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"Don't you laugh, you've not even managed to come anywhere near the target," Daniel chided Bell light-heartedly, clicking the pellet into place. It was Cat who had the last laugh however; her shot hot -sheer luck or skill, Daniel couldn't quite tell. He gave her an exasperated look, "spoil-sport," Daniel muttered before lining up his next shot.

Beginner's luck his ass.
The rifle in his hands bucked and another shot went into the back-board. Bell-boy wasn't have any more luck and Daniel watched the man take a few shots. Close enough.
"You almost had it though," Daniel encouraged Bell.

"It'd be nice to win that pot," he muttered to himself, lining up another shot.
They could heat up some tin cans in that when they fired up the grill again. Nice and warm sausages wouldn't be so bad, even if they were from a can.
Daniel pulled the trigger, but no dice.

He took a long drag from the beer-can and swallowed the tingling substance, where the alcohol warmed up his stomach, despite the liquid itself being cold.
The sound from the fair drowned out when he lined up his next shot, eyes focussed on the target, faith in his ability to correct the awkwardly misshapen barrel of the weapon. It pinged against the edge again -no dice.

Daniel sighed out.
"Honestly, this game," he mumbled, frustrated. He could hit a thousand and one hunters in the ass, between the eyes and every other body-part available, but he couldn't hit a dumb stationary target.
Just a few more shots left.
Daniel didn't even bother trying no more -it was senseless. The gun's pellet flew into a new direction every single time.

"I give up," Daniel sighed, taking another swig from his beer.
He watched Spot chase the dog-toy Cat threw across the empty lot. "If I didn't know any better, it'd almost pass for normal," he said with a worn smile. His foot was bothering him a little, still not used to being walked on for such an extended period, even with the brace. It'd probably feel better if he'd be able to prop it up.
Nothing beer wouldn't fix though.

"Do you want to try some slot-machines?" Daniel ventured. Could always try and extract some more cash from those, if they were dexterous enough with the meek little mechanical grapplers.
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Oh, sure it'd never been the problem. Sure. Bell just rolled his eyes at Daniel's back rather than fight that one. Someone was fast to forget, but his babysitter sure hadn't. This had better not be the start of heading back down that road.

Daniel rejoined them at the shooting range soon enough. Bell cracked open the beer he was offered and took a sip; he needed something to distract him from his growing frustration with this stupid game. He wasn't that great of a shot, and now the guns were actively fighting against them! It was stupid.

At least Daniel's shots went wide, too. He smirked at that and downed another gulp of beer. At least the beer hit the spot. It was surprisingly cold, for beer at a festival, but hell--he wasn't complaining. It felt nice as it slid down his throat.

"Yeah!" Cat cheered, jumping into the air. Bell turned to look; she'd hit one of the targets. The man behind the counter nodded, checked her prize, then handed her out a dog toy.

Bell scowled. "Beginner's luck," he muttered to himself.

"Oh, you're just jealous," she said, grinning. The boys sure could talk a big game, but guess who could actually follow through! She pushed her remaining pellets towards him and Daniel, then took the dog toy. "I'm gonna go play with Spot. You boys try your best."

Flashing a grin, Cat walked off a few steps to a nearby empty lot, shaking the toy at Spot. Spot followed her quizzically for a few steps, then caught on and started to bark and jump at her. She laughed and threw the toy, and he chased after it.

Bell turned back to the game, lining up his shot again. If Cat could do it, so could he! His first shot drifted to the right, so he lined up to the left of the target...only for his second shot to drift left. Another shot chipped the very edge of a target, but didn't make it go down, and his scowl deepened. "Daniel, you try," he grumbled, pushing his shots towards Daniel. He'd had enough of this stupid kid's game. It was rigged anyways. Cat had just gotten really lucky.
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The prospect of shooting things worked as he hoped to distract Bell-boy and mitigate the man's violent tendencies towards anything innocent and weaker than him. Maybe that was it; maybe Bell-boy regarded him as equal these days. Which was weird, but good, in a way.

