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'It is', and then Bell-boy was invading his personal space in a pleasurable way. Daniel's hands moved on their own, moving up Bell-boy's back, holding the man in place. He felt the sill digging into his ass, but failed to care. Daniel preferred to drown in Bell's kisses. Not once was he disturbed by the fact that they might have onlookers. The way the lights of the show were directed, they were mostly in the shadows anyway. A cool breeze at his back, the stuffiness and seductiveness of a promise at his front. Daniel decided he was in a good place.

One of his hands lost its fingers in Bell-boy's thick hair, face angled to get more out of the kiss. A hand was already underneath his shirt. And then Bell-boy pulled back, leaving him confused and wanting more.
Oh, a shower? Daniel slowly grinned. So Bell-boy wanted to take his time, huh? Daniel helped Bell-boy peel his shirt off, then tossed it in a corner. Bell's shirt was next. His heels were already working on slipping his boots off, though the laces were too tight to get them off easily this time.

"Yeah, let's shower," he agreed softly, nipping at Bell's ear and neck as he moved away. Daniel sat down on the bed to take off his shoes, but once they'd joined the growing pile in the corner, he was well on his way towards the shower. A nice, hot shower might be just the thing they needed to get this party well underway.
He tried the water and managed to get the shower to a reasonable temperature in just a few motions. For a moment he stood there, then was distracted by Bell's presence.

Daniel caught sight of Bell-boy and approached the man. Things couldn't go fast enough for him. It'd been a while and he was eager to experience just how good it felt to engage his boyfriend this way.

Fingers toyed with the button on Bell's pants once he was in close proximity, then pushed them down. Better, much better. "Want me to wash your back this time?" Daniel offered with a whisper. The noise from the shower and thundering drone of the music made it feel cozy inside the room almost. Aside from the light in the bathroom, they really didn't need anything more. The light from outside was plenty enough to see everything he wanted to see.
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The room was small and bare, but it had the things that counted; a shower, a bed, a tiny window. He followed Daniel's lead in dropping his coat on the bed, then went about exploring what little they had. There wasn't much to be found that wasn't obvious in the first glace; it was a cheap, minimalist hotel room.

The music spiked louder. Bell looked up to find Daniel opening the window to watch the crowd. The club's bass clashed with the beat of the live music, not that he--or anyone down there--cared. Somehow, the noise made him feel alive, the roar of the crowd, the shitty music, the thumping base; all of it said 'you are here, you are one of us.'

Except he wasn't. He wasn't one of them. Even Daniel barely qualified right now.

He moved closer, killing the distance between them to come up right behind Daniel. Just as he did, Daniel turned, and their eyes met. "It is," Bell agreed. Their stuffy little room was well-improved by the open window. The noisy music served as a sort of distraction, loud enough to make them temporarily forget their fears. Or at least, it worked for him.

Bell put his hands on Daniel's waist and moved in for a kiss, pushing the other man back against the sill as he did so. If anyone looked up, they might see; it sent a little shiver of excitement through him, even if all they were doing for now was kissing. He slid his hands up under Daniel's shirt. His muscles were hard, tough, his skin rugged. He felt real. Secure. Like no matter what happened, they'd pull through somehow.

He parted for air and looked at Daniel, watching his eyes, his face, his everything. As though drawn by an inescapable force, he moved back in, tilting his face up for another kiss. They wouldn't be able to do this, soon. Soon they'd be on the run, fighting goats and hunters, kicking the hornet's nest that was the hunter's base and stirring up more trouble than they could likely handle. But for tonight...

"Shower?" Bell suggested breathlessly the next time they managed to part, hands halfway-up Daniel's chest mid-peeling his shirt off. Might as well do it proper now that they had a room, right?
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Sure, if he insisted. Daniel snorted. Bell-boy was the one extending the invitation, he was just the one to make it happen. It was crowded, in a way where it was easy to get lost in the crowd. Drunk people slurred cheers at the musicians, too far gone to realize the music was pretty bad and just really loud. Food vendors sold their wares at ridiculous prices and Daniel could see people wander off on their own to either puke up what they'd consumed or get intimate with a new-found easy prey.
Daniel followed Bell-boy into the entrance of the nearest hotel and stepped over the stretched out legs of a particularly drunk man to get inside. Once in, an overly enthusiastic employee helped Bell-boy get them a room. Daniel snorted at the role-reversal. Usually he was the one who took care of the organizing, so it was a refreshing change.

