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"That's good?" Bell asked, concerned. Not feeling like anything was good? It sounded pretty shitty to him. What, were the options pain, or nothing? No feel-good option? Though, to be fair, he didn't remember Lilah ever enjoying it too much, so maybe that was normal for the bottom role.

He breathed in Daniel's scent and sighed out, holding onto him a little tighter. It felt so familiar, though. Everything about this did. And next time, he'd be on top for sure. [i I'll just think of this as paying it forward for next time,] he decided. Daniel was being so gentle, too. If all he could do was make it painless, he'd done that for certain.

"Ready as I'll ever be," he informed Daniel with a thumbs-up. Daniel held him close. He held Daniel back, a little scared at the very last second. [i Oh, shit,] he thought, as he felt Daniel press up against him. [i I'm really doing this.]

A push. A whole new sensation inside him. It hurt a little, but not too bad. A kind of unfamiliar-familiar dull ache. Bell breathed out, breathed in. He shifted his legs, trying to make it feel better. Buried his face in Daniel's shoulder and held tight. He could feel the other man tense, resisting the desire to give in to his body's urges.

Seconds passed. the ache faded to the background. "Okay. Slowly," Bell said, releasing Daniel a little. "Slowly, alright?" He watched Daniel's face, waiting for him to move. At least if Daniel liked it, he could enjoy it vicariously. Look forward to his turn. And it looked like Daniel was having a good time.

"It feel good?" he asked, petting Daniel's hair back. It just felt weird for him. A little good, maybe. A little scary, but not too painful. He reached down and stroked himself in time with Daniel's motions. It wasn't bad at all, when he did it like that. Bell nudged at Daniel's face for kisses, starting to enjoy the experience a little. The tension left his body, all the fear he'd held onto gone. It didn't hurt like he'd worried it had. Everything was going to be okay.
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Fine, was he? Daniel narrowed his eyes, tried to detect any lies, but so far Bell-boy didn't seem to fight him too rigidly. In fact, Bell's body responded in the way he hoped. By relaxing. "Yeah, don't worry, I'll make you feel really good," Daniel promised. "Just got to listen to your body very carefully," he said. Because he couldn't rely on Bell-boy to get it right this time. Everything would feel new to the other man. Hopefully it'd be familiar, but it'd be new all the same.

"That's good," Daniel soothed. Not feeling much of anything was good at this point. Daniel upped the stakes by adding another finger, making sure it was nice and lubricated upon entry. Nice and warm, feeling like a little of nothing, with the promise of feeling like a lot more. Bell-boy's body remembered it all. He just needed to put pressure here or there and it reacted like it normally would. All those memories would still be ingrained upon Bell-boy's body.

That'd be the only piece always staying behind, huh? Bell-boy's body.
Daniel kissed Bell, distracted the man as he gently worked on loosening Bell-boy up further. They hadn't done anything in such a long while however, he could feel they were both very ready for it.
"Think you're ready, Bell-boy? Your body is," he alerted the man. He wanted to make sure Bell-boy was ready too. Without any bad memories, he'd be Bell-boy's first. There was something of pride there, but Daniel also felt responsible for making sure it wasn't a fuck-up job like Bell-boy had explored before.

"Don't worry, I'll be gentle. You just let me know when it's too much, okay? You're in control," Daniel promised, looking Bell-boy in the eye. He angled himself properly and held Bell-boy close. Close enough he could feel their breath intertwine and mingle. Close enough to feel the man's heat and then he slipped inside, easy as ever. Still, he waited there, making sure Bell-boy got time to get used to the sensation.
"Fuck," he breathed softly. It took all of his self-control not to just fuck Bell-boy the way they were used to. It felt so good.
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Bell sighed out, sitting back on the bed. "Maybe," he said. It was a nerve-wracking thing to think about. Not so much the deed itself, as doing it with Daniel. He still wasn't sure this was a good idea, but he'd rather do it than not. What if Daniel went out and found someone next time? He didn't want that. He wasn't sure what Daniel was to him, or vice versa, but he didn't want the man going to someone else for comfort.