At his mention of beer however, Bell-boy seemed to stiffen and grow wary. Daniel returned the man's hard look with a look that said 'honestly?', because he'd been sober since the goatling had changed the way his brain worked and what more could he do to prove drinking had never been the issue? The hallucinations had been.

"It's not something that needs to be controlled," he shrugged. "It's always been under control," Daniel said with an air of confidence. Okay, maybe when he'd stolen the bottle things had been slightly out of control, but his entire mental state back then had been out of control.
"Sure," Daniel promised to get Bell-boy beer too, happy the man gave in.

He split off from Bell-boy and Cat as they went and got a shot in at the range, finding a stand that sold beer. It came in icy cold cans, which was just what he'd hoped for. Daniel stuffed a couple spares into his pockets and returned to Bell-boy with two beers in hand.

"Hit anything?"
Not likely. The first few shots would be spent trying to see where the shot went down the wonky barrels of the crooked weapons.
Cat drew again, taking her time to line up the shot. Daniel opened his beer and set Bell-boy's down in front of him so he could watch in style. He tipped the can back and took a long sip. The bitter taste of beer made him sigh out. He licked his lips. That was definitely something he'd missed; the fresh taste of beer on a hot summer's day.

"Alright, let's give this a go," Daniel mumbled, forking over some cash to the man in order to get some pellets set out and a loaded gun. Of course the barrel wasn't straight, so aiming was really useless, but he had to find out where the pellet was going to go. It was just like shooting hunters, honestly.
Which was surprisingly easy.
The first shot went wide, as expected. Daniel committed the offset to memory and lined up a second shot. It pinged off the edge.
"Are you kidding me?" he muttered, reloading the gun.
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He snapped out of his reverie at Daniel's voice. What? Why not the petting zoo? Did Daniel hate animals? He liked animals. Especially the little ones. They were so soft and cuddly. So trusting. They'd just walk right up to you without any fear in their weak little bodies. No matter what. Even if you were holding a knife in the other hand.

But he was right. They couldn't take Spot in there. Bell sighed and ran his hair back. Shooting range? Fish? "Let's shoot things," he said, still excited. Fishing sounded boring. Also... where on earth were they going to find fish in this fair? Was there just a fishing pond around here? Oh--or maybe they had one of those cheezy plastic fish machines. Either way, he'd rather shoot. It sounded like fun.

And a beer? He glanced at Daniel, giving him a good hard look. Was this where he fell off the wagon? Was this where they started the uphill battle again? He didn't want to go through that again. But he didn't want to be cruel, either. And hell, he was no one's babysitter, and a grown man's least of all. Bell looked into Daniel's eyes. "Do you have it under control?" he asked, serious. "I trust you to know yourself."

It brought down the mood a little, having to be so damn serious about going to get a drink. He sighed, but then perked up. Oh well, guns were fun. He should have a good time, not be serious. "If you get one, get me one too," he added, as he headed over to the shooting range.

The stuff on the wall was actually pretty useful, to his surprise. There were dog toys, for one. And some camping gear. He gestured the man over and felt through his pockets, then found some spare money. He passed it over; it was enough to get him and Cat a shot, while they were waiting for Daniel to come over here. Bell raised his gun and fired, and it popped, a little pellet flying. The shot went wide, pinging off the backdrop, and he scowled. Dammit! He was no good at shooting. Daniel was the one with the crazy gun skills. Where was their gunman when they needed him?
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Apparently they were vetoing Cat's voice, because the roller-coaster just didn't look to be much fun; yeah, sure, fun in the sense that they'd be two grown men in a far too small cart. Something Cat could poke even more fun at.
"Not at the moment," Daniel supplied. He was still trying to get over the ride they'd just experienced, still processing the clearness and distance of the view high up and the rush of coming down. Today was just one of those days.
It felt good. Felt nice.

Bell-boy ran; actually ran on the pegs. Daniel raised his eyebrows, impressed by Bell-boy's tenacity and limberness on two wooden pegs. The brace, while nice, was impractical and chafing against his skin here and there. It still beat feeling bone grind against bone by miles though. Funny how he'd broken more bones since meeting Bell-boy than he had during his entire life.