Bell turned around with a grin and Daniel simply gave the man a nod and then took his place to make sure the payment was arranged up-front. They might just want to leave early, considering they'd already slept most of the day away. Although it'd be nice to just take his time.
Once the keys were handed to him, Daniel made his way up the stairs -away from the chatter, but never quite far enough away from the noise.

Their room wasn't hard to find. Wedged between the stairs and a bigger room, was a small one-bed room. It had a bed, just as promised, a shower-stall and a window looking out on the street. Other than that, it was practically empty. Not that they cared. Daniel shed a layer of fabric just to counter the stifling heat that lingered in the room and then moved to pop the window. After a few nudged and pushes, the window yielded.
It was noisier still now, but Daniel didn't care. They had a private moment without necessarily being private. It felt nice.

He leaned on the sill and watched out over the street. From here, the park and the bands couldn't really be seen, but the dull drone of the clubs' bass could be felt droning through. "It's nice out," Daniel commented, then turned and watched Bell. Despite their misgivings about finding everything they needed to help the goatling on its way out, Daniel didn't feel the pressure of his pending doom weigh as heavily.
If it couldn't wait one night, it'd have been doomed from the start anyway.
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He grinned at Daniel. "How could I?" he replied, equally quietly. There was plenty to love about Daniel. His looks, his hair... his everything, really. Even if he could be a bit of an ass sometimes. "I mean, that woman might be trash, but she's got taste."

Daniel nodded towards the exit. Bell followed him outside, using the convenient path Daniel carved through the surrounding people to stick close to the man. From the hot, sweaty club back out into the night air. Bell sighed a deep breath, raising his arms to air out his coat. Bad music grated on his ears, but it wasn't so bad as to force him to immediately flee the area.

He spun around slowly, taking in the sights. A few food vendors were hocking overpriced street food, soda, and alcohol, and one or two of the vans even had a bit of a line, if the most of the attention was square on the band. There was some slurred cheering going on, and a smattering of applause when the band finished a song. Bell bobbed along a bit, enjoying the cool night air. This wasn't so bad. Well, the music was. But just chilling, relaxing, that part wasn't so bad. Just being around people and hanging out around others. They got to do it so rarely.

He followed Daniel's gaze up above the festival, where cheap hotels hawked their wares in neon lights. "Well, if you insist," he agreed easily. "Can always listen to the music from up there."

Bell led the way around the corner and towards the front entrance of the nearest hotel. A few passed-out or mildly drunk patrons were slumped around the hotel or standing in gaggles, talking too loudly. Behind the counter, the receptionist gave them a surprisingly-energetic grin. "Sorry, we're all out of two-bed rooms," she said.

"What about one-bed?" Bell asked.

The receptionist raised her eyebrows and pursed her lips as though she was about to say something, then swallowed it and turned back to her records. "Uhm... yes, we've got one of those!" she said. To her credit, her demeanor was just as cheery as ever. Bell grinned at Daniel. Alright, so he was getting laid tonight after all!
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"It's come into contact with softer things," Daniel said with an eye-roll. Bell-boy knew exactly how his face was doing, the guy was staring at it. "Hey," he protested and pulled away from Bell's pokes. One hand reached up to grab Bell-boy's inquisitive finger and pushed the man's hand down.
"I'm with you, nothing doing," Daniel pointed out. Alcohol, maybe. But another woman or man to come in between them was unforgivable. He'd thought differently about that when Bell-boy was still hung up on just Lenny and hated his guts, but that was no longer the case. Hadn't been for a long while. He could do faithful.

Nothing so far huh? No surprise there.
"Let's go outside, it's stuffy," Daniel mentioned. They hadn't really taken the time to leave their coats behind, though the weather was nice enough he didn't need anything other than a sweater or hoodie. Still, that made it fairly warm inside the club.

