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Once the wood was stacked, Daniel sat down and laid back. It was tough, the wood, but it was kind of nice for a little while. He stared at the ceiling, one hand behind his back, the other on his stomach. The additional heat made his stomach feel less sore. Blankets? Sure.
Maybe they could just leave a random hotel bereft of one complimentary blanket instead? That way they’d be paying for a nice night with a bed, and blankets to boot. Win-win.

Daniel didn’t suggest it. Either way their possessions had a hard time staying in one piece. He yawned and watched Bell-boy toss away peel from his spot on their makeshift mattress. It was kind of weird, how the man’s silhouette was outlined against the light. The sun almost gave Bell a glow.
As if the light was distorting around him and Bell was moving further away.
Daniel narrowed his eyes, then rubbed at them, but the picture wouldn’t clear.

And just like that Bell broke the spell by reaching down. The darkness that Bell-boy touched seemed to spill onto his fingers and grow exponentially. Some parts of darkness dripped down onto the floor. Daniel sat up, licking his lips and taking a breath, but the words that he wanted to say didn’t flow forth.
Maybe that was just as well.

Bell-boy offered him a can and Daniel numbly reached out for it.
“You okay, Bell-boy?” Daniel asked, trying to be covert about his confusion and most likely failing.
Instead, he focussed on the tin can and prying it open. His shaky fingers weren’t exactly the proper tools to get around the opening, but he managed in the end. Some sort of peas or whatever were inside. Beans?
Daniel tried some, dispassionately and thoroughly chewing. He kept his eyes trained on the jagged edges of the tin’s lid. It felt safe to watch those. Perhaps even pleasant. More so than watching Bell-boy fall apart into globules of darkness. He was just tired.

Daniel only managed a quarter of the beans before his stomach started to protest and he nudged the can Bell’s way.
“I don’t know what those are, but they taste weird,” Daniel muttered.
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Having received the requisite praise from Daniel, Spot wandered off across the room to sniff at all the exciting new things up here. Bell snorted. If only he could be so easily entertained.

Wood over concrete? It'd be better, but not by much. Like how moving into a room with a roof would be better, so long as the rain didn't blow sideways. Still, rather have something then nothing. Bell considered, then nodded towards the room the girl hadn't been in, the one with the giant penis painted on the wall. "Think that one's got some nice ambiance," he deadpanned.

He nodded; not with that homicidal girl wandering around. "Maybe Spot can take a shift," he suggested, half joking. Spot was a dog. Dogs were pretty good at guarding things. It was one thing they had over the girl; well, one of several things. Others of which were "being male" and "fully grown."

He grabbed another piece of wood and followed Daniel into the room, stacking them in dim hopes that it would improve the sleeping situation. That done, he moved over and leaned against the doorway, looking out. Almost absent-mindedly, he drew another orange from the sack and started to peel it, tossing the orange peel off the edge. Spot chased the thrown peel, but luckily possessed the brain power to stop short before he launched off the edge of the building. "Should invest in some blankets," he suggested, yawning. Make the wood a little more palatable. Though, the rate at which they went through material goods... he stared out, looking where the truck would be, if he could see it from here. Had to be a record on keeping a vehicle, there. And even at that, Daniel had gone and wrecked it up, nearly destroying it for them.

His leg itched. He reached down and scratched it, and came up with dried blood under his fingernails and some scraps of wood. He gave it a blank look for a moment, then remembered: right, he'd fallen through the floor. Whoops. No floor to fall through here, at least.

Chewing an orange section, he pulled a can from his coat and offered it to Daniel. "Eat as much as you can. I'll finish it off." With that, he pulled another can out and opened it, alternating bites of mystery meat and orange.
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Spot was remarkably obedient. Daniel looked down at the two with something of an endeared smile. Sometimes Bell-boy could be remarkably cute, especially when he was in dog-shape. Spot rubbed against his leg when finally released at the top and Daniel absentmindedly ruffled the mutt’s fur.
“Good boy,” he praised the dog. At first he’d been hesitant -because Spot wasn’t actually a dog, but as time passed, it’d become more natural to treat Spot as a dog. Especially when it didn’t seem Spot minded. And then there was the score of other people that treated Spot in a likewise manner. It was just natural to.
Daniel realised he had the dog-food still.
“That what you’re after?” he asked Spot. Of course, there was no reply.

