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Cat passed the bauble over. It almost looked like a marble, a small, dark orb glittering in the light, too perfectly round to be any precious stone. Just a ball of glass that sparkled just a little too much. He almost expected it to change shape, or become liquid and absorb into Daniel's hand, but it stayed inert, no more than a marble--a glittery little bauble.

A last meal. Bell might've laughed, except he couldn't find a joke like that funny, so soon after Daniel had legitimately tried--and almost succeeded at--killing himself. And the little bauble might do the same--effectively kill him, in any case. End the Daniel Bell knew and loved, end the Landon he knew and loved, and leave him with someone new, someone he couldn't even recognize. But at least they'd be alive. If Daniel and Landon kept on as they were, that wasn't a guarantee.

But hell, there was no point moping about it before he even lost them! He managed a grin and nodded. "We're out of cash, but we can use the card, right?" Besides, they did need to get Daniel to eat before he took the cure. Bell might not know much about goats, but he knew their healing methods used up a whole lot of the body's reserves. He pulled his wallet out of his jeans--well, no. Daniel's wallet out of his jeans. He was just holding on to it, until Daniel was well again.

And with the cure, that might actually happen.

Right. Right, the cure wasn't bad. It was going to make Daniel better. Like what the medicine had done, only better. Goat-strength, so to speak. He nodded to himself. This was the right choice. It was.

"C'mon," he said as cheerfully as he could manage, nodding towards the car. "Where do you wanna go, Daniel? Your choice."

It was hot outside, blisteringly so; when he opened the door, the blast of heat that met him felt more like the heat coming off an oven. He grimaced as he stepped outside, sweat already slicking over his body. Damn, it was hot! The truck was going to be murder to sit in, after sitting out in this heat.
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Daniel just about felt far too lazy to follow Bell-boy's example. The bed was nice and warm, comfortable, and he was still a bit drowsy. He stretched out lazily, resting on his back to observe the interaction between Bell-boy and Cat. Leave it to Bell-boy to go for the flashy stuff, even if it was woman's clothing. A shirt got tossed in his general direction and Daniel caught it against his chest, slowly figuring out where the back was and which way the garment ought to go.

"Least I'm not stealing her clothes," Daniel chuckled as he wrestled into the faded red shirt. This one looked a tad baggy, but at least it covered all the parts.
Bell-boy looked kind of tempting in that tight-fitting shirt.
Stretched it out, hmm? Good excuse.

Daniel rested back, still trying to come to grips with everything that'd happened. He felt better after a nap and some food, as expected. Hopefully there wouldn't be a next time where Bell-boy had to kill himself because Daniel was being stupid enough to walk into oncoming cars.

"Are you going to get up? I'm hungry," Cat started.

"In a second," Daniel acknowledged with a yawn. Maybe he'd have Bell-boy get some food for him, but there was no way he could be trusted to be alone anywhere at this point.
Cat approached the bed, but dawdled for a second. Before Daniel could ask her what had crawled up her butt, she showed the goat's gift.

"It said this would cure you -bring you back to how you were intended; whatever that means," she said and put the bauble in Daniel's out-stretched hand.
"Bell said you'd take it. I don't think it'll last too long out here," Cat said with a shrug. She turned her gaze back on Bellwether and sighed. She'd liked that shirt too.

Daniel stared at the small sphere. There was something inside. More than just something. He held it up above him, to see through it in the light. He'd dreamt of those stars, recognized some of the constellations.
They weren't any earthly ones however.

"Do I get a last meal, at least?" Daniel posed.
Just in case.
Just in case the person left standing was neither Lenny nor Daniel, but someone -something- else.
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There was the slam of the door, not quite loud enough to break through his dreams, and then someone was shaking him awake. He blinked awake and found himself looking into Daniel's eyes. A hand pushed his hair back, and he sighed. Yep. Up and at 'em. He was going to get a headache if he slept any longer. He pushed up to sit on the bed and yawned, surveying the room. Cat looked like a proper street urchin, chocolate stuffed in her face and a bag of some description hanging over her shoulder. The chocolate made his stomach grumble, just looking at it, and he put a hand to the organ. Yeah, he needed some food. They both did.

And... and the cure. He glanced at Daniel, but the man still looked wiped. Maybe they should wait a little longer. Get a good meal in his belly. Just a little longer, though. Couldn't wait forever.

