the weight, but held. Hefting it over his shoulder, he continued down the aisle, snagging a cheap collar for Spot as well. The dog obviously protested them, but it'd make life easier on them if he wore one. Make it a little more believable that he was a dog that belonged to someone.

On the way back to Daniel and Cat, he passed by the medical aisles, the little mini-pharmacy every grocery store seemed to have nowadays. At first, he was going to pass it by, but then he remembered how small the roll of bandages in the kit had been getting and turned down the aisle. There were ordinary bandages and ankle braces and arm braces and everything in between. Even a foot-brace. He grabbed the bandages and the foot-brace one, then hurried towards the others.

By the time he caught up with them, they were on their way towards checkout. He plopped down the bag of dog food in among the other purchases, then unloaded his other finds. "Found this, what do you think?" he asked, holding the foot brace up. "I can put it back if you'd rather." The other bandages he figured were a good idea regardless of whether Daniel used them now or later; the way they got injured, they'd be put to good use sooner rather than later. Now that they had a decent kit, he figured it was the least they could do to keep it stocked up.

The rest of the cart was full of the usual; protein bars and canned food, and the can of nuts he'd requested. Bell nodded and turned away, following as Daniel pushed the cart towards checkout.

The checkout lady didn't so much as bat an eye; he supposed they looked cleaner than usual now, and today in general, what with the available shower and all. In no time, they were on their way back towards the car. He fished the pecans out from one of the bags and tossed a handful back. Now that hit the spot.
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"I can't believe I'm willingly getting canned stuff," Daniel muttered when Bell-boy told them to split up and decide 'the other things'; whatever that meant. In Daniel's case it meant he was getting a cart, because it'd make his life and walking a hell of a lot easier. Grab some nuts? Really?
Nice suggestion.
Pecan, huh?

Cat grabbed the water as they passed it and tossed it in the cart, heaving a sigh. Why did she always get paired with Daniel? Even if he was sane now, she still didn't trust the guy. Bell-boy was more straight-forward in many ways. The man didn't like you, he'd let you know. Daniel...he was the kind to nurture secrets.

"So... canned food?"

Daniel's eyes landed on Cat and he nodded, "I guess so." He grabbed the usual. Tuna for Bell-boy, some sausages, fruit and corn. There were even some peas and beans that sounded like they'd make a nutritious, if not boring and funny tasting, meal.

Cat tossed in some bars; candy-bars, but also the energy-bars that contained a slew of processed items. At least they'd be rich in energy and stave off any hunger. Daniel caught sight of some nuts a few aisles down, alongside alcohol. There was a flash of Cat's eyes darting over from the alcohol to him, but Daniel merely shrugged.

"Don't worry," he muttered. "Be plenty at the fair," Daniel teased.

Cat wasn't sure whether the man was serious about that or not.
"It's not funny," she mumbled.

It wasn't. But it wouldn't be any good to take things so seriously all the time either. Daniel adjusted his grip on the cart, trying to take as much weight off of his bad foot as possible, but it was tricky. Maybe the store would have bandages. Or a splint. A splint would probably relieve some of the pain pretty well. Could off course just chip a bit off of the leftover broom-stick.
That'd be awkward walking though.
End up with splinters in his foot.

Cat looked over the contents of their cart and shrugged, "think that's everything," she mentioned.

"No lady-products?" Daniel grinned deviously.

Cat blushed.
"No. You guys could probably use some deodorant though. Or a shaver."

Daniel looked back. What was keeping Bell-boy?
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"It'll be fun," he insisted, even as Daniel ceded. He beamed, already excited. All that yummy fair food, and the silly games and rides and free samples... it'd be great. But first supplies. Daniel was right; couldn't let Spot starve. And it'd be better to get food at the grocery store and bring it in rather than eat at the fair. Prices would be jacked to hell, after all.

Cat got hyped for it too, at last. Bell clambered into the back seat and settled in, watching out the windows as he waited for Cat to start the truck. Groceries first, and then the fair! They shouldn't have slept in. But it was fine, it was fine! There would still be plenty to do.