Spot held pace at a petting zoo, barking like mad.
Bell-boy had a similar look in his eyes to Spot, which was to say Daniel wasn't sure whether Bell-boy felt like robbing the life of something innocent or cuddling the furry animals because they were cute.

Cat was definitely amongst the latter.
"Awe, they have little lambs," she said, taken by what little she could see from this angle.

Daniel rolled his eyes.
"We can't take Spot in there," he put down any enthusiasm that was there.
Might have goats in there though. Honest to god goats.
God how he'd hated those square eyes. How dominating Bell-goat could be. How powerful. Daniel's eyes fell on Bell and Spot. Their outward appearances betrayed nothing of the cruelty those creatures displayed. Nothing of the cruelty inside of him.

"How about the shooting-range?" Daniel offered instead. They had prizes you could win. Actually, they could do with a few things they had on display. It'd be a slightly expensive way to go about getting them, but that really didn't matter.

"Or would you rather go fish?"
They'd never really addressed the masochism in Bell-boy, had they? Lenny might have, at the very beginning, loathing being goaded into getting hurt or suffering at the hand of Bell. Somewhere, somehow, those emotions had gotten mixed into love. Was it wrong to think he might be exempt from that wrath?

"Could use a beer?" he tried. It was a fair. It was only natural to want to participate, right? He'd been good for so long already too.
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Daniel laughed, which made him laugh too, the world rushing back up at them as they free-fell. Closer and closer; he could pick out the nearby fair booths, then Cat and Spot, then the expression of the girl's face, and still they were falling. He tensed, bracing himself for impact, but at the very last second, the ropes snapped them back up into the air. Bell laughed louder than before, kicking his feet up. "It's awesome!" he shouted back. It felt like they were flying, soaring through the air. For a second, his body floated at the apex, and then it was back down again--with a little less force this time, all the weight coming back into him at once at the bottom before they were flung up, weight dragging at them until they became weightless, and the cycle repeated, until at last the bouncing stopped.

They were lowered to the ground slowly, the cables groaning as the ball settled down to the earth. About ten feet above ground, Bell released Daniel's hand, just in case any of the onlookers got the wrong idea. Right idea. Whatever.

The man running the ride stepped forward and unhooked them, and Bell jumped up and stretched. "What next?" he asked, looking around. A little signpost nearby gave a listing of available areas; it pointed out the popular rides and food stands, and a few other exhibits: a quilt competition, prize-animal showings, a pig race, a petting zoo. He glanced at Cat. She hadn't been able to do the last ride, so maybe they should let her take a choice. "Cat?" he asked.

"Roller coaster?" she suggested.

Bell looked at the pitiful coaster again, then shook his head. He'd rather not waste his time. "Let's just walk around, see what else is here," he said. "Unless there's another ride you want to do, Daniel?"

"What, but I'm not allowed to pick? What the hell," Cat protested.

He wandered a little around the area, just looking at what there was. There was a mirror maze, which sounded like fun. A blur of brown and white darted past him, and Bell jumped and ran after him before he even realized what he was doing. The dog came to a pen full of baby animals and barked; Bell grabbed his muzzle to shut him up. A sign over the pen read "Petting Zoo," and he paused, suddenly very tempted. The baby animals looked so soft...
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"No she can't," Daniel grinned wildly. "Every ride available. She's on it," he reminded Cat, who grew increasingly more scared at the promise of having to sit through every single ride.
"That's what you get for calling us names," he smirked.
To be honest, Cat really did look like she'd shit her pants if she went into the sling, her eyes wide and sporting an intimidated look.

Daniel shrugged, "suit yourself." Once in a life-time opportunity and the kid was still young enough to enjoy it. Cat dawdled for a second, undecided, but then left the queue in the end to stand at the side-lines, some distance away from the ride. Spot sat down next to her, head tilted as if questioning Bell-boy's and Daniel's sanity.

He could feel the nerves flutter about once they were strapped in, at the centre of a lot of people's attention. If anyone had wanted to do something, now wasn't the time. The suspense was the worst.
Any second now...