Clothes. Made sense. What else would Cat tote around the city? Actually, wait. Why the hell had she gone to the trouble of stealing clothes? They still had clothes.

Well, he did, he supposed. Daniel didn't, not really. Or, well, he did, if he was fine with looking like roadkill. He stood and stretched, then stole the bag from Cat to look through it. Jeans, t-shirts, nothing particularly special. One of the shirts had a raven emblazoned on the front; he took that one and threw the other to Daniel. "Get dressed, you're embarrassing the kid," he instructed with a smirk, fully aware that he was just as undressed.

He pulled on the clothes Cat had stolen and tried them out. The jeans were a little short, but there was enough room in the crotch--she hadn't stolen them women's jeans, at the very least. The shirt was skintight, meant for someone a few sizes smaller than him. Bell pulled a face; this was what they got for letting Cat choose their clothes. "Next time, go for medium, at least," he complained.

"That is medium," she informed him.

Bell gave her a disbelieving look. "For what, girls? Jeez."

She nodded smugly, giving him an unpleasant smirk. "Yes, because that one's for me. Yours is still in there." Cat reached deeper into the bag and pulled out an ugly puke-brown shirt. Bell swallowed the urge to pull a face. Really? Did she think he was blind? That thing was horrifying. Beggars couldn't be choosers and all that, but damned if he wasn't about to choose anyways.

"Well, I've stretched this one out anyways, at this point. We'll just save that for next time," he said.
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Oh. So it hadn't been all love and games, had it? The weight of Bellwether's words pressed down on her. Daniel would take it. Cat looked down at the strange sphere. She'd held it up to the sun, to see better, but not for long. Whatever was in there didn't appear well protected from the elements. She supposed the goat's offer would only last for so long. The sooner Daniel decided, the better.

It was quiet for the longest while and Cat shuffled on the spot, wanting to get away from the awkwardness already. Daniel had it easy; he was asleep and blissfully unaware the torment his choice brought about. A lack of choice would likely do the same, so yeah.
Cat scratched the back of her head, "so -uhm, how about...?"

What? He was going back to sleep?
No, no. What about breakfast?

Cat was about to protest, but Bellwether was already cuddling up to Daniel -yuck. Did they really have to sleep like that too?
She rolled her eyes and looked at Spot. The mutt was still busy trying to get the utmost out of the can it was licking. Useless.
All three of them!

"Men," she mumbled, rooting through the plastic bag for more cans. Nothing really appealed. Maybe Bellwether still had some cash. She'd be satisfied with just a few dollars. Get herself something sweet or whatever to get by.
Until they were having lunch. From what she'd seen, food was what made these two heal, so there'd be a hefty dinner at the very least. As silently as she could, Cat pulled Bellwether's pants closer and rooted around for money. There wasn't much at all. Most of it was blown on whatever hotel or restaurant they'd been at last. Right, when Daniel had walked off chasing some fiction of his imagination.
There were some coins though.
Enough to buy a bar of chocolate at least and browse the city a bit. Maybe she'd be able to pilfer something more useful some place. Like clothes. Because it was awkward having them trot around half-naked in her presence. Just for decorum, Cat tossed a blanket to cover them up some and whistled to coax Spot over.

"C'mon, those two are boring," she said.

[right [pic ]] The slam of a door woke Daniel up. Bleary eyes scanned their surroundings. A cheap motel-room. Bell-boy. Oh, hey, Bell-boy. In nothing but shorts either. Daniel shifted on the bed and was reminded of several things all at once: moving made things ache, they'd been having a ridiculous conversation about curing his insanity and he'd had a close-encounter with some type of vehicle to warrant the pain.
Cat was there, looked like she'd been gone a while.

"Oh, you're up -probably want to wake him up too then," Cat said when she noticed Daniel gazing at her. Her voice was muffled by the candy-bar she was stuffing her face with and she had a bag of something. Clothes?
"Where'd you get those?"

"Unguarded clothes-line."

Made sense.
Daniel shook Bell-boy by the shoulder, brushing the man's hair back. He was starving. Food was in order.
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Daniel sighed heavily as he gazed into the can of beans, apparently displeased with what he found, but wordlessly went about eating. Bell watched him for a while, but when it became apparent that Daniel wasn't going to choke while half asleep, he turned his attention to the other occupants of the room. Spot jumped at him, demanding to be acknowledged; he gave the dog a pat, and it immediately ran off to bother Daniel. He snorted. How cute.

