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Bellwether-goat wouldn't allow for Bell to kill sinewy-goat, Landon knew that much. Empty threats then. And hollow promises. Telepathy would've been nice right then -actually, Landon was fairly certain the goats had something similar going on. Had to be, if the other 'thing' got alerted to Bellwether-goat's presence from that far a distance. So what would it want? Bellwether-goat obviously didn't mind the entire crew being gone. For some reason, Landon felt they may have long since been gone.

Whatever had kept them around had found other priorities. Like killing the beings destroying its nest maybe. Who knew whether Scott was really the daddy in this foray. Up until now they'd always come across experimenting goats and it was fairly obvious what the goal of this experiment was: to have a goat walk the earth without decaying into thin air. Had it caught Bellwether-goat's interest for that reason?
It would be extremely powerful a skill to have, for one. Landon just hoped that acquiring it wouldn't come with several months waiting and a rebirth.

Being this close to land, with a potentially dangerous goat on board, wasn't such a good thing. But at least they could go ashore if they wanted to. Once they dealt with the threat here. It seemed he wasn't the only one being paranoid.
Landon stared in the same direction Bell was. An empty hallway glared back.
The succinct silence got the hair at the back of Landon's neck to stand on end.
"Shit, I don't like this. It's a big ship," Landon remarked.
They couldn't be vigilant forever either.

"Hey, Bell, you think the food here was useless because it didn't exist? I mean, when I think about it...Mason and Kent, they kept the same routine," he started. "Couldn't put a clock to it, but I bet if we had, it'd be exceptionally punctual," Landon mentioned. To boot, they'd been relatively accepting, and then, relatively aggressive about their going about the ship. Especially around the area containing the goatlings. It hadn't just been Scott.
Maybe that's why he'd been so tired. Going ashore to eat had been their best decision yet.
A shiver tore up his spine.
"I do have one idea to get this goat to come around," Landon muttered softly.
"But it won't risk it with you close..." he said and looked up at Bell.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 2y 213d 14h 55m 12s
"Yeah, everyone," Bell confirmed. It'd been hard for him to believe, too, but the evidence was fairly overwhelming.

He shook his head at Landon's excuses. "No, it's okay. Keep safe." Landon only had one life, after all. It was fine if he hadn't seen the goat. Monster. Creature. Whatever had done this to the ship. It was weird, though. It knew where Landon was hiding? Felt him? He'd certainly never met a goat like that before. But hell, he'd never met a goat like Mindy before either, not until Mindy.

"Then we kill it," Bell said simply. It didn't matter what it was. In fact, he'd be fairly elated at the excuse to kill sinewy-goat. Landon was attached to it, and it bothered him. Being picked as the one Landon loved reassured him, but there was still something between Landon and the fake him, and he didn't like that. "I don't know. It's not like we're telepathic or anything."

The engines were down? When had that happened? Then again, they'd been pretty preoccupied. "Think it's worth checking out?" he asked. Could be the engines had stopped on their own without anyone there to tend them, but it could also be that something had stopped the engines. "Hopefully long enough," Bell mentioned about the lights. "Sun's setting."

"Not far?" Bell said with a shrug. "I can see land on the horizon. We could probably take a lifeboat in, if push came to shove."

Landon was clearly struggling to walk with that leg of his. "Want a hand?" Bell asked. Wasn't like they had to worry about looking gay right now. "Or I could carry you to the infirmary."