He caught Bell-boy looking over their new digs. “There were some wooden panels over there, could use them as a kind of mattress? It’ll be a bit better than concrete,” Daniel suggested, already moving over. It’d be only a little bit better than concrete, but not by much. Still. It’d also be less cold. In case the weather cooled during the night.

Dinner? Daniel snorted.
“I’ll probably try,” he shrugged. Had to eat something. The fruit was sitting well enough, though it felt as if his stomach was still trying to make sense of the introduction. So far so good, either way.
He found the wooden panels and examined the score; they were pressed wood, cheap plywood, but dry at least. They were also large. And seemed to have been used before for the exact same purpose they were meaning to apply them.

Bet the girl made a sleeping place out of these as well. And if not, he imagined the other partiers to use them as an underground for sitting. Daniel pulled one from the pile and shrugged. Time to find a room and get cosy, huh?
He folded his arms across the top edge of the plate and looked at Bell.

“So, what room has your fancy? I’d ask whether you prefer the left or right side, but that’s really not a smart idea, huh? Both of us sleeping at the same time,” Daniel pondered out loud. Or well ‘sleeping’. That’s what he should’ve gotten at the store -more jelly. Oh well. Next time.
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Daniel took some fruit;not without whining, but it was better than him not eating. Bell simply shook his head. If Daniel just ate on his own, he wouldn't need to coax him like that.

Spot climbed through the hole and wandered the yard. Daniel waited, and Bell watched him, curious. Oh, waiting for Spot to give them the okay? It was a fifteen year old girl. Even if she surprise-attacked, there really wasn't much she could do. On the other hand, it wasn't as though it hurt to be cautious. Rather, the opposite was true. Being incautious had caused them trouble before. In this case, though, it looked as though the outcome would've been the same regardless.

He followed Daniel and Spot through the gap in the fence. "Nah, not really," he said. More like, he was worried Daniel might have plans on going somewhere. But it seemed as though the other man really was being obedient for once; what a surprise. He hovered again, holding the scaffolding steady while Daniel climbed, then looked at Spot, who looked at him. What was he supposed to do with the dog? "Up for changing back?" he asked, but Spot just tilted his head, playing dumb. Bell kind of understood; wouldn't want to have to climb the ladder naked.

"Alright, we'll do this the hard way," he declared, then bent and lifted Spot. The dog squirmed, but Bell refused to let go; after a moment, he hooked the dog behind his neck in a kind of modified fireman's carry, then started up the scaffolding. Spot fell still, perhaps aware that squirming wasn't the brightest decision to make in these circumstances, and somehow, they reached the second floor without difficulty. He bent and pulled Spot off from around his neck, and the dog trotted away from him, tail wagging and panting happily as though he'd just accomplished some great task. He came up to Daniel and rubbed against him, looking for affection.

Bell, meanwhile, surveyed the area. It'd be shitty sleeping. They should've grabbed blankets or something--not to keep warm, to lie on. He shook his head. What was he thinking? This was already better than what he'd dealt with before Daniel. He shouldn't complain. "You going to try dinner?" he asked Daniel, turning to look at him.
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That were the only two choices? Have one or a part of one? Daniel pulled a face and rolled his eyes, letting Bell-boy know exactly what he thought of the offer, but sighed.
“Fine! Fine. Give a bit of yours then,” Daniel ceded. He needed to eat something. His body needed sustenance. Loads more than what he was getting lately.
The fruit was sweet, slightly acid, but juicy. His stomach was less enthusiastic than his mouth was about the intake of food and Daniel fought for control with the unwilling organ. Walking helped.