Cat caught his eye. Bell raised his eyebrows for a long second, trying to parse what she was asking about; the bauble reappeared from her pocket, glittering even in the low light of the room, and he nodded, eyes widening in recognition. "Yeah, we--yeah," he said. He glanced back at Daniel, who was falling asleep into his can of beans. Cute as that was, he'd rather wait until the man had recovered some from this goat-treatment to give him another. "When he wakes up, give it to him. He agreed to take it."

He still wasn't sure it was the right idea. There was no guarantee he'd get Daniel. No guarantee he'd get Landon. Maybe he'd get neither. The goat was going to "cure" it, right? So what if it reset their brain to before the break? Before the...whatever that had caused them to be like this? Then they wouldn't be anyone he knew. And what if he lost his memories? The goat was messing with Daniel's head, after all. Maybe it'd make a mistake. Losing his memories had almost torn them apart last time, apparently. Who knew what would happen this time?

Bell watched Daniel sleep for a long moment, reassuring himself. It'd be okay, it'd all turn out just fine. He just... he had to have faith in the goat. Faith that whatever happened to Daniel, it'd be better than watching him bleed out at the side of the road.

After a moment, he climbed into the bed too. After heaving Daniel around the bathroom, he was worn out, too. It'd only been last night he'd had to bring the ghost out, after all. "Wake me up if shit happens," he mumbled to Cat, then curled up with Daniel, holding the other man close. It took a little while, but soon his doze passed into sleep, and he was gone.
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He'd suffer Bell-boy's amusement any day if it meant getting Bell to do things for him while he was too exhausted to. Actually, getting towelled dry was kind of nice. Soothing. Made it feel special the way Bell-boy paid attention to every little part of him that way. Not that Daniel would admit thinking that way.
One sec?
What for?
Weren't they going to bed now? He was dry and everything.
Daniel stifled another yawn, blinking owlishly at the tiles that were oozing in and out of focus on the beat of his heart. Short commands woke him up. Leg?
Oh. Shorts. Look at that. Daniel accommodated Bell-boy and stood, teetering on the spot for a second before they slowly waded to the beds.

The bed was all nice and soft.
Way better than the bath-tub. Before he could get comfortable though, Bell-boy all but shoved a can of beans in his grasp. Eat. Right, he'd feel a lot better if he ate before sleeping.
Daniel heaved in a sigh and stared at the beans. Well, at least they were some type of vegetable; nutritious and easy on the digestive system. Probably.

Daniel slowly started eating, ignoring Cat's arrival.

Spot however wasn't so easily ignored. The mutt was panting from running around too much in the already growing heat of a nice summer's day and licking at his free hand. Daniel stroked the mutt's fur. Worried too, was he?
"I'm fine," Daniel muttered before he continued eating.

Cat seemed to raise her eyebrow at Daniel's statement and looked at Bell.
"Did you..." 'You know,' her expression read, before she took out the bauble. Daniel seemed barely conscious. That probably meant they'd be staying here a little while longer too.

Daniel wasn't even at the bottom of the can of beans yet, but he was already falling asleep sitting up. His hand was slowly sagging down, the can coming to rest precariously on his legs, head nodding as sleep finally started to win the battle. Spot observed the spectacle attentively: if Daniel fell asleep, whatever spilled out of the can would be his. The dog waited patiently.
Daniel roused himself to have another attempt at eating. Spot crawled closer.
At long last, Daniel put the can on the night-stand, missed and it fell down. Empty. Spot sniffed and licked at the empty can, disappointed.

The dog looked up at Daniel for more, but the man was already dead asleep the second his head connected with the pillow.
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Daniel ducked under the water, sending soap suds floating to the surface. Bell watched him when he rose, a little apprehensive about Daniel's ability to keep himself from drowning, but the man rested against the side of the tub, propping himself well up on the tub wall. Good. He scrubbed his own hair and rinsed it, and when he rose from the water, Daniel was giving him an adorably bleary look, arms out for Bell.