He thought he heard a sound from behind, soft footsteps. Bell whirled, eyes wide, but the hallway was empty. His grip on the pipe tightened. Something was on here with them. They were the last two standing. Three? Had the other him been taken by it, too? Bell smirked. Somehow, he doubted it. No version of him was that weak. The fake would've put up a fight, at least. Unless this was caused by the fake, but somehow, he doubted that, too. Landon had returned unscathed twice from meeting with it; once with the shell, once with the goat. Sure, maybe getting laid had triggered it to attack, but at the same time, it wasn't the first time he and Landon had fooled around on the ship. And he knew himself. Even if his lover cheated, he'd take it out on his lover, the one they'd cheated with, or himself, not some random passerby.
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"Everyone?" Landon blinked and tilted his head for a moment, still adjusting to the sudden influx of light pooling into the room. So they Except for that light creature still roaming the ship? They were on a ghost-ship? So wait. Had anyone ever been alive to begin with?
Landon shook his head, swallowing down his paranoia, "no, I didn't -I was dark; if I'd have seen it, it would've seen me in turn and I," he shrugged. What else was he supposed to do then? Landon didn't want to admit he'd been scared either. "It's footsteps were softer than yours, lighter," he reasoned with a sigh. Maybe he should've tried looking at it when it'd become apparent hiding had failed already.
"It knew where I was hiding," Landon waved the bat and sighed out. "Like it felt me," he mentioned. It'd been awkward to say the least.

Landon nodded. They would have to kill it. And Landon knew exactly how to lure it out too. "What if it was sinewy-goat?" he asked off-handedly. It too had a tendency to be light on its feet. After killing everything off, it could've come for Landon as -for...what really? And why as a goat? And why run from Bellwether-goat? It just didn't make sense.
"Wait, where is the other you anyway?" Landon asked. Not that he cared, well. Okay, he cared a little. More than a little.
It was some form of Bellwether, after all.
And sinewy-goat was 'closer than some'.

"Yeah, okay, a crutch sounds good," Landon reasoned and hobbled towards Bell. Using the wall, Landon managed to keep most of the weight off of his bad leg and he knew the general direction of the infirmary. No one crossed their path. Not a sound was made. Landon started to realize why it felt so ominous.
"The engines are down," he told Bell.
"I wonder how long the lights will last," Landon added to the first statement. Not particularly long, if it was his guess. Sure, they had to charge on some kind of battery, in case of an emergency, but that could only work for a couple of hours. And probably wouldn't apply for all of them.
"Are we still out at sea?" Shit, that'd be a big problem then. They couldn't manage the ship with just the two of them.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 2y 213d 18h 46m 45s
Landon responded, and Bell sighed with relief. Thank god. He'd been just about spooked out of his skin with the fear Landon wouldn't reply. He pushed his hair back and forced himself to calm down as Landon climbed to his feet and extricated himself from where he'd been hiding to retrieve the bat.

"I don't know," he panted, still out of breath from his sprint around the ship. What [i had] happened? "Everyone disappeared. Everyone. There wasn't any sign of a struggle. Nothing...tipped over. Like they all just walked off the boat. Or just...disappeared." He caught his breath while he listened to Landon's story, then shivered. Something had come here and he'd scared it off? Fuck, he'd almost lost Landon, too.

"Did you see it?" he asked. He drew his pipe. Something was moving around on the ship, something with cogs. That wasn't a good sign. Another goatling? Or maybe even another mature goat. There was no guarantee that the batch of goatlings they'd aborted was the first batch, or the only batch. There might have been another clutch of eggs, or maybe the goats had impregnated the men after all. Or was this a prank of sinewy-goat? He was on board, too. "Whatever it is, if it's capable of disposing of an entire boat-full of men, we've got to kill it." Not least of all because something capable of killing all of them was more than capable of killing Landon.

Bell shuddered. It'd come so close to killing Landon already. He didn't even want to consider that; it made him sick. What would he do without Landon? He could imagine the life he'd live, and he didn't like it much. Maybe he'd just give up and kill himself until the goat chose a new shell. It sounded better than returning to the endless cold, hateful nights. "Stay close," he ordered. "We can look for it together. Might as well stop by the infirmary and pick up a crutch for you, too." The whole ship was theirs, now. Of course, the downside was that he had no idea how to sail it. If they hit a rock or anything, the ship would go down.
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He couldn't see. Being hidden behind the boxes, Landon couldn't see what entered. Landon tried to breathe quietly, but the curt puffs came in panicked intervals. As long as it was human, it'd be fine. If it wasn't, well. Landon would be fucked. Where was the bat anyway? Shit. He'd left it near the duffel. Cogs.
It was feint, but Landon thought he could hear them.
Soft footsteps started in his general direction. Landon closed his eyes. Another footstep. So gentle. They couldn't be a grown man's. A goatling? Landon stopped breathing altogether. He could practically feel the other's heat from the other side of the boxes.
And then there was a shuffle, and the door clicked shut very carefully. The footsteps seemed to just vanish before the rushed thuds of another.

