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Wouldn't it be funny if there were more? Daniel wasn't actually sure whether there wasn't a fourth or a fifth. What if there were things obscured from his memory too? Whenever Lenny took over shit just got dark. Who knew what or who was in charge at that time? From what he heard from both Lily, his mother and Bellwether however, there had never seemed to be more than the two of them. Three, technically. But that'd been. Dealt with.
Daniel followed Bellwether complacently enough.

Quiet reigned the hallways this early. Sure, at night there had probably been plenty of noises from their neighbours, but even that had simmered down. Everything slept. Daniel felt it too. When they passed the desk, Daniel ditched the keys. Whoever was meant to watch the desk was gone for now, and they could take the hint.
He yawned for good measure once they stepped outside.

Daniel mapped out the streets. A quaint, bland little town. Nothing to say about it really. Actually, they should probably be happy it had a hotel to start out with. Nothing scenic about the place. Daniel smiled at Bell when the man pointed out their trusty old van.
"Keys? Keys," Daniel muttered and searched his pockets.
"Oh, here they are," he said with a faded grin and jingled the thing in front of Bell. Without much further ceremony, Daniel approached the van and unlocked the doors, leaning over for Bell's side. Round two.
That's what it felt like.
Only now he wasn't soaked to the bones. Daniel glanced back into the car, but nothing much had changed since.

"Actually, if you want to's pretty quiet out on the streets now," Daniel suggested, looking over at Bell. He had no sense of danger. Why would he? Chances of the police finding any would-be-abductors was extremely slim without any clues. Even if they had clues, they didn't have the boy and corpse had conveniently dissipated in the stomach of a dead goat.

"It's easy," Daniel tried to compel Bellwether to drive instead. When the two of them could drive, they could move faster. "Just for an hour or two," he cooed. Once they hit the high-way, there really was nothing to driving. Just a foot on the pedal and away they went. "I can even shift the gears for you on your first try?" Daniel suggested smoothly.
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He really hadn't known Landon that long. Not even a year. Huh. He'd never thought of it before, It sure felt longer, both the good and the bad.

Bell shrugged. He wasn't a psychologist. Two personalities had seemed perfectly reasonable until Landon had brought it up. "Landon's the one who got worked up about it," he said. "I don't care, unless he's out even less of the time and I've got to be all worried about touching my boyfriend for longer."

Three? But not anymore? "I'll let Landon know," he said. It'd put his mind at ease, at least. If he was willing to believe Daniel. Landon tended to be more skeptical than Daniel. More prone to lying, too? Who knew. And who cared, quite frankly? It wasn't as though Daniel were any kind of angel.

"Yeah," he agreed. And once the public stopped caring, things got easier for them. The police wouldn't get much of anywhere on finding them if no one was looking out for them.

He picked up another few handfuls of trash and tossed them, then nodded. He didn't really want to sleep on the bed anymore. Didn't have any reason to stay. Might as well move along.

"Follow me," he ordered, taking the lead. Daniel shouldn't know where they'd parked the car. Or would he? Sometimes he had a better handle on what went on while Landon was out than Landon did when he was out. Either way, someone had to take the lead.

Daniel was right; the hotel was empty. He led the way out the back, ducking away from the security camera as casually as possible, and passed no one on the way out. The streets were vacant as well, almost eerily empty. A few cars zoomed by on the streets on their way to work, eyes glued ahead, paying them no attention. The park loomed up, still night dark in the depths of the trees. The van was a blot in the shadows, not yet green in the faint light of the slowly-rising sun. "There," he said, pointing it out, as though Daniel wouldn't know. "Hope you have the keys." He hurried over towards the car, eager to be on their way.
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He was focussed on getting to the acid goodness inside the orange when Bellwether piped up. Daniel wiped at his chin and chewed away what he'd bitten off. More personalities? Well, that conversation seemed long overdue.
"How long have you known Lenny now, Bell-boy?" Daniel started with a cheeky expression. And only now they figured to consider more alternate personalities? Upset? Maybe poor old Lenny had been upset to find out his body wasn't his own after all. That all of the integration-shit, the memories, that all of it was just a mental block being lifted ever so temporarily. It proved Lenny could be in control and know a hundred percent of all that was going on with them. But Lenny didn't really care to know, now did he?
"Couple months?" Daniel tried.

