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Bare feet slapping on the cold bathroom tiles almost startled Daniel, but all he managed in response was a mere groan. Why was it so loud? Bell-boy. Daniel recognized the man by his scent, by the way the room filled with the man's presence and he opened his eyes to a mere crack.
Bell-boy's voice echoed through the bathroom and Daniel winced at the loudness of Bell-boy's voice. How did he seem to be doing?

A hand was reached down, leaving Daniel to focus on the fingers, then on Bell-boy's face. The man looked like he was in pain too.
Rather than ask what'd happened, Daniel decided silence would be better, that and it was far too early to be asking stupid questions. He could already tell Bell-boy's patience would be thin because of the pain and being woken up.

Daniel nodded minutely, then reached out for Bell-boy's hand. He was shaky, energy drained. If it weren't for the steadying presence of Bell's hand, Daniel didn't even know whether he'd be able to remain sitting upright. After a second or two, that felt like they stretched across a minute or even more, Daniel felt good enough to continue his attempt of getting up.

His stomach complained all the way, foot equally displeased with whatever he'd been up to, but finally Daniel managed to stand. He rested both hands on the counter Bell-boy sat propped up against, head burrowed against the man's chest.
He swallowed, waiting for the nausea and pain to die down.
His head wasn't in a right state.

Finally Daniel lifted his head and looked at Bell, then followed the bruises leading underneath the man's shirt.
Hurt. Bell-boy was hurt.
"You hurt bad?" he asked, though part of him already knew the answer. Physically, Bell might be worse off than he was.
"I don't remember a thing," Daniel sighed, speaking softly. It was easier if Bell-boy already knew. Daniel pressed a hand against his stomach, where it hurt most and then shuffled off back to the bedroom. He waited at the bathroom's door for Bell to come along. He was cold. The kind of cold that told him he'd been using the goatling too much.
Right now, all he wanted was to sidle up close to the man and rest.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 7d 13h 37m 41s
Bell startled awake to an empty bed. Daniel--he'd gone, the hunters had taken him--

Retching from the bathroom broke him out of that train of thought rather abruptly. Bell shifted, then stopped as ever last piece of his body complained. Or really, his whole left side. The bruises had had time to set overnight, and now they ached something fierce. Even just sitting still, his shoulder throbbed steadily to the beat of his heart;his ribs, too, were unhappy that he was laying down and putting pressure on them.

He rolled onto his side to try and get his body to stop hurting, but it didn't work. If anything, everything just hurt more for having to put effort into rolling over and keeping them in the air, and there wasn't any way to orient his shoulder that didn't hurt.

Bell sighed out. Yep, looked like the was no getting back to sleep right now. And Daniel hadn't returned, which worried him a bit. He climbed laboriously out of bed and stood, slowly, his ribs as displeased with standing up as they'd been with laying down. At least it wasn't worse, he reasoned, as he stumbled to the bathroom.

Daniel was lying on his back, bandages undone. Panic shot through Bell's veins for a moment before he realized that Daniel's wound had closed; he was no longer actively bleeding, and didn't need the bandages. Still, it was worrying, having him up and wandering in that state of mind. Or had he slept it off?

Uncertain, Bell approached him slowly, then ever-so-slowly crouched down. About halfway there, his body decided that it wasn't going to happen, ribs screeching in pain when they ground together, so he aborted and sat on the countertop instead. "Hey," he started. "How's it going?"

Looked like it was going about as well as expected, what with Daniel all but passed out on the floor of the bathroom. He sighed again, then reached down with his good hand. "You wanna go back to bed? he offered. Bed had to be comfier than the floor of the bathroom, right? And there was still plenty of time to sleep. Sun wasn't even all the way up yet.
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Waking up was disorienting at best. His stomach churned with the tide of breathing that wasn't his own, head pounding to the beat of some erratic rhythm and gut scorched. When he tried to find out why, his fingers ran into bandages. Daniel pushed up in the semi-darkness, only to discover he was some place new -nothing weird there- resting beside Bell-boy on a hotel bed he had no idea he'd stepped into.

The last thing he remembered was the woman from his hallucinations.
He managed to sit on the edge of the bed, already cold for lack of Bell-boy's body heat and more than a little groggy. Pain flared up in his gut, exacerbating the nausea.

