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"And I like washing you," he replied, too busy focusing on Daniel to smile. It was always nice to take a moment to appreciate his lover. Skin warmed from exercise and again from the hot shower, pliable to his touch until he got to the firm muscle beneath.

He nodded, rubbing down Daniel's stomach to his legs, cleaning off their earlier mess, then moving on to massage Daniel's legs. He wasn't always a legs man, but he had to admit, Daniel had some fine legs. And that ass. He squeezed Daniel's ass and grinned. It was his perfect, ideal ass. Too bad he couldn't go again. Too bad they had things to do. "Mhm, sounds like a plan," he said, slightly distracted by the nice firm legs under his hands. It was their plan, though. Go into town, get shit done. Solid plan.

"Okay, all done," he said, and stood to find Daniel's embrace waiting for him. He closed his eyes and leaned into out. This was nice, too.

"Mhm," he said, stepping forward and getting under the spray. It felt nice. There was a nice strength to the spray, a deep massaging pound of water on his shoulders. "It is, but it's nice." Lazy was nice. Quiet, too. Too quiet for him. But he'd put up with it.

He stretched. "You gonna wash me?" He glanced at Daniel and gave him a wink. It'd be nice if he would, but Daniel usually wouldn't. It was fine either way. He didn't mind.

When Daniel and he were done, he stepped out and dried off. Time to get done and go do stuff. He grabbed his clothes from where he'd thrown them on the floor and yanked them on, then started for the door. "You wanna drive?" he asked, glancing at Daniel. He'd been doing all the driving lately, so might as well let Daniel do his share.

A loud clunk came from downstairs, followed by swearing. "Everything alright?" Bell called. The only answer he got back was more cursing. He glanced at Daniel. "Probably good to move out." Get a move on and get out of here. Get on with their day. Get their stuff done and get Daniel put away in that pipe. It was depressing. Depressing, but he knew it had to be done.
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Daniel took Bell-boy’s hand and stood, a little wobbly, but after the first step or two Daniel evened out readily enough. Definitely felt a lot better than he had yesterday. Rather than the tepid bath they’d had earlier, the shower was nice and hot. Daniel stepped under and let the water wash off the evidence of their coupling.
Stand still? Oh?
He felt a bit like a horse on parade, but did as Bell asked rather than protest. Daniel knew better than to protest -he’d become spoiled for Bell-boy washing him under the shower or in the bath.

“Like it when you wash me,” he said leisurely. Maybe that’s why cleanliness became a chore whenever Bell wasn’t around to do it for him. He was simply used to his lover’s attention while under the shower. Well, Bell-boy wasn’t always into it as much as he was now. Daniel decided he’d enjoy the moment, made sweeter by the fact that it wasn’t an everyday occurrence.

“So jobs, lunch, finding blondie and then dinner at home?” he drawled languidly, eyes closed as he allowed Bell to clean him back up. This was nice. Actually, if they hadn’t gone on to doing stuff, Daniel pictured them going for round two, maybe even round three. The luxury of not having anything to worry about, of having food readily available and a roof over their heads made it feel like they were taking a vacation from everyday life out on the streets.

A vacation he didn't mind one bit.

Once he was all clean, Daniel leaned into Bell-boy for a moment and wrapped his arms around the other man. Bell had a funny way of saying he loved him, had always been weird, especially at the start. But when he did, it was with conviction and force. He’d try not to die. For Bell-boy, even though there was no way of telling in what state of mind he’d be in after the goatling left.
Hopefully his mother came through with the prescription.

Daniel pulled away from Bell to grin at the man. “Your turn, go on,” he offered up the shower’s spray. They really had to get ready and do something.
“The house is making us lazy,” he sighed.
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Adorable. Daniel was just adorable. He slid a hand over Daniel as Daniel pulled him closer, returning the same affection. Nothing like a little cuddle. And a nap, maybe. His eyes slid shut, whatever nervous energy that had kept him up all night fully expended now. Yeah, he could take a nice long nap now, wake up, and do it all over again. Just spend the day in bed being terrible, lazy people. Was that an option?

"Me either," Bell mumbled, already half asleep. Do nothing. Just sleep and fuck. Sounded great.