The attendant counted down and they were flung into the air, pushed into their chairs with the force of the launch. Wind whistled about his face, the world rushing down, before it all stopped for a precious second and then came the fall. All alarms went off in his head, and Daniel had to suppress the urge to flail and correct his fall; the ball's weight was unyielding and guided by rope anyway.

"Oh shit!" Daniel managed to call out and then they went down. Fast.
Bell-boy's hand grabbed his, but it was the only thing he could hold as they plummeted back to planet Earth, the floor rushing up to meet them. Before they could touch it however, the sling's ropes stretched to the maximum of their capacity and flung them back up again, slower than the first time.
The surge of adrenalin through his veins made him laugh.
This was brilliant. Life was brilliant.

What the fuck were they doing?
Fair-rides and games while they ought to be dealing with the goats.

"That was insane," Daniel shouted at Bell, trying to be louder than the rushing wind, shreds of music and the groaning of metal and rope.
He laughed. Bell-boy really need a haircut.
So did he, honestly.

What was it about Bell that made him forget about everything else?
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He nodded and watched Daniel run off to grab some cash, his heart still thundering away. Stupid haunted house. It was kind of fun, though.

Cat came out next, excited by the house as well. No one else was startled by the chainsaw? It was really just him? Bell sighed at that and shook his head. These people, honestly. Making him look bad.

"Yep," he replied. He considered the other rides around them while Daniel got cash. The fair actually had decent variety, all things considered. A little roller coaster,a teacups ride, a slingshot, a bungee jump station, a rock climbing wall...the fair had surprising variety. He didn't spot the whirligig ride he was looking for, but he figured that was just a matter of time. It'd turn up eventually. They always did, at cheap fairs like this.

Roller coaster or slingshot? He considered, stretching as he looked between them. The roller coaster was real tame;it looked like it'd been built for kids. The slingshot, on the other hand... now that was a thrill ride. "Gotta go with Daniel on this one," Bell said, grinning. "You can always sit out if it's too scary, Cat."

The line for this ride was longer. Looked like the slingshot was a little more popular than the haunted house. Slowly, they came to the head of the line. The men running the ride gestured them forward. Of the four seats, Bell grabbed one of the center two, to make sure he sat next to Daniel. Daniel was strapped in too, and then they waited, one, two seconds. Just waiting made his heart race, and be grinned at Daniel, grabbing ahold of his shoulder straps. Why weren't they going already?

"On three," said the attendant. "One. Two."

The pod was flung into the air. Wind blasted him in the face as he flew up, and he reached out and grabbed Daniel's hand instinctively. Bell laughed aloud, taking in everything from the highest point of the ride, eyes wide to try and see more of the world. Then the pod started to fall. His stomach flew into his throat, and they dropped straight down, hair streaming all around, his slapping him in his face. Bell spat some out and brushed it away with his good hand. He really needed a haircut, huh?
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Obviously he didn't have the same associations with chainsaws as Bell-boy did, the threat not registering until Bell grabbed him, hands tense.
More groping? Nice.
Daniel chuckled and followed Bell-boy, 'running away' from the chainsaw murderer. The next room was far more creepy. The mannequin obviously had something about it and Daniel half expected its eyes to follow him as they moved through the room. When nothing of the sorts happened and Daniel relaxed, they were instead faced with a mummy.
Daniel started and then reached out to Bell-boy's hands, trying to prevent the guy from beating the living shit out of the haunted house with his pipe.
"Easy there," Daniel chuckled, "don't kill any zombies," he teased.

Daylight greeted them at the exit and Daniel stretched out.
"I hate jump-scares," he sighed out, taking a deep breath to calm down his rapid heartbeat. Daniel reached for his card and nodded at the cash-machine, "let me get some cash and you can decide on the next ride."

Cat came out in a fit of giggles, "did you see that fake chainsaw? Too funny," she bubbled, holding a hand to her eyes to shield from the sudden light.
Perhaps those two were scarier than anything you'd find in a haunted house.
"Hey, where did Daniel go -oh, getting money? Sweet," she remarked. Maybe they could get some cotton candy or hot dogs later on. And it'd be easier to claw some money when there was actually anything other than coins in Daniel's wallet.