Spot whined at him as he jumped into the car. Bell reached out and petted the dog, feeling for his bones. He wasn't too badly off yet, not as thin as he'd been when he and Daniel had first picked him up, but he wasn't quite a healthy weight anymore, either. "We're gonna get you some food," he promised the dog, playing with his fur. Spot panted, then licked his face. Bell pulled back, disgusted. Ugh, dog slobber!

Cat pulled up at a small grocery store, and Bell piled back out. "Alright, dog food, canned stuff, and stuff that'll last," he said, listing out their goals. "And water bottles. I miss anything?" He glanced at the other two for suggestions, then nodded. "Let's split up, get this over with quicker. I'll go get the dog food. You two...decide the other things. Oh, and grab some nuts, Daniel, I'm craving pecans for some reason."

With that, he started towards the store, peg thumping on the asphalt. Maybe he'd grab a sock or two, too. For when he had two feet again and needed both socks. But on the other hand, he wanted to get in and out quickly so he could head to the fair as soon as possible. He glanced back at the others and grinned, humming to himself as he headed into the store. Fairs were great. The free samples, friendly people...and they always needed more hands. Though this time, he wasn't going to work; he was going to play. Maybe he and Daniel could even make it a date...but ha, no, no chance of that with Cat around. Oh well. It'd still be fun!
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Not the waitress, no, but she’d seemed nervous somehow. Maybe he was just paranoid. Cat, as expected, was completely oblivious and Daniel just rolled his eyes.
“Paranoia,” Daniel chewed out, shaking his head.
For all Cat had been wary upon meeting them, she didn’t seem so on her toes no more. Lazy. Wasn’t that what Bell-boy had complained about several times? About becoming soft? Maybe this is the sort of thing he meant. It’d almost cost them their heads several times, being ‘soft’ and sleeping in motels and eating in fancy diners.

He finished his coffee, taking his card from the waitress when she returned. Daniel took his time putting it away, giving Cat the chance to finish her meal a little slower. And maybe, just maybe, he’d finally be able to put his finger on whatever was causing the hairs on the back of his neck to stand up.
Spot was no help, but unlike them, the mutt wasn’t exactly satisfied with just a bowl of water.

“C’mon, let’s get you something to eat too,” Daniel coaxed the dog and followed Bell-boy out of the diner.
He was lost in thought, trying not to have his foot hurt like a mother-fucker, when Bell-boy stopped in his tracks. “What’s up?” he asked, trying to look over the man’s shoulder. A fair?

Kids? Cat gave the old man a look. She wasn’t a kid!

But Bell was. Daniel recognised that look in the man’s eyes and smirked.
“A fair, Bell-boy? Really? Hadn’t pegged you for one,” Daniel teased light-heartedly, memorising the ad.
He was inclined to say no, but Bell-boy was doing the puppy-dog eyes, so Daniel just sighed.

Somewhere, Cat hoped they’d go as well; it’d be something nice after all the hardship she’d had to endure. Weird, but maybe fun?
Nothing had been fun lately.

“Fine, fine, let’s go,” Daniel ceded. Nowhere better to hide than in a busy crowd. Except for where he didn’t fancy walking too much. That too would ease up after a few beers -that was, if Bell-boy was going to let him.
“First we got to get some supplies though. Can’t let Spot starve,” he mused. Then again, plenty of scraps to be found on a fair. Daniel limped over to the truck and climbed inside.

“So we’re going?” Cat said, slowly warming up to the idea. “Cool!”
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The BLT was almost as good as Cat's pancakes, the tomatoes thick, ripe, and juicy, the lettuce crisp, the bacon crispy and plentiful. There was almost too much bacon, in fact, but he managed to stuff every last morsel of the delicious sandwich down his face anyways. The fries were perfect too, piping hot and sprinkled with just enough salt. If only there wasn't that lingering feeling that something was wrong.

Daniel spoke up, and Bell glanced at him. So he'd felt it too? "Not the waitress, I don't think," Bell muttered back. Just...something about this whole place that felt off. Just a little.

"The hell are you guys talking about?" Cat mumbled through a mouthful of pancake. This was the most ordinary dinner they'd been in for a while. The boys were just being paranoid. Though now that they mentioned it... she swallowed and reacted for her cup to wash the food down. Better get on eating her pancakes before everything went south.