When Daniel nuzzled him, he opened his eyes and lazily responded, too tired to do anything more. Should do this more often, fuck around and take their time. "Ugh, do we have to?" he complained. Yeah, they had to. It wasn't even really a question. But it didn't mean he liked it.

Eyes open, he watched Daniel for a bit, his expressions and the little faces he made. A grin started to spread across his cheeks; he tried to stop it, but couldn't, so hid his face in Daniel's shoulder instead, a little bit embarrassed. "Wanted to make you feel good, 'n show you I love you a lot," he muttered. Warmth spread through his chest, the warm fuzzy feeling returning. Daniel liked it. He'd done good. He'd shown the guy how much he loved him. And it made him feel good, too. Just thinking about it made him want to tackle the man for round two, but now wasn't the time. Daniel was right. They had things to do.

Daniel sat up. With a groan, Bell followed him up. "Yeah, me too," he agreed. Less than Daniel did, probably, but still, a shower sounded good. If they had another bath, he probably wouldn't be able to restrain himself, and then they'd get nothing done.

At his full height, he stretched, offered Daniel a hand up, and led the way into the bathroom. The shower he turned up to a reasonable heat; he could always rinse off with cool water before he left it. He snatched up the soap from where it was sitting on the edge of the tub and pulled Daniel closer. "Stand still, I'mma wash you," he said, already rubbing a hand across Daniel's chest. He'd made the mess, so he should clean it up, right? Made sense to him.
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Rather than speed up, as he'd expected, Bell-boy showed restraint and deepened the strokes. Daniel snapped at the air to catch up with the pleasure, but it was useless. If Bell kept this up, he'd be overwhelmed by it all -which wasn't a bad thing. He could feel it before Bell-boy called it; the man was close. Sensation washed over him as Bell shuddered, his already low barriers unable to stop any of it. He was a pathetically quivering mess when Bell's weight came to rest on top of him, pinning him down. Daniel stared at the ceiling, trying to come to grips with it all, and slowly, ever so slowly, felt reality creep back in.

Bell-boy nuzzled him. Daniel pulled his gaze from the far-off point it'd been fixated on and lazily focussed on Bell-boy instead. It was sensitive when Bell pulled out. Far too sensitive. He shuddered.
Hands found Bell, pulled the man in a little closer. He was tired now, in a good way. Shit. Well, if there was any good way to expend his new-found energy, it was this. They also needed another washing up. A shower this time, Daniel decided.

But not right now.
"Hmm." He couldn't really formulate any intelligent thoughts just yet.
"Now I don't want to do anything," Daniel finally mumbled. His eyes slipped closed, lethargy washing over him.
He wasn't asleep -he'd slept enough- but still felt tired. Physically tired. Or maybe worn was the correct word. Eating fed the goatling and healed his body, but the process still took something more than just matter and energy. A yawn escaped his lungs.

He still felt good.
Sometimes slow could be really good, especially when they were as eager as they had been. Daniel nuzzled up against Bell for more kisses. If this was what they did all day -actually. They had shit that needed to get done.
He groaned. "We should really get ready," he drawled lazily.

Hazel eyes landed on Bell's face. A slight hint of amusement played across his lips, "what was that? Usually you're more..." he waved a hand. "I liked it. A lot."
And Bell-boy had too, most likely. The man sure looked it.
"...if you couldn't tell." He chuckled leisurely, then sat up a little and winced. Ugh. Bottom was all fine and dandy, but if they could do without the aftermath, he would. "I need a shower."
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Daniel's face was rapt, eyelids fluttering, gasping, fingernails clawing at Bell's back, the whine music to Bell's ears. And the thing was, it felt good. Surprisingly good. Even though he was holding back, even though it was way slower than he wanted to go, it felt so damn good that he didn't know if he could keep going for long. Feeling Daniel react like this, the way he tightened around Bell every time Bell thrust, the way he twitched and shivered with every pull. He'd done it right, for once; he'd made Daniel feel good. It made him want to keep going like this forever, him and Daniel caught in this moment.

