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“Yeah, probably,” Daniel agreed. They should go back to the house, though Daniel figured they could just remain hovering in the background. Let Alphie explain why she was doing this and just pull the blonde in -the two evidently had some attraction going on already, so why not? Daniel continued eating the burrito, question how on earth people thought this food was convenient; and not for the first time either. And the place knew people struggled, because it supplied chips to leak onto.

Rather than eat faster like Bell-boy was, Daniel took his time and savoured the chips. Quicker wasn’t necessarily better. It was a fine line between giving the girls enough private time together and making sure the house didn’t burn down in flames. Not that he thought the blonde was assertive enough, but love broke bounds unbroken before.

“Sure, we can do. It’ll give us something to do, though I don’t mind how we’ve spent our time so far,” he grinned. In bed, mostly. Just being together. Now that he wasn’t sick no more however, he’d be spending a lot less time asleep.
Daniel finished his chips and wiped his fingers on some tissue, making sure there was none stuck to his face. That was the drawback of burritos: they messy eating.

“Let’s go,” he offered and stood.
A quick stacking gathered up their trash and Daniel slipped it into one of the large bins conveniently places around nearly every corner. They didn’t even draw estranged looks, like they usually did. It almost felt ‘off’. He’d gotten used to people looking at them -goat or no.

Unlike the burrito place, the book-store was a lot quieter. Even though there were people, most had their noses stuck down reading the matter on display, trying to find the one compelling story to draw them in. Daniel browsed the selection at leisure and finally found a few books that’d interest him. A biography of a renowned economist and a more theoretical book on psychology. He’d always semi-ignored that he was mentally ill, but he was. Might as well get some insight.

“Comic section is over there,” Daniel pointed out with a cheeky grin. Bell-boy liked comics, didn’t he? So did Becky. After a moment’s thought, Daniel found the series she’d been on about wanting to read while she was out and got the continuing volume. Bell-boy wouldn’t even know it wasn’t for him, but maybe the man would take interest. It was no light-weight read, he expected.
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"You a vegetarian now?" he asked, nodding at Daniel's choice of protein. Black beans and veggies when they had all these meats? No way, Jose. He'd never make that choice.

He shook his head, mouth too full of burrito to answer. They hadn't. He'd kind of gotten the impression that the lady on the other end didn't much care about what he was doing or what he knew, as long as he was willing to work. Daniel pulled out his phone and started scrolling through it, so Bell took the choice to steal some of his chips. The veggie juice that had dripped down on it wasn't too bad, actually, though he preferred the meat any day.

"Should we head back, just in case?" he suggested. It probably wasn't a good idea to let her have free reign in there. Alphie was too deep into it to betray them, at least until she figured out Daniel, but blondie might get some ideas about hunters and tracking devices. His hunger demanded he pay more attention to the burrito in his hands, so he turned away after a second to take another bite. The extra fillings that couldn't quite fit in the burrito were piling up on his chips, making an excellent plate of nachos for him to polish off in just a minute.

He nodded, stuffing the last bites of burrito in his mouth. Yeah, Daniel was right. "Let's head back after this, then." Anything else? He shook his head. "I've got all the tools to fix the door back at the place, I just haven't done it," he admitted. Not a great start to his construction career, he had to admit. He started wolfing down the chips, hurrying to finish his food so they could go.

"You wanna stop by that book store on the way back to the car?" he suggested. They had time for that, at least, so they might as well pick up a little entertainment for after the woman was dealt with. Even at top speed, it'd still be a little ways back to their house from out here. They did also have to make that trek, but at the very least, they knew where the house was. It was tucked away well enough that the blonde might get lost on her way back.
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“Black bean and vegetable for me,” Daniel said with a languid smile. “Paprika and corn, no peppers,” he pointed out. Spices weren’t his thing. Soon enough the college kid behind the till got to work preparing their food and Daniel paid for the fare.
They weren’t alone either. Apparently more people cared about getting food during lunch-time. Most of them were from the campus. Dorm kids and whatnot.