Soon the construction-site loomed up, the building towering above them like an accusatory pinnacle of human disrespect for nature. Daniel couldn’t be happier to see it. He was done with walking around in the glaring sun for a good while. The shade would do them good.
“Who knows? Might be, if she’d kept watch and saw us leave,” Daniel shrugged dispassionately.

Even if she came back all spit and fire, he’d simply shut her up. Worst case, they could just tie her up for a night until they were done with the building and back on their way. With the weather being what it was, Daniel doubted the girl would have any trouble making it through the night without ‘her’ precious home. He started to appreciate Bell-boy’s penchant for travelling after the sun.
It beat sleeping in a bunker, hiding from the elements and a hoard of people and goats alike out to get them.

It didn’t seem the fence had been tempered with sine last time they squeezed through. Daniel shrugged and started for the entrance, letting Spot in first. The dog, with its keen senses, would undoubtedly know whether someone else was there long before they would.

He caught Spot peeing against a concrete slab.
“Think that’s Spot giving the all-clear,” Daniel pointed out with a chuckle.
“I hope you didn’t plan on going anywhere,” he said, making for the scaffolding. “Figured we could sleep in shifts, watch our backs, you know?” And find a way to get Spot top-side. Probably lift the animal on their backs or something.
Or coax a naked Bellwether up a scaffolding. Both ideas had some merit.
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Daniel was obedient and stuck close, making it easy to watch him. Soon, they were exiting the store, their few purchases with them. The car was a welcome sight, if only because the waters were starting to weigh heavy on his shoulder. Daniel opened the door; Spot jumped out, and Bell plopped the waters down on the floor of the car. The oranges he kept with him, already wrestling one free of the packaging to snack on. He had a few cans in his pockets already, so aside from grabbing another bottle of water, he was set.

Leave the car here? "Seems as fine a place as any," he said. And yeah--he wouldn't put it past the little bitch to do something like that. He shook his head. He'd never been that petty. If they were leaving the car, though... he reached in and grabbed Spot's bowl, then the bag of dog food, handing that to Daniel. He seemed to like carrying the dog food around, after all.

Tucking the bag of oranges over his shoulder, he started off for the building again, idly peeling the orange as he walked. "Want one?" he offered Daniel. "Or some of mine?" If he could get Daniel to eat anything, he'd come that as a win. And Daniel was usually the one who ate. Constantly worrying about Daniel eating was the worst thing. Honestly, how had they survived without him? Well... with alcohol. Not well.

Spot seemed excited at the prospect of a new area to explore, sniffing everything that came by his nose with gusto. Bell watched him, amused, as the dog trotted along. So easy to please. Some food, a little room to run, things to sniff, and Spot was happy. Simple. It made him wonder if he wasn't the same, simple to please; he did like food, but it wasn't all he needed.

The building was closer than he'd expected. It seemed like no time later that it was looming over them, decrepit and standing half-open to the world. He looked up at it and grinned. Home sweet home. Even if that stupid girl was being a pest about it. "Wonder if she's back already," he muttered to Daniel, searching the building for signs of life. Nothing moving, from what he could see.
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Cold blasted from the air-conditioning. Daniel wandered ahead, then stopped when he caught Bell-boy lagging behind. Oh, water. That was. Convenient. He’d totally missed the stack of water bottles just sat there first thing. Heat was getting to everyone, huh? He followed Bell-boy down the fresh produce isle and contemplated bringing something other than oranges. They could eat carrots raw?
Unsurprisingly, nothing appealed.

Yeah, there was something.
A couple of things. Just a couple of beers would suffice. He wouldn’t even be drunk that way. Daniel shook his head.
“No, I’m alright,” he managed.
Meat really wasn’t going to be pleasant to throw up either. Fruit was a good choice in general. So was water. It wouldn’t spoil the way cartons of juice or dairy would.

The checkout lady was bored to tears. Her soft voice passionlessly droned the lines she was paid to greet her customers with and soon the exchange drew to a close. Daniel raised an eyebrow at Bell-boy. What? There something on his face or whatever?
Oh. The surveillance-thing, was it?
As if he was going to take alcohol now. He wasn’t that stupid. They’d been set back enough with him being indisposed lately already.