Bellwether didn't care about being quiet no more, it appeared. The door was pounded open and Landon deflated. So close. It had known about Bellwether-goat's approach and fled. So as long as Bell and he were together, everything would be fine.
So which Bellwether was this?
"Behind here," Landon said when Bell called out his name.
Even if it was sinewy-goat, it was probably better than that silent little thing earlier.
Landon reached up for a shelf and started to pull himself up. The light was making his eyes water and he blinked to get used to seeing things.

"What happened?" he asked, hobbling towards the duffel. He needed the bat -he needed to be prepared the next time to beat down whatever that thing was.
"This...thing entered the room -I don't know...I thought I heard cogs but," Landon faltered and finally managed to weave towards the bat without supporting himself on any other furniture. He leaned down heavily to get the bat.
There were only clothes in the duffel. They could get new ones, so it wasn't important.
"It fled when it felt you coming," he pointed out and then took a good look at Bell. Leather jacket. Okay. Okay, so this was the proper Bellwether. Had it been sinewy-goat then? That goat had always been extremely quiet. The current fear rushing about Bell's face had to produce some unexpected art.
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Bell stood still and listened closely. No one. Nothing. The ship creaked on the waves, the cargo shifted quietly deep in the hold. Gulls called from the shores. The waves lapped at the boat. And that was all. The silence was eerie, too deep. There wasn't a single sound of humanity. He looked around, taking it all in. There wasn't a human to be seen. No blood, either, no gore, no guts, no bodies, but nothing alive, either. As though everyone on the ship had simply...left. Disappeared.

Maybe it was just a bad time. He glanced at the sun; it was just starting to set, the shadows long, the light graying away. Bell dashed off, drawing on the goat's speed again, and ran a lap around the perimeter of the boat; still nothing. No one. A shiver ran up the back of his neck. This was wrong. This was very wrong.

He took back to the interior of the ship. It was risky, but this was too spooky. He had to make a run by the populated areas, the dining hall, the bathrooms, the showers, the rooms. This time, he took the hallways at a jog, afraid to draw on the goat's speed again when he might need it to get away. At every corner, he hesitated, stopped, pressed his back against the wall, then peered around it, until at the fourth corner he gave up and just started running down the hallways. No one was here. No one. The whole crew had vanished entirely. No blood. No gore. Nothing. Nothing at all.

Cold shot down to his core, a thought coming to him. If everyone was gone, all the humans taken--then what about Landon? Landon, whom he'd just left alone? Bell spun around and dashed back for the room, drawing recklessly on the goat's speed. He didn't care if he used it all up, but if Landon had been hurt again--if someone had touched Landon--

He found the door and screeched to a halt, bracing himself against the floor. With the leftover momentum, he slid past the door and had to run back to it, then slammed the door open. The room beyond was empty. Completely empty. "Landon?" he asked, fear tinging his voice. He shouldn't have left, he shouldn't have--
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Bandages, right. Landon took them and pondered on how to go about wrapping up his knee. The fabric of his clothes were so tight against the joint, Landon wasn't sure he'd get them back on if and when he took them off. Their current situation didn't really permit either of them being in a state less than ready. Landon stuffed the bandages into his pocket for later. If they ever reached the shore to start with. Fear and hesitation gripped at Landon's throat when Bell said he'd be right back.

Yeah, which Bellwether? He was injured, if anyone came into the supply room now, Landon would be done for. Maybe it'd be a blessing. Up till now, there had always been a goat to bring him back from the brink of death. Landon unconsciously put a hand to where Robert-goat had stabbed a hand through his guts.
'Don't take long' felt like an empty plea to make.