“Me too, they say anything about what you’d be doing?” Daniel pitched when Bell-boy started on the construction work. He lazily got the address written in Bell’s choppy hand-writing and got out the phone to do a search. There had to be some sort of news regarding the building project.

“Wonder if the blonde will visit the house,” Daniel offered. If she went there to sabotage it all -which was a reasonable option for the blonde to take- he hoped Alphie would stop her. Or at least get really pissed off. They could probably repair the things readily enough, but it’d be a set-back for sure. Maybe the goatling could even repair any damages. He hadn’t even considered it an option before, but now that he felt better it was.

“It’s apartments,” Daniel muttered slowly. He put down the phone and read the short article advertising the new housing, before casting a glance at Bell-boy’s approach and digging into his own burrito. Now that he was healing, the hunger was no longer as vicious or dominating.

It was alright. Not exactly fancy food, but it filled him up readily enough. He licked his fingers.
“Actually, we probably shouldn’t leave the house unattended for too long. The blonde might get ideas about destroying everything for Alphie’s sake,” he offered, wiping his mouth on a piece of tissue.
“I presume she’d try to ‘rescue’ Alphie first, so that ought to stop her in her tracks, but you never know.”

He fished some of the fallen vegetables from his makeshift plate and licked them from his fingers. The sauce was fairly decent.
“Unless there’s anything else you want to take care of? Might want to fix that back door one of these days…” he mumbled, eyes on his food. His thoughts were elsewhere. Everything was getting so close now. Everything was becoming so big.
He could die. His words to the blonde only emphasised it.
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Daniel seemed contemplative as he walked, head stuck in some cloud or another. If he'd still been delusional, it would've worried Bell, but as it was, he seemed fine. People needed to think. He turned his head up and watched the clouds. And soon, he'd have so much time to just... think. Time without Daniel. Time alone, with no one.

He glanced over. A bookstore? "Yeah, why not," he said. "Books, books are cheaper. Hey, maybe I should get a library card, huh?"

"Eh, that sounds like a hassle," he sighed, shaking his head. Besides, when would he watch cable? It'd be work, home for bed, and repeat. There wouldn't be much down time, would there?

Bell glanced up at the chosen restaurant. A chain burrito place, the kind of place with a queue for ordering and a glass dividing wall between the orderers and the cooks, so they could watch while the cooks made their food. The college kid behind the wall gave him a tired look; Bell grinned back. Not a goat, that was a good sign.

"I want a beef burrito," he decided. "And a little bit of everything on top. Extra jalapenos."

The college kid gave a heavy sigh and got to work. At the end of the line, a pile of chips materialized in the little plastic baskets they served food in, and Bell waited for Daniel to catch up and pay before he moved on to find a seat. The restaurant was reasonably crowded, not overfull or empty, but with a good grouping of kids out for lunch.

"Wonder what I'll be building," he said idly, examining his overstuffed burrito to try and figure out the best way to eat it so it wouldn't explode over him. "A house, maybe? An apartment? Ooh, maybe some building at the university, that'd be kind of neat."

It didn't matter, not really. They just didn't have many topics to talk about that weren't bleak at this point. He finally managed to figure out an entry point to his burrito and took a big bite, watching the other kids in the store carefully in case anyone took notice of them. So far, nothing. No goats, no hunters, the same way it'd been so far in this town. It was almost boring.
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Daniel watched the blonde run off, fast and paranoid. He decided they’d chosen a good place to ‘accidentally’ meet up with her, because it was borderline personal, but public enough to be safe. Bell glanced at him and Daniel listened.
“She probably needs to think about whether or not her conviction and love for Alphie are strong enough,” he put out there, looking away from the fading figure. Lunch? Daniel folded the newspapers with a little more care and gathered their things.

“Sure, let’s go find some burritos,” Daniel agreed. They really didn’t have that much more to do in town, other than find a means to entertain themselves. Easy food. For an ‘easy’ day. Daniel stretched out and started their journey off of the campus.