"More, if we count your little stint of being an egg," he chastised light-heartedly. "And the coma or whatever." Both of those had been time wasted on his side of the story. Daniel with the egg, Lenny with the comatose shell.
"You never bothered to ask this before?" Daniel asked, almost confused.
And what did it matter anyway?
"Don't break your pretty little head over it," he said finally. "There was a third at one point, but not any more," Daniel told Bell.

The television interrupted Daniel's reply on going west -he didn't care either which way. He watched, head cocked, as the news-reader announced the boy's name. Daniel smiled broadly as he recalled the boy's little head caving in and exploding in a sea of black leathery tissue.
"They won't let up until they've found the parents some type of closure, but the public should tire after a few weeks," Daniel shrugged off and finished the orange. He wiped his hands on the towel he'd used and tossed the thing on the bed.

They'd made a regular old mess of the room. Daniel stopped to stuff some of the wrappers, cans and other items into the plastic bags.
"We should leave now, if we are leaving, less people to see us go," Daniel suggested. Less people to tell police where they headed if they ever got on their trail. It didn't seem like they had any details, so it seemed they could use the van without worrying too much.
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Teach him now? How? They were in the shower...oh. Daniel had a much dirtier mind than Landon did. Daniel flinched when he got too close to the cut on the back of his head, but it seemed like it wasn't that painful, because he started to relax against Bell. More and more of his weight came to rest against Bell until he started to worry he might have to catch the guy, but at the last second, Daniel stood back upright.

"Felt that good?" Bell asked, confused. That was the first time he'd made anyone, Landon included, melt with his hair-washing technique. To be quite honest, he hadn't thought he had a technique at all. At least it seemed to satisfy Daniel, whatever it'd done to the guy.

Daniel stepped out of the shower, and after a pause, Bell followed, if only because he was concerned about what the hell had almost made Daniel pass out. What hurt one of them hurt both, after all. Even so, Daniel seemed fine as he dried off and got dressed, and Bell followed his lead. Oranges for breakfast? Well, it wasn't like they had anything else. The sharp acid taste mingled weirdly with the sleep taste in his mouth, but it was edible, and after a few bites, the sleep taste dissipated entirely.

"Landon was wondering if there were any more personalities," Bell said conversationally. He cast about for a place to sit and came up with nowhere, so leaned against the wall instead. "He got really upset about it, too. So I was wondering if you knew?" Daniel seemed to know more than Landon in general, so maybe he did. He claimed to be the original, after all. Maybe. He honestly still wasn't clear on that.

"Anyways, I'd rather go west than north but I don't know how to go either direction so it's really up to you," he said. "As long as we get away, that's most important."

As though on cue, the newscaster on the television chimed in. "The investigation continues as the search for young Martin Grand turns up no new leads." Bell glanced up, and sure enough, it was their goat-kid. He glanced at Daniel, tense. At least they hadn't turned up any new leads, unless there was something they weren't telling the news.
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Up to drive? Daniel raised an eyebrow. What kind of question was that anyway? "Why wouldn't I be?" he asked leisurely. Then again, last time he'd been 'okay' to drive, he'd almost crashed them, hadn't he? "I'm okay," Daniel added for clarity. As okay as one could be with schizophrenia. If the change happened while they were driving, it'd be a little troublesome, but so far so good, right? Sometimes catching on just had to happen quickly.

Bellwether didn't reject his affection this time and Daniel grinned at that.
"Hmm, I can teach you now?" he said suggestively.
Before he could give heed to Bellwether's massage-request, the man turned and Daniel smiled broadly. He liked where this was going. Until he got prodded to turn around too and faced the wall. Bell's hands moved to wash his hair.