"Right, we got credit to enjoy a ride out there... how about the slingshot?" Daniel pointed out the tall contraption. People went in with the four of them, the massive elastic pulled taut over a metal ball that was then slung up high. Supposedly the view up above was pretty, not that there was much time to enjoy the sights before you'd fall back down.

Cat gulped.
She wasn't that good with heights.
"W-why not one of those?" she gestured at a miniature roller-coaster.

"That's for kids," Daniel cajoled her, "it'll be fine. I'm sure that thing's regulated better than the roller-coaster."

"Why don't we let Bell pick?" Cat tried in a last-ditched effort to evade Daniel's suggestion.
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He jumped when the skeleton reached out for them, but luckily Daniel did too, so he didn't have to be too embarrassed. Bell chuckled. And here they thought they were so tough, but they still got surprised by a jump scare, huh?

Daniel grabbed his hand, and Bell squeezed back. He grinned when Daniel kissed him and headed deeper on into the house. Two bright eyes shone from around the next corner as spiderwebs grabbed at his ankles. Something sticky pulled through his hair, and he reached up just as Daniel backed away. A fake spider, huh? He smirked. "That's some elementary-school shit," he said, amused.

The ceiling shook. Bell stared upwards and jumped. People were--no. Just masks. Ugh. He ran a hand over his face just in time to watch a woman jump out from a door, something gross in her hair. Daniel jumped, which made him jump as well out of sheer instinct. He laughed, then shook his head. "Damn," he muttered. This place really was getting to him.

They went on. Bell watched the door the hag had jumped out of as they passed, but nothing leaped out again. The hallway turned a sharp corner, and as they turned, a chainsaw revved from their blind side. He jumped and grabbed ahold of Daniel even as he whirled to face it, ready to push the man out of danger's way... but it was just a man in a freaky mask, shoving a chainsaw at them. He sighed out and hurried past, as the man chased after them. Dammit. This was making him look real bad.

The next room was mostly empty, except for a coffin and a mannequin sitting in the corner. He gave the mannequin a hard look, but it was definitely fake. Just as he turned to look at the coffin, the door thumped open and a mummy leaped out; he startled back, reaching for his pipe, and almost ran into the mannequin as it jumped at him as well, fingers reaching out for him. His hand clenched around cold metal--and he forced himself to stop. No. It was just a haunted house. Deep breath. He let go of the pipe and snorted at himself. Getting all worked up over this? He wasn't tough at all.

At least it didn't go much longer. Around the next turn were some chains that jolted suddenly when they drew close, and then they were at the exit. He pushed open the door and sighed deeply, glad to be out. Daylight had never felt so nice.

"That was actually kind of spooky," he told Daniel, mildly surprised.
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Good thing the haunted house wasn't overly expensive. He could take out some cash after their little tour of the hideous and frightening without trouble.

Cat shrugged, "got to start somewhere," she figured and went along for the ride.

It was different. They were different. Nothing about them screamed that they were a couple, or even normal individuals, even though they'd had a shower recently. Daniel couldn't care less. Memories were more important to make, weren't they?
Before everything went to shit again?

Bell-boy's hands found him in the darkness.
"Hey, where're you touching?" Daniel teased with a chuckle. Creepy music played, chains in the distance, screams and then laughter.
"Are you sure- ?"
Too late.
A light sprang on when they were detected in the area, illuminating in full some skeleton dressed up in rags. The skeleton fell forward, arms stretched out, until some mechanism held the skinny zombie upright.
Daniel started, then let the air go he'd held and sighed out. Shit, startled by a skeleton in a haunted house.

"This thing is going to give me a heart-attack," Daniel mumbled, reaching for Bell-boy's hand. No one around to catch them.
He stole a chaste kiss before venturing further into the haunted house. In the darkness it was hard to tell, but it felt like spider-rags dragged across his skin and a thick mist curled around his ankles. The sound of ominous laughing resounded from a corner somewhere and two eyes lit up in the darkest corner.