He grinned and picked Daniel up princess-style, tilting him a little to tip the water off his body. Daniel seemed pretty useless right now anyways, so he might as well. He set Daniel down on the toilet to sit as he drained the tub, then grabbed a towel and dried Daniel off, getting every last bit of him dry. That done, he reached for Daniel's boxers, then made a face as his hand landed in half-congealed blood. Okay, that was just gross. No way he was getting back in those.

"One sec," he promised, toweling himself down as he left the bathroom. Cat had grabbed the new clothes--how considerate of her. He grabbed a pair of the new shorts for Daniel, stepped into another, then returned to the bathroom. "Leg," he demanded, holding the shorts open for Daniel to step into, then opened the other side up. "Leg."

Both of them dressed, he offered Daniel a hand up and led him back into the room. Their comforter was bloodstained, but they hadn't managed to get under the sheets, so he just stripped that off and led Daniel to sit up on it. Before the man had time to fall asleep, he ran over and grabbed a can of beans, opened the lid, and thrust it into Daniel's hand. "Eat," he demanded. "Or I'll feed it to you." It wasn't much of a threat, but he fully intended to get something down Daniel's throat, even if he had to chew it up first and do it baby bird style.

It was just then that the door opened, lock clicking as it opened. Spot bounded in first, jumping up at them in his joy to be reunited, cream-and-chocolate fur flying, then Cat, who entered more cautiously, peering around the door first before she stepped inside. "You guys done?" she asked, giving their state of undress an uncertain look.
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Daniel hummed into the kiss, confirming he loved Bell-boy too, but Daniel felt too lethargic to find words to pronounce. He just wanted to sleep already. A yawn emphasised his desire, but Bell-boy was right. Sleep would be better with some food in him and being clean certainly hadn't ever hurt anyone. Bell-boy's finger ran over his sensitive skin, though this time it didn't feel as good or nice as it had moments ago. Maybe it was even better that his body showed where he'd been injured, so that this time, his mistakes couldn't be so easily ignored and forgotten.
The tepid water made him shiver and Daniel closed his eyes while Bell-boy washed him, having to fight sleep.
Bell-boy's instructions snapped him to. Rinse?

Right. Bath, they were taking a bath. Daniel held his nose and slid down, into the water, until his head and hair were submerged and he rose a few seconds later, wiping his hair back. It'd have to do, because he really didn't feel up for much more.
"All clean?" Daniel asked, sighing out before resting his arms on the side of the tub. His head was resting on top of his arms a few seconds later and sleep beckoned. He really ought to eat something. A proper breakfast would be nice, but with the way his innards were tender, Daniel wasn't sure he could stomach anything like that.

He was floating. First in nothing, but slowly Daniel started to notice it was all water; a vast ocean. There was a rubber boat and he was resting on his back, looking at a clear blue sky. Ahead were clouds, the weather turned -it was getting colder.

Daniel started with a flinch, his aching leg pulling awkwardly.
Yeah, he wouldn't regret that one being finished healing. He was done.
Clean enough, for now. Daniel shifted and looked at Bell-boy, reaching out for the man, "help me up? Want to sleep," Daniel all but begged.
It'd be a pretty one-sided battle to get him to eat. All he wanted was to curl up to Bell-boy's warmth and get cosy. They could abuse Cat's bed; it hadn't been slept in and the other was soiled with blood anyway.
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After a little while, Daniel started moving on his own, teasing Bell the way he liked to be teased. Bell let go and used both hands on his own, letting Daniel do what he wanted. It felt good, anyways. Another hand joined the fray, sliding up his legs. He flinched at the new touch; not because it hurt, but because it felt good. Everything was starting to feel tense at last, heat gathering in his loins, sensation building. His breath came short.

Daniel reached out and pulled him in, and they kissed, deep and intense. He was propped over Daniel now, one hand on the wall of the tub, all but straddling the man. Bell pulled away from the kiss and gasped for breath, then looked down at Daniel, at Daniel watching him. All there was for him was the warmth of those brown eyes, and the touch, the sensation that kept building and building; he couldn't hold it back much longer. Didn't want to. His legs twitched involuntarily as he reached the apex, and then he was over it; his vision went white and muscles twitched as he released, all the sensation that'd built up escaping all at once in a great surge.

Bell opened his eyes and smiled, then leaned down and kissed Daniel. "Love you," he said, looking Daniel in the eyes.