Before they could go out though, Bell-boy suddenly got a whole lot closer to him. "Oh? Can't stay away from all this then, hmm?" he teased. With Bell-boy this close, he could safely whisper the words in his ear.
Oh? Wandering off somewhere quiet was now one of the options too? Either way it meant they needed to get out and get going. Daniel have a nod towards the exit and started to make room for Bell-boy to follow him through the throng of people.

Outside was cooler now. No less dark, but cooler. The music had improved, but only a little, though that didn't seem to stop the crowd of people from cheering on the band. Some of the drunker people were stood closely in front of the stage, all bubbled up in their own private little world.

It was quieter, despite of the music.
"" Daniel said, getting into the swing of things. Even if there hadn't been alcohol yet, there might still be and the caffeinated soda from before was definitely working to wake him up.
"Or...somewhere else? Could get a room nearby," he pointed out. There was cheap hotels above the clubs, conveniently placed for the drunker and less capable people. Maybe not the cleanest of places, but easy at least.
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It wasn't alcohol. He breathed a quiet sigh of relief at Daniel being strong enough to resist temptation, though he knew that if he hadn't been standing right next to the man, there probably would've been rum in that Coke--or something of its ilk. Oh well. At least Daniel was trying, right now. It was more than he'd expected, really.

He watched Daniel deal with the woman and raised his eyebrows in an approving smirk as she left, though gave Daniel's face a sympathetic look. That'd been a serious slap there. The hell had he said to her? Maybe he'd just said he was gay and she strongly disapproved. Secretly, Bell hoped it was something rude. Fuck that lady. She could go hit on someone else's boyfriend.

"Wet," he replied, as to how his water was. "How's your face?"

A nice red handprint was already forming, fingers and all. He shook his head mockingly and reached up to touch the mark, giving it an experimental poke. "Wish I had your way with women. You know just how to charm 'em," he joked.

He tossed back his water with gusto and gave Daniel a nod. "Wanna hit the dance floor again? Maybe give the music festival outside another try?" He shrugged and shook his head. "I haven't seen anything yet. No reactions at all. There might not be anything we're looking for here." No goats, no hunters. Sure, he was dancing, but it wasn't like he stopped looking for goats when he hit the dance floor. Fruitlessly, but he was doing his best.

A large party pushed by behind him, one of the men all but shoving him into Daniel. He flashed the guy an annoyed look and resisted the urge to deliver a sharp elbow blow, then turned back around and gave Daniel a grin. Being so close wasn't bad either. "Well? What do you want to do? Could just... wander off somewhere quiet," he offered suggestively. The club bathroom would probably be a little busy already but... there were other places. "Or hang out, I dunno." Honestly, the club wasn't really his scene when he wasn't drunk. He just... didn't know what to do. Everything felt awkward.
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Water? Hah! Daniel wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry at Bell-boy's reserved order. "Coke on the rocks -slice of lemon," he chased the bartender before he could get away too far. The guy would want to get paid for Bell-boy's order, unless the water here was complimentary, which he didn't assume it was. His order was met with no less surprised a look, but at least his had the suspicions of a driver or something.

Bell-boy's face as he drank the water was priceless however. Even more so when a drunk woman crashed into the bad besides Bell. Daniel turned to face the bar instead and steadily drank the refreshing soda. At least it had caffeine in it. He'd still been feeling somewhat tired after everything they'd been through, but didn't feel like wasting more time sleeping.

Daniel snorted in his glass as the lady scurried up close to Bell-boy and blinked her eyes at him for a drink. Easy target, huh? Sometimes he went for those -at least they made for interesting mornings- but most of the time Daniel preferred a challenge. This time however, he was with Bell-boy.

He shot a look at Bell when the woman wobbled over.
Daniel wiped the look from his face before the lady could notice and couldn't help but do the chivalrous thing of catching her before the woman met her untimely demise on a sticky club floor.
Annoying him was right.
Daniel looked down at the woman, then leaned down and whispered something in her ear. For a moment her gaze was empty, then anger flashed across her features. She pushed away and slapped him in the face before stalking back off. Daniel raised his eyebrows, shrugged and gave his cheek and experimental rub. Pretty good slapping-hand, he'd give her that.