Daniel ran into a fake spider and raised an eyebrow.
Okay, that was really too cheesy. Who'd fall for that? Some screaming in the distance alerted him to who exactly would. A creaky stair-case led to the second floor where the whistling sound of wind blowing through nooks and crannies echoed through the askew hall.
The floor suddenly shook from side to side, dust and bits falling from the ceiling. When he looked up, Daniel noticed there were ghoulish masks pinned to the ceiling.

How did they even-?

The door opened, a hag with slimy hair cackling before the door shut again.
"Fuck me, these jump-scares are the worst," he huffed.
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Bell snorted. Yeah, he didn't like her chances. "I'm not putting any money against it," he said, shaking his head. There was nothing quite like riding to many shitty carnival rides to wreck your stomach. But even so, he still wanted to go on at least a few rides. Maybe they had one of those centrifuge anti gravity ones, he loved those.

It was just a joyful place. People were eating funnel cakes, kids were running around and screaming about the next big ride, lights were flashing. Everything was so busy, but in a good way. He couldn't help but smile as he looked around.

Money? Bell glanced around him. "There's an ATM over there," he said, pointing towards a small building on the corner, one of the few permanent buildings around.

Wait, a haunted house? Where? "You're on. Let's go," he said, heading for the haunted house. It looked cheesy as hell, but whatever. Could be fun. Though he wasn't great with jump scares. Tended to punch them in the face, after so long of fighting goats. He headed for the haunted house, dragging Daniel along with him. "Here, Cat, you coming with?" Maybe she wasn't up for it. She seemed the type to be easily spooked, though she'd handled hunters and goats well so far.

There wasn't a long line for the haunted house. Mostly couples, standing close enough to touch and giggling. Bell scratched his good leg with the peg, feeling slightly out of place. Sure, he was here with his boyfriend, but...well, it was different. Whatever. He glanced at Daniel. Was that why he'd suggested the haunted house? Surely not.

The couple ahead of them vanished into the house, and then he and Daniel were up. It was relatively cheap to get in, for the fair, three bucks a head. He ducked inside and found himself in darkness, everything shut out to pitch black. He reached out and found Daniel, then stepped blindly forward. Creepy music played, and a fan blew his hair back. Chains jangled in the next room. Bell heard someone scream, then laugh. He looked a at where Daniel would be and grinned. "Let's go," he said, stepping forward into the next room.
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Seemed like Bell-boy's makeshift peg-leg wasn't doing a very good job out here, though the broomstick would've suffered the same issue, honestly. Daniel climbed out slowly, testing the brace. It'd get dirty on this mud, but overall, he was sort of impressed with how much his pain was reduced just by preventing the foot from rolling off too much.

"Limpy and gimpy," Cat laughed out loud at watching them exit the truck and darted back, creating a little distance.

"Oh, you're going in every ride possible, young lady," Daniel threatened.

"How's that a threat? Bring it on!" she called out.

"Place your bets now -will she toss her cookies or not?" Daniel pitched to Bell-boy when Cat was out of earshot. It was a good thing they'd just eaten, because there was a ridiculous amount of food-stands to choose from that'd bankrupt him in an instant.
Not that that'd stop Spot from eating everything the mutt could find on the floor and then some -most likely a whole lot of mud to go with it. Wouldn't surprise him if Spot ended up with worms.

He'd taken the animal to the vet when it'd been injured the first time, but not many times after that. Spot dying just wasn't going to happen nor did the dog age, so there was hardly any point.

Should've brought some cash.
There weren't many bills left at all; not enough to pay for a couple of rides anyway.
"If you see a place we can get some cash, let me know," Daniel put out there. It was kind of nice just watching kids run about, parents distracted and cheerful for once. Plenty of people eating food and just being merry too.

"Oh, you can win dog-toys over there," Cat pointed out a shooting-game.

As if Spot didn't have enough of those already.
There was a lot to see, lights flashing, sounds booming. People everywhere. Daniel couldn't shake the feeling they'd had at the diner either. Not quite. Causing trouble here wouldn't only be disastrous, it'd get them into trouble with authorities in a way they couldn't avoid. Maybe that was just another way of getting to them.
They'd never found out what jurisdiction these hunters had.