“You want to leave the truck here?” Daniel offered when they were on their way out. Another ride wasn’t really on his agenda. He did move to the car, if only to let Spot out. The mutt was grateful enough to bounce all around them.

“That building-site isn’t that far from here, is it? I don’t want to risk a begrudged teen bashing our windows in,” he muttered. Sure, there was still a risk here, but the heap of metal didn't contain many attractive items. Not enough for a burglar to waste his or her time on.

He was tired. Maybe they could sleep in shifts tonight.
Even the backseat of the car looked tempting. He drank some more stale water to douse the sleepiness and sighed out. They wouldn’t even need all their supplies for the night. Water would hold, probably. The fruit however…not so much. And it was too expensive to waste like that. That said; his body had different ideas about being tired. He felt nervous, jittery.
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Spot did his best begging act at Daniel, clearly not pleased with the amount of food he'd been given; Bell did his best not to be distracted. It was so adorable, though. Who'd thought a dog-version of himself could be so cute?

The grocery store was nondescript, just another chain in a long line of identical chains. He climbed out and waited for Daniel, stretching in the heat. It was really hot out today; would've been nice to have a cool hotel room to go back to. But whatever. There was shade in the building. It'd be good enough.

Daniel finally emerged from the car, though his limbs were somewhat shaky. Bell opened his mouth to suggest Daniel stay back, then thought better of it. He'd only wound Daniel's pride, and worse, the man would be out of his sight and free to chase after whatever alcohol he pleased. If Daniel wasn't going to complain, then Bell wouldn't bring it up. Better to have Daniel under supervision at all times, right now.

He followed Daniel into the store. Carts were lined up by the door, but he ignored them. They weren't getting much. They'd do fine without.

Conveniently, huge 24-cases of water bottles were also stacked right by the door. He considered a few, comparing price to volume, then finally settled on the best deal. The fresh produce was also right at the door, though set a little further in, and, hefting thewater bottles over one shoulder, took a look through the offerings. In the end, he grabbed a bag of oranges; they probably ran a risk of scurvy, the way their diet was right now. A couple of oranges would put a stop to that.

"Alright, I'm good," he commented, looking at Daniel. "There anything you want to grab? Feel up for meat?" From the look on Daniel's face on the way over, he didn't expect so, but it was worth a try. Then again, probably best not to use the grill right now, with that girl running around with a blood grudge against them for "stealing" her building. "Her" building. Ha.

Once they'd gathered everything, he walked over to the checkout lady. He kept an eye on Daniel the whole time, unwilling to let the man leave his sight in this ever-so-tempting store.
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“Making no promises,” Daniel said regarding decorating the insides of the truck a different shade. A yawn escaped him, even as he pushed Spot away from the dog-food and closed up the bag, only to be rewarded with a very pitiable attempt at being cute from Spot. “No, stop begging, you’re not cute,” he muttered.
Spot put its muzzle on Daniel’s leg, round eyes staring up imploringly. The dog didn’t maintain his act for very long -it was way too warm. Soon, Spot pulled away so he could pant and then hung his head from the window Daniel had forgotten to close earlier. Nice. And nothing got stolen? Semi-cooked canned food not good enough?

He was tired. Now that he was sitting down, Daniel felt every little ache and tremor. It’d been uncomfortably warm before, but now that his body was acclimatised, it was actually kind of nice. Apart from where he’d broken out in a sweat again. Daniel listlessly wiped at the beads of sweat threatening to escape his hair-line and gave Bell-boy a look.

“I guess so,” he figured. No urge to puke at least, so that was positive.
He didn’t feel much for seeing about groceries or bottled water in their case. Daniel tried to think whether it’d feel better to have air-conditioning and then be blasted by the heat again or just stay out in the heat. His body was having a hard time finding a balance as it was, apparently. No need to exacerbate that process.
But the truck would also become heated quick, with this kind of sun.