He kissed Daniel hard, feeling his chest fill with some hot, intense emotion, his body aching fiercely with pleasure. Love. More than he could ever express with words, so he showed it with his body. His hands brushed over Daniel's body, holding on to him, entwining fingers. He kept going slow, but deepened his thrusts, pushing deep into Daniel to hit the places that would make him see stars. Tension came on slowly, building up and up, until he was sure he couldn't stop it anymore, and still it built. Why did it feel so good? He wasn't even doing it the way he liked, and still. Still! He couldn't-- couldn't even think straight.

There was no going back. He pulled away to gasp a breath. "Daniel, I'm," he managed, before he gave in. His body tensed, and he shuddered as it all came home, as electricity jolted through his nerves, through his body, vision going to white, every muscle shuddering. It seemed to last for eternity, wrapped up in sensation and pleasure. When he came down, he was on top of Daniel, breathing hard. That was, that was... shit. It'd never been like that before, when he was on top.

He nuzzled Daniel and kissed him, then pulled out slowly and rolled over to lay on his back. "Shit," he muttered. What the hell was that? How could it feel so good? Maybe he should change what he liked. Bell scooted closer, cuddling up, and gave Daniel a lazy, sated kiss.
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Seemed Bell didn't need any particular incentive to 'help'. Daniel hissed with delight when they were Bell-boy's fingers exploring, rather than his own. He trusted the man completely, despite Bellwether's sinister nature. How often had he had the man's fingerprints wrapped around his neck for all to see already? How many times had Daniel witnessed Bellwether's wrath?
It was there. Daniel accepted it was there and that he might be subject to those carnal desires of Bell's, but he didn't care.

Kisses distracted him. Hands pushed his away.
He was ready. More than ready. Daniel smirked and nodded. "I'm ready, are you?" he teased softly, tugging at Bell's earlobe with his teeth. And then Bell was there, all there. Daniel gasped, the sensation almost overwhelming after the teasing Bell-boy had already done to him. He shivered at Bell's bite. It felt good.
Yeah, it did feel good. Kisses drowned his retort, stopped short his teasing. Slow. Bell-boy was taking it slow. Daniel knew that wouldn't last, but for now, he accepted it for what it was: caring.
Or whatever it was that bound them together that wasn't anything to do with goats.

His eyelids fluttered shut. It felt so good. This slow, Daniel had trouble focussing. Each time sensation dipped into nothingness, it welled up again with even more power than last. He whined pathetically, but he didn't want Bell to go faster. He wanted to savour this moment. Daniel clawed at Bell's back, tangled fingers in the man's cropped hair and tried to think of anything but this moment. It was impossible.
The way Bell's muscles shifted under his hands, the strength and power he could feel that was barely restrained; each and every single detail pulled Daniel back to Bellwether.

And it was good.
It was desperate and if this might be their last time spent together like this, Daniel felt he might be fine with that. And yet, no. He didn't want this to be the last time. They could have so much more time together. Flashes of the goatling's offer sprang forth. Immortality, to human standards anyway. He could live forever as a shell. But he could do both. The goatling was likely to remember him; he could do both. Be both human and goatling.
Like Spot and Bell? No. It'd be complicated, wrong and painful.
No, he'd rather be human. Live quick, die fast. And enjoy the intensity that came with a fast-paced and short-lived life.
"I love you, Bell, I love you," he huffed, fighting against the building tension and failing.
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Daniel's eyes narrowed, and Bell's smirk widened. Heh, he was really going to get a nice show this time around, wasn't he? It was nice, the way he could see everything, the quivering of Daniel's need and the way he was playing just below that. Unconsciously, he licked his lips, eyes zoned in on the little show Daniel was putting on. He couldn't stop himself from reaching out to rub Daniel's legs, to feel his skin and move closer, but not touch there. Not yet.

"Need help?" he offered, leaning in. Slippery fingers closed around him. He tensed a little at the sensation, but gave in with Daniel's kiss, sliding an arm around Daniel's shoulders. Felt too good, damn it. Maybe it was the desperation of maybe not being able to hold Daniel again, but he couldn't stay calm. He wanted this so bad he was going to go insane if he denied himself any longer.