Light filled the room for a second and Landon squinted at it. And just like that, the door slammed back shut and he was alone. Landon swallowed. Bell would expect him to be fine with this. It was just some stupid darkness. No one had crossed by their door in ages.
Nothing had entered the room, and if it would, the light was a clear give-away. Landon heard himself breathe, so loud. His heart beat fifty miles a second. Something would return. Bell was definitely going to startle him before any type of relief would set in.
"Shit," Landon cursed under his breath. He hated this.
This kind of weakness.

Right, they were on a glorious white, sandy beach. See-through water lapped at the shore, and he was sitting in a hammock with a umbrella-tainted coconut, sipping from the bendy straws. Nothing was amiss. Everything was fine.
The exercise hadn't ever worked and it did nothing now.
Landon felt for the boxes and worked his way into a stand, carefully trying his legs. The initial stiffness made things hard, but eventually he could put at least half his weight on the bum leg. As long as he kept hold of the racks, he could safely hobble through the room.

Seconds passed. Minutes passed.
No one.
Not a sound.
Bell said quick. How long was this going to fucking take?
Just as soon as fear turned to anger, footsteps resounded. The door handle rattled as it was pushed down. Landon's eyes grew wide and he ducked behind some boxes.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 2y 214d 16h 11m 20s
"Yeah," Bell agreed. So Landon had noticed too? "Someone came by while you were sleeping, walked past, but that's all I've seen." Was this just a particularly quiet hallway? Could be. It still worried him.

"Leg bothering you?" he asked. That wasn't a good sign. Then again, he had been pretty beaten up. A bad leg was the least of their worries. "Want some painkillers?" Not the best idea to offer them to the addict, but for all that he worried about Landon's addiction, he didn't want the man to be in pain either. "I got bandages, too."

He hesitated a moment more, then nodded. "Yeah, I'm gonna go take a look." He pulled the bandages out of his pocket and set them in Landon's hand, then groped around for the painkillers, but couldn't find them. Well, they were probably in Landon's bags. Landon usually held them, for whatever reason.

"Alright, sit up, I'll be right back," he promised, pushing Landon up and out of his lap. He stood slowly, hips aching a little, the soreness from the bruises setting in. Better to work that out now than let it really sink in. His legs were a little numb after so much holding still, and he paced the room to stretch them, softening his steps, then stretched his back out.

The door was the first obstacle. If anyone saw him going in or out, Landon's hiding spot would be compromised, and they'd be in trouble. He put his ear to it. Nothing. Nothing at all. With a deep breath, he opened it and stepped outside.

No one. It was empty.

Pulling on the goat's speed, he dashed off, sprinting away from the hiding spot. A few tight turns later, he felt the wind from outside and slowed to a jog, wary. He hadn't seen anyone yet, but that didn't mean there was no one here. He peered around the corner. It was evening. And--and they had arrived. There was land, there on the horizon! He ran out to the railing and stared at it, a grin spreading. He was here! He was back!

No, wait. He looked around, paranoid. Where was everyone? He still hadn't seen anyone. This wasn't right. Something was wrong, very wrong.
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 2y 214d 19h 2m 46s
"No it's just...yeah, I don't know," Landon rambled. Bell's hand pushed his down before it could accidentally explore some sensitive part. Instead, Landon received a kiss -enough to distract him from the darkness, but not quite enough to make Landon forget the sensation of paranoia. It was double as frightening, due to the fear of the schizophrenia returning. No. It'd all just been a bad dream, like Bellwether said. Landon rested his head on Bell's lap, looking up at the dark ceiling.
Bell's voice was soothing.

"It's been quiet for a while," he mentioned. It'd been quiet when Bell slept too. Would they have arrived if it was night? Probably not. Maybe half a day more? Shit, but they'd both slept. It could be they were within reach of shore, just following the coast-line and if that was true, sinewy-goat may very well have jumped ship. After all, that Bellwether had promised he'd get out of their way -for good.