Daniel sighed out and reached for the door. At the very least he wasn’t staying inside.
He was a little shaky on his legs. Good thing the ride had been short. Daniel didn't think he’d have lasted for very long.
Getting supplies would be a distraction. And an opportunity. No. Shit. Not coming with Bell-boy would be worse. If they went together, at least he wouldn’t be tempted to sneak in and get something. Not that he had money, but he could steal.
Daniel scrubbed at his face.
Not good.
These thoughts were no good. He was stronger than that. Daniel swallowed down some of the acid contents of his stomach and made for the store. Air-conditioning it was.
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Bell shrugged. Didn't bother him any to eat canned food--well, that was a lie. He was getting tired of it. But if it meant they could eat for another week, he'd happily eat canned food, no matter how bland it got. Eating was better than going hungry.

Enough for a month. So they were running low. Bell almost laughed, but choked it back. After all Daniel's assurances about how he had so much money, enough to go anywhere, do anything; in the end, Bell had been right, hadn't he? They had to be careful, be conservative, and even then Daniel's money was going to run out eventually. It wasn't funny, in any case. When that money vanished, they were fucked. Or rather, consigned to the streets and eating from garbage bins, exactly what Daniel and Landon had represented an escape from.

Still more money somewhere? He nodded, but he wasn't confident. After all, this was coming from the guy who'd just lugged a bag of dog food across the whole city for no real reason. He'd been wondering about that, but decided against asking. At this point, Daniel's delusions were already bad enough; no need to exacerbate them by pointing out strange behavior.

He waited while Daniel fed Spot, in no particular rush. Wasn't like they had any time limit, after all. Or limits in general. Aside from Daniel's rapidly dwindling cash stash. And his limit to absorb heat. It was hot in the truck, without any air conditioning. Daniel leaned against him, making him even warmer; he almost pushed him away, but hesitated, and was rewarded for his hesitation with a kiss. "Try not to?" he asked Daniel, nuzzling him for a second kiss. It was nice to have Daniel affectionate. Not something he was used to, but nice.

He started the car, more used to driving after all the practice he'd been getting lately. With a minimum of grumbling, the car came to life, and he guided it out of the parking lot and towards the road. The road was mostly empty at this time of day; it didn't take long before he pulled into the grocery store. Putting the car in park, he looked at Daniel. "Make it okay?" he asked, mostly joking.
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“I guess we do… All I’m saying is that you shouldn’t have to go hungry just because my stomach’s being an ass,” Daniel pointed out. As if on cue, Spot whined and Daniel realised he was still toting around the dog-food. He decided to look around for the bowl in the truck before feeding the mutt a serving.
“Hah-hah,” he mock-laughed at Bell-boy’s joke.

“Neh, there’s still some money to go around; at the rate we’re going, enough for a month? Provided we have to feed the gasoline-guzzler,” Daniel hinted. Perhaps it would be better to just hike it. Sadly, America wasn’t as densely populated as Europe. Moving around without a car would make them both athletes, rather than vagrants. Or both perhaps.

“By the time we reach that limit, I’ll have to see what I can hustle,” he shrugged.
There was always something to move, some backup plan to generate money for them somehow. It just took a little time and know-how. Shame he hadn’t been able to keep up with what was going on. Fast stock-markets were very trend-sensitive.
Also very profitable.

He yawned at the sight of the truck, blinking at the metal contraption. Some shade had covered the cabin at this hour, but most of the truck was still in the sun. That meant it was hot inside. Daniel opened one of the doors and rooted around to produce a bowl for Spot and then fed the animal some of the dry food.
He sat in the door-opening watching Spot hoover the food up. Within seconds, the entire bowl was cleared out and receiving a nice cleanup from Spot.

“Don’t eat the plastic,” he pointed out with a languid laugh.
Not too far, huh? Daniel leaned back until his back hit Bell-boy’s shoulder, then looked up. He pressed a kiss against the other man’s cheek.
“Will you be mad if I puke in the truck?” he dead-panned. Spot, realising the food was gone, now sniffed around the truck for more. Eventually the trail lead to the cardboard box still in Daniel’s hold.
Daniel pushed Spot’s cold nose away and reached for the bowl.