His free hand dipped in the jelly and slipped below, sliding down Daniel's stomach, over his need, caressing his balls, then slipping inside to judge how far along Daniel was. Already nice and loose. So perfect and warm on the inside. He broke from the kiss to catch his breath, then pushed Daniel's hand away. No more teasing. He was ready.

He hooked one of Daniel's legs up over his arm and lined up. "Ready?" he breathed, more than ready himself. He didn't wait for a reply, but slid inside.

It was even better than he'd imagined, than he could remember. He hissed and bit Daniel's shoulder, holding still to keep from going over the edge. "So good," he managed to bite out, then nudged Daniel for kisses. He was going to take this slow and make sure it was good for both of them. Nice and slow.

He started to move, holding back with every fiber of his being. Slow, slow, slow, he chanted silently, demanding kisses with each stroke so he didn't get distracted. Hold back until Daniel begged for it; that was where he wanted the man to be. Ready for everything he could give--no. [i Desperate] for everything Bell could give. He wanted a good memory he could engrave in his brain until Daniel came out of the tube, something glorious to tide him over until then. "Daniel," he breathed, between kisses, "Daniel, love you." So he knew. So he remembered, until the next time they could hold each other.
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"Bedroom," he huffed into the kiss. Daniel took Bell-boy's hand, the space between his legs tight and awkward. There was no way cold water or a little trip was going to diminish what Bell-boy had started. Seemed like Bell suffered the same problem however, so Daniel wasn't overly worried. Before he could get a towel however, Bell-boy caught him and started doing the work for him. He didn't mind, stifled his protest and smiled languidly. In his mind, Daniel traced each and every single one of Bell-boy's actions, each brush against his skin, each accidental finger-tip of skin against his.

And then Bell gave. He pushed up against him and Daniel hugged the man back, eager. He wanted to kiss, touch, but Bell announced he was dry now and they could go to the bed. His hand was taken and Daniel let Bell-boy guide him. Before he knew it, his back was once more against the sheets, though this time for a whole different reason other than sleep.

Daniel narrowed his eyes at Bell.
Oh? The man wanted to see?
He could give a show. Daniel's lips contorted into a playful smirk. He opened the jar, slowly, then took his time to lather up his fingers. Once they were slick and moist, Daniel focussed his eyes on Bell's and dipped his fingers down to where he knew Bell longed to be. The man seemed to enjoy the abstaining-game this time around. Perhaps he should deny the man a little more, build up that desire, until he was ready to beg.

Bell's earlier teasing had already got him relaxed in the right places. Daniel decided his fingers weren't enough after a while. He wanted more, whether that be Bell-boy's affection or his own. He was getting ahead of himself. Too eager. Daniel cursed.
"It's no fun just by myself," Daniel suggested languidly. He pulled his fingers and rubbed the tips. After a second's thought, he took some more of the jelly and started to tease Bell-boy instead. It wouldn't do to be the only one who was ready.

He leaned up to kiss Bell, eager to drown himself in sensation. It might be their last time. He couldn't quite shake the thought. The nightmarish images of the tube were in the way, but that was fine. It'd all be over far too soon otherwise.
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He was totally in control. Daniel was helpless to resist him. It was perfect. When the water drained, he followed Daniel down to the bottom of the tub, not letting him escape that way. The little half-made sounds only served to set him off and make him even harder. Damn, Daniel was so hot. This was all his. He was in control, and Daniel was going to like it. That much he was determined about.

Bell glanced up. Daniel wanted to move to the bedroom? He sure wasn't pushing him away, though. Liked it that much, huh? The heavy breathing told him yes, as did the way he strained to talk straight. So cute! He was tempted to push Daniel over the edge, just to watch it happen, but at the last second, he pulled back and let go. "Bedroom?" he asked, leaning up to kiss Daniel some. The tub was an awkward place to fuck, he had to admit. And he wanted to take his time, more than finish Daniel here.