Monday Bell-boy would start work. It felt weird, to be separated like that. Unsafe, for some reason. Bell would start working before he went into the tube and soon he’d be alone with Alphie and the blonde. Not that he’d be aware for most of it, he hoped. Daniel wandered the streets and stalled at a book-store.
“You want to get something to read or would you rather we get television or something?” he offered. Working all day was well and fine, but Daniel knew from experience that the night would the difficult part.

He stretched out and glanced at the store’s windows, but didn’t really feel enticed by any of the fiction they’d put on display. If he had a choice, Daniel would rather read a book about the latest theories and developments on global economics and envision his next big opportunity, not that they needed it.

“We could probably get cable in the house,” Daniel surmised. He pulled away from the store and moved on. Lunch first, they could browse for some entertainment afterwards. It didn’t take long for restaurants and the likes to crop up along the sides of the streets.
Soon enough there was a nice enough burrito place.

Daniel wondered whether the blonde would drive to their house. With them in town, it’d be an opportunity for her to meet up with Alphie -who apparently wasn’t answering her phone- without their interference.
It’d be a nice argument, that one. Shame they couldn’t hang around and see it.

“Let’s eat something here,” he offered.
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He watched Daniel interact with the woman, figuring that silence was the better part of valor right now. His people skills were nonexistent at best, after all, and she looked ready to bolt or fight, one of the two. Bolt, probably. Despite the hand in her purse, she felt more like a deer than a lion. If he jumped up and lunged at her, it'd be her first instinct to run, not shoot. Course, she'd probably jump back five feet, whip whatever it was out, then shoot him, so he didn't.

When Daniel stood, he stayed seated to prevent the woman from up and running. She took the slip of paper; Bell smirked to himself. Hopefully that wasn't the address of the potential workplace. Not that Daniel would get that mixed up.

Her eyes flicked to him at Daniel's statement that they knew more about the goats. Internally, Bell rolled his eyes. That conversation... help us-why-because we know more--didn't that feel like Daniel was telling her he didn't need her help? Whatever, though. She got the idea.

She slid the paper in her purse, then nodded curtly and hurried off, glancing over her shoulder a few times as she ran off. Bell glanced at Daniel. "Kinda dumb to run off when we gave her our address," he said jokingly.

Then he stood and nodded. "Wanna go grab lunch?" That was part of the plan, wasn't it? That and... something about groceries? Daniel probably remembered. He was better at this than Bell was.

Besides, around the university there'd be a lot of eateries and other places to cater to students; cheap, good food. "I'm feeling burritos," he put his vote out there. Lots of food, probably tortilla chips, and nice and easy to hold, no fuss, no muss. After the amount of effort that had gone into the day so far, he didn't want to put out any further effort. Food to relax was right up his alley.

And this was an effortful day, huh? He shook his head at himself. Yeah, that was going to change soon. Compared to construction work, this day was absolutely leisurely. He wasn't looking forward to it, and at the same time, he kind of was.
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She was clumsy in her approached, stunned, it seemed. Daniel folded away his newspaper and waited. Rather than smile to try and put her at ease, Daniel simply glanced at the hand dipping into her purse. A gun? Pepper-spray?
“Didn’t she tell you?” he asked in a neutral tone. For a second the blonde paused, perhaps because she’d expected the reply to be more snarky, or vicious. A curt shake of her head. Daniel could tell by the muscles in the woman’s arms going rigid that her hand curled around whatever she held inside the purse.

“Nothing,” Daniel offered.
“We asked her to do us a favour, in a field she left, but remains very interested in,” he answered her question. “Even though she hates our guts, she’s doing so of her own free will. Actually, it’s what we’re here to discuss.” He kept the topic vague on purpose. Alphie, sure. But the blonde was still part of the hunters’ pack. Even more so than Alphie, the blonde would have people watching her every move.