Spot jumped inside when the bowl got moved in, and Daniel closed the door. “Ready when you are,” Daniel muttered unenthusiastically.
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He shrugged. Hadn't meant that she'd done the right thing by attempted homicide, just that it was harder to stay angry. "Can be more of a risk to let anyone in," he offered in reply, though he felt as though he and Daniel were a million miles away from one another on this one. Daniel had never been there, vulnerable, out in the open with no one to care if you got hurt, got sick, fending for himself in a cruel world; there'd always been Bell. And when there wasn't Bell, he slid right back into society like it was nothing, so easily that it felt like a rejection of Bell's entire way of life, like he was saying "look, it's this easy, this is all it takes." Someone like him wouldn't understand. And maybe that was okay. The bitter part of Bell that had tried to expose Landon to the world's cruelties had faded into the background, lately, and instead, he wanted to protect Daniel and Landon from those things. It was okay, but he didn't expect Daniel to understand.

Daniel broke him out of his musings, and Bell glanced up. Right, this was a supply run. "Takeout? I was thinking more along the lines of 'buy a pack of water bottles at the grocery store.' We've still got food, right? And you can't stomach meat yet, so there's no point spending food on takeout if you're just going to vomit it back up." He shrugged. No point on wasting money like that when they were low on it from the start.

How much money was left? He checked the stash. Not much. "Enough for water bottles," he replied jokingly. Aside from that, though, they were seriously running low. He gave Daniel a serious look. "If this is the last of your cash, then we're in bad shape." They'd have to find funds somewhere, in that case. Maybe he'd go wash dishes again. Restaurants always needed dish washers.

Daniel was falling behind. Bell slowed his pace to accommodate Daniel, but wanted to press on faster. Dammit. If Daniel ever went on a binge again, that was it. He'd find some nice, strong rope and make sure Daniel didn't go anywhere without his knowledge.

It seemed like no time later that they arrived back at the car. Bell climbed into the driver's seat; wasn't even a question. "There's a grocery store just a little bit back that way," he said, gesturing vaguely. "Not too far." Hopefully Daniel wouldn't puke in the car on this trip, either.
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“Hah, I’d like to see her try,” Daniel said with a shake of his head. That said; they might not want to park the truck too close, for fear of it becoming a target of one butt-hurt little woman. Bell-boy’s tone of voice drew Daniel’s attention. Oh, so that’s where Bell-boy’s sudden bout of sympathy came from, was it?
Daniel sighed out and shrugged.
“I guess -no reason to shove a person off of a building without warning though,” he muttered, still a bit pissed. That said, maybe she’d feared they’d rape her or whatever. ‘Sharing’ a building; when had that ever happened unconditionally?

“I guess I can see where she’s coming from, but honestly? How’re you ever going to do anything in life if you reject everyone? It’s a risk…” Daniel pondered the thought. The risks would be different for a young woman, than they would be for a young man. He shot a sideways glance at Bell-boy. Gender wasn’t a guarantee. They both knew all too well.

Daniel brushed the back of his neck and decided to let the topic go; they had worse problems. Like making it through the night in one piece.
“Where do you want to go for food and water?” he offered, specifying water as a choice of beverage, fearing Bell-boy would take it the wrong way otherwise. He wouldn’t mind some juice, actually. Or maybe a milk-shake to counter the acidity of his stomach.

“We can stop by a takeaway if you’re hungry? How much money is left? Could risk withdrawing some,” Daniel suggested with a semi-shrug. More money upped the likelihood they’d be sleeping in hotels and though the abandoned building offered shelter, it did little for their comfort.
They’d run out on comfort pretty soon. Daniel gave them another couple weeks. Maybe a little more. A month?