He stole one more kiss before he sat up, and then he stretched. "I think we're due another bath," he commented, running a finger through where he'd dirtied Daniel after all. He sat up with a heave and plugged the tub again, running water a second time--this time on the cool side of warm, afraid anything more would lead to Daniel passing out. He didn't have much left in the tank after that, but Daniel looked just about spent.

"We'll clean you off, get some food in you, and then you can rest," he offered. He found the soap and washed himself down as the tub filled, using the lukewarm water to wash away what was left of the blood and dirt; when he was rinsed, he started on Daniel, taking care around the sensitive parts. Daniel's hair was about the only part that was still badly bloodied; he smirked as he scrubbed it clean, then shaped the soapy hair up into a cartoonish loop on Daniel's head. "There we are," he said. "You can rinse, if you want." He kind of wanted to show Cat the stupid hair loop, or maybe at least Spot, but really it was for the best that they weren't around.
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Shy, was he, trying to hide like that? Daniel snorted softly, thinking to himself that it probably wouldn't be a good idea to remark how cute that made Bell-boy look.
"Yeah. Yeah I do," Daniel egged Bell-boy on.
Finally Bell-boy seemed to agree with the idea and sat up all proper to give him a nice view -so considerate. There was the hint of a blush in Bell-boy's face and Daniel couldn't tear his eyes away. Yeah, this was how he wanted to remember things, if he might never again come out.
"I love it," he admitted. Loved seeing Bell-boy put a hand to himself.

Nervous, was he? Bell-boy was younger -physically anyway- so Daniel would've suspected Bell wouldn't have any issues getting it up. It was only when his hand was added to the mix he could tell Bell-boy started to enjoy it as well. Daniel let himself be guided, giving himself some time to rest and then started joining in.

The little noises Bell-boy made were a turn-on, if only he'd the energy to go for seconds. He didn't, so Daniel had to appease himself with just teasing Bell-boy instead. Daniel added another hand to the mix, fingers following the muscular lines up Bell-boy's legs until they met where the legs congregated.
Daniel pulled Bell-boy closer, leaning up to meet him halfway for a deep, intense kiss. Their hands never stopped.

This felt good. This felt right.
What if his psychotic episodes had already ended all on their own? Was it worth risking taking Bell-goat's solution? And what about Lenny? Shouldn't he have a say in things as well? Daniel knew he'd already promised to take the solution, but was that really the only choice he had? Bell-boy had loved Lenny first. It seemed wrong to steal the man, wrong, but perfect. Daniel loved Bell-boy just the same, maybe even more.
He wondered whether Bell-boy would miss either of them. It was such a huge risk.
It was refined poetry.

A game between goats.
Because he was a risk and set them back. Bell-goat didn't have sympathy, but it tolerated him -until now. Until everything went to shit.
There was no choice. Bell-goat would have the goatling take his place if he didn't act now. Maybe that's exactly what the solution would do. Daniel pushed it all back. For now, he had Bell-boy and they were together, in reality. It was real. What they had was real.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 10d 21h 56m 15s
Bell felt Daniel tense under him, brought to the edge, then pushed him over. It was a familiar flavor, vaguely unpleasant; he swallowed and pulled away, wiping his mouth. Daniel looked exhausted, but also pleasantly sated. A grin touched Bell's lips, and he leaned up and kissed Daniel on the forehead. Good. That was what he'd wanted.

But it seemed like Daniel still had something he wanted from him. He glanced down, following Daniel's eyes, then shifted a little subconsciously to hide it. Which was stupid, given how much they'd fucked at this point. Daniel had already seen more than his fill, undoubtedly. "You wanna see?" he asked, just to stall. Daniel had never asked to watch before. It was kind of...well, it was weird. But hell, he'd asked Daniel, hadn't he? Fair was fair.

Daniel shifted, licking his lips. Bell snorted at that. Sometimes, Daniel could be so transparent--but it was kind of cute, so he forgave him. He moved his leg aside and sat up on his knees, legs slightly apart so Daniel could get a good view. A blush threatened to spread over his cheeks as he reached for himself. It was stupid. No point in being embarrassed. How many times had Daniel touched him? But it was so embarrassing, having to do it on his own. Ugh--and if Daniel knew, he'd never live it down. "Like what you see?" he asked boldly, to mask his embarrassment.