The waitress came by with refills, and Bell nodded, letting her top up his water. Nothing off about her, as far as he could tell. But maybe she was just good at hiding it.

Daniel passed over his card. She took it and went to charge it, and while she was gone, Bell tossed down the last of his coffee and finished off the last of the fries. Time to get going. He'd rather get out of here before things got weird, if possible.

The waitress returned with Daniel's card, and Bell stood, sliding a bit on the diner's tile floor with his peg. She smiled at them and retreated, disappearing off to another table. Seeing no reason to stay any longer, Bell limped for the door.

By the door, several fliers were hung on an old corkboard. Most of them were ragged and old, their dates revealing that they'd outlived the event they were meant to advertise, but one caught his eye: an ad for a state fair. He leaned in closer, getting a good look. It was going on right now, and it had to be nearby, right? Or they wouldn't advertise like this.

"You interested in the fair?" an old man asked, pausing to talk on his way to his seat. "It's just down the road. Great time, especially for the kids." He gave Daniel a shallow nod in Cat's direction. With a grin, he headed off into the diner, and Bell turned to Daniel, eyes glittering. A fair sounded awesome. "Let's go," he said. It'd be a nice distraction from the bad stuff that had been happening lately.
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"Yeah, it's on my list," Daniel muttered about the dog-food, "we'll get it when we go for supplies." Dogs probably needed more meals than just once a day. More balanced things, like dog-treats and chew-toys and stuff like that. Daniel doubted the mutt got enough walks in either. Basically they were being bad owners while they were on the road.

Daniel picked up on Bell-boy's unease, giving the diner a once-over as well. Too quiet, was it? The waitress had reacted weird too; first she'd started to tell them they couldn't, but then gave them the table they'd practically bee-lined for. Maybe she was in cahoots.
Not a very good actrice then, if she was.

Shit. The food looked good.

Daniel glanced around once more, but then started eating. More than anything, they needed sustenance, they needed to heal up in order to be able to face the next challenge that'd present itself.

Cat tried to bat away Bell-boy from stealing her pancake, but she made no verbal protest on account of her mouth being full. And Bell-boy managed to steal the pancake anyway.
She glared at the man, but it didn't seem he was after stealing her food as much as he'd wanted a taste. It was weird.
Having someone eat from your plate was the kind of family-intimate she hadn't had in a long while.

Daniel was hungrier than he thought, clearing the meal out easily. He dangled a fork over the last few bites, using his tongue to clear a few bits of egg from between his teeth when he was nearly done.
"I don't like it," he said softly.
"Something's up. The waitress was funny. Or am I just being paranoid?"

The hunters had tried diners and restaurants before, without too much success, so it was anyone's guess what their new angle would be. Almost felt like when they were hunting the self-learning goats. They hadn't seen many of those recently either.
Maybe them being connected back then was what was wrong with them in the first place.

Daniel shook his head and scraped together the last morsels of food.
Lenny was the one with all the conspiracy theories; not him. Why should they care?

The waitress came by with a pitcher of water.
"Would you like a refill?" She smiled, but Daniel watched her keenly for any signs. Her hands didn't shake when she topped off Cat's water.
"Can I pay with my card?" Daniel offered. The quicker they left, the faster the feeling they weren't in a good spot left with them.
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Everyone else ordered breakfast anyways, making him temporarily doubt his choice, but then he decided to screw it and just get the club sandwich anyways. Who cared if it was weird, with the other two orders? "Extra bacon," he added onto his order, giving the waitress the winningest smile he could conjure.

Cat spoke up, no longer in such a mood but instead inquisitive about Daniel. He was eating better; Bell had noticed. It was relaxing, really, not having to worry and make sure Daniel was actually putting food in his mouth come mealtimes. "Hardly," he said, when she asked if she was the only one to notice. Hardly.