He finished his drink and stepped a big closer to Bell.
"How's your water?" Daniel teased with a laugh. The only thing that was keeping them from enjoying themselves to the fullest was stubborn pride. Daniel felt the need to prove to Bell-boy that he could, but honestly? If he got offered a drink, Daniel wasn't sure he'd be able to say no.
It was too tempting, too habitual.
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After a while, he got used to it, to the idea that no one cared if he looked dumb. The music was great, the mood was right, and he found himself starting to let go a little. They didn't have to hunt goats all the time, every day. Even with Daniel and the goatling coming up on a huge issue, they could still unwind every now and again. Just one night wouldn't kill him. It'd be fine. Daniel moved a little closer to him, and Bell shifted in as well, letting the crowd push him closer. Here on the dance floor, no one cared if two men were dancing on each other. It was just happenstance.

Huh? Oh, thirsty? Bell nodded and pulled away towards the bar. "Water, please,” he ordered for himself. The bartender gave him a look, but poured out some water for him. He accepted the glass with some regret, staring at the clear liquid, but if he was going to keep Daniel from drinking, then he had to stay sober, too. But hell, he was thirsty, and nothing was going to sate that like a nice glass of cool water, right?

Right. It didn't quite hit the spot the way a nice cool beer would've. He took another sip and let out a quiet sigh of disappointment. He had to stay sober, too. Had to keep his eyes out for a goat.

The bar was just far enough from the dance floor that he could hear himself think again, the music not so extremely loud that it blew all other thoughts out of his head. He could hear the festival going on outside, too, music muffled through the walls, peaking occasionally as someone came in and opened the doors. It sounded like it'd improved a little, but then, it'd be hard not to.

A drunk woman crashed into the bar beside him, her makeup slightly smeared, hair going wild. She giggled and leaned against the bar, somewhat out of breath. Bleary eyes settled on Bell, and she giggled again. "Hey," she breathed. "Great club, huh?"

Bell nodded stiffly and turned away. "I'm having the time of my life!" the woman slurred enthusiastically. She sagged forward a little, then caught herself on Bell and leaned against him, giving him a doe eyed look. "Wanna get me a drink, cutie?" she asked, rubbing up against him.

"Um... no," Bell said stiffly, trying to peel her off. She resisted, holding on harder to his arm, then spotted Daniel. He could see the very moment she realized Daniel was in the room dawn across her face, this look of awe and lust, and she immediately abandoned Bell to go wobble over to him instead. Somehow, Bell felt mildly insulted to be abandoned like a sack of garbage. He wasn't [i that] ugly, jeez.

"Damn," she said, trying and failing to look sultry as she gave Daniel a once over. "Shit, you here all alone?" She tutted and shook her head, then stumbled and fell into him. "Oh, sorry," she mumbled, not at all sorry.

Bell glared at her from behind, but didn't dare make a move. Couldn't just up and claim Daniel in the middle of a crowded club. That'd end poorly for sure. "You're annoying him," he complained, not that she paid him any attention.
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When Bell-boy turned, there was a grin slathered across the man's face. He rolled his eyes. Sure, he'd come here to dance with some girl he didn't know.
"I'm pretty sure I came here with you," Daniel emphasised. Stroking Bell-boy's ego could bring different repercussions, but that was fine for now. No drinking, huh? Daniel gave Bell a level look.
"Don't keep reminding me," he said, like a child replying his overly concerned mother. Bell-boy was a little awkward without alcohol in him, but Daniel really didn't care. Neither did any of the people dancing around them, because unlike them, they were drunk. It was tempting, he wouldn't lie.

Daniel danced a little closer to Bell-boy. They hadn't done anything for a while, between Bell-boy's damaged lungs and everything that'd happened. Seemed to be a thing lately. At least like this, no one cared whether or not they were intimate and touched. It might be the last time he could actually do this. Death or his schizophrenic self couldn't handle a party so lively. If it weren't for the goatling, he'd definitely be prone to lose some marbles along the way. Usually that was just fine, because his drunk self was cheery enough not to care.
Sober however...
Daniel didn't like it one bit. Made the skin at the back of his neck crawl.