Well, he'd just make a show out of it. He liked making a show, didn't he? He touched the tip and slid a finger down the back. It didn't really feel that good, but it'd be fun for Daniel, right? Bell stuck his tongue out and spread his legs a little more, leaning forward. His hand started moving faster almost on its own accord, focusing on the tip; that always felt the best to him. A little more. His breath sped up; finally, it was starting to feel good, instead of just like touching. It hadn't been so long since the last time they'd screwed, so it was taking a little while to get there; longer, because Daniel was making him nervous, just watching like that.

Daniel didn't have to just watch, though. He reached out and grabbed Daniel's hand, putting his hand over top, and guided Daniel to make the motions he liked the best, touch the places that felt really good; the tip, and just under it, right there. For some reason, Daniel's hands felt so much better than his. Tension began to build, at last, and before long, he had to struggle to stay silent, little noises of approval escaping his throat as he guided Daniel to make him feel good.
  kaitoXi / 11d 13m 57s
Shit, he'd trained Bell-boy too well. The guy knew exactly where to reach -where to touch and Bell-boy hadn't ever needed lessons in this in the first place. Daniel strained to keep in the sounds, but his defences were weak and it felt so good. There was just nothing he could do. His body was meek and listless, completely in the throws of what Bell-boy was instigating in him.
The climax welled up slowly, gently, like a rising tide, until Daniel was drowning in sensation and everything went blank for a shuddering second. Everything came crashing down with the same force it'd built up then and Daniel could barely control his limbs.

"S-shit," he mumbled, when he'd found his voice.
Daniel's breathing was fast and deep. Trying to control it was useless. He was still light-headed after that exercise.
He hummed deeply, satisfied and lazy. What energy he'd regained by sleeping was all but drained, leaving him comfortably numb. Heavy eyes regarded Bell-boy. It'd turned the man on, hadn't it? Going down on little old Daniel like that?

"You going to do something about that?" Daniel suggested slyly. A grin was slathered across his face. "You going to show me?"
Daniel licked his lips, trying to sit up a little and not be slouched down like a boneless sack of meat. His leg instantly reprimanded him for being moved and his guts were now even more sore than before. No reserves. Whatever the goatling had done to heal him, it'd taken everything out of him and more.

He'd sleep like a baby after this and they weren't even halfway done; there was more washing up to do, rinsing, drying and getting dressed. Just the thought of having to go through all that felt overwhelming. Maybe he ought to take Bell-goat's solution right here. Wouldn't really be a better place and they'd be forced to hole down anyway.

Daniel watched Bell-boy, mapped out the man's features, Bell's jaw-line, his body. Every blemish, every muscle. Might be the last time he saw all of this, if the tides of fate turned in Lenny's favour. Because in his reality there simply couldn't be a solution where a healthy mind was divided between two personalities.
There simply wasn't.
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Cruel? He glanced up, but the goofy grin on Daniel's face told him otherwise. That, and the reaction he was getting at long last. Which brought him to the next conundrum: keep going, or try to move on? His own body wanted very much to give it a try, but at the same time, Daniel had about as much strength as a mouse, and probably the stamina to match. Even if Daniel didn't just pass out when he was moved, he probably wouldn't last long enough for Bell to get off. Honestly, he was a little afraid to even lift Daniel up off the tub; the way he was all splayed out and lying back against the porcelain, it felt like moving Daniel would only end with Daniel passing out.

And right now, he didn't really care if he felt good or not. As long as Daniel felt good, as long as Daniel felt happy. If this was the last time he'd get to spend time with Daniel, if the cure somehow changed him or made him different or broke him, then he wanted to make sure he left at least one happy memory behind for Daniel. For the both of them, but it mattered more to him that he remembered that Daniel had been happy.

Chances were he was just being stupid. The cure would work, Daniel would still be Daniel and they'd still be in love, and nothing would change except he wouldn't have to get up in the middle of the night and hold Daniel down so he didn't run out and hurt himself. But he was scared. Worried for Daniel, worried about their future. So here he was.