He stood and offered Daniel a hand up, then looked around. There was the jelly, just where he'd left it on the counter. Good, good, he wouldn't need a second trip. He nabbed it and headed for the door, paused, then grabbed a towel and quickly dried off. Rather than let Daniel escape, he nabbed the man by the tub and started to dry him off as well, taking his time to caress him all over with the towel, nice and slow. "Stand still, I'm just gonna... dry you off," he muttered. He wasn't at all admiring every inch of his body through the towel. It was tempting in an odd way, the self-imposed barrier between him and Daniel hitting some weird switch inside him. He could feel the warmth, the contours of Daniel's body, but not the heat, the softness of his flesh. Denying himself that closeness made him want it even more.

His patience couldn't last. He dropped the towel and pushed up against Daniel, hugging him close to finally touch his skin all over. There it was. There was that sensation he'd wanted this whole time. "Okay, you're dry now," he announced, pulling away.

He took Daniel's hand and led him to the bed. Once there, he pushed Daniel down, gently, and handed him the jelly. He followed Daniel down and leaned in to nibble his ear, then whispered, "Open yourself up?"

Then he sat back with a pleased expression to watch.
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Daniel snorted. Don't be gone too long, as if he had anything to say about that. Their kiss distracted Daniel from the fallacy and he chuckled. Jealous?
"Jealous? Why would I be jealous? You're mine," he suggested, tightening around Bell to bring back the man's focus. Teeth nibbled at his neck, hands running down to his ass. Top or bottom?
"Bottom," Daniel offered. It was obvious Bell-boy wanted to be on top, or at least in the lead. He didn't care who did what, as long as his provoked need got seen to. Either way he wasn't sure how long this burst of energy would last. Not the entire day, he imagined.
Lay back and- oh.

"Ah, shit," he hissed.
Hands were all good and fine, but this was even better. Bell's hot breath against his cooled skin, the man's tongue against his already throbbing tool. And Bell-boy was good at what he did. Even without knowing what he liked exactly, Bell had been good and ever since then the man had dedicated himself to figuring it all out.
Daniel bit back the noises threatening to escape from the back of his throat. It felt so good. He couldn't help it, could barely hold back the need to just thrust himself into Bell's mouth.

It was so easy to forget it all like this. Just them and the bathroom, just feeling good. Each time his thoughts threatened to stray, Bell pulled him back in a pleasurable way. At long last, Daniel could no longer stand it. He pulled the plug.
Water didn't make for a lubricant and it was getting in the way of their pleasure right now.
He didn't stop Bell-boy though. Didn't want to. He relaxed, now that he didn't have to strain himself to remain above the water.

"Ah-...Bell, let's move...move to the bedroom," he huffed, biting his lip to stay any other noises from escaping. Despite Alphie being in the basement, he really didn't care for her to catch them with their pants down -literally. There'd probably be a better chance if they did stay in the bathroom, but if he was going to bottom, he didn't want a rush-job.

His breathing was already heavy. He was already that far ahead. Shit. Being sick the last few days left him with zero resistance.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 14d 15h 54m 45s
He returned the favor, rubbing Daniel's back down as the man worked at his. Now that they were being a little more reasonable about where they were sleeping, it was less necessary, but it was always nice to get a backrub. "Mmm, I like what I see, too," he murmured.

His smirk widened as Daniel's hand dipped right where he'd wanted it to go. Oh, Daniel thought he'd meant it like that? "No, only you," he promised. "No one else gets to play with this 'un."

Daniel knew what he was suggesting. He slid his hands forward, toying with Daniel as well. Two could play that game, after all. "I know," he whined. He already wasn't looking forward to it. At least when he'd been in the egg, he hadn't been visible the whole time, tantalizingly just out of reach. This was going to be torture. "Don't be gone for too long?"

He tipped his head in towards Daniel's hand, then leaned in for the kiss. Blonde hair strewn across his forehead, hanging damp around his face; it made Daniel look fragile, even though he knew the man was anything but, most of the time. "You'll see me afterwards," he said with a grin, voice a bit deeper than he'd intended. "See me all muscley and tan, you'll see. I'll be so hot, you'll be mad jealous."

It felt like the water was warming up between them, as their bodies grew warmer. Bell nuzzled Daniel and nibbled his neck, rubbing his hands down Daniel's back. "Wanna bottom or top?" he breathed, massaging Daniel's buttcheeks. Nice and muscular, just the way he liked it. He was fine with whatever. It was going to be their last time, so he wanted Daniel to choose.