It didn't help that the room smelled horribly like cheap Chinese food. With one arm wrapped around his sore gut, and one out to whatever furniture happened to be closest, Daniel crossed the room towards what he hoped was the bathroom. He only just made the staggering dash across the cool tiles to land in a heap next to the toilet, gagging and vomiting. Mostly fluids.

It hurt.
So badly.
Every time his muscles contorted, they added a new level of hurt to what was already a sore gut. When he was finally done, Daniel was feverishly trying to catch his breath, forehead rested on the toilet-seat and both arms wrapped around the injury.
Smaller aches made themselves known now; his arms were bruised and his back was sore. What'd happened? There was a gap where Daniel searched for his memories, as if someone had taken an eraser and just scratched them out.

A clumsy hand pulled at the handle to flush the acrid contents of his stomach, though he didn't even remotely feel better for having dispelled the fluids. He felt hungover. Like a chemical hangover, the kind which he was all too familiar with, sadly.
Too shaky to get up, Daniel merely rested in the bathroom, until the discomfort of his stomach forced him into action. He'd probably feel better if he could lie back down. It was tempting to just do so on the bathroom floor, but the cold tiles lost some of their appeal just by being frigid and hard.

First things first; Daniel pulled at the bandages, undoing them and checking over the once soaked pads. They'd dried up by now, so he was no longer bleeding at least. Okay, so whatever he'd been on made him sick, rather than his stomach being inoperative.
That was good. Good. Daniel decided that discovery earned him a little break. He rested his head back and tried to gather up the energy to move.
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Daniel was kind of fun to watch, the way he was mesmerized by everything. Like a lazy cat watching a feather toy, all wide-eyed and distant. He just couldn't get over how cute it was. After the lack of cuddling in particular, it was real nice to see this dopey side of Daniel.

Sam had unpacked the whole damn car, it seemed. Bell smirked and shook his head. "Thanks," he said, reaching out for one of the water bottles. After the salty Chinese food, he was parched. Daniel took the receiver and started to play with it. Bell watched him, curious, and figuring someone aware should watch the receiver. He didn't know if Daniel would recognize a dot as being a hunter's quarry right now as opposed to a pretty blinky light.

It seemed like Sam was in full-out mothering mode. It almost made him laugh, but laughing seemed like it'd hurt his ribs, so he didn't. "We're good," Bell said, and Cat seemed to agree, all but dragging Sam out of the room. When the door shut behind them, he sighed out and relaxed. Time for sleep.

it didn't take long for him to doze off. Soon he was deeply asleep, nearly as out of it as Daniel had been all night. Still, a part of him stayed awake, worried that Daniel might get up and start moving around under the influence of whatever.

In his dreams, Daniel did just that. The man stood up out of his arms and walked to the door. "Where are you going?" Bell asked, but Daniel didn't even acknowledge him. He tried to follow, but he was so tired, his limbs so heavy. He felt stuck to the bed, sunk into the mattress. Bell tried to fight it, but it was no use. He could only watch as Daniel left the room.

Then he was hovering, watching Daniel from a distance. Daniel wandered into one of the hunters' vans, and they drove him off, to their facility. He was tied down, still compliant, and they broke his hand, over and over again, but all he did was laugh, laugh over and over again, eyes wide and empty. Bell struggled to be free, but the bed sucked him down, down into darkness, and then there was nothing. Nothing but churning cogs all around him.
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Bell-boy didn’t reply, but Daniel didn’t care. He was still preoccupied with looking at Cat, who was fishing noodles from a carton using some sticks. She wasn’t remarkably good at it, but Daniel found it oddly satisfying to watch regardless.

“You want some more?” Cat offered.

Daniel blinked and smiled. More of what?
He was good though, not hungry. Nor tired or hurting. Just being. He was fine, just fine. Daniel closed his eyes for a second and gave a minute shake of his head. Cat shrugged in reply, “suit yourself.”

“Uhm, we brought some things,” Sam started, looking at Cat for a second and then moved to their room. When she returned, it was with a plastic bag in tow. Sam took out the water and put some bottles on the bedside table for the guys to drink later, some cans, just in case and some of the energy bars. The receiver was in there too.
“Is this it?” she pitched, handing over the device to Bell.

Daniel reached for it, intercepting the machine and Sam wasn’t sure whether denying Daniel the device would trigger some kind of bad response, so she let him. Either way Daniel seemed to know what to do, because though sluggish, his hands moved to fiddle with the controls.