“I don’t believe you,” she spat.

Daniel breathed in and shrugged.
“I have a proposal for you,” he started.

“Whatever it is, I’m not interested,” Sarah spat. “Leave me and Alphie alone. Tell me where she is,” she hissed.

Daniel thought for a second and then looked at Bell. He looked down. There was no one else more suited for this than the blonde. Alphie would protect her research, if nothing else.

He wrote down the address on a scrap of newspaper.
“I’m dying. The goat inside me will kill me soon. It needs to come out and I need Alphie’s expertise… and yours.”

Daniel stood.

Sarah backed up. Her hand went rigid. Daniel’s eyes flicked at her wrist, but instead of stopping her desire to take whatever was in there out to defend herself, offered her the piece of paper. It took a few long seconds, but Sarah finally took the scrap.


“Because we know more about them than you do.”
And because she’d been interested from the start in who and what he was. It’d been common sense and peer pressure that'd made Sarah give up on researching the hybrid further. The perfect hybrid, who proved to be less than perfect.
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"Best to hit the ground running, and all that," Bell said with a shrug. Too long lounging in luxury and he'd get used to it. Better he got something to occupy him off the bat. Besides, Daniel might be in the tube by then, so... so it would be good to have something to occupy his time.

There was something weird about the way Daniel spoke about the two of them, like he was kind of insulted by something. Bell tried to puzzle it out, but couldn't in the end. Couldn't be that Daniel didn't like lesbians; they were gay, for one, and he'd been the first to suggest the two of them were together, so that'd be just weird. And of the two of them, Daniel tended to be more charitable to the girls in general. Had he said something bad about them? He considered, but couldn't figure it out. Fucking was nice, wasn't it? Or did Daniel not want to think about it?

It occupied his thoughts until they made it to campus. "We gonna steal their bench?" he asked. That sounded deliciously petty to him. He sat beside Daniel and grabbed another one of the newspapers, this time rifling through it for the comics section. The comics had really moved on without him; he didn't recognize most of them. And the ones he did recognize were reruns or "classic." He frowned. Was he really that old? He knew he was older than he looked and felt but damn, he didn't expect the comics to be completely different.

A slap to his arm. He looked up. There she was. She had her head down and didn't look to have spotted them yet, but she was quickly approaching. As he watched, she glanced up, caught sight of them, and stiffened, going completely still in the middle of the walkway. Someone almost ran into her, distracting her; she apologized, then glanced around and started towards the two of them. Bell folded up his paper and put it down, ready for whatever she was about to do.

She came close up to them, one hand dipped in her purse. "Where's Alphie?" she demanded, probably trying to sound tough; the high-pitched tone came out more worried and stressed, wavering on the edges. She was tense, almost shivering in place, utterly terrified of them. "What did you do to her?" .
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Bill? Bill Turner? Daniel winced. Why hadn’t Bell just give the lady the name on his fake passport? At least that way they could pay him above board. He shook his head and sighed out, but supplied Bell with a newspaper to write down the address on when the man reached for a pen. That was easy enough. Guess they’d trial run Bell-boy before deciding and making things official.

“Monday’s quick, isn’t it?” Daniel surmised. Whatever worked, he supposed. He’d have a laugh when Bell-boy got cold feet and decided that work wasn’t for him after all.

Daniel wasn’t sure how he felt about Bell-boy’s coarse dismissal of whatever sprouted between Alphie and the blonde. He didn’t like thinking of their own relationship in that light, so he didn’t favour looking at another’s that way.
“Let’s hope that’ll work in our favour,” he replied finally. Might as well use what they had in terms of tools. Daniel took a deep breath. He hoped the blonde felt apologetic and would visit the university more often in hopes of ‘casually’ walking into Alphie.

Hopefully, that meant the blonde would come and try to have lunch with the now absent Alphie.
Daniel shoved the newspapers under his arm, put his hands in his pockets and moved onto the campus grounds.
“They sat on that bench last time, didn’t they?” he piped up after a while. It was a nice spot. Part of the bench was in the shade, covered by the trees. A gentle breeze poured across the field. It was generally just nice.