Daniel seemed eager to drop the subject, so Bell dropped it as well. He made eye contact with Cat and shook his head subtly when Daniel wasn't looking. Not a good thing to talk about. The thing about Daniel and food was that any comment was a bad comment, and no comment was a good one. Anything could put Daniel off his food, even the comment that he was eating well or poorly; he'd just about swear the man was anorexic, at this point, though he'd been making good progress towards recovery lately. But it still felt fragile. Like one misplaced word or sideways comment, and Daniel would start starving himself again. Maybe that'd been solved with the alcoholism and the mental issues and everything. Maybe it hadn't. He wasn't one to go and find out. Physical wounds were one thing; mental wounds were another. And at this point, he barely even liked Daniel having physical wounds.

"Speaking of, though," he said, changing the subject, "Spot needs dog food. We've been feeding him once a day and the bag's still almost empty. Whatever else we get today, dog food needs to be on the list."

He scratched his leg and glanced along the table towards the other patrons of the diner. No one had reacted. No hunters appeared. It was quiet. Almost... uncannily quiet. Really, it kind of bothered him. It didn't seem quite right. Like it was the calm before the storm, only he couldn't see the clouds on the horizon, didn't know where it was coming from. Bell ran a hand over the back of his neck. No, he shouldn't think like that. Maybe they'd really shaken the hunters. Maybe it was okay.

Food arrived, piping hot and smelling delicious. He stole a bit of Cat's pancakes as they were set down, trying out the flavor. Hmm... yeah, his instincts had been right. This place made some amazing pancakes. He almost regretted his sandwich. Almost.
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Not the reaction he'd been looking for, but a reaction all the same. Sort of amusing as well. Daniel merely smiled broadly, then sat down, glad to take the weight off his foot. Walking wasn't too bad, but nothing he wanted to be doing for a long period of time. Felt like walking on several blisters and then some.
He hoped the bones would set properly.
Bell-boy was going to have a field-day if they'd have to be broken all over again.

Daniel took the menu and scanned the chart. He felt like having eggs, but maybe some meat would help his healing too. Or milk, for the calcium. How did that work anyway, goat-healing?
More than just replenishing their reserves, they ought to check whether they were losing any essential minerals and vitamins. Bet the hunters' scientists would have a ball finding out that sort of thing.

Cat's mood seemed to lift the more she read from the menu. She was getting more deliberate with her choices of food too, rather than order huge heaps and gorging. Daniel imagined there was even some more flesh on her bones, at least in her face. She looked younger this way. More like the teen and less like the pre-adult Cat was portraying as. Not that he cared mentioning that to her -it'd be another argument, that one.

"Have you made a decision?" the waitress asked, putting out their drinks.

"Omelette with everything on it," Daniel started.

Cat raised her eyebrows at that order, surprised, but not for long. She soon recovered.
"I'll have pancakes with red fruit?"

"What?" Daniel asked once the waitress had taken their orders and menus.

"Nothing." Cat shrugged. "You're just... I don't know, not usually that interested in food."

"That right?" he mused. Maybe it was because he wasn't drinking as much no more -any, actually. Hadn't had the time. Hadn't thought to look for an opportunity either. Without the nightmares and hallucinations, drinking just hadn't been necessary. He didn't need anything to calm down and keep his wits about him no more.

"Am I the only to notice?" Cat asked Bell.

"Leave it be," Daniel said gently, taking to looking outside instead. Just keeping an eye on their truck.

"It's a good thing, you know?" she pointed out.
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Oh, had Daniel gotten attached to the truck too? Still, he did find himself agreeing. Cat had better not fuck it up now, after everything that truck had taken them through.

"I look like a pirate," he told Daniel, pleased with himself. Daniel seemed amused more than anything, anyways, so he didn't take offense. He kicked his pantleg down over the stump so that the peg barely showed, so no one at the diner would act weird, then followed Daniel and Cat inside.

Cat should cheer up at the sight of food, right? She was usually like him, in that regard. Or had they been too rough, making her pee outside? It wasn't that bad, was it? They usually did pee outside, didn't they? Wasn't like the abandoned houses they stayed at usually had working toilets.

As Daniel led the way to a seat, they were interrupted by a waitress. "Sir! Excuse me, but this is--" Bell turned and watched as she took in their little party and their chosen destination. Disgust flickered over her face, then disbelief; then he saw something click behind her eyes, and the service smile settled back into place. "Let me guide you to your seat," she said instead. She grabbed a couple of menus and gestured for them to follow her as she led the way right to the table Daniel had selected in the first place. "Can I get you anything to drink?"