"Watch the-" Daniel flinched, "...cut," he finished. It didn't feel much better at all, so wait, did that mean Lenny had only been out for a day or so? What was up with that?
Daniel slowly relaxed and leaned back against Bell. It felt good to be tended too, made him lazy too. When Bellwether asked him a question, Daniel just hummed ambiguously.

"What?" Had Lenny been continuing the trend of going north?
"Oh, I guess we can," Daniel said contently and then realized Bell had been apprehensive about going further up. It'd been Daniel's intention to take Bellwether home at first, but maybe that'd been a cruel trick to play. Also, it was likely to be cold.
"I don't care as long as you keep this up," he said and all but let himself slip down.
"Wow," Daniel said, startled and caught himself. What was that?

He pulled away and used the water to rinse out the suds, then turned to watch Bellwether, slightly confused. "Et tu, Brute?" he said with a faint smile. "I think I'm clean enough now," Daniel said with a pat to Bellwether's cheek and stepped out of the shower. He found a towel and dried off, distracted.
The darkness from that morning was slowly waning as an eager sun crawled up the horizon. Why were they up so ridiculously early anyway? Daniel peered at the bed and considered sleeping in that mess, only to turn away, slightly disgusted for even considering that. Instead he just got dressed and picked an orange from the bag they had. He peeled it and let the TV distract. It didn't have anything useful on though.
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It wasn't really a surprise when Daniel joined him, though he had been curious whether the man would or not. At least a little shower together ought to get Daniel to consider them still lovers, even if he wasn't certain whether he was willing to go all the way. Maybe. And he had needs too, which Landon seemed to have forgotten. If Daniel was going to be a bigger part of their lives, they'd have to renegotiate their terms as well. Daniel had always been a rarity before, but now that he was going to be out all the time, they'd have to address some things. Even Landon had to understand that.

Landon's hands closed around his waist. Daniel's. It was all the same. He kept on washing, ignoring him for the most part. Still, he relaxed a little. It felt good to be touched.

"Are you up to drive, then?" he asked, all business like Daniel wasn't nuzzling the back of his neck. It felt good, but he wasn't going to let him know that. More than just good, actually, familiar. Daniel and Landon moved in so many similar ways. It was the same body, after all. There'd be muscle memory, even between personalities. "You didn't teach me last time." Not that he figured Daniel to be a great teacher, but Landon hadn't even brought it up.

Daniel's hands brushed up to his shoulders, and he glanced back. "Well, make yourself useful and massage them," he ordered, grabbing some soap and turning to face him. Daniel seemed to be planning on letting the water rinse him clean rather than actually washing up, so he applied himself to that task. He didn't stop short at his waist, either, but kept on going. Someone had to make sure they wouldn't smell like wet dog. "Don't get too excited now," he muttered, then prodded Daniel to turn and started on the guy's hair. It was all for the sake of not reeking. Landon would understand.

"We going to go further north?" he asked,a little apprehensive. Too far north and they'd...well. Things might get interesting. He'd rather not, if possible. But it might be the best way to flee.
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Daniel had been expecting a look of disdain for making the great Bellwether jump in surprise, but rather than that, Daniel was rewarded with appreciation. For his body, Daniel assumed. Given, ever since they joined Bell on the road, he was looking hotter than ever. Lily had sort of made him give in to a sedentary life. At least Landon had. Find it? The hot water? Daniel cocked his head and smiled broadly.

He was a little surprised in turn when Bellwether gestured him closer. Daniel was apprehensive at first, but figured Bell was just too lazy to give up on the hot shower. For a moment he paused, a confused expression ghosting across his face, and then Daniel mentally shrugged and decided to go with the flow. Did that mean they were touching?
Daniel grinned. Worst case scenario, Bell escaped from the shower.

He stepped next to Bell in the small cubicle and put his hands to the other's waist, making sure they wouldn't bump into one another. What was this anyway? They'd already gone at it before and Landon hadn't left Bellwether over it. Truly, Daniel expected Landon to understand they couldn't demand Bell to just give up when it was another personality and lay low. That was cruel.