He was pretty sure that if he suggested 'just one drink' to Bell-boy, the man would cave. With a bit of alcohol, Bell-boy tended to be more and more easily convinced to making the mistake of having another.
Daniel snorted, then shook his head. It wasn't Bell-boy's fault. It was his.
He shouldn't be suggesting it or walking off to just go get wasted in the first place. How hard could it be? Just one night of sobriety.

Pretty damned hard, turned out. He was thirsty after a while.
Maybe a coke then?
"Hey, I'm thirsty," Daniel said, leaning close to get the message across. He took specific care not to mention getting 'a drink', because that was a trigger for Bell-boy to refute any of his desires. Even water would be pretty good right now, if it was cold and rich with ice-cubes.
"Let's take a break?" he offered, nodding at the bar.
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Bell wandered through the press of bodies, women and men jostling into him as he walked. No one gave him a second look, not even at the sound of his bell; typical. Just wasn't that attractive, huh? Though it also meant no one was a goat, so that was good.

Daniel got accosted by some random woman on his way back, earning a jealous scowl from Bell as he kept moving. Daniel was popular, huh? But not him. Oh well, he'd known that from the start. He thought Daniel was way hotter than him, too. He'd let Daniel handle the woman while he kept pressing on ahead. He'd see every face in this club if he had to, just to thoroughly check if there were any goats here.

A presence at his back. Before he could turn, a familiar voice was breathing in his ear, a hand reaching around to damp the bell. Just dance? They had to work hard! They had to save Daniel! What of this wasn't Daniel getting?

But at the same time, it'd been so long since they'd just gone out and had fun. Why not? It was just one night. And how many hunters were really going to be out at this time? Besides, they could still find goats while they were dancing, and it didn't hurt them at all. Dancing and getting drunk were totally different.

He turned to look at Daniel and grinned, mind made up. "Sure you don't wanna go dance with her?" he teased. Hot lady who'd bumped into Daniel wasn't preferable to him? But it was kind of nice. With so many people around, they could even dance together without anyone making too much of a fuss. They'd just think he and Daniel got forced together in the press.

"We can dance. But no drinking," he said sternly. He let Daniel lead the way onto the dance floor, then stood close and bumped along to the beat. It was a little awkward to dance sober, but they couldn't get drunk now. He'd just have to put up with it.

No one else seemed to care, anyways. [i They] were all drunk, if he and Daniel weren't. No matter how dumb or awkward they looked, no one was going to make a fuss about it, since they wouldn't be able to remember this tomorrow, anyways. Bell surveyed the crowd, taking in the sweaty faces. Still no recognition. Maybe this was a dead end for goats.
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Actually, Bell-boy talking to the bouncer was only going to get them a one-way ticket towards the exit, to never enter again. Daniel decided conversation wasn't really viable with the bad music droning back in the park and made his way over the club's entrance. They were already getting some looks. In the twilight of the street-lights the smaller details, such as the poor state of their attire, was obscured a fair amount. Daniel stepped up first, so that Bell-boy wouldn't have to step in too close.
Just like any club, there was a way in for the elite: money talked, apparently. The bouncer only needed one glance at this golden ticket to decide he could go in. Whatever resistance came after was just for show, so the queue wouldn't get too riled up.

The music inside wasn't that much softer, but at least it came from an ordinary mixer, didn't try to do death-shouts and was fairly in tune. If a beat could be called that.
Alert, not drunk. Daniel looked over at the dancing people, feasting his eyes on all that was unholy and desirable. There was no place to hide in the club and yet, they were all hidden. Talking wasn't a thing that happened much; people danced, some laughed. Back in the darkness there were some tables for larger parties and Daniel spotted a second-floor he could probably get access to, but didn't feel like.

It'd be better to just be among people for now.
And not at the bar.
He was a little older than some of the people dancing on the floor, but apparently that didn't stop people from taking interest. If anything, the low-light setting and lack of sobriety made people forget all about that. One girl bumped into him, completely by accident of course, and Daniel found himself catching her by the arm to prevent her from falling down. She looked up, then smiled.
'Sorry', she mouthed. Another friend was stood a ways back, but she was already being pulled into the dancing throng of people. The girl sighed out. Daniel noticed she'd been carrying two drinks.