“…is there…anything else you need?” she said, waving at the door, “we could run and get -things, whatever. Bandages?” Maybe they should’ve brought the first-aid kit. Sam hesitated, unsure of what to do. Cat finished her food and rested back on the floor, stretching out before gathering the trash.

“…sleep,” Daniel slurred with a chuckle. Sleep would be good, probably. Didn’t need that though. The beeping of the receiver was interesting, soothing and rhythmic. He lingered on the one empty channel and zoned out.
Probably had to sleep it off, whatever ‘it’ was.
“…nothing,” he murmured softly. Nothing. And nothing again.

Cat plucked the receiver from Daniel’s hands and put it to the side. “Then get some sleep,” she ordered Daniel and stood. Sam was about to protest when Cat grabbed her by the elbow and tugged her back to their room.
“Good night, call us when you need something,” she said matter-of-factly, eager to step into the shower and abuse the nice, soft beds.

Daniel lost some time, but when he came to, he just closed his eyes and gave in to exhaustion. Sleep sounded like an easy enough order.
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He watched Daniel and Sam's interaction as he ate. She got him to eat, at least, which was better than he'd done. He snorted when Daniel asked if he was jealous. If the cat hadn't been out of the bag already, that would've done it for sure. "Maybe a little," he said jokingly. Not really. Daniel was lying against him, they were cuddled up on the bed and while he would've liked to feed Daniel, he was hella hungry and really comfy just sitting here. It was nice and convenient to get someone else to do it for him.

Daniel's constant insistence that he was pretty and that Daniel liked him better couldn't help but bring a smile to his lips. Sure, normally he might've been annoyed by being called pretty instead of handsome, but Daniel was too adorable to get annoyed at. "Hmm, I know," he said, leaning against Daniel a little just for a moment. He didn't feel comfortable nuzzling in front of the girls, but that much was okay.

After a while, Daniel quieted down and just ate his soup. Bell finished his chicken and egg roll and sighed out, shifting in bed. Hopefully that'd get the bruises and swelling to go down some. Honestly, it would've been nice to get hit with some of that feel-good toxin as well, except the bit where Daniel was completely useless right now. He watched Sam feed Daniel the rest of the soup, a little more jealous now that he wasn't distracted by his own food. It was pointless to get jealous, since he didn't think Sam was Daniel's type--looked nothing like Lily, for one--but he coudln't help it.

The soup emptied. Sam stood, and Daniel blinked. Lost time again? It really did worry him. If the hunters came back while Daniel was like this... yeah, it'd be a shitty situation for certain. They'd had a hard time with him and Daniel both in fighting fit; it'd be nearly impossible to fend them off with him injured and Daniel conked out. Luckily, they'd looked like a rogue cell, off on their own, but he couldn't be sure. If more were coming... things could get real shitty, real fast.

"Did you bring in one of those receivers?" Bell asked Sam. It'd be nice to be able to at least have some way to try and keep an eye on the hunters. Might not work, but it'd at least make him feel better about it.
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His hair was petted. Daniel sluggishly blinked at Cat, watching her fine fingers ply the cardboard food-boxes with considerable ease. It was mesmerising to watch and quite a distraction, until Bell-boy spoke. The man’s voice resonated in his chest, creating a nice, comforting rumble.
“Hmm, eating…” Daniel slurred in a poor attempt at trying to seem awake and with it. Just letting Bell-boy know he was listening.

“What about it?” he muttered, already tempted to close his eyes.

Cat sighed out.
“Would you like to eat some soup, doofus?” she repeated Bellwether’s question.

Sam’s look of uncertainty transformed to concern. Whatever had happened, these two men had put their lives on the line to deal with the hunters that had come for her. If they hadn’t dealt with the hunters, she would’ve been captured again.
She bent down and grabbed some of the soup they’d gotten and unwrapped the food for Daniel, then sat on the edge of the bed.

Thus far, Daniel had been pretty pliable, probably because of the toxin or whatever he’d breathed in. Susceptible, that’s what he was. Any suggestion became an order for Daniel to execute. If a hunter would be able to abuse that, it’d be game over pretty quickly.