"We're better off distancing ourself from the crime-scene..." Daniel reasoned languidly. He nuzzled the back of Bell's neck out of habit. "Such a crime, maybe they'll look at close ones first, people at the school, before they expand their search," he suggested.
Daniel hadn't seen what details were already made public and he cared little for it. Bell was right, the water didn't even reach hot. It was just a tad above tepid. At least it served to wash off the stickiness of a game Daniel couldn't remember. Such a shame.
It was really a shame. Nothing doing though.

"Besides, if Lenny's impatient, who's to say your inner goat isn't?" Daniel drawled softly. Bellwether-goat was what made Landon edgy. After all, it just took a flip of a coin to get the goat to break bones and try to find some emotional torture to blackmail them into complacency. Daniel realized his hands were still at Bell's waist and he brushed them up thoughtlessly. He liked the way Bell's shoulder-muscles bunched in the middle. It felt strong.
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He wasn't going to fuck Daniel. Landon would get in a tizzy fit and go crazy on him again. Damn. Landon had to be the highest-maintenance boyfriend he'd ever put up with. And what was this drought-or-flood mentality anyways? They didn't touch each other for what felt like weeks, then Landon--Daniel, same difference--begged him for sex until he was sick of it. Couldn't they have it once every few days like normal people?

Maybe it was because London/Daniel was used to women. Had to be it, he decided.

Daniel meandered around the room and let Bell be, and he used the time to get clean privately. Somehow it was lonely. He'd really gotten used to sharing the shower. Still, it wasn't so bad, especially when he had to take care of last night's mess--something he'd rather do without examination. When Daniel spoke again, he jumped a little. He hadn't heard him approach.

Bell glanced over his shoulder at Daniel and had to look away. It didn't matter who was occupying the body, it was still Landon's body and as attractive as it was naked. He laughed at the hot water comment, though. "Let me know if you find it," he muttered. Without really thinking, he gestured Daniel closer, into the shower. It wasn't cheating, was it? They were getting clean, not fucking. And if Daniel was as big a baby about washing himself as Landon was, then if Bell didn't help him, he'd be sticky until next week.

"I dunno. Landon suggested driving more," Bell offered. "He seemed bored with laying low, until I let him fuck me, anyways." He shrugged. "I'm not the one driving so it's not really my call. Honestly, it's mox nix to me. We hit the road, the police might stop us. Stay here, someone might start getting suspicious about those men who came in the day after the kidnapping."

Why couldn't Landon be like Daniel? It was all his body. He knew from experience that Daniel had no problem seeking out someone else if Bell didn't give it up; he'd threatened it before. And honestly, he understood. They weren't really lovers if they didn't fuck, were they? If it came down to it, he'd rather cheat on Landon than be cheated on.
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Maybe it'd been the question-thing which was at fault. Shouldn't have asked Bell whether he wanted seconds, should've just pretended to be horny and shut up, like Daniel imagined Lenny would behave like. Then he'd have gotten fucked by Bellwether.
"Ask Lenny what happened then," Daniel replied matter-of-factly. "Don't blame me," he shrugged. It hurt huh? Well, well, so Lenny liked being on top too, hmm? Interesting.

Bellwether's refusal hurt, but Daniel laughed it off and let himself get pushed away. "My ass feels fine?" Daniel implied suggestively. He pulled the jelly from underneath his back and capped the bottle. Apparently they weren't doing much of anything -Bell was being the loyal type again. He'd have to wait if he wanted a shot.
Although, really?

If Bell figured it was cheating to fuck Daniel, what would keep him from finding someone who would actually get down with him? Bellwether wobbled over towards the shower and Daniel watched the man go. Lenny had been at it real good, from the looks of things. Maybe that's what got Bellwether in a huff.