The darkness wasn't very appealing. At all.
Landon had regained his composure and slowly sat up. In the darkness, he pulled a pained expression, since no one was around to see it anyway. His leg had gone stiff. Tentative hands rubbed at the swollen skin, but Landon immediately thought better of it. Not touching was better. Much better.
"If you want to go check, I don't think I'll be of much use," Landon explained. Even if he wanted nothing more than to just see sunlight. Or any kind of light. Or maybe not see it, but feel it. Then again, if it was day, that meant they'd have to make a swift retreat. Bell could, probably. On shore they could get their hands on food more easily after all, it was worth the waste of energy.

Bellwether was no sinewy-goat though. Landon worried. Which Bell was going to return? Both knew about this blasted room. What if neither returned? What if the goatling found this place before either of them? They never did confirm its death, only the absence of flutters. Bellwether wanting to go out and check might be a clue there was some unsolved issue still lingering about the halls.
"Are you going to check?" Landon asked.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 2y 214d 20h 3m 50s
Landon leaned against his shoulder, then shifted to put his head in Bell's lap, a welcome weight. Releasing Landon's hand, Bell stroked his hair gently, easing him off to sleep. His turn to keep watch while Landon slept. Landon's hair was kind of greasy; well, it was only to be expected. They'd been on this ship for almost five days and only showered one of them. He probably reeked and had greasy hair too. Then again, they both definitely reeked right now, though of something a bit more dangerous than body odor.

His only nightlight was the strip of light under the door. He watched it quietly, ready to up and move if it changed, or if he heard footsteps. At one point he did; the footsteps passed by, slow and steady, and the light under the door flickered, but that was all; they never paused or turned towards their hiding spot. He hadn't noticed earlier, too distracted by other things, but towards the front of the room, he could make out details, now, his eyes fully adjusted to the dark. Further back, the light didn't penetrate, and there was only shadow and vague shapes, but towards the front was different. He played a game with himself while he waited for Landon to wake up, trying to guess the things he could make out on the shelves. Was that a spool of thread? Or maybe it was wire. And that box...was that an E? An A?

Suddenly Landon jerked awake, taking Bell by surprise. He looked down at the exclamation, then blinked when Landon asked for him. "Yeah, I'm--" a hand crawled up his chest in the darkness, patted blindly about his face. He pushed it back down before Landon could stick a finger in his eye. "Yeah, I'm here." Bell bent over and kissed Landon. "Bad dream?"

Sometimes it seemed like all their dreams were bad dreams, him and Landon both. "Think maybe it's night out?" Bell hypothesized, nodding towards the door. "Since it's so quiet outside the room." If it were, it'd be a good time to go check whether they were close or not; in the dark, it'd be harder to pick them out at a distance.
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 2y 214d 22h 32m 4s
"Not really," he muttered softly in regards to the leg. Best not to sugar-coat it, in case they did suddenly need to get up and kill people. Landon sighed and pushed away the thought. With the supplies in the room, they could probably manage to restrain someone for a short amount of time as well. Since when had murder become the go-to solution?
"It's fine," Landon dismissed Bell's apology. It wasn't like he'd changed Bellwether's mind on him being top, and they'd both wanted it so, there was no reason to blame one where two partied.
The quiet was odd. Landon hoped sinewy-goat hadn't massacred everyone on the ship. It'd be like the goat to try a new form of art. Painting in blood? Hopefully not. Maybe this part of the ship was just a quiet corner when there weren't men looking all over for them.

Bell's hand was a surprise, the squeeze even more so. Landon wasn't quite sure what to make of it, but it did clue away how Bellwether was situated. Rather than forcing himself, Landon first let himself lean against Bell's shoulder and finally used the man's lap as a pillow. He probably wouldn't manage sleep, but lying down caused less pressure on his leg than sitting up did. And he was tired. Landon's eyes focussed on the thin strip of light. It never moved, or changed. Come to think of it; the lights inside the freighter always appeared on. As long as the engine ran, he figured.

There! The light shifted.
Landon tried to move, or say anything, but everything felt so heavy. So lethargic. It felt as if the darkness pressed down on him physically, holding him, pinning him to the floor sheerly by its presence.