Daniel took his time undressing him again. Bell nudged off Daniel's clothes in return. He didn't want to be the only one naked. It was embarrassing.

Every inch of skin he saw, made him want to see a little more. Daniel was so pretty. Much more attractive than Lilah had been, at least to him. His hands traced the lines of hard muscles and sharp edges, so unlike Lilah's softness. But he'd rather have this. Even if he had to be on the bottom.

"Okay," he acknowledged. What was Daniel thinking of doing? So far, it was all good. He kneaded at Daniel's back, trying to let him know that he wanted to make Daniel feel good too even if he couldn't reach much. Like in the sauna, Daniel's body felt familiar and new at the same time. He found everything for the same time, every scar and ridge, but wasn't surprised by anything he found.

Daniel finally found the prize. Bell twitched in satisfaction, a leg strumming instinctively when Daniel did really well. He kissed Daniel back and slid a leg over the other man's hips. Shit, it felt good. Daniel was going to cause a problem if he kept this up.

"Daniel--ah!" He flinched, startled. The surprise was good, though. Otherwise, it might've ended early. "Yeah, I'm fine," he replied. It just felt weird, it didn't hurt. Didn't feel good, either. Just was.

Weirdly, his body seemed to know what to do more than he did. It responded to Daniel's prodding, and after the initial jolt, began to loosen up. He shifted a bit, surprised at that, but mentally shrugged. If his body knew what to do, all the better, right? "Will it feel good?" he asked Daniel. His hands slid down Daniel's stomach to tease him a little bit. "Feels like nothing, mostly." Not as good as Daniel touching the front had.
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Relief crossed on Bell-boy's face at his return. What? Did Bell-boy honestly think he'd just take off? Wasn't it the other way around instead? Shouldn't he be worried Bell-boy might take off and die out on the streets? It had started bother Bell-boy that he was this dependant on him for survival. For easy survival anyway. A frown and a kiss were his reward for the present. Bell-boy's hands pulled him back to the bed and Daniel didn't resist this time.

"Someone's in the mood, afraid you'll lose courage?" Daniel teased light-heartedly. He noticed Bell-boy had done up some of his clothes again and Daniel didn't waste much time undoing them again. He took a little more time with Bell-boy, but he was also more deliberate, working towards a more tangible goal rather than just exploring.
Still, he did just that. He mapped out Bell-boy's skin as soon as it was bared to sight. All the new scars, the old ones, the ones that'd gone. Daniel comitted it all to memory and he was meticulous about it to boot.

Soon enough he was stripping Bell-boy from his pants.
"Just let me know if you don't like something, hmm?" Daniel invited Bell-boy, "We won't do anything you're not ready for," he said with a smile. It felt like he was taking Bell-boy's virginity somehow and maybe it wasn't far off. This Bell hadn't ever been raped in the ass and he hadn't been with Sam either.
This Bell-boy didn't remember any other men before him. In a way, that made Bell-boy a virgin all over again. Except the man wasn't and Daniel banked on Bell-boy's body remembering some of the motions and sensations. Otherwise, it was going to be a less than satisfying evening, where he'd have to take shit even slower than he already planned to.

Daniel leaned over to kiss Bell-boy's chest, his stomach and his hands kneaded the man's hips, fingers inching closer and closer. He teased with Bell-boy's need in a way he knew would feel good, far before he slicked up a finger and carelessly let it slip where the sun didn't shine. Just the tip of a finger at first, a warm, slick finger to test the waters and see where Bell-boy was at. It was nowhere close to having a cock up the ass, but Daniel knew that this could be a big step for some men.
"You alright, Bell-boy?" Daniel asked, keeping the man preoccupied with kisses and attention elsewhere.
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Hand lotion wasn't going to cut it, then. Got some in the car. He nodded and watched Daniel leave, noting how quickly he tore down Bell's barrier. [i I need to rebuild that, better,] he noted. If it only took them a few seconds to escape, they'd be out in no time. He wouldn't have time to react or catch them.