"Coffee and water," Bell said. They probably didn't need to worry about orange juice for Daniel anymore, did they? His foot seemed mostly healed.

The waitress passed out menus, and he looked over them. Oh--not breakfast, but lunch, huh? He really wanted breakfast, though. Hmm... they did have a club sandwich with bacon. And fries, too, perfect. Already decided, he set his menu down and sat back, yawning widely. Today had been a good day so far. He'd fucked Daniel, gotten his peg leg working, and now they were going to eat a delicious meal. There'd been no hunters or anything. As far as days went, it was solid. Cat was in a bad mood, but that was par for the course. Honestly, he was somewhat surprised she was still here. Free food was a powerful motivator, huh?
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A shirt materialized on his head; convenient.
He dragged it down and changed on the spot. Cat rolled her eyes at Daniel and pulled away just a little too sudden, making the car hitch and sputter.

"Mind it," Daniel snarled. "Truck dies, you die," he threatened.

Cat wasn't sure whether Daniel meant it, but she sat up a little straighter and swallowed. Right. Her obstinate behaviour better be kept in check; these were men that liked to kill, just as much as they liked to butt-rape one another.

Daniel sat back, straightening out his shirt while he watched Bell-boy's handiwork. It seemed to be reasonably well held-together, but the jury was out on how well the construction would operate in the real world. Bell-boy was more creative about coming up with something viable than he'd thought though.
He'd almost applaud the guy.

Bacon, was it?
See, he knew the things Bell-boy liked.

Spot pulled back when Bell kicked him out of the way, but with the same enthusiasm the mutt had that morning, jumped after him and outside. Daniel took things slower, carefully placing his foot, still trying to find a way in which walking didn't hurt as much.
Felt like his bones were grinding up against each other whenever the floor wasn't perfectly straight.

This time, Bell-boy's happy face did deserve an applause.
"You look ridiculous," he chuckled. "Whatever works," he nodded at the diner.

They were late. The breakfast menu had long since cleared the charts, but it seemed lunch was a viable alternative. Plenty of people were around though. Families with young children, some older folk around a table, a couple with a young baby. Nothing Daniel would peg as a hunter. Not many people looked up when the entered and Daniel scanned their faces for a reaction out of habit. Nothing.
Then again, Cat had chosen this place, more than anything. It looked like they had waiters gushing over their guests, so Daniel nodded at a nice secluded table from which they had a nice overview.
"Let's take a seat down there, I'm dying for some coffee," Daniel muttered as he stretched. Screwing Bell-boy was all nice and dandy, but toilet-seats did not make for the greatest comfort.
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He found a new shirt in the back, one they'd nabbed from the hunters. Two, actually. He put one on Daniel's head and yanked his own out, then put the hunters' shirt on. "Give me the old one," he asked Daniel. Might as well use the old shirts for his straps. No point in using the good ones for something that might not work.

While Daniel was chatting with Cat, he got to work, this time with his knife. He cut the shirt into strips and wrapped the biggest one around his leg as an anti-chafing wrap, then started cutting the rest into smaller strips. Those he used to tie the wooden peg to his leg. It kind of slipped around through the straps, which was annoying. Bell scowled and grabbed the wooden peg, then took his knife and chopped away at the side of the peg, creating a little notch. He made a second one halfway down, then tied the straps through the notches, so that the notches would hold the peg in place, so it wouldn't slip too high or too low on his leg. That got the most of it, so he just wrapped some more straps around his leg, getting the thing knotted nice and tight into place. Once he was done, he thumped the peg on the floor, giving it a try. It held. He grinned, pleased with himself. It'd worked! Well, mostly. It did slip a little when he stomped. It'd probably hold for walking, but not so much for fighting. Well, close enough. Better than staggering around on a crutch all day and having one hand open for fighting.

"Bacon," he chimed in, a little belated. Bacon was tasty. He liked bacon.