"Hey, lift your hips," Bell requested, climbing off Daniel's lap. "Lay back in the water and lift your hips." He slid back and lifted Daniel's hips to the surface of the water, eyeing his prize. It'd been a while since he'd given Daniel this service, hadn't it? He nipped at the inner thighs, trying to pull a reaction from Daniel, then moved inward, licking at his pride while his hands teased the balls. He was in the lead, in control of Daniel's pleasure. It made him feel strong, like there was something he could do to help, even if it was just offering comfort.
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"Pinky-promise," he soothed Bell-boy's fears in a dead-pan voice. It was up to Bell to believe him or not, but soon enough he moved into reach. Rather than present his back to him though, Bell-boy climbed into his lap. Daniel's smirk grew a little.
"Nice view," Daniel complimented, pointedly looking up at Bell. His hands reached up across Bell's back, fingers digging into the man's flesh and skin. Labour, huh? It'd at the very least take away the insecurity Bell-boy had after he'd worked on the fields for so long. Bell-boy might actually become stronger than he was again. Not a bad prospect at all. And if he lost his sanity, Bell's strength was quite possibly a necessity.

"Hmm, a big, blunt object, huh?" he murmured, eyebrows raised. Not so subtle, but he didn't mind it. The hands that had previously been massaging Bell's back moved to the front. One hand went under the water, where their hips met.
"Won't they now?" Daniel whispered. Bell-boy better not cheat on him. He'd be pissed beyond belief. To make his point, Daniel's hand found that 'big, heavy, blunt object' and dipped a hand in between them to mess with Bellwether's balls.

"You suggesting something, Bell-boy?" he said coyly. Hadn't Lenny taught the man that the bottom was always in the lead. Unless it was rape. Daniel liked to believe that what they did was nowhere near such a cruel detachement of love.
"You're going to be so frustrated, watching me in that tube all day," Daniel suggested softly. His hand didn't waver, but teased, much like his voice and the implications of his words. Daniel's free hand moved up to touch Bell's cheek, then hooked behind the man's neck to pull him in for a kiss.

This might be their last time being together like this, all things considered. He made a mental note to see how far Alphie was with the tube, but honestly? The installation had been in working order when they'd found it and they hadn't even broken it. Most it needed, was hooking up.
And then there was the formula. They'd need a nurse sooner rather than later.

"Construction worker then, hmm?" he drawled, letting go to get air.
"Wish I could see that."
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"What? It's too hot out for hot water," Bell fired back, settling in. Yeah it was jarring at first, but Daniel just needed to get used to it, then he'd see. This was primo air conditioning, is what this was. Better than any old AC unit could manage. They'd feel nice and cool for hours once the chill set in. He'd used to jump in the river for the same effect during summer vacations way back when.

He waved away Daniel's joke. Yeah, yeah, he'd learned that lesson. No more teleporting for Daniel. Especially not teleporting Bell.

"Hey, what," he said, startled, when Daniel grabbed his feet. Damn it, he was ticklish there! Argh, it was torture. The scrubbing was driving him nuts. He bit his lip to hold back the laughter and squirmed, but Daniel had a good grip on his feet; he couldn't retract them. Laughter escaped his lips at last, feet flinching in a poor attempt to escape, whole body twisting in the water helplessly. "Stop, stop, you asshole!" he squealed, trying to stop laughing.

Daniel let go. He yanked his feet out of reach up under his body, heaved in a deep breath, and composed himself. "No," he said, mock-angrily. "Asshole."

He gave Daniel a suspicious look. "You're not going to tickle me?" he asked. Couldn't trust anyone these days. And Daniel wasn't ticklish, was he, so he couldn't even get the guy back. Bell pouted for a second, but relented as Daniel moved on, businesslike.

"I was thinking construction," he said honestly, moving across the tub to be in reach. Rather than stop there, he climbed right into Daniel's lap and slid his arms down the man's back as he settled in, wordlessly inviting him to make this something more. Alphie was busy, and downstairs, she wouldn't notice a thing. "It's hard labor, they probably don't give a fuck about education, and no one will think twice if you carry around a big, heavy, blunt object in your pants all day." He paused, realizing what he'd just said, wasn't mature enough to stop himself, and smirked and winked. "If you know what I mean."