"She always does that, hey, do you want to dance?" the girl started. Daniel hesitated, then closed his eyes for a second. No. He couldn't. But he wanted to.
"Sorry, babe, rain-check?" he excused himself with a wink. Daniel sought out Bell instead and caught up to the man. "Find anything?" he breathed in the man's ear. His hand caught the bell and dampened it. "How about we just dance?"
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Plenty of people. Young folks, old folks, parents with their kids, lovey-dovey couples and fierce singles blowing past. As of yet, no reactions. All just human, out and enjoying the night. It was a good thing, but he would've loved to have a goat's head to bash in. Be easier to deal with than worrying constantly about Daniel wandering off and getting drunk.

"Well, where else do we go?" he said. It wasn't a good idea, but they didn't have many options now, did they?

At least the aforementioned man was sticking close to him for now.

"I don't think we get a choice," he joked back, as the first band climbed into stage and gave their instruments a strum or two before breaking into their speil, all of it projected a thousand times too loudly through amps that had seen better days. Music started, if you could really call it music; Bell almost recognized the song through the horrible sounds the band was producing. It was a truly terrible cover of something much, much better... or maybe an original song that happened to sound very similar? He couldn't understand the singer well enough to figure it out.

Daniel pointed out a large club, then backtracked. Bell looked at him and rolled his eyes, then gestured for him to lead the way; Daniel was much better at sweet-talking his way into places. "Anywhere to get out of this din," he half-shouted in return, struggling to be heard over the cacophony.

The bouncers eyed him up a little harder than they looked at Daniel, but by the time Daniel was done schmoozing his way inside, they didn't give either of them a second look. It was no quieter inside than out, but at least the music in here didn't grate on his ears. A few people shot looks his way at the sound of the bell, but no one did the usual second-take; no goats yet. Ah well, the night was still young.

"Alright, stay alert and don't get drunk," Bell muttered to Daniel, eyes roving the room. This place was jam-packed with the young and the sexy, some standing around while others danced a little too close to one another on the dance floor. There was a live DJ manning the music, and more than enough alcohol flowing.
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Nothing too wild, huh? After the first few 'non-wild' drinks, Bell-boy would be easily swayed. Daniel knew it was as much of a caveat to Bell-boy as alcohol was to him.
"Sure, nothing too wild," he chuckled. Not as if he ever forced Bell-boy to keep up with him or anything, though last time he'd suffered for drinking. That- that was different though. Just look around then.
Clubs? Daniel raised an eyebrow at Bell.
"You're...honestly suggesting that?" he pitched. After all the arguments they'd had about his drinking, Bell-boy was suggesting a club after all? More people though. "Nah, I was just thinking we'd roam a bit. People in clubs tend to come out at some point," he shrugged. That, and they wouldn't have to visit every single one and get tempted to splurge in narcotics.

Bell-boy's bell tolled, but he didn't see any weird reaction to the sound, other than a surprised or confused look. No recognition, no familiarity or concern in any way. A park was centre stage for some open-air concert and Daniel figured they might as well just mingle. Bell-boy stood out more than he did, but with this many people, it didn't really matter much. There were all sorts about tending the activities. Was it weekend?

Daniel had to admit he'd lost track of time somewhere along the line. Time, dates and days didn't really matter when there was nowhere to be.
"How about some music?" Daniel offered.
The buzz of expectation for the music to start and the night to get underway was pretty effective at taking his mind off of things, but he did realize the only things they were going to find here would be goats. Bell-goat didn't necessarily have to aid them in finding everything they needed, did it? In fact, it'd be against them more than anything, or at the very least ambivalent. The goatling's survival was its only concern, if it even worried about that.

"How about there?" Daniel pointed out a large club. People were dawdling about, lightly challenging the bouncers that kept the worst of the crowd from getting inside. Daniel was pretty sure he could sweet-talk his way in, even if they didn't entirely look the part.
"Actually...why don't you take point on this?" he sighed. "That way you won't get roped into any drinking involuntarily, hmm?" Daniel teased.
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The sweet coffee-mocha mix was perfect; enough coffee to cut the sweet of the mocha without quite getting bitter. Before he knew it, the cup came empty. He stared into the depths regretfully, then sighed. Oh well. He could always get another.