The door clicked shut. Bell sprawled out and stared up at the ceiling. This was awkward. He was being incredibly stupid, doing this. Daniel and Landon could barely come to an agreement on him in the first place, and now he was going to sleep with Daniel? This was the worst idea he'd had in a while. He shouldn't. But... but maybe this was what he needed to do to get them to accept him. Maybe they'd fall in love with this him, instead of the old one, and actually like him--ha, who was he kidding? Not in a million years.

Wait, had he really just sent Daniel out on his own? He jumped to his feet and ran the few steps to the door. His hand had closed around the handle before he stopped himself. Daniel hadn't taken his coat. He couldn't go far.

How far, though? To the car was far enough. He could get in that car and drive anywhere. He paced nervously. His half-undone clothes got in the way; he pulled them up, strapping everything back up just in case. To the window. From this high, this late at night, all the cars looked the same. He bit his lip. A car pulled out of the parking lot and into the night. Was that Daniel? He turned toward the door. It took everything in him not to run outside and go check. Wait. At least a few minutes. A few minutes wouldn't hurt anything. Probably. Daniel could only run off to the highway...

No. They wouldn't run off. He was still the base version of their Bell, no way would they leave him behind. He plopped down on the bed again and sighed. What a messed up situation this was, really. Everything about this was a mistake.

The door opened. Relief crossed over Bell's face. Daniel had come back, after all. He stood to meet him and gave him a hug. "Yay, a present!" he said jokingly. "What is it?" Petroleum jelly? He frowned. Weird. Somehow, he'd been expecting that. He leaned up for a kiss, then pulled Daniel back toward the bed. He still wanted to, right?
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Bell-boy seemed to be conflicted. He didn't know whether this was good or right, but the man sure as fuck wanted more. Daniel grinned at Bell-boy, loving the way the man responded and started to reciprocate. Oh? So he did want to try then?
"Yeah, the butt," Daniel said with a reassuring smile. "Don't worry," he said and kissed Bell-boy on the lips. "Hmm, we do," Daniel agreed readily. They would need some type of cream or jelly, some actual lube maybe. He wondered whether the hotel wouldn't provide that service, but didn't think the hotel would be that fancy. Neither would its people be paid well enough to just shut up and be respectful. It took a different kind of hotel to get that sort of thing done. Hand-cream really didn't make very good lubricant though.
It depended on the lotion.
Maybe in the car.

"Just wait here," he promised Bell-boy and undid the man's handiwork with the door. "Got some in the car," Daniel told Bell, then winked at the man. He wasn't going to run. Everything was fine. To prove the point, he didn't even bother bringing along his coat. The trek through the hotel was weird. People were about, going from or to their room. None of them spoke or even bothered looking at him. In this world, he was nothing more than a fly on the wall. An unappealing fly, at that.

He stepped into his car and searched the glove-compartment. There it was. It was a bit cold, old at that, but it was petroleum jelly and it wasn't exactly bound by any expiry dates. Daniel was whistling as he got back to the room.
Their bodies talked. Maybe this would finally clear away some of the doubts Daniel knew Bell-boy had regarding their relationship. Or their non-relationship. Daniel soured a bit at that thought. What the fuck were they even doing? Play-pretending at a relationship? It wasn't even one for Bell-boy, was it? Not officially. they hadn't even gone on that date yet.

"Got you a present, Bell-boy," he called out to Bell-boy as he stepped back inside. It'd been cold out, but all thoughts of sleep had easily fled at the prospect of finally getting to properly do Bell.
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He nodded. No worries. There were more slow kisses. It was amazing how soft Daniel's lips were. He hadn't expected that. Hands roamed his body. Bell closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation. It was hard to believe they'd been fighting just earlier. Especially when Lilah had rarely been so reciprocal, even in the best of moods. He followed Daniel's lead, sliding his hands up under Daniel's shirt. Gently, ever mindful of the bruises, he explored. Daniel was more muscular than he'd expected. Thinner, too. He pushed at Daniel's shirt, wanting to see as well.

The pressure at his waist lessened. Bell startled when Daniel reached inside, surprised more than anything. Heat welled up from within as his body reacted. "Daniel," he muttered, legs twitching upward on instinct. "I don't know."