“Let’s have a seat and just relax. I’m pretty sure the blonde will notice us, come at us or run,” Daniel chuckled. Either way she’d stand out from a crowd. He just hoped she’d relax well enough to approach.

He sat down with a sigh and unfurled the newspaper. It’d been ages ago since he last read a newspaper. The world was slowly and unknowingly changing around them. Actually, it was a miracle they hadn’t been arrested so far. He pushed the conspiracy theories down and glanced up. A blonde tuft of hair. A rigid, uncertain gait.
He slapped Bell’s upper arm, “that’s her.”
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He gave Daniel a hard look. Really? "I can use a phone, [i dad]," he sighed sarcastically. He wasn't a baby, he knew how to press the buttons on a phone, jeez. Honestly, what even was this?

He put in the numbers and hit the dial button. The phone rang, while nervousness bubbled up in his stomach. What if he wasn't supposed to just call? But they'd put the number in the paper. It should be fine, right?

"Yes, hello?" a woman grunted from the other end, gruff and tired like she'd spent the day chain-smoking and exhausted herself lifting the cigarette to her lips.

"Uh, I was looking for a job, and I saw the ad in the paper..." he tried.

There was a pause. "Name?" she asked.

Oh, shit. Bell grimaced. What should he do? Shit, what was on the passport again? He patted down his shirt, but he wasn't wearing his jacket, damn it. "Uh, Be--uh, Bill," he said, just as the pause stretched a little too long. "Bill, uh, Turner."

There was a pause. "Like the guy in that movie?" she asked skeptically.

"I get that a lot," Bell lied.

A grunt. "Any experience?"

"No." Cold sweat broke out on his back. Shit, he needed experience?

There was the sound of clicking, then typing, then more clicking. "We've got a site open you could do a trial run on. Monday at six, be at..." she read off an address. Bell glanced around, then snatched up the pen from the newspaper shop and scribbled it down.

"Ok, got it," he said. The newspaper man was glaring, so he handed the pen back.

The woman grunted one last time and hung up.

Bell stared at the phone. Was it really that easy? Wow. Okay.

"Yeah, they do," he said, passing the phone back to Daniel. "Starting Monday. Whatever day of the week it is."

The university. He nodded; he'd been thinking the same thing. It was high time they talked to the blondie about their plans, especially since she was a rather important part of them. "Maybe so. Especially if they're fuckin'," he declared. He wasn't sure on that account but if it was the case, then Alphie was definitely avoiding her.

Daniel sighed deeply. Bell cocked an eyebrow at him questioningly, then nodded towards the school. "C'mon, let's get moving," he said.
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Daniel shrugged. He was getting himself a coffee, even if Bell-boy wasn’t. Liquid was liquid, in his eyes. And coffee was the fuel of society. “Yeah, maybe,” he offered, paying for the newspapers and the coffee wordlessly. Apparently the man behind the stand didn’t feel much for conversation either. Bell-boy took a newspaper and started to leaf through.
Not such a bad suggestion then after all, was it?
Daniel nipped from the coffee and watched the other man search through the ads. It was a bit old-fashioned, but whatever worked. They couldn’t expect all construction workers to be that tech-savvy.

Phone? Oh.
Daniel rooted through his pockets and unearthed the device. “Here you go,” he offered. It was a cheap device, barely capable of internet and prepaid to boot. It’d be perfectly fine for a few phone calls however.
“Do you even know how it works?” he asked casually.

Daniel flipped through the other newspaper and read up on the international news. It’d been a while since he’d cared for what happened outside of their little bubble, other than news about their latest crimes.

Before he knew it, his coffee was all but gone.
He waited for Bell-boy to finish his call and folded the newspaper back up. Now wasn’t the time to waste on reading; Daniel wanted to save that for when they were bored back at the house.
“And? What did they say?” he offered. “They got work?”