Daniel was already pretty well propped up against Bellwether, so Sam just stirred the soup and ladled some up on a spoon.
“C’mon, eat, you’ll feel better,” she tried. If he was a goat. If Daniel was human, they were in for some troubling times. The injury she had the fancy of looking at close up looked like it’d bled quite a lot. What bandages Bellwether had wrapped around them seemed to have done the trick though, for now.

Daniel blinked up at Sam, looking at her as if she’d only just appeared and smiled languidly.
“Feel good already…Bell-boy should eat too,” he muttered. Sam just rolled her eyes, afraid to look at Bellwether almost. She beat her eyes down after just a short glance. “Bell is eating too, so here you go, open up.”

Daniel snorted, but took the bite, then chuckled and looked up at Bell.
“’s feeding me, you jealous? Y’re prettier though, like you better,” he slurred, resting back against Bell’s chest. This was good. The soup was good. He could eat more of it. The taste of it was strange though.

Another spoon-full materialised and Daniel didn’t need much coaxing the second and third time around. He couldn’t even keep focussed on that. He snapped back to when Sam got up from the bed.
“Hmm, lost time ‘gain,” Daniel complained with Bell.
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Daniel seemed conflicted at first, but then quieted down and let himself be held. Bell watched over him until Daniel drifted off, then started to doze himself. The painkillers weren't doing much. They'd dulled the pain, but it was still there, niggling in the back of his mind and keeping him half-awake, so he couldn't fall completely asleep. A part of him wished it'd just go away, but another part was grateful to have it, something to keep him aware of Daniel and make sure the man didn't wander off.

A door creaked open. Bell shifted, then blinked, waking up slowly. Sam. She had a funny expression, like she'd just stepped in something gross. Bell smirked and stretched a bit. Was it that bad seeing him? Oh. Oh right. He and Daniel were cuddling. Straight men didn't cuddle. Adrenaline shot through him for a moment, only to be immediately suppressed by exhaustion and a general feeling of not-giving-a-fuck. Well, whatever. He cared more about making sure Daniel was okay than about whether Sam though they were straight or not.

"No trouble. We're good," Bell said peacefully. He petted Daniel's hair possessively and leaned forward to check on the man, but it seemed like Daniel had woken up for now. He didn't look too with it, but, well, he hadn't been with it for a few hours now.

"Chicken 'n egg rolls," Bell yawned. He sat up a little higher on the bed and reached out, taking the containers as Cat passed them to him. He started in on them lazily, half-asleep, but the second he tasted food, hunger ignited in his stomach, and it was all he could do to keep from inhaling the food.

Halfway through, he glanced over at the man beside him. "Daniel, you feel up to eating?" he asked. The whole hole-in-his-stomach thing probably didn't make it easy for him to eat, but on the other hand, the goatling would do better with a little more fuel. Though, at the same time, Daniel wasn't really with it. Maybe not even with it enough to make that kind of decision for himself.

"What about soup?" he suggested. Soup was pretty much water, especially the cheap stuff that came from Chinese takeouts. Water with a little bit of nutrition. Might be just what Daniel needed right now.
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 8d 15h 39m 15s
Bell-boy pulled him closer, and Daniel got distracted by Bell's warmth, by his scent. Nothing important was happening, so he could just relax, was it? At first the idea struck Daniel as odd and he fought it a little, the thought that Bell-boy was hurt and needed help niggling at the back of his mind, but soon enough their proximity made him relax. Relaxing made him not feel anything. Just floating around.
Where were they even?
He didn't recognize this place. A...hotel?
Why were they at a hotel? How did he even get inside of one? Hadn't there been hunters before?

Daniel wanted to say something, protest, but apparently relaxing came with an absolute bone-melting exhaustion that forced him to gravitate towards the sheets and Bell-boy's nice and warm body.
A weary sigh was all that'd leave his lips. Still, sleep wouldn't come. Daniel lost some more time between here and now, he was pretty sure of that, but no sleep. Or did he sleep and wake up, failing to remember he'd fallen asleep at all?

Did it matter? Bell-boy was there, nice and warm. Steady, like a steady presence that kept any panic at bay -not that he felt any. He just felt nothing. Maybe content. And exhausted.

Sam was there then, but her expression was a funny one.
At first there was mild confusion, embarrassment next and then her brain tried to find another way out. Daniel wasn't with it enough to realize what was going on. Nor was he in any physical state to move, now that he'd settled down.