And then he’d have to figure something out for the money that was locked away.
Daniel took in a deep breath, taking a few more sips from his water to ease the soreness of his stomach. Walking had improved the nauseous feeling, but now his stomach just felt sore and abused.
He’d unconsciously slowed down a little, aimlessly trudging along with Spot on his heels, begging unnoticed for something to eat as well.
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Oh, right; Daniel was sick. Bell pouted to himself. He really wanted meat, but he didn't want to be the only one eating it. It wouldn't be as fun. Oh well, it'd be more canned food for him, then. Nothing he could do about it. "Well... let me know if you think you can, later on," he mentioned hopefully.

He hovered at the bottom and waited while Daniel climbed down, a bit worried his shaky hands might lose their grip, or that his delusions might overcome him. Neither happened; Daniel arrived at the bottom of the ladder without incident. It made him think of the girl, though. What if Daniel was delusional when she came back? What if she attacked while Daniel was delusional? Normally it'd be no big deal, but right now, it might actually be dangerous.

Yeah, and the only other options they had were a house where the floor had almost rotted through and a place that probably had a burglar alarm. They'd just have to take their chances.

Spot came up to them, tail wagging, a big doggy grin on his face. Bell snorted at Daniel's greeting, but he was right. Wasn't anything the least threatening about Spot.

Daniel led them in a new direction; Bell hesitated, then followed him, curious. Worst-case, they hit the fence and had to turn back. But they didn't hit the fence at all, in the end. Instead, there was a nice hole cut in it, just large enough for one small girl. "Guess so," he agreed.

Spot trotted through, then Daniel squeezed through; a little more used to moving through tight spaces than Daniel, Bell managed to squirm through the fence without much difficulty. "No," he said with a sigh. If that much was enough to scare her off, he'd be surprised. "She thinks it's hers. She'll be back to try and scare [i us] off, no doubt." He shrugged and looked away, then looked back at Daniel. "She reminds me of myself, a little. I can't..." he shrugged. "I dunno. It's hard to hold a grudge, because I remember what it was like to be there." The streets weren't easy on a kid. He doubted they were any easier on a girl than they'd been on him. He didn't think she'd really meant to kill, shoving him off the second floor. It'd just been an opportunity to get them off her building, and she hadn't thought it through all the way--clearly, because Daniel would be a threat even if she'd succeeded in pushing Bell off.
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Yeah, she’d be back without a doubt, at the very least to stake out the place and see when they left -oh, and to drool over the scrumptious meat they’d be making. Daniel have Bell-boy a sour look.
“I want to get supplies, but I don’t know if I can stomach meat,” he confessed. His stomach really wasn’t with it enough to tolerate something as heavy as meat. He had to eat something though. One of Daniel’s hands was on the scaffolding, holding it steady as Bell-boy climbed and he watched the man climb down.

“Up to you -you’re the one with the money,” Daniel shrugged in the end. Just because he couldn’t really hold things down, didn’t mean Spot and Bell-boy had to go hungry. Daniel started to climb down as well, his hands clumsy and sluggish on the way down, more so when he’d climbed up.
Using the goatling hadn’t been the brightest idea to have. Perhaps he could sleep a little though.

Spot came trotting back with his tongue hanging from his silly face, panting amicably, tail wagging.
“She scared of you? What’s wrong with her, you’re so goofy,” Daniel told Spot. The dog -if it even understood- didn’t falter for one second. He ruffled Spot’s fur and the picked his way through the concrete jungle, half-heartedly following the girl’s footsteps. She’d easily dealt with the fence on her way out, so Daniel figured they’d look around for the opening on that side.

One of the fences was cut free. When pushed, it’d create a nice space for a single kid to get through. It was hot. Daniel pushed his hair back and rested his hands behind his head, nudging the fence with his toes.
“Guess this is the back door?” Daniel suggested.
He kind of just wanted to relax, but then there was a nervous energy pushing through him, causing his stomach to be more acid than needed. After a single stretch, Daniel gave the fence a proper push and let Spot through. He wrestled through the opening in Spot’s footsteps, popping out the other side.

He waited for Bell-boy before starting out on the way back to the truck.
“Think we scared her off for good?” Bell-boy had been strangely lenient to his would-be Murderer.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 8d 19h 13m 53s

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