“Let’s drop by the university, though with Alphie back at home, I doubt…hmm, actually. Think Alphie’s running from blondie to make sure no difficult conversations happen?” he surmised softly.
That might actually be the case.
He wouldn’t be surprised. Maybe they ought to hang around there then. Right, and the blonde was going to trust them with Alphie not following her usual schedule.

Daniel ran a hand down his face and sighed. People were the difficult and unpredictable part of this whole operation. He even trusted the goatling more than he did Alphie or the blonde. Did that make Bell a goat in that division? Daniel glanced at the man and decided it was fine.
Bell was simply Bell. Nothing more to it.
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"Well, but the only person I know is you," Bell grumbled. Guess that made Daniel the "wrong" person, then. How did he get to know the right people? Just go hang out on construction sites and look like he wanted to be given a job?

Oh yeah, newspapers. Good point. He'd totally forgotten about those. Thought of them earlier, but then immediately forgotten about them all over again. "Yeah, sure," he agreed.

The air that greeted them as they stepped out of the car was humid and dense, almost hard to breathe. Bell squinted and raised a hand against the sun. The city was bright and hot as always. Made him glad they were out in the backwoods, where everything was cooler.

Just walk around and look for a job? Bell shrugged. Sounded as good as anything else to him. The man at the newspaper stand yawned and watched them as Daniel collected the papers, no more than usually suspicious. He still couldn't quite get used to that, not being treated as dangerous all the time. "Nah, I'm good," he said to coffee. This much sunlight, he'd just get dehydrated if he drank something like that.

A flash of blonde hair caught his attention. Bell craned his neck, but it was a different woman, wearing a flirty dress and heels and far more attractive than their blondie. That was the last thing they didn't have, wasn't it? The nurse. And he couldn't see a way around the blonde. If it wasn't her, who could it be? No one else would understand about the goats. Hell, they probably wouldn't even understand how to balance the vat-mixture to keep Daniel alive. It had to be her.

"Should we drop by the college? See if blondie's there?" he asked, picking up one of the papers idly to leaf through it.News, news, news, boring shit, oh, classifieds. There were classifieds offering work, right? He peered through them. Yeah, there were a few, but nothing for construction work. Well, maybe the next paper.

He set the first one down and picked up the next, leafing through to the classified ads again. Oh, here was something for construction work. There was a phone number listed, too. "You bring the phone?" he asked.
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“You’re asking me?” Daniel chuckled. How would he know whether there were places that listed jobs? Construction work especially was far removed from the work he’d done. All he’d done was wiggle his way into the biggest company that was willing to take an intern and then worked his way into a network of people.
He imagined construction-work wasn’t that much different: meet the right people and get an ‘in’. For the farming job, he’d just asked the neighbours he’d been helping getting their house fixed up and here and there.

“It’s easy enough plenty when you know the right people,” Daniel eased Bell’s mind. He shrugged.
Seemed like even the act of marketing himself as an employee was a little too much for poor old little Bell-boy. Construction workers were tough people, not all of them as refined or socialised, so Daniel didn’t think they’d need an elaborate scheme. Either way it’d been Bellwether’s idea to get a job in the first place and finding one was simply part of the process.
He didn’t care to pitch in and help there.

“How about we pick up a newspaper and some books and you think about how to get a job,” Daniel pitched and drove their car down the main road of the city. People were out, getting their lunch and going about business. Unconsciously, Daniel kept an eye out for blondie, in the hopes of talking to the girl.
He didn’t kid himself; she’d be defensive, if nothing else. Even though it’d been Alphie they’d held captive for a short while, the blonde had been through the same drama Alphie had with their escape. Daniel wasn’t about to claim they were innocent either.