The bed groaned as Daniel shifted. He looked up at the man. What did he really want to do? "More," he said. He reached up and undid Daniel's fly, slid his hand inside. It didn't feel that different from his own. He teased Daniel back, watching the man's reaction to see what worked for him.

"Yeah, let's try," he agreed. He wanted to try with Daniel. See if he felt good with Daniel. Or maybe, maybe being here, wanting to try already meant he loved Daniel. He didn't know. "How do we do it?" Men didn't have a hole. Was this all there was, just hands and stuff? Unless. "The... butt?" he guessed. It was really tight though. How would anything fit in there?

He kissed Daniel again, then glanced back at the bathroom. "Do we need... lotion or something? I think there was some in the bathroom." Hotels usually gave a little complimentary bottle of hand lotion. It wasn't ideal, but it was better than nothing. Unless Daniel had something, but... would he have kept it for that long? He glanced up at Daniel. He'd trust him for now. Daniel should know what to do.

It was crazy. Doing this was crazy. He shouldn't. But he wanted to. Even if it was another misstep with Daniel and Landon, at the very least, he wanted to try.
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An arm wrapped itself around his shoulders, Bell-boy's lips touched his and they kissed. Daniel didn't even question what they were doing. He gave into it readily. After his initial outburst, Daniel figured he could've just told Bell-boy to fuck off and get concerned over someone else. The man simply wasn't in the same place Bell-boy had been, in the sense that he could still be told off for caring. Bell-boy wouldn't have accepted that. Daniel had needed that refusal to be pushed aside, but did that matter now? Bell-boy's tight grip was wearing on his ribs, but the man seemed to realize well in time. And then he pulled back. Daniel blinked up at Bell, slightly confused. Was there something wrong? Oh. Doubt? Hesitation? Two new things.

"Hey, don't worry," Daniel soothed softly. He nuzzled Bell-boy and demanded a few more slow kisses. His hands explored Bell's body, the chiselled muscles that never seemed to wear down, the rugged angles of a male's body. So different from a woman's, so familiar and still so strange. He wasn't getting the responses he'd taught Bell-boy, for example. It was all new and unexplored territory for this one.
"Won't take it any further than you want to, promise," he breathed and started to work on undoing Bell-boy's fly. The man's pants came free easily enough. He dipped a hand inside, nothing more or less than what they'd already experienced at the sauna.

"Feel good?" Daniel asked with a grin.
"That what you want, Bell-boy?"

He shifted positions, but didn't let go of Bell-boy and the predicament he'd caught himself in. Daniel hovered over the man. He pushed the man's clothes out of the way further so he had better access.
"So what is it you'd really like to do, hmm Bell-boy?" Daniel asked innocently. This Bell had no experience whatsoever. Which meant he could be doing anything to the man. Anything. But that kind of power was also a little uninspiring. He wondered whether Bell-boy would still carry the jelly around. Had they thought of getting that at some point?
"You don't remember doing it with a man, do you?" Daniel hinted. "Do you want to try?"
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Daniel caught him immediately. Bell met his eyes silently, half-shrugged. They both knew why he was doing this. There was no point trying to explain or talk his way out of it. Nor was Daniel's little taunt going to stop him.

He wasn't going to go off. Sure, not now, but ten seconds later could be very different. One personality swap. One little trigger, and it'd all be gone. Bell shrugged again.

"I," he started, then hesitated. Why hadn't he? It hadn't been an option, was why. It Wasn't Done. There wasn't any other reason than that, really. Taking it was the easy way out. The way to go with the flow. He got hit a few times, came out on the other side, and went on with his day. "You know. If I did, they'd probably just hit me back, harder."

Fingers across his cheek. Daniel kissed him, suddenly. Was it back on? Was Daniel happy again? "Yeah," he replied. He scooted a little closer and chanced a glance at Daniel's eyes. Watching him, watching Daniel. Casually, he reached out and slung an arm around the other man's shoulders. [i Deadly serious! Deadly! Serious!] the little voice shouted in his head. It wasn't safe to make a move. He should play defensively, prepare for the next outburst.