Daniel slowly peeled himself away from the sheets, stretching out the kinks in his back. Oh, look, beer. Daniel took the cans from the floor, weighed both and took a sip from one. He pulled a face. Okay. This beer was already flatter than flat and tepid to boot. Daniel pulled a face.
There was a tub of melted ice-cream, oranges and what appeared to be the carcass of a grilled chicken. Nice dinner that'd made. Daniel settled on a bottle of water and puttered around the small room. It got boring quickly.
In the end he leaned against the doorpost of the bathroom and watched Bell shower. What else was there to do? Television at this hour was dreadful and Daniel didn't think Bellwether would be up for showering together.

"Leave some hot water, hmm?" he suggested.
"So what were you guys doing? No more driving?" Daniel asked. After that night though, Daniel would understand if they needed some down-time. Last thing he recalled was falling asleep in Bell's arms, cold and exhausted. He felt a little shaky, so they'd probably done less to feed themselves than to get another fuck in. Or maybe that was the beer they'd drank yesterday.
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Landon snuggled up closer to him, and he raised his arm and put it around the guy. "Yeah, after what you got" Realization came slowly, and it made him groan. No, goddamn it. He wanted to have Landon treat him gently and spoil him a little, chance with Daniel. "What Landon got up to. Damn," he finished. Damn, shit, fuck. What a great thing to wake up to.

"I thought you came out when bad shit happened," he groaned, closing his eyes. "You're out, tell me how good it was." He didn't think Landon had disliked it...fuck, Landon had been the one fucking him. No, probably it was just happenstance. Or a bad dream. Was Landon that hair trigger to switch now? Daniel was drawing circles on his skin, and he let it happen. He didn't have the energy to make it stop. "Fucking hurts now, though."

The kiss was unexpected. So was the leg meandering its way up his. "Stop, stop," he said, pushing Daniel's head away. "My ass is already sore, you're going to make me bleed." If Landon had offered, he probably would've gone with it anyways, though definitely on top. But he wasn't going to climb on top of Daniel. That was definitely worse than getting pushed down. Besides, he was sated enough for a while. If he couldn't be faithful right after Landon held him, what kind of boyfriend was he?

On the other hand, it'd be the perfect crime. They were already sticky. He let Daniel do it again, and Landon would never have to know. He wouldn't feel more sated, or tired, or sticky, and it already smelled like sex...

He pushed away from Daniel and wobbled over to the shower, getting his legs back under him as he went. Damn it all.

It was still dark out, but growing brighter, on the verge of dawn. If they were going to get going, they had to head out soon. He flicked the shower on and stepped in, the water cold. It was fine. It shocked him awake. Better than being half asleep and dealing with Daniel. The water warned up slowly, and he leaned against the wall to let it go. Things could never be good, not even for a moment. Something fucked it up.
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Daniel snapped awake. Oh. Bell. Hotel. Wait, was he naked? And cold. Some time had gone missing. Daniel slowly blinked up at Bellwether and furrowed his brow. His head felt like it was made of goo, stuffy and sticky. Well, everything was sticky, to be fair. Daniel moved with a groan, muscles feeling stiff and sore. He burrowed his face into the bed and then inched closer to the only other source of heat on the bed. Hey, Bell was naked too. That was kind of convenient.

"You hurt, Bell-boy?" Daniel asked with a low voice, hoarse with sleep. Didn't seem like Bellwether was hurt, on the outside at least. One eye was barely visible through heavy eyelids and they gazed at Bellwether, trying to judge whether he was right. It didn't seem like Bell was hurt particularly bad.
No bruises for one. But there were bruises on his body, so whatever time was missing, it couldn't be much. Unless they'd rerun the throttling, goat-kick and whatever else Landon enjoyed having done to himself.

Goose-bumps crawled across his back. Why were they even on top of the blankets? It was dark outside still, though there was the promise of a new, ridiculously early day looming on the horizon.
Daniel sighed out. If he was to get comfortable, staying in this icky bed wasn't the way to go about things.

"Was it good?" Daniel asked. He realized what they'd done, recognized the odour. Also, the jelly was prodding him in the back. Careful fingers drew circles on Bell's chest; Daniel couldn't help it. Bellwether was too tempting. They could go for a second round, right? Everything was right there within arm's reach: bed, jelly, naked Bellwether...