Daniel's next words were cut off, then replaced with little cries of pleasure. Fuck it, Bell decided. He'd just finish things like this. Better to have Daniel be happy than try to go further and have Daniel pass out on him. He'd been on the other end of that before, and it'd been kind of scary. His other hand played with Daniel's balls some as he took the man deeper into his throat. And wasn't there that spot Daniel had pressed? His hand searched, sliding a little further back; not too far, just enough to try and find it. A little more, just enough to force Daniel over the edge.
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 11d 2h 49m 23s
Build-up was slow. All Bell-boy's touches quickly grew into a messy ball of sensation, almost overwhelming to his sensitive body, but it felt good nonetheless. Kisses and bites coaxed him closer, touches, sensitive to skin eliciting pleasurable hisses. Daniel felt weak as a kitten. Even if he'd wanted to, resisting Bell-boy just wasn't in his power right now.

The water drained. Good riddance. There was probably still blood trapped in his hair, but they could wash that out with the second batch. Either way Daniel appreciate the reason why; Bell-boy slid from behind his back to straddle him instead. Playing hard to get was getting him some pretty good rewards.
Daniel couldn't help the goofy grin from curling his lips.

Anticipation for what was to come made it even better.
His body knew this would be good and didn't need much more incentive. Kisses left a burning trail down his front, and Daniel was left light-headed as blood was pumping in a particular singular direction.
"You're cruel," Daniel mumbled, resting back. Good thing the water hadn't been as hot, he'd have passed out for sure. He reacted to Bell-boy at last. There was no turning back now. Daniel wanted more, but honestly, it'd be near impossible. And he wasn't quite sure whether he wanted to interrupt this sweet, sweet torture.

What was this? A goodbye?
He wasn't going anywhere. Probably. Shit, yeah, okay. They could say goodbye, if it felt this good that was fine.
Did they even trust Bell-goat to get human brains right? "Shit, Bell-boy I don't think-..." He couldn't think at all. Bell-boy wasn't going to get such a treatment right now; their little love-game was going to exhaust him. Daniel knew he wouldn't last long. Every sensation rippled through his body like a tidal-wave and he didn't have the strength to resist.

Daniel couldn't suppress the noises of pleasure escaping him. Maybe he'd ask Bell-boy to get himself off, just watch the guy. Bell-boy had been so delightfully shy about that the first time as well, it was cute.
His hands reached down, threaded through Bell-boy's hair and tried to find something to hold on to and failed. He was already so close, yet so far. Daniel wasn't sure where he was, but this kind of being lost felt extremely satisfying.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 11d 11h 19s
Daniel was slow to react. Well, that was fine. He could hold pace with that just fine. Besides, more than anything, he just wanted to hold Daniel and feel him, nice and close. Just touching him was enough. Daniel kissed him; he leaned into it. Hmm, maybe he needed kisses as well. Touching and kissing, that was enough.

"Mmm-hmm," he replied, watching over Daniel's shoulder for a reaction. It was kind of a fun game, trying to figure out how to get Daniel to react. Despite the weak reaction, Daniel was an eager participant, pushing into his hand. His other hand roved Daniel's chest, searching out the man's weak points. He was careful to brush more lightly over the fresh skin, where Daniel had already said he felt sensitive--but he made sure to touch it. Daniel sometimes liked it when it hurt a little. Besides, it felt nice and smooth and soft. He kissed Daniel's neck, trying out playing with his nipples again with his free hand. It almost never worked, but what the hell.

"Daniel, love you," he mumbled. Hmm, what else could he do to make Daniel feel good? They couldn't do anything too strenuous with the way Daniel was right now. Honestly, it was still up in the air that Daniel would be able to get it up at all. He nibbled at Daniel's earlobes while he considered. What else...

He searched under the water with his toes until he found the drain, then pulled it to let the water out. The water was all bloody and gross, anyways. If Daniel wasn't reacting from his hand, there were other ways to make him feel good. When the water was low enough, he slid out from behind Daniel, letting him rest against the tub instead. He straddled Daniel on all fours and kissed him more, then trailed downwards , kissing the whole way. It'd been a while since he'd taken care of Daniel this way. He kissed what he'd been trying to get to react, then licked, just trying to find some way to hit Daniel's weak points and make his body give in after all. This was kind of fun, really. Felt like challenge mode. He snorted to himself. He might be enjoying this a little too much. At the very least, it was a thorough distraction from his thoughts.
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 11d 19h 36m 6s

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