Bell leaned in for another kiss. One way or another, he wanted it. He could worry about the chess game later. For now, he just wanted to get to know them. Get to know everything about them. Maybe even fall in love. He broke free, caught his breath, and leaned in again, using his tongue this time. His grip on Daniel tightened, then loosened as he remembered the ribs and caught himself. Daniel was so warm. So very alive. He felt the man's pulse, his breath, the soft heat of his skin. One hand twined in Daniel's hair as he went for another kiss.

Rather than the desperate curiosity from the sauna, he felt relaxed this time. It wasn't curiosity driving him so much as desire. Desire for Daniel. Desire for his love. The ability to dominate his attention for just a little while. He pulled back an inch and glanced at Daniel, not sure how far this was going to go. One way or another, Daniel would have to lead.
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Bell-boy was still puttering around when as he laid in bed, staring at another unfamiliar ceiling. Fuck this. Fuck them. How many branches did they need to collect for Bell-boy to remember shit again and did he want the man to? Lenny would, that much was for sure. For a second he caught Bell-boy's hesitation, but the man chose the bed after all. Hadn't that happened before? The man sleeping at the door after Lenny's little escapade? Hazel eyes scanned Bell's face. So close, so far.
So similar, so different.

Was it even right to consummate this part of their relationship? Wouldn't it be like cheating, in a way? Who cared. Since when did he care? Daniel wiped at his eyes and sighed out deeply.
"You just going to stay watching me?" Daniel asked, when he caught Bell-boy's eyes in the twilight of their hotel-room. "I mean, I know I'm good looking, but... You should probably sleep," he phrased it differently.

"I'm not going to go off," Daniel said calmly. Not unless he lost grip, but he felt secure and grounded, so the likelihood of that was fairly slim. He turned on his side with a grimace and decided that two could play that game. It was uncanny how quickly Bell-boy 'remembered' how to be himself once he'd been taken away from Haven and their indoctrination.

"Why didn't you ever hit them back?" he blurted out. "The people at Haven that hurt you. Why didn't you fight back?" Something had to be stopping him. Was it the threat of being excommunicated? Or maybe that Bell-boy didn't know any better. Either way it seemed cruel. A yawn made it to his lips.
The bed was dastardly comfortable.

Daniel inched a little closer and reached out to Bell. Fingers danced across the man's cheek, down his neck and toyed with the hem of his shirt. So tempting. So fucking tempting to just strip the man bare and have a go at it. Maybe he shouldn't have felt so pissed at Bell-boy's concern, but honestly? It wasn't like Bell. He wasn't used to that part of the man and mistrusted it. Daniel leaned in and stole a brief kiss from Bell-boy's lips and smiled.
"From now on you'll fight any one who hurts you, won't you?" he asked softly.
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They kissed. Kissed again. Bell caught his breath, then leaned into it. He was bent over Daniel, shadowing his face. It felt good, being together like this. Even just kissing made him go all warm and tingly inside, made his heart beat faster.

He sat back when Daniel suddenly pushed up and took off his shirt. Bell grimaced at the sight. How was he able to be up and moving like that? "Ouch," he muttered. He wanted to touch, make sure nothing was broken or out of place.

And just like that, Daniel was gone. Bell sat there, staring at the wall, feeling emotionally whiplashed. Bam, happy into pissed in the space of one second. [i You didn't have to,] he thought, gazing into the middle distance. He'd just asked. Daniel could've refused. What, was he planning to keep going with his shirt on? What if he hadn't asked, and they'd gone on, and he'd hurt Daniel on accident because he hadn't known?

Daniel returned. "Right, yeah," he said flatly, rising from the bed for his turn in the bathroom. Daniel clearly didn't want to do anything anymore, so who was he to push it? All because he'd wanted to make sure Daniel wasn't too hurt. He took it all back. Daniel wasn't more straightforward than Landon. They were both convoluted little fucks.