They pulled up at a little diner, one that all but reeked of pancakes. Bell started to scoot towards the door, kicking Spot out of the way with his good leg. He climbed out slowly, carefully using his good leg for any real weight-bearing activities, until he could at last stand on both feet at once. His peg took his weight, and he tapped it on the pavement, checking to make sure it held. To his delight, it did, barely even creaking.

"Alright, let's go get breakfast," he said, looking at the other two with a smile.
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"Nope," Daniel replied. The truck had been emptier than a banker's heart when it came to food. Whatever they'd be having, they needed to make a run. At least they smelled semi-clean this time around. Daniel kind of hoped Bell-boy had managed to steal at least something in terms of clothes or whatever to change his shirt around.
Might be they needed to invest in some spray.

Daniel followed Bell-boy's uneven gait to the truck, his own pace slow and deliberate. Pain always seemed to be worse in the morning for some reason. His foot was stiff and uncooperative. Daniel rummaged around for the first-aid kit and reconsidered. All there was were chafes. To be fair, after some breakfast, those should've healed up just fine.

Which meant he wanted something other than canned food to be had for breakfast.
Daniel wasn't even sure which side to pick, but Cat was one step ahead of him in that regard. She easily slipped into the driver's seat, already fiddling to get the truck going even as Bell-boy's saw hit the end of the stick.
Daniel shrugged at himself and hopped into the passenger's seat. There was nothing good in the first aid kit, other than painkillers maybe, but Daniel figured it'd be better to feel when he over-extended than just barrel through the pain instead.

He put it away for later use and stretched out in his seat.
Cat gave him a look and sighed out.
"So? What kind of breakfast are we having?" she snapped.

Daniel suppressed the desire to ruffle he hair.
"Just find a nice little diner that serves us bacon," he said. He was feeling better. If they met with any hunters in the diner, they'd be in for a field-day.

He glanced at Bell-boy, ponderously observing what the guy was trying to do. Cloth was a good idea, at least, but honestly? It was never going to work, was it? Well, whatever. If it did work, all the better. And if it didn't, all the same. With a shorter broomstick, but who cared?

"I thought we were avoiding places like that?" Cat groused.
She was definitely in a mood.

Daniel shrugged. "Another few good meals and we're good to go again -better for everyone, no? After that we're getting supplies, so don't worry."
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Daniel was antagonizing Cat as well; Bell smirked, enjoying having an ally. So often it seemed like they took sides with or against Cat, and for once, here they were on the same side. He watched as Daniel struggled to put on boots, mildly worried, but the man succeeded in the end.

Which left Bell with his own boots. Boot. He pulled his closer and stared into it, then shoved his foot inside. Ugh. He hated this. It was getting better, but he wanted his foot back. He wanted to be okay. He wanted to take care of Daniel and make it all work. But here he was. And there was nothing he could do about it.

He stood when Daniel suggested breakfast, clutching hard on his stick. He was gonna make that stupid wooden foot today. And he was going to make it work. And be better. "Yeah, breakfast," he said, making an effort to sound cheerful. He didn't want Daniel to notice he was feeling down. It'd make him feel down, too, and Daniel was happy so rarely that he didn't want that to happen. "What's for breakfast? Is there even anything in the car?"

He led the way outside to the truck. The old, red hunk looked unmolested, but he checked it over anyways, looking for any kind of a tracker. He didn't find anything, but there was always the chance that the hunters were using new trackers. Or that they hadn't found their truck. Which was the reality he preferred, but... well, he knew the hunters.

In his searching, he found a box of tools in the back of the truck. One of them was a saw, like Daniel had suggested. He grabbed that and held the broomstick hard against he truck and sawed. It didn't take too much effort to saw it through; it wasn't thick wood. That done, he used the truck as a crutch and moved into the passenger's seat and waited for the other to catch up. Okay, so he had his wood. Next he needed some straps. He pulled at his shirt and took his knife out. A second before he cut the shirt, he reconsidered. He didn't wear layers anymore. There wasn't anything underneath. But... he reached over the back of the seat and searched. There should be old clothes in the back, right?
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Watching Bell-boy move was curious; a flinch, apprehension and then finally something of surprise. But Daniel noted there was no pain. He was rewarded with a kiss for that, apparently, and he smiled at the retreating form of Bellwether. The man wasted little time drying himself, before venturing out to have another argument with Cat.
Daniel followed at a slower pace, testing the limits of his foot. It hurt whenever he rolled his foot off, but just standing on it felt alright. Nothing too bad. Better than yesterday by heaps. Daniel dried half-heartedly, then tucked on his shorts before he could give Cat another scare.