"Are you-...? Is you trouble? Are you two-?" she stammered, and then Cat passed her by with the bags of Chinese food and Sam mentally berated herself. Even if Daniel and Bellwether were gay, that didn't change anything, did it?
She shouldn't judge, but she already had.

"We got a bit of everything," Cat started, ignoring Sam's internal conflict as she started to unwrap some boxes and offered Bell up some choices, "rice or chicken? Egg-rolls?"
She'd taken a seat next to the bed, on the floor, and was spreading out their loot. Daniel watched her, but Cat could tell he wasn't seeing anything. Her eyes ventured to the hole in Daniel's stomach and though the man was on the best unnatural painkillers they had available, making someone with a hole in his stomach eat might not be a very good idea.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 9d 1h 28m 25s
Daniel was already pulling at his coat before Sam had even left. Bell shifted slowly, groaning as Daniel jostled him. He'd take his coat off on his own, if Daniel just gave him a moment to catch is breath. Then Daniel was working his icy-cold fingers up under Bell's shirt, and Bell hissed, first from the temperature difference, then from the pain as Daniel touched his ribs. Not good. It wasn't good.

"Maybe," he muttered, looking at the bruises himself. It sure didn't look good. He wiggled out of his coat before Daniel could push his shoulder around and examined the damage. All the way from his upper arm, across his shoulder, down to his hip was all bruised, turning a nice shade of purple now that it'd had some time to set.

Then Daniel just paused for a moment. Bell watched him, worried, but apparently whatever it was, it wasn't bad, because the man leaned down and kissed his neck. "Hey?" he asked gently, a little confused. No way was any of that going to go on with the both of them injured this badly.

Losing time? That wasn't good. Bell scooted up the bed until he could get the pillows behind his back to prop him up and sighed, then reached out and pulled Daniel close with his good arm. He knew it wasn't good that Daniel was having problems from the toxin the lady had used, but it was so adorable that he couldn't really be worried, or even hate her. Daniel seemed to be having a good time, and he was a lot more gentle than he usually was, so it was okay for now. Better than any of the violent delusions or desire to draw and self-harm that usually came with goat's blood, for example. "It's alright. Nothing important is happening anyways," he soothed Daniel. "Just relax and sleep it off, okay?"

Bell yawned and settled down in the bed, determined to stay awake to watch Daniel but finding it harder with every moment. His shoulder throbbed away; if it didn't, he probably would've fallen asleep. Could use some ice. Or... or painkillers. He dug through his coat and came up with a few of the pills, then tossed them back. Just aspirin wouldn't do much, but it was sure as hell better than nothing. He looked around for some water to wash them down, found nothing, then grimaced and swallowed them dry. Better than leaving Daniel or hauling his sore ass out of bed again.
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 9d 9h 9s
His legs were like jelly. Daniel knew he was heavy for Sam, because he felt her strain and Bell-boy's uneven gait betrayed he was hurt worse than he cared to let on. Daniel knew, but he couldn't do anything more than what he already was to help walk himself to the hotel-room. For some reason, the drowsiness had just gotten worse and so had the forgetfulness. By then, he was just taking in flashes of events. One foot in front of the other, an arm, a door, a bed and then Bell-boy's warmth, real close.
Sam's voice sounded soothing.

"...need, need a..." Daniel chuckled.
"Need a drink," he laughed, "with one of those umbrellas." The slur in his voice made his voice soft and the words a mess. Connect? They were connected. All of them were. Daniel reached for Bell-boy's coat, sluggishly nudging the man's coat off, plucking at the shirt underneath to see the extent of the injuries.

"You're hurt, le' me see," Daniel murmured softly, intent, but also easily distracted. Bell-boy was warm, for one. His fingers might just have been cold though. Either way it felt really good. Dark. Darker than skin.
Daniel caught sight of a nasty bruise forming on Bell-boy's arm. Was it dislocated?
He wormed his hand underneath the fabric of the cloth and carefully felt where the outlines of Bell-boy's bones were.

And the man's ribs? He'd noticed that too.
Maybe he was slow, but he wasn't retarted. The injury felt even warmer to the touch. "Your ribs broken?" Daniel asked, pushing himself up to sit while pushing more of Bell-boy's coat aside. The arm didn't feel dislocated, but there was no doubt about it being sore.
Might even be fractured. No telling either way.