His reflection looked tired. Bell sighed and put his face in his hands, then pushed, stretching his face out. Damn it. He probably shouldn't, anyways. Not until he fixed things with Landon, at least. Maybe not even until he was fully himself again. [i You can't play with them! It's serious, it's all deadly serious,] he shouted silently at himself, letting go of his face to shake his head at the mirror. Messing around with them was like playing chess blindfolded with only a rudimentary knowledge of the rules and half his pieces already captured. Everything he did triggered a landslide reaction, even the little things, and every move he made felt like another step toward losing the game.

He sighed out, used the toilet, and wandered back into the room. Bed, or the door? If he slept by the door, no one could escape, but if he slept on the bed, he'd probably wake up when they moved.

Another move. Another choice in this ridiculous game of chess.

He laid down on the bed at last, turned toward Landon/Daniel to make sure they fell asleep first. There'd be no midnight benders tonight.
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Okay? Maybe not, but when had he ever cared? When had Bell-boy? But this one did, so it was whatever. Either way Bell-boy sat down on the bed and poked him in the chest. Daniel grabbed Bell-boy's hand and let his grin mellow out into a knowing smile. "'m not torn, just bruised," he pointed out the difference and was rewarded with a kiss. Wrapped up? Ribs weren't meant to be wrapped up. Something about not breathing deeply enough being a factor in pneumonia and shit like that.
"Doesn't need wrapping," he breathed and leaned up for another kiss. His good hand tangled in Bell-boy's clothes, though the other one rested on his stomach, unused and forgotten. "You going to make me?" Daniel grinned into the kiss. This was the first time they were actually making out. Just randomly kissing one another. After the sauna, a kiss didn't put much weight on the scales, but Daniel thought it might be different for Bell-boy.

He searched the man's face and went in for another kiss, deepening it by using his tongue. He licked his lips after they broke up. Blood-loss took more of his stamina than he'd hoped. Daniel let himself sink back on the bed and after a moment's thought pushed up to finally give in to Bell-boy's request.
Using one hand and the fingers of the other, he pried the shirt and sweater from his back. The bruises that had once been dark red, were now starting to break apart in some interesting colours. His fight hadn't added many new ones there. He'd been careful, though the injury had slowed him down considerably.

Daniel stood up from the bed, did a twirl and looked at Bell, unimpressed.
"Happy?" he sighed. It definitely killed his mood. Daniel rubbed through his hair at the back of his head and then stepped away to the bathroom. Might as well take a leak while he was up. He finished up and washed his hands, pointedly ignoring his reflection. The stitches in his forehead were starting to itch.

"Let's just get some sleep," Daniel suggested instead and snatched up his t-shirt, fully intending to just get in the bed and pass out. After last night's bender, he was beat anyway. He'd hold out for Bell-boy, but not if the man was going to play-pretend being his sadist mom.
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Daniel was all business at the hotel desk. There was a moment's pause where they made eye contact, and then Daniel decided: one bed. Bell glanced away, embarrassed. It was still hard to admit that. Though he felt like it had less to do with being gay, and more to do with asking for one bed for two people at a hotel. It was still weird to him to acknowledge to a stranger at a hotel desk that he was coming here to... well, not [i to] do it, but still. There was the potential.

He took the key. "Lock us..." Oh. Yeah. Hotel rooms usually didn't have a lock on the inside that coudln't be undone from the inside, but he got the idea.

Daniel made a beeline for the bed. Bell went to the desk in the corner and grabbed the chair, dragged it over and propped it against the door. Wouldn't do much, but it might delay Landon enough for him to wake up and catch the guy on the way out.

"Huh?" he asked, giving the chair one last adjustment. He turned to find Daniel making a devious face at him. Bell started to grin back, stripping off his jacket and boots. "So first I lock us in, and then you wanna get busy? You sure you're okay for that?"

It seemed a pretty ridiculous request to him, but maybe that was normal for them. He shook his head, amused. [i If anyone else came in on us, with the door blockaded like that, they'd be sure something bad was going on.]

He sat down on the bed and poked Daniel in the chest. "You're all torn into a million pieces, too, aren't ya? All bruised to hell. Take your shirt off and let me see." Landon had been favoring his side, so there had to be something wrong with it. He didn't like them keeping secrets from him.