Daniel leaned over and kissed where his fingers had traced, leg rubbing up Bellwether's. The blank void in Daniel's mind where memories ought to have been didn't bother Daniel as much as it had Landon. So what if some time had gone missing? Landon was boring. Nothing ever happened to the guy. Admittedly, things had gotten decidedly more interesting now, but it didn't seem they moved much. Just got a hotel. All the boring shit got skipped. Nice and easy.
"Want to go for seconds?" Daniel offered up.
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Bell dreamed of wandering, of walking endlessly. The world changed around him as he walked. Icy wastes pulled the fur on his thick jacket as the wind lashed what little skin was available. He was hunting, that was all he knew. Hunting. A spear in his hands, ice sliding under his feet, quarry a dim shape in the snow ahead of him.

Ice turned to oppressive heat, snow underfoot to slipping, wet leaves, the air so warm and humid it felt thick. It slid over his skin as he walked, dark skin damp with sweat and humidity. The quarry was a crashing sound in the jungle, a striped shape hard to make out in striped shadows from the trees.

Jungle became rice paddies, a horse carrying his waist, sword strapped to his belt. He halted the horse and climbed off to examine the earth. A footprint in the mud. He was on the right track.

A warbling cry called the worshippers to prayer, but he ran. Ran the other way. Past spires and white walled buildings. He was close, he was closing in. Any day now, he would find them. Any day.

The buildings towered over him, smog blotting out the sky. The factory churned beside her, threads and the smell of pressed fabric filling the air. It had fled upwards, climbing up the brick wall, but there was a fire exit. She leaped to grab it and pull it down. The creature must be pursued.

Am ordinary suburban neighborhood. He was getting too old for this. He leaned against the tree and watched the kids go to school. So much had changed. So much had become unrecognizable. This one would be his last. But he would take it down. With him, if he had to. He'd spent his whole life fighting them. Maybe after this, he could rest.

There was something familiar about the school. He couldn't put his finger on it, but something was familiar...

Bell woke up with a start, then flopped back onto the bed. "Ow," he mumbled. His ass hurt. They should've built up to that, not jumped that on his poor ass after a week plus of nothing. He glanced over. What time was it? Was it morning yet?
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Bell was like putty in his hands, inching closer when Landon gave the man space. It felt good to have the space between them reclaimed by Bellwether. Made Landon feel as if it wasn't just him trying. When Bell started asking questions though, Landon merely smiled. That'd been despair. Maybe. Or neediness, a need to feel alive, to make sure they were both still alive. Either way it was something very foundational Landon didn't care to put words to just yet.
Like, right now?

Landon raised an eyebrow. His worry washed away as Bell's consciousness sagged. The man's yawn was catching and despite having slept pretty long yesterday, Landon felt worn down. The stress of being hunted just got to him, but really...nothing had changed. They could still die at every wrong decision. The only difference was that right now, they had added humans and legislations to the mix, rather than just goats. Landon wasn't sure which was more lethal.
To him, humanity could unravel his sanity quicker than any goat could, even though Landon had to give it to the goats: they were giving good game.

"Hmm, I'll try," Landon muttered when Bell pleaded with him to stay forever. There were no guarantees. Landon wasn't romantic enough to lie about the sort of situations they got themselves in. One moment was all it took for them to become separated, for Bellwether-goat to be too late, for the damage to be beyond healing. Humans were ever so fragile. Landon appreciated Bellwether-goat's opinion regarding that.