For a second Daniel paused, focus lost. Confusion set in. Then he did the first thing that came to mind, given their current situation and he gently kissed Bell-boy's neck.
No, Bell-boy was hurt. Needed to make sure there weren't any internal injuries.
His hand had stalled, wedged between Bell-boy's coat and the man's body. Daniel glanced down, tried making sense of what was going on and became aware of the bandages wrapped around his stomach.
What were they doing there?

"Keep losing time," Daniel complained matter-of-factly.
"Just...chunks that're gone," he muttered and pulled his hand away, lost. "Don't like it."
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He watched Daniel sleep for a while. The van bounced and bumped, but the man laid as still as death, so still Bell wasn't sure if he'd passed out or was asleep. Only the steady rise and fall of his stomach as he breathed told Bell the other man was indeed alive. After a while, Bell's eyes closed, and he slipped off to sleep, too, dozing beside Daniel.

The click-pop-groan as the van's door opened startled him awake. Bell sat up laboriously and wiped his face, then stared blankly at Cat and Sam. Card? Okay. Sounded reasonable. He woke up slowly while the girls bustled around, stretching, then yawning, then finally watching Daniel sleep, too dazed to do much else. Everything hurt. Moving his left arm was almost enough to make him whimper in pain. The adrenaline that had been holding off the pain earlier had all worth off, and he was suffering for it. He took a deep breath, then grimaced, a hand put to his ribs. Damn, why couldn't he be the one on cloud nine right now, feeling no pain? Though he wouldn't swap with Daniel for the world. He didn't want Daniel to be as hurt as he was--though the hole in his gut worried Bell. Maybe he would swap.

Sam came back. Bell slowly pushed to the edge and put his feet on the ground. His hips weren't too pleased about taking his weight, left hip in particular; he probably had some lovely bruises. But his legs held. He stood, then reached back and helped Daniel to a sit, then a stand; Sam was there, suddenly. Between the two of them, they managed to manhandle Daniel into a hotel room. Bell plopped the man down on the bed and climbed up beside him, done.

"There's another bed, for you," Sam informed him. "Our rooms connect, so call me if you need anything. Um, and we ordered Chinese, I hope that's okay..." She held out Daniel's card, and Bell took it tiredly. He didn't move from the bed, though. Didn't want to leave Daniel alone, and didn't give a shit what Sam thought right now.

She hesitated for a moment, but when Bell didn't move, shrugged to herself. Maybe he was too sore to care. "Okay. I'll get you when food comes," Sam promised, and vanished out of the room.

Bell sighed and shut his eyes. Sleep, he needed sleep...
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 9d 12h 29m 27s
Bell-boy was tickling him, though a second later Bell's expression turned into one of pain. "What're you doing?" Daniel slurred, catching Bell by his good shoulder, though his grip was meek and his eyes turned vacant no more than a second later.

Did Bell-boy need help? Why were they going to the back?
"Lie down..." he muttered, as if voicing the word would help make more sense. Finally, the meaning of what Bell-boy was trying to say clicked and Daniel slowly nodded, shifting out of the seat. The world did a churning spin and Daniel felt his knees threaten to give out. Even though he knew Bell-boy was hurt, he had no choice other than cling to the man's good shoulder and the van.

Sam grabbed his arm on the van's side and Daniel twisted to look at her, puzzled.
"Hey, where're you touching?" he snorted, but Sam merely rolled her eyes. Walking was weird. It was as if after every step, he forgot what he was doing and needed reminders to keep putting one foot in front of the other.
They managed though.

Daniel sank into the mattress, which felt even more like floating than the car-seat had been.

And then Bell-boy was there, right beside him.
Scare him?
"I'm not scaring you?" Daniel started, voice soft. Bell-boy was so close. Real close. A hand pushed his hair back, deep blue eyes peering at him. Daniel felt as if he'd drown in them.
"You're pretty," he muttered softly. "Just rest a little, huh? I'm fine, feel good," Daniel soothed Bell-boy. No pain. There was no pain at all.
No sleepiness either. He was good.

Daniel closed his eyes for a second, but he didn't think he'd slept, even though he had no idea how much time had passed when he heard the van's back door pop open.
"I found us a place," Cat started. Sam was there too, rooting through his coat's pockets. "Stay still, I just need your card so we can afford this," she eased him back, hand on his chest. Though Sam's hands were small, they were surprisingly strong.