Not as if that was the only secret, but it was at least one he could do something about.

He leaned in and gave Daniel a kiss. "C'mon, let me see. We'll get your ribs wrapped up, and then we can see about having a little fun." It wasn't like he was against the idea, either. He just felt as if there were a few things they needed to see to first.
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"Can't exactly tell you if it's Lenny, can I?" Daniel groused. There were things he could control and there were things that were beyond him. It didn't matter right then anyway. The hotel was remote, but decent for what it tried to be. Daniel didn't bother admiring the scenery either. He looked like something Bell-boy pulled off the road or rescued from the hospital, so he wanted to give the people around as less time as possible to stare at him.

"Can I get us a room," he pointed out, card out, pausing for a brief moment to look at Bell-boy. "One bed," Daniel decided after a moment's thought. If he felt too shitty and tired to get his socks off tonight, he might just get it on in the morning regardless. He got a raised eyebrow for his request, but after a return look, the lady stopped question the King, her customer, and came up with a number and a key to match.
A beep signalled his card still cleared.
Daniel breathed in deeply and smiled at the lady.
"Enjoy your stay," she said, recovering at the last moment to return the smile. Daniel pushed off and handed the key over to Bell-boy.

"Probably want to lock us in or whatever," Daniel offered. Just in case it was Lenny and the man woke up confused. Or hell, when Bell-boy woke up disoriented, having recovered a nice memory of being raped in the butt after they'd had sex or whatever. Daniel felt worn. He felt older than he'd ever had, in ways he didn't think possible.

The room was a bit worn, and not immaculate, but it was practical if nothing else. Daniel kicked off his shoes and stripped from his coat, before lying back on the bed with a relieved sigh.
"God, this is nice," Daniel breathed softly. All the sores and aches slowly washed to the backdrop. He closed his eyes and just listened to the ambience. Voices, from next-door, someone walking around their room upstairs and apparently someone down the hall was having a little too much fun with their partner.
"So you just want to sleep, Bell-boy?" Daniel offered, opening his eyes to mere slits. He narrowed them at the man, a devious grin developing on his face.
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Bell gestured vaguely, annoyed. Daniel knew what he'd meant by interesting. It sounded like he'd had a rough night. Seeing things, too. He nodded. Made sense. He'd been seeing things earlier, too, when he'd tried to get the guy out of the car.

"Well--look, I don't know that shit. And if you'd just told me, I wouldn't have said anything at all." He tossed his head. It wasn't all his fault. He didn't remember what kind of shit would set Landon off. And wasn't honesty the best policy, anyways?

Whatever. It was all in the past, anyways.

Sensitive. He wouldn't have pegged him as the type. Weren't sensitive types supposed to be sweet? All Landon was, was an asshole with too many triggers. Bell sighed at himself and shook his head. No, no, he was being good to Landon. Daniel would get upset if he knew he kept thinking of the guy this way.

Sounded like a shitty deal for Daniel, in any case, having to be out whenever shit went down. Never the good, only the bad. Or the exciting. Bell considered, tilting his head. One of those was shitty, but the other didn't sound too bad.

Bell climbed out of the car, shaking his head. Proposing something, his ass. They slept in hotels every night. His heart, though, traitor that it was, beat a little faster at the suggestion. Upside to this hotel, though, he noted, taking in the surrounding area, was that it was out in the middle of bum-fuck nowhere. If Daniel took off again, there were no fights to get into.

[i Yeah, he'll just freeze to death, that's so much better,] a little voice muttered in the back of his head. Bell shook his head. He'd just keep an eye on Daniel and not let anything happen again.

He followed Daniel into the lobby and looked around. For a little hotel in the middle on nowhere, it was surprisingly nice. A wall of leaflets by the doors advertised local attractions, most of them generic out-country America fun, snowmobile rentals and snowshoeing adventures. There was a coffee stand in the lobby, too, which immediately attracted his attention, but he followed Daniel to the register instead. Coffee was for staying up, not sleeping.
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