With a slight startle, Landon's eyes shot back open. Oh. So he'd fallen asleep after all.
"Shit," he whispered and wiped at his face. Nothing had changed. Darkness still surrounded them. Slight panic washed over Landon. What if he hadn't woken up yet?
"Bell?" At least he could sort of move this time. Paranoid, Landon reached up to map out Bellwether. What if it'd been sinewy-goat all along, and Bell the one running away? No, that was impossible, wasn't it? They hadn't been apart.
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"Bad dream," Bell reported, scrubbing at his face and rubbing the boogers out of his eyes. He felt rejuvinated after that nap, though disoriented. He scanned in the dark until he found the slit of light from the door, then relaxed. He heard Landon moving beside him, and turned in the direction of the sound until the movement stopped. Then he followed after, groping in the dark until he felt the wall and sitting against that instead. He was hungry. They should've bought more food. Nothing they could do about it now. Well. Maybe he should've sucked Landon off instead. Could've done with a little extra nutrition. Too late to think of it now, though.

"Yeah," he said. It wasn't even as bad as his usual bad dreams, just a...jump scare? That was probably the best way to describe it. "No, I'm fine."

How long was he out? There was really no way to tell time in this tiny, lightless box. Even Robert's cells had had 'day' and 'night.' He didn't think he'd slept the whole night, but it didn't feel like a fifteen-minute nap either. "Leg okay?" he asked, remembering it suddenly. He'd had Landon get on his knees and top, too--how rude of him! He'd completely forgotten about the injury. If it hadn't been aching before, it had to be hurting now. "Sorry," he added, a bit uncertain.

It was quiet outside. How long had it been so perfectly quiet? Before, there'd been footsteps at regular intervals, but now...silence. Was it night? A meal shift? Had the men shifted to looking for them in a different sector of the ship? It was odd, anyways.

The men. How had the other him fared? Had it gotten caught? Probably not, Bell reasoned. There'd be more screaming if it had. A cornered goat was a sight to behold, and sinewy goat was 'close to his,' whatever that meant. But whatever it meant, he knew his goat was a scary goat, so sinewy goat would have to be the same. The other him would be really jealous if it found them now, he thought, smirking. Ha, that'd show it. He sought out Landon's hand in the darkness and gave it a squeeze, broad smirk on his face. They'd given the finger to everyone on the boat, fake him included, and it felt so good.
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 2y 215d 16h 23m 55s
So that was how they decided who would stand guard and who got to sleep? Landon cursed Bellwether's decision and sighed out. Nothing he could do about it now. The peaceful staccato breathing indicated Bell was already out for the count. Landon's hand mindlessly toyed with Bell's hair as he stared in the darkness. At one point, he'd been afraid of the darkness -no. Maybe. Not the darkness, but the shadows. The shadows tended to contort and scheme in unpredictable ways. It could be Bellwether-goat's blood couldn't heal mental deficiencies. How could it even? That would mean the blood altered his very DNA. That he was a different person. Maybe Landon was.
Daniel. Or Landon.

When Bell squirmed it woke Landon from his daze and he eased the man back to sleep. Nothing was going to happen any time soon. Other than waking up sore, for one. Landon didn't think he'd be able to get to his feet if the situation demanded for it. Not by any means quickly anyway. Actually, Bell's choice to go sleep first was the right one. Landon didn't think he'd be able to. His knee felt like a thick mess again, only rivalled in brief intervals by his throbbing ankle. That'd be a nice one to unwrap from its boot, for sure. They never did steal those crutches.

America was riddled with private clinics and doctors, wasn't it? Wouldn't be too hard to get some help off the books. Or at least some more bandages to tape it. Stupid. They probably did still have bandages, from when Bellwether went to fetch them for his shoulder.