It was a good fit, all around. And he didn't even have to worry about them finding out about the gay thing because--well, because there'd be no Daniel.
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A tepid bath? Daniel pulled his shirt over his head and watched Bell-boy lower himself into the water. Maybe luke-warm was better, given the weather and how he'd only just gotten over the fever. Shorts followed and soon Daniel was just as naked as Bell-boy.
"Sure," he agreed. Going into town sounded like what they'd planned the other day. The cold wrapped around his crown jewels and Daniel flinched ever so slightly before lowering himself into the water.

"You're nuts," Daniel accused. Whatever happened to nice, warm baths?
They had running hot water and Bell-boy went for tepid?
On the other hand, it was alright after a while. Once his skin acclimatized, it was actually rather nice. He'd have still felt cleaner with a hot bath, but whatever. Daniel reached for the soap and started to wash off the sweat from his skin.
"Just don't ask me to teleport us into town," he joked.

A grin played across his lips as he took Bell-boy's feet and started washing them, knowing full-well the man could be ticklish there. His grip was tight enough to contend with the other man and he only relented when Bell's feet were sparkling clean.
He finally felt like he had some energy to spare.
"Anything else in need of a wash?" Daniel offered with a wicked grin. His attention was lost by Bell-boy's naked frame, soaked in the water. Feet were fine, but they weren't half as interesting as some other parts of Bell.

He reminded himself of Alphie's presence and sighed. They probably shouldn't. She'd already made her assumptions and drawn her conclusions, but going at it while she was there was one step beyond. One step too many.

"C'mere, I'll wash your back," Daniel offered instead. No reason they couldn't be intimate in different ways instead. He lathered up his hands, using the brief interlude to dip down and wet his hair. He wanted to feel clean, even if he wasn't doing anything remarkable today. A shower might have been better, but Daniel didn't know how well he'd have done with a hot shower. Maybe tepid water had been a good choice after all.

"So you decided on a profession yet?" Daniel offered when he came up. He ran his hair back. Ugh, should've forced Bell-boy into cutting it; this long, it was becoming a hassle.
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He finished up his cereal, ignoring Daniel mostly as the guy wandered around the house. Too sleepy to pay attention. Should've fallen asleep earlier last night, if he was going to be so tired this morning, but it'd been just impossible. Too hot. The air conditioning was doing its best, but its best wasn't much.

"Bath sounds good," he mumbled, putting his bowl in the sink. The sink was filling up. He should get started on those chores. Get started on all the chores, mostly. What else was there to do, aside from worry and wait? The dishes weren't going to do themselves, either.

Who was that? Bell turned towards the door, reaching instinctively to where his pipe should be. He watched Daniel closely, ready to spring into action anyways, pipe or no pipe. If the hunters had found them--

Oh, just Alphie. He sighed. Should've figured. Of course she'd be by. "She doesn't want our dirty hands on it," he called to Daniel. Alphie didn't react, but just disappeared down into the basement. He shook his head, standing to walk over to Daniel. "Maybe she's what Goldy's digging up, the way she spends all day underground."

He didn't like her, but he had to admit she was doing good work for them. Maybe he could try a little harder to be kind to her. She already had a stay off execution until Daniel was free, but maybe he could move her off the kill list, at this rate. He didn't want to seem ungrateful.

Bell flashed Daniel a smile. "Yeah, let's," he agreed. He led the way into the bathroom, stripping along the way, though this time he kept his clothes bundled in one hand and threw them in the bedroom. Wait--he paused, naked, looking at the bed. Wasn't that a dead giveaway, them having only one bed? Alphie hadn't seen their bedroom, though, she didn't know they had only one. It was fine.

"Let's go into town after, so we don't get in her way," Bell decided, moving abruptly to the bathroom to start running the taps. They didn't need the water too warm right now, at least, with the heat outside; he ran it to a kind of pleasant lukewarm, the warm side of cool but not quite warm. It felt chilly when he descended into it, especially on the more sensitive bits, but he adjusted quickly. "C'mon in," he invited Daniel.
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