Bell's breathing deepened and became a rhythmic staccato to which Landon slowly dozed off too. He dreamt vaguely about blood slipping down Bell's body. No matter what they did to the man however, Bellwether just kept walking. Black churned just below the skin and one by one, the people died. It felt sort of gratifying. Until those black tendrils struck Landon. They pierced his stomach and thin black limbs poured into every cavity of his body, until he was filled to the brim with darkness.
It poured out of his mouth. The black goo leaked from his eyes and ears, until his mind was overflowing with nothingness. In that blackness, Landon heard the cogs, felt them shift like an ominous monster surrounding him. And then all consciousness was gone; replaced by a goat's.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 2y 49d 20h 56m 6s
Heavy breathing broke the silence, when his hearing returned from the white void it had vanished to. Kisses were the first thing he felt as he came down from the high, sloppy as they both tried to breathe hard around them. He shifted as Landon pulled out, then cuddled close as Landon held him. He could hear Landon's heart thudding away dully underneath, breathe nothing but his lover. The warmth of him, the scent of him, the texture of his skin under Bell's fingertips. He could stay like this forever.

But Landon let him go, giving him room. Rather obstinately, he scooted after him and cuddled up close anyways. Not quite as close as they'd been, but close. He didn't want to be away right now. "Love you, too," he mumbled, nuzzling Landon's neck. Shivers ran over his skin as Landon traced along it, sensitive with pleasure. It felt good, being here in his arms. It felt right.

His eyes fluttered shut. They had to go wash off. They were all sticky and dirty. But he was so sleepy. So content just to be here, happy, in Landon's arms. He didn't want to move. After this, after everything, he felt good and happy and that was so rare that he didn't dare disturb it.

"What [i was] that?" he asked at a mumble, peering up at Landon. "Felt good, I've ever had, I think...I didn't know you had it in you." Maybe ceding control every now and again wasn't so bad. Not if letting Landon take the lead meant...[i that.] "Do it again," he demanded, then yawned, his eyes slipping shut. Just a moment, he'd just sleep for a moment, then he'd get up and shower and...and deal with real life. He didn't want to deal with real life right now. He just wanted to be happy for a while. Bell snuggled a little closer up to Landon, intent upon sleeping in his lover's arms if he slept at all. So what if the world was against them? So what if the law chased them and hunters pursued them? It didn't matter. He had Landon, and Landon had him. They'd make it through. They always had. They always would.

"Stay with me forever," he muttered, as the last of his consciousness drifted to sleep
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Small noises were let out by Bell and they drove Landon insane with lust. How could someone so tough be so cute? Cute wasn't something Landon ever though to use in the same context as Bellwether, but there it was. Hands pawed at his back, gripping tight, ankles pushed him on -or tried to. Landon was still in control and he loved how vulnerable Bell allowed himself to be while they fucked. He felt it before Bell's strangled gasp could reach his ears. Bell was driven to a point of no return.
Rather than fight to prolong pleasure, Landon let go control and brought it home for the both of them. There was little choice, Bell's bucking was driving him deeper and the man's climax tightened the noose around him too.

Landon could barely strain back a moan when everything was released. He twitched, sensitive inside that perfect warmth and just let everything go. For a short, sweet moment, there was nothing at all. Hard breaths were the only sound for a second, when reality did return them back to earth, Landon heaved big gulps to recover and nuzzled Bell's cheek, leaving sloppy kisses on the man's lips.
Heedless of the mess, Landon pulled out and wrapped his arms around Bellwether. He cradled the man close, holding tight for a few seconds before giving Bell some more space. Landon never wanted to let this go. This love.

As long as the goat permitted, he'd be there. Yeah, hunting goats was fucked up in so many ways, but letting Bell go through these things alone was just painful. And yet, there was a Bellwether going at it alone, wasn't there? But even that one communicated with sinewy-goat.
"Love you, Bell," Landon muttered into Bell's hair.
The beer was making him lazy and content. Or maybe their extracurricular activities managed that features. The unrest had been pushed to the background for a little while. Staying or leaving, it was all the same in the end. Leave and risk someone recognising them; stay and risk someone recognising them. And who knew what details hadn't been disclosed? They'd worn t-shirts though, so any facial features were likely off the charts.
Lazy hands traced trails across Bell's flushed skin. They were due another shower.
  Landon Turner / THERE IS NO EXPLANATION OR REASON / Urizen / 2y 49d 22h 52m 24s

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