He found a nice place to park their car and shut off the engine.
“Let’s just walk around, I’m sure there’s job agencies that intermediate for construction-work, if it’s anything like back home,” Daniel offered up. It was nice out. A bit humid, almost bordering oppressive. Might be thunderstorms again later that week. He wondered whether he could simply hire a private nurse. Something discrete, someone they could trust to hold their tongue.
Daniel noticed a stand with magazines and newspapers and walked over. They sold coffee too -he felt tempted.
“Coffee?” Daniel offered. He pulled a couple of newspapers from the stand and stacked them. Might as well read up on the local and international news while he was at it.
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"She doesn't want our help," he sighed. Even if he'd wanted to help her, which he definitely didn't, anymore, she wouldn't want their help. She was too proud.

It was already pretty warm out today, though to be fair, they hadn't exactly gotten an early start. Somehow, though, he didn't feel particularly guilty about it. He smirked to himself, replaying the events of the morning in his head. Yeah, that hadn't been too bad at all. He followed Daniel and settled into the passenger's seat. Ah, now this was nice. He stretched out his legs and shifted a bit, getting nice and comfortable. Nothing like riding while someone else did all the work.

He rolled his eyes at Daniel's where-to, but then shrugged. He didn't know. Actually, come to think of it, he had said he was going to look stuff up, but then he hadn't. Whoops. "Uh, do they?" he asked. "I mean, I don't know. What do you think?" He was kind of new to this whole job thing. Daniel would know more about it than he did.

Sunshine poured down from on high, the sky bright, picturesque, small clouds floating in the upper atmosphere. If they all bonded together into one, they'd make a massive thundercloud, but for now, it looked to be far off. "Is there somewhere we can go that lists jobs, maybe?" Bell suggested tentatively, pulling his eyes away from the beautiful sky. He'd seen help wanted signs in windows before, but he kind of doubted that a construction crew would have anything like that. Maybe it was all online, and he'd have to piece things together from what he could get to on the internet.

"Argh, why isn't it easy to find a job?" he asked no one in particular. Everyone was working, so it'd always seemed to him like there must be some kind of centralized job place, but it didn't seem to actually be the case. It seemed wrong. Why should he, who was looking for a job, have to go to the effort, when the companies were the ones looking for labor? It seemed unreasonable and pointlessly annoying, not to mention just wrong-headed.
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Drive? Daniel gave Bell-boy a nod, rubbing some water from his hair. Just to make a statement, he went ahead and tried combing it too. Almost presentable. Not good enough for the office, with a five-o-clock shadow and long hair, but presentable plenty for going around town.
“I can drive,” he confirmed verbally and wrestled through the openings of a shirt. It felt really nice to have clean clothes on a regular basis again. They really ought to do a little more laundry, but all in all this was nice. Nice, peaceful and quiet.

Until a loud clunk interrupted all of that.
Daniel raised an eyebrow at the swearing. “Who knew she had access to such rich and colourful curses?” he joked and stomped into his boots. A quick lacing-up and he was ready. Daniel grabbed his wallet and the car-keys from Bell-boy’s old pants. All set.

“Probably…” he said with a short pause. “You sure she’ll be alright?” Worry flared up, but if Alphie had the energy to curse the way she did, then most likely the woman was just fine. She was like Bell-boy in a couple of different ways, so maybe Bell was right saying they ought to just leave her to it. Alphie hadn’t cared for their help before, so offering it now, while she was mad, would just be kicking the cradle.

Daniel crawled behind the driver’s seat and sighed out. Felt good to be back in the game.
“Where to, sir?” he teased Bell-boy about being the man’s designated driver for the day. Into town was a dead give away, so Daniel started the car and started in the city’s general direction. He wondered if the blonde would take her lunch outside. It was a nice enough day, but if she shared the same kind of dedication Alphie had for her work, she might not. And hanging around the hunter’s base after what they’d done wasn’t a good move.

Daniel lowered the window and enjoyed the breeze. “So where to first? They got places that intermediate vacancies?” he pitched. Or were they just going to take a tour and see if they could hit up the right people directly?
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 12d 13h 30m 7s

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