Bell-boy was there.
It felt like a mere second before Sam was back, this time talking to Cat.
Instructions; food. They were bringing food and water apparently.
"Okay, come on, let's get you guys inside," Sam started with a heaving sigh. Move. Okay. He could move.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 9d 13h 10m 13s
Sam drive the van? He gave her a good once over and concluded that yeah, she was still dealing with goat-hangover, but she was probably better off than him or Daniel. Bell nodded and felt immediate relief wash over him. Good. He could lie down at last, relax a bit.

"Yeah, a, um, hotel," he agreed. Right now, they needed to heal up somewhere safe. An abandoned building wasn't a great place to bleed out in. And he was starting to suspect that his shoulder might need looking at. All things better to do in a hotel room.

"Keep an eye out for white vans," he warned Sam and Cat, then took a transceiver and climbed into the back. A little prodding got their makeshift bed looking comfy again. He wanted to just climb in and sleep, but it wasn't an option yet.

"Fuck knows. Some goat toxin stuff. It's some good shit, though," Bell said, heading back to the front. "Nah, I'll keep an eye on him." He was worried Daniel would bleed out. If he was with Daniel, then the goat could do something about that. He didn't want Daniel to bleed out without him being able to step in and help.

He tried to pick up Daniel, only for his left arm to give out on him. Pain shot through his whole chest, too, sparking along the shape of the footprint he could still feel in his ribs. Carrying was not an option right now. Frustrated, he gave Daniel a gentle nudge. "Hey, you wanna help me get to the back?" he asked, offering his good shoulder. "I need you to help me, and then we can lie down, okay?"

Sam was there, suddenly, and between the two of them, they managed to maneuver Daniel into the back. Bell climbed in behind him, grimacing as moving made everything hurt worse--shoulder aching when it hit the floor of the van, ribs screaming in pain, hips unpleasantly painful as he crawled in.

He shut the door behind them, then laid down beside Daniel and sighed out. "Don't scare me like this," he sighed, as the van came to life beneath them. At least Daniel seemed to be having a good trip, which was preferable to the opposite. He pushed Daniel's hair back and just watched him, left arm laid carefully along his own body so it wouldn't hurt. Why wouldn't Daniel stop bleeding? He didn't like it at all.
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 9d 13h 35m 40s
Fixed up? Daniel snorted. He wasn't some car whose paint was scuffed or anything. Bell-boy's statement seemed silly, funny though.
"Why?" Worry? He was fine. Floating above everything real nicely. Daniel tried to focus a little more, but his mind wandered off. First to the trees on the side of the ramp, lined up neatly alongside the road, then to the street and back to Bell-boy.

"You look tired," Daniel remarked.
Bell-boy was in his face, ordering him to sit up. What? When did they pull over? Daniel tried to sit up a little straighter, then glanced down at the injury. Whatever toxin-lady did, it hadn't left a big, gaping wound. Rather, the injury was deep and intrusive.

"It did," he slurred in defence of the goatling. It'd healed him up until he felt really drained, but sleep didn't seem like a possibility. Whatever was in that toxin-hybrid's perfume, it was messing with his head in more ways than one.

Bell-boy nudged him and Daniel yielded easily, keeping himself steady by putting an arm out against the dashboard.

Sam was there too. Daniel smiled at her.
"He's not okay," Daniel said with a thick tongue, meaning Bell.

Bell-boy ignored him entirely and started on about finding a place to rest. Well, now there was something they could all agree on.

"If...if you could drive your car, I can drive the van?" Cat offered, shifting her weight from foot to foot. Sam glanced over the two boys and nodded hesitantly. Sure enough the food Daniel had told her would make her feel better had, but not to the extent where she thought it'd be smart to drive. The way Bellwether and Daniel were however made her ailments pale in comparison.

"Okay, yeah, okay, we can do that."
She nodded at Bellwether. "What do you want us to look for? A hotel? A---something else?"

Daniel chuckled.
"A big hotel, with a pool and a beach, private beach and girls and parties...parties." Daniel's voice drifted off.

"What did he smoke?" Cat snorted. She tapped Bellwether's shoulder for the van's keys and rounded the vehicle in order to get in front.
"We leaving him like this?" She looked over Daniel. As long as he didn't try anything funny, she was okay with not moving injured people.
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