Out of the car and into the night. He followed Daniel's lead in tossing his cup into the trash, then set out onto the streets. Surprisingly, it was cleaner in the city than it'd been in the suburbs. Must be the nice part of the city or something, and the shitty suburbs, he thought to himself, looking around. He'd expect it to be the opposite way--but then again, plenty of shitty suburbs out there.

"Maybe not... [I too] wild," Bell suggested, remembering a hungover and useless Daniel. Now was not the time to drink. They needed to find solid clues on how to save Daniel yesterday, or the worst-case scenario of the goatling taking him over would become the only scenario.

Daniel took off, and there was nothing to do but follow. Oddly enough, the man looked comfortable, as though he was in his element--and he was, wasn't he? The big city was home to Daniel, the high powered businessmen, crazy nightlife, and all. Bell lurked a little behind him, not wanting to look like he was with Daniel right now. Daniel blended in. He didn't.

"Huh? No, just... you know, look around," he said, gesturing vaguely. "Look for goats or hunters or whatever."can Afterat, he realized he hadn't unhooked the bell yet, and quickly undamped it, giving it a kick to make sure it still rang. The loud toll pealed out, and he nodded to himself. Good, still in working order.

"I mean, I guess we should head towards the clubs," he suggested reluctantly. "More people, and all." As little as he wanted to tempt Daniel, they'd never find goats if they hung around where nobody was. If they were hunting in the night, then they had to go to the nightclubs, bars, wherever people usually chilled late at night. Towards the city center, anyways, for sure. "You have any thoughts?"

Scaffolding was set up around a temporary stage in a park by the edge of the city center, advertisement for an open-air concert series featuring a variety of shitty no name bands strung up here and there. Bell thought he recognized the name of the headliner, maybe, but he'd never been huge in the music scene, anyways. All around them, bars and nightclubs spilled light into the streets between quieter restaurants and a few closed, upscale shops. Bell turned, taking it all in so he'd be about to lead them back from here later.
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Coffee in hand, Daniel sank back behind the wheel, taking a few refreshing swallows before starting their car back up. He drove with one hand, traffic be damned. Dying of a car-accident wasn't going to happen, even if he tried. Several failed attempts at it before told him that much. Bell-boy had perked up with the coffee, or whatever sick concoction the man had chosen to make, because it wasn't long before he pointed out a bombed out old mall for them to park at.

"Sure thing," he agreed. The town's liveliness was stirring up a desire to join and mingle in his gut. It was just convincing Bell-boy into coming along for the ride, wasn't it? Daniel conjured up the sight of Bell coughing up a respectable amount of blood from his lungs and sighed. Okay. Maybe not getting drunk. But just a few drinks? That wouldn't hurt anyone?
Daniel shook his head. When had it ever just been 'a few'?

He parked the car in a remote corner of the lot and stepped out into the cool night air. The heavy scent of car-exhaust, concrete and some stale grass greeted him upon exiting. He crumpled up his cup and tossed it in a nearby bin.
"All ready to venture into the wild night-life of the big city?" Daniel grinned at Bell. Even if he didn't drink, he could still get Bell-boy riled up, couldn't he? As if Bell was such a saint about drinking. Hah!
The man could barely even hold his alcohol; light-weight.

He set out towards the heart of town, keen to see how people in this city got on at night. It was a world of difference from the backwards suburbs they'd been at just yesterday. Rather than seedy, the city seemed more open and better regulated. Guess they had a reputation to maintain.
More business-men and people of his ilk were out and about. More women too, women that weren't selling body and soul to the highest bidder. Daniel just casually walked down the street, none too concerned about where they'd be going or where they'd end up at. He trusted Bell-boy to find his way back. The man had an uncanny knack for navigating streets that he didn't.

"Anywhere in particular you want to go, Bell-boy?" Daniel posed. Could go and visit a bar, or a club. Get some drinks in them and see what kind of crowd they were dealing with.
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