Bell shot up unexpectedly and Landon groaned.
"Ah, what did you that for," he said and sent the man a glare, which fell blind in the dark. Must've been another nightmare.
Landon took the opportunity to wrestle himself into a seated position. His back and shoulders had become stiff from the solid floor, even though there wasn't much difference with the bunk-beds, to be fair.
"You okay?" Landon asked Bell, facing his general direction. It dawned on Landon that when and if they got out, they'd be blinded for a good few minutes. Landon stifled any further questions, since there was no food in sight and Bell was bound to be moody, and propped himself up against the wall. It actually made his leg worse, but it felt good to get some blood pumping regardless. How much longer would it be anyway? It already felt like infinity.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 2y 215d 16h 58m 33s
Landon petted his hair reassuringly as he mulled over his answer, and Bell found himself drifting off to sleep. This was heaven. How had it taken him so long to find someone like this? Someone he trusted, who would hold him gently and cuddle and love him? Then again, it wasn't as though it weren't his fault. He had an abrasive personality, and the whole monster-hunting shtick usually scared potential boyfriends away. Even he and Landon hadn't gotten along together at first.

Bell grumbled a little at the compliment, not sure he liked the fact that he was nice to fuck. Better than being an awful fuck, he supposed. Landon pulled him closer and he nuzzled up to him, breathing his scent; he lifted his head and settled it on Landon's shoulder as a pillow. Comfy and warm. Perfect. "Yeah," he breathed, when Landon nuzzled his hair. No matter what.

"Dunno," he said. If they waited for the landing, there'd be a jolt, probably, but there'd be no way of testing. "Once my legs get back in gear I'll...go take a look."

His attention span was waning fast, sleep calling. After finishing twice, he was spent in every possible way, and he just wanted to sleep on Landon's shoulder until they arrived in America. "Mmm, yeah, lifeboat," he muttered semi-coherently. He snuggled closer and closed his eyes. They could chat after he woke up. "Take turns, you...keep watch," he suggested. And then sleep swallowed him whole, stomach rising and falling gently with each breath.

His dreams were surprisingly quiet this time; only once did he feel the usual pain and panic welling up, blood and dirt mixing--but then Landon was there, petting his hair back and holding him gently and massaging the pain away, and Bell melted into him. This was where he belonged. Landon was where he belonged. Wherever Landon was, that was his home. He was in love, really in love, like he'd never been before. It was a little frightening, but...mostly wonderful and exhilarating.

"You're coming home," she said with a smile, and he jolted awake.
  Bellwether / kaitoXi / 2y 215d 17h 40m 57s
"Well, excuse me princess," Landon countered roughly. Apparently Bell didn't take too much offence because after a few moments there was a warm body rolling up against him and Landon slung an arm across Bell's frame. He got a general idea of how the man was positioned, but really, some things were anyone's guess. Like Bellwether's expression. Part of Landon would've loved to see Bell's shy look as he stumbled over what he was trying to say. Bottom? Was that a preference -well, yeah, hadn't Bellwether said something like that at some point?

Landon found Bell's head and lazily petted the man's hair. It'd gotten long, but right now, Landon didn't mind much. For one, it was a nice feeling. They never showered much, let alone use shampoo all the time, but still it was extremely soft for some reason. His own had been greasy to start with too, but it'd tapered off eventually. Or maybe the numerous hotels had seen to that kind of personal care.

"I don't mind at all," Landon said calmly, "why would I?" he continued with a whisper, "you're so narrow." Another arm joined the first and he pulled Bellwether closer. Moments like these were when things were perfect. They ought to relish them more often. Now that they weren't too preoccupied, Landon just listened.

This hallway was particularly quiet. Landon didn't know which he prefered: some kind of background noise or just...silence. Couldn't even hear the ocean, see the daylight. How were they ever going to figure out when they had arrived?
Landon found himself wishing for an electrical socket to charge the phone with. Or any kind of watch, honestly. Instead he nuzzled Bell's hair and sighed deeply. Everything ached again. The post-high never lasted quite long enough.
"We'll work no matter what," Landon muttered semi-contently and tried to shift his bum leg into a more comfortable position unsuccessfully.

"Any ideas about how we can tell we're there?" he reasoned in a soft voice, playing with the seams of Bell's coat. "It may be we'll have to go topside to check while we're not there yet -think we can hijack a life-boat?" It wasn't as if they hadn't done anything worse yet, in terms of crimes. Hell, they killed people. Humans. Actual human beings. Landon never thought of either of them as being a murderer though.
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