"You want to go in the haunted house, Bell-boy?" Daniel teased. No sense in worrying about it now.
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Before they put the dog food in the back, Bell opened the bag and spilled out a measure of food for Spot. The dog wolfed his food down, the little dry pellets disappearing almost before they hit the ground. While Spot ate, Bell put the bag away, then came back with the collar and snapped it around the dog's neck. Spot stopped eating for a second to shake his head and glare at Bell, to which Bell just shrugged at him. "This way no one will steal you at the fair," he said, though the dog didn't look convinced.

Daniel sighed in comfort, and Bell glanced up. He liked it, huh? Good. He would've felt kind of guilty making Daniel limp around all day on his bad foot.

They were? He peered ahead, but Cat was right. There was a sea of cars before them, parked in neat rows on a grassy field. Past them was a sea of tents and a mass of humanity, the fair already in full swing. In the distance, he could make out some flashing lights from the rides; cheery music mixed with the braying of animals. Looked like this wasn't just any fair, but a big one. Maybe it was a state fair. Regardless, the thing was huge. "Uh, you know," he said, shrugging. "Fair stuff. Get some kettle corn, ride some of the stupid rides, look at animals and eat free samples and stuff." Just have a good time, basically.

He climbed out of the car and started to fall flat on his face as his impromptu peg at one time both sunk into mud and slipped out from under him. At the last second, he grabbed ahold of the car and caught himself, then sighed. Jeez. His genius idea was staring to bite him in the ass. Hopefully it wouldn't be muddy everywhere.

"C'mon, let's go!" he said, enthusiasm not at all damped by his near miss. Spot hopped out of the car as well, tail wagging, and eagerly sniffed at the ground. The dog hesitated, theN snuffled along the ground until he found some unspeakably mud-covered thing to eat. Bell snorted. Seemed like someone was already enjoying the fair. "Drop that," he told Spot. The dog gave him a guilty look, then swallowed whatever he'd been eating and walked after them, tail wagging.

Bell shook his head. Oh well. With a gesture, he led the others into the fair, already excited. So much to do!
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A brace? Daniel took the contraption from Bell-boy's hands and examined it, twisting it about in his hold. Huh, well, these super markets had more than he expected. Should've checked the aisle after all. This might just be what he needed to heal the break properly. Either that, or it'd become even more painful.
Daniel figured it'd hurt to try, but might be worth it anyway and put the brace into the cart. If he was going to have to walk several hours worth, then it was better to try and be a bit more comfortable.

The check-out lady didn't even bat an eye over the strange assortment of items they were purchasing. Daniel kept up his sluggish gait, even on the way to the truck. Going faster was just going to be a ball of hurt; he'd already figured out that much. Once they had their things loaded into the truck, he took out the brace and bandages.

He'd at least tape off the chafes before applying the brace, making sure the plastic wouldn't cut into the freshly healing injuries, but he shouldn't have bothered. Apparently their little breakfast had been good enough to properly heal what little remained.
"Well, what do you know?" he commented to no one in particular.

Cat shot over a glance before starting the truck.

The break on the other hand was still sore so Daniel tied the brace around his foot nice and tight, adjusting the straps. Better. Surprisingly this felt so much better. He left the boot he'd worn in the foot-well and rested back.
"This is so much better," he sighed in relief.

For just a few moments, it felt like his foot wasn't hurting at all, which only emphasised how much it had been overall. No wonder he'd been tired yesterday; apart from the goatling still sapping his energy to apply into healing his foot, the pain was draining him as well. That fair started to sound like a better idea by the second. Now he might actually be able to enjoy having a couple of beers, rather than needing them to stop feeling the pain.

"So what do you want to do at the fair?" Daniel pitched, checking his wallet and the card. Bell-boy had taken it out a lot lately too. Not that it mattered much.
Might have to get some cash, rather than use credit everywhere.
People would be less able to track them that way.

"Better decide quick, we're already there," Cat pointed out.
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