Spot didn't seem to give a hoot about Cat's sensibilities or their habits. At least he hadn't had to forcibly witness them going down this time, so that probably settled things in Spot's books just fine. Daniel ruffled the animal's fur and hobbled over to fetch his clothes. Last night had become something of a foggy memory.
Especially after that morning. He barely recalled stowing away a burger and some fries, accompanied by orange juice of all things.
He'd definately not been entire with it last night.

"Next time we'll fuck in front of the window, nice and voyeuristic -didn't peg you for one, kitty-Cat," Daniel teased.

Cat pulled another face at him, which Daniel pointedly ignored.
"I don't want to see you two...fuck," she spat.

Daniel shrugged into his shirt, pulling it down his chest.
"Yeah? What do you think will happen when we fuck outside?" he chuckled.

"I don't care who sees, as long as I don't have to," she mumbled. Daniel could be such an impossible jerk. They both were.

Daniel sat down to pull on his pants and ponderously pulled his boots closer. At least the boots were stern enough to act as a makeshift splint for his foot. Getting them in there and walking around wasn't going to be fun. It felt even worse now that Daniel knew it was on the mend somehow. Felt like he might be destroying what his body had worked so hard to heal.

Daniel took care of lacing up the boot nice and tight, before getting up and testing it. Didn't feel too bad. He wouldn't be able to drive for long like this, but maybe a couple quiet hours on the highway ought to be okay.
"Let's continue our little argument over breakfast, shall we?" he tried with a grin. Definitely feeling better.
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He hummed happily when Daniel listened to his wordless request and massaged his back. Didn't think it'd work out? He'd make it work. "I can try," he said. It'd at least not hurt anything, right? He nodded when Daniel agreed. Yeah, he'd try. See how it went. It'd be forever to saw through the wood with his knife, but hell, they had oodles of that. Plenty of time in the car doing nothing else.

"Maybe," he allowed. He'd be fine with his knife, though. A saw might be too unwieldy.

He glanced over his shoulder when Daniel shifted, looking at Daniel's foot. "It's looking better," he said happily. Bruised and purple, sure, but not infected anymore. Really, it made him kind of proud to see it turning out so well. He'd fixed Daniel up. He hadn't hurt him. Just made him better. He'd held himself back and done good for once.

"Hmm, me too," he agreed, leaning his head on Daniel's chest. "We should." He sighed out when Daniel mussed his hair, then pushed up, the water sloshing as he moved. His stump dipped into the water, and he flinched, then realized; it didn't hurt. The water wasn't too hot like it'd been last time. Bell snorted at himself; been holding his foot out of the water for nothing.

One last kiss for Daniel, and then it was time to go. He grabbed the edge of the tub and pushed with his good leg, hoisting himself out of Daniel's arms. His shorts were on the floor. He dried himself with one of the big, fluffy towels, then pulled his shorts on and grabbed his stick. Ugh. Back to the real world.

Cold air filtered in as he opened the door, and then the door to the outside opened too, and he all but ran into Cat as she came back in. She gave him a glare and shoved past him, almost knocking him off balance. "Stupid ass idiot men," she grumbled under her breath, stomping into the room. Spot followed after her, the yin to her yang, ears perked, tails wagging, tongue hanging out. He sniffed Bell as he passed and gave him a wag, then followed Cat further into the room. She glared at him, but he just shrugged. There was only one direction to go, and his clothes were in that direction.

"Can't you two be more considerate? Like, is there an ounce of consideration left in your body?" Cat snapped at him. "Making me piss outside like I'm not your fucking chauffeur. Can't [i you guys] fuck outside instead? Please?"

Bell rolled his eyes and shook his head. What the hell. It wasn't like they did this every day. He grabbed his clothes and started to get dressed, ignoring Cat. Stupid Cat.
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